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HUflHKS A McCRKIHHT. rrmi.iflHSfw
Tuna. HrjuHiM Kdltor
W. T. McCBmnHT, Bun. Mjrr. tuid City Kd
Aaortatt1 Prnw Aftornnon TsUfrram,
Official rptr of Bernalillo Comitr.
lavg-wt City and County Circulation
Tha Lavgiwt Nw MaiIco ClrralattnD
Larg-mt North Arisona Circnlatlon
Thi Konrth ot July should ba Bamprmn
and Bcliloy day.
One man in Key Went U now manag
ing editor of every newHpapcr la Amer
Ira. Tbi army of invasion le nowoalta
way to Cuba, and eieitlng eveuU will
occur tlili week.
Ku.ht hundred marine have the honor
of being the first to plant and maintain
the Htara and Stripe on Cuban aoll.
Tails will be delinquent on July 1,
and those who wish to save the penalty
hould call on the collector thla mouth.
To mokhow will be observed all over
the Called Hlatwi aa Flag Day. On that
day 1777 congress enacted a law cre
ating the iters and trlpea.
Thi railway mileage ot thi country I
mora than 40 per cent ot that ot the
whole world; and In the length of
through runs, equipment, comfort and
speed our railway aurpam all others.
It Dr. Murphy of Chicago ha discover
ed cure for consumption, aa the Amer I
can Medical Association evidently believe.
lila nam and fame are secured for all
time. Hitherto the only cure for that
dread dloeane haa been death.
Tiikhi la a shortage In the supply ot
Manila fiber In this country, and eon
sequent advance In the prloe of blndlug
twine. The shortage la occasioned by
the blockade ot the port of Manila, from
which nearly all shipments are usually
made. "
Thi reports of friction between army
headquarters and the various supply bu-
reaus ot the war department because of
the congested condition of affairs at
Tampa are denied by officers of the de
partment under whose direction these
matters come.
It would be something of a retribution
if the scene of the collapse of the war
with Spain should happen to be Santiago,
which was also the scene of the Virglnlus
tragedy, when thirty Americans, ninety
Cubans and six lirltlsh subjects were
shot as pirates.
Ki Hui iiN naval experts are express
ing great surprise at the marvelous
uuuknmauahip dliiilui)d by the gunners
on American warships. They have
learned that the Americans never shoot
merely tor the purpose ot making a
noise, except on the Fourth of July.
It Is said that seventy-Ova per cent ot
the applicants for enlistment In the reg
nlar army are rejected on account ot de
tective legs and eyes. This does not
mean, however, that three-fourths of the
community are blind or lame, but only
that the regular army needs extra good
lega and eyes.
Tut Amerlcau muat learn a great deal
In the way ot obedience, frugality and
hardehlp If they are ambitious of beooni
lug a great military nation. A Randan
Common soldier draws 12.25 a year In
pay, and his food consists mostly of soup.
Those volunteers who can't drill on hard
tack and bacon have much to learn be
fore they are fit to meet the ciar's armies
In the field.
It Is gratifying to kuow that the gov
ernment has devitted a system ot muster
rolls by which every one ot the 27H.0OO
ollioers and men comprising the regular
and volunteer establishments In the pres
ent war may be traced and followed.
With the enlistment ot each man will
begin bis military history, which will be
kept full and complete till he finally dis
appears from the service.
Ma.iuU GknkUaL MkliuiTT Insist on
having fully 20,000 men for the I'hillp
pines expedition. He should have them
aud as many more as he think necessary
for the success of the enterprise. Manila
Is so far away that the men seut there
can not rely on immediate reinforce
ments. Once there aud In the field they
must depeud entirely on their own re
sources. IT Is a siugular coincidence that the
official legend of the seal ot the l ulled
States. "K plurlbus uuuui," contains
thirteen letters, and that the general
order of the army giving the new presl
dent's standard Its official status Is nun
tared 13. It might be added that the
superstitious with reference to the evil
omen of 13, lu the light of past national
events, cau find uo cause for foreboding
over this distinctively historical lucky
number of the Uuited States of America.
MoixrAiM or hi Iflll K,
Ths Durango Democrat says: The
uric of sulphur Is rapidly rising, aud is
bow around th 40 mark. It Is proba
bis that Importation to this country will
cease entirely, In which event the price
wlU easily reach (lut) more. If a good
tlff price for this hades commodity could
b mmntlned, It wnnM go I long wiy
toward building a railroad lxtwin till
point and Alhn!irque, anther I, an lm
mpiisehiittoof high grade sulphur In the
Jemet mountain.
"Caeeleee activity" in the order of the
admlnlNtratlon fur the conduct of the
, war, and It will be generally agreed that
the order Ik being vlgnrouetj enforced
Kren the newspaper general who have
been dlMntlifled because armies were not
pnt In the Held In two or three hour, and
, because fleet could not be everywhere at
' Alt I ... . . I I I I I I
mum mi a efn iwhitb iiiiiinreri ninet
long and three hundred mile wide, seem
to have reached the opinion that the ad
niiu titration I doing Its work In pretty
good ehape and style.
