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The Albuquerque 'Daily Citizen.
J All War New
Fresh from the wires ev
f try ftenoon in lh . . .
Unlljr Ultlne
-"a -
The Dally Citizen,
f Hu the latest ttkffnM
i . and reaches k( readers
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4 any oTnat ,........
He Feels Sure that He Has Bottled
Up Spanish Fleet.
(Copyrighted Aaaoclatrl Pre...)
hr Went, May 2H. It U altuott cer
tain tlmt Louinnxlore Brhiny baa tht
HpauUh tlMt bolllml up In tho harbor of
Hitiiilavo. There 1 no little doubt about
tlilit that tli naval campaign la prncmM
In kC oil the aiwumptlon that Admiral Co
vnra la Incapable of doing any harm.
W Ithln a few day the exact eoudlilime
at SuilUtfo will be known without the
eliailnw of a doubt.
In oltt of BMsertloni to the Contrary
Bclilny WHM not almilut-l; eure of bin
itaiue wh' n he U-t muuuiiiuicateil with
Itear Admiral Hauiiieon. The conimodore
will not take active etepH to block up the
entrance of Santiago harbor until he la
iixripclly certain that l ever a ships ar
unIiIh. However he may have done thle
The commodore etayed three day at
Cii'iifiuim-i. He elKualed hiit ehlpa "1
believe tlie SpaiiMi U-nrt la In the har
bor." On thle belief, a meHeuire wan eeiit
to the American atluitial. lietaila of
how Schley found out that lie n mla
taken are not yet kuowu. At any rate,
the commodore then moved eaxt, arrlvluir
(iiiteliH Santiago m 1 nluewlay morulUK,
May 25.
The tt poeraphy of Clenfupsne and San-
tlairo In aiiiio-l bleutical. b oth harbor
bre alorit el ml'ee Iniiir, with narrow
eutrancee abiut 300 yard wide, protected
by hlh land. The riet could lie 111 tin
harbor of either place and be Invutible
from the oulelde. Before thla ilUpatch
la puhliahel, It U ltke:y that Hnhlry bin
eeut Hioin VM-e!a Into Uih entrance of
the hurl or of HaittlBgiiBtnl obtaiDi-d from
reliable g'.urcc aehore Informiitlon ax to
the exact number BMd liamee of the
HpHtilah warhhlrta. Contraiy to the gi
eraliyexprea-ed opinion. Sam lam hurbor
In pHirly pr 't'Cled. I.Ike Havana and
Han Juau de Port 1 Klco, ll hai a Morro
rattle, which H even 11 better taivet
than tliotte of Havana end mi Juan The
on'y iliintrer to be fe-rcil la Horn the
milieu laid In the ch'inii"! at Siintl(ro
ntnce war wai itei bired. Hut counter
mining would nro'ni'i'y render thee
lulnee harmleee, shntl ' It lr ve rte-drnhlo
f r Schley'e chips to enter the harbor,
finch a etep, however, la unlikely.
Mumoraot the mlHna; of the becond
Bpanl-h iiialrnn did not worry Rear
Admiral Sanieon the sligbteBt. Hie
feeliiiRri were aptly xpreateil receritly
wheuheaald: "I am perfectly untlxtli'il
we hive babied thee fellows" (Itefer
rdu to Cervera'a fleet ) Kor the eepend
time elnce war wax declared the Bclm ral
has been noMlleil that the army la rady
1 1 ni'ivn. Thia la good new for the na
val 1 fllrera, auinng whom Inaction lem
p Tartly pn'dnced much 1111'ural Irrita
tion. All arpiirncea now point to the
ei-eli(raRy of thia feeling, nud hearty,
active co-operation between the Hrmy
u ml navy may be anticipate'!.
It la hoped a meieaKB from Commodore
Hcli Icy will eoon ba received at Mole
R. Mcholaa or eleewhere.
kkamhii ri.i:-jT.
The Carili Siiaailron Mall, far the Sene of
Madrid, Hay 2. It la .Ulclally an
nounced that the Spanlih reeerve niuad
ron, commanded by Admiral Camara, has
left for t ad 1 1. The wjiiadron will man
oemre probably several daya In the open
sea, afterward sailing for the Philip
pine 1-danda. Cuba or the United State,
aa the government may Judge moet op
portune. The equailrnn la underatood to be com
pined of ten to twelve veaaela.
