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"Oread Canyon Illuminated Mount,'
"Leaser Platinum Printa" on sale at
Santa Fe ticket offlce for 25 centa. Call
and ae tamplea. F. L. Myers, agent
Mesa Reort
Three miles from town. Just north
of Mountain road. Corered wagon np
and back every day. Tent room wltb
best of water or board and lodging;
terms reasonable. For particulars In
quire this offlce.
Coronado Tent City, Coronado, Cat.
We will bare on sale to Coronado
Beach, Cal., on every Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday during May, June,
July, August and September, 1902;
round trip tickets at rate of $35, limit
ed to November 30, 1903; stopovers In
either direction weBt of Barstow, CaL
For further Information call on ticket
agent Atchison, Topeka ft Santa Fe.
F. L. Myers, agent
Spring suits of superior quality and
superior workmanship. A picked show
ing of the best products of the season,
The very latest novelties In the finest
grades of pure wool casslmeres and
pure worsted cheviots. The blggeBt
stock of clothing ever brought to the
territory. Call around and let us show
The Railroad Avenue Clothier.
Mrs. Baniuiui, at ner parlors, No
205 South First street, over the Hyde
Exploring Expltlon store, is prepared
tc give thorough scalp treatment do
hair dressllng, treat corns, bunion
and Ingrowing nails. She gives mas
sage treatment and manicuring. Mrs
Bambini's own preparations of com.
plexlon cream builds up the skin and
Improves the complexion, and are
guaranteed not to be Injurious. She
also prepares a hair tonic that cures
and prevents dandruff and hair falling
out; restores life to dead hair; re
moves moles, warts and superfluous
hair. Give her a trial. She also has
a very fine tooth powder which she
guarantees to be free from all metallic
substances. It perfumes the breath,
hardens the gums and makes the teeth
clean and white. It is highly recom
mended by all first class dentists. Al
so a face powder, a freckle cure, and
pimple cure, and pile cure. All of
these preparations are purely vegeta
ble compounds. Give her a trial.
Automatic telephone 490.
Notice of Forfeiture.
Territory of Arizona, County of Co
chise, ss.
To M. J. Sherlock, his heirs and as
Tou are hereby notified that I have
expended one hundred dollars ($100.00)
In labor and improvements upon the
"Aunt Betsy" Mining Claim, situate in
Peralta Canon, Cochlti District Berna
lillo Co., New Mexico, as will appear
by certificate filed February 8, 1898, in
the offlce of the recorder of said Coun
ty, in order to hold said premises un
der the provisions of section 2324 Re
vised Statutes of the United States, be
ing the amount required to hold the
ame for the year ending December 31,
And if within ninety days from the
serving of this notice, you fall or re
fuse to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure, together with the
cost of this publication, as a co-owner,
your Interest in the said claim will be
come the property of the aubscrlber un
der said section 2324.
Dated March 19th, 1903.
See the new Knox Pantourls hat.
comes In the light beaver color. The
-. swellest thing in the market. Simon
Stern, the Railroad Avenue Clothier.
Our linen display Is attractive; our
prices none the less so. Albert Faber,
Grant building.
We are headquarters for lace cur
tains, draperies and portieres. Albert
Faber, 305 Railroad avenue.
See our new spring line of carpets.
We can save you money. Albert Fab
er, 305 West Railroad avenue.
Spring Goods
in mattings, wicker goods, rockers,
$.150 and up. Gasoline and oil stoves,
refrigerators, $10.00 and up. Linoleum,
carpets, etc. We want your trade;
either cash or time. We Can't be un
dersold. Futrelle Furniture Co., west
end of Viaduct
Ties, Hosiery, Hats, Suits, all for
Easter, 1903. Simon Stern, the Rail
road Avenue Clothier.
L v o
f F. A. jones, . MM C. E.
4 Consulting Mining Engineer
Field assistant U. S. Geological Survej
Albuquerque, N. M.
Correspondence solicited,
Early spring styles or W. L. Douglas
shoes are at band. Every style is
shown from the patent leather vlcl
dress shoe to the heavy box calf work
ing styles, at $3 and $3.50. Simon
Stern, Railroad Avenue Clothier.
