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NfiA, , '-if it;
1 Hue wit only to the originality nnd
implicit; of the rotiilnnntmn, but also
to the care mid nk 111 tvlth w hich It l
manufactured hy KcUntlflo firorfw
known to the Califohmia Kin Syntip
Co. only, and we n ish to Impress opon
all the Importance of pun hnsing the
trtie and original remedy. As the
jrenulne Symp of Ki)T 1 manufactured
by tho C'Ai.iroiiNiA Km Svmrp Co
only, a knovvlt-ly of that fact will
mint one in avoiding the worthless
Imitation manufactured liy other par
ties. The hlrh standing of the Caij
roaitiA Km Ktki-p Co. with the medi
cal profession, and the satisfaction
which the penuine Syrup of Figs haa
ITtren to million! of famlliea, make
the name of the Company a irtiaranty
of the excellence of iln remedy. It la
far In advance of all other laxative,
a it acts on the kidney, liver and
bowel without Irritating or weaken
Inor them, and It does not (rrie nor
nauseate. In order to (ret it beneficial
effect, please rememlier the Dame of
U w Company
as" ritAXtixia. rL
Ui Tn.11t.ar. nmttim.w.
Tmi of HuhMtrlptlrta.
Imilv. by mail, one ytNir
Mily, ly mail, mi month ,
'aily, y ntail, thtvr mom kit
I'miy, tiy in Ht I. uitr imiiilli
1 full v. t)V ( artif r. cine timntti
. 8 Oil
.. 1 M
. . m
.. 7
V pfkly. hv ma I, yrar .
9 oo
THK lA 1 1 V (. IllKM wilt rirliviTfd In
the city nt the low rtitr nf U rctitn t r cfk, tir
fur 7! (ftiin rr iimoth, whrn monthly,
The nil a air It-- tlmn tljuae tl any tuhrr
daily 1'iiptr m the ten i tor y.
A DVFHTISINd KATKS mail' known ou
appltiation at thr oflic of puhlu ution
111KCITIKN Job ortlre U nnp of the In
In the mnithwi t. and all It tn. U ot job
printing la net. u ted With neatncM ami a: low
est pftcra
J and well lined to do any kind of bintlinu-
THK CI J I FN will Ire handli-d at (he p.
S u bat nptiona will be rollrrw.i by It. II.
1 II.Tok, or i mi be paid at the of. ire.
N'OTH'K la hereby giwn that onlera ivrn
by etntloyf timt I hi 1 H ikn will
not be honored unlet (.rtvioutly eitdorttrd bv
the proprietor.
T'HK lil l.N la nn Mile at the following
plncra In the citv: S. K New comer , ' I 4
Railroad avenue ; Hnwley'a Nrwn lit-pot. South
tiet-ond Ueel; A. I. M tlon I'm. "a, n. 2oh
Railroad avenue, and Harvey ' K at inn llnu
at the deptrt.
THR h K K I.IST-The frpe lint of Tub
A CIT1KN prnhrrtrea Notices of Mirth. Mnr
rlagea, ruiierftU. iH-atha, t hurt h Srrv.ie.t- and
kntertalnnirntft where mMMtmiMiion m harged-HKiHr-S
M Mt l KKH.II I ,
Kditoraand Huhliitliera.
Atchinon, Topeka & Santa Fe.
FROM th g north Arrives
Nt. ftCalitorma Limned 11: to am
No. 1-C Hlitotma KtpreM 7 pm
No 17-aMnreM H:vaiin
itttiNc) ndhth Leave
No. 9 Atlantic Kipreaa O Ali ptn
No. aii-l-4HMl Kiireaa 7:'4'iptu
, No. 4 h ortna Limit tl 0:15 prn
Khom th ion a Arnv
No. fla-Linal Kiurfsn tt:.iu tim
No. 81 Meiit'u fc,iprer. ,. W:of am
SanttFV Va-iiW. '
FROM TMK wkht Arrlvea
No. 9 Atlantic kxpn-i . loiyftpm
No. 4 California Lun tfd tt:b pin
ooi Mt vs km i Leaves
No. 8 California Limited 11 :'-' atn
No. 1 racitic LiprcM P:opm
Ntw. 1 and 9, FarihV and Atlantic Fiprewi.
bavp rullnian palui e lr winu loom cih, ttmr
it lecpnifci i aia and chair cars tiptwrvn C'hl
chho and Lo Ann lr- and San h ram ihm.
Nott Wl and 'J'J, Alex'ro uml Lh m) Fiprrm,
have I'ulltiKin pahce can and chair t ark trom
LI Pao to Kanas Cttv.
The Cahlornu I united ta the tinent and f i-t-
rxt trahMontintntitl tian ever run. Iti.mu-a
only lt'!'- Ihm lull lic paaM.-nKt-rti ami mtkc
very Irw atopa.
Momlav, WediiftI(iv and Kndav only.
I ueaday, I huiMiay ami ."-utiti.iy ouly.
W. It. 1 Kl l.l , iiolut Agent.
ttcMsoi, Tcpth & Santa Fe By. Co.
Santa Fe Pacific B. R. Co.
Condensed Time Table 46, Effective Nor. 3, '98.
No. 1 No. a.
In "Op Roup
1 1 -J J H.;iri a
7.u a ia
4 .i 1 1 uo .
v HIS tl In
a JO . 4. 0 i
9 4n a 4.17
r, in ii. mk i
U 4b a 11.4 p
U a u 60 j
II in II lep
I 'l .t . D OS a
msr . ...
J J7 p
k lu (
. '0 I
1 . i l0. a
Itir !.:.
4 -J i p a n a
H. im . 4.'.'0 a
T.blp 5.10 a
1 ).!.& 7 10
It 80 II. 16
I . On ii kajp
60 a
4 16 ...
h :m u l.to i
I. inp o.ioi
e.4o p
No. 4.1 No.