At the republican state convention of
Kansas, held the other day, the following
candidate were nominated:
rot governor, n. it. utaniey; Mr asso
ciate Juxtlce, W. R. Smith; for lieutenant
governor, 11, K. Hichter; for secretary of
etate, (leorge A. Clark; for state auditor,
George K. Cole; for state treasurer, Frank
K. Grimes; for attorney general, A. A.
Goddard; for superintendent public in
struction, Frank Nelson.
Thr l otted Htatmceosuitbuainee now
work on the plan of the continuous the
ater performance. The lat act on the
program I Immediately followed by re-
Introduction of the Urst. The eomplla
tion of the ceneua of lmJ le not yet
completed, but congress I already mak
log provision for the ceiisu of laoo,
which will give final statistics of the
ruor. Owkn ha secured a position In
Colorado, and ha withdrawn hi appli
cation for principal of the Albuquerque
publie school. The profowor la vet.
eran educator, and will give satisfaction
In the school room In any state. He has
a large circle of friends In this territory
who wish bun well In hU new Held of
Thi Cm.K.N's territorial uews In eon
lenaed form from the towns of the
southwest. Is winning laurels from all
quarters, and other paper throughout
the territory have adopted our etyle. Tuk
Citi.kn always leads; It never follows.
It Is said that Cervera s ancestors have
been wine merchants for two centuries.
He will probably be able to give Schley a
recommendation tor the position of super
intendent of the bottling department.
Mind KsHullng.
The really extraordinary performances
of mind readers ot celebrity aetouud all
who wituewi them, bcieiillel cannot ex
plain them. Hamlet exclaims: "lhere
are more things in heaven and earth,
Horatio, than are dreamt ot In thy phil
osophy," 1 tie wouderlul feats ot mind
readers are strongly corroborative ol
this. Hut the reasuu ol the beneficent
etlecte of HoHletler's Htotnach Bitters In
cases of dyspepsia, malaria, rheumatism,
biliousueee, nervousness aud kiduey and
bladder complaint, doe not require aud
will not provoke Investigation. vYe know
(hat tbe medicine doe effect thorough
cure iu obstinate cased, that It does pre
veut the diseases to which It Is adapted.
I'aed with persistency It will re establish
PoatntltiMi Msws.
A new postolllce haa been established
at the new town of Alamogordo, In Dona
Ana county, aud Silas 1). i'ollock has
been appointed puotmaster. Kor the pres
ent, mall for that office g m to the La
Lus postofllce.
F. M. Khomberg ha been appointed
postmaster at La Lux, in Dona Ana
Hauiaraabla Ksacua,
Mr. Michael Curtain. Plalnfield. Ill,
make the statement, that she eauicht
cold, which settled on her luugs; she
was treated lor a luouui by tier lamllv
physician, but grew worse, lie told her
she was a hopeless victim of consumption
aud that no medicine could cure her.
Her druggist suggested Dr. King's New
Discovery tor coueiimptiou; she bought a
boUfe and to her delight (ouud herself
benefited from first dose. She continued
Its use aud alter taking six bullies, found
herself sound and well; now does her
own housework and Is as well as she ever
was. Free trial bottle of this great dis
covery at J. H. O'Kellly & Co.' drug
store, j-arge Domes ou cents ana si.uu.
Ob Hoard th Oregon.
Miss Mabel Shops kindly granted The
San Marclal Bee permlselou to publish
the following letter, written ou board the
Culted States steamship Oregon, at Key
Meet, Fla., on May 'J7, by her uncle,
Adam Gill, a member of the crew ot the
now celebrated gunboat:
"Dear Mabel Arrived safe this morn
ing. Am feeling well, but very weak.
The heat lu the fir room I 110 degrees.
Do not worry about me. Vt e have sworn
to wlu or sink with the ship. If I am
killed It will be at my slatlou. The
Spaniard will never take one ot this
orew alive.
Is the food-fuel that keeps the fire of
health airlow the pure nutriment ot
man ana nop. Muit-Mitrine ts prepared
by the famous Anlieuser Hunch brewing
Association, wniun taut guarantees the
purity, excellence aud merit claimed
(or It.
Thrive ou good food and sunshine, with
plenty of exercise In the open air. Her
form glow with health and her face
bloom with Its beauty. It her system
need the cleansiug action of a laxative
remedy, she use the ireiiile aud uliuteant
dyrupof Figs, made by the California
Fig Syrup Co. only.
llruUU Murder Near Mora.
Advices by telephone from Mora, to
day, state that the coroner aud jury are
listening to meagre evidence In regard
to the brutal killing ot Manuel Guillen,
near l.ucero, on Monday night, says the
optic of Juue 10.
Guillen wan sleeping in a wagon near
hi home, aud some time during the
night his head was split with an axe, the
Inhuman wretch committing the crime
sinking his weapon of asHassiuatlon deep
Into the head ot his sleeping aud defense
less victim. Tli-re appears to be no clew
as to the murderer, but the matter should
be taken up by the sheriff and citizens ot
Mora county and pushed until the guilty
wretch suffer the penalty of his diabol
ical crime.
Try SoallUa-'s Urn. laa aala fmrnUt.
I" fcrn l.uiiy Ku,
ffiK'urrli I m.mIv ( 'aih.H lie. the mot! won.
