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Daily Citizen
J All War News
Fresh from the wiffl
f cry afternoon fa the . . .
Mil lh latest telrfrsms f
and reaches Its readers A
earllrr then . . , .
The Fleet of Cervera and People of
Santiago on Famine Rations.
lCo.yri(ilit Auoclatinl Press.)
Oil Santiago de Cuba, Saturday, June
II, 4 p. iii., per Associated FreM dispatch
liout Wanda, via Kingston, Jamaica,
humlay, June 12, 7 p. m. Kear Admiral
tampion and Commodore Schley, with
their combined forces, are elowl; hut
mirely placing nuch a network about
Hunllngo de Cul a and cutting off o ef
fectually every source ol ontelde aid,
thht within a ahort time starvation's
Uiiil n ti will elve war to death's aolld
kiiM'k for admittance at the doom of the,
III ruled piare.
Within three days three aeparate
Hourcea ot eupplr and reinforcement
linve li-cn rut off and Santiago in now
Isolated from the world and down to
famine ration. When Admiral Orvera
arrive, I at Hautliigo with IiIh fleet, the
p i.pln there welcomed him for relief they
thought he would tiring, but lnted of
fwiii he drought them seven hundred
lTnr men to feed. The ouly aid he had
to offer waa tons of ammunition lu hU
ahtp' magazines.
A map ot the harbor furnished to day
liy epics, nhowii that after the bombard
i.mi.tr.f the h.alr forte Couniix'.ore
r-Moron May 31. the Spanish crnNer
leiua Mrif. iliw, r!itch wan dlall d, waa
n(il li to the ley behind the (iocs pa
bitl"iy. l.creh" ll, with two torpedo
foil." Half a mile further up under the
liv of Cyn Hml'.li and tlie m.irlrr bhUer-l-i
ie the VizcATi, ccninjaniling witli ber
ln adeiile the entraucea east aud weet of
t'wvo rim I Hi.
A half mile north and at the gate of
the narrow entrain' liee the Almiraiite
0.tiemlo rind a half mile to the northeaet
are the I rlxtohal colon and Maria ieresa,
The ships are ahi.ut live mile and a half
rrnm n cn proper, enaiiow wmer ior.
hi. I Itiivr them go ranch closer. The sunk
en collier Vurrlu.ao la directly lu the
liarrow pail ol the pnannei.
Trrupa for Tump.
Clili'HiUHUita, June 15. I he report that
llfi'M'U r. iriiienti are to le.iva t.mt
'rii.'uin fi t T.u.. Ha , nitlilu the r.ext
I. w iit.;. s It. u.tt lua.u Utic t confer
tl i.. I i' i! e ciinip t' d.ty. There Ihr. ii
pr tl r j '.Clt'tf iilin :i;i tilU HjlllltTB.
Troops at Clilt-'kaiuauga.
W t.1 njt;'ii, June 15. The authoriU-
t ; vr Hiuteuient waa made at tlie war de
p.irtment to-day contradicting reporte
from Chirktiiuaiiga that lfi.ooi) troops
Ik I hxi-u ordered to move at one. It in
Hii'l fiat order have been sent eom
in iiding ollhtera at Chlckamauga to di
ri '! the equipping and arming of troops
at ('. eiirlimt possible moment. This,
h w -vcr, Ih lu tine with the general pol
1,-y r hiirr.ving up preparatlona all along
th- line. It may be naturally In furred
fi t fiew nrilwM to eipeillte eiilninent
v i i I Ihi up to Niitiieiiueut ordera for the
iu ..iiicnt of trmM.
11 till. K AT OlANTANAMO.
Iinv NnitnlarU HlllMl by tha Marlnea
aud Cubaua.
(i.'u.yilKtit An4iclaled Prrw.)
U'iil"d Slatee (.'amp, Kutrancenf Uuitu
f n and. June 14. li p. m , via Kingittou,
.Inn. .UH, June 15 10:45 a m. The
1 Yiii'.l SI litre marliiea aud Cuhaus to day
hi licked tlie Hpanteu camp eltnaled live
inili'H from the American lutrenchmenta.
I hey completely routed a force of UK)
hn uiiurilH, breaking up their camp and
d i-troylng a well which supplied them
with water.
line American was slightly wounded,
two Ciihaua killed and four Cubans
Tlie Hianleh loe la believed to be
forty nieu killed. Fifteen bodies have
already been dieoovered.
oil Santiago de Cuba on Monday night
the dynamite guns ot the Veenvlus were
ti'titcil with great succeas. Three shuts
w re fired at the Rpanlah tortitlcutlons
end it la believed great damage was
'luenlay morning the New Orleaus
shelled and partially destroyed the em
pli cement east of Alorro caetle.
