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Absolutely Pure
Mae hmm aaee far fmm af tartar
Tbob. HruHKS Kdltor
W. T. McfHUKiHT. Bus. Mgr. and City Ki
Aasnctatad I'reas Afternoon Telegram,
Official Paper of Bernalillo Connty.
Largest City and County Circulation
Th I.argt New Mexico Circulation
largest North Arlmna Circulation
ftitsiMCKT Mi Kinut wl'l attend the
pw jublle at Atlanta, 8a.. next week
Thi territory of New Mexico ha rash
In It treasury to lb amount of f 75.
(W4.6. Tbi windows of tbe Albuquerque stores
are looking rery pretty In their bolldaj
IT la said that 70,000 soldier will b
Beaded to put down lb rebellion In tb
Or the public school teacher In
New York city only SiiO are men. The
women' salaries are ouly j00 per Tear,
The Insurrection which le aald to be
apreadlug In the Vleayas Inland la re
ported fiom k pshlsb sources to be agaluat
the A merle . s.
The city of I'tilladeipMa claims to
hare 145 men each of whom la worth
1.000,000 or more; twenty are worth at
leant $o,0U(i,000 each.
With Hawaiian legislation and the an
Delation of the Fhlllpplnea m the chief
measure, thla semiou of Congr will be
devoid of all niouotoiiy.
IT la u Id that bOO.OMl persons are now
doing the work which formerly required
lrt,OU).000 and yet th bourn of labor have
not been greatly reduced.
Kobe men bare died and are burled In
the Isthmus of Panama, along the line
of the propoeed canal, than on any equal
amount of territory In the world.
War la expensive Id the single Item of
powder. A statistician baa figured It out
that the British fleet Bred off 4.600 pounds
of gunpowder at the battle of Trafalgar
The Philippine insurgent are roast
ing frlara at tbe atake and committing
many other atrocities, which should be
promptly atopped by the L ulled State
I'NDKHtiKOlNU Loudon contains 84.000
square miles of telegraph wires, 3,003
miles of sewers, 4.530 miles of water
mains, S.SO miles of gas pipe, all defln
ately filed.
The state department la Informed that
the export from Germany to tbe United
Btatea during the quarter ending Decem
ber 80 amounted to f 1U,?H'J,007, an In
crease of 10,110,(1)3 over the previous
Tax Citi.ks deelreK to Impress upon
congress the necee ty for a government
building In Alboquerque. Such build
ing Is needed for thu ua of tbe postoffloe,
I'nited States court and tbs federal
Kami of tbe at lent populists In Kansas
and Nebraako frankly admit that another
year of big crops will smash tbe free
allver boom beyond all hope of repair.
Tbey have discovered that BryauUm and
proepsrlty wou't mix.
Thi present activity In Iron may be
accounted for uot alone In the demaud tor
Its ass In ths construction of railroads.
warships and bustneea blocks, but In
light architecture, and It la not unlikely
that Its use may soon become more gen
eral, creating a greater demand than
ever before.
Thi stores and shop windows are ra
diant these days with holiday goods.
Krery evening gronps of ladles and chil
dren may be seen on shopping expedi
tions Tbs Christmas trade thla year
ms to nave opeued much earlier than
unual. The merchants say that it indi
cates home proeperlty and a desire on tbe
part of buyera to make purchase befoi
tbe stocks have been culled.
PbKfciiJKNT aicKiKLii In bla message
repeat tbe recommendation made by
him a year ago for breaking tbe "endlese
chain," which la that greenbacks, when
ones redeemed In gold, should not be
paid out again except In exchange for
gold. He glvea expresnlon to the belief
that there should be "Immediate enact
ment" of legislation to carry this recom
mendation Into effect.
"As aoou as we are In possession of
Cuba aud have parlded the Inland it will
be neoeseary to g.vs aid and direction to
Its people to form a government for
Thus ths president In bis message de
darts It to be the purpose of the admin
istration to adhere strictly to the pledge
uiade by congress regarding Cuba at the
time war was declared ou Spain. In so
dolug be haa Interpreted correctly the
senlluieut of tbe American people, who
desire to see the Cubaus self governing,
at the ear I let t moment railislslt-ut with
safety and aaeund alienees."
