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la. due not only to the orifrlnaliiy nml
simplicity of the rotnliinntion, hut alao
to the cre and nklll with which it Is
manufactured ly Hcictitillu prtKvNai-s
known to the CAt.ironNiA I'm Bvm-p
IV. only, and we wish to iniprt-m tipon
all the importance of pint'lmalng the
tnio and orltflnnl remody. An the
frcniiine Syrup of Hg in nmnufneturod
by the Califoh.ua Via Htbup Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
attlitt one la avoiding the worthier
Imitations mnntifartiireti by other par
tie. The hi(fh atumliiifr of tho Cai.i
roRXiA Km tsvm-p to. with the medi
cal profcsHion, and the AMI-; fact Ion
which the (Tciiuinn Syrup of I'ha haa
(rlon to milllona of fumiliea, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the exccllcmce of Its remedy. It la
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as It act on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without Irritating or weaken
ing them, and It does not irripe nor
nauseate. I n order to jret its beneficial
effects, please reim-tntier the name of
' the Company
UH'WTILI.r. Tr. NttW VflHU. K V.
Taraa of SaberlpUa.
rlly, br mll, one yer (9 00
pally, br mail, n month a 00
Dally, by mall, three months 1 60
lily, by mall, 011 month to
lally. by carrier, on month 75
Weekly, by mall, per year I 00
Thi Daily Citizkn will be delivered In
the city at the low rate tf 10 renla per week,
or for 7f cents per month, when paid monthly.
Tbeae ratea are leaa than those ol any other
dally paper In the territory.
ADVKKTISINU KATK3 made known on
application at the oltlct ot publication.
THK CITIZKN ob ofllre la one of the beat
In the anutliwrat. and all klnda of )ob print
r.(r la executed with nealneas and st lowest
THK H1NPKKY, lost added. Is complete
and well rilled to do any kind ol blnjina.
THK CITIZKN will be handled at the onlce
MiiMrriptiim. will be collected by H. 11.
Til ton, 01 can be paid at the offic.
NOTICK la hereby given that orders liven
by employe upon Tna Citizsn will not
br honored unless previously sndoiard by the
THK CITIZKN Is on aal st the following
A Places In the rltyt 8. K. Newcomer. 913
Kallro.it avenue; Hawlev's News Depot, South
Second street; O. A. Mataon C'o'a, No. iloB
Kallroad avenue, and Harvey's katln- House
at the depot,
THK FRKK LIST The free Hat of Tmb
ClTIT.SK embrarea Notices ol Hlrths. Mar.
H.Tes. h unerala, Deatha. C'Inirrh Service and
antertslnmenta where nosdmlaalon lacharsed.
liUOUbH McCKKIdll l,
Kdltnrsand Pnbllahers,
Mchlson.Topeka & Santa Fa
. PBOBTaawoBTst Arrives
No, 1 California Ksress 7:45 pm
No, 17 Hipreee H.M, pm
No. Atlantic hi press ... 10:45 pm
Nu. 94 Local Kapiesa 7:U5pm
roi tbs soctm Arrives
no. at locsl Kaprees 6:50 pm
ooino aooTB Leaves
No. It Mexico kxpres ......19:1)6 am
Santa Fa Paetfle.
rsosTSIWUT. Arrives
No, t Atlantic hipress 10:35 pm
no. 1 racinc axpress 9:05 pm
No. 1 and . Pacific and Atlantic Express,
uc ruiuiian paiace drawing room cara, tour
ist aleeplns cara and cbalr cars between Chi
cago ami Loa Anselea and San I-ran -Ik n.
No, ill and , Mexico and Local hipress.
Hire r unman paiace car ana cuair car from
hi Psso to Ksnsas City
W. H. THl'I.L, Joint A rant.
Atchison, Topela & Santa Fa By. Co
Santa Ft PaclDc E. B. Co.
Condensed Time Table 46, Effective la; SO, 'J 8
lo.oo p
Chlcajro .
Kaunas City
La Junta
Win ate
Win alow
y Uunuif
Aab Kork
0.00 p
7.05 a
5 on i)
11 40 a
7.oO p
4 'J5 a
H.40 p
a. oO a
'J ar, a
11.60 s
10. 'J5 p
5.. 16 p
6.10 p
1 41 D
&. a
t) 50 a
0.46 a
11.10 p
l'J.10 p
1.46 p
S.:n p
.'J p
7 55 p
10.HO p
II 86 p
a 56 p
4 'JJ p
0.116 p
7.66 p
19 aft p
10.15 s
0 10 s
8.06 s
Aak Kork
Jerome Jc
Conpuraa Jc
I'll (DDIs
7.10 s
S OD s
4.15 a
mo a
lo.oo p
Aih Kork
7.40 s
Prmu Spring
11.66 s
The Needles
Das sett
Loa Anseles
San Dli'so
S 40 s
11.116 D
10.10 p
lo.ori p
7 .00 p
4 'J5 p
4.10 D
11 ho a!
I . on a
60 a
4 15 a
1.60 s
10.00 s
a '
0 45 s
I 16p
7 .O0 s
4 SO p
a 4i in
San Krauclaco
Pullman Palace and TouriHt Sleeiilns Cars
dally through between t tilrajin and California.
The It rand Canyon of the Colorado can Ls
reached, only by tint Hue.