The Spaniarda 11 red some hIioIh at the
V mivIiw and one at the New Orleans,
w l.ii'h wan struck.
araucli CablnaU
rrl, June IB. The cabinet will aa
Hi'inlile at p. m. under the presidency
of l'reeideut Kanre, when, It la bellsvett,
Mxlme will reelgn the premlerHhip, al
thoegh It Is understood that Kaure Is
urging him to continue In olHce.
Fleet aaila.l.
Sun Kranclsco, Jnue 15. The second
tl'iet of traneporta weighed anchor at
alHiut 1 o'clock aud are now ou the way
to Manila.
War Kipanaaa.
Washington, June IB. A general de
ficiency bill, carrying an aggregate of
JJ-l,ii;i'J,il, waa reported to the house
to day by the committee on appropria
tions. All but eighteen millions is for
war; eight millions are for peuslona.
Kerry digreeeed to speak of the i'ulllp-
Call and ate ttwm. Our
We Lava fcLlil.S', WALTII AM sad HAMILTON' WATCH KS 41
puces loaeltbsil yuu cua buy cUewl.rre.
Leading Icweler,
plnea altimtlon and while not advocating
the retention of the lalanda, he declared
that the ( uitcd Htatea ehould brook no
Interference upon the part of Germany.
Proceeding, Berry advocated the con
struction of tho Nlcaraguan canal and
added the Importance of lie control an an
additional argument for annexation. He
declared hie Independence ot any at
tempt to control hie action.
Tina brought from the democrat a
denial that any men attempt had been
In reply to a remark of Mr.Clark (Mo.),
relative to the national immoral dance of
Hawaii, llerry eald that he had wl I neetied
the dance, and more immoral perform
ancee could be seen uightly lu Washing
ton theater.
Later when Khea (deni., Ky.) waa
speaking of the Immorality of the Ha
waiian r. Berry Interrupted to aaaert vig
urouMly "there la mure immoral! tr In thla
city eouth of Pennxylvaula avenue than
lu all Honolulu."
Ithea argued chiefly the ein. Idolatry
and dleeaae In Hawaii In oppoeltlon to
the pending resolution 4.
Smith (Mich.) made a strong argument
ror annexation.
Hawaii to b Aanaaed.
Washington, June 15. Hawaiian an
nexatlon reeolntion paeeed the houae by
a voie oi vm to vi.
Kawlr to Ball ror Manila
8an Kranclco, June 15. The fonr
transport steamers scheduled to leave
to day for Manila are almost readr for
the signal from Major Ueneral Greene's
u.igHiiip, thlna, to uolxt anchor and pro-
ceea. ins sonuers spent a rainy com
fortable night on transports. It Is ex
pected that the order to get under way
win oe iseiieu aooui v o oiock.
sroullnc I'arllaa Moat Wllh Aitanloraa
Maar Haatlaao, Cuba.
Off Santiago, June 11, via Kingston
Jamaica, June li Hince the establish
ment of the blockade sveral Interesting
auu uariug expeditions have been made
Into the enemy's country to discover the
actual condition of affairs in Santiago.
It Is no easy matter to get uear the city
ineNe oays. aooui eigni inousana Hpan
leh soldiers and two thouaud home
guard troops cover every roadway about
the placn, and General Kando, Hpaulnh
military commander, la verr active, al
though his operations are limited by the
mountains surroumuug the place, which
are full of iiiHiirgente.
Sunday, June 4, the converted light
house boat Suwanee, commanded bv lieu
tenant Commauder lielehanty, arrived oil
namiugo. ohe hail on tHiard aliout vo,.
ikh) rounds of auiinuuition, 5,000 rilles,
t.OOO carbines, 'J.imu machetes aud
linuilreils of pouuils ot bread, bacon
aud other provisions. With the aid
of a Cuban pilot picked up by
Commodore Hcliley. she landed this
stuff in two days, besides taking active
part iu the bombardment ot the forts
at rlantlairo. A landing was effected
about twelve miles east of Santiago In
the preseuce ot Ave hundred lusursenU.
About one hundred more insurgeuU were
on guard In the mountains aud pannes.
