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TK2 Exci.Lu:;xr; rr s.rr or nr,s
IsdnPtvit o'vytr) t'io v-'jr'n .Oity nuil
Biiiiplicity f ; do c.-iitiliiniit.i.ii. Imt
to tlm cim- nn.l i.i, ill viti nliirh it, in
niHunfae'tir"'! by pi-wat
I. ilOV.'fl ') till' V.MM11M I HI SVIM'P
i:. oi-l v, nr.l w v. 'i.), t iiuprr.-a ii;n
all tin' iu.p.vlnn".- ' i . inliir tlm
true ami oriinnl ri'iut.ly. As the
TPiiino Syrup of l";r '- lv iiiiintifii'tunvt
by the I'm.ii-ivnH h id i;fp r
only, a knuwli l,:" of tliat, f.n-t wiii
Raaii.t one in n v. i I i tlm wotthU'in
Imitnt inns man'it'Tii't urnl by ntlicr pur
tli'. Tlifl til 'li st.imlinjT "f the CAM
roHMA Fin Svitrr Co. v.ith the m-ill
cal profo'l.in, pt"1 thi antifnotinn
Tvlilrh tli Syrup of Kijfn han
pWcn to millions ( familier., miilica
tlm nnum of flu' Company a iruer-nnly
of the rjtii-lli-tu-i nf pa riMiir.ly. It la
far In atlvriiii-i of nil otlmr iHxntiven,
as it nets im tlm I.Mnrys, liver and
Ixiweln viil limit, Irritutiriif or wraUnn
inif them, mi'l it ilix-s not (Tripe nor
rimmi-nti'. In order to rit it, tx-nrflrial
pfi-i-la, please reiii'-intier the name o?
Xi c Com puny
4 riMM'IKCA. r
LO TI1.I.K. Er. ft KMT rlt.tr 9.
Tartna uf HntMM!rlitloB.
lially. t.y mull, one Vf.it l ni
I i.-iil v. I.v ln;nl. ai I mnritli It U"
llitily, l v mail, tiirrr mttlltll:!. 1 ftu
I tally, liy tiuiil. one month rtti
I illy, hv ratiit-r, one ttii'iilli 7
Weekly. hv ma'l, per venr Joe
TlIK 1 a 1 1 V llllKN mill he tl.livrrril in
the i ity Ht the low nn of Jo cenl! per week, or
(or 7 i eeiil ier ninnl h, w hn p:nil moiithlv.
1 he.e rnt ter It-, lliiin tlioie ol uny oilier
Imly paper in the trT'toiy.
PVKKTWINii KATrS mile knimn on
hiiIh at ion Ht thr otlh - ol iutl'i .it ion.
II K I I I 17.Y N nh olli e I. one of ihe l t
ptlntmtf in n iitrd Kith neatiii'
And .1 In
rat . rn en.
ihe. crni-'x niriuv i
Hlld ell tllle.l to .o ail) k.:nl I
roni ili-tr
il tun Iiiik
'rll' t ll ll' N M he I. no. Ili.l at ll
Snh ni'tio.ia will t i'iolh-. h
I'll. Tun. or l ull he t HI'! ut till' othi
.1 l y II. II
NOT It'K In herehv Kiven th it ot.lt r c o el.
hy eti..lo i-m tiion Ink iiiii wilt
not be honotf.l nnli-H previously elulorHril l
the ploprlt tor.
TlIK t l l l.KN l nn ale nl the following
1 l.la.-eH in the ril : S. I-:. Nt' . omi-r. V 1 1
Kallio.nl uviMiue; Haw ley ' New I trpol, .South
SiToiui utreet : A. t .M.tton I'o.'t. No. 'JoT.
Hailroail H enlle. Hint llarvey'H I'.atintf lloiltie
HI III. fllO.llt.
TlIK h K KK LIST -The free lint of TlIK
A I'lTIKN enil.rai NoPri n of HirtliH, Mai
rlne. HineiaU, lleatht. I'hurt h S.-rvu anil
hiltertHtnmeuti w ht rr no hiIiiiimhIi.ii tto hiirKeU
111 1,111-S A M I Kl II. III.
K.htorsHliii PulillHherti.
Thin, pale and consump
tive persons should use
sonic constructive tonic that
will enrich the Mood, in
crease the nerve force and
renew wasted tissues.
Scott's Emulsion is based
upon scientific principles.
We digest the oil for you
hy mechanical processes,
thus strengthening your di
gestive organs hy resting
them. It stops wasting,
anil produces energy, vigor
and warmth. The hypo
phosphites in it invigorates
the nerves, and brain tissues.
. . ai.l f i n, all drily cuts.
SI Ol I .V PI iW S t , llicniuti, Nw Vurk.
Mrl rlMtMtff Triitfrrn.
II. S. Kmlejr nihl wire to JfHiin M San
doval, warranty tlneil to u fraetlon, liltM'k
3, K mI-'v nuil HruUnit K.lilitlnn, alno a
fraction, lilui'k :i Cronon niul Kniineily
lilltion; eoiir..lerntlon, t-NS.
Knima It IU.lfiline,ailiuiMitratrix, to
I. nil It HtraiHH, warranty tlw.l to lotM li
ml 7. hlock I -tier "A." t'ulon Depot
KroiitaK a.lilltUin; coiinlileratloi), t'n
Santa Kit 1'aeillu Itailrn&d roinpany to
T. J. Topttani, warranty deed to lot S,
l.'oi'k r.i, town of (tallnp; eoiiriiileritlon,
Nehtiir Anaya mid wife to Wm. II
Hhoni. warrant! deed to a trart of land In
"I I .l iral: roiiHiili ration, iii ik).
Wal el M. do Klvera to liregoilo Hl-
VHia. warranty detd to a piece of land In
Coirali'H and a linnxe and lot In Old Albu
niirtiiilf; cor.NiileratfoIl, H.
Knmm It llflile.line, adiulnlHtratrlx, to
A A. (iruut, warranty deed to lnt 1 and
2. Mot k letter "H."l iiloii IieiKit Kroiitati
ailitit'on; coiiHiileratioii, I'tiHl.
