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HIHI1K8 ft MrARKHtHT. rTmuptHlrW
Tnoa. lire his Kditor
W. T. McCjwoht, Bin. Mirr. and City K.1
AMOftatsd Prsa Afternoon Telwtrrama.
Olllclal Paper of Bsrnaltllo County.
Istrgtwl City and County Circulation
Tus Larirmt Sm Uoiloo Ctfttilattoa
Lawtraal fnrtb Anion a Circulation
ALBl'QtKKQt'K. AI'KIL . 18W8
Polo, lata Spanish minister at au
iDgtoa, bat gone to 1'aoa.la to escape lb
This town thloiu it baa a gt Qtiln kirk
on lb conduct of lucal mill tar opera
tions. Tat borrori of war are profoundly de
plored by the applicants for puetoffloea,
who art not able to see the president.
Tiiixs the advice of this paper's
Wlnslow correspondent, the Mall of Ibis
week Is unusually bright and will be ap
preciated by lis readers.
Niw Tom baibor is almost In a state
of siege. It is thoroughly mined and
now no vessels will be permitted to pass
In between sunset and auurise.
Thi loudest critics of Ceo tain Luna's
troop took good cars not to otter their
services to tbs country, lbs nobo who
voluntarily sulials Is mors ot pa
triot than ths man who Is too cowardly
to fight except with his mouth.
i j
Thi old flag baa never been unfurled
except In the eauss of human llbeity and
progress, and with 75,000,000 patriots be
neath Its (olds to maks good lu chal
lenge to barbarism aud Inhumanity It
will still "make tyranny tremble."
TBI wording of President McKlnley's
call tor troops was almost Identical with
that of Frsalilsut Lincoln, aud It seems
to be quits as tflectnal. The spirit of
patriotism la as strong In tbs clllxen of
1HUS aa it was In the citlten ot lBtil.
. i
Tbi report ot the year's work ot the
Salvation Army In (treat Britain has
been published, which shows the scops ot
tbs usefulness ot that organisation In Its
boms Held. The army has 801 dlffereut
Institutions In ths lulled Kingdom un
der tbs control ot 1,4 M olllcers.
IT might bs well to Inform tbs eastern
ten cent novel reader that there ars very
fsw cowboys In New Mexico. There
btn't one In hundred utiles of this
city, and ths only specimens ever seen
hers vvas at a fair severs! years ago,
wheu they were brought In as curios
ities. A CiBUGBtv s .! that Gen. Woodford
aked au Irish gtiitivuiuu, who was a
fellow traveler, to explain to ths officers
In Spanish that be hai placed Moreno,
bis secretary, under the protection ot the
British flag. This shows bow fortunate I
It Is to always bavs an Irleh geutleman
convenient wheu any Hpauisb is to be
BPafN will low, lu ths Philippines, a
greater possession thau Cuba. Ths group
ot Islauds numbers over too, aud the
largest Con tat us 4,ouo aquars miles.
Four months ot rain give tbs tropical
vegetation much luxuriance, and trees
BOO feet high are ooiumou. Tbs popula
tion la 9.000,000, or mors than flvs times
that ot Cuba.
Tbi story that the Omaha exposition
had been postpoued on account of tbs war
has been promptly denied. It Is ths In
tention to go on with ths show, and It la
hoped that the expected Interruption of
travel to Kurope will csuhs a greater
number of Americans to visit Omaha,
where the lewmrees ot ths Trsnt-Mlsels-slppl
will be displayed.
Tui example set by Johu Jacob Astor,
Theodore Kooaevvlt, Y illtain A tor Chan-
ler aud other young men with large
possessions should bs Instructive aud
emulative. Theee tueu ars filled with
ardeut patriotism, aud they odor not
only tbelr personal services but of their
abundaut ineaue to aaalat tbs govern'
tuent at the preeeut time.
Is Intelligence a detriment to the sol
dlsrar Tbs tffjrt to raise a regiment ot
cow herders gives color to ths contention
that Ignorance Is heroic Tbs average
cow puncher in New Mexico and Texas
Is but little mors luteiligeut than lbs
brutes In bis charge, aud bis bravery Is
principally noted in tbs Imagination of
ths saeleru ten cent story writer.