The ammunition aud food with arms
nave put the Insurgents In excellent
shape to prevent the Spaniards from get
ting provisions from the outside through
the Inland Itself. It is believed that arm
ing the Insurgents has assisted in cutting
one part ot the Spanish arm from the
On Tuesday June 7. while working
near Cessaraiere, twelve miles from
Sautiago de Cuba, Lieutenant Com
mander Delehanty saw two sloops trying
to run away up the river Assarezaro. He
tired at them and they were run ashore
and deserted.
Later a bout's crew from the Suwanee
captured them. Kach of the sloops was
provided with a Spanish flag, and one
had a heliograph tor slanalllnii Dumoses.
One ot the sloops was presented to the
Cubans, and the other, which had already
nau a tew noies in it, was sunk by shot
from the Suwauee.
Koutetl Ilia Spaniarda.
(fuatanamo bay, June 14, 6 p. m. The
American murines and Cubans to day
completely routed a force of 4H Span
iards. One American was slightly wound
ed. The Spaniards lost aliout fortv
Mlnneuita KualonUla.
Minneapolis. Minn.. June 15. The
three allied silver parties democrats,
populists and silver republican, are all
lu session here to-day endeavoring to
agree ou a fusion state ticket. The only
certainty Is the nomination for governor
of ex-Congressman John Liud, quarter
master ot the Twelfth Minnesota volun
teers at Chlckamauga.
I'rlauuara tCacepe.
Trinidad, Colo., June 15. Krank Kelly
and John Paul, coutiued In the county
A Urge and unique a-
mrtmrnl of hint Diamonds
Irom 2 ' i exrst Hunt to lli
good arc right and to arc our price t.
AVENUE, Albuquerque. N. M.
jail charred with bnrglary. Mired their
way ont of their cells, removed a bar from
an upper window and escaped last night.
A prisoner named Jones, a trusty, fur
nished the aw with which the work was
done. The men have not yet been appre-
ranch Mlnlatry,
Tarls, June 1.1. It I expected that
Rlbot, former premier and minister of
finance, will be Invited to form a new
They Kalnforeo ftampana'a Marlnaa and
Orapjr m Ton a.
Washington, June 15. The navy de
pnrtment to day posted the following
bulletin: Admiral Sampaou reports that
lie lias Ixen relnrorced by several mm
dred Cubans and that our force at Huan
tananio la In a verr aatlHfiulnr Kin
dition. The town of Acer Kaderos has
been occupied by the troops under Oen
eral Kubl. The men under Ueneral (tar
eia are co-operating with the American
Kmperor William Will Opnoaa llarka
tloa of American Troopa at Manila,
London, June 15. The Star to-dar re
iterates the story that Kmperor H llllam
of Germany has ordered the Herman
consul at Manila to oppose the debarka
lion ol American troops unless in siifllc
lent force to maintain order and protect
The Star adds that an order to this ef
ffectlhaa been officially given to the Cult
ed States embassy at Berlin and Secretory
vaj ai wasningion.
Admiral Metrlchs, according to the
Star, has 2, nu troops and could dim in
hark 1,600 with two batteries of artillery
lor the partial occupation ot Manila.
Two Offers to Take tha Kntlra Amerleaa
Rond Imh.
Washington, June lo. if there was
ever any uueetion almut the success of
the new three per cent war loan It has
been set at rest by the way In which sub
scriptions are coming. Assurance ot the
success of the loan, has, however, been
made absolutely certain by two proposl
lions, each covering the entire present Is
sue of iil,iliHMKi. The subscription of
the National City bank, Ceutral Trust
company and Vermllye ACo., made the
day the loan was opened was for any
part of the total Issue that should not be
taken by the public. Another proposal
covering the entire amount came from J
r'lerpont alorgau and associates.
Arrangeuienta lo Clone the Ieal or
Chicago Hpeculalora,
Chicago, Jnne 15. Arrangements for
Closing the loiter deal have been com
pleted. Kinal papers were placed liefore
Joseph Letter today, aud 7,UJ,Ul
bueiieii or choice cash wheat con'
igned to P. I). Armour, who will
henceforth control all Letter hold
Ing. Armour has already begun
to dispose of hie holdings, and unless the
coming crop Is harvested sooner than an
ticipated, It eeems likely thht the tin
mense Hue ot wheat In the northwest
will lie consumed there.