(Irleril to Manila.
W aehlngton, May 2H Brigadier Oeu
eraU I'harlea H. King. K. V. Hreeue and
il. liray Otia were ordereil to-day to re
port to .Major (leneral Murrltt, command
lug the department of the Paciiic, for aa
eiirnmeiit to duty with the expedition
to the Philippine.
rla Truth In th. Heporl That Hi. Warihlp
wa. Injured.
Houg Kong, Way as. There la ahao
lu'ely no truth lu the reiatrt that the
I rile I Stutea cniiner Baltimore, now at
Manila, hud been damaged by Internal
eipliMion. The l nid Htatea auxiliary
ciitaer Seallre, which rrlvel here at
uiidnlght yesterday, re(Mirte that Hear
Admiral Dewey la al.ortof provislotia and
Another I.I. Nailed.
Chicago. Va 3H The etatenient that
Eeuteri' agency hail went out a rumor
that Humpaolj'a fleet had been defeated
off Santiago and Admiral Sampwiu killed
la a Hilly (alnehood.
AMo-latd fr.. Vnat Carr) Ina New. to
t'ouimudur. Nehley.
New York. May 28. A special to the
Kvening Telegram dated Kiugaton. May
eave: By arraugementa with the Aa-
rinncrrrcrjBcrrBa.Taja.iLijaaaann.ioccr.r.cnnr r,r rrint; Botioorjon
In the Watch Inspection Report Issued by the ( Mi f
Watch liisjiector of the Santa Ke eystem, at Topi-ka.
ti III' K.N H A ll'HKS were the OM.V O.NKS that were
not coiiileuiued. K K It Y (INK present d for Inspection
wus npprovrd. proving that no other Halch niuala
them for time keeplog. Thia same report shows that
HAMILTON. W.W.I HAM and KLOIN Waichea sl.s d
high. He have them. Hamilton ITJ. 22.rnt; Klgln 2lj,
J8; Wallham 21 j. I"; liru.-u. fni, Kery Waich war
ranted to paaa iiisptcliou.
Leading Jeweler, Hatch Inspector S. F. It. 11. Albiiiiieriue New Mexico,
nciatetl preaa, the latter'a dlnpatch boat
Handy took on Itoard a meeaenger with
napaichea cabled to Conaul Dent here
rnr trantnleln to the American fleet.
I he Handy left Port Maria on the north
ooetof Jamaica laat night The niea
"enger on the Dandv la an officer of the
navy department. It la understood that
he haa dlapatchea of great importance
Mir luiuuiooore ncniey.
ArrAiua at Manila.
Dewty'a riMt Kept llony OaaMInf th.
Hong Kong. May 88. The Hawaii
Manila cable, It la .aid, waa cut by the
anierirann nn iav
I A brilMh lM.lWMn th Inatiriranta Kfwl
Spanieh 1 ccurred near t'avite on Mav to
The entire American fleet la at t'avite.
The report that ome of the American
h I pa had eailed for Hollo, where the
Spanieh gunboat Kl Cano la auppoaed to
oe, 1 incorrect.
Agulnaldo, the Inmirgeut leader, la
with the Inourgenta between the Amerl
earia and Spanieh.
Incendiary Area continue. The prleeta
and none at Manila have been removed
toLaguna. All the coaet towns are held
by tue spanieh triap.
The Americana are repairing theallp
111 1 avue,
paiil.h Cooped I p and will l. roroad to
New York, May 2H. A dlepatch to the
World from Manila by way of Hong Kong
"aye: 1 he eltu itlon of the besieged In
ha Hanta of Manila la growing more
deeperate owing to the abutting oil of
the Ntipldlea of food.
The blockade of the hay by Dewey'a
ojuadrou la complete, while the Inaur
geiita have aurroutided the city on the
laud aide, thua etTectuitlly charing the
place In.
Army Kaxly to Mo v..
ChattaniKiga, Teiiu., May 28 1 he corn
UHiida coiupoMing ten. Brieike'a army of
11,000 ueu are ready to move.