Ths Uacchtavelllau policy of ths Dem
ocrat lu Its advocacy of statehood for the
territory is unique, to say the leant. It
js hardly fair to criticise ths motives
-which uuderlis the course now being
pursued by that Journal, fur ou lh sur
face ths rtaler is apt to believe its favor
'ft declarations sincere. However that
may be, there are people who fail to uu
deralaud the necessity of favorable ed
itorial utterances aud at ths sams time a
re-publlcaliou of editorial opinion from
O' her Journal", whose position la hot-tile
to ths measure. It may be talented aud
wise to favor a measure aud at ths same
breath spread broadcast the argnmenta
of the opposition. There are those who
do not think so. If the Democrat Is hon
or b'y f,r etatehorl, let It tas a stand,
and through theeolnm e of Its pp.r n
deavor to convert tin of ltt refers
who are against It llm't giv-t thmi so
rpportunlty to fight by piscina In their
hand the verv weapons t ought to ee k
'o destroy. Come out l;i U.e open and
(l-ht right.
fnStAI. S4lftli MINK.
British postal eal'iss batiks report a
total of deposits at tliaelweof the fWal
year of btwe. n "oo,ir0,oiin and
ooo.ooo, an Increase over the preceding
year of mors than I'io.rwKi.ooo During
the sams period the number of depositors
has Increased from 6,i on. ft i0 to 7,ooo,oXH),
with an average to depositors of 873.
A determined effort will he made
probably In the present session of Con
gress, to secure the requisite legislation
giving to the people of ths United States
that safe euntody of their earning
afforded to every cttlcn of flreat Britain.
Congressmen Lorlmer and Bmteile and
and Senator Mason have slgnllled their
Intention to help bring about this needid
reform In our financial system. Such
banks have stood ths twt of experience
In the greatest oonitnercUl nation of the
imitarLrn rHoioNirr,
Heretofore 1HUJ has fiunlshed the baal
for estimates when comparison for thr
large business was made, but In ths re
port published recently, BradHtreet'e"
says 1 Km must serve hereafter tor that ba
sis. It adds: 'Nearly all available statis
tics and reports point to the fact that the
present year bas heavily exceeded any
former one In the amount of business
It Is a noteworthy fact that the last
year of the preceding republican admin
istration witnessed phenomenal prca
perity In thla country. Then ranis four
yeara of democratic rule with great loss
and suffering.
Again the republican party Is in power
and again the country Is highly prosper
oua. It will not do to atcrlbe this to
"republican luck." There must be some
other cause at work, and mea of observa
tion aee that when the republican party
Is In charge of the government the
country la prosperous and that when the
democrats come In the reverse Is ths
All men desire prosperity and men of
senre should support tbe jrty which
brings that about.
What la the matter with boidlug a
meeting of the republlcau territorial
neutral committee and take definite ae
tiou In tbe matter of the bill tor admis
sion of the territory ? Eunest believers
In the cause of statehood would like
to aee an organised movement started, so
that the people can have their views pre
sented In a strong light as possible
Two or three men ex delegstee and del
egatea may be able to accomplish some
thing, but an organised effort on the
part of the republican party, will be very
good backing fi r those statesmen and
United Btatea senators In embryo who
are willing to believe then selves the
whole thing should congress grant the
boon so many of as desire. Tbe truth Is,
the majority of the people want state
hood about as much as three or four
statesmen want eenatorshlpa.
From putely political standpoint,
the republican party will lose nothing
by dividing the preeeut county of Colfax,
giving to the town of Springer the
county seat of the new county. The
more the democratic party Is divided, po
litically or geographically, the better re
sults will follow for ths republican oartv.
Here's a health to tbe new couuty of
Dewej I
On I of the most prosperous newspaper
in New Mexico la ths Sacramento Chief,
published at Alamo (tordo. The Chief Is
good evidence that It la published In a
live town, being Oiled with advertising
from the enterprising merchants of the
Haa found that her little ones are Im
proved mors by the pleasant Syrup of
Klgs, when in need of the laxative effect
of a geutle remedy, than by an; other.
children enjoy It and II benetits them.
The true remedy, Syrup of Klgs, Is man
ufactured by tbe California rig Syrup
Co. ouly.
For Mala Miaap.
A fine Vose piano (xquare).
Three nice horses, harnesses and bug
gies. Magnificent Hall safe, both burglar
and lire proof.
I want to buy a good upright piano.
1 do general commission, auction
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money. Drop me a card or note and I
will call. Iuquire H. 8. K incut.
TbaSur La Orlpp t'nr.
There Is no use suffering from this
dreadful malady. If you will only get the
ngni remeoy. lou are having ua u all
through your body, your liver la out of
order, have no apwllte, no life or ambi
tion, havs a bal cold, in fact are com
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oiilv remedy that will give you prompt
ana sure reller. Ibey act directly on
your Liver, Stomach and Kidneys, tone
up the whole system and maks you feel
like a new being. They are guaranteed
to cure or pries r funded. Kor sals at J.
