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Committee Appointed at Yes
terday's Meeting on Per
manent Organization.
The meeting held at the Commer
cial club yesterday for the purpose
of providing some means of taking
care of the poor and Indigent sick of
Albuquerque accomplished much. It
made much headway toward the goal
which is sought, and a perrrane.ii or
ganization of associated ohnrilitM pro
mises to he the result.
Statistics showing the burden be
ing carried on by the St. Joseph hos
pital and the Non-Sectarian Henevo
, lent society, heretofore unknown to
the public were of astonishing mag
nitude and revealed clearly the great
need of a public poor house or homo
for the friendless.
When these statistics were heard,
the meeting was moved to immediate
action. Many enthusiastic speeches
were made and ninny plans were sug
gested. Upon a motion of R. P. Hail
seconded by Mrs. Bernard Ilfeld, Ralv
bl Kaplan, of the Jewish synogogue;
Rev. A. C. Harrison pastor of the St.
John's Episcopal ch'urch. and Nestor
Montoya, representing the Sisters of
Charity, were elected a committee of
three on permanent organization, and
next Tuesday afternoon was selected
as the time for th's committee to
report, when it is expected a perma
nent organization will be effected and
soliciting committees selected.
Dr. James H. Wroth was among the
speakers at yesterday's meeting and
he made a most wise proposition to
the effect that first get money "for
Immediate use by popular subscrip
tions, atd then attend to schemes of
giving dances entertainments, sup
pers, etc.. from which a certain
amount of revenue can always be de
rived for char'table purposes.
It is to be regrefted, as the meet
ing was non-sectarian in Its nature,
and charity is something we should
nil be .interested in, that .the local
Salvation Army people did not partic
ipate in the proceedings of yesterday
afternoon's meeting. The Salvation
Army .throughout the entire civilized
world, do a large amount of benevo
lence every day in the year, and no
one is turned away from their liar
racks, in laree cities and even in Al
buquerque, when he or she desires a
place to sleep or a little food to satis
fy the cravings of. a hungry stomach.
The following public funds have
been received by Territorial Treas
urer J. H. Vaughn:
A. M. Bergere. clerk of 4he First
judicial district, fees for the quarter
ending September 30, 1905, $309.45.
W. B. Dame, clerk of the Second
judicial district j fees for the quarter
ending September 30, 1905, $454.
W. E. Martin, clerk of the Third Ju
dicial district, fees for the quarter
ending .September 30, 1905. $412.95.
Secundino Romero, clerk of the
Fourth Judicial district, fees for the
quarter ending September 30, 1905,
C. M. Hird, clerk of the Fifth ju
dicial district, fees for the quarter
ending September 30, 1905, $649.99.
D. J. Leahy, clerk of the Sixth Ju
dicial district, fees- for the quarter
ending September 30. 1905, $406.05.
Venceslao -Jaramlllo, treasurer and
collector of Rio Arriba county, taxes
1904. $43.67.
Daniel Cassldy, treasurer and col
lector of Mora county, taxes 1903,
$162.83: taxes. 1904, $63 70.
Jose Torres, treasurer and collect
or Socorro county, taxes, 1904, $43.29;
taxes, 1905, $187.77.
Eugenlo Romero, treasurer and col
lector of Sin Miguel countv, taxes
1902. $23.42: taxes, 1903, $32.88; taxes.
1904. $454.52.
Celso lxipez. treasurer and collector
From left to right:. Nora, aged 2
Bartley, aged 8; Kittie. aged 17; Jea
Joan, aged 19. and Helen, aged 11.
New York. Oct. 28. President
Roosevelt hat designated the Barley
P. Olivers, of han Francisco, the Ideal
American family. It was for this fam
ily that the president proposed and
led three cheers In the White House
at the recent meeting of the Ameri
can Banker' association.
Right tin ti the Olivers sprung into
, When they were in this-city, pre
paring 1 ) sail for Naples, they were
conned by attention aua curiosity on
every hand.
Aboard the hurricane deck of the
steamer half a dozen camera fiends
pursued them ur til they posed for
4,r. Oliver dn'i like it much. "We
are plain people," he said. "Of course,
we are flattered by the great compli
ment aid to us by Preside '. Roos?-
county, taxes 1902,
IV'3, $61.20; taxes,
Arthur S. Ooodell, treasurer
collector of Grant county, taxes,
$171.73: taxes, l!i3, $618.25;
1904. $231.48.
Frank A. Hubbell. treasurer and
collector of Bernalillo county, taxes,
1902, $6.19: taxes. 1903, $32; taxes,
1904. $733.51: taxes, 1905, $79.05.
