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I.ibrnr' of Congwj
The Dally Citizen.
Has I he latest telegrams
and reaches Hi readers
earlier than ....
........ANY OTIIIB PAPGV ...
All Wnr New
Fresh from lh wires ev
ery afternoon In the
American Army
City and Forts
OIT AvURilnren, July 14,3 p. m , vln I'ort
Antonio. Suiting!! wiut surrendered to
day. Menaced liy American foreen on
liinil and sea, dl.iheartpnpil dy pant de
feat and without hope of victory, (inn
era! Total yielded hln pity to save IiIh
people. Wliut tho term are Ih not yet
known. Tliey may tie made public when
(iencnil MIIoh returns from the front to
lilRht Kiid they may be Bupprened for
iIhh. On board the flagship New York It
Ih believed tlmt the surrendered Hjanlnh
(illicerH will be permitted to retain their
Hide arru-i mid the Hp uiIhIi army be (riven
u .if( p tinny to Spain. Admiral Hump
hc ii lias i.ot yet been Informed of the de
tail o" lh. ciipitiihitldii. The end reme
evMlt.y an I nnexpirt-illy. The refu-ul
of the p!i:iixh to Hurremlt r hid been eo
enndr.it if und eo repent that both the
army mid navy hud foreuken the Idea of
viitPrj without further hlotxlshwl, and
linoii to day had been net for a Until dee-
p -ile MHNiiult upon the atubboru detenHee
of the pity. Whether Morrocaetle and the
hiit'ei !pk ut ov the harbor will ahio sur
render iii at 3 o'clock thin afternoon
a matter of conjecture. At that
hour the 8,, inieh flag mill floated aliove
MiMTu (.nd the Spanleh force etlll cluat
ered about the earthworka and batteriee.
Willi the American army controlling
BAnliiiRo, however, further reHlmiinpe by
the hurl or butteries would be absurd
and their nirreuder undoubtedly will
quickly follow Shatter's occupation of
the town If Indeed the xea front formica
tions and u U others are not Included In
the clty'o capitulation.
Admiral Sampson him not taken an active-
part In the negotiation!), but haa
been consulted by Ml lea and Shatter and
und iiilite II) will be couaulted In the Met
t,"in nl of li.'ial details. He declined to
tli:oii 4 the metier further than to ex
pr.vr; jo) that the lukiiitf of Sanliugo wan
aecoinplielic ii without fuither blo.li-hed.
Tin b.vva v,;it; ordered at once to eleain
w.'el lo .M. rro Cat-tie, evidently Li'Ihk
HllJIt to W.J1!'
maniilni; ;
IW h,d It: ,
ni' l ied out
the m iw uieiits of the men
.h.iri battel ion.
I In . d in the nick of tllll",
ill i t to ilnj'u battle b ell
ii city of Santiago would
h nv In eu l-.i i to piecea before ulght
Tie-11 'i t hml the exe( range, and al
th uiyli the i-ily was about eight milee
n iv ami hidden by hills, I'oiiiui'Mlore
Sc'ily said that ehelbi could be dropped
in Hi- heart ut the town every two in i li
nt Ii r as loi time as Shatter thought
n. i nj ury, A -ido from the work of the
libels .even b.ilteriee of artillery were eo
pl.ict d that thiee-inch shells could have
In ii hurled into the town from all sides.
NiiniiImIi Ann? of Twenty Tlit.ukauil Mii
l.ay down Thtilr A run.
(Co(i riLthl A.s(k luted 1'rrM.)
W ith I uited States troops before San
tiago, duly 14, ii p. iu via Kingston. The
reverse to the fipanbh anus In eaeteru
I'uhs is ci inph ie. Santiago haa fallen,
and with It all the eastern end of the
inland, in n. Toral, the Spanish com
mander, agreed to the general terms of
the Hiirreuder at a personal Interview
with lien. Shatter this afternoon, at which
(ien. Miles was prenent.