Indianapolis, Ind., June 9-14, 1903,
annual meeting Travelers' Protective
Association of America. Rate one fare
plus $2 for round trip. Dates of sale
June 7 and 8; final rteurn trip June 20.
For further Information call at ticket
offlce. F. L. Myers, agent.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
If you want to
Advertise in newspapers
anywhere at anytime
call on or write
E. C Dale's Advertising: Agency
64-66 alr hauU Exuluuigo
Saw Francisco cat.
The Agony Endured by
Nervous Women.
My nerves are all unstrung" is the
expressive way in which a woman is
apt to describe a condition of extreme
nervousness. The figurative expression
unstrung" may be unscientific but it
pathetically suggests the grand harp of
the nervous system, strung and keyed
for harmonies by its Maker, now become
so unstrug that it gives out nothing but
Jarring discords. Nervous people rarely
receive the sympathy which is their due.
The dropping of a book which causes
the nervous woman to start, or the slam
ming of a door which causes her to
cream, are sounds which do not jar the
nerves of a healthy person. To
the nervous woman such sud
den sounds are like a blow in
the face and they cause intense
sunertng. The extent oi tnts
suffering may be gathered from Mrs.
Nelson' s experience told in the letter
given below. She says, " was so nerv
ous that the least thing would startle me
almost into convulsions." Such a con
dition of nervousness generally indicates
womanly diseases. It is useless to at
tempt to cure nervousness by the use of
for the nervous woman whose need is
not to make the nerves sletp but to
make them strong, not to numb them
but to nourish them. The best medi
cine for nervous women is Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription. It cures nervous
Bess because it cures the causes which
are behind nervousness. It establishes
regularity, dries the drains which under
mine the health and strength, heals
inflammation and ulceration and cures
female weakness. It makes weak women
strong and sick women well.
" Dr. Pierce's medicines are the best I
have ever used," writes Mrs. C Nelson,
of Chemawa, Marion Co., Oregon. "My
health was badly run down when I con
sulted him by letter. My limbs were
cold snd my head hurt me continually.
I was so nervous that the least thing
would startle me almost into convul
sions. I had palpitation of the heart so
bad that I could scarcely walk some
times. I felt utterly discouraged, but
two bottles of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription and one of 'Golden Medical
Discovery' made a new woman out of
me. We are never without Dr. Pierce's
Pellets in the house."
Nothing is claimed for Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription but is claimed for
It by the women who have been cured
by its use. Rehind every claim is a
sure yes, a thousand cures. In fart.
,,. SM?lQ-
i vol it i n y . rrm.
New Mexico Towns
From the New Mexican.
The marshal and city police force
should Impound all stray animals, es
pecially burros, found wandering about
the city. This Is a nuisance that should
be promptly abated.
Miss Mabel Keleher, daughter of
Michael Keleher, died at Galisteo yes
terday morning of an affection of the
throat. She was 14 years of age. Her
father is a contractor in the employ of
the Santa Fe Central railway.
The main reservoir of the Santa Fe
Water and Light company is running
over. It has a capacity of 450,000,000
gallons and the fact that It Is full is
assurance that there will be plentiful
supply of water this summer.
Frank Lopez died at bis home In
precinct 4 at an early hour this morn
ing aged alout 65 years. Deceased had
been 111 but a few hours when his
death came. He Is survived by a wife,
four sons and two daughters.
Suit for divorce was filed In the First
district court for Santa Fe county this
morning by counsel for Virginia Bre
ton de Martin vs. John Martin. The
plaintiff alleges that she was married
to John Martin in 1888, and that he de
serted her five years ago. since which
time she has had no knowledge of his
whereabouts, and has bad to support
The unsightly and ugly portal In
front of the Delgado building on the
west side of the plaza should be taken
down by the city authorities, If the
proprietor of the property does not do
so. It has served Its purpose and is not
necessary today. The appearance oi
the west side of the plaza would be
greatly Improved If It were removed.