"lip woop
ii.. oo p 7-or. p
6.00 p & "li p
6 R a 1 1 r.O a
Kanaaa Clly
l.a Junta
All uqiirrgur
K UaaUlt
Will lam.
A.h rmk
e.o p
to jr. p
6 :i5 p
I HO p
iy;i p
10 40 a
w -u a
a ui a
6 60 a
4 1 0 a
a. !o a
I lift p
h :iu p
i.o p
1.4:1 1
10 17 a
11. 6 u
e.iti a
A. iu a
A. a Fork
Jrrom Jc
Conarean ic
A.h Kork
A 60 a
7 46 a
I jo a
I Mi a
III 66 p
II 'J 7 p
4 11 p
H Ml p
11 III p
lu 10 a
1 00 p
h 10 a
Pedi li Snilli.
li 16
Tur NerUle.
Loa Atu-elea
Snn !lrKO
-an iriinriwt
IV m:i
in a p
u n
7 ilo f.
6 4M
6 :.- i
I 'JO p
Bio a
Trmna I ami t biv. Pullman Palare and
Tounat Slerpma Cart daily throtiiiit (Htween
C In. nn nil it (aliliirnla. Thr 1. niul C anyon
of llie Colorailu can Le feat lied only by tloa
Jolnl Ailrlit.
Hsnilii is Wcailh,
VvTHCAl E r. I
DH. E. C. wears
laaoliliiMlT piniv tVrlllra ;uamntee.
i mil linruil nai'i ta 4iiil, In cum S ita ali,iin'i,i ,
llitn -i, Wr.k .foil h, I iih, llyntna. On!- t-
N' iM lwt't., I vil Ilr.vuiiH, lii k off ..lit!.
iWiii'i. Ni'rvoii'.i"w.i, l.'u.-1 Mil.', n'l lliHill,, Y"Ulll
fill Krnim, r I ii iw.i L ' .'I i"iiHj i. Opium
er 1 .1 I r. wl.ii h limit ti MiNer. I . .ni-uii i.T i. -u
tn 'aljllll and lumti. Aumni'T .v inmi, (1 a
..I: mi In f .. wnh wrilleu ailrutee fa
c ure or reluna un.nev. MuHiiile nark-
fle, ci'ii'ainit.t li (1h;' triMtiu.Miit.ir.iti full
ii.tiut-tiona, i:, ci-nl.. th a aMi-'i.ltf uul bold tu
aat'h f'MriNjl. At .Lun) or l.y n.itX
ityfcrl Laliel Special
intra Strength.
For lu
potency, l.ut
iA'lt MuiiIummI.
hu.tility iir rut 't-iuii.M.
a.tl a ail f ir ..!'
fyj'ff'' rllicn aiiarHi ie5u
J. U. O'Klr.l I ( A CO IMila Aeula.
AlhU'iueriiae, N. M.
Kxtraorili-ary opportunity to supply
your fall and winter neeila at a mere
trllle. Anything In the store at a reduc
tion of from 10 to M) percent on account
of removal, (ioldru llule lry (iooda
DuIYy'i Ronrh Experience
Wblle it Ho brook.
Special Cnrrenpondenre.
Ilirdy, Arltina, Dec. 5. I'aiMy Vaftf,
thf fliRniitn, hettwr knowo m "t'rowlej'a
Advance Gunril," tnriifj from Holbrock
afewds) ainre with a faltering step
in i an f nifity iure.
Paildr, 111 hot," hl Korenmn 0'Cod
nr, 'jou liHik a if vnu hud a t uch of
'Jim Jiiu."
Ye. Mr. O'Connor," replied 1kM,
"I hsd th 'Jim Jsnis' rniJ hsd thlm Im l
st that, and It waxn't that lava they
rhsrfre 15 cei 1 1 nrlnk for at Hulbrook
that gAV then to in either. Bit right
down now, John O'Connor." coaxed
Poddy. "and I Kill tell you whnt gave
thliu (o in."
Th (1st after the) 'outfit left Hoihrnok
for Jimeph City, I was eaten' me break
fsst Id Hhid l.unii' rrstsnrant when Stm
pproachml the table holding In hi lisml
A little uewpip r, called the lloihrook
iV'gns. The Clil;iii:uan iw grinning all
ovir. "n hat tirkles you so etrly In the
morn, Sam." said I,
' OU, ji u lued ilat," HAld 8im, plntlng
hi long iHitijr Qnger At a piece In the
pitp-r, "ami tut) be you heap laush "
Be Jilier t t.x k the paper out of his
hand and the Qrt thlrg 1 laid tne eyes
on was ait ele tiealed: 'Crowlev's
t'nruly f.a'ig."
"Jlstas I git thru reatlen', what I
afterwards learned was a 'ror.iter' In
walked the 'tin hnru' tlvkso'.rd that
bate me out nt me hard month's wage
the night before, and behlud him came
s nw th faced man, who looked like a
wrd, the rame I asw at the Mexican
bilre on Haliirilav night."
"Unm and rKg for two, and be qutoli
ah nit It," said the "tin horn" chap, ad-
drpMHing Ham Lung.
8 hid dieapparel.
"8ay, Hiirry." eaid the eiuooth-faced
hli ke, turning to th 'tlu horn," "did
m eee the weekly lnu yet?"
"No." repl el Ilarry. "What A Ui.?-'
"Vou Jiit cant your ie"p.r on that,"
xald th UwediHhdiMikiaii cent, tilntini
to th piece 1 JimI nail.
After tin "tin linru" fliilitied the
plecn he Iri. d to l iuih and euid: "Vou
oewi.ppt'r fellera are dalilen. Ky jingo,
you are even with tint Crowley gang now,
you bet. That will teach tin in a lf--jti,
when next they camp here to patronize
your paer."
