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Job Printing
Book Binding
and Blank Book Yerfc
promptly nxirtcd fa rnnd
tyl al TUB anzN
a 1 III nainroue and iirtnt
branch, done at tt Sou Id
.liA 1
)f I TL1 P.
Spaniards Preparing to End
Peace Negotiations.
They Will Let Spain's Creditors Set
tle With Uncle Sam.
War IdTtjilf I'loo Commission Examin
ing Witoiti in WuhinifioD.
Part, Nut. 13. Al Ilia reqnent of the
Bpauleh touiiuiHaiouera.iWho loiiud II lin
puMHibla to prepare their memorandum
tur preaeutaliun, to-tat' meriini ol the
peace eoninilMiuu waa deferred ui.til
vledneeday. Importance la atiarlicil W
the delay, it being regarded aa indicating
thai tha Upauthh eomiuiraione a ate pre
paring fur a lliial end of urgotlalloua. It
way be now dtlluliely elated that thet
will not sign liejty of peace which
yields to b pat n uo mora from Ilia I'bllip
plnea than haa thiia far beeu i St red ur
indicated by the Americana. The Bpan
Ifth euuinilm.uuer will declare their
mission la Unladed. It la possible the
Bpaularde mil alo auggeat the eupeu
alou of ui gotlalloue through the eoniuila
alun and me resumption of negotlatlone
between Madrid and Washington. 'Ibis
altitude ot H pain 'a la explained by tlie
fact that the tutuiuria ut the Spaulhh
eumoiieeliiD have political alliances to
eouHtltuenrlea and ueiional creditora of
Bain, which relrlct them to certain
lini-e, which are ae far aa the inlnlntry at
Madrid earea to go to. It la pointed out
that It the Qve Hauleh coiuuilHeiorjeia
her digued the treaty yielding the
ThlllpplUM to t'ie I' nlted Statea without
Ireaeb'ng Spain's f e'lt In au appreciable
degree they c nld not return borne with
proepect of any political fuluro before
theiu and they possibly would be lu
denger violence at Ilia hauda of the
mod. The Himnlard will Ineiet ou
1 0 erelgnty of Hpilu over the P. Mppluee
Inleyilid qneetmn, but will announce
h alu'e reudineNH to yield that sovereign
t ' for an adequate t(iilvaleiit nud tlin
Invte negntlallona mid"r the fcpanUh
enmtructlon of the protocol.
The Americans are expecteil at fu
ture meeting to pree.nt a carefully pre
pared e nic udiin of their contention, and
conttlons. hhould they be no different
from tho-e alrraly prencnted the time
will then arrive T.lnu Spain will declare
herself helphs though etendfaet, and
will wait the next atep of the l otted
8'atea whatever it maybe. IhuaPpaln
will be able to eay to lor erediuira that
he haa done her n'moet and the teeue
must rent between them and the I'nttcd
lr. Buld.koper TeetlHaa of Htiarcll or
Medlral Suppllea
Washington, Nov. 14. The war In
e tmmleelon reeumed the examlnutlon of
witmaaes today, with lr. It. Z. Ilutde
koper of the volunteer on the etand
lie aald he oc'iiplel the poeitiou of chief
medical idlicr of the Kirit army Corp at
Lamp Thomae, ChlcKam'iUKa farK, until
the 23rd ut July. vthn he had g'ine to
I'm to Kioo Willi (jenerul tirooke. bpeak
lug of the aupply depirtui'tit he a il l
there were large quantities of Rome
articles and siipeiubuudance of others at
the h Inning at Camp riioma. but thte
rouilltKiu ut affaire did nut long con
tinue. One time he had to appal to General
Brooke to get the supplies ueceeeary, the
c immieea'y general innixtlng on helnr
guided by tlie supplies on the table which
not a fair test. "Ito you know"
eked Dr. 1'nnner, ' there nan a full eup-
tly of medtciil etoree at the depot at
"I know many article were lu'klng"
the doctor ri piled and adder!;
"It la not I rue as has ben stated, that
there wae a full eupply."
He continue) by Maying that he had
n ade cou-tau repreM-utullona to the
eurgeon general of hIi Tinge in mippllee.
Ha never turned down any requlnltion
from t' e division ho- pltule except on one
occaeon except when he knew the ar
ticle were not at bund. He contended
that there had been a eutlk'tenry of tent
age, rajll gno ( atiebte had been Com
pelled to lie without covering any 1'iigth
i-f time. He repeatedly called attention
to the lack of nureee, and about the let
ut July i here wae all Increase of hoepltnl
corp men In reeponee to hie reprene ntn
Hone, (if the condition ot the camp In
general he aald acme ainkw were excea
elvelv filthy.
