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THURSDAY, SEPT. 28, 1905.
Believed Territorial Grand
Jury Has Returned Over
One Hundred.
The report of the territorial grand
jurv which has been In session the
pa"t two weeks. Is expected tomorrow
and not later than Saturday. Accord
ing to rumors, the final report of the
jury will show that over one hundred
indictments have heen returned by
that liody while It has been in session,
which would seem that the coming
term of court will be a busy one.
There were rumors today that the
Jury would probably return a number
of "indictments against those women
who entered the saloons on last Sat
uniay night, if this report should
frove true bone sensations are sure
o he the result. There is a law
against women frequently saloons,
drinking In saloons, playing games,
or singing therein, but whether this
law would apply to those women who
entered the saloons for the purpose
of looking on, is probably a question
for the court to t.e;ermine.
Late yesterday afternoon the. Jury
returned another indictment against
William Wagner, a member of the
city police force, charging him with
an assault with a deadly weaHn. This
indictment is the result of an arrest
made by Wagner last winter In which
he was forced to use force before his
prisoner would submit to being ar
rested. It Is not thought the officer
will have any trouble In clearing him
self of the charge.
Milton V. Wilcox was arrested to
day on an Indictment returned
against him. In which he Is charged
with obtaining money under false
The temporary Jail of Sheriff Arml
Jo in old town is rapidly filling up
and now contains a number of prison
ers who are awaiting trial at the com
ing term of court which opens on
Monday next.
Apparently the time has ariived
when the box car bum turns the ta
bles on the freight train brakeman.
A story has just come out that a north
end brakeman was held up for $6.50
and his watch, by a man who was
stealing a ride. Brakeman Covey was
the victim, and the job was done In
broad day light, near Waldo, and the
tramp who did It is still at largo.
The stoiy Is that Covey was rum
aging his train looking for "hoes,"
when he came upon a man lying on
his stomach In a freight car. "Where
are you going, Willie?" was the sa
lute, and at "present arms," an ugly
six-shooter at full cock, was the quick
response, accompanied by the com
mand, I'Shell out:" Covey "shelled
out" his ready cash and his gojd
watch, and then made a hurried exit
from the car. Ho went to the way
car where he aimed hlmseir with a
gun, but when he returned to the'ear,
which had been the scene of the hold
up, tho tramp had gone, and a corps
of secret service men have been look
in ft for him ever since, without suc
Jose E. Chaves, son and heir to the
estate of the late Felipe Chaves, of
Helen, is a guest at the Alvarado. Mr.
Chaves is stopping in the city just for
the day on business with his attor
ney, E. V. Chaves, and will leave to
night for New York, where he has a
brokerage business that demands his
Mr. Chaves said this morning that
the affairs of his father were found to
be in perfect order, and that the husi
ness of the estate is about settled"". He
will hold the old Chaves homesteifti
and other property of the estate at
Helen In memory of bis father, and he
will continue to support the school
for girls at Helen established years
ago by his father. This school Is un
der t.ie direct supervision of the count'
school superintendent of Valencia
county, but Mr. Chaves has arranged
to set aside a certain sum each yea
to be at the command of the school
superintendent for its suprv.rt
In speaking of the plans his father
had laid for his leave-taking, Mr.
Chaves said that the old gentleman
had left his private vault In the Chaves
home unlocked, probably the first time
in years, and what was as equally re
markable, was the fact that every
paper and docuimrit was found undis
turbed. Me had provided Tils own cof
fin several years previous to his
Mr. Chaves will visit his sister at
Colorado Springs while en route to
V""ra'' V ' v V, pn . : ,h"
New V,rk. Mr Chaves wears in the
apel of lus coat a gold shield of tin
blue-blood Seventh regiment National
Guard of New York.
It is plain that the Terrace Addi
tion Improvement company means
biiHiiess, and that that conveii ieiit
block of land beuvc. u High strut and
tlu- I'nivcrsity and south of Kuilroud
avenue will suou be thrown upon the
market ready for the home builder.