"W i ll, Mr. O'Connor, I saw through the
whole ti (fair In a J fly, and nmlriili blood
euniuienced to bile, I tmn from the ta
ble, "wallowing me coffe In one gulp a
I did ao. Here, ye haythen, aald I, plut
Ing me hand at the Chinaman, who waa
grinning from ear to ear, ahowlng hie
big yaller teeth, take your change out of
that, aald I, aa I td rowed down silver
dollar, and the next time agalu you al
low a 'tin horn' gambler or a Navajo
county edlter to alt at the same but
before I could fluUti I fell a creeping
acnaaUon all over me. I became dizzy,
and that 1 all I remember nntll I fonnd
nieeelf, two day later, In a email cabin
where Uvea a Mormon and his two wives
and any quantity of yellow haired chil
dren, near Joaeph City station, about
QfUeu mile from lloihrook. On regain
lug me mind, I round metielf lying on a
hay mattree and the younger of the two
womeu bending over me."
' Keep quiet now brother," oald she,
"all the nnke are gore, that lloihrook
whlnkey miiat be a holy fright."
Ho I laid quiet until early thU morn,
when, after thanking the Mormon and
hlii wive for their kind hoepltality, I
Mihruck out for the camp, and ao here I
am, John O'Connor, and If you belave me
word It watm't the Hulbrook "whiHkey"
that they faetecHUMhly call Hour luftnh to
that gave me the Jiiujam. but the coffee
I drauk at Bam Lung's restaurant, and to
make things worae, John, the coat I
bought blew off m back niiwhere out
on the aand banks, and all I had of It
when I reached the Mormon's cabin, ao
they told me, waa the two sleet and the
ollur. Justice.
Heal Katat Tranalera.
Charlotte Wake and h unhand to John
Claumeii, warranty deed to lots 11 and
12, block li), Gallup i consideration, IKK).
I'allas B. Burger to I). A Blttner st al.,
warranty deed to lots 217 to 228 Inclu
sive, block 18, P. Armijoi Bros. addition;
consideration, $oU0.
A. B. Hi'aillng to Jacob Loebs, special
mister's deed to land on the southwest
corner of Third street and Tlj "ran road in
Albuquerque; consideration, $1,060.
Jacob Loebs aud wife to Metro Badar-
aitco, quit claim deed to same property as
described above; consideration, (2,000.
Isldra C. de Aragou to It gln B. 8ala
zar, warranty deed to land lu precinct
No. 5; cnuilderatlon, $50.
Louise II. Hose to Julius Kiseiuan,
warranty deed to one-halt Interest In
property located In Barelas; considera
tion, 12o.
Oraat la twula Wm.
Boine of the territorial papers are be
coming more or litis excited over the al
leged promise of a through train between
riauta Ke aud the City of Mexico. Thk
OmKS and New Mexican published
some liiue ago the fact that arrange
ment were la progress between the
Mexican Central aud the Santa Ke
railroads whereby a daily through train
service between Chicago and the City of
Mexico would be inaugurated. Tin Kl
Paso Times, In coiyiug the paragraph,
"luaiKertentl)" substituted the city of
Hants Ke for Chicngo, and now the other
western papers are copying the error like
a tlx'k (f sheep chaeliig over a stone wall
afb r a hell wether.
4'nlr.lu I'etcrau lu Town.
J. A lireeUH, M. D., ami v.Ke, of New
kork City, arrived from Chicago last
night and were guents at the Palace eu
rcule to the Pacilli! Coast. The doc'or is
s imethl'ig of an old timer iu this couu-1
try. He came Wi at to Colorado in 112 j
and enlisted in the Second Colorado lu-J
fantry under IVonel Chlvlngton and
Major Wynkoop. He came south with
Major Wvnkoop to Santa Ke lu 1hi',
' hlls only 17 years of ag, and sereil
with the command until Ihe close of the
war. Hs was under Colon. I ChKlugtoii'
at the hattle of Hand Creek, which v.as
made famous not only by the BinilliiU-1
turn of uhout him Cheyeniiee, but for
' that now historical excliiiuatu n of the
doughty colonel, "Nits make lice, boys,
J give "em Hi" Dr. Greene was lu Cap-
tain SinKirn' company, and relate,
with m.ire or le atnnwmeiit, how, in
a'br year, h clled on the old colonel
In Denver, when th latler, then become
a enmy, aiiperainntted old fo4il. In
elated on believing Ilia CtU'T wa4 thr
merely to -pone in inry out if hi in wit!i
which to get out of town. The drctor Is
out In thl country for hi wife's health,
and Intents to Mop over In Hants Ke
longeron the way horn. New Mexican.
Tit C't'lIK A (l.l I OIK IMT
Take Laxative Rromo Quinine Tahleta,
All drugnHt refund th money If It
fall to cure. 2.' The genuine L. B.
on each lah.et.
Btnlntjt Trantsctcd-Hcarlng of Fltdra
Lnmbre ttrant Set for M inday.
Court of private laud oUIiih met Tues
day morning at M o'clock with Chief
Justice K'ed and Aw-ociale Jimtl(y4 Ku
ler, Murray aud fUon present, says th
New Mexican. Asss-iale JiHtlci Minn
has not yet arrived, and l ulted Mates
Attorney Heynohls, who ha been lu
Washington attending to balues be
fore the supreme court, 1 expects to ar
rive In th morning. All th other ofl)
cers of the court ar present.
The motion for a rehearing In the con
solidated cases Nt. list, i:til and 2lt, was I
argued and submitted. T il conwill-i
dated case Involves the title to the blto
Colorado grant, In Valencia county, mi
ler which aisiut I'X,'XI0 acre are claimed
by Alauacto 1'tno de Caitillo, Amliroslu
Pino and other. This craut Is allei;d
to have twn made prior to H i, and wa
rtjcteil by the court of private laud
Claims at the 8-ptemtii'r term, VJH K.
C. (iortner a pearil for the claimants
while the govern in 'nt wai represented
hy W. H. Pop.