Jose M. Medina, treasurer and col
lector of Taos county, taxes, 1902.
$9.77; taxes, 1903, 19.13; taxes, isnn,
$2r.t;ti; taxes, 1905, $21.51.
O. J. Pace, treasurer and collector
of Colfax county, taxes. 1902. $72.68; J
taxes. 1903, $3.74; t.ixes, 1904, $168.
94; taxes, 1905. $324.97.
John S. Woolford, treasurer anil col
lector of Union county, taxes, 19o3,
$110.43; taxes. 1904, $380.98; taxes,
1905. $24.87.
John C. Plemmons, treasurer and
collector of Sierra county, taxes, 1903,
$83.30; tax.es, 1904, $370.27.
Camilo Sanchez, treasurer and col
lector of Guadalupe county, taxes,
1904. $815.45.
J. S. Lea. treasurer and collector of
Chaves county, taxes, 1902. $13.80;
taxes. 1903, $53.95; taxes, 1904,
W. E. Williams, treasurer and col
lector of San Juan county, taxes, 1902
$14.20; taxes. 1903, $15.02; taxes
1904, $112.60; taxes, 1905. $225.33.
J. 11. Canning, treasurer and col
ector of Lincoln county, taxes, 1903,
$3.88; taxes, 1904, $82.12.
J. C. Dunn, treasurer ad collector
of Otero county, taxes, 1902, $8.80;
taxes, 1903. $319.92; taxes, 1904, $531.
89; taxes, 1905, $65.23.
Palmer Kettner. treasurer and col
lector of MeKinley county, taxes, 1902,
$1.08; taxes. 19U3, $1.36; taxes, 1904,
$12.18. '
C. J. Kelly treasurer and collector
of Lima county, taxes, 1903, $28.78;
taxes, 1904, $273.67.
J. D. Walker, treasurer and collector
of Eddv county, taxes, 1903, $55.8ti;
taxes, 1904, $271.31.
J. M. Faggard, treasurer and col
lector of Roosevelt county, taxes,
1904, $909.20.
II. O. Bursum, superintendent of
the penitentiary, convicts' earnings,
W. C. Barnes, secretary of the
tie sanitary board, for credit to
cattle indemnity fund, $1,658.10.
Mrs. E. J. Gibson, wife or Superin
tendent Gibson, of the Santa Fe Wins
low division, returned last night from
a short visit to relatives in Los Au
geles. :Mrs. A. L. Newton, who recently
had charge of the news stand at the
Aivarado, lett la.-t night for an ex
tended visit to relatives on the Pa
cific coast,
Superintendent I. L. Hibbard, of
the .Santa Fe coast lines, who is in
the city on one of his periodical trips,
said this morning ' that the present
passenger 'business of the Santa Fe
coast lines eclipsed all records of the
past, and the number of people le
ing hauled into California by the San
ta, Fe was equaled by only two other
roads running into California. The
Pacific coast states are filling up
with people past all expectations of
the immigrant agents, who have been
flooding the east with western 'boom
literature of late years.
Mr. Hiibbard's trip here is one purely
for inspection purposes. The Albu-querque-Winslow
division is receiving
a great deal of attention just now In
the way of improvements. Four
steam shovels are at work on this di
vision improving grades. One at
Rio Puerco, one at Belmont, one at
Ash Fork and one on the Grand Can:
yon route, and all of this work is
being rushed o as to be completed
before the cold weather sets in.
Mr. Hubbard expects to leave for
the west tonight.
Every woman wants a fine evening
coat, but the price has always been
too high for the greater majority. Not
so now, for If you will attend the sale
of fine coats at the Golden Rule Dry
Goods company, you will find them
pi iced within the reach of all. See
window display.
0; Adelaide, aged 9; Mr. Oliver; !
n, aged 15; Mr. Oliver; John, aged 6;
veil. The meeting witii the president
was quite by accident. We were vis
iting Washington an I I wanted th?
children to see the White House.
"The president approached us and
asked us aiiout the children. said
that he admired them very much, and
tt .i us several ques'o'-.i about their
health and future. Turning to Mrs.
Roosevelt, he said: 'Here is a family
after my own heart.' Then he led the
" I do not regard my family as be
ing large. There are only eight, and
the ag-s range from 20 to 6. i
"We are taking the children to
Naples to be educated. I have had
my ohare of success in business, and
I propose to spend the happiest part
of my life with my family. I will
spend my'money on the children now,
Instead of leaving it for them to spend
when 1 am dead."
of Santa Fe
$36.76; taxes,
1904, $234.67.
