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Daily Citizen,
n all Ht numerous and divera
Book Binding
and BUak Book Vork
promptly r--rtef In Ti
styk at THE OTIZEN
Binitry. '
brancHri done ti tt should
I ,-T J
Evidence Conflicting Regarding
Supplies for Regiments,
Slate Tioops of New York are Bold
lor Elections.
$eenl Senators Will Op;ne Annexation
of the milippiots.
irillBI TKOON ttATt lOLStri
Leitngton, Ky., Nov. 1. Before the
w.r lovealliratlon commission todav tne
ehlef coiumliwarj niarnhat of C amp Hani-
1 1 ion denied tlia etetementa mads by
Lteutenaut-Colonei Mitchell, of the Kirl
Territorial reRiweut, lt night, that
requisitions from tbe Klrst 'territorial
hail Dot been honored. Heneral J. C.
Half testified an to the Hanllsaro ram
palgn, and the camp- at Mobil and
t hlckamauita. lie aald that Montauk
l'otnt was not tbe proper plana fnrecamp
or sica soldiers at tin- time of the rear
At Montauk l'otnt I learned that the
Lot) a Island ttallroad company had the
aioloalve rontrart to haul the soldiers to
the city. I issued orders that all other
railroads eome In and help take off the
"In Cuba the medical supplies were
woefully ehort. The medical u Ulcer aald
the could not get them. Thla waa ape
elall- true at Hiboney. We had trouble
getting ambulances taken to I'uh. We
got one for each regiment. I think the
ambulance the took were th only one
adhere when the Hound Ktders' tight ao
curred on the 21th of June."
Kepltlng to a question by Dr. Conner.
General Hate aald with modern arrua the
danger In removing the wounded from
the line of tire wa iireatly Increased. In
Cuba It waa dllllcult to get oatmeal and
ether delicacies for the alrk.
"1 think there In not eutlli'lent exen-e
lit the medical Mippllea being ehort In
Cuba." h add d. "Better reparations
could have been made for traiiMrjortluir
We had no shoes for the horsr. and
m u lee.
Soldier Are Voting.
Camp Made, Mlddletown, Penu.. Nov
J. Klectlnns U being hell by the VX'l I
New York regiment to-day for elate and
district ollleers. The unlet will vote to
morrow and the 2()3d on Thursday. After
the poll are closed the hallota will be
eat to the secretary of elate at Albany.
Ma will transmit them to the eouuty
Clerks of dletrlcta represented by the sol
dier. These elerka will tend tbe ballot
to tbe district Inspector to be Included
In the retnrna of the several district.
flilng the date of the evacuation a Jan'
uar- I. The Spaniard cannot do other
wine than agree under the protocol They
cannot get their troop ont by then, but
American eoverelgnty will begin at that
Chirac lrl Mattrt.
Chicago. Nor. 1. tt heat No-amber.
rifle; December, 0i?nn.
Corn November, 82c; December, 82' e,
(lata November. 2:i.e; lieMtni.-
-ir man lm
'- York Nov. I. fltlvsr. )?'-. Lead
Ht ONona haimp shop
A Hinbrr ol Senator. Will Objert to the
Aaaeaatloa ml lha Philippine.
New York, Nov. 1. In anewer to the
query.. "Do you favor the proposition to
pay Rpaln ajd.cmn.noo for the Philip
pinesr"' eleven I'olted Htate sen u tor
telegraphed to the World expensing un
alterable opposition to anv anch nlan
The senators are: Jones and llerrv. Ar
kansas; Harris, Kansas; Male, Maine;
Httrows, Michigan: Koach. .orth Dskota;
Chandler, New Hampshire; Tillman-
nouw Carolina; rettlgrew, South Dakota;
Sullivan, Tennessee, and Daniels, Mr,
Cannot be asuet.red Oat,
Washington, Nov. 1. The request of
the First Colorado Infantry to be re
turned from Manila to the l ulled Htate
cannot bs granted by the war depart
ment. It was stated by the war depart
ment oflloer that nothing could be done
nuttl congress meets and provides some
fores to take the place of the volunteers.