"wbn ae reep'i:Hihle f r that con
ditlnoV" akd l)r. t'oonor.
'The elllcere of the rtg'nient,'' re
eponded Ur H'lhlrlnper.
Cot. Hold- ro)er enl I he eii'veeled In
getting phi Ilea oi y by bi :ng the Urst
on heii't aa 'tie medical depot wne run In
a ry parslm inioue manner. There waa
nt only a grett ecurcltvof Important
i ruga, such aa quinine and opium, but a
dlspimlti in on i he part of the purveyor
not to give out what there wee.
r-aval oni.i r Sul. l.l...
Baltimore. M! N v 14 -I.leut. Her
man i. lire-Mel, of the I U lied Hlate.
Davy, committed Hiil,'tde at the Carroll
ton hotel to dey by Hliooiing liimeelf In
the head. Kroiu phpere found on hie
liody It la Hurmieed he killed himself be
cause he had l en ordered to Man! to
lilnthe I'nlteil 8tatee eteamer Zttlro
He wae 40 years old and wae from Ohio
Jtteeald hia transfer to Manila wae
made on account of hie value ae an otll
cer which marked him out for continued
active duty.
t'nlUd 8ll I'r. psre.1 to Faht Mpalo a
rinl.lilna KoiiuiI.
New York, Nov. 14 A diepatrh to the
Herald from Waehingtou ana: lotruc
tlone have been given by Hecretarv Long
to the onVlalti of the navy yard In Brook
lyn prohibiting them from commencing
any new work ou the armor clade In the
north Atlantic wutere It 1h expected
that within ten day Commodore Philip
will have under hie coininatid an ef
fective force coiihixting of all the
battleehipa and armored cruisers now
Wa "ell our Kuilrua.t Wan-hr wiih uo iil-.nlnte uo.irii'Oec thev w ill i r.iting iimnc, torn
'J In- billow li ig w roil. Oai the le.t ill' hi, tot ruilro.t 1 ii-n ii c :
17 Jewrl Hamilton, $25.00, Heavy Silvcrine Cases.
21 Jewel Dgin, 30.00. "
The Vanguard 40.00, " u 44
Gruen Precision Watch, 65.00, w
e v .ed i rr t
Uading JwUr, RAILROAD AVENUE, Albuquerque. N. M
tltadquartcrt (or DIAMONDS, WATCHES, Etc.
In conrntaelrm except the Iowa and
the Oregon, which are now at
Klo Jantero, The reeeele will be kept
along the Braxillan eoaet tor ten daya at
leaet and by that time the authortlieay
the policy of Spain wllh rpect to nego
tiatlona will have finally developed.
Just aa eoon a the armor rials are ready
they will proceed to Hampton Bonds
where they will find the New York
awaiting them. Here the vessels will re
ro'iln pending the action nee-nary aa re
sulting from the Information received
from Parle.
Porly-fWa Rlrglesftere la Thar day's
Meeting Arretd.
Havana, Nov. 14. Disturbances here
are momentarily over. Bpauleh troupe
are pairoltng the city. I be rtpanlsh
govern men t yeoterday offered to market
here A TJo tOO at three dava on London
In order to apply the. proceeds to the
payment of the troor. I wo Spanish
bankers lo k It'Jd.tXH), but foreign
bou-ee refused to touch the
pnper liuleee first advised that the
necary fund's had been deKwlted In
l.ond n hanks to meet the drafie. Taper
lielng i ffeied one or two point below
the fniimerrlal rate, allowing Ihat
Hpaln's credit I impaired. It Is reported
that forty Qve ring leaders lu the mutiny
of Thursday have hi en arrested and im
prison"! In Morro Castle, but It Is under
stood that none will be court merllaled.
Sulril.ra M.r.lnt Tb.r. Roar Will Ketara
to 1 his I ouatry.
Denver. Nov. 14. In reply to a reuueet
for the discharge ot one metiiher of a
Colorado leglment at Manila, Governor
Adams receive I the following from Ad
jutant General Coibln:
l have the honor to. Inform yon that
it Is the purpoee ot the war department
to return to the United States wltlnu a
tew months the volunteer regiments now
serving in Manila, other voluuler r gl
ments now being on the way to repl tee
them, and It I, believed that when tills
will hare been accomplished th soldier
referred to will be returned to you about
aa soon as thougn hie discharge were
ordered Immediately "
mew mbx ico Homisr.n,
T.rrlturr Ktrrliis Medsla and la Wall
AdvartlMtl at tltnaha gipusllloa.