M. W. Kliinrnoy to Mary Frown and
liiiHhantt, releHHH to the north i fi-et, lot
1. 'i. 3 and 4, Muck :IT. town of Allm'iner
ipie; roiiNldetutlon, 1 1.
t'hlc..i HOM-k Marhat.
fhleajro. Hei). 2'J. Cattl Korwlpts,
li 1,3' 10 lie!. Market, bet, ateady; other
weak to l'lo lower.
Heaven. Il.iitiu").1!'); cowi and lielfern,
tKH'al.".'!; Jem steers, 3.4il l.tw;
Htookera and feedets, J J HHni4.4D.
Hheep hVcelptM, H.ltKJ head. Market
Native-i, t'2.SO((ti.2:; wwternn, fi.W)
Ml. 15; laintw, :i.7.'.n'..:(.".
Kkiihm i'ltr Mrkt.
Kaiinam'lty, Dec. 'JH. Cattle Rei'elptu,
D.iMti dead. Market, bent, Hteady; otlietH
Native nteeri, i:l.Jirt'i.30; Texa.s Hteern,
3.75ei4.:.-; Texnt cow, $2.13..f 3.00;
native oowtt and heifer. l.".'.((tl.uii;
atoeker and fuedni-H, f .'.ii 1 J t . 4 ; IhiIIh.
2.V:i r.'i.
Sheep -KeeelpN, 2,i head. Market,
firm. I.amlM, j:i 7. r 2.".; mnttniia, 42 "
The Best
fc-t i . -
V 'i
203 Railrcad lie. A. SIMPIER & CO.
IPO 11 J0 a 1
nn th.
Krom the New Mi'inan. v.
Kilwur 1 I'. H;l-n, cf .Allitiiiiefiiii, In a
guest at the t,'if.lre.
Jiietin II. McCarthy, of Hoiid Ilroe., ct
K'ipiiola, p v-ed tlircnil the city yenler
day cn route b one from Albuquerque.
A. C. Kuier j, manager of the IVttal tel
egraph oflh-e in Wiliimu. Ariz, ma, hw
taken the place of Manager Towrinil In
the Nihta Ke Mllee while the latter ie
wrestling with th erysipelas.
tiiiirgrt II. V lieelock, special ag nt In
the I nlled Slate Internal revenue ser
vice, accompanied hy hi wife and mui.
II K. W herlock, aro guest at the Claire
1 'he Vi lieelo k family hall from (Utiiin-
4, Iowa.
J. t l.ihs.te, of K.leii, Ohio, I a guest at
t!m I'aiac. He Inten.l to I aik up the
pUivr mining bipiiie-. and make an In
v. .tniont If he ct Hud a winning prop
os tinn. lie I an uncle of il ClillOote,
o ght op rator at the Hanta Ke.
( Ol HT NkVtS.
Tli district court for Saula Ke county
c n vened Tip'wlay morning after the
ClirMuia holiday, with Ju lgfl Mi Kie
! a;l . illeer t r'" ''"t
Di case No.37l I, nil 1. Hin?tr vs.
W. I'. t'tiniiiugl am et al., trexpawi, which
in on trial the gri at r p irtof last wet k.
a var.lit't was reinh risl at mlilnight Hat-
urlay, granting the pUlnlilT a judg-
ir ut in the mini of I,3n7 and routs, the
ury being out ali 'iit two hour. N. II.
l.niigMin a id A. It. IVnehan attorneT
for the plaintiff, Clpl ler ,t IM.ann for
the defeinlaiit.
Incase Ni. 3;i."i7, and 3yV., W.
P. Cunniiihiim et al, v Kugenn A. Kl--k,
Ki hpcI '.liiwn and Trinidad Iltimero et
al , civil argument were presented for
th defendants by K A. Kink Wednes-
lay morning W . II. Pope and A. 11. Hene-
haii argip il the c lie tor the plaintiff 4.
Cms 'i'.i'j. Territory of New Mexico r.
iIiiiip I D. (i. mi lies and Klil'd J. (Ion-
i .!, murder; chinge of vrnne from
H rnal Ho ci iinty; net for trial Thursday,
l.ifiilfiry 2.1. Ihe witness's have all been
on inoiii'il for thai date, and the Case
will be tmeof it it u-.ii 1 lntenv,t. C. A.
.ii'SH mid II. I.. arreu will appear for
ll.e priMeciitlun and Cntrmi & ()ortnr
r Ihe di f. r s -.
i n e No. 2'.'!l. Territory of New Mex-
ten va. .1. m, ph Monger; murder; trial
Vim Til-May nt'.ril'lig. C. A. Spies
for the plaintiff, A. II. K iieha'l and K.
I', (iurtlief for the detente.
Krom the Optic.
On Sunday rvening, IVceinher 25, at
the reldi nc of M:irk Iliirsk. li '.l Prince
fri;i t, by H v. Jehu K. Kellogg, Kdward
KasmiiH wad married to Mis llattle lled
den. A. 0. (treen, for the past two day ha
permitted i-kiitliig on hi p ind, free of
charge, hut hereafter parties desiring to
enjoy the luxury of a glide ou hi lake
miiht pay 10 cent therefor.
1idwlg W. Ilfeld, for many year
Lh Vega boy, but for the lant two or
throe year a traveling salesman out of
.New ork City, I here to spend the holi
days with hi uncle and aunts, and their
Dave Siiarinan, In the euiploj ment of
Kirkpatrivk & Co., signed the linn's name
to a couple of check for l-i'..2o each. A
he was drunk when ho did It, and after
wards took the 'e tge never to drink
autr, he was forgiven and taken back to
W. VY. Ri.wlins, presented turkey to
the Ins .iiH a.yluiu, the sniiitarlu tt, the
ruilr. ad tospltal, tint Ladles' home and
.he ;;ihterh" convent. Tluwe tothe asylum,
liei ilsl and saii'tarluin were alive and
In piiirs, ho that these places, If they
chouse, c in coiiiuieiit'K the raising of tur
kets. W hen K' v. J. K. Kellogg returned from
the church Sunday night, he found on
the study table an elegant copy of "N aves
folikat Hihle," hearing this Inscription:
"Hev. and Mr J. K. Kellogg, from Sun-
day school rdlicers, teachers and friend,
Iji Veg'i, New Mexico, Christmas, IK'.is
KlllW I.LI..
r'roni the Kegiater.