It is believed that the demand made iion
the senators and representative for a
muster out of the volunteers ha been so
great that they will lie convinced that a
regular army for garrison duty In the
new possessions 1 an absolute necessity.
Oncupjr a Town.
New Y'ork, Nov. 1. A dispatch to the
Herald from Hantlago say: Col, Hood's
regiment arrived safely at Clbara and
quietly took possession of the town. To
the municipal ollleers was given the
alternative of signing the oath of allegi
ance or being dismissed. All signed the
oath. The 7.500 Hpauiard at Uolguln
will leave this week.
Our Demand-.
Washington. Nov. 1. The belief still
prevails among a majority of the cabinet
that the Spaniard wll nccept the t rins
laid dosvu by tl e l ulled States, and
whatever deley occiir before that result
la reached wlil be i hargeable only to the
purpose of the Hpnnlards to extort at
least a pc8s!ble niilllru dollars before ac
ceding to our demands.
Pmneialrr Captured.
ChlcBfo, Nov. 1. Lambert Wilt, ab
scoiiding C mp'ro'ler of the Ilunglsu
Havings bank, of ! hemtn, and hi wife
anil aunt, were brought here to-day from
Ht. Iuls, where they were arreetel lust
Dight. Thv will be hld here prisoners
to await ins'.ructiona from Boheiul
Wi't. through an interpreter, confessed
M having euiberzVd (4.(NKio( the bank's
A ipolntsl.
Washington, Nov. 1. The president
bas appointed Col. Haiuuel M. M.inslleld,
of the cnris of engineers of the United
Htttte army, to lie a member of the Cali
fornia debris commission.
D-rlared a ll-lilud.
New York. Nov. 1. The directors of the
American Cotton Oil company have de
clared a urst dividend of three per cent
on common stock.
II led.
Kansas City. Nov. 1 fleorge W. Henry,
of Chicago, a well known capitalist, died
beret o-day of pneumonia. Henry held
heavy lumber interests in Chicago and
Peaoe CoiuihImIou.
New York, Nov. 1. A dispatch to the
Herald from Havana says: It is learned
from an authentic source that the Ameri
can commissioners are draftiug a note
riro)id hf Plre Thla Aft-raoon Origin
At 8:40 o'clock this afternoon C. A
liudon s nalnt ship, on west 811 ver ave
nil, was destroyed by tire.
when Thk Citi.k.n representative
reacnen tne scene of the lire a large
crowd nan congregated and great confu
son an I excitement existed as the
fames were not yet nnder control.
airs. Helen llawley's residence, on th
west side, and several email frame cot
taieson the east elds, one of which I
occupied by Mr. Hudson and wife, were In
aanger or oetng oeetrnjed.
At 8. .VI p. m. the tire department had
tne n inies under control, but the Hawley
re-tde' e is pretty badly damnged, most
ly by water, and there Is considerable
damage In the bre.kage of household
good by r-movnl.
Mr. Ilti'ls'in and his force of painters
were absent at work, but Mrs. Hudson
was at th shop. Hhe states that she was
In the front part of the sh-p and was ana
war of any Mr about the premises
ontll she went to ths rear of the shop
and aiscori red the rear of the hnus and
barn in dimes. The origin of ths Ore Is
a mystery, but it undoubtedly occurred
nrsi in me oarn.
An IntarMled Aadlxnoa Wltnaaaad lha t'ar-
batt-Pltadmnivaa Plsbt.
A large crowd witnessed the verlscope
pictures of tbe Corbett-Kltzslmmons
Carson City Bght at the Armory last
nignt. tne pictures were all that tney
bad been represented to be and everybody
was wen aausued. 1 hey give a remark
aMy faithful representation of the light
and are a -cientlllc triumph in th art of
photography which no one should miss
ho real was everything that the andl
ence forgot at times that they were view-
lug the pictures and not seeing the battle
Itself. Corbett sympathizers were the
most numerous and th general opinion
was that Kltzslmmnns fouled Corbett in
the last round.
Not the least Interesting part of the
entertainment was the talks by Mr.
nheeiork between the rounds.
Several ladles were present and there
was absolutely nothing in the entertain
tnent that auy lady could not look at
wttti pleasure
The pictures will be presented again
at in Armory tins eveniug.