Many papers throughout the south
west at preeeut Contain articles on the
success of the exhibit ot their localltle
at the International expjelllon4but there
are none that can boaet of more good aa
t'oiupllHhed for their reepectlve atalee
II an New Mexico.
i. J. Leeeon, the Commissioner from
New Mexico, wae untiring In his lalwrx,
showing and explaining the advautges
poeeeehed by his territory tor home-seek-ers
and the Investment of capital. Dur
ing Mr. Leeeou'a elx mouths' stay at
Omaha he eaw and personally talked
with more people upon the subject ot re
source than any other one exhibitor at
the big show, and It Is not too much to
say tl at New Mexico will also reap a
greater brneUt than any other state or
territory. Commissioner leon wa as
sisted during the closing six weeks by J.
0. Albright, of this city, and the latter
gentleman, who returned last Saturday
night, eays that New Mexico carried
away more honors In the way ot gold
ind silver medals than any other two
states or territories combined. This
magnlUcent report of Mr. Leeeon to his
peopie Is surely gratifying, and will, uo
doubt, be appreciated as the nenetlle de
rived will be greater then that from the
World rulr, whim cost Itew Mexico suoti
au enormous sum i f money.
-h . m a - o h a ite r: - u ii a: re k
Brick, per lb IV ie
Uuerisler 2l C
l.initurg 3) e
Thueriliger Hitnd Kane 3 fo 10 C
Farmer Haud Kas4 eech (o c
San Juhk Makkkt,
No. 113 South Flrat .treat.
(liirotj'ct Is your eatlsfactlon. Buy
from ua If you want the best for the
least money, we have a une assortment
of I snips, notions, toys, queensware.
granite ware, "eervaut girl proof china-
ware In Individual pieces, seta or com
plete complement. Be a friend to your
puree; waste It you will, bul don t spend
money with your eyes shut. Try uh
once audjyou will come again.
Tub Fair.
For !.
Bran new Smith Premier typewriter.
The latest No. 2, machine with every Im
provement. Pnue tj. Address p. p. box
Kerns, rubber pi an to, etc., tor bouse
W. W. Teal, who live at 1'J Boulh
Kroadvtay, informs Tuk Citi.kn that
early Sunday morning aoine one entered
hi word house and helped themselves to
a good sized load of wood and coal. The
parties used a wagon and would have
cleaned up the shed hat they not
awakened Mr. Teal, who arrived on ths
spot as they riruve away. I'e believes
he recognised the thieves and he warns
t'.eiu that It will not lie healthy for them
to inaxe a secona can.
Mr. and M s. H. P. Schuster, who have
beeu ab Mil from the city for the pant
few weeks on a vlsil to Philadelphia, Pa ,
returned to the city laet night, being
met at the depot by eeveaal rrei ds.
The limited from the west passed
through tlie city last night, being be
hind lime about au hour. There were
twenty six paeeengers aboard en route
to their eastern home.
Peter Hcherk ami wife, formerly of this
city, now popular folks of Beleu.speut the
Sabbath lu the city. They relumed
home this morning.
The meteor showers advertised to ap
pear lu the heavens lust, night did not
show up. Thev may appear to-night.
B. A. Hleyster. the real estate and In
Hurance agent, left lent night ou a busi
ness trip to Trliildad aud lienver.
K U. Karrell wae given thirty dayaln
the county jail by Justice Crawford for
disturbing tlie peace ou circus day.
Miss Alger will slug "Ben Bolt" on
Thanksgiving evening at the Congrega
tional church.
Defeats Fcrgasson Easily by Over
To TboosaDd Votes.
Louis D'coeo Commlttel Suicide at
terrilios Yesterday.
B. Micksy, Heavy Kintu Embrzzier,
Arrested la Gallup.
Snrcial to The I'ltlirn.
hanta Pe, N M , Nov. 14. The repub
lican central committee, at 8 o'clock, le
enabled to make I he following elatement
ou llis result of the election:
H. rnallMoeimritv (i tli' ial)' 4HS
I ions Ana t finiiiv uit-s ly otViuai) ...
IiiisiU upe rutioty loftli'lal)
Mora county lothrlitli
K in Arrilm county lestnna'eU)
an'a ee county lotheis i
s n Mittuel rotintv (oibtUI)
iK-oiro county lofiu lai)
1 in mi county lottlcisl I
Valencia county lotllclall
. . Is J
.. to.