Mr. Vary Parson Cohean 1 expected
t return fr uu her visit to relative at
MansQVId. Ohio, anil other points, about
January lTith.
Mr. Kettle Y. Ilayues, wife ot Sheriff
('. W. Haynes. died at the family resi
dence In Koswoll. Mr. Ilayues had been
sick but a few diy of pneumonia and
her death wa a sudden eurprl.se to her
host of friend.
Miss Km in a Geyer, a nelue of D. I.,
(leyer, receiver of the land olllee I here
visiting her uncle and family. Mis
lieyer i a trained nurse and Is here for
her health being troubled with au affec
tion of the throat.
Information was receiver! Hre a few
days ago to the effect that Dr. Hush, the
heilth ollloer at Pecos, Texas, who took
charge of the pest house at that place
and stayed with the pitl.niU In order
to give them every needed attention, I
now ill himself with smallpox.
Peter YYehucr, the electric light man
from Kl Paso, was hero to look Into the
situation Willi reference to putting iu an
electric light plant. He wa well pleased
and will present a petition to the board
of tnwu trustee for a franchise.
Through an oversight the Keglsler
failed to make mention In last week's
Issue of the unfortunate experience of
VA ill. Smith at one of it. K. Harnett's
ranches at Yellow Lake, Home twenty
t've miles in. i ih ot towu the week la-fore.
He was oc 'tipvlug the stone ranch house
iilotie and had his bed on a pile of hay In
one end of the room about eighteen feet
in the City
i ii vr i-i w ii T rn u siui K tiK
SlliiKS IS
He gunriintee et-r psir.
t mr ln' I air ieit t l mi Hi e has
giit ii el tire siti-'aelion to our cih
lotm rt. Vie l,t' tl tin in all sty let,
coin, rqu.ire irit Kie'nll toe, lic
,it'. i fry Ih 'in a 1 1 1 you w ill
like Ihnn.
e I ie the I irgi t nn. 1 1 ft a-inrt-n,
nit "1 Kelt h ei lor liil ri and
Children in the city. I hey are nniiiip
fHCllired In Allltd DlNlge of IihUh
ullo. Nen Nork nut they are the
ilue-t ill Ihe World.
from tto flropi.-fl in b?ti.
on a ifg to
t.e iio-ij-i:t
s u k aiire, hni ft vt red up. I lbs night
he w aw ikeneil by the lire licking the
si, ie nf his head and face and on spring
logout of Is-d fom.d the hay afire. In
trying to ee hi" b d ling he turned his
hand fr ghUuily and h.i I to cune to
Coins to town alone, t'in n pi t ie enow
and cold, on hoisehack, t) have hi
hands treeted.
rrorn Sai-ramento Chief.
The new Hotel A'anpg or lo 1 now
practically Dnlsh d, and our city ran
lioast as line an.) conuuodluus a h del a
any town In the southwest.
The construction of the AlamogordoA
Sacramento MotiPtain rnllw.v In been
Completed. Coil"lrtietor llolllster h
discharged hi Cone of men nod gone to
I os Angeles, t'ala .to visit with hi fam
The AUmognrdo dramatic club, com
piled of some of our most talented young
people, are rehearsing the 1 1 iv "Atnuiu
the llreaker," preparatory lo presenting
It before the people of nnr town
Hev. Dr. A. P. Mcrrison, superintendent
of the New Mexico Knglish mis-ilons t
the Methodist Kpisi-opal church, will be
In Alainogordi, Sunday, J tnuary 1, to
hold quarterly nnw tlng, ninl will prcaeii
both morning and nl'ht At the chwe
of the morning senojii tin eat raiuent nf
the Iird' supper, to which alH'hri t'ani.
are Invlt'sl, will bn s i i.lnl t .red. If the
d iy be pleasant a full house will greet
Dr. Morrison, a he Is an rl q'P'Ut
Kpglne 101, msd by the PnMwIn Kn
glue r m-.pany, after being reconxtriiotel,
yet failed to keep the track n'oiml the
curve on the Alamogo do ?eramento
Metintaln rallwaj, has been nj-ctcd
The Ilelsler engine and No. D'2 are d dug
g.x.l work, and the roinpany hav.t kept
tin m.
tni.ibsb i.i jjariz.
Si I J to be More Than Fire HuaJrcil
loir Time lhcre.
Juarez Is rapully Oiling tip with Chi
lirwe hrolight up from the south by the
Mexican Central railway. 1 here Is etl
mateil to be not less than live hundred
rlotlHl In Juan i and the number
seems to be growing larger all the time.
They are apparently a very dirty lot and
waik through the streets In btincliin nf
from four to ten In single file like a lot
of ilucks.
Those Chinamen coming to .limit t are
Unit ng their way tut i the I'nitt'd Sia'.es
every d:iy, but by wh it particular route
is not known. The first thing the China
men do on their ai rhal In luar.z Is to
learn a few word of Knglish and pick
up some old clothe to exchange tor their
native Chinese costume. Those to be
seen In Juarez at present seem to be of
the lowest type, having dark skin and
very Irregular and ugly feature. Most
of them entering Mexico cune in through
the ports of Tamptuo and Vcri Cn.i
Most of these. Chinamen, when caught In
this country, are found to be provided
with certificates, which aic, of cour-e,
fraudulent, but they eerve as a protection
to them from officers who are uninitiated
and not onto the schemes of the gang
who are smuggling Chinese Into this
country hy thr? thousands every year. Kl
Paso Tlmee.
More Than Usual In the Birth Kate Since
the War.
Physician ami scientists are puzzled
over a curious problem Involving th
relative births of male and female chil
dren, ray a New lurk dispatch of De
cember 2ii. They want to know why the
records of the bureau of vital statistic for
the various borough of New York since
November 1 last show a startling in
crease In the ratio of births of boys to
that of girl.
They say that figures do not lb, and
that there must be Homo sclcntiHc ex
planation of the facts shown by the hU
; tislici, and the novel theory I advanced
that the martiul spirit and patriotism of
the American people are responsible for
, the phenomena.