A lady called at this office this after
noon and slated that the boy- in their
Hallowe'en pranks last night were
uieam r than usual. Hesldes tearing tip
property and moving it to various parts
of the city, they made the night hours
ring Willi vulgarity and blasphemy,
They piled a wagon load of baled bay In
front of the entrance to the Armory hall
nil those returning from the Corbett
Kitzsimmous vertscope entertainment
had to fall over baled hay In leaving the
hall; and In trout of Lamb nsh market
they built a bridge out of boxes and
signs across th street.
The fireater New York Star Specialty
Company will p wltiveiy make their Urst
ai.pearauce cu Wednesday. Nov. 2. at Or
rheslriou hall. This company came here
well recommended and should be well
patronized by the general public.
Owing to somedltliculty, which has since
been adjusted, tne company was unable
to appear last night, Dd will not ap
pear to-night, out look out ror to trior
row eveutag and the balance of the
Jeremiah Drabham and Miss Mollle
King, two well known colored people,
will be joined in marriage at the resi
dence of Heury HramlettB this evening
at Wo clock Rev. Jones will tie the
knot, and friends will be breeeut to wish
Jeremiah and his bride a long and happy
marriea lire.
Albert Rogers, preseman at The Cm
7.KN otlice, who Ims beeu suffering the
past ten nays wun inuammatory rheu
uia'lsiu which he contracted at Tampa-
he being Kougu Ktder Is reported by
nr. nay ties as up ami around. He will
no doubt Le able to return to work in a
few days.
The second night. November id. 1408.
of the Temple Albert Kazsar, s decided
and new feature will be introduced;
polorei talent has beeu secured to sing
ami dance. The ladies of ths Bazaar
have spared no expense and trouble to
make tie Bazaar a great success.
W. V. Kutrelle, to-day took a lease of
two years on the new Hcollle building
on south Hecond street, ami expects to
take p'wessiou December l, lb lower
Door will be occupied as a furniture store,
while the up stairs rooms will be fur
nished for lodging purposes.
Thursday night.' November 17. at the
reiubl Albert Baztur, a most novel en
tertainment will take place. Our noted
society people will give a grand cake
walk. A suitable prlzs will be given to
tne nest walker. lu lout, eacu ulglit
will be on grand novelty.
O Wanted Position by a lady stenogra
pher, experienced In abstract work, civil
engineering and law, an excellent house
keeper, a first class waitress and a good
cook. Address, N. W., Citi.kn otlice.
Regular meeting of Albuquerque en
campment No. i, I. O. O. K., to night at
l-.O). Degree work and refreshments, tl.
Brockmeier, chief patriarch.
The seven year old daughter of Am-
bro-lo Haiich' z died in old town Hunday
and was buried yesterday afteruoou In
Ban Iguaclo cemetery.
I-oet A foot tikll lu a pastetsiard box,
marked Ramon Johnson, between llaw
ley's aud ti e Indian school. Return to
Citi.kn olllce.
There are about voters registered
In this city this city this fall, which
shows a big Increase over two years ago
Life is a constant battle, mads easier
by u-lng Cerrtlloe bard aud soft coal.
Sold by 1 lu.hu & Co.
... W A.T C HE S...
We ii-ll our k:ulnia, Wat, hew with an alulutt- uu o.otiri' tbev will ,.ch r.iiintf ui.,km lion
'I l,f b.liww ijjf v i-oiis.dt'l tin t'vsl .it i l,r I, t rail mud .-r vi t-;
17 Jewel Hamilton, $25.00, Heavy Silvcrine Casts.
21 Jewel Bfin, . 30.00, "
The Vanguard 40.00, " 44 "
Gruen Precision Watch, 65.00, " 44 44
YOl'K MOXt Y KtTl KS'Kf) IK THEY KAIL Til l'A-;s
Uading IweUr, RAILROAD AVENUE, Alboqucnjus. N. M.
Haadquartm lor DIAMONDS, WATCHES, Eit.
American Army Will Occnpj Ha
vana on January 1.
Labor Order. Will Try to Secure
Eight EourLaw.
Failure of a Mf Manufacturing Firm la
Rhode Islafd.