.. 4 14
.. ail
.. UNO
. .I.IUO
Colfiii county (nearly old. tall 4HO
lisvaa ro'ioly itiestly oliu iull eio
K.lo-county tolli ial) Is
iarstu county totfi. tail IVje
S.in Juan county ( nearly ottlclal). . Ko I
urna cuuuly tolbeialj 1S
I 804
Malority for Prrra M.1B0
Ksiurn from Lincoln cotiniy tudlcate
that the coiiuiy haa given a email ma-
J inly for Perea, L'uiou county returns
luil cnte that the rs.unty Is very close
and ihat a majority tor Mr. Perea or for
Mr. Kergemou will not be over ti).
lu the legislative ticket there la no
material change and the republicans
have elected teu members tor the euuucll,
namely, Messrs. Burns, Martinet, latron,
Imuran, ltoruero, t'havee, liughee, Klu
Icnl, Bursuiu and Anchela. 1 he demo
crate have elected Mr, Kichardsou and
the Indlcatloii are that they have carried
J. M, Valdet, In the district oouiohhI of
Mora, Colfax and Union.
Kor the house the republicans have
elected, according to the oulcial returns,
twenty members, namely, Messrs. Jura
millli, Btapllu, Mcintosh, Pedro 8anch I,
B. K. Koim ro, KUpalrlck.Ort.-ga, butler
ret, Marcelmo Baca, Cresplu, Luna,
Koman A. Baca, YYInalou, Trujlllo,
Llewellyn, Valdet, Barnes, Bcbullt, Ual
legos and tlerrera.
According to the returns so far re
ceived, the following dem s-rats are
elected four: J. 8. V) barton, J. L. Lleb,
Creeceuolano Oallegoe, J, 0. black.
These figures are believed to be correct,
although there m y be a change lu
I nlon county, and John ll. buyer, re
publican, may have a majority over J. 0.
81 iwk, deuns-rat.
It will take the r (He Ial count to decide,
Jons 8. 1 LaHK, C'balrmau.
Max. Fboht, Hecretary.
Special lo The Cltlim.
' Kael Las Vegas, N. M , Nov. U Perea's
majority In this city le til, and hie mil
Jontyln the terrllorr, eeml-olumiy, U
uow over i..!1 i and is increasing.
The repuhllcana are holding a big
ratltlcatlou meeting here to day aud to
Tha orHelsl Katnrna.
The county couimlssloners completed
the otllclal count late this afternoou
Perea received 2.6.'iO votes to 2,114 tor
Kerguesou. Majority for Perea, iMi.
Kor the conncil Hughes received 8,717
to Bowie s l.Hii.t: Klolctl a.7i3 to Spen
cer's l.h'.'H. hhenff llubbell leads the
county ticket receiving 3,041) votes to
1,10 (or perfeclo Arunjo, a majority of
l.Hl'.i The full ollltlal return will be
published to morrow evening.
Luula lllgaao ehirala Out Hla I If With
Louis Illgneo, son of John Iiigneo, of
ranta re, oommllted eiiiclde at Iam Cer
rlilos yesterday by shisillug liliu elf.
Last night the relativee ot the.ulclde
Mike Uigueo, Amerioo lilgueo bud ti
Palladluo left for Cerrllloa in responee
to a telegram announcing the tragedy,
and superintended the rttunrYal of the re
maiue lo Huula Ke, where the burial wl 1
lake place to-morrow.
Louis Uigueo was a painter and stone
mason and waa known to many citlxeu
of Aibuiiuerque.
His cousin and plavmate In I'aly, lie
fore they emigrated to the I' u I led Htatee,
wae Nicholaa lilgneo, who CHiuimilt.d
suicide at the home ot P. Parentl on the
Highlands, In this city, In IS'.it. Nichn
las was the aon of Mike D'gneo, and the
latter was an uncle of LotiU who ah it
himself In Cerrillos yesterday.
Tuk Citi.kn eyuipaihixe with the
bereaved parent end relatives.
Marahal Mi-Mlillo S urea ilia Arrest til
of H. Matte, au Auibraalar.
Last night a man with a wife and
three childien at rived lu the city ou the
train from the eouth. He went to the
Hotel Highland aud reg islet ed as B,
Mm key from Mexico City. Marsha! Mc-
tliilin at once spoiled him to be Kckaiu,
alias lackey, the umu who la want, d lu
1 ope li a. Kansas, on the charge of em
hettltng to,(iU) from the Lulled Htale
Indian agency at lupeka about eighteen
mouths ago.
Marshal McMillin did uot feel justllled
lu arroellug bun on his owu suspicion
that he waa the man, so he telegraphed
the authuiiliea at Topeka the facte lu the
matter and reitieted a prompt reply, for
the reason that he had learned at the
hotel that Muckey would leave for Los
Angeles on the uer this morning.