Armour's assumption of the burden Is
sain to nave saved at least J .ooo.i Km fur
Calamity llowlera ol tha llleedlnc
Mlale llulillna aConvaullon,
Topeka, Has., June 15. There were six
candidates for temporary chairman of
the populist state convention to-day,
Jndge J. K. Andrews waa chosen. He
said: "I appreciate the honor of presid
lug over a convention which la to re
nominate our present state ollicers.
Their records will stand the most exact
ing criticism. In the great content go
ing on now our party was tint to declare
liuil principle or humanity should heap
plied to Cuba. Thechalrniaii at Hutchln
son. a few liars aito. sarcasticallv asked
"Where would we be uow If Bryan was
president r
"I will say we would now be closing
tne war wiiuoui me issuance or bonds.
'Cheers aud cries "Hit 'em again; lay on
The whole ticket with the exception of
lieutenant governor Is likely to be re
nominated. Lieut. Governor Harvey, re
cently appointed major of the Twenty
Second haiiNas volunteers, Is now with
the regiment at Church Kails, Va. It Is
anticipated that the democratic conven
tion Ht Atchison today will nominate
David Overmyer for lieutenant governor
and the populist convention will endorse
him. .here was a strong movement to
place David Martin, formerly chief
lice elected as a republican, in non
tlou for associate Justice, but to-day Mar
tin peremptorily refused to run, an
nouncing that he was not a candidate
and hail no desire to re-enter public life.
Chicago Block Market.
Chicago, June 15. Cattle Receipts
IO.uki head; market weak, to 11) ceute
Beeves, 4.0fVJa.l5: cows and heifers.
f2.ftott4.tio: Texas steers, tt.iiotz 4.35:
mockers ana teeners fX'ul ..
Sheep Keoelpts, 'J0.00U; market weak
to cents lower.
Natives. :Ui)iu5.10: westerns. HA0t
0.1a; iambs, fl.Zuftii.w.
Committed Hululde.
Leavenworth, Kans., June IS. Willis
li. Htacey, a prominent Insurance aireut
a member of the Urru of htacey & Bacon,
Kansas City, shot himself in the head
here to-dav, producing a fatal wound
Stacey's business is apparently In bimk)
ellver end Laa.
New fork. Juue 15. Silver, to '4.
Lead, $.1 i'm.
Copper, Pi V
Money Market.
New York, June 15. Money on call.
uonilnally at l'4tl' percent. 1'rluie
mercantile paper, :)Mi.
Coiiilus Marrlaira.
The marriage of Miss Nellie White
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John nnileand
Peter McNulty, baggage master at the
local station, win tune place on me early
nuirtiirii nf Jimu ' Itliuu llumia li.mu.
hoe will be maid of honor, aud James
Hoyee will be best mail. The ceremony
...11 .. r .. ; a ...:n , .. .
win ue a 11111.1 an air nun win ue consum
mated at the Immaculate Conception
church. It Is quietly whispered that an
other Mouth Second street young couple
will soou follow the example of these
To Marry T.-Nlglit.
This evening, at H::i0 o'clis-k. Knuler
Ick Augustus Bletcher, ot Bland, will be
united iu marriage to MInh I'ettrl Irene
Walton, who arrived Monday night from
l Angeles. The ceremony will take
place at the St. John's Kplscopal church,
Hev. Bennett officiating, and only a tew
intimate friends will lie present to wit
ness the ceremony. The happy couple
will remain lu the metropolis until sun
day morning, when they will leave for
Bland, their future home.
T. J. Curran, who wax at Las Vegas
and Hauta he, has returned to the city.
Twenty Thousand American
Troops to Occupy tbe Island.
Riotous Soldier Hare 1 Hot Time
In Virginia.
Debate In the House oi tbe Hawaiian An
ntxatlon Resolution.
ruzi Ml AT KIT WIST.
Washington, June 15. The Fourth
army corps. Major Ueneral John J. Co
plnger, commanding, has been definite
designated to undertake the occupation
of l'orto liico. It will be rapidly Increas
ed w zu,u men, including all tbe avail
able regulars not In the south, with the
addition of the best volunteer regiments
at Tampa, Chlckamauga and Vails
Church, Va.
1 heee selections will be made In the
next day or two, with chief regard to the
military facilities of the volunteers and
comparative complctene.w of their equip
Volunteer and Reialara ladulae la
Hot Street ri(hi.