Tui plan to repl tee ths Mains with
battleship built with the siUcri;itioiis ot
tbs school chil Iren of the country, aud to
bs called Young America, bat been
adopted In the majority of the cities of
ths L' iilou, and ths idea In still spreading
fast. There ars over 20,ooo,ooOchll(lreu
between the ages ot 6 and IS, aud over
18,000,000 ars enroll, d In ths public
scuouU It Is quits probable tbat tbs
vast sum ot I2.0uo.ooo will bs raised.
Tbs Aiuoclsted Flees, ot which Teg
Citizin Is a member, Is ths greateet
Dews agsocy in ths world, aud Its system
tor gathering aud dlnstmiosting news
Is so perfect and reliable that Its survlcs
Is accepted, lu the present crisis, by ths
departments at Washiugtou, anxillary
to ths official reports from ths govern
nmt'i agents ou land aud sea. Tbs As
sooltr1 Prsas rails for Its silatanca
npon the anpport of atmnt sight hundred
of the Hiding daily naarapapar of ths
t'nltsd Stats. It has repntatlon to
maintain and cannot a IT rd to snd ont
any a scopt perfectly reliable Informa
tion. But there are numerous llltle spe
cial nears agencies In ths country, en
tirely Irrsspnnaltil, as has been demon
Mrited during the preaent war eiclte
ment. Theee little apoclal sgtnplrs eel)
their wares to whoever will buy, end their
ware nna'ly ronaiat of sensational rn
mnra, which ars Invariably contradicted
by ths facts.
whi sst rr was srtroTio.
The New Meil- in ssys: Governor
Otero, l elng of the pinion that the best
Intereets of all Cone rne.1, demanded that
the place of rendt...u for the New Mex
ico volunteers b at the capital of the
territory, eierlt-d blmaelf and procured
the deeignttion of this city as snch ptsce
of rendetvons, formal enlistment and
mneter In of ths volunteers, to form the
tour companies of rluVmsa which Is the
quota to go from this territory. He de
sired to bsvs ths organisation made and
perfected under bis personal snpervlHlon
aud believed on account of the fact that
the abaudoned lulllury poet of fort Mar
cy could be utilised aud the omntles of
northern New Mexico mors eaetly
reached by rail from this city, that the
rmtlrS'ous should be CHtabllehed here;
this was done on jeeterlaj by Secretary
Alger on tne governor's reooinmends
tlou, as an oltljlal dlapalcli published
elsewhere In thee eoluiuns shows.
VOl.lNTfcr.rlS (OK TUI WAN.
The Oral city troop of volunteers for
the war left la it night for Hants Kb.
t'apt. Luna lu two days eulisted oixty
two voluuteerrt, aud tney will average lu
manhood with the voiuutvers from ot.ier
local ales, being from nil lbs diffcreul
avocations. Tnls olllce eent three of the
recruits, aud they ars luteiligeut, niauly
men. At the depot, when the train left,
there wert teats aud sad farewells aud
loving signals. It Is hoped ail ths boys
will pass muster, aud lu the war with
Hpain prove that they ars American sol
diers lu every ssuas of the term.
Inurgeule aud rebels ars tbs terms
that should no louger be applied to ths
forces that are fighting for freedom lu
Cuba. Ibeaotiou ot the I'ulted Ulates
governmeut has raised them to the dig
ulty of a free people, aud the Upaulards,
luetead ot belug the rightful oocupauls
ot ths Islaud, ars Usuipers, whom the
United States proposes to oust (rum the
oocuiaucy of a country that they can no
longer govern In peace. The erstwhile
lusurgents ars now fully entitled to be
called the Cubans.
Tbi lluvaua uewitpapeis waut the red
and gold cross ot Spain planted on the
dome ot the oapltol at Maithiugtou, ao
that ths nations ot ths world may Con
template 11 In amaxemeul. This teat
would be a world astonisber aud the
dpauiarde are urged to maks ths at
tempt. Whativkb this war may amount to, It
Is golug to teach na ons or two thing
that wa ought to bavs kuowu without au
object lesson, ns already realise that
we ought to bavs built a navy aud con
structed the Ntcaragns eaual lu tlms ot
With tbs young men golug off to war
by every train and no leap year till 1Uu4,
tbs 18tfS maiden would bs very said In
deed were It not that the blcyole seaeon
1 st baud.
