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II A 1
Will Reconstruct Cuba on Lines
Laid Down by Congress.
Forty Per Cent of the Soldiers at
Santiago Are Sick.
S crctary Day Thinks the Treaty or react
Will B Male in Six Wek.
Nj York, 8pt. 13 Prominent Cu
buna In thl city hv drawn op a muni
lento, rlwin; th iitoofrtentu of lh
triwn nltnatlon, letting forth at leiiBth
th. ncccflftltjr of cornttltutlnff a now Cn
Inn party to b railed Naliot bHhIa,
whirh, without n fWenfie to prcvlnn
piilitical ifllllatlnn. aliouM nulle all
raliialile Heiiionta of Urn population of
Coba IntnrtwtMt Id the well being and
pronrwritjr of tin pAopta for the purpooe
of orgikuUIng and rmsanHtructiug the
orutitrr In conformity with the eplrit of
the reHolotloue puwed by confirm April
l'J A general provisional emoinlttea of
Ixly baa been aelrrted repreeentlng the
property hnMere, the ooninirclnl claw
and varlona profemlone of different sec
tion of the Inland and all ehadm of
Cohan political opinion.
twratarr Day Think "la Waak. Bum
clank to Ciarlutla Traaty.
New York, Sept. 13 A epeclal to the
Herald from Waxlilngtou eaya : In an
Interview laxt night Secretary Day eald :
"Nothing Iiuh occurred Blnce the moling
of protocol t erubarraHA the work of the
coiiiiiiIMoii or endutiger the eiirccee of
the pence negotiation. It onght not to
ti-ke longer than hlx wmlc or two
mi nth to ccui-liul" a tr aty of peace."
Mr. MrKlnlrj Will Ofl.r It la twnaUir
lliut-l.oin '"r tha hrn.ta.
New York. Sept. 13 A epeclal to the
Time from WaHhlngtoii pay : It l un
diTNlood that rriMiil'iit UcKmley tia-i do
oided to off r the p.wt of aintioniMilor to
the court of 8t. Jauie, made Tacaul ty
the appolntrreut of Mr Hay at aecretary
ofettte, to Btiiutnr Hoar. IUh accept
anci won 1 1 create a vacancy that would
he Oiled acceptably by Secretary of the
Nuvy Long, who friend are aiii'ouh to
eee. him round out hi career by cocupy
lug a neat In the euate.
Lom of Mr. lu Hnrloar . Orantly
Ban Franclhco, Uept. 13 A special to
the Kxaminer from 8attia hji: That the
newe brought down by the revenue cut
ter Bear contradict the recent a'armiug
reportM of the wreckage of ehlpa and lot
of llveH when thn Ice j mi b'oke thla year
In Bering wu. On Urn contrary, v.meele
which were seaworthy before the break
np thn Ice are all lit for exrvlee, and
there hiw been but one death among the
whaler elnce the dlHaHtor of li7. In
that caee the victim fell a prey to an old
el. Hiding Complaint.
I'r-.STII.KNTI At. it II A.
forty Per tVnl .r tha ftolillar. at MaullHifo
An Ml k-Klv. Drill.
HHlitiupo, H-pt. 13. Five men of the
Kitlth regular died niu;e tli 'lr arrival
here, and 40 per ceut. of the regiment Ih
on the pick report frtm malarial fever.
Illnivii among all t le troop In lucrcan
Ing The lllnmt U altrihutitd to the ef
fect of raina on a country full of shallow
grave-i and to mlmma and awampy but
r imluigH. All t ie trooii uot absolute
ly needed lu the city will be eout to
uicre healthful camping placea.
l.eav Chlrkauiauga.
Chli'kuiuaugaept. 13 '1 he Ninth New
Y ' k left for home today. Only one rcgl
iiieiit, Sixtfi I'. 8. voluuteere, now re
iimIiih at CblckHmauKa. Gen. Breclen
rrt'ge ai,d ntuff are expected to leave for
l. -xington, Ky., to-morrow. Aa eoon aa
fie hospital are emp'.icd the Sixth rtgl
iiieiit will I e moved elee here.
by thote acquainted with the Rwl4
prlennH aa vaetly worse than death.