Washington, Nov. 1. There has been
no change ol the plan of the war depart
nirut respeclliig th -ending of trtsipi t
Cuba. No date has ever been tlxe.1 wheu
the ripaninh troops depart. It Is deter
mined that th control of the island ahull
pass to the l ulled Utates on January 1
Attempts to make it appear that ths
death of Col. Waring from yellow fever
has changed the pla'ii of the department
are without basis. Die war department
.Iocs net wteh to have any e mllict with
the Spani-di troops as to the occupation
or the towns, and thercfora desires t'
send Culled Mmtes trirfiiis Into Cubs only
a short time before the Hpautsh tnop
svscusts. tiring to the climatic coudi
tlub ths I'olted States has not beeu
presulog tor Immediate vacualion.
Labor Organlaatlona Wilt I'rga Shot
Working tloure,
Washington, Nov. I. Preeldeut O.jra-
per of the American federation of Labor
Dos sent a letter to the state branches of
order In reference to a bill to create eight
Dour nays on all government work
whether done by the kovernment direct
or by contract. He ears: "lh execu
live council of th American federation
of Labor has Instructed tbs undersigned
to rrquest you, and I d i so request you to
now SMMKlale yourself with any commit
lee of union uien for the purpose of wait
ing upou senators for the uurrxsm of se
curing a promise from them that they
will favor the eight hour law at the
coming session of congress lu Decern
ber. ir necessary we should be
pleased to have you appoint
committee and wait up m eit'.er
or both of these senators to oblalu
like results. We have no partisan lu
teresl further than to push our move
uieut and our cause, and our Interest
are committed to and largely Involved lu
the eight-hour law and elubt-hotir move
ment, and we propose to oppose those an
tagonistic to the lawful and peaceful
methods and measures of our orgsnid
fellow workers. By th cordial and
prompt oo operation of all, there can b
no doubt but that we shall remove opdo
sliion to our bill."
ho w,i on of th pioneers nf
the west and who has snm
mining Interests In Hell canyon, left this
city some time ago to visit hi dsnghter
In Los Anseles, He was about 7rt year
of ago. Mort Dnnavan, who Is reported
to I at present In Hell canyon. Is a eon
of tbe deceased.
Hlg failure.
Providence, R. I., Nov. 1. John H
Mason & Hons, cotton goods niat ufao
turers, have QI-hI a voluntary petition lu
bankruptcy. The liabilities are fttlO.000;
assets. 1300,00(1. The partners have also
tiled Individual petitions. Kngene vv,
Mason's liabilities are titfn.ouo; assets
tiiKl.Oon. John II laon ha liabilities
mounting to $180,0uu; assets estimated
at liu.ooo.
Heath or a Valaran.
Washington, Nov. I. -General Joseph
Rodman West Is dead, aged 70. On the
outbreak of the civil war he becme the
lieutenant colonel of the Klrst California
Infantry, lie saw service lu New Mexico,
Arkansas and southwest and was pro
moted brigadier-general, mustered out
with brevet majur general. He served
as United States senator from Loulsaua
from 1871 to lt being elected as a re
Conduct or Canipa of Alger and Wlkoll
to ba Investigated.
W ashington, Nov. 1. Member of the
war investigating commission, who did
not go to Lexington, Clnclnuuti and
other western cities, reached Washington
to-day to aiteud call meeting to-mor
row to arrange for the trip to Camp
Meade, near Middietown, fa., where they
expect to procure testimony bearing upou
the conduct of camps Alger and ft ikolf. 1 be
southern trip consumed sixteen days.
and the camps at Jacksonville, Tnmpa.
Kernandlna, Annlston, llunlsvllle.Chtck-
amauga, Knoivllla and the hoipltal at
Atlanta Were Ibspecled and Wlluescee
Ki rgiiMun'a tlppoaltloa lo the A. A. tlraut
Irrigation ttnlorprlaa.
The Democrat feebly tries to deny that
II II. Kergu-non Is opp jed to the new
Irrigation ditch. It tries to make it ap
pear Hint he is lo favnr of the enterprise.