A mandate from th United 8' Hi
supreme court wa presented dlmlslug
the a pjal lu ca- No. 117, Thla raae,
In vol ve.1 the validity of th Nuentra
Senora de los Dilore mine grant In
Hanta Ke county, end ti have I e ti made
tu lSlrt. The grant wai rt j nted by the
exirt of private land cllui4 at tin Sep
tember, lsisl, term and appeuleil by the
claimant, Mariano S. Otero, to the su
preme court. The mandate dismissing
the rase was made ou the request of ti e
claimant. Catron Si Onrtner for the
Th hearing of the survey of the Piodra
Lniuhra grant, ewe No. 8 i, In Kin Ar
riba county, was net for next Monday.
This grant was ma !e In H ). and roui
prlscs 4S,nu) u-res, claim d by AniCcto
Martini E, et al.
f'o irt t!nu a Ij nir:i"il u.ittl l o'clock
Wrduesilay morning.
BTCHGEd' l.t'RorRAN.
K. H. Tunlsnn, Hart Mot. lea; Key. Geo.
J. Julllard, (tailup; tV. II. Conslahle, Kl
Paso i Chas. J. 11. St. LouU; lleury Uun
ther, Han Acaclo, N. M.; K. O. Vtmsl worth,
Pocatello, III.; Phil Prager, 8'. Louis;
Mrs. K. M. Klllott, Itlunon; 1. (',. Wlluox
son, Denver; K. A. Klrtiher, Chicago;
Hurry Kaufman, New York; 8. K. Knnpii,
li Angeles; 0. L brown, Oakland; Mil
tin 8. lleluemaN, Baltimore; Laouard
.Skinner, Chillll; K. 11. Par ad Ice, Denver.
0. A. McKlnney, Alton, III.; Kred.
Kammer, La Vegas; A. C. Molt, Los An
geles; D. J. Main, Kl Paso; Luther John
sou, Kansas City.
J. T. Holbert. Knrt HelWrice; Nathaniel
K. ltoseman, Buffalo, N. V.; Pierce Cor
rall, Hruca Cantrell, llllopolls. III; Mrs.
A la I). Hill, Mrs. J. W. doliif and son,
Topeka; C. K. MeAdarns, Denver; Dr. J. O.
Cobb, wife and child. New York; J. 8.
Hice, Miss Cora K, Klce, Kenton, Ohio.
Kire sale prices at IlfeM'g this week.
Beet ranges on the market. H hltney
For nice holiday presents go to May &
A Torrey rnz ir for $1 at J. H. O'RIelly
& (Vs.
X nas presents suitable for every one,
al The Phoenix.
See th latest the Cyrano neck chains,
only at the Kcouomlst.
Just received a car load of Letup's beer
at Bachechl & ttiomi's.
Blankets, comforters and pillows In
endless variety. May & Kaber.
Kor the tst and purest malt whisky
for invalids see Btuhechl & Uloml.
Our art department In the most com
plete lu every detail. The Kcoiiouiist.
Mrs. Alhrlght has engaged more help
in Hie gallery to meet lite iiollday rusn.
"Kicheliku" Canned Gixum Kit for
a king ouly at Becker's Cash Grocery.
Kor a good smoke try me Hnown
best lu towu for & cents. Hi nr Jon ks.
Kor cotTee-arrac aud Hweilish punches,
leave your orders at Bachechl ti lilomt's.
Kor Tom and Jerry, rum punches and
military piiuchea call at Bachechl &
"Uit'HKLiKC" Canned fltxitw They
I r"
BiiHg-Belgend only at Becker's
Cash Htore.
All the latest designs In stamping
patterns at Mrs. P. J. Murphy's, i)U West
lluulug avenue.
The largest stock III cudiloiis. cushion
tops and drapery goods al May it Kaher,
Ilu Uold avenue.
Visit the Koonomist art department,
where you can Un l everything appei mill
ing to fancy work.
Number HI Hallroail avenue, the store
that keeps the choicest aud dalutlt-ht con
fections lu the city.
Highest cash prices paid for furniture
and household goods. Automatic plume
17U T. A. WlUTTKN.
All kinds of gisiils fi r fancy work, em
broidery silk, CUiua silk and s.ams, tin
bous, laces, etc. B llfeld V Co.
The New Mexico Collection agency, of
fice over Kox's Jewelry store, charges
nothing miles the account Is collected.
He those novelty dress patterns at Th"
Phoeulx;$l2 pa'l-rns, $1 Ml; $s put
terns, $.1 bo; $7 patterns, f'.'5ti, H llfeld
& Co,
It von fi'el weatr, get yourself solus
Dam 1 ana. Cola Pepsin or X ray biliers.
They caouot be excelled. Bachechl A
(i nun I.
Have Jut received two
carlnads of
whisky, and for thirty iliiys will sell at
cost. I tune and get prices. Bachechl A
Tho Best Advlcn
ii',, .. ;..,, , ... ,.... I.
jw, i,,ni, , "ii nn, (Till I-;, . . ... . , .
pure liloi.il un.l aro iillli, t.-.t y, i,, tlim men to start the new church orgaul
sciofula, rlii uiiiiitisin, iii urslirla, m- j nation, but Just as last evening's ser
tarrh or liny l.lnnil diM-uai-, i tu tnkn i h''' were couiiueiicliig In this city, Dr
IIoihI's S;irniinii ila, t lit' (inn 'l i no I Moi risou read a dispatch from Mr. Mad-
Ilium! runner. I his Ineill. ine cun s
when till othi'is full tu tin tiny pirnl.
Hood'8 Pill nr.. Iho -Kt itfh
'T pills, aid (IlL't-lluii a.'.c.
Carpets, mnltinvs and linoleum
greatly reduced prices. May At Kaber.
HtH,ult.,l".f, ..D:H' 1 ,"i'" Bt Mr-'
4iii.'tij n, i i'-r iiiiiiina; sirimr.
I See the uew Bntteiiherg and Hernials-
sauce pieces at the r.i'onomlst.
Kor California and imported wines,
Call at bachechl V Gloml .
Krom the New Mellcan.
