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Hl ltHKS A MC HKIUHr. t'rM.IHHmw
Tho. Htwmri Kdltnr
W. T. McCbkiuht. Itn. Mirr. and City Kd
fl HI.IMH Kit IMILt AMU irnl.l,
Awltd Prww AfUrnnnn TelHgranui,
Ollidal Papwr of Iwrmlillo Count r.
I .argent City and County Circulation
Thn ljir?-t Vw Mexico rirrnlatlon
Larrmt North Arlwna Circulation
AI.Hl'yl KRivt'K, Jl i.Y 22. lHl
San Ji in. Porto Kico will protiatdjr t
boiutiardml tijr the Aniprlcnn j,tindron on
Thi I'niti'd SthtwhiwitwIiliHl to nncx
Porto Klco. Tim littln Inland will make
a popular winter rwort.
Ohkit Rhitain frankly admit that her
desire to hav u kw-p tint Putllpplut'' Id
not altogether iiiimIi1hIi.
Thi hanging of few eomtiilwmriH In
Culit niiglit WHke It poahIIiIk lor the sol
diers to procure tlielr ration.
Tbkhk In uo fible at Porto Rico, and
all now of ttit American Invasion must
go to Ht. Thonia tlnd It dUpntch lioat.
Thi troop o( wviiitjrtliri Hmigh
Rlilem from tlilN rltjr In three neck In
Cuha lixt tHnt) live men In kllleil and
A I'HulllNKNT iiieilli-nl autlitrlty eayn a
wounded soldier' clriiu'ee of recovery
are 75 inr ee;:t hotter now than In the
civil wnr.
That Brut mile of Alakn railway
Which hii Jii-t been coliiple:! at rkf
uay to doulitlesn the flret of many nil It
that will I be laid In the near future.
Thi wnr Ik probably near ita end. It
1 only ninety day eiuc hoNtllltiwi be
gan, and In that brief p-rlid Hpaln line
loot two QtH with their men and one
army of so.ikio to auoo men.
This city elmulil help Arttona erect a
monument to the memory of (apt.
"Hurky" O'Neill. He wax at one time a
reeldent of till rlty, and the people
would cheerfully contribute to the fund.
The aailori who destroyed Admiral
Cervera'e Hpanlnh fleet will get over
$Ji,(mi In prize money, while the sol
diers who furred Santiago to eurremler
will get but lirty reutrt a day. and pohnI
bly the yellow fever.
Thi vanguard of the l'urto fllcau
army of invasion In on It way, and with
an army of 4,ikr) men and the co-operation
of the navy It In probable that an
other fortnight will aee that Maud
practically mnler the American (1 kg.
It la Raid that itpalu la not particular
ly dexirou of rtceiving her brave aoldiem
who laid down their aruin lu Hantiago,
aud will u- the exigence of yellow
Vrtrfe an an exruee to prevent their
disembarking at SpaniHli porta.
Tin report of the director of the mint
at Waxhiugton ehowa that during the
fiscal year cloeed on June W), the eiduage
at the mint of the l ulled Btatea
amounted to t72.iWW.uM, of which huui
ll),lr.i,7ti) wait In ailver dollars.
Tiikhk aeem to lie no reartoii for the
alarm that haa been felt over the appear
auoe of yellow fever lu the Auierleau
army. The medical department appears
to think It will be able to manage the
dleae which wems to be of a mild type
Tui colored people of Phoenix, Arl
tona, have panned resolutiona of reHpect
to the memory of the lulel'aptuiu O'Neill
. Ilia galluut risking of his life to Have two
of their race from a watery grave having
in ml e dearer to them the memory of the
man whoru they ever rpgarded as a
Thi Ked I'roes aM'iety is doing noble
work for the relief of the etarvlug luhat
Hunts of Hantiago and the Hiirrouudlug
Miliary. The Hlcamer ieia. Hying the
Red I roxs 11 ig. Iiiis taken a lurge aupply
Of much Heeded food to Uiilitlago. upon
wlilch aouie tu.tmo refugees are now de
depellitelit. Santiauo will once more soon be a
busy port. lUIUmore. Iia l been getting
large ijiiantitles of iron ore from there
until the hpuiiisli authorities shut oil its
exportation. The new men lu control
Will do everything lu their power to re
vive the Industrie of the Island a fast
as it cuiues under American control,
H.lTll.fc. r 1 (1 thlN4.
lutiietirst battle In tub, la which
the Hough Kider wou a glorious name,
they lost sixteen killed ami Ulty or more
Wounded, while the Spanish 1m was i'.o.
This Httttetiielit of the Spanish loss is
given by (ieiierul Toral, and It Is safe to
nay that he did not Indulge in exaggera
tion. He say about '!, Spaniards
were engaged, a force tar superior to
t lat of the Americans.