Washington. Juue 15. A sneclal to
tne rosi irom oni imiui Comfort, Va.
says: A hot tight occurred last night In
ine streets 01 uie vinaee or t'lioetius. be'
tween Maryland volunteers aud regulars
from Kort Monroe. Ollicers from the vol
unteers and regulars were summoned
and ended the uirhtlna after about seven'
tT-llve prisoners were taken and sent to
the guard house. It Is eald that twenty
men received injuries. Done 01 lUein anr
shot by tnkaowa aaeaaala.
Iiidon. June 1ft. while the tlmt sec-
reury of the Herman emliasef here.
tount von Arco Valley, was emeruluir
from the embassy this eveuiog, a kirau-
ger tired two i-hots from his revolver at
him. One bullet entered the secretaij's
buck, but the wound Is not Lelleved fatal.
Ills a-irftlHiit was arrested after flr'.ni nt
and missing a policeman The motive
which prompted the man to attemnt the
lire ot Count vdii Arco Valley is no
The llouae or Heurearntntlrea Uebellna
tha Anneiatloa Heeolnllon,
Washington, June 15. The home met
at tuoclts.' to resume the Hawaiian de
bate. Htrgerald (deni, Mass.) spoke
4gauiei tne oewianas resolution. He tin
pluu! red the failure ot tha majority ot
the Hawallans to express a deelre rela
tive to annexation ai d insisted that every
people had a right to a government of
tin Ir choice. Fitzgerald further opposed
annexation on the ground that an Inju
rious labor element will be brought into
oompeiiiioii with American laborers.
Supporting the resolution, Berry (item
Ky.) devoted much of his time 10 show
thai annexation waa In line with demn.
cratlc policy.
Captured frlse.
Key West. Kla.. Jnne 15. The Rrltlsh
steamer Twickenham, captured oft hlug
ilnu. June 10, by the auxlllarr cruiser.
St. Louis, arrived here to-dav lu chame
1 tne pnxe crew, ttlie nad on board 3.ouo
tons of coal and one passenirer. suiiDosel
to lie an employe of the Spanish govern
The l uterrltled C.iiiKralolate Thamaelvea
on Helna A lire.
Atchison, Kans., June 15. The demo-
cratlc state convention was called to or-
ler tins morning by J. Mack Love, chair
man ot the democratic state ceutral com
mittee, over dot) delegates are in attend
ance. David Overmyer was selected as
temporary chairman. In his remarks he
endorsed the present populist state
He congratulated the delegates that
Kansas was no longer a reonbllcan state:
that the present state administration was
elected by democrats and he was nroud
if It. Things, he said, were now shanlmr
themselves so that the time is coining
when there will not be three rmrlle In
opposition to the republican, but one In
iieitu tne old ana Indestructible democ
Kef erring to the Chicago convention.
he congratulated tbe delegates upon the
Immorlul platform, and the Illustrious
fenalon Hllla.
Washington. June 15. The senate nn-
ler sieclal order begau the consideration
f bills on the private pension calendar.
Mob Id Mloeourl.
Liberty. Mo.. June 15 A mob tried to
batter down the doors of the Clay county
Jail last night. It Is supposed that the
men were after William S. Foley, con-
H. E.
Corner '-id St.
Railroad Watches Sold on easy Monthly Payments.
21 Icweled Kleins
21 jeweled Waltlunis
21 and 21 Jeweled liampoens
17 Jeweled Hamiltons
17 leweted Kleins
17 jeweled Walthams.
Fine Gold, Cold Filled, Silver
and Nkkle cases.
Blrtll Orderu Sollcltml and
vlcted of the murder of his mother, but
he had been slipped out of town to Kan
usttty. The supreme court yesterday
reversed and remanded Foley's case f.r a
new trial.
Rnaela May llelpapnln.
London, Jnne 15. A special from Mbi
rm purports 10 give tne substance of an
interview with Sagasta, premier, who in
quoted as saying the yesterday s rise on
the bourse was due to telegrams advising
leading nnanciers mil Kni-u ims tak
tcps to Intervene shortly In the rcttle
ment of the rhllippine oii-stl'n.
(iermany rrl.n.llr.
Washington. June 1ft. The state de
partment has been ulliclslly advlw d that
the reports that Hiriimny w uld insks mi
lMielnthe Philippines Is nnwerrnl.tM
Herman snips would tie cn hand at Man
lie to aff'ird protection in lierumn Miti
Jfctsand property, but (ierninuy hsd 110
thought or intervention.