Mr. Kergusson bos tried to straddle th-
inestloii. lu Albuquerque be Is Hi favor
of the ditch, while at the same time he
writes le'ters to the opponents of the
scheme stating lu emphatic language
that he has no Interest In the dltcli and
no sympathy with It. Will the Demo
crut explicitly explain Mr. Kergussou's
position on the ditch. Hint paper has
rawled that I'edro 1'erea Is opismed to
the ditch and that this cny should vote
against bun ou that account, rergus
sou, certainly, being a resident of tl.li
city, was supjsjsed to favor the eiiteiprtse.
Again we cii.l uisin ln Ueuiocral lo ex
plain Mr. KergUHfou's position ou the
Iturroe for Male.
Htturday uioruing at lu o'cbK-k at the
city building. I will sell to the highest
bidder, two stray burros, both male; one
gray and the oilier black with a white
nose. Thoh. MlAIii.LIN, Marshal.
First Street mid Oold Avruus.
J. 0. (iideon, dealer in furniture.
stoves, crockery and glass ware; house
hold goods bought, sold and exchanged.
Highest prices paid for second-hand
good. Bee me before you buy or bell
No. 3 south Klrst street.
thk: pa i it.
I IS South Pint Street.
We wish to Impress you with the fact
that THK Kuk sells better good for less
money, than any other store. We urge
an Inspection of our stock. The better
you are posted, the better it will please
u for the our values will be more fully
appreciated. Vie guarantee that the
pilceouour chlnaware, glassware, tin
ware, toys, tool or notions to bs fully
io per cent lower than anywhere lu the
territory. Dou't uilss visaing us.
lilt. Kih.
11 r PLOWKHl.
Roses, 'mums, carnations, etc.
IVS.N. THK n.OlllST.
Cul W. T. Iioiiaraa Head.
J. C. Bulilridgs received a telegram
this afternoon from Los Angeles, Cul.,
conveying the sad news of ths death of
the death of Mil. vt . 1 . llonovau In that
city this moruliig. The eolouei
Mews Prom lain, Hamilton.
In a prlvats letter received by a
gentleman In this city from Camp Ham
ilton a number of Interesting fact arc
Mavnard (larding I able to bs out
gain a id expe-ti to leave for home toon
on a thirty-day leave of absence.
Percy Mi Use. who has been In the
division hospital since ths regiment
arrived at Camp Hamilton, I much
better and It Is hoped that he will ht
shin to accompany the rrg nient to
Albany. Oa., on November 10, where th
Klrst Territorial and the Second Vlssourl
havs been ordesrd
Cnptatii H.wr.i'Ut Is now acting
major of the New Mi'iloo battalion.
Lieutenant Colonel Mltrhrll Is In
charge of the regimental hear'nuirler.
Boston Paruhlll Is regimental sergeant
Charles McDonald has received hi
'lisch-xg and ha gone to New York.
I leut-nant L. A. McRae, In Connection
with hi rtnties, I adjutant and Nw
Mexico battalion and regimental ordl
nanne officer.
Orders moving th regiment to Cuba
i exieeted In the near future.
aiatrlonlo ArUats of Vaade-llle) Btnwdasl
Mara la Polio Ceart To-daf.
1h Grtater New York VauJerlll com
paoy became Involved In mlsiimler-
stauding with their manager, Loul
Hlmonson, yesterday, and consequently
the show advertised to take place at the
Orchestrion hall lost night did not come
off. Tbe players claim that they have
not received a cent lor three weeks aud
after a vain attempt to make a settlement
they attached th trunk belonging to the
owner, w.u. King, last night. When
OQIcer Rossi weut up to the Highland
hotel to serve th attachment papers, he
was told that Hlmouson had a revolver.
He arrested blmouson and took tu tevol
ver away from him, when Charles Htsn
ley, one of th player, assaulted Hluion
sou. No gnu play occurred during tbe
Hlmonson and Stanley appeared before
Justice urswrorj tins morning and ths
former pleaded guilty to carrying a con
cealed weapon and tl.e bitter to disturb
lug the peace. Hlmonson was lined (60
ana Mamy aiu himonsou lias aban
doned the company, which Is now strand
rd In tins city. They are trying to
organize a slock company among lueni
elves and give a series of performances
at the Orchestrlou hail.