1 II K Hl.rHU .Mll H.
Hull Kmncisco ha a uew charter, in
which referendum is a salient feature. It
has beu adopted by the people, by a Vote
of M.iWI for to l'i.OJ.'j against. One pro
vision of the charter 1 that uo new fran
chise whatever, for lighiiig, water or
etreet-railwav lines, can he granted with
out It la ratllied by a vote of the people
at the next municipal election, and uo
street railway franchise can be renewed
uutll wlthlu uliudy day of lUt expira-
tl'n, end then Ite renewal must be de
ciikd by the vol- rs, If 13 per cut iif their
niiinber sl'i a petition to that fleet
V hen new frant hi-cs for etreet rallwaje
are r.ecured they run for only twenty
five yi hro.
Ibis Is th benlunliiK of a movement
that Is 1 1 k I y to spread rapi.Uy in this
comilry. Th" gr . wing cusctiiiiis c.f cor
tratione and th increasing ViMi.ill'.y of
coninmn enuurll in dib it lure left the
pxp,e no nltetfutlve pnreit to tak Into
their own lintels pom rs wlib-h It Is nn
lu'iper s ifo lM i trust to mn who ue
iflice f r Increa-'i g private galps and
with ut the i-l glitwt regard for the
rights or wUhes f their C'liiMtitnetits.
Aiif or in: mki.
Of Ibe l.r.M men w.iundi"! before
Hantiago only sixty eight have died.
The surgeons are atnar.-d at this small
percentage of mortality. Nearly all the
wounded men are getting well, ami It la
claimed that never In the history of war
have gunshot wounds proved less fatal
or healed so rapidly. I'nlexs a man Is
lilt In a vital part or millers internal In
juries he Is about soon to recover, pro
vided he observe Instruction.
Thi phenomenon Is the triumph of
American surgery, which has more than
kept pare with the science of gunnery.
Kvery soldier ami su'.lor lu the service Is
furnished with a Utile packet, to be Used
by himself or til comrade as soon as
possible after a wound I received. It 1
carried in the pocket or suspndel by a
cord around the neck. I pon being
opened It In found to contain a piece of
gauge, a bandage and a handkerr.Mef; all
treated with the Antlscp'ic Kan n
r bichloride of nier.'ury, re-
vntly discovered by Dr. Sister of
Kugland. t'pon the handker
chief are printed Instructloim, which by
this time are familiar to nearly all sol
diers. Theg!iiizt Is to be placed Immediate
ly upon the wound. The bandage Is to be
usd to bind the arteries or veins so as to
stop the flow of blood, aud the handker
chief Is to be tied about the wound until
the patient can reach a regular surgeon.
These "Urst aid to the wounded" applica
tion have been generally utilized by
those who have been shot both on th
ships and In the Held, aud the surgeons
ay the men have shown remarkable
skill and presence of mind In applying
M) KHK4K ID tilt
On latid and sea, In whatever war they
have engaged, the people of the l ulled
Hlates have been successful! Their vic
tories have been uniform and what a
brilliant list It makes! When the conn
tty was weak both In men and resources
t was able to humble the greatest power
lu the world. Now in the amplitude of
ts power. Ppa'n ha ventured to make
war with it, and the result is an unvary
ing round of American successes.
J. T. McLaughlin, the Sun I'edro mine
operator, wa a passenger to the city last
night He is stopping at Sturge' Kuro-
Mr. W alter C. Iladley ami daughter
I, or a left Raton anil are now on a visit
to I.ih Vega. They are expected home
next week.
Hon. T. H Catron, the well known at
torney of 8uta Ke, who wa at Socorro
on legal matters, passed up the road for
Santa Ke last night.
Prof James (i. Meadows, siiperlntelnl
ens of the New Mexico Military academy
it K iHwell, came In from a visit to Santa
Ke last night, and I stopping at Sturges'
W. S. Hopewell, of Hlllslsiro, who was
up north on business, came in last night
and Is spending the day with Albuiiir
l ne friend. Ho will continue homeward
to morrow morning.
H. V. Crosby, the deputy dUtrict court
clerk, who Is back in Indiana, on a visit
to his old home, will return to the city
next Sunday or Monday evening. Mrs,
Cri-by will accompany blm to thi city
O. N. Marron, the Junior member of the
law tlrm of Collier .V, Marron, left last
n'ght for I'ort Huron, New York, where
he will spend hi vacation with hi heme
folk. He will return to the city about
September 1.
Hid for furnishing supplies consisting
of large quantities of oat and hay for
the Navajo Indian agency Were opened
in Wednesday at Kort Hellunce by Major
Constant W illlams, 1 nited States army,
a-tiiig Indian agent.
Lieutenant J. K. Moore, Fifteenth In
fantry, I'tilted States uriiiy, will open a
recruiting otlice for the regular army at
Mhi.ueriie and will recruit for the
Kilte" utli l ulled State Infantry aud the
volunteer engineer regiments.
Mr. und Mrs. 11. S. Lilhg w. at their
home on north Walterstreet.eiitertaiinsl
the following litth boy last night:
Charles and W lllle llenniifg, Harry Hohl
iiihii, Harvey Hiltuer, Charley Kuller,
l.awson Auld, Krnent H.iyden and Thus.
Hughes, Jr.