Col. J. Francisco Chaves, territorial
superintendent of public instruction, is
in receipt of a communication from
William Farr, dean of the Nashville
College of Law, In which It is announc
ed that Colonel Chaves has been elect
ed to receive the degree of doctor ol
Mrs. Anderson fa the letter which fol
lows expresses the general sentiment of
ner sex when ah witM , n
fterce's medicine is the test in the world
jvrncm ana nervous Women.
"I would like to express my grstit..de
to TOU for thj hnfi. t
from your wonderful medicine, Fs vo ile
Prpirntrfinw 19 ' . r. . .
son, of Rockbridge Baths, Rockbridge
Coi' Xf; "U God-send to weik
sut sickly women, restoring good henl th
without subjecting their weak server to
the shock of an examination.
"I was all run down in health fit m
November until March could not wo.-k
but a short while without resting. V a
so nervous at times that I could not evi-n
write; had a very poor appetite, snd
what I ate did not seem to do me mn.-h
good. I decided to write to Dr. Pierce
snd state my case, snd am thankful that
I did. for in Hiw tim. T --i . -... .
able reply as to what kind of medicine
10 aae. i sent, ana got tt
and commenced taking I lie
- 'Favoril Prrarrinti fin ' at. ft
'Pellets.' Took six bottl.-
y of 'Favorite Prescription,'
one ot 'Oohlen Medir.il
Discovery' and one vial ol
'Pellets.' Icannowwoik
as well ss I could before r
wss taken sick. I think
Dr. Pierce's medicine the
best in the world for sick
snd nervous women. Msy
God bless you in yottr good
There is a sentence 1:1
Mrs. Anderson's lett-i-which
will strike a sjui
pathetic chord in the brehsi
of every woman. She
writes of Favorite Pie
"hiss God-send to weak
and sickly women, restor
good health without sub
jecting their weak nerves
to the shock of an examina
tion Women dread the in
delicate questionings, the
offensive examinations snd
the obnoxious local treat
ment considered necessai)
by many local physician
v AU these may generally l.e
a. 1 avoided bv a cone.u1tatir.ti
hv letter with rir Pij.n-
WAu for which there is abso
lutely no cnarge. Sick ar.d
ailing women are invited to consult Dr
Pierce, by letter, free. All correspond
ence is strictly privste and the written
confidences of women are treated with
the same privacy observed by Dr. Piert i
in verbal consultations with women M
the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Insti
tute. Buffalo, N. Y. Address Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Because Dr. Pierce's offer Is free it is
not be classed with those offers of "free
medical advice" msde by men or women
who have neither the legal nor the pro
fessional right to practice medicine. 11
they dared to put out their signs with
the title Doctor upon them, the law would
instantly deal with them. They don't
dare to do this, and yet, though without
medical training, medical knowledge ot
medical experience, they cunningly offei
"free medical advice." The law can't
touch that claim because anyone can
give free advice on any subject, but s
woman knows that the advice of bet
laundress is perfectly worthless as to
the cutting and fitting of her gown.
In consulting with Dr. Pierce, women
not only consult with a real doctor, but
one who is a specialist in the treatment
and cure of diseases peculiar to women,
and who, assisted by his staff of nearly a
score of physicians, has in a little more
than thirty years treated and cured hun
dreds of thousands of women.
Every woman needs s copy of Doctor
Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser,
containing 1008 large pages, which is
sent free on request of those who semi
stamps to pay expense of mailing only.
Send 31 one-cent stamps if the cloth
bound volume is desired, or only 21
stamps for the book in paper covers.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce.
Buffalo. N. Y.
law by the college. Colonel Chaves
has written Dean Farr thanking him
and the college for the honor thus
voluntarily conferred upon him, but at
tne same time declining the honor.
Cures When Doctor Fail.
Mrs. Frank Chiasson, Patterson. La.,
writes June 8th, 1901: "I had malaria
fever in very bad form, was under
treatment by doctors, but as soon as I
stopped taking their medicine the
fever would return. I used a sample
bottle of Herblne, found It helped me.
