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IVailroad Topics
Hon. Henry L. Waldo, Bollcltor of
the Santa Fe railway In New Mexico,
was at the capital yesterday on busi
ness. J. C. Brown, traveling auditor for
the Harvey system of eating houses,
Is In the city checking up the accounts
of the Alvarado.
T. H. Samuels, of the Santa Fe
shops In this city, who has been visit
ing with friends on the Pacific coast,
has returned to the city.
The preliminary survey Is being
iiiade westward from Guthrie, Okla
homa, of an extension of the Miseouri,
Kansas ft Texas through Kingfisher,
Watonga and Arapahoe, Oklahoma, to
Amarillo, Texas.
Eugenlo Romero, collector of San
Miguel county, spent Wednesday in
Santa Fe on business with General
Manager Hopewell of the Santa Fe
Central railway. He left yesterday
for the Meadow city.
Senator W. H. Andrews, General
Manager W. S. Hopewell, Colonel A.
J. Lester, of Chicago; Major A. G. C.
Quay and Senator G. W. Delameter,
of Pittsburg, Pa., are here today. In
specting the terminals of the Albu
querque Eastern railroad In this city.
The police have been asked to lo
cate J. E. Fulton, a Santa Fe brake
man, who disappeared from his home,
at Arkansas City, Kas., last Friday, af
ter drawing a check for $128 from the
company. His wife says she can as
sign no reason for his disappearance.
A dispatch received by General Man
ager W. S. Hopewell of the Santa Fe
Central railway states that 7,200 feet
of track were put down Wednesday
by the Harris track laying machine
and the force with it. The track U
completed thirty-seven miles north ot
Torrance, headed toward Santa Fe.
The Las Vegas Advertiser says:
.The territorial grand Jury brought in
three Indictments yesterday. Two
Against Guy T. Storms, who stole the
pay checks from the Santa Fe office
and one against H. A. Lewis for petty
larceny. Lewis plead guilty before
the court, and was fined the costs and
sent to jail for thirty days.
The resignation of Santa Fe Shop
Foreman J. T. Clifford, at Las Vegas,
took effect Wednesday. The gentle
man goes to the Iron Mountain &
South.:'::, wi;h hea alters at Pine
Bluff, Ark. Wednesday night the em
ployes of the shops presented Mr. Clif
ford with a handsome chain and
charm and his wife with an elegant
silk shawl.
When doctors fail try Burdock Blood
Bitters. Cures dyspepsia, constipa
tion; Invigorates the whole system.
President F. M. Murphyv of the San
ta Fe, Prescott & Phoenix aud the
Phoenix & Eastern railroads, stated
that the extension o: the former line
west from Congress to the Colorado
river is one of the things practically
decided on, says a dispatch from
Phoenix. Numerous surveys have leen
made, he said, and It is probable that
construction work will begin this fall.
Track laying is now in progress on
the Phoenix & Eastern In the vicinity
of Mesa city.
Takes the burn out, neals the
wound; cures the pain. Dr. Thomas'
Cclectric Oil, the household remedy.
Are Doing Fine Work on the Santa Fe
Central Railway in Track Laying.
A great deal has been written at one
time and another aixnit the "so called"
failure of this great and good govern
ment of ours in its efforts to civilize
the Indian and make of him a factor
in the development of the country, es
pecially of New Mexico, says a writer
In the New Mexican from Progreso,
Valencia county.
The "outs" in politics, are always
howling at the "ins" about the "reck
less and conscienceless extravagance"
of every man connected with the In
dian bureau from the committee on In
dian affairs down to the "skinner"
that hauls freight to the agencies.
"They say" that the Indian "ap
pears" all right in school, but that as
soon as he Is turned out Into the hus
tling world he relapses immediately
Into the original barbarism, throws
away hat and shoes, dons a breech
clout, leggins, moccasins an i a Navajo
blanket and at once becomes a wild
man again. Is this true as a rule?
Or Is it the exception?