K. M. Kdd.ng4 report that the opera
tion upon hi sou, Wullle, trepaning of
the skull, was performed jesterdu) with
suiTis.ful results llrs. Cornish, Kanter
day aud WTi.th were the surgeons, and
pronounced the young man a splendid
niibject, as brave as a rough rider.
All parti.a who have been niairied lu
this county since July 1, and who have
received their certillchtes, are requested
I bring the same to the oHice of the pro
bate judge, or to return them by mall,
that a ti-u cent revenue stump may be at
tached to them, according to law.
Hon. W. T. Thornton, ex governor of
the territory, who I Interested in the
Mephennnii liennctt mine In the Organ
mountain, came in from Las Cruces
last night, and continued on north. He
will slop a day or su in Suiitu Ke, and
from theie go to New York and Hr-lon
on bu-omm connected with his mines.
'leu recruit for the Koiiiteeiith In
fantry, l ulled State army, nunc in
from Km t Leavenworth last night, ami
continued west to Kort I'reidlo. Cal.
Iheie was a miner current )eteiday af
t-rnooii that ion volunteer were on the
train from the south, and in consequence
the Soldiers' Aid ats'iety prepared for
that number. The volunteers from the
south, of course, did not arrive, a the
report was false, aud the recruit were
pretty well sa'.iilled, they receiving
enough and more than they could eat.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Co operative lluildiug and Loan associa
tion will be held at the secretary's otllce
on Tuesday, July -o, at M o'chs-k p. in.
Calvin Whlttng, secretary.
ItHse Rnve Volunteers art Mnr Lavish
In Their Wants Thin Company A.
J. K. Manning, the correspondent of
lh f ibta Ke New Mexican at Whipple ,
i i i ... ii i i
Barracks, In a l' tter to his paper, gives
the following Interesting Items
W hipple Harracks, July tl, Ih'.iS - It
has Jiist c one to the knowledge of the
iiiembers of Company (' that ( i inpany A,
of AllMliiner'llle, lately lurnislied the
ladle o( lliat city wtlh a list of the ar
tides dsslied by them, which were not
round lu me commissary and iiiartr
uiaster department.
Herewith we present to the ladle of
-anla Ke a Complete account of the
item desired by member of Company C.
In thi connection. It may be said that
the boy are actually stitTerlng for the
want of these necessaries aud failure to
pnsMire them niuy pronto will be con
sidered most reprehensible and a breach
of gl faith.
o e while elephant for a mascot.
One hnndrel and six close woven wire
One hundred and six bedstead, an-
tiu llnish, to match with the other
tumbling of the quarter.
1 wo hundred and twelve pillow sham
with appropriate Inscription like: "An
gel are Watching Oer l nee, "wosi
Night. '-Sleep Tight, "Jo(kI Morning,"
lo nn I se rear Soap!"' "Karly to
bed; Ksrlv to Klse" etc. The young
ladies will tiud their spar time most de
lightfully is-ciipied In till work.
o e Hundred and nix pairs pajamas.
Home of the bo; are a little old fash -Inn
it and prefer night gown. Assort
the lot.
I welve rrale puiuiklu pies.
Six crate ostrich eugs, for uiiklrig
large omelets. The company ostrich has
jolt laying egg and I laying off.
Ililrtv ti ittie ret), winie and uiuis or
patriotic, Ink.
Twelve hundred z cent stamiw. a con
venient wav to pack stamps and keep the
mucilage from getting moist, 1 to place
a I0 bill between each layer.
Six procelam lined bath tub, and 12
case condensed milk. Some member of
the couiioiiiy have gone two day without
their milk bath.
Two thousand pair automatic, self-
adjustable extremity covering (socks).
Kvprytlilng of a wearatue nature mtisi ne
automatic and self adjustable, because
most of the men left their valet at home,
thinking they could secure the service
of other here.
here are many other thing that we
need alnuwt a bad as the alsive, but do
not desire to overwork the ladle of Santa
Kedurli g the hot month.
lu ca-e the rainy season set In at the
I'hlippitifH bribe tune Company C get
there. It might be u gx1 Idea to forward
toil silk umbrellas. Mr. tan Arsilate will
pmbablv contrltjute list pair of rubber
Iwwe to go with the shipment a a pre
ventive nialrist wet reel.
The riMiiiiremeiits of Company C are
modest. Thev don't want the eailh.
A hllrt Injurs.
The iileasant litvor. gentle action, and
HiMithing eft.'Ct of Syrup of Klgs, when lu
need of a laxative, ami it the fattier or
mother bi costive or billons, the most
gratifying results follow ltuse;o that
It I the best family remedy known ami
every family should have a bottle.
Manufactured by the California rig
Syrup Co.
Sheep Patturloroa the Pecos Reerv
Herders Killing: Game.
A prominent gentleman of thi city
who ha returned from a visit to the val
ley of the upper reran river pronounces
as a burning shame, the total disregard,
some of the men herding sheep lu that
section have for the right of other.