Tui printers lu mi oUiue who left po
sitions paying them 18 per week to Vol
unteer as private soldiers, certainly can
not be accused ot a mercenary spirit.
s- i J
This country uow has powder to burn,
but the blowing up ot powder mills Is a
piece ot cxtravagauos that should be
IT Is svideut to the people ot this city
that Delegate Vergunson has no Influence
at Washington .
free Fill..
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vaiuauis. Iliey are guaranteed to t
perfectly free trom every deleterious sub
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Sauiuiar Uardsa.
Jos. Radsrracco bus opened his popular
summer reeort ou the Mountain road,
uortb of the city, and patronage Is In
vited. It will lie kept orderly and the
bar is supplied with the best of liquors
iud cigars
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Ask your
for a gtueiutia
t faX-TV,
a. t vrri
eoniaiiit re . i't'i I,,- jj'
Vtsffcuty r r aii o-.
li la ouicty AtMot
Ts- Ar.ai .A U.,,,am
inwe vl !' and nn.j. I .u Hm Sua, 1 liJ
kt t at linir K,r i.yai.U.
kit Bk(jluU.t WwnaSVMtiRfwTaak.
Latrit IttnM ef Kinross' Iit'reM Gath
ered from ear Excbiegci.
I'MI. Blnm, at Winslnw, has reslgnid
bis position on the Snnta l'sciu and
gone to Iys Angelee.
W. J. Ptanstrry, of Cerrillo, cams to
Alhuiu -rqus this w-k and has secured
employment In tbs railroad yards hers.
Ir. R. B. Shaw, the phvsicUn and mir-
get'n lu charge ot the Atchison, T'pi kit
A Santa Ke hospital at Lm Vegis, waslu
Baton on prolesNioual biHIliess.
Ths Interior of ths waiting room and
effice of the Magslaff depot of ths Hants
Fs PaciQi) railroad company has beeu lu
the bauds of ths paluters this week.
Hsrry W. Bnyder has resigned bis po
sition In the railway shops at Baton aud
moved his family to Chanute, Kansas,
on account or ins ill health of Mrs.
Hon. W. M.Oiliver, agent of the Atchi
son, 1op.'ka& .laiita Ke at Baton aud ex-
mayor of that City, returned to his duties
restored to health after a tew weeks
recreation In southern New Mexico,
John Dugau, who disabled more ball
players while bs was lu the box thau any
pitcher lu the wen, weut to Belleiuout
Monday to accept a position with the
railroad company, aas the yiaslS
Dudley 8. liean, for years chief clerk
to HiiperiuUtudeut J. K. Hurley, resigned
bis pueiilou Tueeday uighl last aud lull
Las Vegas Krlday ruoiuiug for bis old
Bton home, where bs will suter the
naval service lu tiie wsr wl.h Spalu.
1'bat la patriotism.
Qooige Brooks, the colored man who
slabbed Marllu U. Uice, Santa Vs
brakemau, last February, was tried In
the district court at La Junta Thursday,
tas jury returning Verdict of assault to
kill, after beiug out about six hours.
lbs pi'uaity is from ous to tsu years lu
the peiitleutiary.
The Santa Ke basannouueed that from
aud after April Wih it will refuse to
graut free storage on shipments at auy
of Its statlous which ate uot removed by
trie consignees from depots aud ware
houses within three days. Charges will
be msde, tne miulmum charge for any
oueshlpmeut to be llM.
Last Saturday series ot changes lu
the Sauta Ke set vies of lulerest to fer
ritins people took place. Jack Quick, a-
sislaulal rtaldo elation, was transferred
to Bows as night operator. Oliie Colver,
assistant at Cerrlllos, was trsusferred to
Waldo. Mr. Nobinll was transferred from
Rows to Cerrlllos aud Is uight operator
at that point. Mailer Mliler v. a made
assistant at ths Cerrlllos depot.