An advi rtii inent in today's Citizen
neks the services of a man and wile
to do the cooking for a camp on i ho
outskirts ot the city. This camp will
be the camp of a grading 'outfit em
ployed at leveling down the kcul.s
i.ud hil.s of the Terrace addition.
M. 1'. Sianini. secretary of tiu- com
pany, purchased u dozen mules and
tradiity utensils from contractors do
ing work oa the Santa Fe cut-off, and
this i-uuipmcnt will be on the ground
n.nionow. The plow will be put m I
the ground on Monday. I
The Pantatorium,
C.oihi-s cleaned, j.reaj.e.1 and dyed.
All clothes called for and delivered.
West Silver avenue. Aulo paone
"Jl. 1. L. Hoffman, proprietor.
TOOK IN $150,000
As a Result of the 25th Ter
ritorial Fair According
to Statistics.
Territorial fairs have been of Ines
timable value to the city of Albu
querque. This benefit can be counted
In manv ways. The advertising the
citv has received both at home and
abroad, by newspaper, letter and tour
ist as a result of the fairs could not
have been purchased at any price, but
the benefit more evident Is the bene
fit the merchants receive In cash
while these fairs have been going on.
Take the late fair as an example. It
would be difficult to ascertain the ex
act number of visitors in the city last
week or the amount of money each
spent, but a reasonable estimate will
show that the city is many thousands
of dollars better off than prior to the
twenty-fifth territorial fair. That
5.IMH) people from the outside were in
the city last week would not be an ex
orbitant estimate of the crowd. That
each spent $2 a day for five days
would be very unreasonable, yet at
this figure, the city would be $5U,nin
to the good as the result of the fair.
One boarding house fed 2,700 people
during the week, and the rooms of
this house netted $12 per week each.
Every hotel and rooming house was
full the entire week and did well. One
merchant said that the fair visitors
of last week were more prosperous
than the visitors of any previous fair
and bought better goods. It would
not be unfair to say that each visitor
spent $5 a day during the week and
that the city is at least $150,000 bet
ter off as the result of the twenty
fifth territorial fair.
For Mayflower Descendants.
Poland Spiings, Me., Sept. 28. The
Maine society of Mayflower descend
ants in the state of Maine will be
the guests of Hiram Ricker and sons
at a banquet at the Poland Springs
house tonight. The Kicker brothers
and sisters are all members of the
society and take great interest in it,
Several distinguished members of the
society from New York and Massachu
setts will be present and will addicss
the banquet party.
Jeffersonvi.le, lud.. Sept. 28. At po
lice roll call in Jeffersonville last
night Capt. Clegg gave instructions
that all lsjys, no matter what their
ages found disobeying the laws of the
state or ordinances of tho city must
lie locked up, favors to be shown to
none. At the time he had Just return
ed from a fire, caused by two boys
lighting matches and throwing them
on an awning in front of Samuel W.
Taylor's saloon, 453 Spring street.
This, however, was not the only
cause that prompted Capt. Clegg to
Issue the order. During the services
at the First Presbyterian church Sun
day morning the Rev. Dr. J. S. Howk
was compelled to refer from his pul
pit to the annoyances the members of
his congregation have been subjected
to by the acts of a number of half
grown boys, who gather about the
church during services and at other
times, using the vilest of language. It
was this more than Hit awning fire
that caused the order to be made.
Capt. Clegg said last night that one
of the greatest trials of the police
board was that of attempting to han
dle the boys of Jeffersonvi.le, who, to
all appearances, have started in to
take the city. Nit 'ty per cent of the
calls that are sent In at night are re
quests for the police to drive boys
away from different localities. Many
arrests have been made and the urch
ins allowed to go on their own recog
nizance until the next morning, Capt.
Clegg said, ami then to be dismissed
with a tender reprimand.
"Big and little." said Capt. Clegg
last night, "I intend seeing the offic
ers turn these hoodlums over to Sher
iff Pernett, and if he does not see fit
to lock them up the responsibility will
be with him, not with me. The pres
ent practices must be broken up."