Those who advance thl theory assert
that not only In thl city and state, but
all over the country, statistics nhow that
of children conceived and born since the
destruction of the battleship Maine In
Havana harbor on Kehruaty 1.1 last, &i
per cent have been boy ami 47 per cent
girls, whereas the normal ratio Is 61 per
cent boys to 4',l per cent girls.
In other word, they ay that for every
I no girls born since November 1 there
have beon bora 112 boy, where, under
normal condition, the ratio should be a
fraction over ln3 boys to every MO girls,
Dr. Tracy, keeper of record ot the
bureau of vital statistic for thl city,
wa asked If the actual Cgures bore
out these statements.
"1 hardly believe that is so," said Dr
Tracy, after hearing the proposition.
"Hut we will soon 11 ml out. The normal
ratio, as show u by our figures, In this
city, is about HU boy to every 100 girls,
and if the stat sties for November and
December show the Increase you say. It
will certainly be abnormal and astonish
Dr. Tracy then took up the figures to
see if they burn out the theory, and he
found that in January, Kebruary and
March the ratio was lmi I toy to lmi girls
In April, May and June lnil h.iys to 1ii
girls; in July, August and September,
I "2 boy to HO girl.
This was like the normal ratio, Then
he took up November and, striking a
ratio, found it t be l"o boys to lmi gu is
Kor December the ratio was I lo b iys to
H0 gill.
"Thete statistic are certainly surpi is
ing," coittiljUisl Dr. Tracy, "although I
am not reuly to Concede that the martial
spirit or patriotic emotloii of the parent.;
has bad anything to do with the tin Tease
ill tile birth rate of b ys.
"Another curious fact, however, bear
ing to some ext 'lit Oil the question, I
that a 1U' proportion ot the children
born during the war have been named
alter fain m generals, war heroes and '
public men. Our recur, li show ll Whole
lot of li sirge UsWey Smith. Theodore
Konsri . tit's name ha hfeti usel in ire fre- j
queutly, I think, Ih m a ly oilier, but Ad
mirals nrhley and S,tui sou and tn-uerals ,
Miles, Merritt, Shilfter, l.ee ail I VWieclcrj
are ai-o great favorite. j
'the martial spirit tlnory I surely
worth watching, at any rate, and I shall j
certainly keep my eyes on the record for
the next few llioiith.
paper cheap at Tio: Cllii .s fo
B K Mcrcan He 1 1 t Ishuunt Comr'ctclt
Wljvl Uot.
In i.d.l Hon to what Tiik t'liiKN pub.
luhed yesterday afterntsin about the
Santa Ke lire, the fi llowiiii article is
clipptil from the New Mexican:
At I o'elix k Moiiday night (Ire was dis
ci verctl 111 the Still re aMercanfile ci.in
p.iuj's store. I ne alurni was souudiil at
ui.ee, and the etlicieitt lire brigade re
spinded pn liipilj. In kfS than he
miliiile the li.eUiea had two streams t,!
w iler plili lug oil the limits. Iheir
rll, iris weie iiiiatailmg, and In ah nil
bltrell UiliitiUs the coiilenls uf the I, till. I
li, g weie In athes lit a ehorl tune uu Wi
ll, g was let! i f the building but the uut
Hhle walls.
I he origin of the lire t unknown. Ad
(i,i" loif, manager nf liie ran'a Ke Mer
c i it i lit company, k mi thestreels wh n
t ie iila. in i tuitiiitleil. but It wa-t font tl
loipi sihle to do any llitng lowariN taving
no. hUm K. imrxi m tins or!, a cit ik in the
toie, w hastily called lo the scene nf
tl,' lit' ll ignition, hint lo ru-Iied inlo the
I on, lug bun. In g and mixed the rah r g-l-it
r aiid a bicycle. lie ,t all id li.s
cl 'thlug and per-oual effect
Allel l!n lire li el prai llea ly spent I s
fury another IdaZ't was rliciivetrd In a
d . k riMita In Ki-c'ict's drug nP.r.'. Ihe
il e tlepariuii nt quickly put It nut The
d coieiy led to Ilia In il f that the litst
il e was ol inceiniiary in igiu.
Moiuley lit. ht's was lln sis". 'ill at
P inpi to fmi it the is lorl store, a pre
vp ustiinl bidng ma le some six month
I he lof to the Hanta Ke Mercantile
e.tii.i'.inv Is eHtittiiu. d at 4 '.' ; lnur
ai: e, ji; ihiti. Din more hiilhluig w
owned bv Mr. Ile iib tla Ilreld, and was
n sun il for l;Mi
luring tlm aaeiu.it to put out the lire
In lleri-clier dniif store, liie h'-e be
i me iriiuan ig ah.ri and ftoek was
,p.iii,.ke. to the extent of I'lOO, Abe
sp'. g"ll.erg al si kulTioetl eome loss from
ih ll s-ts of water. An old picture, al
ue 1 at 1 1,1 o.i w a r til ne I and sum t other
gt o d d -Ingt tl wli'i water.
,l leal Jiii pm pie wufies-el the fire
i. -I Ihe sue, u mir ri nnilliig ill plaza
KM denaily packed With ieople.
Hat hlMA'a Arn Ira SmItw.
Tiie best salve I.i the world for Cuts
llrmses, Sor", Iccrx, Sa't Hhenm, Kever
ttres, letter, C niiid Hands, ( hilblalus.
Corn and all .tin Krtiptlons, and post
,iv. :y ci. re Plies, or no pav required.
Il i guaranteed to give perfect eitNlae
tto i or nimier refui. led. I'rlie 2'i cent
tier box. I or sale by J. li. O'HIelly ,t
In, Druggix!.
r w hVh Grid Into Effect on Santa Fc
Lines lanutry I.
Th following order g in into (ffect
.1 Hiiiary I on a'l Suits Ke lines:
Ail Coticcniiil: Kffectlve January t,
Ihp'.i, quarterly In paction a' .1 weekly
tec rd of wiit. ht' w til be n quire I. Cer
Ulifitcs will be required between the 1st
and loth of the first month of each quar
ter, viz: January, April, July and llcto-ls-r.