The Lordsburg Liberal rays: There
was a bead eud collision at Aden be
tween the third section of ths train car
rying the soldiers and a west bound
freight train. It was eaid the soldier's
tralu was a little ahead ot tlius aud got
past the switch aud luto ths freight
train. A trauip rldlug on the froul traiu
was killed, but uoue of the soldiers were
hurt, although some of the wagons were
broken up.
There wa a serious accident nesr Man
ures, a few miles west of Wilcox, the
oilier day. A helper eualne was com
ing down ths hill a few moments lu ad
vance of a freight tralu. The helper
was traveling at lu usual rats of speed,
wheu the engineer beard tbs whistle of
the freight euglus behind him, warnlug
him to get out ot the way. lis pulled
out, but could not travel fa-it euougb aud
the freight euglue struck the helper.
I'be cjllislon broke the cowcatcher ou the
trout euglue, which fell, and striking
ths ground, threw the euglue oft the
track, also several of the lullowlng cars.
Kuglueer Krauk North was lustautly
killed aud Fireman K 1. Whits Injured.
At Urst it was thought that Whl:e would
die, but be is getting better. The helper
euglue was thrown oft ths rails, but
bumped along on tbs ties, came to a
bridge, the wheels ou oue side mounted
the guard timber, rau on that tor a while
aud then went outside aud nearly oft but
mauaged to k-ep on ths ties till it got of!
the bridge, where It stopped. The (1 tnge
ot the wheels cut ths bridge ties within
two inches ot tbelr eud, which la about
as close as au euglue could come to golug
luto au arroya, and uot go In.
Mrs. A. Invent), residing at 720 Henry
street, Alton, 111 , suffered with sciatic
rheumatism for over eight mouths, she
doctored tor It nearly ths whole of this
lime, using various remedies recom
meuded by friends, aud was treated by
the physicians, but received no relief.
Shs then used ous aud a halt bottles of
Chamberlain's Pain balm, which effected
a complete cure. This Is published at
ner request, as sue wants others similar
ly am ctd to know what cured ber. The
zo aud oo ceut sum for sals by all drug-
A. M. R. church Preaching at 11 a. m,
and H p. m. Sunday school at 3 p. m.
Christian Rudeavor at 7 p. ui. J. 11. Bo-
hauuan, pastor.
Presbyterian Church Comer Sllvei
avenue and Fifth street. T. C. Beattle,
pastor. Services at 11 a. m. and 7:S0p.
m. Sunday school at 10 a. m. T. P. 8.
C. K. at 6 :15 p. m. All cordially Invited
Immaculate Conception Karly mass,
7; children's mass, Sunday school
tt:30; high mass and sermon, 10:30. Beads
lustrcctiou, May devotions aud benedic
tion, 7 p.m. During tbs week, mass
every morning, 7. During the month ot
May, devotions every evening, 7:30,
8t. Johu's(Kplseopat) 3. 8. Philip and
James, third bunday after Raster, cele
bralton of ths holy Communion, 7 p, pj.
and with sermon, 11:43 a. m.; morning
prayer, 11 a.m. Some of the musical
parts (if the service will be specially
rendered, ths hauler offering anthem
will be sung. Kveusoug and sermon. 8
p. ru ; the St. John's chapter, Brotherhood
of St. Andrew, will meet Tueidsy night
at 8; ths St. Agnes chapter, Daughters of
ths King, will meet Kridsy afternoon at
V; the Litany will bs said Friday after
noon at 4 JO. Tbs eonUrmatlou class will
meet Saturday afternoon at 4.
Cuugregatlonal Cbureh Broadway aid
Coal avenue, Frauk H. Allen, pastor.
service at u a. m, with sermon on
"Watchman, What of the Night?" belug
a war sermon. At 7.30 p m. will be held
t jubilee service over the emancipation
of this church trom Interest bearing debt
There w'l! be an hlstorlesl address, cre
mation of pipers giving evidence of ob
ligations puld, together with hy nns and
I rejoicing. Come and rej iire with ns.