I'pon eentence of life Impriioument the
aaln will be placed in a email, dark
ceil, rrom wmcn ne will never emerge,
ami be fed jnet enough to enable him to
support life.
NumOrr of Troop Kick In Porta Rl
Washington, Sept. 13. The following
cablegram has been received at the war
"P.mce, Sept. 13.-AdJntant General,
Waehlngtnn : The number of elck among
the troop lu Puei to Rico in 1.H86, or alxiut
14 per rent. One hundred and ecv.'nty
eeveu art typhoid, 417 malarial, and 12i2
other dlai. luveetlttatloa of the two
death at Ponce ehowe that It wa yellow
fever, which originated at the qunrter
maeter' hiwp'.tal. Ona more cate ha
developed. All the troop at Ponce lave
been removed tocamp-i. (ien. Henry han
taken every precaution to prevent the
dleeaee from epreadlng.
"(Slgm-d) Brooks,
"Major (ieneral
ChirMKit ntork Mrkt.
Chicago, Hept. 13 Cuttle Receipt.
u, neao. iViaraei, n'ennr.
Heevee, ft.lt iitu 5(1; onwa and heifer
91 rn tW; Texas ateere, 3tXn)3 H5;
weeierne, .i zrjj4.;ju; etockor and teed
ere, .UMi4 4.'i.
hheep-Kecetpt.17,CO0 bead. Market,
weak to ehale lower.
Natives, JWi..f4.5n; weelerne, 3 oi
4.3ii; lambe, J.t.7i)(ii.ii().
Kanna 117 Mark.
Kanwiai'lty, Hept. 13. Cattle Re
celnte, 10,0m head. Market, ateady.
Native r-teore. 3 1IM5.IO; lexa eteere,
3 miitfi (K); Texiut cowe, J.iV(t3 .13;
native cowb ami heifere. l.7ott I Ho:
torkere and feeilere. 3.0t(a j.lo: bulla.
Mheep-HecelpK 3,000 head. Market,
I.amhe, f 7iau.2IV; mutlone, 3.00(
aofl.. Mrkv
New York. Sept. 13. Motmv on call
easier at a per cent. Prime nier-
enntllv paper, 4tr 5 per cent.
AN AllClllnl AUK ACrlVK.
li vu iiili.nary CoiiiiulttM Dlmrlliulra a
MMliirMti Tbrtiuah Italy.
Koine, Hpt. 13 An anarchic maui
ferfto, aigne.l by the ''Revolutionary Com
mittee," ban been riUtrllmted at Milau
during the paHt few riuvt. The police
arrest' d the Italian distributing the
utniresto. A prleoner, who just arrived
from Switzerland when eelzed, shouted
"Loug live anarchy," "Death to Kinge."
Some people Interfered with the ofllceru
who made the capture, aud aeveral per
sons were Injured ou both aides before
the anarchist waa lodged at the police
depot. The newspapers here remark that
the recent riots at Milan commenced In
a similar niauner.
Uumel Out.
Washington, Sept. 13. The Second
Georgia Infantry, now at Huntsvllle,
Ala., haa been ordered mustered out.
Fata of an Anarolilat.
Geneva, Hept 13 The lire prlsonmeut
with solitary couiluement, In store for the
Austratn emprese nHsaseln, la declared
alitor IK Lui
w fork. Sept. .--SVIwr. !''. Lead
New York, Sept. 13. t'opper, lie.
tlaaa Hall Nolaa.
The Leadvllle base I ill club will arrive
lu this city Saturday night and will play
three game with the Browne on the
Mitid'iv, Monday aud Tuesday following,
the cloh will Uieu remain over and take
port In the fitlr tournament. As at pres
ent orgauized ttiie club coutalua eome
tins plaver.H. 1 tie l.einlville team wou
me chumploushlp lu the Colorado etate
league and the etar play, rs from the
other clube have Joined it tor the pur
poet of winning the tlrst prize at the
totiruitfiieut. The thiee games next week
will uuilonbtedly show some line playing.