W. B. Tbi'll,
Joint Asent.
mnt fMclnntinv Inw,-
rl tinn of 0i iMe. Alwty.n.y
v i s Hi fiiif nam, ii M"inii- iiw
e-Vr j ulttil in inTnt It atmi r .rt
F mi'iittil iuist. Thwre la
liMl nothiuK liko It fr ii Bvcn
nri cntrtalnni-nl att lion. or Hi itu-n m) yath
rruiR. Vm rnn -Hi or ttttk tt tc til H will
r. iinilm e innnt .liau-ly and at ufua m duairvd,
four "'tiK or woMs.
iihT Nitll-. tolkinff tnarhlnra irproilura
rnly rtM-onl ol cut and rfrisl mtoi cW. inlljr
.r inn-., in a lfc.tn.t.nr ; l-ut tlie(int(.hi) h-iif la
Hot himttil umiii-h ikiTlunnamt. Utciiraoho
.n.n,' v.niiiiu-n,-ll)' iiiitarNn.it. iMantlv ri'.rw.uf
rtrlr.o( the vohf, or any auni Ttiiia It rn
prMDtly b walafim nw inlTt wi1 tlachnnti ttst v-r
luvli. lite repnMut'Ui.ua aru eiv&r and brilluaut.
Manufurturcil tin-lr itnta rt HH, Tlntr,
ha.rt Hii-t M.i.'ii't.ii.l. iiur ratjl.iiliiiiviil ia lirl
imrlirH tr Hit wsiirlel t T 1kiii4 .Mm. lurir au4
TalkvU.g Uavtliliat) Su,.l'Ua WrIW lul claiJiU,
720-722 OUv Street, St. Louis, Mo.
NlW YOKK, Pabis, Chicauo,
Haltimobi, Washington, Hikkaio
Call at "The Green Krout" shoe store
tor Ichlldren's and misses' sandals and
oxiorua. uiaca ami tan, lateei styles, o lo
B, Hli ceuUi; HS to 11, W) reuts; lltoS,
ft; ladles' oxfords, (1 W. Chaplin, pro
prietor. Head every line ot the new advertise
ment on the fourth page, of the Golden
Rule liry Goods comafiy. It will Inter
est you.
A new line of fine quality stock ribbon
la No. 4(1, bo and u widths, worth up to
fine, a yard; special at o. at the Koono
The cleanest and best appointed barber
shop In the southwest Ualiu's, N. T. Ar
luljo building.
I ll
From Ihe (ileaicr.
K. M. Saiijule, a fonuer (i.illuill, l.ut
Dow an engineer niimiug out of .Neeillea,
was here for a few darn last wpek calling
on Uln numerous frlernU.
JuMgK Theo. si a I will lias secured (lie
Coutrai't to oooatruct alx new frame
butliliiiKi for tlis rrereiit Coal roniu
at Its Cntnlpa mine.
William J. Kee) has jnnt aeenreil Die
brick work for the new store building at
the W. A. ( lark mine. The building will
be two stories high and Its size will bn
4llvi) feet.
Mrs. Judge Maxwell and her pretty
little daughter, Miss Kitmia Patterson,
are In Albuquerque visiting with friends
and relative. Htie will remain for aoina
Kv. P, A Simikln returned on No. 2
Krlday evening from a pleasant vacation
spent id the coANt. principally at Banta
Monica. He la much Improved In health
and BplritM.
Mm. 0. II. Harupy and chlldrinand
Misses Jennie and Kdlth liaylis left on
Monday for the Nally ranch. In the Zunl
miuntains, where they will remain for
three or four weeks.
Lat tan t4
Krom Itlo (irande Kepuhlicao.
Mrs. II. A. Allen and Mien Kathe Hetts
left for a trip overland to I.s I.ni and
Mtwcalero, expevtlug to be gone ten days
or two weeks.
W. 8. Hhepherd, United States eoiumis-
iioner at Tulnrosa, and Claude Thouip
on, niKQRgpr of the Talaroea Land and
Cattle company, returned to Tularoea,
after viaitlng In the valley for several
There waa a good deal of alarm felt
the Urst of last week when the report waa
spread that there was a rase of smallpox
til town, but it proved to be without
foundation. Las Crucea haa thus far
been fortunate, but can hardly hope to
entirely escape, when the dread disease
has made such progrewt through the ter
ritory. HimWl.LL.
from the Register.
Rev. lr. Proper, geueral missionary for
Colorado and New Mexico, will preach at
the Haptlst church on Sunday, August It,
bjtli morning and evening.
8. K. Matthews, district attorney at
Llucoln, writes Jack Thorn'on that the
hailstorm there last week did frightful
damage to crops and fruit, and tore shin-
glee off some of the root.
The republican county central com
mittee ot Chaves county met last Satur
day for the purpose of organising. The
menibem present were H. Leland, W. 8.
Prager, K. A. Cahoon. U. W. Hamilton,
W. A. Klnlay, J. 8. Ulcus. 0. K. Tanner
and R. S. Uamllton. The absentee were
W. M. Reed. C. C. Martin, M. R. Uwla,
A. D. Stratum and J. R. Slease. An earlv
meeting had been found neceeeary, and
only two days' notice could be given
which wax the cause ot ho manv belus
absent. The election ot offlcers resulted
In the unanimous choice ot K. A. Cahoon
for chairman and IL Leland as secre
tary and treasurer.
Krom San Juan County index.
Mitts Maud Waring returned Wednes
day from Farmlngton, where ehe had
been visiting rrlunds for a tew days.
While haying last week J. A. Koonlx
tell from a wagon and siiBtalue-i injuries
wmcn nave conuued him to the house
several days.
Last Saturday was the hottest ot the
but. Ninety-one in the shade was the
record at the experimental station at 1:30
In the afternoon.
l.Aa t a.
Krom the Optic,
(iuy Gatchell, who Is unite 111 of
typhoid fever, Is doing as well as could
be expected.
Dr. K. U. Atkins, chief of the weather
bureau at this place, rejiortH that nearly
one and one half Inches of rain fell here
Sunday afternoon.