Knpl iye falling to secure cerlill
cat between lint M and loth a aliove
otuiii.ed, will be unable to obtain certlll
ate, except upon written order of the
H. ginning January I, lo'.i.i, employes
will be requtrrd to have the perform
ance or their, watches recorded once
evety s!ven days. Such record wilt be
certified to hy Inspectors upon cards
roviiled for the purpose, to be carried
by miployes and which will be fur-i.l-ihed
tiy general and local Inspectors.
Kmploye will rail on local Inspectors
January 1 for Initial cards. Kuch card
will contain space for one month, or
tour separate examinations, and Inspec
tor will Insert name of owner of watch,
make and number of movement. The
card must be mailed or delivered to the
trainmaster by employe, upon the flr.-.t
day of each month, and another card
obtained from Inspector tr.t the follow
Ing month's use.
All rules or regulation heretofore In
force which conlliet with the rules estab
lished by thl circular are hereby abro
gated, I Signed)
II. S. MiiNTt.tiMKIlV,
(ieinr.il rtauli Inspector.
11. I.'. Ml'IM.K,
(ieneral t liperll.tiitldelit
A. I. A S. K. Kallwav.
A. a. v ki.i.s,
(ieneral .S iperliiteiident
S. K. P. iUllWay.
it'lierul Superilitendelit
i. C. ,V S. K.
uri Ki.ra ernop an.
A X . VI Use, .o A -fell i 1- tell kail.
St J seph. Mo; M: e I ta li .lor, Mu
Agnes I .aik, ki.i.a t 1'ityi II i. l ink;
Wm'lM.le. ,N. 1 ; I . I.. IIi.i.i; . It mi,; ; .
f. v iPlaiLMiii, 11 or' k, ',. I ; ilMt J.
I.'iisz Knsi I. i s i ; II Hiirell. St.
Johns, A I ; K 11. iialo, ii l 1 1 1 j . ; J. 11.
Mai.l.y, Irinlitu ; .! a i f.arcia, iiiants;
K. H. iloiightoo. Kl t'.isti n.ll HiimUe,
(ireuth; K. P. Y- il ."'i, Mil V'ircli.1; Dul l
W. Mit.iinir? an ! wile, o ii-'mi -ion; II. i
Hamilton, Socorro; K, ', a Id i", St Jo-
ph; S. I, una and w ife, I, l. it.as i I
toil It Down", Kin -as City.
HuTKL IH'. 111. AM).
II. 0. Bluing, l.oi Aiteies, Mrs S an
ley, Triul.lud, J. A. Carr, Cniwiv, Iowa;
A. Kriechl. Cripple Cnek; C. H llur
Imganie, Denver; D. II. .McCull. Dallas,
Texaa; Dr. Cli . C. Hrmliey and wife,
Madrid, N. M.
lieo. K. Wheat, I. is Vegas; Cha. K.
Iliitcl.lsoii. 1. 1 Angeles; John 1'. hrown,
li nver; K. 11. Henry, Kl Paso; K I. S.
m liini.lt, Chicago.
I.k;n In Cusmdv bjr Sheriff Kloi.U, or
Sunia re.
Sherift Kiuell, of Hanta Ke, N. M., left
tl.U innming via the Hanta Ke, having in ,
eipdody Tom Tip k r, under liid.ctui 'iit
for the uiurd'Tof H'p illto Vigil, a .the. p
herder 111 Is','-, which occurred whll.ii
Tucker wa a deputy ahrnlT tinier I 'tin -!
A Vt.riari' v.h i.ied for Vigil mid:
placed in .the hand i f 1 ,cker lor her '
vice. It wa alleged that the sheep
h 'rder re-iittttl arre.it, and springing he
hind a tree op ined lire on the d. puly,
who wu armed with a Winchester. The
deputy returned the lite and Milwu
ih. in.
Sheriff Kin iell arn steil Tucker at Ala
mogorilo. lie sent the ex-deputy a tele
gram to iiit'-t him, and Tucker kept the
appointment. Tucker wa at Oliver
I.i e ranch, Hear li tg catiyoo, when
noliiiel lo meet the Khenlf. Kl l'a-o
TMK Mlllll UN ll'llllllt
Ha fouinl that her little one are Im
proved liturn l.y he pleaaut Syrup of
Kig, when 111 need of the laxalne etlii t
of a gentle rioiie.lv, Hull ly anv other.
Children enjoy it ami It heiielit them,
iihe true remedy. Syrup of Kig, I man- j
iUcluied hy the ( alilnrnU Kig Syruii
Co. only. I
Cheap holiday rate. S e advertise
ment, guing particulars, in anolln'r col
umn, or ak the timet agi-nt at the
depot. j
Crookery and glaeenare. Whiiuuy Co.
Wi "it we red nf t, , v
b i. i.-n t'.i-nplril to i 'i
I, ell i. wc won Pt rll 1:t
ni m w i.o w iil tun I r. . '.
en'l nrf r.ll m nurr nf In: i '
comt ri'mMi in a far nat j
I- v' T r;So
'" w.l li rrf
' 'i'lt of
: WtTl'l nl
. Pi o -r to
!r. A man
d, s not h vv ti n-.V- a j.,tirii"y to India
in or.l-r lortjuit lit.ntn in a eir.nnrr rouirllv
Tli"tind of bs-il wort in nri ar dntly
coiiittcf d'tti In in. i it fort, rntnln
f m. w itlnul frrr leavi. . ir nr. tire
Intrr or rit s Tlir r sr- ll.- ron who n
lc. I th. ir In allh. ih, y 't,r- iro-n who
ci nrt oVal h from nor limp' ,.n, or eome
other ilert'lly ill rln t. imptnprr or
lii'iii'ici.-nt n.imi.limrnP lo- rinn who
suii'ti fiom hiiitoM or fo rvtots ili'rfrdrrs.
w ho hi. i wrak .totvi. li n-l nn imtntrrd
di'tion. who ha l,..t thr ptiwr to rwl,
r. I or lrp, end w-lm faiN to take prompt
nt p to rrrntly th nr roe dip . la ronrt.
4n il 'i.lh in thr sm-r f .,,.n,. fnl) mala. It.