11. l) Kellly A t o.' Drug SUirs. ouly 60
cents per bottle.
Double blankets 45c to 00
Bed eomfi rters, largs slse. . . . 1.2o
7 It a. best cotton battou l.uo
18 yards turuitule calico l.oo
lux alAxK.
t'blaaf o SWck MarSal.
Chicago, Dee. 8. Cattle Bcttpta,
10.000 besd. Market, ateady.
Beeves, J3n0(i; cows and heifers.
$2 004.70; Texas steers 8 Wi(j4.1iG;
etocker and feeders. 3 8if4 4n.
Sheep Kereliits. 1 3, (Ml. Uarket. best
firm; others wesk.
Natives, t'J.r tt4.4o; westerns. 1:1.00
4.36; lambs, a 705.0.
Highest Itonort World's Fair,
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
A Par Orsps Creaa el Tartar Povdsr.
Located In the Mojo! to Hoaatalni, So
corro Conaty.
iomi or iti eooo Mingt.
This dls'rlot Is sitnstel In ths south
western corner of Socorro comity, and Is
tributary to Silver City. Grant county
It was discovered In M75 by i. 0. Cooney,
quartermaster Fergesnt nf ths Ktghth
United Slates cava ry, who iiikio recel
Ing his discharge from the army took a
few brave prospfctors with him and
nude a nntntwr of locations, Ths In
dians, however, were active and prevent
el any work being done until 187S. when
i.C. Coomy hat driven on the Silver
Bar, "better known as ths Cooney mine,"
a tnnnel on the load three hnndred feet,
exposing a large body of silver copper
ore. April 20, W the Apaches raided
the camp and killed J. C. Cooney, Mat
Levens,J Chick and Wilcox. Ia May,
lH , Captalu M. Coor.ey, a brother of the
dlfcoverer, arrived In 'camp and took
charge of the mine, soon organizing tbe
room y Mining company, lis spent tXv
iMJ In development, and shipped about
j 0 tons of ore ruunlng (100 per ton. In
March, 18S1, ths company was reorgan
li d as the Silver Hill Mining compsny
tnd continue I producing up to 181SS,
when they closed down. In WM a suit
was brought aglut the company by
'.'aptain M. Cooney for 810.000. Judge
ment was svured, and the property sold
for ll at amount. Interest and cot4, and
hid In by M. Cooney, who erected a mill
on It lu lHii.1, run by water power, and It
haa been run under lease for several
rears. Some of the ore extracted from
ine ore chute In IH'.it run $18,000 In gold,
tnd the mine ha produced since It first
exploitation abjut 10,000 tons of ore
valued at li Hi.iHio. A contract la now
under way which will extend the tunnel
on this miue to UtiO feet and tap a gold
ore chute (S.VJ feet in depth, after which
it wilt again bs a large producer.
Helen MlnlngCouipauy This company
Wis organ I I'd In 1804 upon the Confi
dence group of mines, aud a tunnel was
ran on the lead 1,1,00 feet and several
s lafts sunk from the surface to connect,
when they erected a thirty-stamp mill
upon n hlte Water creek, three miles
from ths mliis, and built an ore road at
a cost of 17,000. They have run steadily
for two years crushlug about seventy tons
per day of ore valued at (:i0, one-third of
which is gold. The mine has produced
o,r:oo tous of ore, aud the mauag iment
is now erecting pipe Hue aud water
power to run the mill, and light the miue
and mill with electricity, as well as fnr-
nl-th hoisting power on the miue, a thty
expect to generate 500-horse power.
Tbe Last Chance Mining company waa
orgaulr.d lu IHlio upon the Last Chance
mine, and a mill of twenty stamps
erected thereon, run ou the continuous
or Bass system of amalgamation. Thla
system was not adapted to treat tbe aul-
p'llde ores of the mine, and the mill ahut
down after two year run. There were
about six, thousand tous of ere treated In
fis mill, and ouly sixty pur cent saved,
vIx.JiIo.ijoo. This Is a good mlua It the
ore bs trsattd properly.
. .
Tbe Maud 8. mine waa located In 1187,
M. Cooney, J. Howard and Ben Holmes
locators. A small five-stamp amalgama
tion mill was erected In 188D aud run
until 1812, wheu it was sold to the Col
oulal Miulng company, who erected I
utteen stamp amalgamation mill and
continued producing uutll 1HU7. when
the ore got refractory aud tbey shut
down. Tue Coioulal produced $000,(uJ
In bullion during their operations, ami
t iers was produced previously about
8ArX. The milling ore run 830 per
ton, one-half being gold. The refract' ry
ore at dfpth Is high grade born lie auo
peacock copper, carrying gold.