The tract of land and government reser-
vatloh, known aa the fecoa reserve, I a
reserve lu name only, a sheep in great
numbers are allowed to pasture on the
laud and the sheep are also denuding
in my of the tree ot their bark. Not
content with breaking the law In this
wise, the herders are also engaged shoot
ing gauiet and driving it from the park,
The gentlenmu 1 not inform! a to
what (illiclal should he untitled of the
misconduct of these men, but he hope to
bring the attention of the proper author
ities to the outrage In order that a stop
may be put to thi hurtful, unlawful and
outrageous proceeding. New Mexican
l.aml ON1c ItiisliieM.
Kor the week ending Tuesday, July !'.,
fie following businesH wa transacted in
the I luted State land cllioe to Santa Ke:
July Yi -Kpigmeulo Ksqulbel, RloArriba
county, lo. ij acre.
July is Leonardo Mae, Rio Arriba
couuty, lwi. it) acre.
July l Jine Victor Trujillo, San Juan
county, 4i acre.
July H Rafael Velarde, Klo Arriba
county, HI') acre.
Lands soui.
July Id John B. Jaquot, admlninlstrator
of the estate of Krankliarvey, deceased,
lilo acres, Colfax county.
July 1U -Naisileou C, Helmet, IiiO acres,
lieiuallllo county.
July HI Julia Clausen, Adolph J.
Kl-cher aud Thomas WilMam vs.
Charle II. loll ami Norman I., lielcher.
Smuggler lode milling claim in the
Cuchiil milling district of Kerualillo
fount jr.
The Great Secret
Of (lie wonderful clilcs by Hood's Siir
s.ipiii'illa lies in its puwer to make
the blood ri h, puio anil noiil'ihhilit,'.
Ily iloinir this it erailicate aci'ofulu,
cure catarrh, dyspepsia, rhctiiiiiitinin,
lii'iinilLriu ami build up (lie neivis.
Ills the One True lllootl Tui-illcr.
Hcod'9 Pills are the best family
caihai iio iiiul liver iiiotticine. 26c.
Dolni inJ bamagei ot the Ralnif Rio
Grande Itemized.
Vt ater has covered Hand' drove to the
depth of a foot, breaking through the
new levee built this siiniuier by the Kl
i'aso iV Northeastern railroad about two
miles down the river.
City Kntdueer VYimherlysald last night
that the water Is two inches higher than
It was at any time during the big over
llow last year.
Superintendent (irelg, of the White
Oaks, and a force of about M workmen,
labored all day yesterday and away Into
the night strengthening the road lied
levee just below thsHtanton street bridge,
placing In posltiuu to do most good about
J.oKi aaud bags. The Uood wa checked,
but if the rise continue it will only ls
The White tlak track at Kaud' drove
ha sunk aud I entirely under water for
a distance ot
ubotit hi 10 feet. Kl l'aao I
tlmiia lu IuiIImu Hi It 00 1 Maiiajffiljicilt.
Colonel Thomas M. June, who haa
beeu lu charge of the government ludiau
school lu this city for the past live year,
has been transferred to Darlington.O. T.,
where he will take charge of the govern
ment school, the rhiinge going Into
effect September II. A. V. elts, super
intendent of the government Indian
school at Darlington, will be sent to
Santa Ke to take the same position in
the school here New Mexican.
How In l.n Onnft,
(l 'd look are reallv more than skin
" i1- depending entirely on a healthy
condition of ail the vital organ If the
i,rl, i,,..tiV. , i,.v. .1.111
If your stomach Is disordered, you have a
i!)Hi-ptle biuk; If your kidney are ht
fecHd, you bave a pinched bsik. Mecnre
good health, and you will surely have
good bsik. "Klectrlc Hitters" is a gissl
Alternative and Ionic. Act directly nn
the stomach, liver and kidneys, purine
the blood, cure pimples, blotches and
bolls, aud give a good complexion.
Kvery bottlef guaranteed. Sold at J. H.
O'ltielly A t'o.' Urng Store, oil cent
per bottle.
Cautcs Set for Hearing at the July Term,
Whlca Begins Next Monday.
The supreme court of the territory of
New Mexico will convene at Santa Ke
on next Monday, July and the follow
ing case have been set down for hearing:
July 2H Wi, James T. Johnson et al
v. !tierrlo Itallegim, slier I IT, et al; KJtl,
Territory of N w. Mexico vs. i'edro (iarcia.
July 27. K..II, K. A. Levy v. Jos A.
Ortega; "m. Well, Kargo A Co. vs. Am,
A. Walker.
July as. "1., Krancl L. I'ierce v.
Wlllard S. strlckler; Tld, Henry Lock
hart vs. J. Ij. W ills et al.
July 2'.t. ilH, Itrowne Si Mantanare
vs. Kranriscii Chavir., cinit); Jjii, I'cnver
Ac Itio draiule Railroad company vs.
I nited Slate
August I. "Jl, Henver A. Rio (irau !e
Itailn ad company v I nited states; 1'J.H,
e ruler lek Mcliolie vs. Maximlliano 1'mo.