This writer has but one case In
point to refer to and judge from and
that is the case of a bunch of forty-two
young men from the United States In
dian indistrial school at Santa Fe who
are now working on the Santa Fe Cen
tral railway, laying tracks with a ma
chine, surfacing, lining, spiking, bolt
ing and anything necessary to be
done. After ten days close observa
tion and a study of the habits, manner
of getting hold of their work, and the
way they stick to it, the intelligence
and skill they exhibit Is not excelled
by any forty-two picked out of the
2oo working on the Santa Fe Central
railway on this portion of the line, of
any race, color or "previous condition
of barbarism." They are fully equal
to the Ix-st. In their cheerful and ready
obedience to the orders from the sup
erintendent and bis lieutenants, they
excel all others. In their social rela
tions with each other and with the
other races with which they come In
contact, they are kind, cheerful and
even playful after a hard days' work.
Their manners are superior, especial
ly In the dining cars, where their "ta
ble" habits, as compared with those of
the genus "American hobo" would
make an American blush for his race.
The personal habits of these young
men show that they have the seeds ot
civilization sown pretty deep In their
minds, for they are exceptionally
They have learned other things too.
Some letters that have been handed to
the writer for mailing (and they all
write letters) are beautifully written,
some In fine Spencerlan and others In
fine vertical writing. But the most as
tonishing thing about them to the wri
ter Is their love for music. Some of
them play the mouth organ with as
much feeling and expression as he has
ever listened to. They read, too. They
have a good many hooks with them
and It is a very common thing to see a
dozen poring over their books out of
working hours. So It seems there are
two sides even to this question of edu
cating the Indians and making a man
of him. The side represented here Is
not much in evidence yet, but it will
be later on and "some sweet day" we
will all feel if we do not acknowledge
the fact that Uncle Sam does not
make failures.
He always "gtts there, Eli," sooner
or later; and the day will also come
when the superintendent of the Indian
school will be honored for his work.
And yet "the man from Indiana" says
that a country and a community who
can and has transformed these dusky
denizens of the forest primeval" and
savage warriors Into such young men,
as these, is not fit for statehood; and
not only Mr. Beveridge. "There are
others." Will it always be so?
A Revelation.
If you will! make inquiry It will be
a revelation to you how many succumb
to kidney troubles in one form or
another. If the patient is not beyond
medical aid, Foley's Kidney Cure will
cure. It never disappoints. Alvarado
Conductor Were Strongly for the Ore
gon City.
With three rousing cheers and a tig
er for Pittsburg from the throats of
more than BOO delegates, the twenty
ninth biennial convention of the Order
of Railway Conductors of America
came to a close in old city hall Tues
day night. All of the visitors have
praised Pittsburg and her people and
now leave In the anticipation of hav
ing as great a reception at Portland,
Oregon, in 1905.
At the last session of the convention
F. C. Smith, of Detroit, Mich., was re
elected grand inside sentinel and U. C.
Ferguson, of Ogden, Utah, was re
elected grand outside sentinel.
The last thing on the program was
the choosing of the city for the next
convention, the contest being between
Portland, Oregon, and Boston. Port
land received enough votes before
two-thirds of the delegates had been
The convention of the ladies' auxil
iary has also closed. The auxiliary
elected the following officers:
Mrs. J. M. Moore, Toledo, Ohio, the
present grand president, re-elected;
Airs. A. F. Conlisk, Fort Worth, Texas,
grand vice president; Mrs. W. F. Hlg
gins, Columbus, Ohio, secretary and
treasurer; Mrs. R. L. Rlggs, Tucson,
Arizona, grand senior sister.
Mrs. Moore, grand president, was
made president of the insurance asso-
That Po turn's Job.