Sunday schl, 9:45 a ml I P.8.C K ,
A:ft)p. m. All seats free, and a cordial
welcoms to all.
Lead Avenns M. B. Church Corner
Isd avenne an I Third street. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Communion sermon
by Kev. Dr. A. P. Morrison. Kpworth
league, 7 p. in. Pre ichlng at 8 p. m. by
K V. Dr. Morrison. A. C. Welch, pastor,
lb sa.priu f Alt.
Mr. Jnmes Jone. of ths drug firm of
Jenes Hon, Condon. M., In speaking of
Dr. Ivnu's .New Di-rnvery, says that last
winter his wits wis aliin'Kel wi'h I, a
H'P-, and tier css g ew so serious that
phHi inn ul t'ow. 'ell aud i an a Could do
nothing for her. It eet-med to develop
Into li rt-T y Consumption. Having Dr.
King's .New Discovsiy In store, and sell
ing lots of It, l; took a butle home, and
to lis surprise of all she began to get
better from the first dose, and a half
dozen dollar buttles cured ber sound and
well. Dr. King's New Dl-rovery for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds Is guaran
teed to do this goo I work. Try It. Free
t'lal bottles at J. 11. O'Klelly ft Co's drug
A Delightful AfT.tr B:U at the Opera
H nie Last Right.
Once again ths ladles of the public
library gave ons ot their delightful
dances, which proved to be a big success.
They hail prepared a very pleasant en
tertainment, which comni'iiced at V
o'ch ck. Mrs. W. Y. Waitou had drilled a
number of ber em ill pupils iu several
pretty dances, the first b.'lug a medley,
in which the following lut e people tsik
perl! Misses Mamie Perkins, Irene Hop
kins, Josephine aud da Camptl ld, Isa
bella spencer, Rlith Walker. Loilta Hun
lug and Stella Lulhy, and Meters Corux
Quickel, Harry Halloway, James Wroth,
James aud Kddie Perkhi , Lloyd Bturges,
Isaac Singer and Krau t s. ringer.
Next ou the program was a recitation,
"The Corpse's Utisbsu l," by Master El
W'Mtd Albright, which brought for.h great
applause, and be responded with "A
Dude's Opinion of the War."
The following four couples then danced
very prettily "the Lancers:" Irene Hop
kins, Joaepnlne and Ada Campfleld aud
Lola Neher, aud Masters Milton Lesser,
Corks Quickel, Bob. Hopkins and Harry
Miss Ada CaiupQeld then sang In a
sweet voice Ths Dove Song," aud In re
sponse to encors sang a negro melody.
lbs stalely mluuet was then danced
by Misses Jisiephlus CampQeld, Josephine
Clotithier, Mamls Perkins aud Lola Ne
her, aud Masters Eddls Perkins, Frauk
Springer, James Wroth aud Cortex
The program was finished by Span
ish dance from Miss Klotse Yrlsarrl.whlcb
was very pretty.
Then the dauce began with niuelo from
Miss llauih irne and Prof. Dl Mauro,
which was kept up for several hours.
Supper was served during tbs entire
eveulug, aud every oue present will long
remember the Library ball ot last even
lug. Alger's Order.
The following is the order transferring
the camp ot Instruction trom Albuquer
que to Santa Ke:
Washington, April 27, 18U8 The Gov
ernor of New Mexico, Santa Ke: Kendn
votis ot your four compsiiles at Sauta Fe
agreeable. Accommodation tor men will
be made promptly upou mustering in.
K a. Al.i.r.H. secretary of War.
Your tricnd.s may smile
Dut that tired fcclinj
Means danger. It
Indicates impoverished
And impure blood.
This condition may
Lead to serious illness.
It should be promptly
Overcome by taking
Hood's Sarsaparilla,
Which purifies and
Enriches the blood,
Strengthens the nerves,
Tones the stomach,
Creates an appetite.
And builds up,
Energizes and vitalizes
The whole system.
Be sure to get
Only Hood's.
IliMioljr ( Dloud Dorp.