THK I'OI'l l.liTS
national Committee Holding a Mretlrg
at City or Omaha
Omaha, Neb., June 15. The regular
national committee ol the people s party
Is meeting here today and lias a light on
r:a 111 to Keep out tne mtMle-.t the rond
ere who, at Nashville, last year, organ
izea the separate Miltou park
national committee. Many of the
paiks antl fuelon committee are
mi miiers also of Senator Marlon
Bui ler s regular Cfinimittee and all
snmrner through Wharton Barker, ot
ITiladelphla, has been working hard to
secure proxies. The regular committee
10 onset me schemes of the "middle of-the-roKder."
secured a large number of
proxies also, wnen the committee's roil
was called It was discovered that be
tween seventy dvs and one hundred
proxies were held. (Jeorge K. WaHliburn
ot Boston, has twenlr seven. Contests
In Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, rennsvlvanla and
several otner slates are to lis settled
Chairman Butler appointed a credential
committee favorable to his s de of the
qtieatlon, consisting of Senator Allen
Nenrasia; ex Governor Buchanan. Ten
nessee; Kltweet l'limeroy. New Jersey:
a II. lariien. Keuiuckv. and l nnirrau
msnC. A. Harlow, California, everyone
a iiiMoniai. 1 rns romiu ttee is now eon
sli Ing contests. The I'ark committee
ran not yet obtained any material con
M aeon In.
There will be a regular communication
ot .empls Itdge No. 6 A. F. . A. M. at
Masonic hall to morrow evening at m
o'cl ick sharp. Work In the F. C. degree.
Visiting brethren invited by order of W.
U. C. W. Medler. secretary.
Odd rellowa Memorial Merrlcea.
The annual memorial services of the
order of Oda Fellows will be bold this
year on Sunday next, Juue HHh. The
rresnytertan church has been selected aa
ins place and Uev. T. C. Beattie will de
livel the sermon. 1 he members of the
two ubordlnate lodges will assemble at
tne .m i ooutn Second stret at It) a. m.,
aoh-jiarba in regalia 10 the ehurcli, tbe
services beginning at II o'clock. The
officers ot the lodges extend an Invita
tion to tne Kncamumeut. Kebekah Iodizes
and all visiting memlwrs of the order to
Join with them and attend the services.
0. L. Gillette, who halls from Needles.
was given Ufteeu days In the county Jail
this morning by Justice Crawford. He
and a friend named J. M. Murphy visli
d two ladles down ou tho Acre. Annie,
whote other name Is Cobert, so she says,
went out after a pitcher of beer, and
luring her absence Gillette had rtlled
Annies trunk and secured the sum of
too. The other girl, Gertie, sajs that
Hhe saw Gillette take the money. All
this time Murphy laid on the bed and of
course he didn't nee his friend plunging
among the lingerie In the trunk.
The ladles of the Children's Home re
turn thauks tor the following donations
received In April and Mar: Louis Baer.
cash, (10; Mrs. II. C. Muson, l."0 pounds
of Hour, one sack of tmlatocs and two
gallons of fruit; Mrs. J. G Williams, live
glasses of Jelly; Mrs. K. M. Garden, til
ling; Mrs Dr. Bishop, clothinir: Mrs.
Johuson, clothing; Mrs. K. sturgess.
clothing; Triple Link Mite society, cake
and milk; Mr. Drake, two di zeu oranges.
Dr. G. W. Harrison, who attended the
.National asoociatlou convention at Den
ver, returned home VYediifsdav nljlit.
and he reports having had a elorious
time, not ouly at Denver during tlie sea
sions ot the association, but ou the ex
cursions taken by the viHiling doctors to
ine various interesting points of the Cen
tuuuial slate.
Mrs. Flovd K. VWiltson. who bus been
the guest of her husband's parents, Mr.
nd Mrs. A D. Whitson, will leave the
last of this week to Join her husband al
Katou. Mr Whiteon. Jr.. has established
Class of thirty four in uiamlolln anil
guitar playing In that city and is doing
The Santa Fe Pacific passenger, which
arrives here at DM0 11. m.. was delaveil
several hours yesterday morning at Seiiir-
man, caused by a freight wreck at that
point Three or fonr water ears were
thrown from the track.
Flash light Dhotoa of Krminin rntn.
plete compauy this time, on sale at Voor
hees' studio, beglunlng Saturduy. 75
cents each.
You arc invited lo inspect our tlock
ol tumour footwear, il was never to
complete. All ttylei ol TANS in
Our Slock ii all new this Spring and
direct from the be t manufacturer.
Toe itylet are the Ltcl and up-to-date.