B. ti. Baca, who has been a nromlnent
flgure in recent democratic gatherings,
ot worsted in a political argument with
'rauclsoo Armljo y Otero Ule yesterday
afternoon and drew au ugly looking
dagger on bis fellow disputant. Ue was
arrested before auy damage was don
Slid was brought before Justice Crawtoid
(his morn'ng, where he plewdrJ guilty to
Ihe charge of disturbing the peace, lie
waa lined $10. which was paid by some of
the prominent supporters of the Otero
ticket in this county, who are most
blatant In their talk about assassination
and murder. They insisted that the
vlclons looking dagger, which Baca
11 nrlshed yesterday, should be returned
lo them.
Tom Clark, a vag. was given Ave day
and John King, a druuk, was lined f 10.
Marshal McMlilln commence the
month of November very auspiciously.
Ill One for October amounted to l,Vi5
and on the first day In November he col
lected l&O from the same source.
i L. Altheimer has begun th erection
of a brick cottage at Ihe corner of Kiult
avnue and north fourth street. Mr.
Altheimer Is to bs commended for his
Improvements in that neighborhood.
0. 8. Long, nf Las Vegas. Is loading
thirty-two double-decked ears with sheep
at Lamv to-day. 1 be sheep will be shlp
sd to Rocky Kord, Cilo., to be fed on al
falfa for the eastern market.
Major W. A. Rankin, th real estate
and Insurance scent, luis removed from
room U. In th N. T. Armljo building, to
No. 105 south Second street, near Rail
road avenue.
Mr, and Mr. I.eland. recent arrivals
from Kansas City, wi o have just taken
charge of the Midland restaurant, will
open the place thla eveulug with au oys
ter supper.
Mr. I'alladlno, the ymng La Vega
gentleman, who recently s. 'tired a half
interest In the grocery bu-iuesi of A.
Lombardo, arrived last night from Las
Mrs. 0, L. Brooks, wife of the efficient
live stock agent, returned last niiht
from Chicago, where she visited her sis
ler, Miss Julia A. Wilson.
Geo. W. Kuaebel.of Hants Ke. is at
Hturges' Kuropean, coming from the tor
ritorial capital last night.
Charles Hopping, the Rough Rider.
went out to Kort Wlugate last nlvht to
secure his discharge.
To Rent Offices and furnished rooms
over postofllee.
Go to the Midland for oyeters to night.
Fonr iruates of Nineteenth
Infantry Badly Earned.
Ctmpi or Alter and Wlkott to be
; . Next IoTeslIctted.
Emptror William Makei a Worthy Gift
to the Catholic,.
Detroit, Mich.. Nor. I.-Four private
m tne iMiieieenm mrantry left at Kt
Wayne, when the regiment went south,
w,re badly Injured today by theeinlo-
sli n of powtler they were transferring
from the basement of the guard house
ror enijimeiii to in regiment In Portti
men. ine men are:
Privates Kred. Usher. Archie Miller,
Robert J. Lavall and Kred. Crawford
with the exception of Miller, who was
oaoiy ournea ou tbe thigh, the Injurl
were confined to the men's heads and
faces. Comrades threw bucket of water
over the men to extinguish the b axe
Kmperor William's OIH as Ru Many Catta-
He Sabjeeta.
Jerusalem. Nov. I. Kmperor William
telegraphed th pope: "1 have been aid
to acquire at Jerusalem the abode or th
Holy Virgin. I decided to place this
ground, oonseerated by so many pious
memories, at tne aisposal or my Catholic
subjects. It rejoices my heart to be able
inus io prove now dear lo me are the re
llglou Interests of th Catholic whom
uivin Providence placed In my care."
Th pope replied, expressing satlsfac
tlon at th gift.
Called (latee Will Take Control ot th
lalaad on January I
New York. Nov. 1. A dispatch to the
iieraiu iroin Washington says: Colonel
waring' startling death has caused
changeof Plan as to the time of sallln?
ui i utusi siates insip ror ( lib. In of
dclal orders, "tin or before Novemlsr 8.'
uad been mentioned and hal been re-
reived as final, but there will be a delay
of probably three weeks. Three person
who weni wuu in sanitary commission.
and who were quartered uuder the best
auspioes, nave died.