Clean Mood mem a cli-.iii Lln. V.i
licauiy without it. Caatareti, Candy l'uii.r
tio clean oiir blood and Ln i o I,v
tirring up the l.uy im-rai.d dnviiiK all'ini-
urinca iiohi the l.odv. j;,Kin today to
and that u-kly lohoua romplexiou by taliing
larrureia. I.cimly lor (eucenta. Alliliug
Kiti,aatiafai'tion guuranteed, loo, 2.V, nc.
and made right.
Schillings Vf costs more
to make than any oilier bak
ing powtlrr. 62g
for 0?,r nrty Taan,
An Old and Wki.l-Tbiid Rrmedt.
Mra. VMnalow's Hinjlhlnir 8vruo his
been naed for over fifty years by millions
of mnthars for their children while teeth
ing, with perfect suocees. It soot lie the
child, eoftens the gums, allavs all pain.
euree wind eolin, and Is the beet remedy
tor diarrhoea. It is pleaaant to the taete.
tJold by druiTKlNts lu every part ot the
world. Twenty-live cents a bottle. Its
value s Incalculahle. He eure and ask
tor lira. VS iuhIow'h Soothing Hyrup, and
take no other kind.
Highest Honors-Ward's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
A Pars drupe Crests si Tartar Powasr.
,' ft,-
yid5' ,.
-sf-y .
Finsst Whiskies, Bran'r Wioes, File.
JOSEPH RAMNFTT, t-rprlotor.
120 Wsf Ral vv4 X - . tS- .
25c 50c iSlZx&L DRUGGISTS
mtstic Coal in use. Yard
opposite Freight Office
AJ.lKAVrO-D, Agent.
New Telephone No. 164.
Old Telephone No 25
Leave orders Trimble's stables
Can'tBe Beat
Ho cat Goods
Honest Prksa.
See Me
Before You
The Favorite.
Buy or Sell,
poo ooi,n wri3
Car. Oolit Ave. aru at,
Kew Telephia No. SSS.
Pablleittloa Nnlln
Territory o( New Mexico, In (he Dl.trirt Court
.! the Cimnlv if lit-rnulill.,.
marioo A. aitstpanon,
Hugb McSparrnn,
To the Defendant, lluuli MtSiiarront
toil ate herroy notiilrd tli.it aaoit tiM been
Bled In the Uiatrirt L'nott ot tlie Sec. nil Juill
clal Uiatrirt ( the 1'rtritory ot New Mrlk o
within and lor tiir County ot llernalillo, avalnat
you by Marion A. MrSparron praying tor an
absolute divorce trout vim on the if rounda of
aiwiwliinitient and tialjftiial flrnnk nneaa, and
aiame for the care, cuatiHly and control of the
iiiiniir children; anil unle.a you enier your
api.raranc m koiI cauae on or before -he 0th
day of June, laua. adrcree pro cuufcaau wi
be eutervd againat you.
. . .. H. P. Owes, Clerk.
L. L. Uenkv, Gallup, N. M .
I'laintitf ' Attorney.
Whether on pleasure bent or butlnese
take on every trip a bottle of Hyrup ol
Klita, as It acts luoet pleaaautly aud ef
fectually on the kldueya. liver, and
bowels, preventing fevers, hesdaches and
other forms of sifknees Kor sale In 60
cent bottles by all leading dr"girlnts.
Manufactured by the California Kig Hy
rup Co. only.
Oirl wauled at 610 south Kdlth street
Board Hauted By young man In pri
vate Jewiah family, for a few weeks.
Address. N. 0., care C'itizkn.
A widow with girl eight years old
would like poaitlou at work. Klret class
refureuce, Addrees li., C ITI.KN ollice.
Wanted To buy a f mall parcel of al
falfa laud, oue to three a-rea, near city.
Addrees, giving price, 1'. u. bus 2ol, city.
Wanted Hollt'ltors aud organisers,
Knight of Kquity. l a) a death, eh k, ao
Cldeut and tuneral beiietlts, giaat cou
tract. N. U Campbell, lupeka, Kaunas.
Wanted A clerk for country store,
muat speak hpanlnh, gmnl wagia alll be
pstd to the right party; aUi a c.a'k tor
aatue place. Kutiuire of Utto lHevk
uiaun, 110 south lnird Hueet.