Then bought two bottles, which com
pletely cured me. I feel grateful to you
for furnishing such a splendid med
icine, and can honestly recommend
It to those suffering from malaria, as
it will surely cure them." Herblne,
50c at J. H. ORielly A Co.
From the Chieftain.
Two children In the family of Mr.
and Mrs. W. Hurst are suffering a
light attack of scarlet fever.
Capt. T. J. Matthews had one of his
hands severely burned at the Windsor
by the explosion of a lamp.
Attorney J. G. Fitch is out and at
tending to liusim-hs again after a
month's confinement with an affection
of the eyes.
Charles Sperling and family will
leave in a few days for Belen, where
Mr. Sperling will resume his position
with the John Becker Mercantile com
pany. . F. G. Bartlett returned home from
a month's almost continuance absence
looking after his Interests In the vi
cinity of Magdalena during the lamb
ing and shearing season.
A. I). Coon, who owns one of the
largest orchards in Socorro county,
says that the prospect for fruit this
season Is fairly good, though it Is still
a little early to form an accurate esti
mate. Mr. and Mrs. A. Mayer are the proud
parents of a bright boy baby that ar-
rtv Sunday morning, May 3. to glad
den their home. Needleag to say, the
little fellow will receive hospitable en
tertainment. A fine nine pound 'girl arrived at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F.
TaUcchl at Cat Mountain on Wednes
day morning In time for dinner. Mrs.
A. F. Katzensteln, of this city, Is a
guest at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. Tabacchl.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Abeytia returned
to their home In this city from an ab
sence of several weeks at the resorts
of southern California. They had an
exceedingly enjoyable time and both
were much benefitted by the trip.
Foley's Honey and Tar Is peculiarly
adapted for asthma, bronchitis and
hoarseness. Alvarado Pharmacy.
From the Bee.
Our new depot and the Nisbet block
are going up rapidly, and the rock for
the foundation of the opera house Is
being corded.
Last Tuesday night at Christ's
church the Rev. Renlson. of Albuquer
que, baptized a class of nine children.
He also preached In the afternoon and
evening and large congregations lis
tened to his brilliant discourses.
The south hound passenger train
was a little late Wednesday morning
and the passengers were served with
breakfast at San Marclal. There was
a goodly number of representative peo
ple on the train and as they promenad
ed the long platform many expres
sions of admiration were made and
echoed as tq the attractive and very
pleasing appearance of the town. And
they were all true, for San Marclal Is
certainly arrayed In the choicest garb
of spring splendor at the present time.
Spring Ailments.
There is an aching and tired feeling;
tue liver, bowels and kidneys become
sluggish and Inactive, the digestion im
paired, with little or no appetite, no
ambition for anything, and a feeling
that the whole body and mind needed
toning up. The trouble Is, that during
winter, there has been an accumula
tion of waste matter in the system.
Herblne will remove It, secure to the
secretions a right exit, and by ita tonic
effect, fully restore the wasted tissues
and give strength in place of weak
ness. 50c at J. H. ORielly ft Co.
From the Advertiser.
Mrs. Dan Rhodes received the sad
news of the death of her father by
paralysis at Iola, Kansas.
Mrs. J. K. Shlrmer, wife of the local
manager of the Postal Telegraph com
pany, returned after an eastern visit
of three months.
Charles Ilfeld received word by
telegraph that his wife and Ike
Bacharach had arrived from Germany
and would start at once for the Mea
dow City.
Meolas T. CordoVa was in charge of
over 150 natives who left -for Sugai
City, Colo., to work In the beet sugai
The James Robblns woolen mill will
start operations on Tuesday, after a
few months idleness. R. Studebaker
will continue as foreman of the sorting
department and M. G. Stewart will run
the engine room.
The Red Men are making all prepar
ations for a large meeting Tuesday ev
ening In the Knights of Pythias hall.
Over forty members are In and many
applicants are on the waiting list oi
this growing lodge. Francis E. Chutes,
who is the district organizer for New
Mexico and Arizona, has just re
turned from Deming, where he in
stalled a lodge of seventy. Albuquer
que hag over 150 members, while Ra
ton leads the list with nearly 200. The
1-as Vegas lodge Is coining to the front
and no doubt will have the strongest
organization In the territory.