W illiam Mitchell, on the east side, was
monkeying with some powder In a nine
or tube. As It did not go off readily, he
began to blow It. It then went off, tak
ing his eyebrows, eyelashes and the skin
ot his face. William will be rnore care
ful hereafter.
The board of directors of the Insane
anyluiu, on account ot the small nnx
scare, have decided not to allow visitors
to the asylum, unless by special permis
sion of the board or of the Dhvslcian In
charge. The new addition to the asylum
w being Utted up preparatory to occu
pancy next week.
Frank Diax, from Old Mexico, who has
been lu the employ of Browne & Man-
xanares Co., for about two years, tried to
run amuck Sunday. Karly in the morn
ing he cut Luis Madril, porter at Pace A
Perry's, across the arm. Later In the
afternoon, he began an attach on Uavlno,
a boy employed by dross, Blackwell &
Co. The latter got him down and held
his hands so that while he cut fourteen
gashes In Oavino'scoat, he was not able
to wound the flesh. The rain was at its
height, and the two tumbled in the inuJ
or the street till they were covered from
head to heels. Krnest Mackel riiehnl
out, flapped his baud cuffs on lilai, and
took him away to jail.
Kroni the hawltf-
Tite Did Abe company began the erec
tion of its cyanide plant on Tuesday.
Mrs. W. C. McDonald and daughter,
Mrs. Morris B. Parker, who la here on a
vIhU from Mexico, were lu from the Cat
rizozo ranch Saturday.
Mrs. J. P. Foley, who has been visiting
relatives here for several weeks, left for
Pluos Altos, where Mr. Foley has recently
located as superintendent of a mining
Constable Lung-don has returned from
Lincoln, where he had taken three riris.
r. ...
oners. Mr. LaniMton renorfy that a vurv
destructive hail storm occurred at Liu-
oolu on Saturday evening, In which muny
gardens and much fruit were destroyed,
aud that plenty of dead poultry wu found
after the storm subsided.
Tb l.aat Latter,
There is a singularly pathetic story
connected with the death of K. W. John
ston, the civil engineer, who was killed
last Saturday a week ago lu the collupse
ot the assay building at Jerome. John
ston had been employed at the mine mors
than four years. Previous to coming to
Jerome he was engaged to Miss Ifian Van
Frowning, living somewhere In the east,
liming the four years lis was at Jerome
he wrote to her every day. He usually
wetit to Ms olllee at o'clock In the
morning and wrote the letter, giving It
to the conductor of th Jerome road to
be mailed by hlni at the Junction. That
daily letter was made the subject ot a
great deal of good natured raillery.
Sometimes when the train was ready to
nmve out, if Johnston had been unusual
ly busy, the letter might not be In the
htnds of the conduct ir on time. The
ou'y expression of Impatience by that
functionary wbs, "Well, we can't start
until Will brings his letter." It ws In
effect a train dinpatcher's order. On the
morning of Ihe fatal accident Johnston
hsd written a letter and It was in the
hands of the conductor. Soon after the
writer was dead. The train pulled out
at the usual time and while It was wait
ing at the siding below for the up train,
the trainmen and passengers were relat
ing reminiscences ot Johnston. The
conductor held up the letter to Vise
Browning, and said sorrowfully, "This is
the last one eh will ever get." Phoenix
Krv I'llla.
Send your address to II. K. Ilucklen &
Co., Uiicsgo, and get a f ree sample box
of l)r. King's New Life Pills. These pills
are easy lu action aud particularly ef
fective in the cure of constipation and
sick headache. For malaria and liver
trouble they have lsen proved Invalu
able, They are guaranteed to be per
fectly free from every deleterious sub
stance and to be purely vegetable. They
do not weaken by their action, but by
giving tone to the stomach and bowels
greatly Invigorate the system. Regular
sire 1') rents per box. Hold by J. 11
O'Reilly t Co, druggists,
Presented by Good Templars of Arizona
to Colonel McCorJ.
Last Saturday afternoon, lu the public
square of Prescott. Arts., the regimental
colors were preseuted to Col. McCord by
the Good Templars ot Arizona. There
was a large procession of citizens. In
cluding the 750 volunteers stationed at
Whipple barracks, and the exercises were
the most elaborate ever seen In PresciKt.
The Journal-Miner, In Its article, says:
Judge R. M. Ling presided over the
meeting aud delivered an address of wel
come and Introduced various speakers of
the day.
Kegt mental colors were preseuted to
the regiment by the Good Templars, the
presentation speech being made by A. P.
Mhewman on the part of the supreme
lodge of the Culled States, aud by A. P.
Vtallirldge on behalf of the territorial
grand lodge ot tho order. The colors
were accepted by Col. MoCord In a brief
but appropriate address, giving assur
ance that his regiment would never per
mit the colors to go down lu dishonor.
(apt. Rorradatle, of the Albuquerque
company, then, on behalf ot the ladies of
New Mexico, presented the New Mexico
battalion of the regiment with handsome
(.'apt. Fall, ot the Las Cruces company,
accepted the Hag on behalf of the bat
taliou In a very eliiout speech. Cupt.
Fall ls one of New Mexico's most promi
nent lawyers, and was formerly aseociate
justice of the supreme court of that ter
ritory, aud Is a very tlueut and eloquent
Gov. Murphy, on behalf of the citizens
of l'liu'iilx, (.resented Col. McCord with
a beautiful gold-mounted sword, to which
Col. McCord responded very appropriately,
when three cheers were given with a
hearty good will for the colonel of the
Other speakers of the day were Judge
A. C. Baker, of Phoenix; Hon. J. C. Hern
don, Col, J. F. Wilson and Kugene Brady
O'Neill, of Prescott, and Private WyokolT,
ot Captain Borrudalle's company, of Al
buquerque, who gave up an excellent law
law practice In Albuquerque to loin the
volunteers aud who ls an eloquent
The exercises were Interspersed
throughout by anisic from the Prescott
brass band.