Jerful nitlM-ul Uife'tKi r. f the aie, .'ii
aul Mini I'err.-ahuiK t) the luMu, ael trelilly
and HiUv!y on kilne, Itvi-runu IniwhIk,
L-leaiiBioir tliu rntira axiiem, diiel culila,
cum heuUuulie, luvcr, Imliliaul ruulliaUuo
and liii(iiiritim. 1'li-aso buy and try a box
ofirc. C. lo.lnv; 10, 1, Ml rents. Hutdkul
guaraulovd U curs by all drugitla.
Floor matting. Whitney Co,
Personal anl Gcaeral rartgrspkt f Icked
Op Her and There.
Mr. K. M. Sparling, wife of the Postal
Telegraph company's operator at Flag
stuff, was at the Kuropean yesterday.
W iley M. Weaver, who w here last
Saturday, returned to his Crescent eoal
company's duties at Gallnp, that even
T. K. Teter, the stork raiser and miner
nf Lincoln county, I In the city on a
visit of several days with Albuquerque
"K litor" W. T. Webb and J. A. Boujex,
who were hers the pat week, left last
night with their photographlo outfit for
Thoe. Matthew ha gone to Santa Fe
for hi family, and they will return in
few day. He I the night mixologist at
the Metropole.
Thorn. 8. HubhelL the efficient sheriff of
Bernalillo county, who was at Gallnp on
official business, returned to the city last
Saturday night.
The annual business meeting ot the
University Alumni association will lie
held at the residence of Dr. John Menaul
on Tuesday evening.
,'Reddy',Gallagher, known in thi city,
had a 21 round prixe Dght with Walter
Lane in Kl Paso the other night, aud
won after stubborn contest.
A base ball meeting will be held at the
office of Collier & Marron thi evening.
All lover and players ot the national
sport are urgently requested to attend.
Mr. and Mrs. Berthold Spltx were at
the depot last night, where they met Mrs.
W. I. Hurgmeier, who Is retnrnlng to her
home In St. Paul, Minn , from a visit to
The opera "Krnilnle" will be repro
duced at the opera house this evening,
aud Thi Citizen would like to see a
crowded house. Tbe amatuers taking
part are all first-clas.
Dr. Cornish, chief surgeon of the Santa
Fe Pacific railway, was a passenger west
bound on Saturday evening. During his
absence, the hospital here will be under
the care of Dr. J. IL Wroth.
J. A. Harlan, the well-known superin
tendent of railway bridges and bridge
building, on the Albuquerque-Kl Paso
division, was in the city from Ban Mar
clal yesterday. He returned south this
Tbe regular monthly camp fire of the
Woman's Kellef Corps will be held at
Mrs. Isherwood's, two Acequla street,
Tuesday evening, June 14. All old sol
diers especially Invited. Mrs. A. M. Pad
dock, secretary.
Mrs. Charles Putnam, who ha been at
tending to her sick brother, John Lath
rop, will return to Pleasant Valley, near
llolbrook, this evening. The lady, while
here, was the guest ot Mrs. A. M. Pad
dork. The Kl Paso Tribune says: "Joe Hanip-
son, tbe railroad builder and a beef baron
In Graham county, Arliona, Is In Silver
City, N. M., making arrangements to
ship cattle to Eastern purchasers, over
the Santa Fe."
The Kddy Current says:" W.MooreClay
ton, of Albuquerque, which styles Itself
the leading city of New Mexico, was an
Incoming passenger on Wednesday's
train. He represents the Bradstreet's
Commercial Agency ot that city."
Mrs. Fred. Lewis, oue of Albuquerque's
well-known and popular ladles, will
leave Wednesday night for Ban Diego,
CtkU where her sister, Miss Mary Rum-
mell, Is attending school. On her return,
Mrs. Lewis will be accompanied back by
ber sister.
The wife of the general manager ot the
Mexican Central Mrs. H. R. Nickerson,
passed through the city last Saturday
evening for the east, being met at the
local depot by her son, who holds a posi
tion under W. B. Trull, the popular sta
tion agent.
The Optic says: Engineer Tom Bower
has been transferred to Albuquerque to
take the yard run, and Engineer Dell
Steadman, who has been running the
goat at Albuquerque, has been trans
ferred to this point, where he will do
extra road service.
The San Marclal Bee gives the people
of Albuquerque the following informa
tion: "The river tried to make Its way
around the east endot the big iron bridge
north of Albuquerque, but the treacher
ous antics of the muddy stream were dis
covered in time to prevent any serious
As stated In Thi Churn on Saturday
afternoon, Mrs. A. a Fitch and daughter,
aooompauted by her two sons, Hereford
aud James, university students, returned
to their home yesterday morning. They
were accompanied south by John Terry,
of Socorro, who was also a student of the
Captain John Becker and wife, who
were here several days of last week In at
tendance on the several university enter
tainments, returned to their pleasant
Belen home yesterday morning, accom
panied by their bright son, Hans Becker.
The captain was well pleased with his
visit to the metropolis.
John Player, superintendent of ma
chinery of the Santa Fe railway, who
was west on official business, came In on
a special ear last Saturday night aud
continued north to Topeka. G. W. Smith,
general master mechanic of the Banta
Fe Pacific, who was also west, accom
panied Mr. Player as far as this olty.