From the Optic.
The wife of Julian Haca, one of the
best known families in the Pecos rlvei
country, died during the last week o
old age, being upward of a hundred
years old.
Marie Romero, while ascending the
steps leading to her sister's home on
the west side slipped and fell, striking
her face and receiving several severe
bruises and cuts on the face; nothing
serious, however.
Willie Bernard was sent to the San
Miguel National bank Tuesday by his
mother to draw out $55. which he did,
receiving It all in bills, but while on
the way to his mother's home on the
west side, In some unaccountable man
ner, he lost the entire amount.
In the case of the minor child, Al
fredo Garcia, wherein the mother
sought to regain possession of the
child after having given it into the
possession of another woman to take
care of because she was unable to do
so herself, the probate court decided
that neither woman was competent to
have the custody of the child under
the law, so appointed A. A. Sena as
the child's guardian.
Amelia Borrego de Duran has fllec"
suit for divorce against her husband,
Manuel Duran, in this county. The
couple were married upon October 16,
1893, at the East Side Catholic church
by Father O'Keefe. and lived togethei
happily as man and wife until Septem
ber, 1900, when without cause or
provocation, she alleges, he did wil
fully and deliberately leave, desert
and abandon her and bed two children.
nd has continued to d
so up to the
'rovlded noth
t, forcing her
d children by
present time, and has
Ing toward their suppt
to support herself
her own labor. She u
lis for a com-
plete divorce from the
,. J KODOL l
Are dua to Indigestion. Ninety-nine
of everyone hundred people who hava
heart trouble can remember when It
was simple indigestion. It la a scien
tific fact that all cases of heart dis
ease, not organic, are not only trace
able to, but are ths direct result of
Indigestion. All food taken Into ths
stomach which falls of perfect diges
tion ferments and swells the stomach,
puffing It up sf tlnst the heart. This
Interferes with the action of the heart,
and In the course of time that delicate
but vital organ becomes diseased.
Dlfests What You Eat
Mrs. Lorlnt Nlehola o Peim Yin, N. T.,
writes: After mint, my food would dlatrea
me br maklnf mr hert palpitate and I would
become rery weak. Finally I tot a bottle of
Kodol and It fare me Immediate relief. After
Mint a few bottles I am cured. -
Kodol cures Indigestion, dyspepsia
and all stomach disorders, and gives
the heart a full, free and untram
meled action.
Bottles only. $1.00 Site holdlnf 3H times
the trial ette, which sails for 60s
A Co.
B. H. Brlggs A Co. and. S. Vann A 8on
Manuel and the custody of the two
children, both girls, aged 8 and 6 re
spectively. World Wide Reputation.
White's Cream Vermifuge has
achieved a world wiue reputation as
being the best of all worm destroyers,
and for Its tonic influences on weak
and unthrifty children, as it neutra
lizes the acidity or sourness of the
stomach, Improves their digestion, and
assimilation of food, strengthens their
nervous system, and restores them to
health, vigor and elasticity of spirits
natural to childhood. 25c at J. H.
Oiwelly A Co.
From the Optic.
An Inventory of the estate of the
late Irad Cochran was filed In the
probate court.
Five new members were Initialed
into the order of B'nai B'rlth at their
meeting recently. They were: A. M.
Adler, Max Nordbaus, H. Graubarth,
Arthur Ilfeld and Jack Benedix.
The claim of the San Miguel Nation
al bank for ,1,738.40 on a promissory
note against the estate of the late S.
A. Clements was recently decided In
favor of the plaintiff In the probate
George Chaves, while on his way
home from this city a few days ago,
going down 1-as Cuervitas a strap to
the harness broke and the horses be
came frightened and ran away, throw
ing Mr. Chaves out. He was badly
shaken up and had his arm dislocated
at the shoulder. He remained uncon
scious for two hours. A boy who was
with him was uninjured.
Mo8e Klifforee was sent to the coun
ty Jail for forty-five days on the 16th
of March for the crime of stealing a
pistol from Ralph Hunter. He escaped
from the Jail, and is now at large.