The Canyon City aud Deep Down Miu
lug company wis organized by Colorada
pir ties upon the Deep Down mine, ad
Join ing the Maud 8. A cyanide mill was
erected on the mine, which proved a fail.
are. A change was made by putting In
pan and settlers aud a Huntingdon mill
In connection with the rolls. But tbe
capacity of the mill waa too small to
make a sucnees, and they finally ahut
down after ruuuiug through about 50,000
tous of f 20 ors, a large part of which
a as gold.
The Mrgnllou illuing and Milling
company was establish upon tbe Sheri
dan group of minis in 18U1, altuated
upon ths western rim of the mineral
belt. They erected a mill of fifteen stamps,
previous to exploring the mine. They
altsr wards spent t'4),000 In development,
ouly to Cud that they bad ne mine. Tbe
stock wat run up to 7 60 per share, and
many mads fortunes on the deal, before
tin bubble burst. Other parties took
hold later under the name of the Mogol
lon Consolidated Miulng company, who
done some sporadic milling on various
o'alms, aud finally purchased the Little
Kunule miue, then a prospect, but which
turned out to be one of tbe best produc
ers In the camp. The company got Into
litigation, with its laborers, and other
claimants, aud the mill has been ahut
down for several years. The manage
ment have produced from the Sheridan
group, the (irey Hawk and the Little
Kaunie about 8180,000 during their
North-West Kx Btlysr Bar This prop
erty was owned by John A. Miller, who
or tiix
Albuquerque, New Mexico,
I.o in Hful I imciutitii
Mi Li. Kiimia. Jv i nriiin anil t. ai
MinHMg Id HM-. ru nit i r anil K.llurti.
I lOU-il -Miilrl llotll Mint I'irilllUni
C -ii oo liana tfiiil hiiLNiigs
Vabh Rro' ai ts
Tutsi. ,,
I'uiotal Slot k ...
Surplus atiU I'loflu
C in uIhiiom Arrount
lieuiMOil iJvftMita
1 one lirpoit
Total Pkposii.
formd a company thereon calM the
Pescwk Mining company, In 18P5, which
erected a concentrating mill thricn
that embodied within It Rlttengsr tshlee.
Cf ffltl sixers. Jigs, fanners and rolls. The
mill wss a fallnrs, and In prix'iKlng
V),roOdtiring fie year It wss in i, khont
inn,noo was wasted into ths cr. k. The
mill machinery was all attached and sold
fo- laborers' Her s, en I ths mill trains
was sold for tax.
There Is no camp that exists that nf
, offers bstter Induornisnts to capital thsn
the Cooney mining district. thrs being
abont fifty partially developed claims In
the district, owned ly peer proeircti re,
which eon d bs purchase.) at a seasonable
figure. No camp In ths southwest has
had more to contend with In fighting In
dlans and paying high wagon and rail
rad freight rates. And as soon as the
Indian disappeared, In 1885, the lawyers
onk their place and tied up some of th
best mines In the camp with litigation
Pinal Adjustment of Fard't Claim Agilnst
tbe Springer Land Auoctailoa.
The case of Patrick P. Ford vs. the
Springer Laud association, which bas
bten pending In ths court nf ths Fourth
Judicial district since June, H'JO, bas
fioally been settled satisfactorily to all
parties, says the Otle. In the year 188V
tue Springer Land association, a corpo
ration organized In Chicago and com
pos'd of Chicago capitalists, entered into
a rontract with Ford to construct largs
Irrigation ditches and reservoirs on the
Maxwell land grant near Springer. In
the final settlement between the associa
tion and Contractor Ford, the association
claimed that part ot the reservoirs were
tot constructed according to contract,
and refused to pay Ford $17,000 which
had been allowed him by the engtueer In
charge ot ths work.
Salt was then brought by Ford against
the Land association, and In Murcr, 18U3,
Judgs Jams O'Brien decided the ease In
favor ot Ford, giving him a Judgment
against the Land association for 822.000.
Tbe ease was appealed to the supreme
court of the territory, and the decision of
Judge O'Brien sustained; from the su
preme court of the territory the case wss
taken to th supreme court of the United
State and that court In May last affirmed
th decision of the New Mexico courts
giving Ford a Judgment for 122,000 with
Interest and eosts. By virtue cf this order
of the court Mr. Ford, through his attor
neys, Messrs Woloott ft Vulle, of lienver,
advertised the ditch and reservoirs and
land adjacent thereto tor sals, and the
sale waa to have taken place Tuesday In
Sprluger, but Monday evening an agree
ment waa entered Into between Mr. Ford
and the representatives ot tbe Land asso
ciation by which this sal Is postponed
sixty daya, and Mr. Ford Is amply se
cured for th full amount of bis Judg
Mr. Ford and hi son, accompauled by
their counsel, C. 11. Waterman, of the
firm of Woloott ft Valle, of Denver, were
In the city Monday, returulng to Denver
lunsuay morning.