Uarerameat nf Dabs,
Washington, Nov. 1. The cabinet to
lay devoted most of It attention to the
consideration of question connected
wun Ihe administration of affairs in
Cnba and Porta Rico. The admlnlstra
wve fehtui ot Ihe Philippine question
ba also received attention. Nothing
has been heard from the commission at
ran a to yesterday' tiroceedinira
Nothing I expected in th war of devel
opments until rnuay session.
Por Kent.
The well known Yrlsarrl store, eorne-
of Railroad avenue and Fourth street;
best location for dry goods aud clothing
business. The store has been used for
said business for th last seven years.
mi p. helkhkr, Agent.
Ccoklng butter, per pound 15
aausasiarm nutter g.'tc
Wichita creamery butter line
The celebrated Newton butter 2Se
The Cut Price Cash Store.
I. the undersigned, having ild out mv
plumbing business, will be for the time
being at W. J. Tway's. 218 south Second
street. Those owing me are requested to
call at the above place and settle their
accouuts. K. L. Doii.son.
Kerns, rubber Plants, etc.. for house
Kloor oil cloth, per yard 2fle
six foot linoleum, per yard fl ini
Stove squares Hoc
llsavy Ingram carpet, per yard 4"c
Tbe Cut Price Cash Store
Jt f
Of Our Grreat Removal Srtle!
nzfi WVui,M-
we have in vie SPECIAL LO V PRICES on all of our New Moods. We hare quote afew
ot Iht many plum that we are offering till week.
Ladies' Corsets.
500 Com t in Blink, White, D aS and
Fancy Fitf-ed. Nothin j; the matter
with them, only ajme of the boxes
got water tn them. These would b
cheajiat 75c. Take your choice whilj
they last at , jjCl
Woolen Dress Goods, worth 75c now 35c.
Ooe lot best grade Outing Flam;.
worth ioc. now 714c
Go"d Silitia in B'a-k, Drabs and
Iirowns, worth 10c. now 6c.
Dress Fronts in Jets, Braids and Military
effects at II lf Price.
$j.co Lid es' Kid Gloves. 75c.
Ladies Hose in Lilac ''.Tana and F any
Colors, now
Hoy 'a I lea vy R i bbed 1 5c Hos ?, no w . . 1 a c.
Men's Half Hose in B'ack, Tans and
Colors, now
Boys' Overcoat, datmged by water,
that aold up to $8, sizes 4 to 17 years.
Take yo ar pick for 50c.
Boa' All Wol S tit , slightly damtged
by w iter that sold up to $4 50, now $1.50
Boys' Sweaters, damaged by water,
worm i.o), now
New Arrivals.
Ladies' Silk Waists, .Silk Petticoats,
Silk Skirts, Capes, Jickets, Dress
Goods, Silk Wait Patterns.
Blankets, Comforts, Fheets, Pillow
Slips, et.
Children's Cups and Tasn O'Shanters.
Ladies' Clnldrea and Men's Wint
arrived, all widths
Black Ribbons
from No. 1 ft up.
B. ILFELD & CO., Proprietors.
Heavy Weight Jtibbed Underwear, $1.00 a Suit.
Heavy Weight Fleeced Lined, $1.25 a Suit.
Heavy Weight Natural Wool and Camel Hair Underwear $2.50
Men's Grey Melton Overcoats, $7.50 each.
Black and Blue Kersey, $10.00.
Boy's Overcoats and Blue Chinchilla Beefers $2.50 to $5.00.
Wo Huy in Case Lots and Can Discount
all Competitor's Prices.
ef4.efef eje.fr .
Pur Kent.
Finely furnished tlat for Hunt house.
kiwaing; not and cold water and bath
W. C. Uuluiau, agcut.
18 I'hutue for SOe.
Kour positions; short time only; come
after school. CoMS Now. 1 10 Mold
An Indian boy tried to run away from
the Indian school in this city last n'gti'.
out ne leu into tbe bauds of Marshal ile
Milllri at ab ut midnight, and bis test
laid plans ended lu failure, lie as re
turned to the school this morning.