A. B. Reading, wife and baby, have re
turned to this city, after a brief stay at
their old home In Dallas, Texan. Mr.
Reading states emphatically, that he has
concluded that Albuquerque and It cli
mate cannot be surpassed In any partic
ular, and this olty wlU be his home In
the future. He was formerly the efficient
court stenographer of this district
The danoe given at ths Orchestrion
hall, last Saturday night, by the student
of the University was a most delightful
finale of tbe week's many and pleas-
aut entertainment. There were pres
ent about thirty-five couples, and they
"tripped the light fautastlc toe" nutll
mldulght, when the merry, happy crowd
dispersed. Hereford G. Fitch, son of
Ce.pt. A. G. Fitch, ot Magdalena, aud
Hans Becker, sou of Capt. John Becker,
ot Beleu, had eliarge ot affairs.
Yesterday, Tui CmziN received tele
gram that "Walfer Foulks died at K.30
o'clock Suuday morning." Th deceased
was the bright son ot Rer. and Mr. W.
K. Foulks, of Gallup, aud baa been
great sufferer from brain trouble and
spinal meulugltis for several weeks. A
eket wm sent to Oallnp fir ths re
mln byl'.idtrtsker Montfort last mht
and the body, with the grler-strlcken
parents, will reach her to night. The
funeral will occur to-morrow afternoon
at the Hlghlnnd Methodist church.
M. Custer, statistical correspondent of
th deparlment of Agriculture for this
connty, will gratefully acknowledge any
Information ronmimiicaUd to him con
cerning crop In thi- canity; espicliilly
such Information as relates to particular
failure or success of rertnln crops. In
creased acreage planted In any locality,
new cereal or root crop experimented
wlih. new varieties of fruit, condition of
the stock range, Incrraw or decreese of
number of sheep snd cattle on the range,
etc Address M, Cutters, Albuquerque.
The young people of St. Vincent'
academy are making great preparation
for the commencement exnrclae to be
given on Wednesday evening. There
will, In all probability, be a large at
tendance, as many ticket have already
been sold. Among the feature of the
entertainment will be a sword drill by
the boy of No. 2 room, and the Ublean
piece, "renting," by the boy of No. 3.
Hon. T. N. Wiikron will deliver an ad
dress. Hon. F. A. Manzanare, ex territorial
delegate to congress and one of the popu
lar democratic politician of San Miguel
connty, I In the city, and ran be found
at Sturges' Kuropean. He i here on lim
ine, which he expect to conclude to
day, o a to return north this evening.
II I liable, however, to chsngn hi
ml ml, end visit hi Interest at Socorro
1 9 morrow morning.
The Cundiff Cineogrsph company en
tertainment proved a big drawing card
at the Orchestrion hall yesterdsy after
noon, and the scene presented, on can
va, were well received by those present.
The entertainment in the evening was
also liberally attended.
Miss Gertrude Bartlett, who spent the
winter months In this city and made
many pleasant friend, returned to her
home In Kansas City last night. Several
friend were at the depot to see her safely
on the train.
Mrs, W. II. Mill, after spending several
month very pleasantly In this city. start
ed on her return to her home at New
Haven, Conn , Inst night. W hile here
she was the guei.t ot her relative, W. H.
Matson, Sr.
Kdward Henry, the well known La
Vega Insurance adjuster, Is again lu the
city, and hopes to arrive at some satis
factory adjustment of the recent Lock-
hart fire In a few day.
Mr. Georg L. Hopping and children.
family of the Job room foreman of the
Democrat, have departed tor Whit Oaks,
where they will visit relatives aud friend
for several months.
C. T. Springer, who ha been on a
business trip to Arizona, is again in the
elty. He is the southwestern representa
tlveot the Columbia Rulldlng and Loan
Miss Klla D.Coltrane, one of the public
school teachers ot the city, will leave to
night for Colorado, where she will spend
her vacation with relatives and friends.
Mrs. William Heyerford, wife of the
carpenter, will leave lu a few days for
Tome, Valencia county, where she will
visit her sister, Mrs. Henry Gleason.
P. J. McGinn!, the general clulm
agent of the Santa Fe Pacific and South
ern California, Is in the city to-day, ar
riving last night from the west.
Tbe Woman's Relief Corps will hold
one ot Its monthly camp fire on Tuesday
evening at the borne of Mrs. Isherwood,
000 Acequla street.
T. D. Baxter and sister, health seekers
from Altoona, Peiiu., are at the Hotel
Highland. They will probably remain
here Indefinitely.
F. D. Walcott, ot Hutchinson, Kansas,
Is In the city. He is a cattle buyer, and
is being shown the city by Wm. Fnrr.
P. J. Powers, who was west on a visit,
has returned to the city. He reports
having had a most pleasant time.
George Lewi Is at the connty jail suf
fering from an attack ot pneumonia.
Lewis says he Is a railroad man.
8. A. McMurray, representing a whole
sale liquor establishment of Louisville,
Ky., Is at Sturges Kuropean.
W. Martin and family, ot St. Louis,
are at Sturges' Kuropean, coming lu
from the north last night.