Alcmit in to Hhkuii De Tauamo on the
limth (oust end eastward to Cape Mays!,
ure hiirrendend and the territory aban
doned, Hetweeli 1(KH) am! 'JU,(Ht Span
Mi prd-oners am taken, aliout lo.tmo 0f
whom are lu Santiago. The remainder
are at liiiantaiiuino and others la gir
rlroued towns in eastern Cuba. All
these troops are to be embarked and
eeiit back to Spain under parole.
The arinv has had a campaign of three
wetks of unprecedented hardshlpe for
both oilic. ru aud privatee. The victory
of the Americans Is greater than wan ex
n cted at Urst. The Spanish troops In
tho fourth corps of the military division
of Santiago province, from a line drawn
north from Acerradorea, 18 miles west of
Santiago, through I.oe Palnias.Sorlan and
Shatter hears his honors modestly. To
a correspondent of the Associated I'resa
he said : "1 he enemy has surrendered all
1 nt lutcta ot our bucul
ut to otttr nollwr. e hav jusl ttaivtd i mpply ol Kuli Jwld
(l5JwUi Nickeled Mov enients, ab,oluifly atcuMtt tmifkpr,
TV' t f:..J .1. . - i ivr .
e nvc uiiia (iwc in warranted Uula rilUd
Ciui and othr thm compltie lor
Only a iuitn ol Ihtm on hand.
-W. after LAIHIZs' W ATCMKS at klliivi.ll PWKIS lor a n-w tiAVS --J
Uading Ji-wrltr, RAILKOAD AVENUE, Albuqurqu. ti. M.
Now Occupies the
of the Harbor.
the ti rrltory and troops east of Santiago
The terms were dictated from Washing
ton. It has been a hard campaign; one
of the hardest I ever saw. The dllllcul
ties to coutend with were very great.
Never during our civil war were more
(lillk'illt problems solved. The char
acter of the country and the
roa'.a niade it eeem almnet Impos
sible to advance in the face of an
enemy. Tna transportation problem was
hard, but all the dllllciiltlea have been
niieci'Hsfully surmounted. Our troops be
haved gallantly. They fought like lie
roes and I am proud to have commanded
them, During all the hardship they
HUfTend they have ehown resolution and
spirit. They deserve to conquer.
Die resistance of the enemy has
been exceedingly Htuhboru. Tornl
line proved himself a foeman worthy
of any man's steel. The negotiation
which culminated In the mirrendirof
Toral have been dragging on for ten
days with an intermission ou Sunday
and Monday, when our batteries and
lleet bombarded the enemy's position
Throughout these periods of truce Toral
shrewdly fell back when hard pressed
upon the statement that he was simply
a Kiibnrdiuale aud powerless to
agree ii proposal without the sanc
tion or tils superiors except under
penalty of being court-martialed. At the
same time he seemed lo Intimate that
personally he thought It ussless to hold
out any longer. Hut be and his garrlsou
weie eohliers, he said, aud could dle.lt
necessary, obeying orders."
It was at a personal Interview held by
Shatter with Toral yesterday, that the
American general made the Spanish
commander understand that temporiz
ing must cease, ami before noon to
day a categorical iilllrmatlon to
his olTer inti-t be received or the
hoiiihardineiit of the city would begin in
earnest. In the meantime all our plans
had been perfected. The delay had been
utilized to good advantage, dur linen
hud been extended until Santiago was
nearly surrounded, and our light bat
teries had been so posted as to be able to
do more effective work, lu addition, ar
rangements had been made to land
troops at CabanaH. at the west entrance
of lliu harbor ot Santiago.
triad, or Hi Kurrnilr aa iitllnil lij
Orli. aliallar.
Washington, July lo. The following
bulletin was posted at the war depart
ment: "Headquarters, Santiago, July 15. Ad
jutant General, Washington: Sent you
several telegrams yesterday, as did (ien.