Th. Engllnh Bhlp lMfMCIu(Dol With
a kuinber or KeruaM.,
(C'opyrliilit AHoclated Prrw.)
K ingaton. Jamalc, May 2S. The I'nlted
Statea ill-patch boat Kagle arrived at Port
Antonio laat evening. There la a belief
that aha may have dispatchea to forward,
lu view of the uiutrality lawa her com
mander waa formally notified that the
K.tgle muet leave at the expiration of
twenty four houra.
The Ilntleh aleamer Adula la expected
to day from Cleufuegoa, where ahe waa
aelzeil but waa aubatqueutly releaaed
upon the urgeut repreeentatioua of the
HntiHh coueul. The Adula haa on board
number of ref ugeea.
ur.ly at Hanllago.
Kingston, Jamaica, May 28. Twelve
American warahlpa are outalde Santlag
de Cuba harbor The Bpautah fleet la
almoat certainly luaide,
C.p. Ilaytl.a
II u
No UOtrUI M.w.,
(Copyngbtcd by the Aauaiaird PrcM.)
Cape Haytleu, llayti, May 28. Kumora
reached h-re of an liuporlant American
aucceea, but no eouUrmaliou can be ob
tained here.
since the rumored arrival of the Span
ieh fleet at Santiago de Cuba, no newa
baa reached here, though the carle be
tween thia place and Santiago la not
interrupted. The algniuoauue of thia
myaterioua alienee la not known, but
excltea great wonder. The theory that
the SpaniNh admiral allowed himself to
I bottled up In the bay of Santiago
la not entertained here. On the con
trary, the llaytlen nlliclala nays It la fur
from likely that hucIi a thing occurred.
Th. CruUerat, Luul.,
New York, May 28 The auxiliary
cruiser, St. 1uiia, arrived from Weet In
dian waters thia morning. The St. Louie
has beu (inten d to the Cramp ship yards,
Philadelphia. It la aaid elie la to have
her armauent Increaaed by alx llve-iucli
tjuick-tlriiig rltlea.
Long lu a Kuow-N(ilhlng-.
Washington, May 28. Secretary Long
statea that no word haa been received to
day from either the American or Bpaniah
Horn Itao.,
New York, May 28. In the Brooklyn
handicap, Ornament woiii Ben. Holiday,
second, Sly Kox, third. Time, 2:1U.
Thl. I. a hpauUh Valaehood.
Madrid, May 28. I'rrvule dlepatchea
from Spanieh sources at Manila allege
that Agulnaldo, the Philippine Insurgent
leader, after recelviug arms and Meld
plecea from Rear Admiral D-iwer. de
dared himself In favor of Spain and the
otner maurgent ehlera followed Agnt
l.ri tMiMf eiaht.
Kingston, Jamaica, May 28. V a. m.-
A marine olmerver at Port Hoyal reporta
that a large eteamer with three amoke
atacka can be eeen to the eastward.
headed for thia port. The observer makea
her out to he an American warship, bat
eaya mat ne cannot ideutiry her
alrk ore rem lav.lliled.
Waehlngton, May 2S. Secretary lng
ha received a cablegram from Admiral
liewey informing him of the lllne of
Captain (iridley and two other ofllcera
who have been Invalided and will be aen
Tw.W W.rahlp. Think They Have Th.
ep.nlah rieet llotlled I n.
(Copyright by Awoclntrd Vrrm.)
Kingston, Jamaica. Mav 28, 10:10 a. m
The Culled Statea auxiliary cruiser
Harvard, formerly the American line
ateamer, New York, arrived here thle
morning after having left the American
II -el at noon yeaterday. Twelve Amerl
can warshlpa are now outalde Santiago
de t una bartsir. Admiral Cervera and
the Spanieh fleit are almoet cert Inly In
aide, but nothing certain la known aa to
the communication which Commodore
Schley had with the ahore or the num
ber ft Spanieh Oiihtlim veeeela bottled
In the harbor. It la presumed that the
Harvard haa Important dlapatchea for the
naval authortllea.
uimfatch raoM dkwct.