There Is a soft coal famine In town,
and for th tlm being there Is not a
pound of soft coal to be bad.
j Arrhlt'Tt I. U. Hupp has returned from
. ChlCHgo. where ha had been to purchase
steel trntAes for use In the new capital
Kt Virginia Otero has returned
h me from L"s Lnnas, where she spent
two weeks visiting with her sister, Mrs.
8i I l u 'i a
Jotqiiln " heeler Is In th county J ill
In default of $5o(i bonds on charge of
attempted rap. Depnty Sheriff Huber
ma le tb arrest.
Mrs. A'len McCord ha been quit lck,
and for a time loet her One voice, but her
many friend are pleased to see her op
K ln, and are glad to learn that her vole
I returning.
The case of the Klrst National Bank of
A!t'W'irqtie vs William W, McClellan
et al. lis len taken to th territorial
niir.'ine court from th district court of
Bernalillo county on a writ of error,
CI' rk 8ena Issued the writ Tuesday morn
loir. Injpctor K. B Heynolds, of the Indian
leparliunnt at Washington, who haa been
In town for th last few days, went north
Tue d iy morning en route to the Jlcarilla
ib agency for Inspection there. He and
Lieutenant Krtochs went together.
Charles L. Davis, who was convicted
A'id sentenced to one year In the pentten
t ary for burglary at the last term of the
district court, held In Silver City, was
Iir nght up from the south Monday eight
by D. C. Ilohart and turned over to th
p-ls n authorities to serve his sentence.
District Clerk Berg re rsturned from
his sheep and horse ranches In eastern
Valenrla county Monday night, after an
absencs of several days.
H' v. Dr. Craig, superintendent of Pres
byterian missions In this territory and
Ariz ma, was a pasxenger north oo Tues
day morning's Denver St Rio Grande, en
rout to Ban Juan county. He I to pre
side at the installation Friday of Kef.
VI r. Kailie, of Kansas City, over the Pres
byterian church at Aztec; and oo Sunday
over the ordination and Installation at
Kanulngton of Rev. Mr. Oagle, from the
StcCoroiick seminary at Chicago. Dr,
Craig Is highly pleased with the growth
of the Pret-httoriao church all over his
Held. 1 hern are now fifty-one Presbyter-
lau teachers lu this mission Held and
1 IK) pupils, aud the Horn Mission board
h is expended Ihls year In New Mexico
aud Arizona. ti'iO.ooo.
Krom the Optic.
stock ruuulng at will In the court
hou-s yard Is not ao agreeable sight for
oue to be proud,of.
The Internal arrangement of WelUv
Kargo's express otllne are being changed
much for the better.
Riyal Prentice ha 1 another chill. It
seems dltlli'ult for him to get Culaand
uontauk malaria out of bis system.
The Utile boy of Mr. and Mr. George
V. Reed was struck lu the eya with a
sharp stick by his little uncle, resulting
lu the puncturing or the eye ball.
Wm. Kroenlg, near Watrous, has al
r -aitysold Coxk) pounds of apples Ihls
full, 30 oou pounds going to Denver, and
he still has quite a supply on band.
The fire department. In view, of New
Y ars coming on Sunday, will givs their
aunual New Year's ball oo Monday even
ing, January 2, at the Duncan.
Miss Kmma McDonald, a Las Vegas
young lady, reared and well known here,
but who has recently been residing In
California, was married there the other
d y, to Frank BpafloriL ot Hantord, that
The editor of this paper has received
letter from Rev. J. D. Bush, whom
hundreds know and lovs in New Mexico.
He Is to New York City, says hs Is dolug
reasonably well, and hope shortly to
return to New Mexico.
The young mechanics of the city are
making elaborate preparations for bold
Ing a Christmas ball at the Duncan
opera house on or about Thursday,
December 22. An energetic group of
young men have the matter lu hand aud
will miks a success of It.
Mrs. Kdward Henry as 70 yea sof sge
on Monday. Hh and Mr. Henry, who Is
75, are a reoiark .LIe couple for tljor aud
a-tivlt), Co .-tillering their age. They
w. r uiorrti d u.ie than forty-eight years
ao, li ivi. reared a family of six oh Irtren.
ciiiin hero in IHM, and are now enjoying
lu peic.v ai.d oouifiirt a happy and vigor
o'is ags. Mv. H ury wm twice mayor of
this city, at one lime receiving every
vote Cast but five.
The wife aud friends of George Ma
hoffy, who hai a tie contract with the
M .xwell T I in her company at Morley, are
uii-tsj about him. Mr. Mahoffy left some
wi- ks afo lu quest of tie choppers. Hs
vv-.i lu Trlulilal, but finding do Idle men
there he went to Agullar. He stated that
he might be compelled to make a trip to
thi'Hau Luis valley. He haa not been seen
nor heard from since leaving Agullar.
ii n. .i.aucuy is living ai iiaion.
N.w Church at Hland.
IVes ling Klder Morrison aud Hey. G
8. Midden, pastor of the Methodist
church in this city, hav for some tlm!'H0 but "'"' l"r "nHI,r
hat their spiritual vision resting on th
proiulslug mining camp of Bland; and
the faot that there was no evangelical
church out there led them to regard the
Held as ' wMta uuto the harvest," ready
for the resper. Mr. Madden has mad
several triM to Bland to look the Utild
over, and Dr. Morrluju baa been out there
once or twice before he and M,r, Maddeo
drove out there I buroday. What was ao-
couiplished was made known by a tele-
gram, read lu the M dhodlst church la
t'ds city loet night by Dr. Morrlsou, who
returned from HUnd Uatuiday, leaving
iia i-ieu to ao ine reaping over Bun
1 oar. iiiey uau couoieii ou ku inris-
den statin- that the uew church had
j lieeu nrgauizisl with twenty-two mem
., 1 hers, with nure to ootne, and wound up
I Willi a h'-arty amen, The latter seutl
' iii-nt wiis re echoed aa the message waa
" real. Mr. Madden returns early Ihls
j 1 tat-tk New Mexican.