THE REGENT," $3.51 s"
I-Iavo ITo-u. Seen. Tliom
.We would be pleased to show
them to you
Fqual to $5,00 Goods
For wear and looks. All styles
Mail orders Solicited.
Bring your repairing to us.
Kellabla Sboe Dealer.,
122 S. Second St.
Cut Class
i'-AA-----i "innfnn ci aimmu
WE have a Lar8e Stock of GOOD SECOND
T HAND WATCHES, costing- new from
$10.00 to $30.00, all in perfect order and guaranteed,
which we are closing out at from $3.00 to $10.00.
H. E. FOX,
Chkf Watch Inspector,
S. F. P.
Leading Jewelry Houef ol tlx Southwest.
- i-rrm-i-i-rrr 1 1 uvwviru w
AgenU (or
All Pattern. 10 and 15c
FilUd Same
Dar as Rccchrci.
201 Ilailroad Avenue, Albuquerque, N. M.
XLala&Clxtocl Store in
tlie Olty.
Comparison Invited I
It ad these IteiiH.
littll and compare them WITH KQDAL QCALITIKH OK KERKl) l. tm, tt iii. iji.' . fnJl
M posltiv.tliesequ l will be. a cus'oraer of ours for ever after. Home people Imagine goods can be bought cheaper g
P than the o t of in inufuiture at fake sales nMsquerading under various names they tske tt for grsnted-and lose frol
gj mousy by doing so. Judge for yourself that there Is economy as well as satisfaction la buying here. - rjjj
O Silk Sale Seewitulnwiliaiilsyolthslsiealiii I I""' -.
Made like nil at
rH . 7 'k . l and rcfl
t.ua. ta.lipa.r IS
U.lS ft?
Silk Sale Ste wimlW(liiiU)ruftltlMlet'ii
Black Brocaded Silk and Satin.
Ill lm -Iii' idi .til. iila and new ileigm In email and lame
llyim'i.a rey-itUr 70i ailk, only Bsc
Xi'W deKlKin, Una full'a atyle, all tilk and all new i-oiiibl-n.ilioim
ol colorliiKs, only one pattern of s atylr, rrnular
l.'Ji iii.itity. tin, week's aiiecml, cnly 7rk-
Corded Taffata SUks.
All nt ar koihIi and Hie lateil 'iidiiiKi lu 15 atylrs of
cortla aiiini' ainsli' aatin corda n t a ilualer ol four rotil.
in evi-ry Imas ii.il.li' mlur. alaol.hi. k w.-rtli tip to SI 75 a
yiird. tin. wrrk'a puce only pc
M Plaid Silks.
N i-.---l'
1 M
Another new line of
ladies' flannelette wrap
pers made of a good qua'
ity. Heavy fleece back
lljnnelette in all colors
a V
and all sizes from 34 to
44, made like cut. This
week cnly 99c
tbe lay
Silk "Mittens.
ataaa el Sewlaf Silk.
On eair la a kea.
50c. 75C, 51.00.
In altiule 1
and i-onie btil
ailk loir. I and
wool bni'd.
Boys' and Girls' Headwear.
See window dlaplay of
Tarn O'Shantcra, big variety at
nolltrfry capa at
oi-l cap. at
In ailk, wool and
Iter, e lim-d at
l.r.'. JiK-. 'J6c and
boc a pair.
AwM.rlfd i-oli.ra wool aatlort. for b. a and irla
And a Biiprrli loir ol infant, h
wimii iroin '4;c eai-li npwanl...
. .. N5c and S:,c
eailwear in fi.l.r.lo o, ail k and
a V
OntMtit 1'ninn Suit )Ut lik- -1 tt forrhililirn,
rtii'M. t, lulilicn nj.rii tin 11 ttie fnint, ml tn'v
niMile like cut, upvkMfd) ttuin lil Ihe ah.ive
elMHiic 111 every rf-.Ltt-t ami m tlieiffiii iit-iti t
in Kxt rni la-
cunKif tiling.
tv rt'iLt-rt am
1' nil llUt s III
Mil gi.ult- mIw jy in tttk
fti't It I'lili.i-ly
tl tllltf lliti ajc'lf

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