H. I. Maklnt Rlr. a l.aiary la th. City
m Manila.
Waehlngton. Mav 28 Navv denartment
thia afternoon made inibllc the following
aiapatcn; t avile, ao, via Hong Kong 27
10 tne secretary or the ISBvy. Washing
ton: No change In the altuatlon. The
blockade la effective. It la Impoaatble for
me tsH tiie to bur Drovisinna excent rice
The Captain of the Olvmnla IHrldlev
conitemned by medical aurvey. la ordered
noma, lie leaven by the Occidental and
rlental eteamahiD from Hons Kona nn
m Ji n, 1 ommander Uiroberton la ap
IKiluted eommauder of the Olympla.
Italian ( abla.t Hl(n,
Rome. May 28. The Italian cabinet
lias resigned. King Humbert haa In
r ucted Mai quia de Kndiul to reorganize
me caniuoi.
Vl(ll anil lluatamenta A rew Mora Faete
Abnut lha Kohhera.
The li.xl ea of Kra ik X. lull and ll m
Bit taniente. imloir to r nid iI.h-oimis si-
11011, wire ourini at Helen ymt-nl-y. A
brother 1 f Sh riff Senchex, who waa here
ye-t-rday. orde ed a h ndsome casket for
the remains of Ylli, but on receiving in
formal ion of the burial couuleriuuinlcd
the order for the ca ket
I here Is a nimorell t that the Ind'am.
who Ciptiired the hora-a aid will In if
tne iMtn 'its. foiimed the letter a dkilleil
them. This rumor la denied, however,
III a teleiam receivul last 11 gilt
irom ,nai a la ena nv n . a . I'owara. airml
"f 'h- Wells, Karg Kxi ra Company, In
which it Is learned that the rotders, 110
1 1 th tune of sending the ibspatch, h il
elude 1 cspture.
Mr. I'owaiN, no doubt, still cliim tn
the tl i-t reMirt that t e rohb rsmii-n ll ve
tnki ii alNiut m. O hers, h iw.ver ll ve
reason to Ih leve that it wa one of the
exp ess riimia -y's richest eefea. amllbai
several thousand dollaia went aloi gwl h
me rooners. u is stateil as an ab-s lute
fact 1 hat he bandits tossed Into the cab
r ll v engli e aoiiw hinir over a.'.ml. mid
this money Inn Is-en turned over to the
rxprtas company.
Mfiin. thlua New.
To-morrow an ex-ltiiiir flirht between
a bU he r and a man w II take 1 la e at
uniiiiies sutuili -r ti .rdens, f,it. Iliij North
Broalway K eeadmls ion to lailieeainl
ntlemeii. The I'trlii wi I take 1 laie at
I o'clia-k and may lust till 6 o'clock.
Nhaep Olp,
I am agent for Little's and Conn
or's sheep dip. Sheep owners run aecuie
bargains from me Tho e who I uv sheei,
lip 1 ruin 11 if 1 Mil bate tie use of iuv
raLch and dipping pens free of charge.
(rants. New Mexico.
Aftar thine...
Heputy Sheriff Newcomer waa seen to
start sou' h In buggy late thia after
noon, ami It waa surmised that hla hur
ried trip out of town had aome coniiec
turn with the stirring events of the paat
few days. It waa learned, however, thai
be waa bound for Isleta Junction lu ans
wer to telegram from Chlueee Inspector
aniey, wiioetuled llial he had arrested
two Chinamen ou a north-bound train
there, who were not registered, and an
iltii-er waa wauted to take them to the
eounty jail.
Patriotic Odd Fellow..
The local lodge of Odd Fellows wish
ing to show their patriotism, appointed a
joint committee to purchaae lings with
which to decorate their lodge room and to
fly from Hie tower of their hall. To da
a line large Bpecl men of Old (ilory wae
unisten mere, anil tlie interior of the hall
will be trimmed with the aame Colors, to
remain dunug the war.
The "Battle Ax Club" Albuuuaruue'a
gallant old time warriors will attend
l lie r nativities at Zelger a Cafe, this even
ing, and the president of the club will re
cite a poeui sent to him by the secretary
of the club. Bi n Jones, who Is at preseiil
iulhlcago. A tine free lunch will abo
be served, not only to the club members.
but other friends.