Some one is keeping him in hiding
away from the officers' clutches. One
night since he has been out of jail he
made an assault on Mr. Harrison's
house with villainous Intent. A little
lead mixed up with bis Interior econo
my would be a wholesome diet, if such
actions are persisted in.
From the Advertiser.
Patricio Sena Is behind the counters
again at the Romero Mercantile com
pany, after a few days indisposition.
Jas. L. Matt, of the Standish-Matl
copper reducing plant, is In Denver to
purchase machinery for the ne-v
L. Clements, the well known travel
Ing man, returned from the uppei
country, and reports business flourish
ing in that country.
Mrs. T. D. A. Cockerell, accompa
nied by a party of school children,
spent a pleasant day In the canyon
above the Montezuma.
Mrs. Willard Spate received the sad
Intelligence of the death of her father,
who was a pioneer of Chicago. Mrs.
Spate was unable to attend the fune
ral. At the session of the county com
missioners K. H. Salazar, proprietor ol
tne Advertiser, was appointed county
printer for San Miguel county. The
contract of the defunct Record having
beeu annulled by its suspension the
board, by unanimous consent, declared
Mr. Salazar the county printer.
Considerable interest was aroused
yesterday morning by the appear
ance on the streets of a large Win
ton automobile, which arrived from
Santa Fe in the night. The occupants
were Phil Delaney, leslle Carleton,
Fred Ballard, W. L. Price and C. L.
Hemming, all from Colorado Springs.
They started on a New Mexican trip
last Monday and went to Santa Fe by
way of Ha ton, Cimarron and Elizabeth
town and over the range, coming
back by way of the railroad, making
the trip in nine hours. They stopped
at the Castaneda and left after dinner
on their trip north. They also e
Tent City, Coronado Beach, Callfcrnla.
Go IVeat to
California' Bummar Cllmata Flnaat In tha World
Cool Trip on tha anta ra
Surf bathing, ocean breezes, snow capped Sierras. You caa huy
a combination ronnd trip ticket to San Diego this summer In
cluding railroad and Pullman fare, meals en route, one day at
Grand Canyon, and two weeks' board and lodging at Coronado
Tent City at a very low price. Tent City la a popular Southern
California summer seaside resort. Write for full particulars
about this delightful vacation trip.
AtC hit OH. f i aayjjj
Top.km at rW'WT UmTgX
pressed admiration of the scenery be
tween Santa Fe and l-s Vegas.
When you want a pleasant physic
try Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. They are easy to take and
pleasant In effect. For sale by all
From the Gazette.
Mrs. L. Dukeland left for Chicago
on an extended visit to her daughters,
Mrs. E. W. Davis and Miss Nellie
Mrs. J. G. Jordan and baby left for
Dawson. Mrs. Jordan has been In the
city several months visitlns: with her
mother, Mrs. Darling.
The commencement exercises of the
grammar schools will take place at the
high school room on the evening of
the zoth of this month. Those who
have completed the work of the eighth
grade will be granted diplomas, which
will admit them to the high school.
Paul Duriker. aged 29. died at the
home of J. M. Vandyke of tuberculosis.
His old partner. Mr. Melliorn. arrived
from South Bend, Indiana, and tool
the remains back to the old home for
For Those Who Lve On Farms.
Dr. Bergin. Pana. III., writes: "I
have used Ballard's Snow Liniment;
always recommend It to my friends,
as I am confident there Is no better
made. It is a dandy for burns." Those
who live on farms are especially liable
to many accidental cuts, burns and
bruises, which beal rapidly when Bal
lard's Snow Liniment Is applied. It
should always be kept In the house
for cases of emergency. 25c, 60c and
11.00 at J. H. O'RIelly ft Co.
From the Enterprise.
George Wltzel, of Denver, has arriv
ed In the city and taken a position
with his brother, Adolf F. Witzel. In
the Cave saloon.
W. E. Mclean, the taxlrdermist, has
left for Morencl, Ariz., to be at the
bedside of his aged mother, who Is
not expected to live.