In the evening an open air concert
was given In the plaza by the consoli
dated bauds the Pioneer.ot Phoenix, the
Prescott, and the regimental band, of
Whipple, consisting of an aggregate ot
fifty two pieces.
Condensed Milk
has no Equal as
An Infant food.
FREE on Application.
NiwVoim CoaiHHStD Mils Co nv
Ifcm'l !urroit aail Siauha tuur l-ire swaf.
To quit toliarco eioolv unit turever lie nmff
nt-ur. (nil uf l,e. ncr. and viifor, taloi ,Vo '1 u
liac. thv wniith r worlo r, thut rnuk.-a neait ui-a
aaruag All drLKtf'HtH, or II. Cure Kuuriui
eMl UtM.ulet and ;tniilo free. AdJrexa
burling HeuitHly Lo, Chicago or New Vor
Another Way In Hill Tliain.
Janitor Collins Is having a big time
killing caterpillars on the Cottonwood
trees In the court house square. He has
a spraying device, and has mixed with
water paris green and lime, lu talking
to a Herald reporter he aaid: "It Is surely
killing them off. I sprinkle the leaves just
under the dead places, aud when the
caterpillars have finlhheil with the parts
that die they drop ou the green leaves
below, and just as soon as they eat a lit
tle of the leaf the stuff sprinkled on
them kills the caterpillars." Kl i'u-o
4:ril of 1 hanks.
We take this means of expressing our
thanks for the very cordial reception
tendered us by members and friends of
our church on Tuesday evening ut the
home of Drs. F. I), and M. S. Birdmp.
Such expression of sympathy and kind
are fraught with great meaning to
We fully appreciate and desire to re
ciprocate all the good words and kind
feelings expressed by the friends and
shall endeavor to prove ourselves worthy
ot the same.
We take up our work In Albuquerque
with faith in God and the people and
expect with the help of the Lord aud co
operation of the people to achieve suc
ceed In our tli-ld of labor.
J. W. and J. B. Roni.Nsos.
Mrs. Wm. Truswell of Isleta cams In
from the south last night and Is at the
Hotel Highland.
Reports of fie scarcity of wa'er on the f ;7vi x', V r, lS
ranges and of spring going dry are very
numerous lately, and It Is feared that
unless some rain falls pretty soon stock
will be likely to suffer severely.
A. J. OtK of the Temple Par company,
recently receivnl the sad news of the
death ot his brother, who was one of the
volunteers stationed at Chickamauga, at
which place he contracted typhoid fever,
which caused his death after a very brief
Manager Hunter, of the Dennis I.tinihcr
company, last Wednesday delivered the
flag pole to Sheriff Potts which was so
kindly donated to the town of Kingman
by that Company. It will be erected In
front of the court house, and Its raising
should be made the occasion of a general
Prof. Nelson Carr has been requested
by the government to teach the Indians
of the Colorado river agency. The Colo
rsdo river agency Is alutve Viuiia at Par
ker on the river. It Is a nice, warm place
to live, do clothes being necessary In the
summer and no wood or coal In the win
ter. It Is I lil degrees In the shade In the
winter and tltD lu the sun In summer.
Krom the Herald.
The typhnid fever ls paying Its annual
visit to this place.
The Mormon church at Mesa last Sun
day raised about $H0 for the Maine mon
ument fund.
Capt. Ben. BcliQHtcr, wife and family
left for Ileber, where they will visit their
friends aud relatives and spend tome
lime fishing and bunting.
John M. Black, wire and family, who
left here some time ago for San Juao,
New Mexico, have Just returned, aud
(hey think that St. Johns Is a better
place than Sail Juan.
Xm Clean til System
Kffectually yet gently, when costive or
bilious, to permanently overcome habit
ual constipation, to awaken the kidneys
and liver to a healthy activity, without
irritating or weakening them, to dispel
headache, colds or fevers, us Syrup of
Figs, made by the California Fig Syrup
8TTRWIW' ll'RoriAN.
M. M. Worster, Los Angles; L K-ichew,
San Francisco; J. J. Lowetithal, Los An
geles; Thomas F. Pheiau, Kl Ttja; II. IL
Wheeler. St. Louis; M. Harold, Kd. C.
Watt, J. G. kite, Ileuver; 11. K Roes, Del
Rio, Texas; K. H. Hons, Kagle Pass, Tex.;
J. B. Manby. Trinidad; Charles F. Hunt,
Chihuahua; W. 1). Mckson, Columbus,
Oh'o; M. K. Croseon, Kl Tija.
John C. Hall and J, V. Key. Las Vegas;
l. V. It. Benson and son, iHtnver; Mrs.
Wm. Truswell, Isleta; A. T. Hendricks,
Port Huron, Mich.
(1. D. Boyd, Las Vegas; R. 0. Bailey,
Jackson, Miss.; Carl K. Ackerman, Ingle
side, Ga.; II. B. Garvin, Las Vegas.
Ask your
for a genemuA
Ely's Cream Balm
ront.v iii iiu ex-Sinn,
Mc rtury f"r ku tilivt
IhjUTiniii intt
It i quickly AIorbd.
lilvc Kcticf tt nnriu
It 0rni rtii flrni
tit Nsnl I l''.
A Huts Itilininnialton
1 1 t-iiis and proif is th"
Mvui'Tane. Hctiire tha
h-ii of Tttatii anrl hti
mell. K ill Hue sue 1 1 tutl
ft. li-r at hrn. L' "to
LLX i.HOl'ij IK. br)
ir l'V nml.