Miles, In regard to the surrender, (ien.
Toral agreed yesterduy positively to sur
render all the forces under his pom-
uiand In eastern Cuba upon the dis
tinct understanding that they were
to be sent to Spain by the I nited
States. This surrender was authorized
by (Jen. Hlaneo aud that Its submission
to-morrow was merely formal. The
commissioners to arranire the details
were appointed. Wheeler. I.awton ami
Uiley on the part of the I'nlted States.
Points were immediately raised by the
Spunlsh commissioners. The discussion
la-ted until late last night. Sly emu
inlssloiiers think the matter will he set
tled to-day and met at 10:;)0 this
morning. There are about 12,1 km
troops In the city and almut as many
more in the surrounding district, 'J4,imi
in all, to be transported, (ien. Miles
was present and said the surrender was
absolute aud complete as possible. !t
cannot be possible that there will be a
failure In completing the arrangements.
A water faiuiue in the city is imminent.
Have the sui'iily put. This was told
l.ieul. Miley by tlie Knglish commission
er. Mill wire frequently when iieirutia-
tions are progressing. siuum,
.Major deiieral ( oinmainliiig.
M'ANIMI I'lllMl.Nr K.
A 1 IhmimmihI Arrlvn mt I'orlMiiHiulh
On II Kir ol Them SI, k
Portsmouth, Y II., July 1,",. The
auxiliary cruiser Harvard, having on
Bjriains in .Wilchs Usl wk imJucfi
board l.i ms Spanish prisoners, arrive 1
this morning. I he port physician
1' larded Hi ves-el in company with a
Spanish doctor. Investigation dlsclos-d
the fact that nearly halt on board are ill.
IX Spaniard (lied dti'ini the Iiaisngn
from Santiago to rortsinoiith and another
death occurred this aft"rn mil and three
pii'lents were riot eipcted to live until
night. There were forty eerious pa es in
the sick bav and forty equallr an bad In
other portion of the ship. All theso nre
said to tie victims of malarial fever.
.ln Hm fttn.1 Mo Overliirra to
I iittrri .tat..
Washington, July 15. "There have
wen no overture for peace received bv
any I'nlted State embassy or legation
anroBil or ry tlie department of state at
Washington." That was the statement
made liy members of the Palilnet to -day.
rrospe-tM for tlie speedy Institution of
peace negotiation nave Prlglitened con
siderably since the pollapse of the Snan
ish resistanpe at Santiago. If the cabinet
na discu-Med terms of peace up to this
moment, the fact has not been divulged by
any n sponsible source. The president
makes no Concealment of his earnest
di'Hire for a speedy termination of the
war. Such a position Is entirely recon
ciianie wun ins earnest pnrpoee to pros
ecute itie war uiitti tne original pnrpine
ha bi'ii Bttained. Before that time any
overtures lor peape niiisi pome from
pain. News that Kpaln had been tirap-
ttcally placed under martial law Is con
strued to mean a purpose to bind no In
advance the turbulent elements In Spain
that nilirht lie expected to take advantage
of the public discontent caused by the
heavy sscritlces the government must
make to obtain peace In order to cause
a revolution and overthrow the monarchy.
Die cabinet whs in Hcssion almost two
hours There were several dispatches
laid before the cabinet, but It is sunl that
none were of any particular importance.
save one from Heneral Miles, who wired
some details of what was wanted In the
way of the movement of troope from here
nnd the shipment of horses and supplies
The royal (leered suspending. Individual
rights In Spain gave rise to some discus-
Ion a to the outlook for peace. Seer
tury Hav, however, ret orted that there
were no overtures of any kind so far
made known to him.
detail dispatches following up the an-
iioiiiici inent of the Htirrernb r w re eager
ly awaited but did imt Come.
M'.tIN Ml sl III'. Willi I I 11
lliilnlrr of Vr of That InutiirT Mill
lloeil lo llol.l l ull.