New London, Conn., Sept. 28. Ste
phen M. Crocker, a member of a well
k'lown New London fami'y, is at the
hospital iu a serious "oiuiiiion an the
reiull of u pislol shot lecelved while
he was terrorizing the family of
George BindljfS at tnelr home In this
city in. un early hour this morning.
Late iast night Crocker went to the
Bindloss hou-c., and when the door
w..s opened 'n lopcusu to lis ring,
ho pushed past the servaut and met
Mrs. Bindloss and her daughter, Stel
la. Their refusal to speak to him an
gered him, and lor several hours he
had them in a Hate of terror. Mis.
Bindloss tried to gel to the telephone
bU,nulon bl.r llUa!,.inil or the poilt.u.
, . fc 1):.,v,iut,j hvtm
Mrs. Birdloss about 4 o clock this
morning went to her husband's room
and secured his revo.ver to protect
herself. As she caine down stairs sliu
saw Croker beating her daughter, and
in her nervousness the revolver which
she held in her hand went off. The
bullet did not strike Ciocker, but the
siiol distrucu-d his attention from the
girl, and he turned oil Mrs. lliudloss.
In struggling for the po.-..-sion of the
i weapon, it was exploded, and tin; bul
I ,et entered his body, inl.ictiiig a
I wound that probably will cause his
death. Crocker then bit the house
and went to his home, wheie he col
lapsed and was taken to the ho.-pltal.
' Winn he recovered con.-c.ouMns
'this afternoon, he said two ttauips
I shot him. Mr. and Mrs. Kindlons went
j to the police tallun and told their
1 ftory.
Ere-h wat.-r White. l-'ih an 1 Tr.mt.
Channel Cat Eih, Red Snapper,
Black, Barracuda and I'lounder. 1.Ij -
Mer, Siiriuip and "SealsbJia" Ovs -
See the window display of the H:o
: Grande Woolen Mills at the C.loi-el
I store, then ask for those $3.50 wa.k-!
J lng skirts.
Second Day Northern New
Mexico Fair Greeted '
by Big Crowd.
Special to The Citizen.
I-as Vegas, N. M., Sept. 2S Today
was the second day of the nort net n
New Mexico fair. The weather 1s
fine and the feature of today's pro-
gram was the big floral and trades dis-
play parade this morning, which
passed off without a hitch. The city
is full of visitors and everylody is
having a good time. This afternoon
at Galllnas park the second game of (
the base ball tournament was
played, with the Mcintosh Browns of
Albuquerque, playing the Blues of this
city. The game resulted In favor of
Las Vegas by a score of 6 to 1.
Las Vegas Defeats &anta Fe.
The chief feature of the opening
day of the Northern New Mexico fair
was the ball game between Santa re
and Las egas. The game was won
by Ias Vegas in the ninth inning by
a score of 3 to 1. In that inning the
score wag tied 1 to 1, when a fumble
by the left fielder for Santa Ke allow
ed two runs. Fine weather marked
the opening day of the fair.
Deming Next Meeting Place.
The grand lodge of the Odd Fellows
elected officers yesterday afternoon
and chose iH-niing as the next meet
ing place. The officers elected were:
Grand master, W. W. Ogle, of Ros
well; deputy grand master, B. A.
Sleyster, of Albuquerque; grand war
den. Van T. Manville, Silver. City;
grand secretary, J. C. Spears, Gallup;
grand treasurer, John B. Hodgson,
Deming; grand representative to sov
ereign lodge, W. E. Kelly, Socorro.
L. B. Prince Elected President.
The opening session of the Good
Roads convention was large attend
ed. Ex-Gov. L. Bradford Prince, of
banta re, was elected president of
the Good Roads association of New
Mexico. The other ollicers elected
were: Frank Owen, of Santa Fe, sec
retary; and W. S. Strickler, of Albu
querque, treasurer. Albuquerque was
decided on for the next p;ace of meet
ing. The next nnnual meeting of the as
soclation will be held in Albuquer
"Government control of railroad
rates would mean higher rates than
are possible under private manage
ment," said James J. Hill, president
of the Great Northern, in a speech to
the farmers at Preston. Minn, the oth
er day. Continuing Mr. Hill said:
"Your main needs are two an ade
quate market in which your products
may be sold at a fair price and an op
portunity to purchase those things
you need which the farm does not
supply. There is one way in which
you may be helped, and that Is by les
sening the cost of transportation.