Secretary Crawford of the fair ais sta
tion received a letter from Flagstaff aik
ing it iney wouni be allowed to enter a
team of professional players lu the tour
lament. These are Just the kind of
teams that are wanted to uinke the tour
miuient interesting, and the aecretary
wrote mem to enter a team composed cu
tirely of DrnfrtH-doiials it thev desired
The town of Flagstutf has many friends
in AH uiiieruiie und if a llrnt diss club
is entered fr m there it will undoubtedly
00 one or me tavorilea of tne tourna
ment. Burt Jones, the well-knowu natloual
league pitcher, Is nVtirlng on going Into
business in this city and retlrlnir from
the national league. He bae always liked
Alhuquerue anil If a euiiahle opening
oners iiseu ns win permanently locale
heie. It Is needless to say that the peo
ple of this city will rejoice to have film
settle in our midst. Mr. Jones snralneil
himself quite early In the season and ho
1 we 11 a lime uuir the weather since, so
he was tumble for some 'line to report
or uiuy as pucner lor me Cleveland
' t.ali.g huh at Latg-a.
H. W. Lalug h ts so far succeeded In
keeping out of the clutch of the othVere.
but is still believed to be in hiding some
Pluce In this city or in old town. The
report Hint he culled at the county Jail
yesterday to visit Mrs. Martin was erro
neons, but he did call at the olllce of
looms Montoya.
Mrs. Martlu has come to the conclu
sion that I-aliig has deserted her and she
now denounces hliu as a base deceiver
and la even unkind eunogh to hint that
Ills purpose was to defraud herself and
mother out of the money Mrs. Miller bos
Invested In this city.
I.alng called ut the po-to(llce yester
day forenoon aud received two letters.
He told Attorney Montoya that he ex
pected to get eome money through the
Dumly United States Marshal .toe
Sherldaa left with hie wife tor Santa Fe
last night, but le exnected back this
evening, when the pursuit of Laing will
ne couiinuen.
kuli-lita anil Laalea ut tha soutliarn
A regular meeting of Rio GrandaCmin.
dl. No 1. K. I,, of S. II.. will take olaee
lu K. of P. hall this evening at H o'clis'k.
Important biHlnese will be transacted.
All members are requested to attend.
JuHN 11. BTINIiLK, Sec.
A regular meeting of Triple I Ink Ke-
bekah Uslge at Odd Fellows' hall this
evening at 7:30 o'clock. There will be
degree work. All uieuiliers requested and
visitors cordially Invited to be preseut.
ny uriter or the .Nolile uraud.
I. Ill, IAN Sl'KOMi.
Gkhthi'DK Lantz, Secretury.
A regular meeting of the Commercial
club will be held this evening, when the
matter of holding a grand peace Jubilee
in tins city uurliikT fair week will be
lie acted upon by the directors.
Mrs. T. F. Phelan will open the High
land restaurant to morrow with a enleu-
dld dinner. Those desiring something
extra gissl will do well to stop there
from vilo'i p. m.
Take Yengance oa Italians for
Assassination of Empress.
Spanish Senate the Scene of Tumult
and Excitement.
Gathcrlnf of llitutrlout Flnacclcr
Session at Omaha,
sotTiBi csEiarut talc.
I-en Ion, Sept. 13. Dispatcher from VI
eima eay the entire Austrian-Hungary
empire le Infuriated against the Kalians
as the reeutt of the assassination of Kin
prea Kllziheth.
At Trieste the Italians and natives
have been fighting In the street with
stick and stones, sometime using a re
volver. Six death are reported. Tl
troop were called nut.
At Gras an Italian peddler ha been
lynched. At Vienna fully I5. Italians
employed on the municipal work have
been summarily dismissed lu order to
avoid a popular revolt. The lull an em
oaeey at V leuna I guarded by a strong
body of Infantry.
l)IH( t'Sll ai N A NCR.
Iltlnnlalir4 Clathrrlni- Mow Aaavmhlrrt
nt ftninlia, Mel.