Madrid, .lillr In.-Noon. The pacific
tendency is increasing. 'I he general
public take a favorable view ot the sug
getoii that the powers should attempt
the re-est,iliisl,iiieiit of peace, hut It is
abi itnii contrary to report current
Krutice ha not taken the initiative.
The minister for war, (i n. Correa. is
quoted a saying that be thought peace
might he arranged on the following
terms: The ( uited States and Spain to
agree to let the Cuban decide by a ple
biscite whether they desire independence
or autonomy under the suzerainty of
-piiln. the governments to agree to abide
y the result of the plebiscite. In the
event of the I uban voting for Independ
dice, the Cnlted States to allow Spain
line moiiins in wiucii to withdraw tlie
Spanish army gradually and dlizinlledlv
iroiu i. uua.
New York, July 15. Copper, 10 .,o.
I.KK-.LI.AM flllllT
Nlierlir I'at (larrnlt anil l'i Mail tu
Kelit-n- Kearney Wonnilril.
In wiiiiiection with what Tmk Citi.kn
had yesterday af.ernoon, regarding the
l.ee-liillilatid light with Sherilf (iarrett's
posse, the following additional tacts are
contained iu a special dispatch from l.m
Cruces under date uf July l;t:
The news which reached l.as Cruces
Wednesday morning of a light between
.Hlierill liarrett's posse and Oliver M l.ee
and .lames K. (iiliilitnil in an attempt to
arrest the laiter, who ure wanted on a
liaigo of mm diring Col. Fountain.
will, ll resulted III the serious woiilidinir
of II. K. K oirney, one of the eherill'H
p'Hse, and tiie escape of the fugitives,
aiised miicli excitement and iudiiMiatiuii
here, iiml there is talk of organizing a
vigilance committee.
lhe story of the light is as follows: On
Monday evening last the alien II
learned that l.ee and dilliland were at a
ranch aliout twenty-live miles from l.as
Cruces. I lie siienlf and his men illime-
liaudy started on the trail and upon ar
riving at the house found that the men
had gone in the direction ot Lee's ranch
They followed their tr ul all m.lit. and
at about I o'clock Tuesday morning ar
rived at a place called Lee's Weils, In the
larilla mountains, Uitecii miles east ot
this place. They left their horses some
distance away and quietly surrounded
and enteri d the hoine, calling up
on the lu mates to throw up their
hands, l.ee ami (iillilatid were not in
tlie house, but their horse and saddles
were located in a corral near by. In
searching around the premises liarrett
saw the end ot a ladder protruding over
the edge of the roof, and discovered
thereon a barricade of adobes with port
holes through which to shoot. One man
was then stationed Inside the house
and the others took positions at vari
ous places near it deputy heurney
and one other deputy climbed onto
tlie roof of a traliie outbuilding
aliout sixty feet distant and discov
ered l.ee and (iillllaiid lyliitf on their
faces behind the bairicade With their
guns in their haud-i. Kearney raised up
and called to them to surrender. As he
lid so they rui- d their yuus to lire and
he discharged his own weapon, in-tatitlv
followed by two repoits from the roof.
Both shots tisik ellect on Kearney, one
breaking his shoulder, the other lodging
In his thigh.
Kearney was placed In a wauon behind
the frame building and the ll'ht decani"
general. About twenty live shots were
lired, Sherilf liarrett and his men had no
tlier protection than the thin bonds of
iiicli the out building was c instructed.
iarrett was wounded lu the fa-e bv
splinter caused by bullet i which pasiei
through the house. Ki-urnev was mean
time expose 1 to the lire ami It was im
possible for the posse to lire without ex
posing themselves.
An employe of l.ee, who was Working
at the pump, then volunteered to Induce
l.ee to surrender. A conver-ation result
e l between liarrett and l.ee. In w Inch the
former promised protection Is case (,f
surrender, which was refused.