I)r. Pi'-rre's (e.PI n Mf.lu.-il I li.ro wry
rnrr o1- -rr cnt t,f n'i r i-, . nf lr.mcii.ii,
throfit and latvniiiil ann ii,,nn lhal Ir.l up
to con 'umptiori. Il ,ithra ttir cnifh,
f.i. ilitutra i i peetorntion and n foTea the
l.ft ntio-tile. It rorrerts a'l deotthra nf
the rlier lion, pinVra Die n iilnnl il inn of
thr lit,- uivtnr rlrinrnt. of the fowl rtfect.
It invi(t,.-att a thr pvrr rni'l pntihra rind fori-h
a thr l.loo.l t thr itrr.it IiIimmI
ni ikrr, firrll hin'ilrr, nrrve Ionic- nnil re
at o itiyr. It ia the rx-it of nil known tnrd-ir-nra
..r nnynn tit ..ttlr-.a llealrra aril
it mid have nollnti r i ,r "jual ,ia pood "
' I li,nl a Im.I rnmji I v ,w wtlh it thai
t ft, I 1 nnt i tir-.' wtt'..V'-i Mini- r.tnv. f
y w nti.l,,ti. I tii.tn ,, . Aik ".ir fottily
p'o .i. ,..n I .1 1 etv riii'ti. I i, , 1 hn! rniHirn
l.t I Ii i.i r-o.i. Ihr.i,'1, o.v r - 'I n tt.l ai "I tp
li' -"I ' l " k vjur ' 1 l ,tl Imuran'
11, 1 U oirt-0 inc. II an-fl my luc"
Steel range. W hltney Co.
Kor trunk and valine, 21o south Kirst
t;tove repairs for any stove made.
W hllliey Cin
Merchant' lunch every morning at the
Wi tts Klephant.
Kor the best "Hock and Hye" whlnky
cal at liachecht ,V liiomi's.
Kor California ami Imported wines,
.all at Kachechl ,V. Itionil'.
Klnest aseortmeiit of Iron bedstead
end lowest pr. ces, al Kutn lie's.
If you want pickle,! chill arid saner
kraut, call at Hachechl .t liiuiiil'.
A large assortment nf trunk and
valise "mtiy harrala" at Kutrelle's,
Ladles' walking bat am! sailors,
choice of lumen, ."'V. ll. Ilfeld A Co.
Carpets, matting and linoleum at
greatly reduced puces. May .V Kaber.
Old paper for wrapping, padding car
pel, and shelf covets, for sale al this
lie ware of special agents! fluy a steel
range from people Dial are always with
yon. Whitney Co.
Look Into Klcluwort's mariiet on north
Third street, he haa the n!ost frnrdi
B'.e..ls In the pit t.
Any gotsls purchased from l.owenthal
,t Meyers are guaranteed to be strictly
pure and not adulterated.
('. A.firande, 3iC north Broadwav. fine
liquors and cigar. Kresh lime for aale.
Kurnisheii rixims for rent.
The cheapest and the best, after yon
are accusinmed to using It hard pea
coal; l per ton. llahn Co.
Huohech! A (iioinl, the best Place In
the city for hot and cold drinks. Call
and see them. Klue lunch always on
If you feel weak, get yourself some
Daiii-i ana, Lola 1'epeln or X ray bitter.
Tory cannot be excelled, lluchechl &
King up the New Mexico collection
Agency ( Automatic telephone 4H2), and
tell u about that tough account you
want c u cum.
Kor ilniiiestlc and !uiHirtel wines call
at l.owriilhal V Meyers. No. 222 Hal I road
avenue, the only exclusive jobbing house
lu me HouinweHl,
Do you need any underwear tor either
mi n, women or children, you can gel
any kind ymi wank at lifeld's. 'Ihe
price are all right, too.
Read the liobleii Rule Dry (iood com'
pany's al. To save the expense of re
moving stock lo their new location, this
tlriu i oil, Ting bargain lu ail lines of
dry good.
Pea coal la more extensively used than
any other s:zs for doiueitiu purposes lu
the hard coal regions ot Pennsylvania,
although It I not sold a cheap there as
we furnish It. iet a trial order, llahn
& Co.
All kind of special ruling, blank book
work, magazine binding and badge
stamping done In the best poeeible man
lier at Iiik t iri.KN bindery. Come lu
ami see samples and price of work tie-
lore ordering elsewhere. All correspond
ence concerning this class ot work care
fully attended to.
The object lu giving presents I to
please the one receiving them. W hy,
therefore, buy useless ktilckuack for
gentlemen or boys, which are not often
appreciated, Huy Iheiu something In the
furnishing gooiln line and they will be
pleased, especially If selected from our
new and elegant stock. Simon Stern, the
Railroad avenue clothiiT.
for II. r Hit). Vaara.
Mr. Mlimlnw's Soothing Syrup lino
h. eii n ed for over llf '.y year l.y in, HI. no
of mother for lli dr children while u-eth-Ing,
with Jterfect eiiccetw. It Hiatthns the
child, solteii the guiiiH, allay all pain,
cure wind Colic, and i the bent remedy
for ilur. huea. ll 1 pleaeaut to the tattle.
Sold hy druggist in every part ot the
world. T wenly live cent a holtle. He
value 1 incalculalde. He sure and ak
for Mi. Win-ilow's Boothlng Syrup and
take no other kin I.
Alhllilllerqne, N. M, I lee. 'ii'i, 'US.
To hoiil it 11 i V C on. em :
Notice I herel.y given that I have tills
day ill 'p. Med of iny joh printing plant to
lieo. L. Hopping. I will collect all ae
counts due and p iy all dehla cmitraeted
prior lo llii date.
Klin nil. I'. Kl.l. i.
Having thl dav piirclianetl the joh
priiitliig plant of K lward I . HllfH, notice
N l.i ri l.r given that I will not I, e re.
-; 1 1 1 1 !o f.r an v in. I ht,. dim-, coiitracted
I y the naiil K lvvnM I . Mite.
(iK'l. I., lit tl TIM..
Alliuqiierque, N. M , h.-c. "Jil, ''.e.
I II. t in p r ,-tl y ii Wmiiall.