"It is an easy prophesy becausg It
Is a business fact that railroad rates
In this country would decline more
slowly under government control than
if fixed by those who intelligently
manage railways.
"No public body should dare make
reductions so sweeping as those tnHi
have been made voluntarily by rail
vpys. It Is the right and dutv of .hc
government to secure fair treatment
and to prevent ditt limlnatlons.
"The government cannot -discriminate
between ports or placs. It
must be Impartial. Therefor it
would sooner or lat'er be ol.llgen to
nr.inin n ,tiaianQ tariff Th i..,
charge for the long haul would dis-
appear and ou fa-i.iers here in Mm-
nesota would be the most heavily tar
iffed people in the world."
Mr. Hill touched on the Orient as
the future market of the wheat pro
ducing states of the United States.
He observed that the Panama canal,
while It might bo a worthy project,
was an expensive toy, but one that
tnis country could afford. He derided
wie argument that any great benefit
would accrue to the people from it.
TERIALS, ETC. U. S. Indian School,
Hreen, Colorado, September 12, 1905.
TERIALS, ETC.," and addressed to
the undersigned at Breen, Colorado,
will be received at the Indian School
until two o'clock p. m., Monday, Oc
tober 2, 1905, for furnishing and deliv
ering at the school, as required dur
ing the fiscal year ending June thir
tieth, 1906. about 396 yards excava
tion; 2650 cu. ft. stone; 23 stone sills;
84,000 brick; S(4 sacks cement; 780
yards lathing and plaster; 330 yards
painting; about 40,000 feet lumber. 46
squares tin roofing; 45 windows,
doors and frames; one lavatory, one
closet; one urinal, etc., all as per list
and specifications obtainable at the
school. Bidders will state specifically
In their bids the price of each article
to bo offered In their contract. All
articles so offered will be subject to
rigid inspection. The right Is reserv
ed to reject anv or all bids or any
part of any bid if deemed for the best
Interest of the service. Each bid must
be accompanied by a certified check
or draft upon some United States de
pository or solvent national bank,
made payable to the order of the Com
missioner of Indian Affairs, for at
leapt 5 per cent of the amount of the
proposal, said check or draft to be
forfeited to the United States In case
a bidder receiving a reward shall fall
to execute promptly a satisfactory
contarct In accordance with his bid:
otherwise to be returned to the bid
der. Bids accompanied by cash In
lieu of certified check will not be con
sidered. For further Information ap
ply to Wm. M. Peterson, Superintend
ent, Breen, Colorado.
If sufficient
1 2
Ufsa ICpcrS Ac cau rafts;
Will give a series of Twenty I.c-i. in
Fur particulars and terms, apply
j 000C000000
Closing quotations Received by Levy
Bros., Correspondent for Logan
& Bryan. Barnett Building.
Amalgamated Copper
American Sugar 13!'
Atchison, common MH
Atchison, pfd 1""
Baltimore & Ohio Ill;
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 7Hfc
Canadian Pacific 14'H
.Colorado Fuel & Iron 44't,
Colorado Southern, common .... 28
Chicago, Great Western, com... 21';
c. & b f83
Krie common 50
Erie, first S2
Ixmisville & Nashville 154
Missouri Pacific 105
Metropolitan 125'4
Mexican Central 24
New York Central 1494
Norfolk 85
Heading, common 121i
Pennsylvania 143t4
Kock Island, common 32
Kepuhlic Iron & Steel, common.. 2'Sn
Republic Iron & Steel, pfd 90H
Southern Pacific 687
St. Paul
Southern Railway 36
Tennessee Coal & Iron Nti'4
T.i - f. a nnlflA nr.