Paul Yrisarrl, the sheen raiser, return
ed to the city late )eat-rday afternoon.
rroin ins elie, p rancli. He has completed
the lambing and .hearing of hla llm-ks.
and s'.atea that he la perfectly aatieUed
wiiu l lie average untamed.
A Que exhibition of faucv and artistic
Club awinging by Mrs. Cumliff at the
opera house, lu Coliriei'tiou with the
thrilling war scenes irom the clueo
graph, next Thursday aud Krlday cveu
lugs, June 'id and lid.
The Crawford chalnlesa wheel differs
from all others; nluiplest uiechaiilsm;
away ahead of all others; prieea about
the Hitme aa chain wheela. Call and aee
It, at llrockineler's.
Lost, Strayeil or Stolen. Biy horse,
three whlta fetlocks. Brand, "heart and
bar; whit face, forelock cut. Informa
tion at this ollleeor 210 South Broadway.
Kor Rent Nicely furnished room lu
private family, auitalile for one or two
gentlemen. No Hick people need apply.
Boa Copper avenue, corner Kifth atreet.
Wanted The complete novel "Leul
Leito," or "The Prairie Klower," by Km
merson Beiiuett, lu good condition. C.
B. Hawley.
To day, caramel and vanilla Ice cream,
and Hewey frappee, at the Candy
Cundlff'a Clnengraph company will be
at the opera house ou June Jml and Urd.
The poatofliee will observe Sunday
houra ou uext Monday, May With.
Plumbing aud gaa Uttlr.g. Whitney Co.
- s v n
Cuban Insorents Defeat a Span
isa Troop of Cavalry.
Twelre American Warships Block
dlnr Santlaco ttj.
The S10M Fe Company Will Hot Mr
cbau the Baltimore k Ohio Road.
New York, May 2H. A dispatch from
Key Weal aaya there la a report there
that the cruiser Bnaiklyn, of Commodore
scmey an ei, landed a large quaullty of
rm, ammunition and store, at Clenfne-
goa on Tueeilay, llila la raid to have
been done after fight tn which the tort
on the eouth aide of Clenfuegoa Bay waa
nan 1 y damaged. 1 here la also alleged to
nave been a tlglil between 7UO Insurgent
and a force of Spanish cavalry, the latter
being defeated.
THE a NT A rat
Th. I'opalar Hoad Will Not Hay the Hal
1 1 mora Ohio
Tope k a, Kan . May 2H Before atartlns
on nis trip over southern Kaueaa Prasl
lent h. P. Ripley, of tlie Santa Ke. aald:
owing to diwtalmua tunnel are tu
Ar.xoiia, the management of the Santa
he will turn every energy toward the
liuatnea of the line now lu hand. There
la uo truth lu the rumor that the Santa
he coiitemplatea purchasing the Balti
more a Ohio. Asked tt euch a move
would be made within the year, Mr
Itipley aaid: Time will anawer that
War Tea Hill I'B.ler IMacaaalaa Ik th.
Washington, May 2H. The aenate re
sumed consideration of the war revenue
measure. Allii-on aald be hoped a vote
eouid now be eecund on the corporation
tax proposition. The quesilou waa on
the amendment offered by Uormart which
provide 1 for epcclal excise tax upon
til corporations whose groat recelpta are
nore than f JAn.OiO per aunum. the one-
Half of one per cent.
flier FOalTIONs, 1.
Vol Moth.rilll Haeelva. a Oood Oltloa la
tba Army,
Washington. May 28. The prealdent
to day eent theae uomluatloua to the
senate: To m major general of volun
teers, Matthew C. Butler, of South Caro
Una; to be biigadier general of volun
teers, Jamea R. Wat'a, of Texsa: Nelson
'ole, of Missouri; William C. Oatee, Ala
bama. Chief eommleeary of subsistence
with the rank of major. Philip Molher-
slll, New Mexico.
Th. Orand Old Man Hleep. la Waatiulali-
tar Abliey.