W.rr. u Street. New Tork.
Adjourned Monday (Jul of Respect lo Judge
Baniz, Woo Bled Sunday.
The territorial supreme court convened
Monday morning at 10 o'clock with Chief
Justice Mills and Associate Justices Vc
Fle, Parker, Cruuipacker aud Leland
In case No. 7U4, Sainiud T. Bitting, ap
pellee, ys. The Board of Kducation ot the
town ot Kddy, appellants, appeal from
district court of Kddy county, on motion
of K. A. Fluke, attorney for the appellant,
and by consent of A. A. Freeman, at
torney for appellee, leave was granted to
Ills assignment ot error.
In case " Territory of New Mexico,
appellee, vs. Manual Maldouado et al, ap
pellants, appeal from the district court of
ban Miguel county, on motion of R. K.
Twitchell, attorney for the appellauta,
aud by the cousent of K. L. Kartlett. at
torney fur the appellee, leave was granted
to tile a new record.
l uited Btates Attorney Chllders then
announced the death of Judge Banti.
formerly a judge of the supreme court
and a member of the supreme court bar,
aud the court appointed W. B. Childerst
Hon T. B. Catron and Hon. J. A. Aucheta
a committee to preeeiit to the court suit
able resolutions concerning the death.
Out of repect to the memory of the de
ceaHed, court then adjourned until Tues
day morning at 10 o'clock.
National Meet, La-u of American
VY Itaeliiien.
For this occasion tickets will be sold
uu Auguet and 7. to Indianapolis and
return, Willi II in. I limit of August 15, fur
I I'i.lfi. ticket will be tor continuous
passage in eui'h dirertlon.
VY. B. I III I.L, Agent.
Hum Ke.utlretl l.anl.
Five pounds 40 cents.
Tell pounds 7,i cents.
Fifty i.i'iiid-i ( I.
Id.tv luiii) Mkat ink ni cri.v I'd.
For Over MM I war.
An Oi.ii ani Wfci.i.-Tm'.Li Hkmkdv.
Mrs. V in -low's K.sithiiig Hyrup has
been used for over fifty years by millions
of mothers for their children while teeth
ing, with perfect success. It Msithes the
child, softens the gums, allots all pain,
cures wind colic, and is the bet.t remedy
for dlarrliisa. It Is pleasant to the taste.
Sold by druggists lu every part of the
world. Twenty-live cents a bottle. Its
value Is incalculable. Be sure and auk
tor Mrs. Wtnslow's Hoothlng Syrup, aud
take uo other kind.
lo Cure C oii-ll..u.il rorftver.
T:ilf f'l-' .iri'U l ..ulvl .ill:. true l'V ut 2.rC.
If II i: C. fi.il lu cur.v ilroitohia r funa Utuuuy
You ir ay hunt the world over asd you
will not tlud auollier medicine eijual to
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and luar
rhoja Keuicdy for bowel complaints. It
Is pleasant, safe and lelialde. For sale
by all druggist.
Ml-s Margaret Huston, a teacher In the
Los Angeles M'huoU, panned through the
city ou her way from Colorado lait uight
and enjoyed a pleasant visit with her old
friend, Mrs. (i. VY, Johnston of this city,
between trains.
I V ' T7I ' ,1 ' -V "Ml
Ijiv that AHrra.
" Love l ten low thai altera when K altrratloa
Thut is one of lie uMimrt line. In all
lUetalnre It ia the fin.il (I. timtion of l.ive
by the world V grratiat r. ,.li t ol the httnmn
mind, Slinkrpearr. Nr.olv all wonii n
v. ho truly love, luve In tins auMintc way.
Men atidinu do
Woman's nnt (doiinna endowment Is
the power to awaken nod hold the pure
and lionrat love of s wmthy man. When
she loes it and atill l.o ra on, no one in
the wide world nn know the heart aennv
she endures. The woman who stiff, rs
ftom wenknes and li r.inurtm tit of her
aH-iisl womanly otKni-tn asn loaca the
power lo atvay the In-art of mm. Iter
general hrnltlt auiTrra and ahe l.es her
r-nod looka, her nltiailivenena, her amis
ility and her twir and prutiire a a
woman. In- R . l'i. n-e, of liui'il,, N v.,
with the a-l-.t!iiire of hia ti(T of nlile f.hy.
atrians. haa prrarrila-d ..r many thousands
of women. He li.ia d-t-ed s periect nd
aeientilio remedy for w.-nirn a ailment, it
la known a Ilr. t'ii ri-e'n I'.ivorile rtrt-Tln.
tion. It ia a poitive tecihr f,.r all weak,
neaaea, dm.-a-.ea, dl-ori1 ts, ili-f.lncementa,
Itregnlaritiea. and drtimtiitiMu ilinin pe
rnliar to wono-n. It ptoili-a. rK'tlatea,
atretijrthena and hel. M ilirltie dealer
sell tt, nd no hone-t di aler will adriae
yott to ai-rept a auh-titnte that he may
make a little lars-er po-fit.
"I waa aini,1e, with k,.l,ie tennMe and I
have alwava h'l a tntl-M liift " attl,, Mr, K.
t rmawhite. of Isiftati. I- tnl h l o , T. aaa. " W hen
I cmmeneeil your mr,lu ine t w.k not alle to
afnnn on mv fe-t. I ne. one Nrflle t,f Ilr.
I'lerce'a Favorite Pre-rli,tl.M ami five vlala f
hi ' rlrnaent pellet. ' f ant now a-ell. I had
eS walked in four month vln ti I eonimeneed
the trentme.it: but In ten riaya I waa able to
walk everywhere. "
(Pre-emption 1-ntry No. U'UO
Notlc Iof 1-nlilleNtlon.