Harklsa's Am lea Salt.
Ths best salve In tbe world for Cms
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Sa't Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped liands. Chilblains,
t orus ana an xiu urupttous, aud post'
Ively ei, re Plies, or no par reutiired
11 is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion or money refunded. Price 6 cents
per box. Kor aule by J. 11. O'Hielly A
Co., Druggists.
Cauls Ton'i C'abla.
Tbe Hageu Uuele Tom's Cabin com
pany played to alius house last night aud
none of Unas present were sorry that
tney were mere, as ll certainly Is a L ai
that everybody can enjoy to ths utmost.
ne rsssiou flay was put ou lu Ha an
tlrety and pleased ths audience greatlv
iiortrayiug to them the Biblical narrative
in a manner never to be forgotten by
those who wre so fort uu ate as to see It
list night. The playeis were all good,
and the old tints plantation songs and
dance and the banjo playlug kept tlie
audience in good spirits all ths time.
The company have their own orcheetra,
men is a good one, and music furnished
Is well worih hs price of admission In
Itself. Miss Mllfird, th phenomenal
dancer, made a great hit with the lovers
of the graceful tmitat-tlo art, aud she
ill he welcomed again tc-nlght at the
performance. The pastimes ot the levee,
as put on by the company of players. Is
so real that one would lina iue for the
time that he was on on of tbs southern
levees In tbs height of the summer sea
son. Fargo Argus.
Tbs above company appear at ths Or
chestrion bail for one night, Monday,
December 12. Popular prices, 25, 60 and
7o cents. Seat now ou sale at nsual
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soon become deep-seated and
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ed on until past hope. It
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MtMitT S
lofl 7611 h7
au.u'ii Wt
..(MUM 00
7aA.bS7 t
l,tn4.0S7 tB
tl yev.ata M
lso ono on
km !. l ej
lits.uoo 00
81.170 670 eo
47t.7rt3 HI
l.eR,8i ei
'.I n If
sec a snow
Sierra in
?n?npp ?
VP never did; but we have
seen the clothing st this time
of the year so covered with
dandruff that it looked ss if It
had been out In a regular enow
storm. No need of this snowstorm.
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melt the falling snow ao will
melt these Rake of dsndruff In
the scslp. It goes further than
this: it prevent their formstlon.
It has still other properties:
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In )ust tsn times out of every
ten cases.
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41 tnlck hair; and snort hair M
H come long hsir.
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fr ton So er iMaln all tfchnara
mi e--l,l from Ihr u.a of tn Vlur,
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thr U ilirSxtilir wltk f'inr gn-
.T.i-tn win. n mmf vm mmmnj
"I. m
DM J. I. A l EH LOWtU. ini
i. c
The Denver Republican
The On'y
M tropofitan
I'ub'isned in
C ilorndo.
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Three months, by mail 81 If)
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u,u city Market.
Kansas vltv, Dec 8 -Cuttle Receipts,
8 0U) heud. Mai ket, steady.
Native ethers, $3 oO5 .115; Teias steers.
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firm. I.h rutin, (3 0& 40; muttons, (2.C0
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r ur old frames ror f I aud up. Holld gold
s,ectscles, t.o', U fiO and d; Itoval
alloy, (I bti; Kmnau alloy, (1; at Herry'a
drug store by I'rof McCaun, expert op
tician. Bulls, overcoats and trousers to order
at 2i per cent dUoouut ou former prlcea.
Cause, going out of bUHluess. Hee Bliuou
Hiern, the Itbllroad sveuus clothier.
Children's, youths' and boys suits, at a
great saving to oii, The largest assort
meut In town to select from. Hosenwald
Please engage your time for sittings
and avoid walling at ths "Albright Art
Parlors," ll.'i north Third street.
Hot 'Minaloa and enchiladas In Para
dise Alley, A. CastcRo, with llachechl ft
Rargalns in carieta for the remainder
of Oils mouth at May it K'r's.
New line ot fur collarettes juat received
at tue Kooui'iulst.
A new and big stock of lamp. Whit
ney Co.
i i j 1 1
Is 5 per Cent.