In order to re-cue Kearney, who was
j badly wounded, liarrett finally agreed to
; allow l.ee and (iillllaiid to 'ride away,
which they did.
I Kearney was taken to a dector as soon
as possible, l he doctor pronounce I his
wounds dangerous, though not necesa
r.lv fatal.
I m . ..
I Apply lor llalii-aa I orpin,
I Modesto Ortiz and W . C. lleacock, the
attorneys for the two I.iiceros bound over
to the next grand jury without bail for
the murder ot ,loaiiiii donzibH at Ala
meda, ma le application to dav for a writ
of habeas corpus, which will be heard
when Judge Crumpacker returns from
lu liana next wei k.
Spain Will Ask for Peace Prob
ably This Week.
President Says That He Hop:
Early Peace Now.
People ef Porto Kh;o I xpect Invasloo
nd Hcclrg to Interior of Island.
Madrid, Julv 1.1. -The 0!Helnl Curette
to day ptihlpiln ( a royal dacree temisira
rny suspending throughout the Spanish
P"i.in-uiH rights or liiillvlduals as imr
aineed by tlie Colistlttltloil . Tlie decree
idiis that the government will rn ler an
account to pariiameiit of the use It may
nomeoi mis measure, i ne puiiln ation
t thedicree is accepted a prcs f that
pence tico'l itioiis are actually In pro-
i r...
O.ie inlnii.ter expressed the conviction
that olllclal overtures for peace will be
mole before Sunday. There I reason to
nelleve that prance has offered her ser
vice to Spain nriil that Spain ha drawn
up lonniiion inr peace Which oner a
basis of negotiation. 1'reuiier Sagit. ta Is
liioied as saving that Sua In want neace.
but that "it must he honorable peace" a
Spain deserves, "lhe army." tho pre
mier is until to nave added, "I anxious
to resist the last, but the government
an not consent to such Useless sacrlilce.
Had we our lleet the situation would
be different."
l iirto llliana t'anlr Nitlrksn.
St Thomas. D.W. I.. Ji.lv l,".. Advice
from San Juan de I'orto hico ahow that
the inhabitants are greatly alarmed.
I l ey expect that I'orto Hico will be
attai keil by the Americans to-day. 'I lie
tcrrllleil Inhabitants are tleelng Into tin1
Interior. It is said that the pity and
subiiibs are practically desert. -d.
ll'J I'lalaoa Ilia Mil urn.
Washington. July 15 The elate do
iirtment posts a bulletin ststlnir tint
Ailunial dewey pay a high tril ule to
the Chinese on the American ehips at the
Httieot .tanlla. He stiggesta that tin y
hoiild receive recognition by laVim
made citizen of the t inted State.
Dlaans la Tannin- Ureal t nrasluwb,
lu Armr Clis-laa,
Washington, Jul 15 1 he war di nait
inent ibsi not deem it prudent just now
lo make any detailed statement relative
to thecoliiiiliiiii of the camp, but Adjii
taut (ienerul Corbln stated that so far na
How fey,.r was concerned the condi
tions, at the last report were certainly
better t tin ti two days ago.
Colonel Decker, who Is In charne of
the transportation service of the wer (bv
parlineut, is trying to arrange tor he
convi.vain-e home of the spanleh soldiers
w ho surrendered at Santiago. There Is a
disposition to appeal directly to the great
steamship transportation lines to make
bids to carry these people. Tho adoption
of such a course would relieve our gov
eminent ot the necessity of sending
with the prisoners the heavy guard re
quired If they were conveyed by I'nlted
states transports. Hut a disagreeable
complication has arisen from the lact
that reports Indicate that yellow fev-r
exists among the Spanish troops as well
as our own, end It may be dilllcult to
induce the transportation companies to
undertake the task of conveying sick
soldier and those who hail been exposed
to the Infection. There Is also doubt
whether the Spanish authorities will al
low the men to land on Spanish eo:l.