Ijtnii t nil. e ut Smitn Kf. N.M.I
, iiunt 'J. I sits. f
Notlre la hereby mven that the I. .11.. wing,
named act! let liaa filed notlre of In Intention
to make final proot In aniiiuirt of In claim, anil
that aaid pnf will le made hetnre the r.-Kiter
or re. elver at .Smta he. N. M., on Se( teltitwt
I 'i, IKI'H, vir : U tlliatn I- r.ier. for ti.e sf- 14 N
,, NK't HtVi,, e,-. 1.1. 'I H N. K tf K.
lie name the foll.iwinii witnewwea to prove
hi rontinnoii reilen e upon and cultivation
of a;Oil land, via: Salv.ulor Haclil. ha, of C'lulili:
K -ttnon Monloya, of AUniouertpie; Manuel
I .ulierret. of t lnlill, ami A us utiil iiituli-, of
Stan Antonio via Allnhpienpu.
Mam kl. K. Oikko, Ken later.
hl'AIN M liii ludinf tiattlea tin ea aud
land. C-onlalnaall alnnlt armle. navle. fort
and wan.hl of toth nation, and raihir
tory of the sreat victory of the sal I ant feey :
tell everytlilua about Sam.on, S, bley, Kits,
hush Lee anil leadliifl commaiHlt-ra. by llon
Jiuuea Katikin niirii, the Intrepid leader for
Cuba libre In the Icilla of C'ouirrt-na. The
fn-ateat war iMHik plibllMlied ; Moo laise paaea;
oouteib tlliiMltntiiina, many In ru h colora.
Itaa large colored nia.a. llisseat tiiM-k, lush
eat rouimlMtin, lowet price; only A1.7A.
Kacli auliai tilr receive grand fl premium
flee. Ilemand enormoua; harvet for aHcnta;
HO (Iuy credit; treisht ald( outllt free. V11te
to-dny. Aiblreaa The Nntlouul Honk Concern,
ep't. tft, He IteartHirn atreet. Chlcaso.
Copper aud tin work. Whitney Co.
Plumbing and gas tilting. Whitney
Patronlxe the Kconomlst sale of wash
goods of all kinds.
New line of white Kuiplre fans just re
ceived at the Koonomlst.
Highest prices paid for gento' clothing
at Uart'a, 117 Uold avenue.
Attend the special sale of shirt waists
at the Koonomist this week.
Lateet novelties In pompadour and side
combs. Hosenwald Brothers.
Trnnks and telcecope valises cheaper
than the cheapest, Futrelle's.
We will furnish your house cn the In
stallment plan. Whitney Co.
A complete line of potted meats and
delicacies tor luncheons aud picnics, at
If von want anything In the binding
or job printing line, call at Thi Citiixn
The freshest stock of staple and fancy
groceries are to be found at Bell & Co.'s,
second street.
None but the best artists employed at
Halm's barber shop, N. T. Ariuljo build
ing. Baths 'iio.
New organdies, lawns, dimities, etc..
In all the new effects, ou sale this week,
at the Kconomlst.
Look Into Klelnwort's market on north
Third street. He has the nloeet fresh
meats In the cltr.
Fresh vegetables, frulUt In season,
poultry aud staple groceries, at Bell &
t o.', becoud street.
Hot chile eon earns served every night
at the Paradise. Do not miss It. Hache
chl & tilonil, proprietors.
Ladies', Misses' aud children's muslin
aud Cam brio underwear now on special
sale at tiolden Uule l'ry (100. Is Company
An experience of years enable J, L.
Hell & Co. to furnish just what their cus
tomers want. Orders solicited; free de
livery. J. L. Bell A Co , t'.ie grocers, successors
to F. F. Trotter, are prepared to furnish
everything In their Hue at the loweet
Purchase your tickets for a trip to the
famous Bulphur but springs from W. L.
Trimble A Co.'s. They will give you all
Bave money and buy from the stock of
drummers' samples at the Kconomlst a
little of everything among the lot; one
third off regular prices.
Competition In prices Impossible.
Don't ask how we do It. You do the
picking at the biggest store, (iulden
Kule Dry (iimmIs company.
The Sulphur hot springs ls the ideal
mountain resort within a day's ride of
this city. Call at Vt . L. Trimble A Co.'s,
on north Second street, for particulars.
Ask our wmpper customers how they
like our goods. They will tell you they
are all right and "awfully cheap." They
lire cheaper now than ever. Hosenwald
Just received a lurge assignment of
flue California Jntie brandy, spring 'I'-,
which wh will sell to saloon keepers at
ti.'i't per gallon. Original package. 0.
Knchechl A i. Hloml.
Our musliu uuderwear is manufac
tured by one of the leading manufac
turers in the country. Full cut. well
sewed, ami sold 011 their merit, ut ex
ceedingly low prices. Kosenwuld Bros.
hhoa! hhoeal Slioeat
At t--"o. Ve are showing a good as
sortment ot men's welted shoes, all
shapes aud sizes, and formerly sold at
:i5, ti.no, tir, and l-Vi". Simon
Stern, the Kallroad avenue clothier.
'.uaniul';- 1 .
Q.eti ..Iruli-. L.
U'k ti AO illuKIDla
"Last Hummer one of our grandchildren
was sick with a severe bowel trouble,"
says Mrs. K. tt. tiregory, of Fredericks
town, Mo. Ourdm-tor's remedy bad fulled;
then we tried Chamberlain's ( ol ic, Cholera
aud Dlarrhie, Kemedy, which gave very
speedy relief," For sale by all druggists.
lleliicil Kate to ludlausMilla.