. Omaha, Sept. 13 One of the most die
tlngulshed gathering of financial au
thorities that ever assembled opened a
three days (tension In the Nebraska
building at the exposition grounds this
morning. Scarcely a well kuown name
on either side of the area currency
currency proniem, Wlitcn ne been eo
long I eTore Americau people, but le
represented on the programms for a set
paper, or to lake part In a running de
Hon. J. Sterling Morton le presiding
to-day. Horace White, of New York; Kd
ward Atkinson and Congressman Fowler,
of Now Jersey; Editor P. II. Robinson, of
the Hallway Age; Louis R. Khrlek, of
Colorado Springs; former Senator Carey
of Wyoming, and Gov. Shaw, of Iowa, are
to take part. Atkinson I not here, owing
illness, but hln paper I being read by
Mr. Morton.
Meesre.Warner.Towne, Rartine, Weaver,
Reynold and other leaders of the sliver
and paper money aide are to take part
in me jtuui aenate to (lay, mere wae
no debate on Atkinson' paper and Kd
Itor Horace White, of the New York
hvenlng Poet, opened the conference
proper with a paper on the "History of
the Goll Standard." II. F. Bartine. of
the National Blmetalllst, of Washington,
replied to Mr. White.
TltOl Ill.Ol a rKAMCIC.
UaaUd UlMiiulon In Cabinet May Hrlng-
on a 1'rUla.
Paria, Sept. 13. The Matin to-day says
at yesterday's cabinet council the minis
terof war, Gen. Seurlluden, explained
hi reason for opposing a revision of the
Dreyfus case. Premier Brlsaon and the
minister of education, Bourgols, urged
tien. Seurlluden to change his determin
ation but President Faure sided with the
minister of war An excited discussion
followed and the council adjourned until
the afternoon, when calmness was re
stored. Bourgols then pointed out the
consequences of the crisis and further
discussion was adjourned until Saturday.
Newspapers here are unanimous lu the
opinion that the situation Is serious.
They say a decision favorable to the
revision or ttie case will cause the reslg
nation of (tell. Heuililldeu IUi1 If hostile
will leail to the withdrawal from the
cabinet of Brissou and result in a gener
al crisis.
Haya Wa Ara ou Ilia Kvi of an Kra ut I'n
ireilriiUit l'roMrlty.
London, Sept. 13 George J. Gould, of
New York, who sails for home to morrow
on the white Star line's steamer Ten
tonic, to day said: "All I have heard
Irom home since 1 have been abroad cjii
vinoed me that wa are on the eve of an
era of prosperity, perhaps unprecented
in our History. I lie business outlook
could uot be belter. V ith splendid bar
vet, railroads will have to move and
railroad secutitlea ought to boom This
naturally will have a beuetlclal effect all
around on stocks.
Traaeheruua Aguluabln.
Hong Kong. Sept. 13 A special from
iauna, irom a npaniNU source, says:
"Agiiiualilo liberated all the SpanUh
prisoners or the Americans lu violation
of the terms of CHnitulation. and sem-il
public olllcers. dlHreuarded iimiileloal
laws, and Is collecting overdue bpauish
A llrrwr KulrhUa.
Buffalo, Sept. 13 Peter Srhamm. a
brewer from Philadelphia, jumped from
the (ioat Inland bridge, Niauara Falls.
this morning. The btdy swept over the
Americau falls.
II Ml I. T IN hl'AIN.
l bt tucccu of our Special Birgiini in Wtch Lui wk Induce
ua to oner another. T hi i,i ,,rr,v.A . u,ml ,.r K..11 !...ij
115 JeweUl Mtkeled Movements, absolutely accurate tunekeepen.
e un iiuro tneae tn WArranlcd (juld Pilled
Cae and oiler them complete lor
Only a doxen ol them on hand.
-W Oder LAUIliS' WATCMI-S at KKimoiiD PHICI S Kir ( KW t)AVS.-H
Leading Jeweler, RAILROAD AVFJNUE, Albuquerque. N. M.
lulh Manalur Sayi Wayltir at al Shunlil
llava hwalira Arouml Tlialr Nwka.
Madrid, Sent. 13. There wa another
uproarious session of the aeuate to-duv
Count Alemas, referring to his former
statement giving the uames of generals
wno ne recently said ouirht to have their
sashes tied around their necks iimteail of
waists, naming Weyler, Blanco and
Primo D. Rivera, after which he also In
cluded Cervera In the category, and
said that Gen. Linens Is incom
petent aud ought to be arraigned.