It is expected that the refuiee that
lied from Santiago on the threat ol
bombardment will now return and great
llsiress is expected to relilt from lin k of
fissl supplies. Shatter will without
loiilit spare as nianv rations as possible
from his own stores to aid these tin
DAV I I ri.tCASt 11.
rhr seuntor I'retlleta a (ilorloim tutureoir
tha l(eiul,llr.
St. I'aiil. Minn., July l.V Senator da
vis, chini min of the senate cominlt'ee
in foreign rclailons, said: "lhe fall ot
-uiir.lago clears the way for tlie projected
u(iive upon l'uerto Klco. which I trust
Alii begin at once. It I perhaps more
impoitant III consequences than Ine siege
r Santiago. I have nniloubt that 1'u iio
itico will simiii be ours. We are Milerinir
ipou a new era. The II ig will not b"
tow ri d rnim Hawaii und the fate of the
I'hlllilipiiies is linked with the destiny of
the republic. Tin nation in the near
future is to become a leading factor in
international politic."
rrealilmit KriulillrMii l.aail.
Omaha, Neb., July 15 Col. (ieorge
Stone, of San Kranelsco. nrnsldeiit of
the California State league, was elected
president of the national republican
Kor us ii i the only kind we
do sidl, and vvilh each pair ol shm s sold vm- have a new friend.
The reason for Ihis is plain III : UK 1 1 siloKS, not
nil-rely slvli-h in appi-uiiinee but g I ch at ' Ihrougli. The
mat. 1 rial n-i- t in llieir make up is the br-l inanolaetuieil, be it
Kid, Kangai.si or Call, an I the w.n kiuan-liip I- g I too, No
uneven places or lumps to baiur.- li-nd.-i li-.-l. No tottuie
about prices either.
Best Men's
Shoe in the
Bust 1 .00 Ox
ford.;, lor Indies,
in tlie city, in
Black or Tan.
All leather and
cloth tops.
H. E.
Corner !M St. and Uoh Ave.
Railroad Watches -Sold on easy Monthly Payments.
21 Jewelfd Walthami
21 and 2i ewld I hiuipdtru
17 JcwcUrd Hamillonj
17 !cwld El'tru
17 Jfwhd Walthanu.
Pine Gold, Gold FMd, laflvrr
and Nicklc cawt.
aijil Or.lorei S.illHltnil and
at thin morning' concluding
as iiii'iiniai sesiiop hv pm n
decided tip Mi,
th oHi(- rs will hold f
two yenr.
Only a liilmor.
waMilngton. ,lu'y !". It I author!
tallvely iated by h-crelarv day that
there I no irn h in the puhln hed report
mat peace negotiation have been opened
at Washington, led by Sir Julian I'aunce
fote, assisted by tti.i k'isstaii amha v-a lor,
the Japanese minister and other foreign
SI, Ik at Omaha,
Omaha. Ni b , July 15 -Work I prsptl
cally suspended at (. inlahy's packing
boil m. Killing K'niii-'s have gone out 111
Minpalhy with the sinking laborers. At
swills the hog butcher aie at work
Over 3,000 nieu are now out,
tnnua I'eolilr'a I'nlon.
Iliillaio, N. Y , July 15 Kully lo.Ocio
in ii'iaie ami vi.- iior to the annual cor.
y- nlion of the Kaposi doling, l'eople'e
i iiioii nave regi-leied.
HiMfi.tal Ship.
Newjort News, July 15 Th h. tdtal
ship onvette ar iv. d at Old Point from
Santiago Ibis a.t.TnO.u with Woumleil
on board.