D. W. Pearce, coming in from Cerrll
lo last night, ts at Sturges' Kuropean.
This Is
It Will
Purify and
Vitalize Your Blood. Overcome That
Tired Feeling. Get a bottle of
Hoell Sarsaparllla and begin to
UWe It TODAY, and realize the great
good It Is sure to do you.
Hood's Sarsapnrilla
to Amaruw's OrwtMl lUdioia, AU drugf Itu.
Wuat a Uriliuibuttfl Ii,m.
A Graphophoue will make your home a
happy one, for it 1 elwav ready to en
tertain. It will reproduce the music of
bands, orchestras and soloist, oucan
have music of any kind at any time, and
need uo skilled performer to render it.
The music ts there, the record that will
set the waves of melody in motion again
whenever you touch the buttou. Ou a
Uraphophoue too you can record your
own voice or music or any sound and re
produce them immediately. These varied
and wonderful towers make the (irapho
phone a marvelous eutertaluer for the
home. Graphophone cau be bought for
10 and up. Write for catalogue :Ki to
the Columbia Phonograph company,
720 ti Olive street, St. Iou!s, Mo.
A HouMr Sal.
All the beautiful line ot pints we are
aelllug at 13. bo a pair this week. They
are worth $4 00 to fd.00 aud we have
them lu all Htyles ami size. We guar
antee them the biggest bargain ever sold
In that line lu Albuquerque.
Simon Stkhn,
The Railroad Avenue Clothier.
- A.-' " ".A
i that of the Equitable
Life? Assurance Society
intrenched behind Sato,
000,000 of Assets of which
$50,000,000 is Surplus, it
can bid defiance to "hard
timt-s" or falling values"
or "lowering interest rate."
There ii no other company
in the world so strongly
intrenched so absolutely
impregnable. There are
many good strong com
panies, but the Equitable
i the strongest ot them
"Slninsrat In the World."
General Manager,
New Mexico and Aiiioru Department,
Manninctaret of and TeaUr
Ths Bt ErUrB-a!ada Vskiclw.
fine Oorsc-Slioclnf a Specialty.
Satisfaction auaranWsd In All Work
Rnpalrtrifr, Painting anj Trlmminj;
iHin on Bhort Notlos. i t i i t t i
3bop, Corner Coppar It. and Pint St
AuDenaaqua. ft. M.
Waiitotl Oirl for housswork in family
or tlirss. Du north KKili street.
Wanted to Buy Chickens If you have
ehit'keu to sell drop postal card and 1
will call. Address Andrew C. i'ostel, Al
buquerque. Traveling; salesmen with good refer
ences can apply to Kaudail Uall A Co.,
Sibley building, Chicago, for light lios
of cutlery. Hamples ou commission.
Madame Nobmand, Clairvoyant,
PalmlHt aud Magnetic Healer, can be con
sulted on all atlalrs of life. Give love
and lucky charm. Will call at residence;
no extra charge. 1U1 ttoutu Third
street, up -stairs.
For Sals.
Phaeton for sale cheap. Call or ad
dress 411 eaxt Itallroad avenue.
Two houses and lots. Inquire of Frank
K. DaulHls, 1413 south Kirst street, Al
buquerque. A gentle, neat looking driving borne
for sale, cheap. K. A. Pearson, "il'i north
Kotirth street.
Native wine, pure and healthful, at
only 60 cents a gallon at C. A. Urande's
J6 north Broadway.
Kor Hale A One young horse, gentle;
surrey and uew harness. Will be sold
cheap. Call on Henry Loeb, at brewery.
Doa't Tubarro Kpit ami hmuk Timr 141 Awaj.
To quit tonai-co eiuily mid forever, be mar
netic. lull ot lila. nerr and vlor, take No-To-Uac.
the Knndur worker, thai tnakna weak men
atrong. All drumlau, tooorll. Cureiuaruo
teed Uooklvt and sample Ira. Addreaa
Starling Kcmedj Co., CBluao or Mw Yorift
HlghMl Caab rrtoaa Paid
For furniture, stoves, carpets, clothing,
trunks, harness, saddles, shoes, etc.
Hart's, 117 Oold avenne, neit to Wells
Kargo K 1 press olllce. Bee me before you
buy or sell.
For Over nrty taan.
An Old and Wkll-Thikd Kkmidy.
Mrs. WIuhIow's Hoothlng Hyrup has
been used for over fifty years by 11111110118
ot mothers for their children while teeth
ing, with perfect success. It soothes the
child, softens the gums, allays all pain,
cures wind colic, aud is tbe beet remedy
for diarrhoea. It is pleasant to the taste,
tkilil by druggists in every part of the
world. Tweuty-tlve cento a bottle, lu
value Is Incalculable, he sure and ask
tor Mrs. Innlow's Soothing Byrup, and
take no other kind.
ftCaeeutor' Nolloe).
In the matter of the estate of the late
Don Monioo Mirubal, ot Ban Hatael,
Valencia county. New Mexico.