I hereupon eyler aud others loudly
protecting airalust these charges. Wey'er
called ou Count A I men as to name those
gentlemen accused of tailing to do their
duty, ami added, if the accusation were
true and the culprits could uot Is legally
punished, the general wnld lake the
matter In his own bauds ami iulllct
proper punishment.
Gre.tt tumult ensued, senators stand
ing scowling at ami threatening each
other. The president broke bis heel at
tempting to restore order.
Havauua ( Hilar llr Arrival.
Washington. Sept. 1:1 The secretary
of the treasury received the following
telegram from Capt Tnltle, of the reve
nue cutter Bear, at Neah bay. Hashing-
ton: "The R-ar will reach Seattle on the
13th Inst. A relief expedition ami ninety
one shipwrecked men are on board. Tl e
Re-arlo wa rruhr d by the ice on July t.
but the crew were a l saved. The Jean
nie, Fearless, Newport and Helvldero gut
safely. All well."
rharter'i Report.
Washington, Sept. 13. General Phafter
called at tlie war department thl after
noon and Ntihmltled hi report nn the
Santiago campaign. It cover from the
beginning to the end the operation of
the army under hi command In Cuba.
Mrhnl far Idaho.
Washington. Sept. 13. 1h president
to-day appointed Frank C. Ramsey mar-
snai 01 ine aistrict 01 inatio.
Iraalh nt Mrs. Ilerlha Davla.
Sprolal to The Clllien.
terrllloe, N. M., sept. 13.-Mr. Bertha
I'avle, wife of Simon lUvl, an old and
respet-ted resident of Cerrilloe, died here
this ni'irnlog at 4::to o'clock. The fun
ral will be h dd at 10 o'clock to-morrow
Mr. Davis wa the daughter of Mr
Rentier and sister of Mrs. C. A. Hudson
and Mi Kdith Renner, all of Albuqurr
que. They arrlv-d here last night and
were with her when she passed awav.
Beldes her husband, Mr Davis leaves
a live year old son.
mow tiik sACRAMrnnt.
t.t. Marry Aletanrier Mara Makln,
Mpara at tha ralr.
Thl morning Tni Citikn representa
tive had tha pleasure of meeting Harry
lexaiii)er and K. H. lingers, of Kl Paso.
being introduced to them by A. J. Craw
ford, secretary of the Territorial Fair as-
soc ation.
After the Introduction the two gentle
men railed at Tux Uti.kn olllne, where
Mr. Alexander, who has a very typical
western appearance, was Interviewed as
"I am the commercial agent of the Kl
I' so & Northeastern rallwav. and am
li-re to airango with the Fair associa
tion for pr,i to display the wood l Till
resources of the now portion of New
Mexico the Sucrauieiito uiouuuilus
and along the line of the Kl Paso A
NortheitH'.rrn railway.
I he comianv ts now onerat nir
eighty fix null's through one of the
principal agricultural and Hindered
ctl"iis of New .Mexico, anil lias eslrtb.
Hshed a town kuown at Alamo G.ir.lu
where 3i'ei acre we e eet unart for a
town-site and platted oil Into live acre
fruit tree's.
"The company lias purchased all the
water right from li Luz and Fresnal
can rone, aud piped It down to Alamo
G trdo for lrrlgstp n nurooses. and tor
Innking purpose other arrangements,
with a (all of B00 feet. ha been orovlded.
The fall Is so great, that water ho heeu
running continually to such an exteut,
that the company has found It neceseary
to replace tlie eight Inch with ten-inch
pi lie.
At Alamo Hordo a saw mi l with a
capacity of loo m feet per day will be
in operauon in a snort time, and again
the shops of the Kl Pieo Ac Northeastern
and the Sacramento Mountain railway
will have their oilire aud round house
t Alamo Gordo. The towu Is about
ninety days of age aud has a population.
oi over a inoii-anii ,,n,pis.- limrd Is
quite a demand for bouse, especially
leimumii uiisiness proposillons, aud In
this connection 1 will say that a hotel
aud club house, amounting to several
thousands of dollars. I In contemplation,
besides a (10,000 hotel."