At lluil-oii's paint shop on North Heo
oa.l sin-it, opisisttH Trimble' llery
i stables, you call Hud sou o extra cheap
1 haijaius iu paints, oils, varnlnhss, etc.
I Call and be couviuced.
"tt-Cv-,, , 11 KV1
Talking N Over.
When a party of
miuoie aft-rri worn
rn (et togrthr
alone, a common
theme of conversa
tion Is their phys
ical ailtnrtita. It
onld he better If
theae diacuaaiona of the aitmrnta peculiar
to yrornen took place twenty yrara earlier
In life. If a little of the priidrry of mod
em society mere banihr(. ao that yonm
omrn talked these aithircta over atnona
themwlvra, there would lie less aaOVring
amonf women in middle life.
(Vood health is the brat endowment that
a human bring1 can have. Good (rrnrral
health amon women is largely drrndrnt
npon B'mmI l.K-at hrallh In a womanly way.
Thtoujrh Ignorance and nrftrct it haa be
come snch an ordtn.Trv. common -place
thinf fur women to suffer from weaknea
and disease of the d '.irate and lmrw1nt
feminine onraniam. Ih.it many women have
come to look upon these trouhlca as an
nnavoidnhle Inhcrlt.inee. This fa a mis
take. All troubles of Ihla nature may be
cured tn the privacy of the home, without
unneifroina- the onnoxinua eanminatlona '
nd " local treatment " insisted npon by
the average physician. Dr. I'lrrce'a Fa-
ite Prescription ftvea health, elastic
atrenth and vitality to the sensitive oryana
concerned. It allays inflammation, heala
ulceration and frees fiom pain. It tonra
Ihe nervra and bniltta up the nerve center.
It makes a woman healthy and atrnnr, and
thus prepares her for healthy wlfihood.
capable motherhood and a aafe rranaition
at the change of life.
I want Intesllfv to the erat beneSt tlerleed
from iiMne Iir rtrtr'e Fsvotll Pr.-riptiim."
write Mrs. H. Mason, of Wrvkersvtll, Wyo.
mlng Co., N V. "I commenced using H atKsit
three montha bffnre r-.nhnrmrnt with ny
rorrarr coelinemrnt I ttirlrrrd grratty. while this
one waa rofnpnrativlv rs.v. owing to til aa
of tha 1 Paeonle Prvacriplioa.'
Steel range. Whitney Co.
Hoys' overcoat, BO cent, at Ilfeld's:
Kor trunks and TalLsea, tlB south First
Btove repairs for any stovs mad.
Whitney Co.
Merchant' Innch every morning at th
Whit Klephant.
Attend special sal of silk at the
Koonomist this week.
, Big sal of blanket and comforters
his week at & llfeld X Co s.
Th turtle fad Is all th rag. Be th
turtles, only at the Koonomist.
Ladles' military and walking hat. In
all th new shades. Koaeuwald Bros.
Beautiful drees goods, 25 cents a yard:
worth np to 76 cent. B. llfeld A Co.
Th best place In the city for holiday
dalutle. Candy store, lurj Railroad ave
Be th ladle' corsets to black, white
and drab, 26 oeut each this week at ll
feld'. Hav you seen th latest novelty In
neck chains at tb Kcouomlst r It la tb
latent fad.
If yon need anything lo silks It will
pay you to attend th Koonomist sale
this week.
Beware of special agentel Buy steel
rang from people that ar always with
you. W hltney Co.
Look Into Kletnwort's market oo north
third street, lie ha the nloesl treat)
neat In th city.
Bring yonr magazine and music to The
tiekn oilio aud hav them neatly
bound In book form.
C. A. Grande, 306 north Broadway. On
liquor and ctgart. Fresh 11m for sale.
Furnished rooms for rent.
Bachechl A Gloml. th best place lo
th city for hot and sold drinks. Call
and see them. Fin lunch always oo
Ring np th New Mexico collection
Agency (Automatlo telephone 4u2), aud
tell os about that tough account you
waut collected.
Special six kodak albums mails to
order at The Citizen bindery. Call aud
sea samples and get price. They make
elegant Christmas gifts.
Our assortment of ladles' silk ami vel
vet waists Is so far ahead ot anything
ever shown In this city that It needs no
comment oo our part. Koeenwald Bros.
Our entire new line ot capes, jackets
ana ladies' tailor-made suits al a reduc
tion ot 26 to 60 per cent, on acoouut of
removal. Golden Rule Clothing Com
pany. Read th Golden Rule Dry Goods com
pany's ad. To save th expeuse of re
moving stock to their new location, this
firm Is offering bargains lo all lines ot
dry goons.
All silk velvet lo burnt orange, pink.
light bine, srawoerry, royal purple, uew
blue, and th different shade of red, in
navy bin and whit at II yard. Koe
enwald Bros.
Underwear for ladles, gents. Misses
aud children, also big Hue ot hosiery.
have our full line now. They will be
old at our nnmatctiaoie low prioes
Goldeo Rule Dry Goods Co.
Htnc th fir Painter C. A. Hudson Is
offering the best paints oo the market al
lees than cost. The cans on the outside
are a little damaged, but the substance
on lb inside cannot be duplicated for
the money. Now I the time to buy
paints, oils, varnishes, etc.
All kind ot special ruling, blank book
work, magazine binding and badge
stamping done in the beet ponsihle man
ner at The Citizen bindery. Come lo
and see samples and price of work be
fore ordering elsewhere. All correspond
ence concerning this clan ot work care
fully attended to.
Juat iUoalvwl by W. V. rnlre.ll.,
No. 216 south First street, new line
of carpet. A't squares, $3X0 and up.
Moqiiette and fur rugs aud new furni
ture arriving dally, at prices that will
sell them, and plain figures tell the
prioes. Open evenings until 8 o'clock.
An Ideal FIm.