All Interested are notified that on the
4th day of April, I HUH, the undersigned
was by the probate court ot Valencia
county, N. M.,duly appointed executor of
said eHtate, and did at once qualify lu the
firemises, aud that therefore all persons
laving claims against said estate must
present them for allowance within one
year from such appointment. All per
sons knowing themselves to be Indebted
to said estate are requested to at once
settle the claim. Claims may be pre
sented to the umlersigued at Han Hatael,
N. M., or to B. B. Koiley, the attorney for
the Mate, at bis olllce In Albuquerque,
No-To-ltae roe trtjr tenia,
liuaranux-ri iotMuvo babit euro, makea weak
uieu airoug, blooa pure, too.ll. All Uruggiaw
Tli Sim I'oeuDiatl lllrjrel Saddle
Is healthful, satisfactory, entirely new,
pneuuiatlo nose and edge, combined with
broad soft felt padu, ou whleh the pelvic
bones rests, aud affords more seating
surface without dialing thau any saddle
Invented. Recommended by pltHli-ians to
be truly hygienic Kor sals at Did Town
poHtotllce ou the plaxa.
Hundreds of thousands have been in
duced to try Chamberlain's Tough Rem
edy by reading what it has dons tor oth
ers, mid having tested Its merits for
theiiiHelveH are to-day its warmest
frinuitrt. Kor sale by all druggists.
Sheep lllp,
I aut iiK'iit for Little's and Coop
er's hIiki'P ilip, Kln'i'i owners fun Ht-riire
luiriiiiis from inc. iliuse who liny Hliwp
dip from 11 ic end hue the use of 111)
ranch uud dippiug pens frte of charge.
Hoi. Huh k,
(irants. New Mexico.
The newest addition to ladles' wear is
the red, white and blue, liewey waist,
made of line Japanese silk, to be had
only at the Uoldeu Kule lry Goods company.
That Tired Feeling
Thxt th old mn txpttUnctA wftlU wait
ing for a drclion by th government, ha
orcn aupeiita ey ni action.
"Thet Tired Feeling"
I Hit vrvnn it.,, hm4. a mwJ m.J.
cine ihu Is ditpcllrd by tlx action on It
rncm oi our aouDtc compound
Extract of Sarsapnrilla
Wt acknowledge no superior a a blood
(: I . ri l .,
punier ana ionic rn HUH SI in oral
nary, $1.00.
ITTOHNKY-AT t.W. Room 10, Crnm
1 well bio) k. Alblliirriitr, N. M.
y lion incl Wttrr Mupply r lamlnitlom anil
Kppima. Mit. pinna and eatlmatra. Corpra
I'on'lrnre Solic itc l. Room lrt, Armljo block,
vn, am di, inti naiiroau aTpniie.
- - nnrBrona vmr ana watdMice ot iim.
onic. 7 ild Telephone ee. N,w Telrphnne
IMS. Mr. MaIon Hlahnp. M !., ofllc honra,
a In E n. m bur, ri 1. 1 ..... n a i .
u-.... w 11, n,, ana 1 10 I ug 7 IO S p. m
Take rleratof at Whitney's.
JflMBI tammaa aa n
Amino LlllMlrtn I 'n,nM ..I Ll .1 .... ,1 - -
my p.m. H rll uttrntio t lu to chronic
anrt .1 ;mh. . I wnmwn.
II. I. JOII ),
AHCUITKCT-Plana. peelucitlon anf ra.
tlTui'ea fnmlahfl for all rl, o bt.llrt.
ai.d aict.ltrctoiai wolk. Orlicaji SvS Va4
U I'.l-oad aTeiiDS.
( t SICK and reaMence. No. 41S Was (init
Ifanna. Ti'lrnhnnaNn. la. f tfHrm hnr.n
I 10 a. m i 1 :SO In B HO and 1 In S o. an.
( b. Ka-trrdar. M. U. i. S. kaatntlay, St. D.
w. u. ho en, m. uH
OPKICK HOUK8 trtMll t a. m. and from
1 :80 to S:SO anil from 7 In I n. m. ntti-a
nd realdrnre, tilt WeM Hold arena. Alba.
qarrqn, N. M.
K. J, A leer, I). D. S.
llroe'. Olli. e hour: S a. m. to IS HO
p. m. I :S0 p.m. In 6 p. m. Auto. Tel. No.
Appointment made bv mall.
A TTOHNKY-AT LAW, Albaqaerqne, N.
a. . i nimiil allentioo (ITrn to all bnalnea
perla!nln to Uie proleaalon. Will practice In
all ronrta ol the tenllury and before Uie Lulled
State land office.
A TTOHNRY-AT-LAW. Ofllre, room 7,
1. nnniju uuiitiin;. VIII
1 111 pracUcs Ui
all Hie courla u( the trrrltoiy.
ATTOKNKY.S-AT LAW. Albmiurrqne, N.
M. Otlice, rooma 6 ana a, tral National
Hank building,
TTOKNKT-AT-LAW, Albnqiierqne, N.
L M. ;ilice, rlrat National Hank building,
1 TTOKNKY AT-LAW. room t and S. N,
a. T. Arnilo building, Albuquerque, N. M.
TTOKNKY AT-LAW. Oftlce over Rob.
iVertaon grocery atore, Albuquerque, N. M.
Trnet' Hale.