VS heu tlie llyer departed for the west
he had received no word from Topeka, so
he did not Interfere wllh 11 acker con tin
ulng his journey. The llyer had not
been gone over three minutes when
a meeeage was delivered to him from
II. J. lionet, the anselslaul Culled
Mute) attorney at Topeka, raying thai
Kckam, alia Muckey, was wanted there
badly; that he had been Indicted In the
lulled mates district court and lo ar
rest him at onre If possible under the
fugitive law and hold him until the
necessary paper react e! In in by mall
Marshal McMillin then telegraphed the
ntlluers In tiallup to arrest Markey and
bring him to this city t i-ntghl
This afternoon the marslm! received a
telegram from J. A. Htruo", chief of pi
lire of ToH-ka, asking hlrn to arrest
Marker and hold him until he arrived.
Muckey told some people at the hotel
thai he hail spent the pant eighteen
months lu Mexico aud that he was now
ou his way to Los Angeles, where he
would leave his family and he hlui-ielf
go on to Month America.
all From a Tralii,
A umu by the name of Berlalo, who
acts lu the capacity of heud chef at the
Hotel Coroiia.!i lu southern California,
paneed through here Saturday evening.
Mr. Bertalo was on h's way to California
from CuiCHgo wheie he bad beeu spend
ing th auniiner mouths and met with
an almot fatal accident ou board the
trln. Just out ot Kansas City he al-l-mptcd
lo walk from one ear lo another,
ud W il e on the platform lest his bat-
ice while trying to catch his hat which
hid blown (iff and fell from the rapidly
moving rare to the ground. Hi fail Wa
noticed and train was stopped aud re
turned to the point where the man fell
i ft He was picked up unconscious but
sfi r awhile recovered. No bone were
broken b it It will be some days befnte
Mr. Berlalo shall have recovered from I be
rude jar to hie person. .
Tha aata Fa Sastelal Ageaia (sptaiai a
raw Thlrr.a at rlatoa.
The special service of the fteuta Fe
railway has again demonmraied lis
ability to cciawi.n aud luu dowu Its
dishoue-it Mitp.t ye.
Atmut the b.l of August last corn
plaint reached the houi;o,or(er ol Ule
roiiipsny at Chicago ami lope, ttotu
shtpi-r ver lis line, ihat gisi! were
i iirn.lnel eu route, and ll at "tracera'
h-nid b Fnt out In order lo run down
the tuk thieves who, fr. m the ver;
in, were hupeclcd to be employee of
the iiwtl.
J.J K nney, superintendent if thr
pedal service; Hpeclal Agenta Buidgs
sod Frank Harris, with the aeelslsn.e
t Hubert Lee, of Baton, started on a ays
eui illc Invesilgali m aud anon thereaf
ter dlsooveretl Inal the robliery of care on
'lit ght wa being perpetrated on the di
vision bet sen la Junta and Hatou,
ov r the m iuitalna. They kept tnveetl
guting, and secured sutliclent Infoinia
lion that t'ie thieve reaid'd In KaMiu.
On last Thursday, November 10, the
iitllpers e arched the preuilst s of
Conductor W. N. King, Brakrinen Louis
Janee and T. L Downao, and discovered
hid away In various sections ot their
homes several hundred dollars' worth of
merchandise consigned by Chicago and
Mt. Iioul wholesale dealers to met chants
In the southwest, Tha men were placed
under arrest, and like their pale on the
same division a few years ago, who stole
merchandise from rare and were sent lo
tha penitentiary, they ml doubtless
wear the stripe.
It eeem that these railroad thieves,
operating between August and Noveuo
her of this year, worked the end doors of
the ears hv removing the bolt that holds
the running board that the door slides
on, ami that drops the door so ihat It
eonld be swung back wlthiut breaking
the seal. Ths cars thus broken Into
would lie turned over to the next crew
without the seal being broken, thus
ivoldlng suspicion, but the boxen of mer
"baii'Mse on the Inside showed that they
liu.l been tampered wllh and ' tracer"
sent ont discovered that the perpetrators
operated between La Jnnta and Baton.
ttaria alnwht hazaar.
Will Open at lb Amoif 1111 To-Mur-r
rll(ht--Krerjlhliif lleadjr.
The la lies who have clwrg of the
various department ot the "Temple Al
Iwrt Hatimr" aa well as their aselstanls,
are to be congratulated upon the pro
gresa they have mads, aud the masterly
manner In which they have overcome all
diillcultlea. When the reporter called at
theAimory to-day be found t-ver; thing
in older, and all arrangement being
iwrfecled to give those wl u attend a gjod
lime. The various booths sud th hall
itself are all beautifully and artistically
d -coraled, and from the many tlilugsal
which we got a peep It Would seem that
U ere will be more pretty things on dl
play, than have ever before been seen
together at one time in this city.