AKKINlllVll Ml UllKMirK,
Nn Ilalolla of tha 11, anil r the ('.infer-
anra i.l Ilia i oiiiiiiIhIi, litre,
Washington, Jniy 15. All Information
obtainable from the i at of war Is com.
prised In the followln cablegram:
Haliiulrl, July 15. lhe coiinulsslon on
lieliall of the I nlie.l Slate was apisilut-
ml, consisting of (., his. W heeler ami Law
ton ami L ent. Mil v. Willi the Spanish
commission to arrange the detail for
carrying Into i ll ct the capitulation. 1
will reach Stboliey to incriuw.
(Signed) Mll.K.
The second dispatch slirned Jones.
signal nlllcer lu charge of ti rinlniis lull-
llary line at I lava, as fi.llow-.: I'lnya
del Cslp, July i.i. l lie c illlllli.islori BU
pointed to arrange tln details of sur
render, held a meetipg ye.stei.lay lasting
until a late hour. They meet again this
llioililug at li:.IU and it Is supposed the
terms will be settled.
ontrer Who Are Kei. Ivliie Ih Snrrrmtrr
ol tli. Siaiilh al -ni.tli.Kii
tef,,re Saiiliayo, July 14. 12:15 n. 111..
via l'laya del Kle.- I hi iiiuiissiou of
laoSianhirds,oiie Knu I inliina.i and three
Auiei lens is UTauwiog t'.e t in, sot eur
,eiider. i'lobi.biy the .-pauisli army will
iccepl parole an. I be returned to Snain.
We insist on the linni sliato possession of
lhe city peiidllic; arial.geiiif lit of details,
lid piobahly will i lilt r Sautiauo to
iiight. our army n-iiialii outside of the
city, but the sick will be taken In and a
teiicral hospital hea hiuarli-r will be
I in no dhucly rs'ablishi d.
lhe lilice u I. i. Ii was to cud at noon to-
lay Was pioli.iijed by a ll.ig sent
out from the Sinni h lines at ti:lln
this morning, (ieueral loral, acting
ou (aptiiin lioneral Klanco's lnstruc
lions, aiked lime to couiinunlcate by
.able with Mali id. Klalico oil ered to
ppoiut a Joint coiuuilssioii to arrange
U'lins. lienerais Miles and Shafter de-
dud to rail for a p rsonal Interview
with Toral, bin messim b hug iimblgii
ntis. Tliey rode out b.itweeu the lines
shortly IsdorH uikiii and met Toral, who
said he hud reci ivi d a few miniilei be
fore a meesHi'e fr an ('apt. lien. Illiuico to
capitulate and make the work of the
commissioners in. .,na named Kobt.
Musoii, the Kritisli consul, den Toloii
and his own (lorul's) chief of stall.
Sliafter and Miles num. . I (ten Wheeler,
lien. I.awton ami ('apt. Miley of (ien
Mihtter's slulT. and the coinml -hIoii Is
now working on tln terms of surrender.
l he new was received w.th enthusiasm
in the American I tin .
The American wiir-dd) s are expected to
j.ass under the guns or hi Mmo this
evening and will coii-uiund the town
rroni the upper bay. It Is probable that
but few will remain here, orders having
been received for all the heavy vessels to
join Watson's squadron for the Spanish
coast. There is a report, a yet uncoil
tinned, that the surrender and evacua
tion of the Spaul.Ji tioipj nmy extend
to the i ntire province ef har lingo.
IdloH l-.-i.-r,
W a hlngtoii, July 15 llm war de
part mr lit has pond d a ili- patch (rum As
sistant Adjutant l.n i l l J, of (ieueral
Miles' stall, as follows:
Sil oney, July 15- Only twenty three
new cases of yellow fiver and three
l.'iiths liH.e 1 1 n reported within the
ph- t twenty four hour i, 'I he type ot the
ills, use is until. 'I be rh'pp sile is moved
whcueV T pracllcalo i. Hi.ve t'llien vigor
ous sanitary precautions to prevent the
-,-read of the ill .i a-e
I'rt mIiI, oil ImI i iitlnl men In,
Wiiihliiirloii, July 15, The predileiit
to day made fie following appointments:
Hi'adii r irenrrais of Volunteers W 11
liaui S. Worth, Kdward 1'. Pearson, Kiu
creoti II. Llscuin, Kzrn 1. Kwers; assist
ant adjutant general with rank of
major -John I). Miley.