Mauamk Nokmand, Claihvoiant,
Palmiat and Magnetic nealer.can be con
Milled on all atlalrs ot lite. Hive love
aud lucky charm. Will call at residence;
uo extra charge, llti! Houtb Third
street, upstairs.
for Raat.
Two furnished room for rent. Corner
of Seventh etreel aud Koiua avenue.
Kor Kent Kooni with or without
board. Apply to 211 North Seventh
aires t.
Kor Rent Two nicely tumMied rooms
for light hnuaekeeplng. Call at But
North tiecoud street.
Kor Rent Kooni with or without
board, private family, no other boarders
HI North 7ib Htreel.
Kor Rent Two furnished rooms for
housekeeping. 601, corner of Silver
avenue aud Arno street
Klegant small ranch for rent on moun
tain road, north of city, with good four
room hou-e. fruit and berrtee; aleo 6 room
houaeon Kdith street. W . A. lUukin.rooui
U, N. T. Armijo building.
Far Sal-.
Kor Bale A flr-t clans lady's bicycle
cheap. Call at 417 Silver avenue.
Kor Bale Pair of ponies, dntihln bar.
netw and auirey, W. X. Cilver, Oil south
buun street.
Kirat-claxs side-bur buggy for wile. In
quire at Kuhna' blacktmiih shop.
To Bell Two modern 3 room cottagee;
twnborHws; three wagone; all kinds ot
household gooda. W . V. Kutrelle.
Kor Bale HonHehold gooda, bedroom
sets, carpels, deka, stove, dining room
furniture, etc , lu nr-d clans couditiou.
No. 711 south Third atreet.
Two years ago K. J. Warren, a drug-
gtst at fleaaaul tfrook, M, I., nought a
aniall supply ot Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, lie sums np the reault aa fol
low: "At that time the goods were un
known In this section; to-day Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy is a bouaehold
word. It is Ins same In bnudre.li of
eoinmtinitles. Wherever ths good qnall
ties of Chamberlain's Congh Remedy be
come kuown the people will have noth
ing else. Kor sale by all druggUte.
EUu at Your lliiwvia Vturt l unnla
Cni.fly CtirifM-ltc, cure convi lp.it i.n forvvrr.
lUc..V It CO . C. lull, aruuiurcfuuduiuur
Keciai for I hi God
Can be drawn from our trxl
watrr fountain duriny; the hot,'
weathtr. When yrm frel trredj
ri Isntiid, ihere is nothing j
that will rrst re votir vitality and i
spirits to quick as a glass of our
cold, spark irjj soda wafer. Our
syrups are made from pure fruit
Juicrs, and we xerve them with
phesphate?, ke (ream, eggi and
crushed fruits.
.1. XrJL Cl.
Somo Ono
tho Risk...
Who carries the risk on
your life? If you are not
assured, your wife and chil
dren are carrying; it. If your
warehouse or your home
burns down without insur
ance, you have carried the
risk and must b ar the loss.
If you die without assurance,
your family has to bear the
(os-. Don t let them carry
the risk any longer; they
can't afford it. '
Many good companies
But only ons BfcST
V v,aar a-a.iw.. ...a a ar
"Stronge.t In the World."
General Manager,
New Mexico and ArUona Depirtment,
Wholesale and Retail, from
i;J4c to $4 per djuble roll.
Good Work at Reasonable
lis West Gold Avenue.
risar STSaBT,
BALLINO BR08., PaorarsToas.
VVfiil lini? Cdkon a Specialty !
We Pea ire Patronage, and wa
Guarantee First-Claaa Baking.
reiea-rarhnrSeraanllrlteS anS Pmrnotlv S',lleS
Gal at Headquarters for
Leather, II aniens. Saddles, Saddlery,
Kaddlerv Hardware, Cut Holes, Hhoe
Nails, Hauies. Cbaina, Whips, Collars,
hweat Pads, Cestor (ill. Axle Oreaee,
H 'S'oii Coarh Oil, IJuto Negro, Ktiddf
liarveeter Oil.NeatHrootOil, Urd Oil,
Harueae Oil, Lluseetl Oil, Castile op.
llarueas Hoap, Carriage H pongee
Cbauiols Hkiu, Horse Medicines.