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Cundlff
pleasantly entertained a small party
of friends the other evening; a trip
through the menagerie and an enthusi
astic game of tennis by moonlight be
ing the features.
Mrs. Lily Mattocks has left for Gilt
Edge, Fergus county, Montana, where
she will Join her husband, James Mat
tocks, a prosperous miner of that
place. A large number of friends
dere at the station to bid her farewell
Col. P. R. Smith was up from Dem
ing Tuesday. Mr. Smith says three
of the directors of the National Colony
and Sanitarium for Consumptives, will
be in Deming the 15th of the present
month, to look over the proposed site
for the sanitarium and perfect other
Miss Lizzie Causland, formerly of
this city, was married In Deming the
other evening to Ixmis Moore, of that
place. The ceremony was performed
at the residence of Sam Brown. Mr.
Moore Is employed In the Headlight
Nothing has been heard from Vhlt-
taker, the colored man who became In
sane while on a camping trip to the
Gila and escaped to the hills. Whit-
taker was a waiter in one of the hotels
here and was about 25 years of age.
His wife died in the east a short time
ago, and brooding over her death, to
gether with severe drinking finally un
dermined his reason.
William Forbes returned from east
ern Oregon, where he closed up bis
cattle and horse business. Mr. Forbes
intends to engage in the cattle busi
ness in this county. The gentleman
came from Oregon in August for his
wife's health and he is so pleased with
the climate that he tlecided to close up
his business in the northwest and lo
cate here.
Samuel Llndauer has purchased the
Interest of E. M. Harris in the dry
goods firm of Llndauer A Harris and
hereafter will conduct the business un
der his own name. Mr. Llndauer is too
well known to the people of this sec
tion of the country to need any Intro
duction and that a large measure of
success will be his In the business
which he founded and has maintained
for a large number of years goes with
out saying.
Coughs and colds, down to the very
borderland of consumption, yield to
the soothing, healing Influences of Dr.
Wood's Norway Pine Syrup.
Subscribe for Toe Citizen.
the Ocean
r. L, Myara
All kinds of atone and marble work.
Prices moderate. Shop and yard cor
ner Fifth street and Railroad avenue.
Each season brings out some new
features and an improvement over
last. All our carta are fitted with new
and improved gear, easy riding springs
and durable, and more elaborate than
ever shown before. We have about SO
assorted prices ranging from 14.00 to
$30.00. Don't fall to aee them before
buying. W. V. Futrelle Furniture Co,
corner Second and Coal.
One KHnute Cough Curo
Fop Coughs, Colds and Croup.
Doors and Window Screens.
All Kinds of Jobbing.
SHOP-ln the alley of First National
Bank Building.
Automatic Telephone 174.
Cerrllloe and Gallup Domeatle Lume
Coal, 15.00 par ton.
Anthracite Nut, 97.50 per ten.
Anthracite, larger sizes, 97.75 per
Wood and Kindling, all aliee.
Yard and Office: 107 Eaat Railroad
avenue; uptown office, Armljo bldg.
Telephones: Automatic, 419 and
267; Bell, 45.
One Gallon Cover 300 Square Fees
Harness 95.50 to 940.0u
Farmers' Plow Harness, $7.60
Saddles 95.25 to 955.00
Fine Cowboy 8addles, Leather, Ous
ters, Collars, Axle Oils, etc
Whip 15c to 91-50
Thos- F. Keleher
40C Railroad Avenue Albuquerque
Second atreet, net ween Kallroad aad
Jopper -veaae
Horses and Mules bought and exeaaag
ed. Livery, Sale, Feed and
iTansfer Stablta
AddTesa W. L. TRIMBLE ft CO,
Albonuerque. N. 1st.
Ladlea can depend upon aecurii
permanent relief from Irregular
painful periods by using these wafer
Safe and sure at all times.
Avoid worthless substitutes by pur
chasing only from our agent
Paris Toilet Co., Lowell, Mass., Im
porters. W. T. Walton, prescription druggist,
corner Railroad avenue and Third
street, Albuquerque, N. M., aole agent
for Bernalillo countr

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