Mr. Alexander also stated that the Sue-
rtaineiilo eectlou of New Mexico would
make one of the grandest exhibition of
fruits and vegetables ever seen at the ter
ritorial fair, and would gratuitously dis
tribute a thousand pounds of fruit and
vegetables dully to the patrons of the
K. Hewitt Risliiers. secretary of th Kl
Paso Brick company, accompanied Mr.
Alexander to the citv. Thev will return
to Kl Paso to-morrow morulng.
Bala r.ir Bala.
A HiagniUoent 500 Hall's latest im-
iroved safe almost new. for sale ehean.
Just the thing for a business bouse. It
is lire proof and has a combination burg-
ar prs)f vault. Write or Inquire of II.
nniLiiu or John Tr in 1 e. Alb
iV. .11.
His Resignation as Coramande
of Cuban Army Accepted,
Rouen Riders Present Roosevelt
Handsome Gold Statue.
Four Troop?, of Rough Riders Bare Been
Mustered Out.
Santiago de Cuba, Sept. 13. A repoit
was receive! by General Lawton last
night mat (ieneral Maximo Gome, In
Miigent commander In chief, ha ten
rfcred hi resignation a commander of
Hi tutian army to the Cubau govern
menl at I amagey, and It has Is-en ac
nepted. (tnmex, It appears, ha been (tn
vesting againsi me t;uDan government 1
yielding control of thetlfalrs of the is
nu t to Americans, and hi explanatlc
rt-r reaignlng wai hi Hepproval of
VsasHlve submission to condition tend
im to the practical retirement of th
lyiUn republic a such and establishing
thn absolute dominion of the United
t-BAVB) 'amp vtiHorr.
r T pmi ) of Hough RMar Warn M
Urad (tut To- Day.
Montank Point. Sent. 13 Tha 90th In.
fantry has left Camp Wikoff for Fort
Ls avenwortn. Kansas. Thev will be fob
lowed a little later by the Third Infantry
A,. ... .1.. .... . '
lorii ; hi rortoueiiuig, .-Minnesota
nnen me llurd marched tlirouwh cainn
U Ihelr war to the station thi rn aera
hardly enough men to form two full
companies, the remainder were klllet.
Wounded, sick or fur ouirhed. Oritura
ha.e tieen received for the removal of
mrve more regiments 0f Infantry to n
Four troop Of Rough Riders, ninuber
Ing about Son. were ninlcred out to dav
eno win leave lor new lork In seven
Takn by eitrprUa.
A surprlhe oartv of about twenty. IHa
couples called at the resideuet of Mr.
and Mrs. F. J. Glover, at UIO South
Broadway, ou Saturday evening. The
evening was spent In dancing and music,
after which they nmt xk of un excellent
-upper, aud every oue bod a most 1 ujoy-
aoie time.
Dr. T. D. Rurdlck was called to Belnn
on the freight yesten'av mornliiir by a
elegram stat'ng brletlv that a sh.s.tmif
-crape had occurred there and his ser-
Ices were reel oi red to remove tha hullot
from the arm of oue of the participants.
he physician has not vet returned fr.nii
Helen, so fads 111 the case can uot be ob-
aiued. lie may return on this evening's
Lulu lircia was given thirty davs in
the county jail to-dav bv Jostle I'na.
ford for disorderly conduct while intuit.
Ctted yesterday.
linenibaiau I'arta or a Woman's lloily
round In Coiiiifu tirut.
Imi IdgeiMirt. Conn.. Sent. 13 All nnrta
of the dismembered body nf a ynntio-
nuiuan mysteriously ni iroereil. mot
ated and cast into water of Yellow Mill
river, have been found. The trunk
wa discovered to-dov. The unner half.