The rapidity wita which pure food
and drink will win a hard battle
against ill health makes people stare
sometimes. The most wonderful med
icines in the world may be tried with
out success bo long as the lody is
slugged with coffee. After lying ten
months in bed from his third attack of
la grippe, a gentleman of Bridgeport,
Vt., recovered his health almost en
tirely in two weeks by leaving off cof
fee and drinking Postum Cereal Coffee
at meal times. He says:
"I was reduced in weight from 190
to about 100 pounds and thus remain
ed a poor, helpless skeleton for eight
months, notwithstanding my physic
ian's liberal prescriptions, besides
many boxes and bottles of extensively
advertised remedies and dozens of
bottles of malt and other tonic.
"Finally In April, I stopped using
coffee and other drugs and medicines
of every kind and adopted a diet of
plenty of Pustum and Grape Nuts. To
my surprise in a short time I was able
to eat and digest soft boiled eggs for
breakfast and leef steak for dinner. I
gained flesh and strength rapidly.
"On the afternoon of June 9 I walk
ed out of my residence for the first
time In ten months and nine days.
Two weeks later I left the city for my
boyhood's home In the old Green Moun
tain state, where I am now living In
better health and strength than I have
had since my first attack of la grippe
in 1892. I regard my case as having
been hopeless so far as medical sci
ence was concerned by reason of heart
failure, nervous prostration and, as
my physician termed it, nearly total
paralysis of certain Internal organs,
but found this was all caused by coffee
"Before I found Postum I was 70
years old, now I feel 70 years young."
Name furnished by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich.
Tuesday, June p.
Great Operatic Concert
Celebrated Italian Artistes
Silvia Ruerarl
Prima Donna Soprano
First orlze from the National
Conservatory of Iloma
' 1
Assisted by Best Local Talent of!
; Albuquerque. Tickets now on sale at Mat son's!
elation; Mrs. J. M. Sewall. Chicago,
secretary and treasurer; Mrs. A. F.
Condisk, Fort Worth, first member;
Mrs. H. L. Rigg, Tucson, Arizona, sec
ond member, and Mrs. Lahlff, Cleve
land, Ohio, third member. The salaries
of the president and grand secretary
and treasurer were made $2,000 per
year each, an increase of $200.
Made Ytung Again.
"One of Dr. King's New Life' Pills
each night for two weeks has put me
In my 'teens' again" writes D. H. Tur
ner of Dempseytown, Pa. They're the
best In the world for liver, stomach
and bowels. Purely vegetable. Never
gripe. Only 15c at all drugglBts.
The Baltimore & Ohio has laid 1.000
tons of nickel steel rails which weigh
eighty-five pounds to the yard. These
rails are said to be considerably harder
than those usually used and, although
expensive, have demonstrated that
they are more economical In the end
The new rails are mostly laid on the
curves where traffic is the heaviest.
Too Great a Risk.
In almost every neighborhood some
one has died from an attack of colic
or cholera morbus, often medicine
could be procured or a physician sum
moned. A reliable remedy for these
diseases should be kept at hand. The
risk is too great for anyone to take.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy has undoubtedly
saved more pain and suffering than
any other medicine In use. It can al
ways be depended upon. For sale by
all druggists.
John E. Ixgan filed a lien in the
clerks' office, at las Vegas, against
George 8. Oood & Co., on the tract of
the New Mexico Railway and Coal
company. Ixgan was a sub-contractor
on the railroad and has never received
his money on the contract.
Quick Arrest.
J. A. Gulledge of Verbena, Ala., was
twice in the hospital from a severe
case of piles causing twenty-four tu
mors. After doctors and all remedies
failed, Bucklen's Arnica Salve quickly
arrested further inflammation and
cured him. It conquers aches and
kills pain. 25c at all druggists.
Stop Trains Automatically.
A novel device Is being tried for au
tomatically stopping a train. A double
dial is attached to one of the driving
wheels; this registers the number of
miles. Another part of the dial is fit
ted with a series of stops, arranged to
coincide exactly with the distance of
each station from the preceding one.
As the train runs Into the station zone
the "stop" acts on a throttle valve
and pulls up the train within the spec
ified limits. The Inventor adds that It
will be useful in case of carelessness
on the part of the driver or . he
should be asleep.