Another gieat ili ci.veiy ha I ll made,
a. el lh.it too, hy a I.i ly iu thl country.
'ieae lU itellid il cllltche llpnli her
and tor eeveii year ehe wnli .t h1 Hh se
yerenl tet, hut li! r vital nrgiiu were
illi leriinned and dealli t-eemed iliiuillielit.
for ihree iiioulh he cotnjliial ineeKiint
ly, and could not eleep. .ihe llually ill-
iMven-d a way to recoiery, hy purcloHiiig
of u a hot He of 1 1 r King New Imm-ov-
t-ry for Coii-nini in u, and wa o much
pileved on taking the lirit lloe, that
H ie rtlept all higtit. and with two Itottle,
li.-i .f"ii iil moliiieiy cured. Her iiiiine I
V. Luther I. til.." Ihu writes W. C.
II iiiimick Co., of Shi'lhy. N. I'. Trial
In. th flee at J. II. o'ltiell) Co 's drug
si' re, Kegular hi,- ,".o ivhN and l.
livery I'Otlle guariinteed.
.1. M. Moore, red e-tate, iumirance,
Itni, malinger A 1 1 u 1 1 i.-i j i n Aleilract
rinpaiiy. New 'ph ne, No. tii. No. I'Jl
Mil Second street.
Send u your account and we'll collect
tl'-in or it'll poet you iiotluug. New
Sl'iiio Collection Agency. Poetolllc
tM iM.
lllli I I
i ,
All kinds of Kresh iiinl Salt
Mont.. -:- -:- -:-Stpain
S,iu.sp.erc. Kaitoiy.
rim: i) srii:rr.
Mann a lorar i f "d iv-k'w In
Cnrri.it;jt s,
The Het K.ister n Made Vehicle.
tine Horse-Jho?;LX a Specialty.
Siitisfartl. n (ttriMiut'Sil In All Work,
R.paiiin.'. t Hindu ; a il I'limml'ig
Imhih on Mi rt Noiice, : : ; ; :
Slio?, Corner Ctpror Av?. anJ First St.,
Al.tifijl KKijl K. N. M.
Call at Hea Jqu3iters U
Leather, Hani , 8 -.d I'ei, I llery,
Haiblli ry H i ii ii a e, C it :A.i ea, r hue
Nail, lliutieu, i h'ii;i. W h'p'i, Collar.
Sweat Pad". !' trMPI, Atle ijrtaae,
Hoeloii I'oseii mi, I'uioNivro, Itmltly
llarvee'er n 1. Sea'sfoot oil. I.ard Oil,
Harm -a Oil. I. Inert I Oil, I a ,tih .'aoap,
llurr e's Sr-i!, Carrlitre . pongee,
Cliamol Skin, llorai Meillclniw.
I'rlroH the Ii'.wchI...
Highest Marl .
an. I Skin.
t Price Paid for Hide
Wool Ci mmission
TJ103. F. OliKHKH,
im Rallroail Ave., Atbuqiieriun.
WM. ZA til. V1JI. VI I,
001.1) AND SM.VKK AVK.
Lock rcpnlred, ken niii..i and all kind
or repairing mine.
Can't Be Beat
Honrnl Coodi
Hrml Prirn.
e Favorite.
mestic CoaI in use. Yard
opposite Krright Olfice w.
New Telephone No. 164 .....
Old Telephone No. 25
Leave ordcrjTrimble'i .table
and Paper Hanger.
fnsT arHKKT,
BALLING ltKOS , Pitul liiKTOHa.
WVcUliniv Cake a Specialty!
, 6 Desire Patron nyn, and we
flnarantee Kirst-Ciass Haklng.
Telegraph orilera aollrltt-tl and prnrnptly lllled.
"a7E. 'VAli"KEK
Firo Inur;tncc--
Secretary Mutual Bul.ding Association.
Irtte al J. tl. IUIlrltlc'a I. anther Var.l.
I ti"t 'J i w .
t.d Li :..'.. i.f
c'icJi mij rt-
ii ttOa r-r
wi ti written
H, ir tl,. lull.
I,-. I v
K-. Icr .Jt . C1
te o f St n Iit.i4
Himu uitOiMl t., tlia.it 3j,1ici iu., Clta,
JOHM C IIKKIIV, Alltu.iiarili, N. M.
Ol 11 LOW I'lillH
Do nut apljr 011I7 to a rw artli'li'H, fn
ralljr uiivil an a luiit, Imt to our rutin-
full linn of ilommtlc ai' l In piirtfd Hlutili
am! (ani'T irot-xriKM. t'u.-l'.,iiu ia falline
at tliHultl wttulilliiliiinii.t nf A. I.niiibanlu
will t) 11 ,1 rvurytlilnrr in-w, fvi-r) thing
rrnrin ami pit-rylliinu at I'm lowiit rlivH.
t'oiirlHouii altfinlaiicD urn! irumpl ili'llv
erj. LUMHAlllK) tV l'al.l.AliINO,
an .North TMril Htrt-et.
New trliiilioui, No. n."i.
Mutli of llualliia.t Hl, KUi.
Ptilillo notlcti In liiret r itlvfn that tlif
liiiNiiittHri liHri'tufurn (miuliieii'.l muler tlif
iiiiiiih of H. Kitxi tlercatitilH couii any, at
Lhihiii, ('iilifm, liruntH airl t-lsnMlii'rii in
Vuli-ni'ia fitllliti, New Mr XL-.t, Imt Ulnlt-I
lalH nf NovimiiImt U.I, Itt'.ta, bum l.y mi
wiliI to I im n . Kinll am! lnu. IhIhi, am)
llii'y Kill lit-rfHttfr loiiilui't tlia hhuii
iin.U'r tli naiim tiauiK, ami will all
lliihilltii'a of iiiIiih rum: rtt- l Hltli llila
Iiii-iiik-w to Hi.nl iIhIh ami r .lliict all I.I t In
ninl lintt-H ail J othnr llfliM llllt) Hie Hauir
to hhI I ilatH,
W it'i lliatiki to 111 r I'lilMDH fur tlietii
(iatr(iiiiiiii in tlm iiat 1 r. Hju-i-tf ully r
iiiHt a I'liIitlntluiiCH of tlm n.iiiin li.r tin'
nt'W euiicoru lu tlia f ut u m.