Have y-u teen the line ol
arc telling for $2. SO a pair. We aim
to pleaK you and give you the best
ihoet (or the money lo be l..uoJ any
where in Ihe country.
& GO
122 S.
Hhiir tVa't
and (J old Ave.
We have ust received an
ISk Wedding Rings ir
elegant line of
Tiffany, Oval
and Fiat shapes.
Fine Watch work, Stone Mounting and ar
tistic engraving promptly done.
Sutldfuctlon (liniriinf tetl.
Mall Orders (Jlven
Careful Attention
and Promptly Filled
Don't Overlook
you will need, and the prices and quality speak for themselves.
Hot Weather Dress Goods
One lot Novelty Weave Silk
Mixed Etamine. in Lavcnrfir.
Uoid, Light Ulue and Jlurnt
Orarge. A truly beautiful goods;
worth 6b cent a yard. Our price
One lot Kai Kai Wash Silk,
worth up to 40c a yard. Our
Pnce 20c
One lot Lancet Mull. In heau.
tiful designs and colors; looks
equal to the finest Organdy;
worth 33c a yard. Our price 15c
Ladies' Silk Waists
Just anived.
a handsome line
of Silk Waists,
made up in the
latest style; all the new colorings,
in Plad, Plain colors and Black.
$S8.7 to $8 OO
aafa-e mmm e.. ,
ViMt Our
Dress Goods
1111 llJJJJ
,-5Ti s V-
Jas. L. Boll & Co.
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
uo ttwm up, tbow berria arc dtUctout,"
The lady it rigM. Our atodi oi fruit k tht
'uust, largtet and frcshot In Albuquerque
ni wi carry vrvtrun in lumn. wa can
supply any fruit dcaired, not only of the beat
quality but at the lowest market prices. You
wuj save money and bt better aatislied U
you order your fruit from us. whether for
table use or canninf purposea. Our fru'
ummer ipccialty la our fruit department.
fit this time ol the year fruit ought to make
up half ones living. It's one of tlie few rood
thingione can't have loo much of.
HIiiK I it Co.. No. 214 8ilvar avnu.
all allMiliou to thHlr Uue Htix-i of Chi-
ifHK and Jiiimniwi allka. taa. anil enrlon:
tlHo curry a large, atMortruitnt of Urworin
r vry dKucrlptlon. tall and we theiu.
Your Hiimninr vacation without a kodak
will not Iik anjoyahln. H tha line Block
r rauinruM carried by HrockiUHlnr.
Now orgmiilleH, lawim. dlniltlmi. eto..
n all tha iikw rlTnctrt, ou saa this weok,
t the Ki'ouonjlHt.
White ennninlAiI hedHteads. dremwra and
rockern, at Kntrelle'a.
lAtnpa and trlmrulniri. Whitney Co.
All Patterns 10 and 15c
'ii Agents for HI m trim . C. n as -v n aaai as a. it
20 1 Kiilroad Aveuuo, AII)iuiuitiiiip,
The Best Xjsllxtocl. Store
Read it carefully.
We want your confidence and patronage, and are nuk.in?
get it. This week's
Child's Linen Wash SuMe-lu a variety of
two and tliri'n iln-e Hultn at 6O0, 75(. $1 and $1.25
Children's Blue Sailor Suits-Two plen,
wilh Straw Cap to maU'h, ouly $1.35
Children' Linen. Cloth and White Duck
Sailor Hata All mIzcm; only 25c ach
A Di'W Huh of
Nlutite and coloring
mirK ut from
A nieu
eim l'uili
otluirH a-k Me fur; our prlee ouly 0 per gitrmiint
AnotliiT Huh of Kanoy l'uilerwfiir-8hlrtn ami
lirnwi rn to nihtcli only 25c per KuruiHiit
Two 1'ulrn for. . .
llltii'k, TunauilOray; t-tlirnitil I.IhIk
ii Uune. The litnt value lu the fin.
25 c
1 f.FNT'Q QUIRT? llt,w r
ULIW 0 ulllUli) OvsstylNsto wlnet
a Single Item
Small Necessities
One lot of Ladies' extra qutlity
Fast Tan Cotton Hose, worth ac
a pair. Our price Irtn
e - -
One lot Ladies White Linen
Cuffs, all styles, worth up to 35c
a pair, uur price I'io
Sec the new Burnt Orange Rib
bonsthe Latest Fad we have
them in sash and necktie widths.