Storms Pleads Guilty.
Guy T. Storms, the man who stole a
bunch of pay checks at Las Vegas,
cashed one of them, fled to Albuquer
que and was arrested here, was Indict
ed by the San Miguel district court
and plead guilty.
Storms was arraigned before the
tribunal. While in the paymaster's of
fice of the Santa Fe, at Las Vegas, he
picked up a whole handful of pay
checks. He forged the name of T.
Collier to a sizeable check made out
to that gentleman, and cashing the
same at the store of Mayor Goodall
took the train for this city. Here he
was arrested. The remainder of the
checks he threw away on the local de
pot platform. The defendant pleaded
guilty, but urged In mitigation of his
offense that he had never lefore wan
dered from the path of rectitude. This
time he was drunk and didn't realize
what he was doing. He had paid back
$70 of the $80 for which the check
called. Sentence was deferred.
Several days ago the San Bernar
dino Sun announced the resignation of
C. L. Acker, wrecking foreman and In
spector with the Santa Fe in this city
for some time. At that time, at Mr.
Acker's request, his future location
was not made public. The Sun Is now
at liberty to state, however, that he
is to be general foreman of the shops
at 8 p. m sharp
Pletro Duzzl
Lyric Tanor
From Milan, Twin and Paris
Conservatory of Music.
of the El Paso & Northeastern and
will be under C. W. Werst, formerly
of the local shops, whose appoint
ment as acting superintendent of ma
chinery of the New Mexican system
was noted last week. Mr. Acker has
already arrived on the ground and Is
once again installed under his old
Foley's Honey and Tar contains no
opiates and can safely be given to
children. Alvarado Pharmacy.
The Pennsylvania limited will be
shortened up one hour, becoming a
twenty-three hour train, with an extra
fare of $5 letween Chicago and New
New York, with proportionate extra
fares between other points. It will
leave Chicago at 6 o'clock p. m.
Foley's Hon y and Tar Is peculiarly
adapted for asthma, bronchitis and
hoarseness. Alvarado Pharmacy.
Society event of the season tonight
at Colombo hall.
David Jones, a laliorer, wants the
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railroad
to pay him $3,000 for Injuries to the
thumb of his right hand. Jones filed
suit against the company In the court
of common pleas, in Kansas City, Kas.
He alleges that on March 27, while
working at a turntable of the company
in Argentine, an engine was carelessly
backed on the table' and -so shaken
that some chunks of coal fell from the
tender and crushed his thumb.
The Best Liniment.
"I have derived great benefit from
the use of Chamberlain's Palo Balm
for rheumatism and lumbago," says
Mrs. Anna Hagelgans, of Tuckahoe,
N. J. "My husband used it for a sprain
ed back and was also quickly relieved.
In fact It Is the best family liniment
I wave ever used. I would not tu...
of being wthout it. I have recommend
ed to many and they always speak
very highly of it and declare its merits
are wonderful.' For sale by all drug
gists. There are rumors of another big
shake up in the official force of the
Pennsylvania railroad, at Philadel
phia.. A thorough reorganization of
the traffic department, it is said, has
been decided upon. The changes to
le made are said to be even more rad
ical than those which came last De
cember, when the transportation de
partment was reorganized.
Traveling is Dangerous.
Constant motion jars the kidneys
which are kept In place in the body by
delicate attachments. This Is the rea
son that travelers, trainmen, street car
men, teamsters and all who drive very
much, suffer from kidney disease In
some from. Foley's Kidney Cure
strengthens the kidneys and cures all
forms of kidney aud bladder disease.
Geo. E. Hausan, locomotive engineer,
Lima, Ohio, writes, "Constant vibra
tion of the engine caused me a great
deal of trouble with my kidneys, and I
got no relief until I used Foley's Kid
ney Cure." Alvarado Pharmacy.