Hlll.llWllN Pino,
Wn fitrtlfy Unit tliH fiin-irtilin In rnr
rwt. HlilDN Pi no,
Km 11. Hi in 1,
IlK.N. ItlllD.
HnllflMjr t&i iiraloa Kata.
Hcki'tH will bo wiliI to all (mliita on
tliH A , T. A 8. K, railway In Nnw Muxk-o
am! Kl 1'ivoattlm rta of nun farn for
t'.i' rniri l trip. lintt-H of hiiIh, Iu-i-i-iu
lli i il, '.''., '.'''. nnil HI, am! January I ami i
uh 11. ml rt'tiirn limit of January 4.
Ivr.i. No Ht ovum alluwuil In i ttitr
ilirt-t-tlnn. I li-kntH will Iih milil to Huiita
Ki I'arllli' piiiiitn Hi hiiiiih rntiH oil H
cmiilii'r i.i, 21, -."1, J.i. ll') ami HI.
VS. II. I HIM., AtiiMit.
,1.1.1 Kilvtl hy W. V, K 11 Iri-1 In,
N'o. 'I.'i wiiitli Hint Htrei't, a new Una
nf i-uii-tH AH Hfjtitirtvi, f I ."1 ami up
MtiiiitttiM ami fur iiim ami inw f urn 1 -lum
utrhiiiK' ilaily, at .rlcta tliat will
aell tliHiu, uii'l piiiin lliirtM Ml Hit.
prii'i-M. ojii'ii Hvriiiiirfii until 8 o'l-lock.
Iliitfh nn tlm Ali'l.l-iiii, Toi't-ki Ranta
Km railway unit tliH Hanta Km 1'arllli' rail
roml am plu-au oim fum for IIik ruiiml
trip. Aak ut tin' tn-kitt nilli-H fur piirtlcu-Ihi-i.
H . H. I in 1. 1., Aki'IiI.
If you urn in lii't l of a giiut! ImiUIh of
wliUky. draiiily or wiua Imy it frmu
IjtWfiitltiil .V Mttyitm, Ilia only fHi'liHim
j.tlililllK llll'irtrt lu llif t-lty.
if. Int'li I'i'Ti'iiIh, ,"j chiiIs.
h run of I.ihiiii intiHilii, u I'niitH.
:m jtrilH i-alii-o, 1
Kll.iKNMAI.il Kin III.
Hun our ilrHMM pattiTnaml tlm bin rH.liu--tiuli
oil llii'in; Hi pttttnnin fur ! im, S
pattirua for $.1, etc. b. llfuM A, I'o.
ALBl yl'KIKiUE, N. M.
Authorii d Capital ft, 000,000
Paid tip. Capita', Surplus
Bin! Prcfli
.HM.noo 09
The Bank of Commerce,
Cnpital, $T00.000 00.
Soprita Arcotlrita and (lltt-ri lo V. ntitora hry K.it itttv
Cum atmt altli I'mlll pile Hanklna.
M. S. I lrmi. I'rea'rlenl. II V. Si m-ars. Vi e I'n-n.lfiil. W. !tsii i ta, Cimhler.
SiiMntiH l.m. Slieeit Orower. A. M. Hl.ACKWKI.r., Uroaa. Hlw kwell A Co.
V A. Mxwri.i., Coal. Wn l UK M, lriill. S: ep llrowrr.
C. V. W At'ini, Manasrr liroaa, PI.h-ic , in. J. f. II a I os I no s, I.nmter.
Depository for Atchison, Topek Ac Santa Fe Railway.
IIialiti,ii ti'rs for DiaimmY C. Soap, Curtice Bros. Canned
(ooils, Kansas City II.ik.ini; TovmIlt, Sulphur,
Wool Sacks, Stoneware.
Houses at AIl)iiiiii-rnue, Last Las
Finest Whiskies, Brandies, Wines, Etc.,
12Q 't nwllrr?iit Avenii". Alhuque-rqux.
old Reliable
Wholesale Groeerl
Car Lots a Specialty.
Farm and
VX. C9 nt Xj2I3X3:3C Gt-
tV.vMiof fi-ar
' lyi in Hock
First St. and Lead
Xaiy lo Wnu
( tilOI
No prattura oa
(ia oi Bach
No nodtrttrtpt ,
-il.itiiri. i
OUICKEL 2i tlOTHE, Props.
SutTt-ri oh to KllNK M. JONKS.)
Tmi Wuiskiis, ImpDrtcd aal D)ni3stic Wise3 and Cognacs
The Coilest aa4 Ulehest Grade of Lager Served.
F.n st Biliurl Hall Iii tii3 Territory.
Finest ami IJest I mporlcdand Domestic Cigars.
Husint'-s " en.
Agent for Nt-w TJIexit'o.
Al-o Aircnt for tlm bi.-.t HI II.MMi ami LIA ASSOCUTION.
The Metropole,
Tin; Hi'st ati'l l,-ini--,t liqiiuis ami Ci ns, Importt-il ami Dumo.stic,
SiTVi'il to All r.itiuiis.
II AY AND " ' "
Imported French and Italian Goods. !-
SoU Agenta for San Antonio Lira. Z
New IVl-iilioQ- til. ii J, ili 4Ni) 217 NOiilll I ill ID St
l)t'lisltory tor th Sant Ke
Fun' lie ninl the AtohUon.To
jifk'i k Sa n 1 1 Ke Kiilvray
JosiH'A S. IUYOLI3 Prwldenl
.M. W. M.ol KNOY Vice President
A. A. KKKN Caahlef
KHANK MiKKK a-lelant Cashier
Veas mnl (Jlorieta, New Mexico.
rrrla Ota 1-rrMtt
Muat Kilauilx aioch ml
To it Founi Sonthwett.
Freight Wagons
luh, Diari,
I.'Ifidi, flutir,
list, Cinant
l.tu Fi!aH.l!
i a.
Ave., Albuquerque.
210 Railroad Avenue.
Muttul IelephoDt 143, - Albuquerqae, N. I.
Iate of the
St. Elmo.

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