Children's Straw Hats
1 lot Bojs' Straw Hats bourjil adgfu. . 10c
1 lot Boys' Sua Hata, without bands. . lSe
1 lot extra quality Boys' 8trw Hatn. .20e
I lot Sitra qaullty Sailors 2T,0
1 lot Children's Sailors l5o
e-n -u-u-(J-u-uruc
- - - - 1 1
1 lllillU.
....ST.A.GKE LINE....
Tbe ibest equipped tri weekly four-horse stage In the Southwest, From Tnora
too to the famous Sulphur Springs in the Jemes Mountains. Leave Thornton
I ucsdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8 a. m. arrive at Bland 12 nooni Ware
!i ' !V ;nd Vrtv 'Pn" 5 p. m. Stags returns from Sulphurs
on Mondays, Wednesdays and hridays. Parties leaving Albuquerque on Satur
day can spend Sunday in the mountains.
Round Trip TlckeU for Sale by
E. J. POST & CO.,
We Carry a Full Line of Buckeye Mower Repairs. Thomas All-StwJ
tasy uump nay Kaitts.
Write for Prices. Mail orders
N. T. Armljo
Ooutrnlly Xjoootoct
Exaggerations and misleading;
store news will prove a Mjney Saver.
A full linx of
SI r s y- 4 r--
i 1 I LO
iui-in IIUIM U"J I ' a
mill ii to tin y Ai 1 qc
very aliiirHti la a. vt LICO
trliiiiuiil WNt f a,
nkA ut la ai 1
WuIhIh froiii U)o
like out ut. .
60c. 75o,
( Wash Goods
OmIi. tn tl.u 1... . .
...ia . ", .
7. " iV. 7
Ine l'it, an followti:
Lot 1 consists of Lawns, sold up to 15c;
at special price of 0
Lot 2 consists of all Lawns, sold up to20c
at special price of H0
Lot 3 consists of all Lawn and Lappets,
sod up to 25c; at special price of 15o
Lot 4 consists of Oryarulies, sold up to 30;
at special prue of H)0
Lot s consists of our finest Imported French
Orj-amlies, sold up to 50c yard; at special
all tin nxwiwt
of Hi I k Wiml-
Be to 25o 'Ht'li
linn of Hulliiltr-
- rwtar: tlm kind
P"ce 01
SilkSisbes and Tie Special .3
and .Nthri put ou hhM to rliaw out at actual coat. Hers
' if hru-,
from, at from
65e uu
" un
' '-1 iivw lin. ..r
a "
AgentA lor Batter
lck'a Pattern and
Dr. Jaeger Underwear.
In this tialaxy of Bargain. There
is lurelv snmpthiner In tViia L-, it, at
We have the' largest and pret
tiest assortment of Ladies' and
Children's Oxford Ties and San
dals in the city, and our prices
rannot be beat.
Ladies' Low Shoes from
05o to $3.0O
Children's Law Shoes from.. .
05o to $1.05
Babies' Furnishings
Babies' Long and short Dresses,
Hoods, Hats and Wraps, Toilet
Baskets, Baby Buggy Robes and
Parasol Covers, etc.
Men's Clothing.
Our assortment is larre: our
styles the latest, and our prices
within the reach of all. We can
also save vou from 10 to a rxr
cent, on ail Furnishing Goods.
f-n-iji.iiru Lruui ji
See Our
Oo thing; Window
for Bargains.
CO., - Albuquerque
Milburn and Studebaker Wagons
given prompt attention.
FilleJ Same
Day as ReccivccL
N. M.
tHo City.
statements are carefully avoided.
everv legitimate rnaw..
So scan this "ad" carefully. Jjj
A n- w line of Black Rrocads lodlaa,
21 lurliHa wide, at 50c, 65c and 7ic a yd
: IT I Irs Ih au fxwplional barguiu.
A D of Ladlt Lluea aud
l,1,l"B Blr from
60e upward
A now line of the latent Kant
ern Norelty VMilte Kiiiiirs, la
all if y leu of Htrloea and
. 5c, 20c, 25c 35c and 50c a yard
.,a;7""" Ul 'u" Beamin we place on
"wns and Organdies, divided uto
'4 So yard U
a 1 ip ur oaMn lor lime uiouey.
u tun i L'11.1 ... . . I . S
""'i 1 cii.a jusi receivea ai.... fi
1-. VL- .J 7L ...c BA
' ,j
f irV-)'?ai ttml t)iWt-;WM'r r" Wt 't

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