Gallery seats for "The Dress Re
hearsal" will be 50 cents. Sold at the
F. M. Pingrey and family, formerly
of Winslow, Ariz., were in the city
yesterday, the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Richards. Mr. Pingrey was for a
number of years boss painter for the
Santa Fe at Winslow, and he and Mrs.
Pingrey have a large number ot
friends there who regret their depar
ure very much. They went to Trini
dad, Colo., last night for a few days'
visit. Mr. Pingrey anticipates going
into business at Dulbart, Tex.
What is Foley's Kidney Cure?
Answer: It is made from a prescrip
tion of a leading Chicago physician,
and one of the most eminent in the
country. The ingredients are the
purest that money can buy, and are
scientifically combined to get their ut
most value. Alvarado Pharmacy.
What can be livelier or more enter
taining than a crowd of mischievous
school girls? Tin ir pranks are well
Illustrated In "The Dress Rehearsal"
this evening.
..Albuquerque's Lorgeot Store..
'ns$llinig wit
Of Men's, Boys9 and Youths9
Clothing and Furnishing Goods
Unquestionably the most interesting sale ot this class of merchandise ever held in
the city. We quote here the regular prices, also the sale prices. Read carefully,
then you can readily see the great values we offer, for we are determined to close out
this department in order to have room for other goods.
Men's Clothing
No matter how well you are
supplied with clothing you
can't afford to pass these spec
ials without invetlgating their
value. Never again can you
get the value received for the
money Invested.
Regular $10.00 Suits, Sale Price,
Regular $12.50 Suits, Sale Price,
Regular $15.00 Suits, Sale Price,
Regular $18.00 Suits, Sale Price,
Regular $20.00 Suits, Sale Price,
Men's Straw Hats
Regular $1.50 grade, any
where you go, made of that
kind of straw which does not
chip easily, Sale Price
... S?- OILFIELD &
300-302-304-306-303-310 WEST RAILROAD AVENUE
San Francisco and return $55.00
Los Angeles or Redondo 35.00
Santa Monica, Long Beach or
East San Pedro 35.04
San Diego, Coronado Beach.. 35.00
For further information call at ticket office
F. L.Myers, Santa Fe Ticket Agent, Albuquerque, N. M.
t&tu .in wuiEN.
i r; n '. ui)Titui
(ti tiarut . in tium nmt low
IrntHtionft or iilrt(iut
lf lllllVUUO ll'IIltirlrf
Pxinluftt, Mid not avstrln-
jrni or puiouutis.
Sola! fey DnitfUta,
or sent In pit's wrappr,
ty exprM, prepaid, for
100. nrS bottles rj.7ft.
Circular sent on rsqussi.
DeWItt's ft!,.? Salve
For Pile, Burns. Sores
Railroad Time Tables
Denver & Rio Grande System
Tims Table No. 71.
(Effective Wednesday, April 1, 1903.)
East Bound
No. 428
West Bound
No. 425
Santa Fe
6:20 pm
3:00 pm
1:05 pm
11:00 am Espanola...,
1:05 pmj Embudo ..
8:40 pm...Tres Pledraa
6:35 pm Antonlto ..
8:50 pm Alamosa ..
10:06 am
7:85 am
6:10 am
1:05 ami Pueblo ...... 1:37 am
7:15ainAr... Denver ...Lvl 9:30 pm
Trains run dally except Sunday.
Connections with tha mala line and
branches as follows:
At Antonlto for Durango, Sllverton
and all points In the San Juan country.
At Alamosa (with standard gauge)
for La Veta, Pueblo. Colorado Springs
and Denver, also with narrow gauge
or Monte Vista, Del Norte and Denver,
Creeds and all points In the San Luis
valley. At Sallda with main Una
(standard gauge) for all points east
and west including Leadvllle and nar
row gauge points between Sallda and
Grand Junction.