Of the Dannrnbaum Holier (trial Milt at Her
nnlillo, N. at., the .Sale to Tuke flare al
1-roni Door ol the Piwtollice at Al.
buqiierque, N. At., at llo'clotk
a, in., June is. Isws.
Public notice I lierrby given thai becauee
Llartte llannrnbauin, Joined by her liuaband,
ilid on June S7, I null, make their trust deed to
the untleraiKoed lu secure unto Hainuel Lewi
the payment, witbciMa,leea and Intrreat.of their
promiaaury uole ol that date (or S'J.bllO run
nniH one yrar with Interest al l'J per cent per
annum, winch aaid truet drt-d I rei imleif la
the rl olliclo recorder' otlics of bernallllo
county, New Metico, In volume 5 al pug lus
of the Kecurdaof Trurt leeil: and did alao
thereafter, on the IMlli day of November of
that aaine year, eiecute to the unilersiKned an
additional ol auppleniental trual Instrument to
eecure unto aaid Lewiatbeir note of the latter
dale lor Sl.ouo additional, runnlnii oue year
from the latter date anil bearing like Inti-reat,
and which aaid latter InatriimenUa alao record
ed In aaid eume olllce and book at page S1A;
and because both of aaid promlnsory notes are
now long past due and unpaid, and being so
requested lu writing by the legul holder of aaid
promissory notes, and being ao thereunto duly
authorized by said two trust Insuuiuentai
In order to pay said two notes, together with
the Interest, free, us-a and costs In the prem
laea, I will, al 1 1 o'clock a. nt on Saturday.
June IS, I huh. at the front door of the United
htatea poatotlu e In the city of Albuquerque, In
aaid county, sell at public vendue, to the high
eat and best bidder for caali, all of the real es
tate and chattela mentioned In aaid two trust
Instruments, and which are aa follows, that la
to aayi
The Dannenbaum Holler Orlst Mill com
plete, the aaiue being "a tract of land situated
in the town of Hernallllo In aaid county, meas
uring ir.u feel from north to south, and VHi
feet from east to west, and being bounded on
the uortb by a hue aeven feet smith of
the fence of Nestora L. de Klrchner,
south hv a line seventeen feet north of the
stable of Jimefa P. (.'aillllo, and being the same
piece of land deeded to L. Dannrnbaum by
deed dated June U, 1H1MI, from Josefa 1. l as.
Iillo aa the suine la recorded In the ea-otlicio
recorder's outre for Hernallllo county, New
Menco, In biHik li t at page tm; alao all the
biilhlmga and chattels situated upon aaid tract
of land, the binhllnga being the flannel,
batliu r louring Mill, and the chattels being the
milling machinery, consisting of a Ric hmond
1 1 lid. City Mills Works roller grist mill com
plete, according to the plan ol said works of
June S, lHott, No. St. 46.1, and consisting of a
boiler and engine and lucir trappiuga com
plete, rollers, dusters. Una, ahalting and ma
chinery, elevatora, belling, pulleya, bolter,
teves, ptiriliers, acourera, hoppers, etc., etc.
The btuldiuga and machinery are practically
new, and are in perfect order.
T hi la the best chalice for s mill man to be
bud in the aoulhweat.
The total amount of the debt. Including the
principal nolea, Interest, costa. fees, etc., up to
the tune of the sale will be about the an in of
:i.Ho. NoA li.Faxi), Trustee.
11. 3. Kooky, Attorney for Trustee.
Trust' Sale.
Whereas. Daniel Morelll and Julia Morrill,
did. In aud by a certain deed of trust, dated
the Iftth day of August, IntM, aud recorded in
Hook 4, page ti'.i'.i, id the recoid of trust dreda,
in the county of Hernallllo. territory of New
Mt'lho, in the olllce of the prohale clerk and ea
olht io recorder ol said county, convey to J. K.
Sulier, aa trustee, the following real estate,
situate In ttie city of Albuuuerqe, county of
lleiualillo and territory ol New Mexico, to.
w it :
A lot fifty (Ro) by one hundred and forty
two (1VJ) feet, on the northwest coiner of
Waahtuwton avenue and llroadway. Albuquer
que, New Me&ico, the same flouting nfty ihu)
feet ou llroadway and one hundred and forty,
two lllii feel on Washington avenue, and
bounded ou the north by property of C.
(iranilr and ou the west liy A- M. (, entile or
Jesuit leathers, It being the same piece of
liround conveyed to Vgnui to Sclva by A. M.
(ientlle, December 1:1, Ihhu. aud recorded lu
Uiok h. page SI, recorda of lieruahllo county,
New Meaico.
batd deed of trust w as math- to secure Charles
Scholl the payment ol a promissory note de
cubed ill said deed of Hum dated tbe ll.th day
of August, IntM. anil being lor the sum of two
thousand CJ.uoo) dollars, payable to the older
of the said Charles St hull in one year from the
date thereof. Willi Interest thereon from matur
ity al the rate ot ten pel cent per annum until
And whereas, the whole of said note, together
with interest thereon troin the Kith day of No.