I't-ni-a rreilinlril.
WashlliRton, July R. President Mc
Kinley today said: "1 hope for early
pe..c now."
whole stock Call
Tan or Black.
& 00
Ki-lo.!,le Shoe Dealera,
T2C S. Second St.
I II. H I ll
ye nave jusi recetvea an elegant line ot
18k Wedding Rings in Tiffany, Oval
and Flat shapes.
Fine Watch work, Stone Mounting and ar
tistic engraving promptly done.
S it ll;u)l inn J u.iraiit oed
At. ;i Jtt ;tl ?t J4 iii. ti', Jtl ti j!i jji ;f
-l , it ,, ut :;t r,t V,t
m n
. . .
!. j!i
ii .
! M
j ? t m H x.
T(H 0 tf
i.i . iil lit. ill 1 ' J
j k ; a t v,t
g 0
m r
:. it', i'.i I'.'.i'.i jJi iii '.'. ' 4 !''!'!'
., v 'it vt '; x ;;t '.;t vj it v,t
This is a package
of Schillings Best tea.
You can buy it (aud get
your money back if you
lon't like it) at
The Jaffa Grocery Co.
We hava aom lln ffnlta ,wl lu.i... ...
a lilrli wr Invile your lliapn linn. '
Vhleaao Orala Markat.
Chloairo. Julr IB. Whuat Jnl 73U-
Sept., 117 '4.
.irn Julr. H27;tZ33: Rnt.. Ms.'.
0U Jul;, Sept., tUVItl
Nona Markat.
Nw York. July 15. Mony on call
nomlimlly, invt pr nnt. Prime,
nierciintllH ppr, 8H4)i pur cent.
ailaar a ad laan.
mw fork. July 16.-flller,60W. Lead,
i l MO. '
Agents for
All Patterns 10 and 1 5c
201. JUilninl Avt'iuie, Allm)iiei"iui,
Tho Boat Xlcrlxtocl Btoro
' jj .
vtt r,t .; f it ;. y,t v,t '.,t
A settlement
elTeeted of our fire loss
and we are
preparing our stock for
the largest FIRE SALE
ever held in
tory. Watch
V V tf
'4t :t v,t '.it '.t at Mt Mi Mi Mi
....STAGE LINE....
Tbe but qulpps4 trl-atekly four-hont Uc In th Southweat. From Thorn
ton to tha fimout Sulphur Sprinn In the Jtnut Mountain. Ltavt Tboraton
TiMadayi, Thun-layi and Siturdbyi al 8 a. ra. arrive at Bland (2 nooni (cava
Bland at I p. m. and arrive at Sulphun at 5 p. m. Stage retumi from Sulphurs
on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Parties leaving Albuquerque on Satur
day can spend Sunday in the mountains.
Round Trip Tickets for Sale by
E. J. POST & CO.,
Wt Carry a Full Line of Buckeye Mower Repairs. Thorn aa All-Steel
tusy Dump Hay Kalte.
Write for Prices. Mail orden
N. T. Arinlju llulldlng.
J. Ouusti-ea.il jr Iioocitad ZZotc.li
,i, ... v
v.t f.;t i;.- i;5 s ?5 0 JjJ ?j5 ip
has been
now busy
this terri-
ttf V V U tf t V trf af
Mi Mt ',li Mi Mi 5k Mi Mt 5w i Hi 5 it Sf
CO., - Albuquerque
Milburn and Studebaker Wafoni
fiven prompt attention.
Filled Same
Day as Received..
N. M.
tlao Citv.

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