For the meeting of the grand encamp
ment, Knights ot Pythias, tickets will be
sold on August H anil l'.i to Indianapolis
and return for fll rs). They will have a
llnal return limit of August , which
may be extended to September 10, inn.
Tickets are good for continuous possage
only both ways.
W. B. TiUT.1, Agent.
Cool and comforuble dining cars on
Santa Fe route are obtained by use of
electric tans.
coui:kt & kicn, ivop't
(rtt'CC RftflORfl TO O. HADAHACt O)
On Mountain Road Near the City
A mo-t drlijrbtftil rrt, whw nil fclndt of
tlrnfcw rimI tut r ri- eM-rveil. I'lrnty of itiide
mh tuni'Ti. tr in umi.
II. H. Warkontin
Albcqaerque Bowiiog Parlors!
rariim Klrnt Bt. Ami Copper At,
Thcflnrnl llowllnir AUcynln tht? Smthwtt,
ISite plm r to upend thi evening,
Stlnnti nttarherl.
Ine New Chicago
18 one of the blcent reoorts In the
city, and ts supplied with the
best and unset liquors.
HFISCH I BETZLER. Proprietors.
Bplendld IKtglng Rooms bj the day,
week or moti in.
809 Went Railroad Aytno.
Vcrj Finest rtines,
LIqnors and Cigars
Thiid Mret and fljeras Aveaae.
Atlantic Boor Ilall!
Cool Kes Ut on draughti tli Bd Nitlv
Wine tod Ihe vary beat of flrrt-rlu
Llgoor. Ulv ot nil.
mastic Coal in use Yard
opposite Freight Office
A. J, CRAWFORD, Agent.
New Telephone No. I6i
014 Telephone No 25
Leare ordenTrimblc't it ables
A. h). WALKEJt,
Secretary otntl Building luoclttloo.
wee at J, O. Halnrla' Linkai Tarrt
All kinds of Fresh and Sa
Meats. , , .. ..
Steam Sausage Factory.
Low Prka and GxirUoui Trtatucot.
I TTf)H N KY-AT-LaW. Koom 10, Crom
1 well LIih k, Albunueriie, N. M.
a lion anil Water Supplr, kiamlnalloiiaand
Ke,oita. NlMpa, laua and eatlinatea. Correa
Lioll'lence Sollrlleil. KiMim Id. Armlio block.
Cor. Hid Hi. and Kallroad avenue.
HurKeon (tfUr tod reldence over pot.
ofllre. Old Teleohon 61). New Tileulion
ltla. Mr. Marlon Hl.l op, M. !., oflk bonra,
t to ft p. m. Iirauk U, Hl.l, op, at. U , oBJc
our. to tu a. m.. ma 1 to a tna 7 to p.
l ake elevator at Wlilttiev '.
Armljo hullrilnH. Comer of Kallroad aveaut
ana i nira .treet. ilo"i, v:mu to 11 t m. 1
to p. m. Hpeclil attention (Ivan to chronic
tnd dlaeaaea ol womeu.
u. u. juumiof,
AKCHITKCT-V lan. .peclnratlona tnd .
llmale. furnlatietl for all claaaga of bnltd
ln and aitliiletluial work. UOlcti SOS W Ml
Kallioad aven u.
KKICK tnd residence. No. til WaM Unit
J avenna. Telepbone No. Stt. OOlct botut
to t. m. l :au to 0 tnd 7 lo p. m.
U. a. haatarrtav, at . D. i. B. kaalardav, kt. D,
w. u. uora, at. uH
"VKICK MOL'KS-t'ntll a a. m. and from
V 1 80 to S:U0 and from 7 to p. m. Ofbct
and reaidence. mo Wat uold vun, Alba
qaergii, N, M.
K. 4. Alg.r, U. D. 8.
liio'. Ollice Uoura: N t. rn. to l'J UO
P m.;l:bu p.m. lo t p.m. Auto. lei. No
Appolntlneula made by mall.
A TTOKNkY-AT-LAW. Albnunerune. N
il U. I'rompt attention Rlvvti to all bualnaa
pertaining lo the ptoteaaloli. Will practice In
all court, of tie territory and before lb uullttd
Male land ctlica.
WII.I.IAM I). Lit,
VTTOKNkY AT-I.AW, (Irtlce, room 7,
N. 1. Annuo IjuiKung. Will pracllc In
ail tlte coilrta of tbe terrllury.
JtlllNaTttN m IIMICAL,
ATTOKNh YS-AT LAW. Albnquerqne, N.
M. oitu e, room A and a, n.l Nalioual
t'ai.k billldtl'il.
K. Mr, It. HKYAK
TTOKNkY-AT-LAW, Albuqnerqn. N,
M. OM.ce, eir.t Natloual bank buililln,
TTOKNkY-AT-LAW, room Sand S, r
1'. Annuo buildlnif, Albuquerque, N- M,
Tir)KNhY AT-LAW. Ofticeovrr Hoh.
eneon'a uriK ery atore, Albuquerque, N. M.
RomoTa Ptmptn, Prtn
ttalea tu OiuaUa.
Tin roll ml trip, good for thirty days,
pohIh Hi.7). '1 tin rouinl trip gotal to re
turn until Noveinber 15 ronta o). Kor
flintier inirliciilura tn.jiiire at tint tlfket
otliett. VY. M. TKl'LL, Agfixl.
lltuji 1 lllo.l llerp.