veuiU'r, loud, at the rate aloiesaid, is due and
Now, therefore, on the application In writing
ot the legal holder of said prominMiry note, anil
III accol dance w ith the teims and conditions of
s.od deed of trust, ami the power vested 111 me
as trustee, I do hereby give notice, that lor the
purpose of paving the principal and interest of
the said promissory note, amounting oil the
day ot sale hetetnalter uienuotied to the sum
of two thousand three hundred and thirty dol
lars anil ti It v cents i'4..'l'lo.!oi, and all costs
ami eapenses attending the eact ution of aaid
procesa, Including coat ot advertising, sale and
conveyance, also the reasonable lees of the
trustee, and ah a reasonable solicitor's fee, all
piovidcd to be paid by the said deed of trust,
1 Kill, on Monday, the I lib dav ol July. I Him,
at the hour id l'i o'clock, noun, of said dav, at
the Iront door ot the poMollue in the tityof
Albtiquertpie. county of IternaliUo, in the ter
ritory ol New Menco, sell and dinpiate of the
said bcrclllhetote described leal estate atpllblic
auctiou, In the highest and best bidder tor i ash,
to pay said indebtedness and the eapeuses at
lending the e&ecullon of s.ud trust.
J r mi i.hK, Trustee.
Albuquerque, N. M., Juue 1 1, mux.
STAIN." Including battles on sea and
land. Contains all about armies, navies, fotts
aud warships of both nations, and graphic
story of the great vli tory of the gallant Dewey ;
tells everything about Sampson, Schley, rlts
hiigh l.ee and leading loiiimaiideis, by lion.
James Uauklll oung. the intrepid leader toi
Cuba bbre In the balls ot Congress. The
Yreatesl war b.H.k puhl.shed; uuolaige pages;
oo superb lliusiiatioiis, many in rn h colors,
lias laige coloied mal a, lliyy-i-st Ihi, ,, high
est coinmissions, hw,esl pi u e ; only et.7u.
Kiuh snhiiil,er receives grand l premium
hee. Demand enormous; harvest for agents;
.10 days credit; Ireighl paid; oiitlll free. Wrile
to day. Adihess I he National H.aik Concern,
Dep't- 1, attti Dearborn street. I tncago.
Uentlemen and patriots, before going
to war buy your underwear and furnish
ing goods at the (Joltltm Rule Dry Uoods
Co. aud save half.
VVhitcomb Springs
Eighteen miles east
Open A.11 the Year.
Good accomodations at reasonable rates. The following is the
analysis of one of the various springs at the Resort:
Sodium chloride, grains per gallon 1927
Calcium sulphate, grains per gallon t-4360
Calcium carbonate, grains per gallon... 8.1896
Magnesium carbonate, grains per gallon 1.5188
Water delivered in the city. Conveyance leaves Albuquerque
for the springs every Wednesday and Saturday morning.
Order slate at O. W. Strong's, corner Second street and Copptr
avenue, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
H. G. WHITCOMB. Proprietor.
a. . .v s w"- -s-
1 II I
Cot, tint nH Gold, m?JS
s-01d Reliable's
Wholesale Grocer 1
PROVISIONS. -istapli : groceries :-
Oar Lata a Spaolaltv. t. a. r... ao.Uw.
Farm and Freight Wagons 1
JFm O. "Ft TtilOagftXPCaHES,
NfttlT bad
aJ way tla Stock
First St. and Lead
n ii in i liliiiaj InuS
Good Goods at Low Prices.
113 Railroad Avenue, Albuquerque, N. M.
J. 0. GIDEON & CO..
......Dealer in
New and Second-Hand Furniture
Furniture bought, sold, rented and exchanged. Highest
cash price paid for all kinds of household goods. Get
others bids and we will see them xo per cent better.
All goods sold cheap for cash or on installments. ....
IUo. Ill KTortli First St.
ALBUQUERQUE. - - - - N. M.
I 1 aaWr
ria.r btb.it,
BILLING BROS., FaoraiaToai.
WedJin? CakeT a Specialty !
W DmIt Patronajf, and w
QuaraatM First-CI aa Baking-.
TslMracibordarasiilUltsd and Prompt! 7 Killed
Secretary latnal Building isioclitloo.
OAm al i, O. Baldrldc'. Larutxr tard,
and Health Resort,
ol Albuquerque, N. M.
WholfHale and Retail ppialor
HOUSEHOLD (.()() 1)S
Hold Cheap for Cash or on
the Installment Plan. Also
rented at reasonable rate.
- AIbniaerq.ae, Hew if eiico.
For Sick or Woll.
Plraaant, Toning, Cleansing, Rcbuildinf Invigorating, Strcngth
tninp. With tt you can have In your own room, a Sanitarium,
Hot Springs, Turkish, Russian, Medicatrd, Dry Steam, Vapor,
AJcohoL Oxygen, Perfumed, Mineral, Quinine or Sulphur
Balha, AtaColbout3cnUperbth. .
R. M. IRVIN, President and Manager.
607 Church Street, Nashville, Tennessee.
Oarrles) tha Lawrast aad
sus Balaiaalea aaaek sl
in!) nsasi
Qlui fllatl, Itf
Ave., Albuquerque.
A complete Stock of the
Douglas Shoes and Slippers.
Ladies' Button and
Lace Shoes of All
V at
All kinds of Fresh and Sa
Meats. ,. ,,
Steam Sausage Factory.

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