London. May 2H. In the north transept
of Westminster Abliey, where Kngland'a
irreateat dtad rest, the laxly of the lata
wllllam Kwarttiladstona waa entomlatd
to-day with tlie ceremotilea of the nation
lie aei veil and the church he loved. Ilia
grave la beside that of hla lifelong adver
sary, lieu iuuitn Hlsraell (Lord Beacon.
1-AHtlOTIC -H.altVTr:HIAMa,
Ilia ttaueral AMemldy Adopt llaMilutlou.
Falrlollc lu Tana.
Winona Lake, Ind., May 2. The Prea-
hyterian general assembly to-day ap
proved an action or tne fresryu-ry or
New York, erasing from the roll the name
if l bar lea A. Brigga, at Ida reoiiest. A
resolution waa adopted declaiing theloy
tlty of the Preebyterlan church, pledging
prayer fur th chief magistrate and tor
the natioual arms, and exprensmg th aa-
emblt a gratitude tu tha British uallun
for fellowship In the preeeut crlala.
Ha Kay. Ha Tan Mtand On Any Aniarlraa
New York, May 2H. A (tlspatch to the
World from Havana aaya: Oeueral
Blanco aaya he can easily face any land
lug In Cuba by the American aa hia
army force are ready to concentrate and
fall upon the invadera in trie tour weat-
H. E.
CoriiiT '.id St. anil (J old Avi.
Railroad Watche Sold on easy Monthly Payments.
21 IcwcleJ Flgins
21 Jeweled Wallhams
21 and 23 leweled tlampdcns
17 Jeweled Hamilton
17 leweted F.lkMns
17 Jeweled Wallhams.
Fine Gold, Gold KUed,
and Nickle case.
Mall Orriern Solicited anil
em proylncea. Blanco rerjreaenta that
he haa provision, and ammunition
ennngh to laat five nionlhe. He haa de
voted mnch attention to Imnrovlna- the
defense of Havana, planting submarine
minea ana torpedoe extensively an
strengthening the fortlucallona.
Watehlna Fp.al.h RplM.
ew York, May 2S A dlepatch to th
Herald from Montreal aaya: Two add!
tional I nlted Statea eecret aervlce de
tartlvea have arrived here. A close watch
la hi log k"pt on the Spanieh consulate
ana tne Spaniard.
Tha Newspaper Carre.pand.nl Again
Key Veet, May 2H.-The United SUtca
gunboat Woodbury baa arrived here
bringing 1 1 ay den Jonea and Charles
I mail, the newspaper rorreapondente
capiurca ny tne spaularda In Cuba and
exchanged for Lieut. CoL Cortljo, Bur
geon all-J r Julian and two Spanlb aer
n captured by the I'nlted Statea fleet
on the prli aleamer Argonauta.
Th.- transfer of priaoaara took place oft
tne .nore to Havana yeaterday,
eat4 Waleatl aaya Fraaea la Friendly
t Thl. Oonntry.
W aehlngton. May W During the after
noon Daniel, of Vlrglula, male a long
argument In favor of the Justice and
coriaiitullnnality of the corporation tax
noioou advocated tne lam of bonda and
aetamp tax.oppowed the Lolge Hawaiian
annexation project being added to the
ar revenue measure, and declared that
Krauce la friendly to 11a and her Dremler
our 01 our aiauncneei trienda la Kurone.
The ai'Uate voteil to lav on the Uol th.
fluance committee aiuendmeut to the war
revenue Mil placing tax on Corpora
llona, by a vole of 41 to 27.
Frlenda of the handsome voonir man
M. A. Reld, are eminlrlug of hla where
about. While lu thia city he flourished
iuite extensively on hla ahape and good
luoKA, ana aeu appointed iiimseir mana
ger, captain aud Urat baaeman of th
Albuquerque bane ball club. Thia plot
to eecure glory ou no real merit waa
knocked galley-westward bv "Svke
Voting, the old captain of the Brown, who
railed in trie red uniform obtained bv
Held, and declared that Held waa acllnv
wu 11 niiiiioruv. nince mat creel rail
en declaration of Captain Svka Young
the Militant light of Keid failed awav
and hla present whereHbouta can not he
determined by the strategy hoard that
congregate at The Citi.kn ollloe every
inv. neia on leaving forgot to Dav a
lew bill.