Interest en an absolutely safe In
vestment? Would yon bs Inter
ested In making an Investment
that would give your wife In the
event ot yonr death, an absolutely
enre and guaranteed Income of
five per eeuu for twenty years
If so, yt u would be Interested In
ons of ths new contracts of assur
ance, leaned by the KqulUble
Hoelety, which at maturity Is
paid in Interest-brertng securities
called Oold Debenture.
Thee Debentures bear Interest
at the rate of 5 per cent per
annum for twenty years, at the
end of which time they mature
and are paid In fold. Having
these advanlan and b-log
gtisrar.tsed by one of ths strong
est financial Institution In the
world, these lel entures may tie
expected to er mniand a premium
above their face value In any
market If offered for sale.
If yi u would like to have a
fuller description nf this contract
I'sued at your ge, Including an
exp'anatlon rf the dividend,
ott'ooa aud gua'anter covered
br It, droo as a Hue riving Cate
ot birth.
The Equitable
Life Assurance Society
?sr ilanayw.
NewMsilcoand Arltona Department,
fboleule Liquor md C'gar Detlrrs.
Bottled in Bond.
f tun urtm t
VTs handle svsrythlnir in our Una.
Compute illustrated price lint sent free
utMin application. TI1K LOWEST
t Kltnu uvtOK UOLbK la th wast,
PRor. di macro.
iiuiry, win aiva viollu and narmuny as-
aiiai; il
I fiirmali Hie be( orcliaaira (or bal la.
liatlit'aand tnt.arta.
Atltlrsas Oauaral Uallv
cry, PtaiiultUa.
ina. shimop HisMur.
Tlilrd alien. New lalri.hona No. 881. OINts
roiiiu 17, Wliltin bullilins. New Irleuliuiis
a Mllrif rotia. KMlflatir. fen T. ti
r...r. ..... """...
HH Mra U.il.m It.. I k(
iiwtn o w a u. iii. rrans u. niantiu, M. l.,
unice buura, 10 Is 14 a. ui. aud 1 to aud 7 to
OFFICE and mldai ce. No. 413 waat Gold
avenua. Telaphon No, UH. Oflus hoars
suivi. m
a. m. ; i :u lu a :' u aua 7 in w u. ra.
. kantvrdav. at. t J. a. kuterdav, at. D.
U. 8
W. u. hopbl at n
Ui-.n iiul n.T-viini ra. in. ana rrom
1 :o to :SO and iron; 7 to S p. m. Oirks
,CW. tl 1 1 1 ' U r.n n . . m i
.it, iriuriikr .w WCH VOIU aTSQaS, AIDS
J. A Ifar, D. O. .
RMIIO BLOCK, oppnalta llrrld Bros.1
' OiHte liourti b a in. to 12 :8o p.m.; 1 180
v. hi. w . v. in. jtuiomauc trispuuBS ft.
lil'J Aipoiutmenta uiade by mall.
A TTOKNF.Y.AT-LAW, Albuguerous. N.
V M. Pruinpt atttnlion aiveatu all bual.
iraa pcnainuis to Ilia priileaalon. Will prac.
let ID all rnuita i,' till tprrltiirv and lut.r. ,1,.
Lulled sulfa laud uiliis.
ATTOF.NKY.AT LAW. OrBta. room 7, N.
i AiiiiiI), bulldlna. Vt'tll ttLt lie In all
tlit courta ol ttia territiiry.
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Albuquerque. N.
M. ( lllit a. rooiiia 6 aud a. klr.t N.tltMn.l
Bank building.
TTJ N FY-AT-1. AW, Albaquerqne, N.
l M Ollica, e ml Natloaal Hank building.
4 TTCRNIY-AT LW, room t and , N.
a. T. Amino building. Albuuurruue, N. M.
4 TTORNIY.AT LAW. OmcoerRob.
. V rrtaun a aim try atura, Albuuuatuuv. N.M.
Fains In th chest when a neraon haa a
oold luilicate a tendsuey toward pueumo-
ia. A pieee or nannel daniiiened with
haiuberlatn' Fain balm aud bound on
to ths chest ovsr ths seat ot pain will
promptly relieve ths pain and prevent
ths threatened attack of pneumonia.
This sams treatment wtll rur a lams
bark In a few hour. Bold by all drug
lta. ruin rnaai raid
A I ir las rartralt, Orayaa, raatal er
VTalar Oular, Fraa,
In order to Introduce: onr eicelleot
work we will make to any on sending
us a photo a Llfs Sits Portrait Free of
Charge. Small photo promptly returned.
Exact likeness and highly artlstle Oulsb
guaranteed. Bend your photo at one to
C. L. iUmciui Aha Co.,
m Kliu Bl Uallaa, Texa,
VVtSeiVl.y K'linb'icin lapoiltlw.