At Florence and Canon City for tha
gold camps of Cripple Creek and Vic
tor. At Pueblo, Colorado Springs and
Denver with all Missouri river lines
for all points east
For further information address tha
Through passengers from Santa Fa
In standard gauge sleepers from Ala
mosa can have berths reserved on ap
plication B. W. ROBBINS. Qn. Agt.,
Santa Fe, N. M.
9. K. HOOPER. O. P. A.. Denvr. Colo.
f lilUi dat
not t at riot or.
rVfta rsttaajlM.
Men's Night Shirts
Good quality muslin, made nicely
and trimmed very neat, regular 85c
Men's Wash Suits
Men's Linen Color Duck Suits,
$4.50 suits, to close out
Men's All Linen Wash Suits, sold
regular at $5.50 a suit, to close out
Men's Trousers
Trousers you'll need to go with
your odd coats and vests. At this
sale you buy two yalrs equally as
good for the same money as you
pay for one pair.
$2.00 Trousers for $1.55
$2.50 Trousers for 2.10
$3.50 Trousers for 2.55
$4.00 Trousers for 2.95
$4.b0 Trousers for 3.40
$5.00 Trousers for 3.85
Excursion Rates
Subscribe for The Citizen.
In Kfl.utroveinur J,
No. 1, California Express.... 7:15p.m.
No. 7, Met. A Cal. Express. .10:06 p.m
No. 3, California Limited. . . .10:40 a.m.
No. 2. Atlantic ExDreaa B-lMam
No. 4, Chicago Limited 13:09 p.m.
no. 8, Chicago Express 7:30 p.m.
No. 22. Atlantic Express .... 7:10vm.
No. 27, Mexico Express 11:00 pm
No. 2, Atlantic Express 8:05 a.m
no. , cnicago Limited ll:5l p.m.
No 8, Chicago Express 6:45 p.m.
LKAVm an in a what
No. 1, California Express.... 8:15p.m.
no. a, uauiornia Limited. .. .11:00 a.m.
No. 7, Mex. Cal. Express. .10:46 p.m.
No. 7 will carry mail from tha aaat
and No. 3 from tha west
Tha No. $ and No. 4 ara tha limited
tod they arrive dally.
Local freight No. 99, going south,
carries passengers.
F. k. MTER8, Agant
Proprietor and Owner.
Secretary Mutual Building Association
Offlca at J. U. Baidridga'a Lumber Yard
Men's Shoes
Men's Box Calf Shoes, regular
$3.50 value. Sale Price, $2.70
Men's Velour Calf Shoes, regu
lar $3.50 shoes, Sale Price,
Money saving values on work
ing shoes during this sale. Dig
line to selcet from.
Men's Jewelry
Gold Plated Collar Buttons,
regular 15c each, Sale Price,
6c each.
Cuff Buttons, regular price 50c
per pair, Sale Price, 23c pair.
Shirt Studs, in sets, gold and
pearl, regular price 60c a set.
Sale Price, 18o a set
..Dates of Sala -Every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday during months)
of May, June, July, August and Sep
tember. Limits November 30, 1003.
8topovera within limit of ticket south
and west of Barstow.
Subscribe for The Citlxen.
Q. Badaracco
Dealer In
Oeneral Herchandlse and
Proprietor of tha Summer -
All Kioas of Country Produce BoasM
and Bold.
Goods Delivered Free to all Parts at
tna City.
Corner of Third and TlJeraV
Albuquerque Now Manias.
811 Soutn First Strvet.
FRANK VAJO, Proprietor.
Tha oesi or liquors served to ps
rons of tha bar. ... ,
Sandwiches of all kinds served. 1
Nice large rooms, everything braa
new, npstalra for lodging porpoaaa.
lit W. Railroad Avanua,
The finest Una of Liquors and Cigar
All natrons and frlenria nrllll indi.
ad to visit "Tha Iceberg." Laaefe i.J
served every a ay.
We nandla everything -.a wav (14
Distillers Agents
Special distributors Taylor WUXUaaa
Louisville, Kentucky.
Ill S. First St. AJfegguorou 14

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