We also caught a glimpse ot the menu
In the supper booth, and 11 seem that a
most toothsome array of dainties Is
to lie served every night from 7 o'clock
on. A unuiber ot beautiful and costly
articles are to be rail! d off on the various
nights aud chauces on all of them have
beeu pluced at a low Qgure. B-whle all
these things, the ladle ( ffsr a new aud
novel attraction lu the way of anni-e
meiit each bight. To-morrow, Tueuluy,
the loth, the Bai4ar will Ihj opened by
Hi Hon O. N. Va'ron, and It Is hoped
that there will be a large number pres
ent eurb night. Dancing will be one of
Ihe feature of every evening's enj ment.
Kn the Baxaar Is hell for a worthy pur
I'ose, ths proceeds going to the bu I ling
of a temple In our city, It Is expected
ihat the ladle will have a large crowd
present each night.
For aai C heap.
A flue Vose piano (-qtiarr)
A bi iv buggy, horh and harnets.
A g od ihueton, horse and harness.
M-.nlU 'ent Hall safe, both burglar
and lire proof,
1 do a general commlselon, auction
and abstract busliieea, and can save you
money. Iirop me a card or note and I
w II call. Inquire II. H. Kini.ht.
Rend In your orders for (lowers for
Thanksgiving early.
In opening a bottle of beer the other
day, Charley llebch, ot The Klk, met
with tha miafortuue of having several
tlngeis on the right hand badly rut. I t
puiling the cork the ueck of the bo: tie
broke, and the pieces ot glass did the
-ultii g in fine ahape.
I . .lit!
All. URURRR tllt'BR
.fa.. A aT!--
E have a Large Stock of GOOD SECOND
' HAND WATQIES, costing new from
$10.00 to $30.00, all in perfect order and guaranteed
which we arc closing out at from $3.00 to $10.00.
H. E. FOX, Zfit""0
Leading )cwclry tlouac of th Southwest.
UUl UldiS
veevsvvtevrrvsevvvvor vvvvsrrvvvvrrvsrn
Editorial Reflecting on the Yir'ce
of Poor White Women.
SpiBlsti Soldiers iTatlnj la Hivtna
od D.maod Thtlr Pay.
Flra trttrryi Some of the Brit BallJIcp
In fitwion City.
, to.M or itooooo.
New York, Nov. 14. A dispatch to the
ll-rnl.l rioni Asbnry I'ark, V J , says that
A. Lnml, nlilor of the Hllmlnglon (N.
IV; Kecord, wboclli-e was deetroyrd by
wiill cliliens on Ihureilay, now la in
Asbury Paik. He Is a brother In law ot
Kepi en to live tlile. He 11 d IromVUI
nniigton to escajie Ivnching. It wa
through an editoiial In the Kecirdth it
Ihe recent rioting at H llmliigton and
the attendant loea ot lite cuius out. 1 he
wlitortal read:
"Poor whit men areetrele In the
matter of protecting their women, espe
cially on farms, ihey are careless In
t.'ielr onnitiict toward them, and our ex
perlenc among poor white people In the
oouutry teaches n the Women of that
race are not noire particular In the mat
ter of clandestine meetings with colored
men than are white men with colored
women. Meetings ot this kind go on
aiMiietimes nntll a moment of Infatuation
when Ihe woman's boldness begins lo al
lied attention and then tha man la
Fowr Thoaaaad ftpanlen Ra,nara Ituiaad
Their Hawk fay.
Key West, Kla, Nov. 14 Private re
ports from Puerto Principe and Nuevitae,
Cuba, say 4 UKJ armed soldiers presented
llieuieslves In front of ihe palace calling
ou the military governor, Kmiiio, March,
for their overdue pay. Ueueral March
drew a sword and ordered them to ill
hand. Home, armed with loaded rules,
threatened the life of General March,
who returned the sword to lis
scabbard, crying: "Do, yon wish
lo kill mey Well, kill nieT The
soldiers shouted: "No, no; we only want
onr pay before embarking for Hpainl '
Heueial March promised theiu they
would be pub! and the soldiers returned
to their quarters peacefully. The steam
er Alvala loft Havana tour daya ago wtlb
tlisl.UUU to pay thus soldiers. The
cruiser Alfonso III and the gunboats
Cunde de Venlte and Infanta Isabela,
pns-eeded for Noe vivas to compel the
soldiers lo embark after which they pro.
cetd lo HI liar a for a like ouruoea and
then go to Spain unlea new orders are
Row Balwsoa Twe Wuaaea Caaaea 0"tOO,.
OOO Carnage.
BViguay, Nov. 14. Via Victoria. B. ('..
Nc 14. Iwdiirulng Kloudlk-rg arrived
in U.1 city to day brought newa that the
city of liawson ha.1 beeu visited with a
5(Ki,iroo fire lu which forty buildings
were burned. Including the new postol
llce and some of the best building In the
city. The Urn took plane on the morning
of October Id. ll started In the
(ireen Tret saloon as the result ot a
row between two women of the towu.