. .-.ao muiii: .JO V
Union Pacific, common 131'
u. S. S., common 374
V. S. S pfd 104 4
Wabash, common 227i
Wabash, pfd
O. & W " 5474
Greene Copper 25
Chicago, Sept. 28. Closing prices:
Wheat September, S5'4c; Decem
ber, 85c.
Corn September, BHic, December,
Ooats September, "TUc; Decem
ber. 28e.
Pork September, fir.;
Lard September, $7.22';
Ribs September, $S.ri7'i;
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago, Sept. 28. Cattle Receipts,
8. nun; market strong W H'c higher;
Peeves, JS. , ;(fl u.r.O ; native cows. $3
4.t;n; stockers and feeders, ,$2.4u(?f
4.3.1: Texans, $3.30fff 4.4"; westerns,
13 ft i.T.-..
Sheep Receipts, 25,000; market was
strong; sheep, $3 W 4.40; lambs, f 4.40 j.
7.70. Kansas City Live Stock.
Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 28. Cattle
Receipts, 10.000; market stead v to 10c
higher; native steers,. 5; south
ern steers, $2.503.50; southern cows,
Sheep Receipts. 5,000; market
steady; muttons, $4(fj'5; lambs, 5.25
6.7.".; range wethers, $ 1.2500; fed
ewes, J3.7504.25.
Closing Stock Quotations.
New York, Sept. 28. Ttchlson,
Mf'i; Atchison, preferred, 105; New
York Central. 14SM-; Pennsylvania,
143'h; Southern Pacific, 09; nlon Pa
cific, 132; Vnion i'aclfic, preferred,
!J5; Amalgamated Copper, 83'i;
United States Steel, 37'4; United
States Steel, preferred, 104.
Mo., Sept.
St. Louis,
finn, $5.80.
28. Spelter,
The musical department of the
woman's club will meet tomorrow af- !
ternoon at 2 o'clock. At a recent i
meeting of the club, an Invitation was
eAu-nueu 10 me nacners or tne city
s?,hoJil8 aml ,he .University to attend
f 1 "terary meetii-s of the club, and
It Is hoped that many of them will
avail themselves ot the opportunity,
as it is believed that the presence of
the teachers will be of ultimate bene
fit to all concerned.
The art program of September 22
will be gien at 3:30 o'clock tomorrow
Their Unceasing Work Keeps
Strong and Healthy.
All the blood In the body passes
through the kidneys once every three i
minutes. The kidneys filter the blood. I
They work night and day. When'1
healthy they remove about 500 grains
of impure matter dally; when un
healthy, some part of this Impure
matter is left In the blood. This
brings on many diseases and symp
tome pain in the back, headache,
nervousness, hot, dry skin, rheuma
tism, gout, g:avel, disorder of the eye
sight and hearing, dizziness, irregular
heart, debility drowsiness, dropsy, de
posits in the urine, etc. But if you
keep the filters right you will have
no trouble with your kidneys.
Nazario Alarld, of Cerrilloa Road,
Santa Ke, N. M., says: "I wag con
tinually buying medicine for my kid
neys. None of the medicine I used
had tho slightest effect on my kidneys
or backache, at least I was unable to
notice any. When an attack of back
ache readied the virulent stage I was
compelled to top work for an hour
until the spasm disappeared. When
suffering from an at'ack I got Doan's
Kidney Pills. The remedy soon ben
efited mo in every way and removed
every symptom of Kidney complaint.
I heartily recommend Doan's Kldnev
Plenty more proof like this from
Albuquei quo people. Call at the Al
vara lo pharmacy ami ask w hat their
customers report.
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y., sole agents for the United States.
Remember the n.une Doan's and
take no other.
taKe no other. 54
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signs In
line of
the lowest.
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lng a Specialty. All
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"Gyrofans." See then
in European Hotel Res
taurant. We give tickets for the
Piano Contest.
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trical Contractors' As
sociation. 216 SOUTH SECOND 8T.
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modern telephone service today for
what you are paying for Inferior ser
vice? The only long di-ttance transmitters
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time contracts, as you wish; lowest
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your heart and warm your horn
when Its cold. Fl.I your bins tarn
next winter now and avoid the rusfc.
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