If yon are searching for Ihe Ideal cli
mata In the I' tilled blaies In which to
spend the winter mouths, where you can
pasaed for the cure ot rhniiiatisin, kid
ney and stomach disorders, and a uew
aud neatly furnished "( asa-ilel Con
suelo," ruu upon the American plan and
with American cooks, with splendid
bathing acoomuiodallons and a place
where consumptive do not disturb your
peace aud comfort for they art) pot in
vited go to Hudson Hot bpTlng on the
Santa it railway in Grant county.
Writ A. H. Urahaiu, Hudson, N. M., for
Removal sale Is now going on at the
Golden Rule Dry (ioods company's store.
UueU prioes as th y are making on their
eutlre new stock will astonish you. Kv.
erythlug In the store at cut prices. !o
not miss this opsrtunlt,
Ar you In uU of a uew leilger, jour
nal, eaeh bonk or specially ruled blanks
of any klnd'f Or perhaps you hav a pile
of magaxlues that newt binding, If so,
call at Tus Citixkn bindery and get
prices, Best workmanship, prtowi 0. K.
Oraud ball will h given by Alamo
Hire, No. 1, L. ii. T. M. (Ladle of the
Macoaliees,) at Armory hall, Friday, las.
nemher Id. Tickets admitting gentle
man aud lady, l,
Ladles' kid gloves, at all prices, in all
shade. Our gloves at l .'.'" and upward
are guaranteed. lUiatinwald Hroa.
(ild papers for wrapping, pailding car
pets, aud shelf covers, for sale al this
bill lie.
A large assortment of trunks aud
valtae "may barraU" at Fulrells's.
a7.U J r 1
All l itul.s of Fresh nnd Salt
Mf.-'ts. -:- -:- - :.
Steam S.uuae Factory.
Tinuu 8TKi:i:t.
Uinu mvn fiil ii'i, in
The Re-t Fa-to-ii Made Vehicle.
Fine Horic-Mioehf a Specialty.
Hatlsfiictl n iiiarnnt it In III Work.
R-paiiiii, liiintuw a ,d Trimming
Done on Mi ri Notice, : : : ; ;
Sho?, Corner C pper ht. ind First St.,
ALM'i.l r.Kl K. N. M.
Call atllaaJquifters for
Leather, llnrn- a. Hadd'e. 8ad Hery,
Saddlery lls'ile are. C it 8oie, Mine
Nails, Haines, t hsins. W hfps. Collar.
Hweat Pails. Cai-tor ll.l. Ax s On as,
B .sitoii Ci seli (l:i, I'ntoNegrn, Itirtdy
Harvester O I. Nia "font Oil. I ar t 01,
Karnes Oll.l.lnsx d Oil, Castile Hoap,
Harnetw Map, ('unburn Sponge.
Chamois Skin, Ilnrs4 Medicine.
Prices) tho Li tvriit
Highest Mark, t Pile Paid for II Ids
and Skins.
Wool Commission
Thos. F. K to LEU EI. ,
40rl Railroad Ave., Albuquerque.
Locks repaired, keys m td and all kinds
of repairing done.
Can't Be Beat
Hottest Goods
I trmrtt Trices,
20ft corn AVENUE.
mextic Coal in use. Yard
opposite Freight Otficc
A, J. CRAWFORD, Agent.
New Telephone No. 164.
Old Telephone No. 25
Leave ordersTrimble't stable
Self Shining: Htove Polish.
Something New. Ha no Equal.
No Mixing. No Dust. No BmelL
Large six Box by mall 10 cent.
Manufactured and for sal by
C.E.DENNY. Albuquerque
For sal by dealers.
Painter and Paper Hanger.
Wedding Cukes a Specialty!
We Desire Patronage, and w
Guarantee First -Class Baking.
Tt'rgrauh onlrra solicited and promptly filled.
Firo Insurance-
Secretary MUuil Bui ding Assoclitloa.
Die, at J. O. Hlilrl.le'a l.umhar Yard
Proposals for I'uuip, Towar. itullillug
Material,, Kl.
I'lllted State, Iniliun Si hisil Hervlc. I
Alliiloiirniiie. N M . iH-r a. Imiih. I
Kraleil I'IoiiokuIn, tnilnr.t-il " PniHHiall for
Pump, T"f-i. llullilititf Msteriala, etc.," aa
the caae tiiHV oe. ami ailiticncil to the tierler
aisnrd at AMxiiiileniiie, N . M ., will ine received
at tin, ai liuul until 1 oYIim k ti. ni. ot Wrdiiea
ilav. lie. eniher Ws. Ihiis. fur fiirnlnliiiiB and
ilrllverlna at Una a. honl nf admit Hv. 000 fret
of aaaolted luinticr, rj.oot! aliinalca. 1,000
lath, I I .Milliner dnplei Iriiik, pinnp and 1 alrel
tuna torr, a lull iIcm riptinn ami kpccilii a
tion, ol alot h may tic ol tamtd ty inakin
ai'tilli atlou in the urn leraiu l:t-tl.
lililii.-ra .lie rrutnr.-il l. slate aperirlcally in
their liiila the pinpi'iM-tl r-ce t.f r h atttclo to
he .illerni to I ijrmt-iv uiiiler a rui'liact.
1 lie nslit la rrwrrvcil tu rejret any nr all bltla
tH any i'Sit ol any l.i.l. if dii-intd tor tus brat
llllerrata ol tti- -crvii r.
kai h hid .i,... tie a. i oinpdiiieil Oy a certllled
rhri k or 'Halt upon a t'uitetl Statra depoa
itory nr auUcot iMiiunal iMiik, niade payable
to the oril. r of tlie i-iiniuiiMiiiner of lniltall
atTans, fur at leant live pet ( rlil of the aitiiiiltit
of the priip.isHl, wtili h rlii k or drait aIll I
fnrfrltcl tu ldr t no. d Mrftca In rase an y bid
der or bidders ret el inf an awatd shall fall lo
prutiiitly rli-iiiie a tunliait with (field and
o tin ir lit aiocti.-s. sc. onliiia' to tin- teitna uf
the bid, utlirrwiar ti, Or l-liiiut-tl tu llir bidder,
liuli. ai cuiin Mined byiaib lu lieu of a certi
fied dir. k v. ill nut lie cnii.iilcred.