St. Louis Globe-Demoerat
$1 00.
P IcfcCn Dollar a Year.
AS A NRW8PAPK R The W RKKLY CLORK DKM07FAT, lisird In Semi-Weekly
sections. Is almoteqml toad Hv. at tin prl.jsof a w.ly. Ths tw papers each
week give tie co-nol-ts nw of that w-k from a I parti of the world, so selected
and arraneed as to nr srvethn thr-al of even s rr nii l-su to U us. The prepar
ations of THK NKW.S In this form lovdv s sn Imui-ns. anntint of labor inl ex
pense. an I e impris the m"t conipl -te a id c mpr'h-n4ve N:m Srrvk'R of anv
dollar a year publication In the I nited stnte, ir not in the wiild.
AS A HOME Ji)l'itLVr h VKK ft.V
emlmsnt. It Is m traily cl'an. mil iimv
memhersnf any frr.'l. - - Ins ths verv c-e irn of current literature and the
beet pictorial I lust .1' n I i , ,)a-tin.iitiev .ted to '-ihe II mie." "Kor Women "
Agricultural Nkhk " ' . . .. m .io-,i.... ..i n .i i. ... .u. i i .'
. 7 , . . . - -
and lis market retorts are coni i . ,i!id
IN A WORD. Ths WKKKLT CLORii liKMKMUT Is a eo-nplels newspaper, pre-P,",,Prln,,fw-o,lierit
n t thought'iil ret.t.ls. H. . have eontl lenci In
its ability to speak for It . I au j ihwrfully mall Sample Copy, free of chBrg.
upon rece ipt of req c -'. Ad ires "'
Ilie Glob 5 P- liit ntj Co, St Louis, Mo.
Th DAILY GLOBE PK H T ! w,,;, -. a rival In all the West and (land at
th very front among the f RKV,! i i.l'KAT new-papers In the world.
Pally, Inc'udlng Sunday.
I) illy, Willi,
One Year
Six Months...
8 Mouth
. .tdon
One Te'ir.
3 Months.
Ry Mull,
Albuquerque Foundry and Machine Works
R. r. HALL, Phoi'riktor.
Iron and Bras Casting; Ore,, Coal and Lumber Cars; Shafting, Pulley. Oral
Bar, Babbit Metol; Columns and Iron Front fur Building; Repair
on Mining and Mill Machinery a Specialty.
Commercial House and Dote
Genersl Ag;nU for W.J. Lemp'i St. Louit Beer.
Outside Orders Promptly Attended to.
107 & 109 South First St , Albuquerque, N. M.
Good promptly delivered In any part of the. city The best Goods at tb
Lowest Prices.
Ho for
irjlrty.su Years 1'ractice, the Laat Ten lu Denver, Cut. Ma.N UMLV laaAiau
A ear guaranteed In every pae undertaken whxn a cure Is practicable and
possible. Gonorrhoea, gleet, aud stricture spnedily cured with Dr. Klcord'
rtemadle. Recent cases permanently cured within three days. No Cubebs, Handle
wood Oil nor Copaiba used. Hpsrmatorrhoea, seminal Itstses, nlirht emlsHions, In
somnia, despondency, railically cured. Rionrd'a iihIIioiI prantioeil In the World'
HosplUI, Farls. Reference over ii.OUO patients sueoesHfully treated and cured
within the last ten years. Can refer to patients cure,!, by penulNeion. Investigate,
Offlws, (7 Beveuteenth street, near Champa, Dmver, Colo. Knirllsh, French, Oer
man, Polish, Russian and Rohemlan spoken. Consultation and on examination
free. Correspondence sollcltwl strictly conOdentlal.
!, J uuaMrarr Niahi I uuaMia aid nu,,
41 OKm ol atll-Unm. or ira n 1
N J) A ixm-ionir m,4 blood ttMrr.
J Mm lU br ol v ih. l: n. 60o prr
,w ko.wlor 2.SO; !) a anncn
n 41 Tiw.m io mre or rrumi u.t uwo v.
nnvlla moJksl Co.. Cllal.-a a "Iv-w... . rwu.
JOHW Q. BKHRT. Alliuqnerqna, N. M.
ratralla Haa i
Double blankets for 75 cents per pair.
Large sits beds for f 2.50.
Nice children's rockers for to eents.
Ladies" rocksrs from f 1.541 to 7 wi.
Large selection ot Navajo Riankets.
Ths best aHlelliin ,if lr.n ilu-i i,, i.n
v. a.vu urun III , l If
Tb "Dnplei" mattress best for7 60.
Two folntad tjaaatluua Auawarwl,
What Is ths iihm of iiiubiti.. .