The reception given at the home of Dra.
Biehop last eveulng aa a farewell rarty
lu honor of Rev. and Mr. A. C. Welch,
brought together a large number of the
frlenda ottheieverued geutlemanandhl
estimable wife, wboee departure fur
Omaha la regretted ty all who have been
Drought In contact with them during
their rcddeuce In thia city. The eveu
lng wa p-owed merrily, the houra beinir
nousumeil In the enjoyment of the pleaa
lug program presented I v amateur tal
ent of ability, aoclal conversailou and
no dlscn-sloii of a delectthle luncheon.
Whrn the hour for breaklmr nn the
gulierlng came expreaaioua of regret
were prominent lu the leave takinar of
pastor aud hie people.
Hon. Bolnuion Luna, the Yalencia
county politician and sheep raiser, wae
In the city last ulgtit, aud la reported to
he still here but up to pre hour to-day
tlie pencil pusher of thia Daner have
failed to locate hla whereabout. It la
are to aay. In connect ion with thia Item.
that Mr Luna la still in the fleeti,"
notwithstanding the awful newa of b a
tragic death a short time ago, at or near
hla ranch down In Socorro County.
Kor Sale -A Illebold aafe. 8 feet hlirh
aim j', leeiwiue, at a bargain. Callou
u. loruua, UJU south Third atreet
Jas. L. Bell & Co.
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
"Uo tnem up, tboac btrrun arc dlicioua.
The lady il riht. Our Block of fruit ni the
finest, Urgent a d frrshut in Albuquerque.
Ai we carry everything in nraion. we can
upply any fruit oVurrd, not only of tbe best
quality but at the town) market prieea, You
will lave money and be better utu'ied if
you order your fruit from ua, whether for
table use or cannii g purposes. Our great
summer specially is our fruit department.
At th i time of the year fruit ought to make
up half ones living. It's one of the few good
tilings one can't have too much of.
In Shoes
We hear the expression used constantly. So much
so that in nine cases out of ten it really has no sig
nificance in connection with facts. A bargain in
shoes represents standard of value at the right price
and a' the right time. Buy a good article and you
will get satisfactory wear out of It. Buy a cheap
article and it will keep you on the jump to dupli
cate. Turn over a new leaf and buy sn honest
shoe at an honest price. This is the kind of values
we offer you. Largest stock in the city lo select
& GO
Writable Hline Pmlera,
122 S. Second St.
We have just received an elegant line of
18k Wedding; Ring, in Tiffany, Oval
and Flat shapes.
Fine Watch work. Stone Mounting and ar
tistic engraving promptly done.
Sat Inaction fJiiaranti't'il.
Mftll Orders Given
Careful Attention
and Promptly Filled
Our Saturday Special.
Tho smaller stores are wondering how wo can sell
ffoods so cheap. Well that's our secret. Wo get
bargains lor cash anil give our customers tho bene
fit ot same. In this sale not over three articles
of a kind will bo sold to one person. This is done
to givo tho public tho benefit ot these special pri
ces and to keep the smaller stores from buying in
lots to sell arain.
Colgate's Soap
and" rfrfurruta.
Opera Company
June 7 and 8.
1U l niiaritn .ulaatj. . O'Krllly Cn'a.
on Ilia turner" and Wliltaun Mn.li: 8 or.
To the aatUfactlon of patron. Repair
ing n-atlT performed. Work guaranteed.
uowmi prlcxd.
I'all Taa Holloa.
I have mad "Hawlny'a on tha Corner
lieailiiuartera for the collection ot the
poll lai for lhiw. Yoa can pay there and
gKt jour receipt.
Roy McDonald Ih alao autliorliod to re
t'elpt tor name.
Ciuhlrh McDonai.I),
Cleik board of KducatiuD.
hank W in Cloaa,
On next Mondar Decoration d. and
onUHlilered throiiKhiiut the Lulled Males
an a general holiday the bank of the
citj will be cloned during the eutlre day,
Bazaar Patterns
All Patterns 10c and 15c
-ywarThe Best Llflhted Store In the City..
On Account of tlie Backwardness of the Season.