August 2. T.U, ( lilted States of Allier
Ira vs. I'enver ,V Rio (ir.iinln Raiiroad
rompariy; 73, I'rlce & Walker v. W. 11.
W ei d et al.
A igtist 3. 741. The Winter Cattle
Raising company v. Territory of New
Mexico; 717, Kruno Nleto et al v,i. R. M.
Carley et al.
August 4. 7IS, Southern California
Kruit Kxchango v. Martin I. Statuui;
7.'i"i. Ueorge K, Neher v. Anibroslo Ar
mij i et al.
August 5. 7dl, Territory of New Mex
ico v Robert A.Casey et al; 7.1m, J. Kred
Lohimin. trustee, et al vs. William Cox
et bl.
Aiwusl H 'J, The Liverpool A Lon
don aud Hlohe Insurance coiupiiny vs,
Martin I'errlu A Co.; 7ti Juo. U. Weem
v. Robert Mil'IKen.
August I) 7i'.l, The Alliance Aseur-
ancs company, garnishee, vs. Hart'elt ,v
rjler; iDt, lti Iradem Insuraiii e c m.-
pany. gn'ii'sliiM, v H"tlett,v lbr.
August 11 id I. .11 .1 iioonz et al. v .
0. W. Kunz et al.; 7il", Churle Spring r
v. R. Old tain et al.
August Jl 7it, John S doinoii v i.
Kmllia Vri urrl; 7o7, Krank VV Cr - vs
Board of County Cummbwioiiers of (irant
Annus'. WilllitMl II Miller v.
ty i f SiK-orro, John il. .Mct'uti hen and
.lame 11. Hill; 7il'.t, I he Li ini.a ulley
com pan v vs. the Territory ol New nenlco.
August lo--lit), ). K. Ilenrrup vs. Jobll
K. Coffey; 771. Johll W. Scholield. re
ceiver, vs. Territory ex rel. Ameiican
Va:ley company.
August in -n., ,ln in r N. I pton vs.
Iliirns, Walker .V Co.; 7iil, John K. Coillln,
chairni in h aid of county coinmissloner
of Colfax county, et ill. v. Charle H.
Kohlhau-ten el al.
August 17-771, John W. Scholield, re
ceiver, v. the American Valley company
etal;77u, John W. Scholield, receiver,
. W. li. Slaughter.
Augut H 77H, R iinulo (iarcla vs. Je
sus Caiidelurlo; 777, Jmephlue lies 'rant.
a Imlnlstratrlx, v. Cerrillo Coal Rail
road company
August 11) i,H. Joseplilne lles.-rrinl,
ailmiiilstratrlx, vs Cerrillo Coal Rail
road company; 77U, Josephine LMeerant,
ailiiiiuislratrix, vs. Cerrillo Coal Ritil-
r ad company.
August 2J-7SO, Klrst National Hank
of Aibmiuerque et al. vs. William W. Mc
Clelland et al.; 71, Th Mountain Klec
trlc company et al. vs (ieorge 11. Mile
et 111
August 2:1 7v.-Terrltnry ex rel. John
A. Lee, executor, etc., vs. Frank A. Huh
bell; 71, Kirst National Hank of Mini
queique v Lesser t Lewinsiiu.
Angmt 24. 7M, Territory of New
Mexico vs. Beltriiu Williams; 7H5, Terri
tory of New Mexico vs. Kirst National
Hank of Albuquerque.
August 25. 7hH, Ague I'ura Co., of La
Vega vi. The Mayor and Hoard of Alder
men of the City of La egae; 7h7, Terrl
tory of New Mexico y. Michael Wolfe
et al
August 2H.7HH, l.yn lonvllle National
Dank v. 8. M. Kolsom; 7h(t, I'nited States
ot America vs. (luiiiiu llrothers.
Aiigu-t 2;i. 7'.K'. T erritory of New Mex
ten vs. lieroninio i'lno; 7HI, Stephen t au-
avan v. crank IMigau v. lu the matter
of the Intervening petition of C. W .
Smith, receiver of the pr party nt the A.
X V. R. R. Co., C. W . Smith a receiver,
August 3o.-7'.l2, I'lillip Mllhiser et al
v. L. M. Ling et al; TM, Saucy J. Rob.
liisou, Hdmx , v Win, II. lUvrts.
August at. 7'.l. Samuel' T. Hitting v
Th Hoard of Kducatlon of the Town of
Kddy; 7'.'."), Territory of New Mexico v.
w. It. l lirlstman.
S'ptemher 1. 71HI, Territory of New
Mexico v. Manuel Maldouadoet al; 7'.'7,
Hclpio Agnilar v Territory of New Mex
September 2. 7'.'S, Kmil Hiwsut et al
vs. Krank Hursch et al vs. Santa Ke l'a
cine II. li. to; iw. Town of itoswell vs.
K. Hoinlnlce,
Tho. Carrlgan, Pueblo; J. K. Unmet
R. Howe, Han Marclul; J. liiHsluian,
Jaurez, Mexico; It. Cowen, ( hlcago; W
V npnngcr and wile, Mosca, lolo.;h.
hergiisou, hatisn City; II. K. Chaudler,
Thus. II. Itaudall, I'enver; lieo. Messlip
ger. New Mexico; VN . II. haylea, Allen,
ludlan lerritory.