( ! ,wi I !m, .i ini .ina n i U ,in hl.in. Ko
t ... ii l v Million! it. I iM.iMi, r.m.ly C'alJuir-In-
ili . in ,,ur I1I....1I ,ii. I k. . . it t liiui, Ij
.lining 11 1 1 I lie l.i li.-r iiini ill iviliK all ilu
l.iaiM Imiii II, e l.i.ilv. li'Kiii t,.,lr to
l..m:-li iiii,,Iih, luiii., lilut, -, lilarklieuila,
HImI lliut an l.lv Inliiill. f-iiliijilexiuli liy lalvlin
I .ou iin-in,- lu aiiiy Inr ti n i i nta. All ili ug
jiaia, aatiefuitiou KUHiaiilc-t-J, luc, 2m, 60c.
Korty eeiiU aeven fitit cloth ha1e with
friujjt) at KutrellB .
P'iiimi),..., 1'iinly thi' iUix'cl,
A uiuvrni.i,t r th iMtw.t. mhcli d.y I. iw-.n.!
for tiallti. Tli.-r c.nb.r rli uur.i. fc.n. Tuca.
ViaM r..u, w will ni.il aauitii. frn, or full hoi f
a. IM4bf druiM. pa. MuaAaao CO. fkil. Fa.
AnthoTlaoo Orjttal .. . I.M10,nW Of
Paid np Papltal.Hnrplns
and rToflUa .....'.....tl7iMM 00
CJ -
fh9 Bank of Goramerca
rJAf4 P Ofl.F Kfl'(1
l'c'ki IctMVaM aat Or-r
Panea avtak
, B. OTiao, Prtdnl , I, C. BALoaioaa, Lnmbat, W, C. Laonaar Cn la! M
B. P. cnTia, Tlca-Ptvnldrat. A. Kiaaaan. Bliemana Bvot., Wool.
B. BTaiOKLia. Caablat. A.M. Hl.toawat.L, fieow, Hltckwoll Co., Uroetf
U. J. Eattao. Aaalatant Ctahlar, W. A. Mitwat.i., Wbnllt Dmifltt.
LVposltory for Atchison, Topeka k BadU Fe Riiwa'.
Finest Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, Etc.
xsluaRxo invmsrvsz" iu-icshit.
ISO Waat Railroad At Albannarc b.
"The netropole"
The Best tnd Finest Liquors and
Serrcd to
Gr. I-IENJEiY, M..
Stadont of Dr. Phillip Rleord of Fran.
-f3vilxlllr3i o. 8poolaltT.
A ear faaranted In every caae nndertaken when 1 ear It prtcllcabl and poaalbl
ffonorrboet, tleet tnd Mrirtnr peen'tly cored with Ir. Rleord' Kn-nrh Kemdle. Kcnl
JVA"'I'n,"1r enred wltliln lUKkk DAYS. NO CUHkMM. SANDALWOOD OIL nor
LOfAIHA need Hiiermatimhoea, seminal loaae. nlilit einlaalnn, Inaomnla, depondncy ,
radically cored. Klcord method practiced In th World Hoapltal, Pari. Kferncl Ov r
SO.OOO patient aocceaefiill cured within th laat nine year. Can refer to patient cored, by
perm "Ion. Inveatlaate. Ofllre B07 8evnteenlh (treat, near Champa, tnvt, Colo.
m.ii, rini.u, iminin ronan, Hovaian ana
IiuIiMm wima Curreapnnitano tnllcltM)
Albuquerque Foundry and Machine Works
R P. HALL. Proprlatoi'
Iroa and Braas Oaatins-ti Or, Coal and Lumbar 0r 1 flhaftlnr, nllrs. Onto Bar
Babbit hWUJ 1 Column and Iron Byonta for Ballillnirai Kapalra on
Mlnlnff asd M1U ataehinar- a Bptwlalt.
Headquarters for Diamond C Soap, Curtice Bros. Canned Goods.
Kansas Gty Baking Powder. Sulphur, Wool Sax, Stoneware.
Houses at Albuquerque, East Las Yrgat and
(ilorleta, New Mexico.
Imported French and Italian r jt
Sola Agents for Saa Antonio Lima.
Nw Telcrbopo 5847. 5.18. alS
Kr I Wear.
lain Nopr.aiutaoa
Kav.i.it y I or Hack.
Il.ruia I Nounilarir.i.
with Contort. N.v.r niav. I
Livery, Sale, Feed and Transfer Stables
Second St., Detween Railroad and Copper Aves.
Horse and Mnlas Bought and Bxshaagad.
Aganta for Colombaa Buggy Compaar.
Tha Bast Taruouta la thm Cltr.
Carriages, Road Carts, Spring Wagons, Vixtonss
Buggies, Phaetons, Etc., lor Sale. : : : :
Address W. L. THIMBLE t CO.. Albmioerque, New Meilwi
(duooHHburs to Vrsuk U. Jimum.1
Finest Whistles, Imported ind Domestic Vines tnd Cegatcs
Tie Coolest and Blfheit Grs.e ( Later Serrel
Finest millard Hall In the Territory.
Finest and Best Imported and Domestic Cigars
Dfro!tory for the At-antl
Vtt '.iio u.l iht AlchisiT,
I Torek A Ssntt Fe
CfHKHS 110 Macic.s:
jitijmu r.RArou)e....raa)tflrt
u. w. n)VTRN0T ....vifvrwiin
A. A. KK.1S tW-1l.
aV"! M-KR taatavaft r.ni'
A. A.HHAN r.
in Albaqnenns, B. II,
JmO IWTIM I,"v"Tll tf -.m
a Dtp atw ni VWlerf
OXjUU It. IV1.M.
Gfirt, Imported and Domestic
All Patrons.
oonemtan spoken. veaaviaati ana Oaa
i atrlctl v aonlJnantlal
210 Railroad Avenue.
Matnal Telepbona 113. llbaqoerqaa, I. M.

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