B. He Mitchell threw a lighted lamp at
another woman. The lamp broke, the
oil epread aud In a few second the
building was on lire The Ore a year ago
waa caused by the same woman, who
threw a lamp at a man with whom she
waa quarreling. The new conllagratlou
waa brought out by several miners who
arrived lu this city.
Dr. J. I). Burdick, K. H. Cumiiilugs aud
llichard Haywood, of Ihe Phillip Med I
cine company, met with a serious acci
dent while c.-oHelug the railroad track
ltween Ban Kafael aud Cubero. They
were all thrown out of the carriage In
which Ihey were riding and Mr. Haywood
and Mr. Cummlng were seriously in
jured. The former was knocked luseu
slide and the latter had his shoulder
thrown out of place, and both hud a very
narrow escape.
Fiend Incarua'.e devilish Individual,
have mutlluted a number of young
-hade trees on north Mecond street In the
vicinity of the residence ( f K. K. Hturges,
and Marshal McMillin Informs 'Ihk
Citi.kn that he wilt give a reward of lib
to any p rsoii giving Information that
would lead to the arrest of the culprits
Sheriff Pat. Oarrett, or liona Ana
county, has arrive.) lu the city. Mr.
(iarrett wa te el e'.ed sheriff of II I
county at the recent election by the big
gest majority received by any candidal
and this In spite of ll. opposition of all
Ihe friends of 0iv. r Le, tl a outlaw, the
whom Mien IT tiarretl I hunting down.
A. 1). w hltenn, of th whllson Music
company, I In La Vegsg to day.
Hear Ihe Willies at the rongriga'lonal
church Thanksglvl' g evening.
A Line cf H )ys and Youths
Shoes th it arc Extra Strong,
made t) s and the wear
cf the; Hoys,
SiztM 2'4 o 5 H.fiO a ra'r
The Hat Shoe Ever Made
at the prit e.
& GO ,it
IjiK.t Shoe Dealer,
12 S. Second St.
i:i ,
Areata I I T
I I Uf
JL i ill, l i vy '
Every I'nya Hargain Day. We are g'ad tj aSare a ga?d th'ng with our c jstomers
and wi n. to call your partxular attention to th- good things thtt we are offe itg thweck
Our store it chock ful of att activeneM. Every thing th it is new and tip to da e we cno
g'-iow you, and at prices which will unlock your p Kkttbook. All good i left over fr on th
lire at FIRE SALE PRICES, Doa't be in the too late c'.vs.
l.dlV('orsU In Hack, whits ami drab, worth
7."o. now 23c.
Peautlfn! a s -rtnicnt Dresstin-ds, north np to 75c
yard.... jjc.
Ladles' lloao In hlack, tans and fancy, A pairs for 2..
Heavy KHiImmI Children's ll iee. worth Vif. now t'2'n'e.
Kiirlts Pat in lllbhnn, worth froit 15c, to One,
uow c lie., 7 ami lo eta. yatit.
I.sdleA' Linen Collars, slightly soiled, now 5c.
Ladles' Linen CulT. sllgl tly soiled, now Ke.
Men's Moe In hla k and colors 8 pair for 2V.
Mn'a II-arr Camel's !l lr Fleece lined I'nder-
wnar, now One.
M ms Stispende-s, worth np ti Hoc , now Knj.
Men'r Handkerchiefs, worth up to 3de. now 5c. and I0c.
Faxony Yarn, fie. Kpanlsh Yarn, (ie. Grrman
town Yarn, 10c. Ice Wo jI, per boi, Kle.
B. ILFELD & CO., Proprietors.
Heavy Weight Ribbed Underwear, $1.00 a Suit.
Heavy Weight Fleeced Lined, $1.25 a Suit.
Heavy Weight Natural Wool and Camel Hair Underwear $2.50
Men's Grey Melton Overcoats, $7.50 each.
Black and Blue Kersey, $10.00.
Boy's Overcoats and Blue Chinchilla Heelers $2.50 to $5.00.
Agent lor
All Pattern 10 and 15c
Our Christmas (roods ar beginuipg to crowd us for room. We nre going to take tirre by the
fort lock nnd sell poods so 'ow as to tempt e oroin cal buyers
and justify our motto:
"Always lfci Pest Yalues at the Lowest Pr'ces."
We will give tti'a WKKK ONLY a 10 per cent
reiliu'lli u i u all lireea tioods, Ullke, Trliuiulngi,
Kt '., bought of U4.
Some new arrivals In tills department.