Pries) tlxe Xjow.wt.
HiKheet Market Prices Paid for Hides
and hkius.
Tkos. F. Keleher,
40a Railroad Av Albuaurmua.
All kinds of Fresh and Sa
Meats. .. .. .. ..
Steam Sausage Factory.
Tllinii ST11EE1.
Manartctarrr ol tad Uealrr
Tbs Best Kaatarn-atade Vshlulss.
Fine Doi-se-SnoelDf a Specialty.
Bali. faction Quarantaed la AU Work
Repairing', PatotiQg- and Trim ml
Puna on Bbort Notloe. I I I i i i i
Sbop, Cormr Coppr It, iud Pint It.,
ALSOQcaauoB. If. It
Sicretirj IstDal Building Issoclttlon.
Oaiaa at J, O. ItoldrUac-e Luaubw Tui
jWhitcomb Springs
Etghte n mnea east of Albuquerque, N. M.
Open A.11 the Yectr.
Good accirro lations at reasonable rates. Th
analysis cf ore of the various springs at the Resort!
sodium tMon ie, grans per gallon .1917
Call iam sulphate, gra ns p rgtllnn 1460
Caliium crbonatf, grains per gallon 8.1896
Magnesium carbonate, grains per gallon 1.5168
To'al U-iMl
Water delivered in the city. Conveyan e leaves Albuquerque
(or the springs every Wednesday and Satur lay morning.
Order slate at O. W. Strong's, corner Second street and Copper
avenue, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
H. C. WHITCOMD. Proprietor.
si.a.xrXj 1 nooM. cijXtii hoomm.
"The Hetropole"
The Best and Finest Liquors and Gears, Imported and Domestic,
Served to All Patrons.
w. v.
1 u i-'j . - i iirn r,j
Cor. First add Cold, reiK I A!b&qojiqaea M.w Mixicc,
Ns'lvs M04
Poilillnf Paper
a mtju la Btock
First St. and Lead
Pi ,'.lfw)y(.,rt r 1 J.i.. ..1
rsftilriaia iaaa.aj.'x' Va, JA , ..rvw . "
"01d Rellable"ss
Wholesale Grocer!
Oar Lata apolalty.
Farm and Freight Wagons 1
S1 ,aL
Ladies' Button nixl
g w,iSW XiK
Good Goods at Low Prices.
113 Railroad Avenue, Albuquerque, N. M.
Tiu newest sod but gooda trom tbs
leading potteries ot ths world, in whole tale
or retail Otoka table wart, elegant toilet
acts, beautiful vaaei a lull line ol rUmwut,
bar gooda, lamp chimneys and burners,
enameled ware, tinware, broom, and
bruthca, toys and dolla.
J. 0. GIDEON & CO.,
Dealer In
New and Second-Hand Furniture
Furniture bought, sold, rented and exchanged. Highest
cash price paid for all kinds of household goods. (Jet
others' bit's and we will see them to pet cent better.
All goods sold cheap for cash or on installments. ....
KTo. 1 X X 2Tor-tlx First Jt.
(Baocessors to frank M. Joa--.'
Finest WWslles, Imported anil Djme-Uc lm vA
Tke Coolest and Hlrnest Grade of Lsrer Se'f d.
Finest miliard Hall In the Territory.
Finest and Best Imported and Domestic Cigars
and (laallh Resort,
following is th
iWholoaalw an! Htail Pfaler
an l YCl KS.
Sold Cheap for C.ah or on
tl r IniMrtlimnt Flan. Alao
rented at reaaonaLle rate..
Bllndi, FUitir,
i.tu F tia.t. to.
Ave., Alhuqui-qtu:.
Cam, the Lanrwtt anal
Stoat Catena! SLoca of
-rsTAiLE : groceries:
To be foaad enihvart.
A complcto Stock of tho
Douglas Shoos i ml Slippers.
Laco Shoca of All

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