HTl'hUKri' rt'Kill'KAN.
Workiniin and Mart, MIiinIow; ,las, 0
Meadows, KoNaell; I. J. Howard, J. K
Walker, raill Junes, H la-low; Aino
Kife, I .os Augehw; M, T. Ileavey, hall
K raiu'i-c ; K. M Kraus, Ike llauser, ht
l.ouis; C. A. Turner, V . II. Jones, Wins
low; I. VY. hiillivau, neliguian, A. 1; K
1. CrlHwell, I'hoenix; 1.. K lienuiau
Lincoln, W. A. Klodifsit, Chicago, V. 8.
Miera, Cuba; C. W. I rlnilile, Kort Collins,
Colo; J. T. McLaughlin, Han i'edro; W. H
Hopewell, llillslioro; J. A. Terrell, Clif
t in, A. T.
llun'l 1 .lmrro Nnl mi,l KneiK lourliru Auiy,
To quit lol.aico l;l'ly iiii.l loreer l-oiiiaff
n-lie. lull or l ie. hr r w u ii. I o'er, luUe V
lltr. tile W 'lel r u . i 1.1 r. Unit liuiU. -i e:iK 1111 fl
strni.K, Ail Un.nfiM., .vii-or fl. Cure suai-iin
(eta ll.H.uU't siel minpie freu. Abireit
Burling Keuicly Co, Cliicago or Now Vorfc
Chlno Muiilz, who chiiius to be about
KhI year old, drove up from I'aJ irlto
till morning, to see hi old friend,
Sheriff Thus. 8. Ilubbell. "Mr. Muiilz
worked for the Ilubbell family," says the
sheriff, "over forty year ago, and long
before that time he wa a teamster for
the father of Justo K. Aruiljo lu the
early davs of the Klo (iraude Valley.
The old gentleman wa very glad to see
the sheriff, and Inquired about hi trip
back lu Indiana and his experience
with the lloosier of that ''Kingdom."
Col. A M, Hlackwell wa a passenger
to the city last night from Las Vegas.
Tin work. Whitney Co.
li Kudosed by
Agtnt for Nw Mrxico.
Also Agent f,,r the best m iLHINrt and LOW AHfH'I ATION,
"Tiiii IuIXJm'x,Txyvl-..
Of the United States.
Oulstandino; Assurance December 31, 1897. . .$!. 1,1 ('5,.x:n.OO
New AMiiranre written in 1857 I , O.T.T.r.JKl.OO
Proposals for Asiurnnce Examined anr Ditlined 'Z 1 , 1 1 1 ,0 :i.OO
Income I M SVIWM r.'l
Aasets, Dei tmSer 3f, 1897 a:U,M7J,:M)S.O I
Reserve rn all exitino? l'.iln jf ( j per cent
standarfl) and all other liahilities 1 S(i,:t:i3, 1 WW r
Surplus, 4 per cent standard 0,5 W, 7 l.S I
Paid Policy Holders in 1897 ''IJOCSM 1.1 I
LlAHGEST I V3Ih1 IPMtiranco in Forte.
STRONGEST krwKi surpiun.
BEST ,,,,JH I),'a,h t'lalmn rroinptcr.
I'h.vh Lartfcr J)ill inl, (f l.OOO.OCK)
nioro lurlnj; last llv' yaii.) Issim-s livtlor PoUcIoh.
WALTER N. PARKHURST, General Manager,
All)itticriio, Sew lexico,
Two Letters to Mra. Plnkbam.
Mr. Jons Williams, Engllshtown,
N. J., writ:
" Deab Mn. Pikham: I cannot be
Ifln to tall you how 1 aurTe red bc.fora
taUlngyonr remedies. I wa ao weak
that 1 could linrdly walk across the floor
without fulling. I had womb trouble
and such a benring-down feeling also
ulTerrd with my back and limbs, pain
in womb, liilluuunnt loo of tho bladder.
piles and indigestion, lief, ire I had
taken one bottle of Lydla E. l'lnkham's
Vegetable Compound 1 felt a great deal
better, and after taking two and one
half bottle and hulf a box of your
I.lver I'illa I wa cured. If more would
take your medicine they would Dot
have to suffer so much."
Mrs. Joski'ii I'ktmisou, 613 East St.
Warren, l'a., writes:
"Dear Mns. 1'inkuam: I have suf
fered with womb trouble over fifteen
years. I had Inflammation, enlarge
ment and displacement of the womb.
I had the backache constantly, also
headache, and was bo dizzy. I had
heart trouble, it seemed as though my
heart was In my throat at times chok
ing me. I could not walk around and
I could not lie down, for then my heart
would beat so fast I would feel a
though I was smothering. I had to
alt up In bednlghtaln order to breathe.'