1-or turtbrr lnluiiiialli.il apply tu
Aim,.h A. Ai.i.hs, Superintendent
.5 urlitlcinrli, fill out culnplt te aria of Juvrll.
lie lluuki, tur the bulid..ya. Kai h act baa fuur
hooka irradrd fur Utile tines tu iiruwu-up tulka.
Km. h tiiM'K, i bi.r lu 1 1 1 a . d.-1'ulitlul, captivating.
Trn ca iMiia-r trum dot tu 4 iiO. Laiiie booka,
Fin b uvril!u!hu silli bappy HliiMtiatlui'a.
1 leuiemtuu. aeli-ra. Nothina like tlieiu. Knui
niuiilbs a-uldeu halve,! fur enetiietic wotkera.
C'rnllt ylvrll. l-rrlalhl lak:. IllSSeat I Ollinna
au.ua. tiutllt with aamplra ot all fnur booaa
free. Send twelve H .enl atalllta lot paying
pait only uf the poalaae a', tno. limp all trash
anil clear y.tmi a .uuilt With our riilualva
Jllvc'lllrH I II r. r j (t IN Al. Ill It IK C IJN-
LkUS. H'VhMl.li LiKI,l ..cllll. Ai.J.
S.'ii:.'.T:.';.:':,.',,,,v:.""V. 1 1-l.stU
Btsatis. Plmplra, Praama
iLVT.".'"."' "'" ''sU sa.1. .1., I. US' ossSff
laaasaliu. Ttii-, b.iuu .hi., n... s..
r"T r"iy w an. nsu m
ksrs.(va a .
frs. or full bsa fcrfi
iiMNan co ao Ja ea.
Now is tim tune to order your blank
account Usj.s.so they will be Uiorouglilr
aeaaoheil. talieu jrotl open a tie sst of
books ttie tlrnt of the j, ur. All ktuds of
blank lusiks uisitu at 'l ux C'iti.kn bind
er jr. Let us lve you prices on jour
work be(ort) semllng it out of towu.
Mr, llurdlu Norns, elork ot tlie drug
store ot It bhocinukiir, 1'erry, III., says.
"A man fsine In our slurs tlie otlier daf
and said, '1 want a imttls of that stuff
tint saves rlilldren's lives. I read in th
Newsalsjut it. Tlie rhildrnu may get
si -k whan wn fsn not get the doctor
gmek Hiiough. 1 'a llm uietllolns you
sell for croiin.'" Us alludml to t'liaiu
berluln's toiigli Ki'iuedy aud Isiught a
bottle liefors lis left the store. Fur sal
bj all druggist.
Authorised Capital..
Pald-np, CaplUI, Surplus
and Profit IIM.000.00
The Bank of
Capital. $100,000 00.
Solicits Account, and Otter, to Orprxltora Krery Facility
Con.iatent wltb Pmfltable Rankin.
M. . Orsao. Praaldant. B. P. SottusTa.
8oLOo Lvsja, Sheep Urowsf. A. M. BLacawst.L, Omaa, Hlackwell A Co.
W. A. taUiwaLL, Coal. William McIktobh, S eep (irower.
C. F. WACOM. Maoaarr Uroaa. Black wall A Co. I. C. BALoaiDOS, I.um'.r.
Depository for Atchison, Topeka it SinU Fe Railway.
Headquarters (or Diamond C. Soap, Curtice Bros. Canned
Goods, Kansas City Baking Powder, Sulphur,
Wool Sacks, Stoneware.
Houses at Albuquerque, East Las
Finest Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, Etc.,
HO Witt Railroad Avenue, Alboqaorqn.
"Old Reliable"
Wholesale Groeerl
Car Lou Specialty. T U Foual Southwt.t.
Farm and Freight Wagons
7. O.
NatUo mmi
ei aw-s aaj, i fai i ,t. tni
airyA'.j'.s.Jrv .1 vrml a.
tJivf. ! '-fil fi HsHi'
PttlldlB Papar
First St. and Lead
yaUiyM Waar.
.. 1210
srtik Com fart.
Sucoe or to FRiNIC U. JONKS.)
Finest WjI3U)3, Imparted and Domestic Wines and Cognacs
Tbe Coolest and Hirhest Grade of Later Serred.
Fm?st Billiard Hall la tho Tcrritoiy.
Finest anil lest Importeilawl Domestic Cigiirs.
la indorsed by
.... i iitii w i r i
and liusiae s JVen.
Agent lor Nw Mtxico.
Also Agent tor tb beat BL'ILDIVO aud I.0A A330CUTIOV.
uThe Metropolea"
The Hcst and Finest Liquors and Cigars, Imported and Domestic,
Served to All Patrons.
Imported French and Italian Goorli, i
8U Agents for Sn Antonio Lima.
Mew Telephone 147. SI 8, XII AND 217 MOUTH THIRD St
Depository lor the Eant Fe
f raclflc ami the Atchison, To
f fwkfi & Snti Fe Railway
f Companies.
I'lu t. I .
a. A. hXKN Caehler
KRANK McKRR Aa-lstant Cashier
Vies - President. W. S. TICLS. Caahlar.
Vegas and Glorieta, New Mexico.
Sua, Pun,
Iliads, HuUf
IIki, Cm t
is, lu.nnai. i aw ii i
t a . a rTv'Jf iAii? 1
'l? r,Lf'-- ri.l i
llui ritflti,li
Ave., Albuquerque.
Railroad Avenue.
Idephoni U3,
ilbaquerqi, R. 1.
Late of the
St. Elmo.
VTT-' w-t-aysaij,.
- - , " al V 4

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