no ine arms aitacneii. was in on
pw-HRge, Uie lower part in a eeoond
pack- ge. The ablonienal purt of the
trunk was swathed In a whlut rnhhar
sneei sncn a Is used lu eurg cal niwrau
Ipg rooms. This circumstance together
Willi plain evidence that the body was
entered oy using a xi eu xuire, and a tier
reel edged eaw, leads the nolle to tha
conclusion mat me mutilation, presum-
' luuroer, waa none oy a surgeon
lin-V , rt-onaoh. yr and oilier
Organs heated In the tipper
part 01 iiih numan anatomy are in place
but tha abdomeiial portion of the body
nas been dislocate I In nearly every or
gan, mis suggests mat tne young
woman was the victim of a criminal
operation at the hands of a physician
who brought his skill Into play
to ileeiroy the evidence of las
crime, leetorday two boys found
bundle that contained th lgs of
woman. Another bundle was found
containing the head of a woman t"i years
inn, wruppeii in a piece ot man's under
wear aud rubber. A piece of niusllu In
tliewoiiiao mouth Indicates 'hat she
was gngged with It or ntrhans smothurail
The woman may have been poisoned, say
the physicians who luted the color of the
It 11 ugh KKIars l'mut Mini a llanilaoiua
Itrunaa Blatua.
Moutauk Point. L. I.. Sept. 13. There
was a presentation by the members of
Ihe First volunteer cavairv to their
colonel, Theodore Riajsevelt, lo-duy. They
gave him a handsome hrouz status, the
work of Frederick lieuiinglou.and called
nroncno iiuster."
The traifport steamer Ylirlllanca nr.
rived to day from Slhoney, Cuba She
brings zjo so'diers and twenty nurses,
nltuailon at .laroma.
Jerome, A. 1., hept. 13. Charles
ueavis. the second victim of the tire,
died to-dav. Two others are badly
noioeo. 1 nereis no general sutTerilig
mere are plenty euptd'es and the
weather Is One. Ti nts and shacks are
going up on me smoking ruins and
even body Is resuming business. Th
smeuer plant was unharmed and Is
umg full lime.
To tha Uaillaa.
Mrs. Oaks has left for New York tn roir.
ciinm- ner tan hum a. rme leaves oouiue-
t'iit people to attend to her business.
iter trimmer is from the far east, and I
am comment Will give satisfaction.
Have You examined
the REGENT Line of
MSN'S 'SO Slid
We are
Selling; ?
lr not we will be glad to show you, they are ooual to ik) him u f, .ki
wear and lining, all the Latest Toes, and lu Black Wax Calf. Bluck Box Calf and
Khi garisi, and in Tau
ai.d Brown Willow
Calf V e call please
you and nfli-r you the
Luraeit S'ock of
Soiuh (f Denver to
select from.
linos Volir Slim- Hi-puiring In u. Mail ( )r.i-r -ulii it. -.1.
Kellable Shoe Dralera,
122 S. Second St.
Wt. have a Lree Stock of GOOD SECOND
! HAND WATCHES, costing' new from
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Watches ,
-rs..- r- t f it 1 . a
at 1 11 1 ivc ifeuuiv icwcirv iiotuue ui inz ?MMitriu.
1 VUI UIMJ ; ' a
H. E. FOX,
Chi( Watch Iiibptclor,
S. F. P.
m m if. ft t Hi sli si' j' i
. t ( J vf
l& ?S i-'J tt i't ?t ?5i ?f Hi ii ft: it: y: Jf. ?. ft', rtt fe .'. .!' y " i
, ,t. , 4 H ;;t , ,, ; , j; ; ;, j ; J;. t j ,J
Capes! Capes I Capes!
One of a kind but 400 to select from. The
B. ILFELD & CO., Proprietors.
a? ft? t iii iv v i-'- 5 ?f. f Hi Hi y t fit
, . , j, ,i , yt K , ,tt tf j . jjj .j ... .j. y,t tji jj jjj
ii' Hi Hi Hi H: Hi Hi Hi Hi !
n. t r, ,
SALE 03T...
100 Fur Collarettes in all the latest Styles,
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Tlie Host Zalghtod Otoro
We Also Lead !
ft is still
Filled Sm
Dy u Rccdvci.
lxx the Oitvl
We Never Were So Well quipped I
rp.. r i i ii. a. i i
iu Mvei miy uuiiiami inai may ue made
in tlie way of Wearing Ajuiarell...
In the Quality, Style and o
rnce oi urv uoods.
So lhat to trade at this store is to be a sitisfitid customer. Iking very busy marking
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on and is an onnortimi v to hiv ;i . h'mn r;, imi:i wi
Blanket at ihe price of inferior gootls.
i ma WWP" "

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