' " . m unit'i
article than your competitor If you cau
not get a better price for it ?
Alia.-Aa thura la nn i1liv.ivun. I i..
.. '! f-iiir ill ,110
Dries ins mill in win hn nn ti. i.n...
ao that while our protlti may bs smuller
on a atiiirlM sale tin. win lu. k .,ru.i
r In ths aggregate.
now can you get the public to kuow
your make Is ths best?
If both articles are brought prominent
Iv before the nttbhri hnfh ruirl u l n t Via.
tried aud ths public will very quirkl
uas ludumenton them and iiimli ti,.
better oua.
This eiplalns the largs sals on Cham-
berlalrt'a Hfiiiirh UmiihuIw Th. rv...,iu huuu
been using It for years and have found
ii.. i ... .. i . .
viiaa cam aiwa.a ue ueoeiiueti upon.
Ihey may oocasloiially take up with some
faMlilunalila nnvMllv nut r,,rth ..-ill. ......
gerated claims, but are certain to return
u inn una remetiy mat mey allow 10 lie
reltahla and fnp rninah. m.,!.!. .,,.1 .... .k
there is nothing equal to L'haiuberlaiu's
though Remedy, for sals by all drug
Hla-haet Daab frlnaa Paid
For furniture, stoves. rametH. dMhtiu
trunks, harness, saildles, sliis, etc.
Hart's, 117 (iold aveuue, nett to A ells
rara-o Kioress uflli-e. Sue me tiufiira v,m
boy or sell.
For O.or riny Vaara.
An Old and Well-Trird Rkukht.
Mrs Window's 8ootbiiiir Hvrmi has
been UHed for over fifiv vears bv iiiill.niia
of mothers for their children while teeth
ing, with perfect succees. It soothes the
hiid, softens the gums, allays all pain,
cures wind colic, and is the best remedy
or oiarrnoea. u is pleasant to tlie taxfe.
Bold by druggists in every part of the
world. Twenty-live cents a bottlx. It
value Is iuraliMilatil. He sure and ark
for Mrs. Winslnw's Soothlriir Ktriinan,!
Uks no other kind.
Woolen dreas triunln. 'IT. ii.nu .,m. m.
lo 76 cent. Tbepboeuls.
IsMittl in
Km h 1 uaday
yi..,t.W,.t I.. nl
mi- ii n-R it p
i Sfctftms.
sixteen Paifes
lit .131! nvr imiit n.
h real with ml r nt imin .i,- U .n thi
j m - ,-iv ii ii .ir oiuiirei grans,
correct lu ve'y detHil.
lit Sunday:
Sunday Edition:
3d to 60 pages.
0"e Year fi.oo
0 Month W
. U IK)
poet ige prepa'd.
Famous Stages Leave
fTFor the Resort.
Livery, Feed and Bale Stable.
HACKS to any part of the elty for only 25o.
Old Telephone No. 6. New Telephone No. 114
COPPER 1YEHDE, Bet. Second ini Tblrd St
nf Dr. Philip
Syphilis a Specialty.
nicuru tti runs.
IS one of tin' nlost reports In th
city and is supplied with th
bent ai d linnet lliuors,
HEISCH 4 BETZLEB, Proprietors.
Patrons and friends are cordially
Incited to vlhif'The Elk."
202 West Railroad Avenue
Very Finer-1 Wines
Liquors and Cigars.
Third St, and Tijorai Ave.
Atlantic Hoer Uall !
Cool Kig Hmm draught; the Bneat Nativ
Wine and the very beat ol tint class
Liiiunra. Oiveuaarall.
R All Kiiau A ski s, Ai.at'QraHQi s.
W.L.TK1M15LE& CO.,
Second street, between Railroad aud
Copper avenue.
Ilnroes nml Mu'es bought end rxchanged.
Livery, Sule, Feed aud Transfer Btable.
Beat Turnout In the City.
Addrru V. L. TRIMBLE cc Co.,
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
...HOLLER'S ..
,'M Copjier Ave,
IlcirMehhix'iiig a spei'I'tlty, W aaon re
pairing and all lli-r kind of Rlaok-iulth
eurk if naranti'fil.
ttf i la a U 'li p- t.-
.1 M'I llial.il I liira.
VS iiiua. U h li a I U I a I li-
r i a ( a . 'r am littlaaiui
li.-ti, iiiiintioii or iiLria
t" il '( In n i' u ll i liit-iu-
' Hi fc i)S Gut at Ci, t"i" N'n trlunrul.
a. U. at. a A i. ," "" ',n ''tr.
ll Ut, ,.r a l .lil,, ,' TO

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