3K Inch tlaur.d Kloliair )
Hi Inch Kiia-lieh t atuuere ( Choice, per yard 'i'te
8H Inrli PebMe HultliiKa )
an Inch Uifnreil hrilllau'lnea. . . . )
HH-lueh Novelty Janjuarda (Choice, per yard. . .430
iWlnch .Novelty Hulllniia )
44-lneh llurel iinlllautiurs. ) u.. , ,
6u Ineh Kreneh 8erKe f .J?A V.
50 Inch Clay IHaironela ) c,lmM' ' Me
6J Ineh Novelty Krench Herge
All colore aud black. 'D0
A full Hue of gold medal noveltlea, in all the new
effecta for Tailor Made Hulte, Novelty Crepous,
only one pattern to a atrle.
Our il'-'m patterua reduced to $ 8 00
Our (17 50 palterua reduced to 15 00
Our i'4).00 patterns reduced to 17 DO
A new line of HI Ik WaUta, In plain satin and
ducheea aud nlalile; colore, nre eu. red and new blue.
Made lu ueweet etjle, only (I 5(1
hlei'k hut In luiclieee Valet, only U 60
Hllk fettlcoata. In all colore and black, ) .. . 1H
maile of chaii)reahle and plalu tafletaa J " y "
A full Hue of Pure, In Nutria Rear, Coney,
AMtrachan. Imitation atink, Kruiner Angora,
Thiliet and Iuiitat ou Krnilne.
I'pward from 15e per yard
Additional leet will be given to the Thanksgiving
meal by having your table equipped witheome of
our anowy linen. (See wiudow dlnplay aud note
theae prlcea.)
T A T T ' "V 1
1-11 1 Li
wind of Reductions!
Wo Buy in Case Lots and Can
all Competitor's Prices.
201 Railroad Avenue, Albnqaerqne, N. M
ItSli.tocl Store in tlxe Olty."
Space Mais Sale
64 Inch bleached TaMe l.lnen at ... 2"m
6H Inch bleached Table Linen at "" X,e
72-tnrh bleached Table Linen at 6oe
Unbleached Table Llneua, all wldlliV'and all
prlnea We guarantee to eel I yon the beet 7'J-lnob
ooc laoie tiiuen in town tor una.
l(K) (1(i7.in tn
lu woraeu euua
With n&liklna
IMrtlr Alld
The weeks are ellpnlng by.
for dainty new thinga that
Into glfu by eklllful Uugera.
amiliiv ir tliMM.
The new eofa Pillow
Htamped Hofa I'll low
HMUinn, iiiiirnn ut nil MIUUH.
A new stock of Art Hllka.
A new Hue of Art Hilkoliues.
New deelgna In Art latiiiuia.
A full line of Hilka, Carouatlon Card,
KintHhluv Carda of ever ileiTli,ii,,n
Tk, T T T a Afatafer .T
I V ! E
a s
lysttaj c.
JLiO - w IPxLcca I
Utles' Tailor Male downs. Newest Style cut.
Beautiful all wonlgivuls, worth IIS. Now.. $7.50
Ladles' Shirt Wslsts In Outing Flannel.
Lalles'Clolh.aml ftlaek Faicy 811k Wa'sta for lees
money than you em buy tli - material,
8 onr Fine Hush Cspv. the Finest eTer shown
In New Meilco.
A new line of Silk Bklrtaand Silk Petticoats, lost
All Ihe latent strles In Ijitltes' Neckwear, Don't fall to
have a look at them.
Ladles' Walking Ua's In all Ihe New Shapes.
"ot. Our Ladles' 4sckts hare arrived. If you
are In need of a Jacket, c. II and im the pretUest line
tor the least money ert r tffered.
Filled Same
Day at Rccclrti.
is Now On....
in uk at a ml
Krlnged Napkins, colored, per dmn 250 fg
Cringed Napkin, ail white, per doteu (16e ril
Klve elghtH elu Napkins, ail linen, per dos. up from 75o
Three guarlera aisn Kapkius, all linen, per down. fi?J
from . qo f-i
Seven el?htae!i i Napklua, all linen, per doien. tip UN
1 23 SJ
Hemmed enda lluck, 17i33 Inehea, only..., ilto
Krlnged eudi Uuck, IHtM Inches, only "" 17o frdl
Uemstltehed euds Huck, iViM Inches, ouly..' oo fl
And Ilia luuit nnlore.1 lu.r.lP li....... .i. t..'... i' M
aim auoll trluged 'Jiio
,i m
(a ntntMh In h1ui.. Ani frOI
bniHt U? iftl. from urt finr.n.. r-H
. r. . Luj
The demand Is great
are to be onnvertet
Come early for your
Tope, with backs
,.' 7Se
..U'j to i no
Krlcye uud

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