I was ao weak 1 conld not do any-'
thing. '
" I have now tnken several bot
tles of Lydla K. I'iukhara'a Vegetable
Compound, and used three pack
ages of hanative Wnah, and can say
I am perfectly cured. I do not think
I could have lived long If Mra. Pink
bam'a medicine had not helped aaa."
Thrive On It.
gay vsm$
Condensed liiili.
oT lirvLE Booit"lNFANT
J Shculd ba In Every House.
. . . .
Notice to
For the NEXT 30 DAYS
everybody who cares to
write us regarding: their
Diseases or atllictions will
be treated TILL CURED
Thii offer u nudr in order lo
introduce our new method ot treat
ing and curing both Acute and
Chronic diwaiet, alto all private
It you are sick wri e ui at once.
Lellfr ktrictly conhcUrntial.
kna. City. no.
I'.nl (Hike llu Nu. Jus.
July aid, l" i" ia
... . . . . k.
l 't ij 't Ji
Knillliino Randoval. the well known
general merchaut of Catiezon and the
son of Hon. Ililurio handoval, is lu the
city to day purchasing good aud visiting
Mrs. J. li, Laurie and daughter, family
of the popular foreman of the tin depart
inent of the Haula Ke 1'acltlu, left last
night for 1am Angeles.
mk Brand
Wanted Konr painter. C. A. Hud
son, 2.M bllver avenue.
For Hale.
Two houses and lot. Inquire of Krank
K. Daniel, 1413 south Klrst street, Albu
querque. Kir Ha s - Shlltli g top phaeton, nisi
one i.i!iaie top in hue order. CM13 North
Kltth street.
Nutlve wine, pure and ha!lhfnl. at
nr lr ii'i c nts a ifallou at U. A. lirande'a
306 north B cadway.
A line assortment of new furniture
inly, nt 2i C) Mouth Klrst street, cheap for
casii or Installment. W. V. Kutrelle.
For Heat.
To Kent-4-rooiu house and alfalfa. W.
V. Kutrelle.
To Kent-Furniture and household
giKid. W. V. Kutrelle.
Kor Kent New three-room cottage on
North Klfth street. Apply 5l2 North
Klllh etreet.
Kor rent Two nice furnished rooms
for light housekeeping, bill Hilver
avenue, corner Aruo.
Kor Kent, Sale or Kxchalige Kor out
side property, my residence at Cl'-J south
Iiroadway. A. D. Johnson.
Kor Kent Two-story frame house near
the hanta Ke 1'acillc shops, suitable for
lodging or boarding. Inquire of K. 1..
V) aehhiirn & Co.
Hpmmhi Why I'ltamlMrlaln' Cnll, Cholera
and llarrhu.4 Hellieily U the ItesU
1. Hecause It afford almost Instant re
lief in case of pain in the stomach, colic
and cholera morbus.
2. llecause, It Is the only remedy that
never fall in the most severe case of
dysentery and dlarrliivi.
It. llecause it I the only remedy that
will cure chronic dlarrhwa.
4. because It is the only remedy that
will prevent bilious colic.
6. llecause it I the only remedy that
will cure epidemical dysentery.
ti. because it 1 the only remedy that
can always be depended Upon in case ot
cholera Infantum.
7. llecause It Is the most prompt and
most reliable medicine lu use for bowel
H. H.'cause It produce no had result.
:i. IWauso It 1 pleasant and safe to
in, Hecause it ha saved the lives ot
more people than any other medicine In
the world.
The -0 and lid-cent sizes for sale by all
HouMhold II.MMI.
Kor next thirty day I will pay highest
cash price for household good of every
description. Don't sell until you get my
bid. T. A. Whittkn, 114 Hold avenue.
C. I.. H.isbroiick, a drngglst at Mendon,
Mich., say all ot the goed testimonial
that have been published by the manu
facturer of Chamtierlaln a Colic, t hoiera
ami 1'larrliii'i Keme.1y could be dupli
cated in that town. Kor sale by all drug
gists. HlKhrat t'aah frloM I'ald
Kor furniture, stoves, carpet, clothing.
trunks, names, saddle, shoe, etc
Harts, in Hold avenue, next to Wells
Kargo Kx press ollice. Hoe me before you
buy or sell.
I I riial e 1 imr Kiihi l Writ C n.rnreu.
I o. y ( ,1 1 1. , run' i-nnsiip it:.ji f,reer.
lti:. C t' r.io, tlni.'i.si!, n lund liumer
llurklen1 Arnica Hitlv.
The best salve ln the world for rut.
Hruise. rtore, l lcers, halt Klienni. Kever
rs-res, Tetter, Chaiiped Hands, Chilblaili,
Corns, and all Skin Kruptiou, and immI
lively cure Pile, or uo pay required.
It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion or money refunded. Price 25 cent
per box. Km sale by J. 11. O'Reilly &
Co., Druggist.
Himi Khiita With a )rNihiiihtilia.