And to Reduce Our Big Stock. We will put prices on Dry Goods
that will make you buy if ia need of anything in that line. Scan
these prices and match them if you can.
rrjff they
jV'TIiV gae
Lot 4 comprisjs of waists that sold in the reg
ular wny up to $1.10. Go for 7.1c
Lot 5 comprises aUour best $1.15 and $1.50
waists. Put into this sale at only DOc
LINEN COLLARS 3 Styles The regular
15c ladies linen collar go in this sale at
only oc
LADIES STRAW UATsHcomprising sail
or., Flop and Walking Hats. Goods among
the lot worth $1.00 each. While they last
take 'em for only , . . 1 ()c
Women'sOnfurdsinall Lasts and Sles In Black Only at $1 per Pair. Others ask $1.50 for not
Inf tnts Tan Cac i Sues 1 to 6. M ule of line Stock, only i(c a Pair.
cMme as anove 10 spring tteel, fcu -s 4 to 8, only
Vith Abovi Ve Put on Sale Our Regular 25c Tan Hat, Double Knee, Heel and
1 Lot all ailk Teck Scarfs, culled from our immense stock where there were only two
rvr t Jli? I? .matter i the wtre the "c iuality thex were rt h tw Jot
XNot more than three aold to any one person. Saturday'a price. 25o
I lot Men's Colored, Soft and Stiff Bosom Shirts, odds and ends and broken
lines. Worth up to $1. a each. Not over the will h nM .
- .
Saturday's price
1 Lot in tana and light bluea. Extra quality and the same as
other stores are asking 50 to 75c for. Not over three au ts sold
to one person. Saturday's price 350
Prices For Saturday
Stationery, School Books,
We Cany a Complete Line of Legal Blanks, Blank Book, Cigari,
and Tobacco, Magazines, Periodical and Newspapers.
O. A.. MATSON Sc Co.
t3KV7AW j.
' I ' V "I
E. J. POST & CO.,
We Carry a Full Line of Buckeye
r-asy uump nay Kakes.
Write for Prices. Mail orders
a TjTarroTjaaTwcpTJm
zo4 Railroad Avanuo, Albuquerque,
See Vindow Display.
Our new shirt waists
are divided into 5
lots as follows:
Lot I choice. ... 25c
Lot a comprises
all goods sold up
to 50 and 60c
go in this sale
at only 39c
Lot 3 com prists
all waists that
sold up to 85c
and striped
go in this
at onyi t joc
AgenU for Batter
Ick's Patterns and
Dr. Jaeger Underwear.
. w muJ "is irr
Carpcta, Curtain, Ruf
Portierna, Drapery, SiUu
Or words lo that effect, wu tlx offer of a
dying monarch. You'd gtve quiu a
lillle yourself for aa extra minute when
your train vanishes from one end of the
station while you enter the other. You
blame the watch. Better bring to us
and see if there's anything serious the
matter, or whether cleaning wont cure
the trouble. Experts do the work and tt
Is guaranteed. Perhaps the trouble with
your watch is the nccet of a new one
here's the place to ret H.
Vetch Inspector, A T. ek S. F. R. R.
Mower Repairs. Thomas All-StccL
Milburn and Studebaker Wagons.
given prompt attention
Filled Same
N. M.
SILKS A lot of white silks slightly mussed
from b-'ing displayed ia the window will go
in this sale at one-half the former price.
line of Checked
wash silks
Special only . 39c yd
Disp'ay Gent's Balbriggan Underwear.
O.hera nrike a big cry at 25c. Our price
only ijjc
Gent's fancy Shirts and Drawers in two shades
on;y 25c
Gent's Percale Shirts, collars attached. Regu
lar 50c quality. While they last only. . .85c
Gent's Percale Shirts, colored bosoms, white
body. Regular $1.00 shirt. Only. ...50c
Gent's Golf Shirts, the best line in the city
to select from. See Window Display. At
75c 850 and $t.oo. Oihers ask 25 per
cent mire for not as good.
Boy's Faumleroy Waists, the finest line in the
city to select from. See Window Display.
Upwards from jjfjc
: as Oood
JJOc a Pair.
Toe, at Only 18, m palr

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