The iiraphophone 1 to the ear what
the photographic camera I to the eye,
and more, for the Iiraphophone catches
Instantly and preserve every tint and
shade of sound. A most Interesting use
of a tiraphoplion 1 to make records of
vour friends voice to be preserved for
future use. You can catch the story of
your jolly friend just as he told It, or the
favorite song of some loved one just a
slie sang It, and bave it reprisluced per
fectly at any time ami a often as you
please. Kesldes the llraphiiphone afford
wonderful entertainment lu the way of
reproducing the miisio of hands, orches
tras, or vocal or Instrumental soloist.
No investment will return so much In
pleasure a the purchase of a iirapho
phone. It i the perfect talking ma
chine. Write for Catalogue No. 30, to
the Columbia l'honograph Company, No.
720-722 liv Ntreet, ht. Louis, Mo.
Turkish towels, linen towels, table
linen, sheets, etc., at price which ought
to make you lay in a supply, llosett
wald Urus.
Head every line of the new advertise
ment on the fourth page, of the (iolden
Hole Dry flood company. It will Inter
est you.
White parasols, all silk, only Ho cents,
nn sale at the lioldeu Kule Dry tiisnls
Kresh cracked wheat, two-pound pack
age three for 2& cent, at A. Loiuhardo 's.
Have you seen the new military button
belt at the Koonoiulstr
Ho I for
KSTAIIIjyilFl) lsr.n.
Academy of "Our Li
SANTA r E, (ilKLS AND YoCNH LA Inr..-,
CONIit'CTnl sv TBS
Th Kith Academic Term Will ();n .Moinlrty, Sept 5lli, 19.
T ins r.emy i 'Oi;d In m.e .le-lrhlr I,h at .ii in tl,e city so fnmnm for Its benlllilii.
,.d!,!,;;,:r;::.!:i;:i'x;;:,;,VnViXn;;'h '"' - " reHed
h, I'h.im. k, u s. .,1,1...... SISTER SUPERIOR.
Whitcomb Springs and Health Resort,
Eighteen miles east of Albuquerque, N, M.
Op en .All tlio TeLi.
Good accomodations at reasonable mih Tho. i,di..,:- v
- .-v. .uiiunujv m UIC
analysis ot one of the various springs at the Resort:
oooium cnioriae, grains per gallon 1927
Calcium sulphate, grains per gallon 1.4360
Calcium carbonate, grains per gallon 8.1896
Magnesium carbonate, grains per gallon 1.3188
Total 11.3371
Water delivered in the city. Conveyance leaves Albuquerque
for the springs every Wednesday and Saturday morning.
PARE GiX EACH "VirA.75r.
Order slate at O. W. StronfrV corner Srnn. trwt anA tnnaw
avenue, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
H. G. WHITCOMB. eroprletor.
---Old Reliable"
Wholesale Grocer 1
Oar Lata Soaolalty.
Farm and Freight Wagons 1
I'mlding Fap
Alvays In rituck
First St. and Lead
Ladies' Button 'and
Good Goods at Low Prices.
113 Railroad Avenue, Albuqueroue, N. M.
10c -ioIf y.ta 4t Wai-4 4'i
25c 50c
p-ii Unorfm.ortarc fnrlJACOB KOItKEIi &C0
l liiuliolH nam, uum . .
Prloo tlie Iiowuat,
ItiKliM Marknt rricxn l'al.1 fur MMwi
ami Sklim.
Thos. F. Kelohor,
40a Railroad Ave., Albuquerque.
viatT tnaiT.
BaLLINQ BH08., Paoramoai.
Weildin Cakes a Specialty !
Wa DMtr Palninajf, and wa
OuaraatM Firit-Claae Baking.
Tl(nipbocdntollclted and PrompUf rtllad
Famous Stages Leave
lFor the Resort.
Livery Keed and Hale Htables.
iiv iv -v ui anv pari or in cny ror only Sod
KS to anv part of th city fr
Telephone No n
Nw Telephone So. 114
COPPER AVFBUR Ret Rar.on.1 and Third Sis
For Sick or Well.
Pltaunt, Toning, Clcaniing, Rrbuildin( Invigorating, Strength
ming. With U you can hav In your own room, a Sanitarium.
Hot Spring. Turkish, KuMun, Mfdicattd, Dry Steam, Vapor,
Alcohol. Oxygrn. Perfumed Mineral, Quinine or Sulphur
Bat hi, At a Coal of about J cent per bath.
R. M. IRTIN Preaident and Manager.
607 Church Street, Nashville, Tennessee.
-:staplk : grooeriks:-
To ba (oaad loatbwMt,
tK, firatnt
8!ui h'ati.It
Ave., Albuquerque
A complete Stock of the
Douglas Shoes and Slippers.
Lace Shoes of All
BatUhction (luarnUl in ill Work
Repairing, Painting and Trimming
lkma on Whort Nutic. I I I I I I i
atop, Cornar Copper It. tod flrtt St.,
iliogoaigci. ti. M
Can't Be Beat H
uneat Gooda
Honest Prices.
See Me
Before You
The Favofite.
Buy or Sell.
Bon aoiiti A.VH.
Hmt coiiwutraM lj, four eaua (or 25
omiiUi, at A. Lombardu'a.

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