. i . m P - 4 v . . - . ' V
County Superintendent Stroup
Makes Very Startling
That the census of the
school districts of Bernalillo
nas been padded In years
and that to a considerable
gone by,
extent, is
very evident in comparing the recent
returns of persons of school age re
siding in the various districts. The
returns made to Superintendent
Stroup do not Jibe at all with the re
turns made to Eslnvlo Vigil, the for
mer incumbent, who was removed by
Governor Otero. The returns made
to Mr. Vigil are in some Instances
away in excess of what they really
should have been, thus making a big
difference when it came to apportion
ing the school funds.
Superintendent Stroup has favored
The Citizen with a tabulated report.
This report, which appears behiw.
gives the number of children of school
age by districts. The reader can
easily make the comparison. The
first column represents the number of
school district, the second the re
turns made to former Superintendent
Vigil, and the third column the re
turns made to Superintendent Stroup:
Returns Made Returns Made
, .. 87
... 104
, . . 503
.. 119
, . . 68
... 130
. . 170
. . 35
ret urn
, 3,252
No return
. . 31
. . 24
. . 52
.. 34
.. 117
. No
Mr. Vigil made an apportionment on
the 30th day of September, using the
figures as given in his column, as the
basis. The figures in the third col
umn were In the office of the county
superintendent on October 9. with
three exceptions. Since the school
money is divided pro rata, it makes
a big difference in the money for the
different districts if the census is not
properly made.
On the 3oth of September there
were $3,014.80 to be divided among
the -districts, and it was divided among
the 7,531 children by Mr. Vigil, when,
according to the best information
Superintendent Stroup has. it should
have been 'divided among 6.143 chil
dren, at the very most. This is count
ing the four districts that have not
yet made returns on the same basis
with the returns these districts made
last. year.
There Is now the sum of $1,814 more
to be divided as soon as these four
districts can be heard from.
(First publication October 21, 1905.)
By virtue of a decree of the dis
trict court of Bernalillo county. New
Mexico, made and entered on the 20th
day of October, 1905, in a certain pro
ceeding pending in said court wherein
Wil.iam L. Trimble Is plaintiff, and
A. A. Trimble, executor of the last
will and testament of Lawrence S.
Trimble, deceased, and exofflcla ad
ministrator of the partnership assets
of W. L. Trimble & company, and the
heirs at law and legatees of Lawrence
S. Trimble, deceased, are defendants,
numbered 6842 on the docket of said
court, the undersigned will on Wed
nesday, the 15tbday of November,
1905, about the hour of 10 o'clock a.
m., on the premises hereinafter de
scribed, sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash, the following
described real estate situate, lying
and being in the city of Albuquerque,
County of Bernalillo and Territory of
New Mexico, to-wit:
Lots numbered one (1), two (2),
three (3), four (4), five (5) and six
(6), of block nine (9), of the original
townsite of Albuquerque, together
with the improvements thereon, con
sisting of a frame stable and other
structures used by the flrin of W. L.
Tiimble & company in the conduct of
the business of said firm.
The sale will be made subject to
the approval of the said court, and
upon confirmation of the sale, the pur
chaser will receive a good and suffi
cient deed, and will be let into pos
session of the premises, which will
be sold as a whole, and without di
vision. A. A. TRIMBLE,
1 Executor of the last will and testa
ment of lawrence S. Trimble, de
ceased, and ex-otllcio administrator
of the partnership assets of W. 1.
Trimble &. company.
J'i!il'i,?,b"".,,," r"'W fn Inanmnls. with
wniill 1 !,. b,.,u . Tl 1 .-(ur over l.uly j,..r.
; 1 " "r "ly I b. a.er triad. I
anall crlaiiuy rroniuielil thro, tu tuv frlantla aa
kwiuf til tut, ai. rej,ro.tit4 " 7
ll.ua. diUard, Elfin. III.
Plaaaant. P.l.t.bl. Pot.nl T4ataOnn4.no Oood
"' Slcaau, M n or Urlpa, liu Mu. Knrr
old 111 bulk. Ttia tjrnutna tablet alaujuad C C C.
Uuaraule.d to aura ur ytmr tuuuwy back,
Btarlinf Remedy Co., Chicago or N.Y. 507
District. Vigil.
3 lfio
4 176
5 733
6 225
7 110
8 160
9 227
10 105
11 150 .
1226 .3.252
13 594
14 103 .
22 133
23 133
28 182
34 60
35 116
3 133
37 85 .
39 75
41 108
44 78
45 80
47 Ill
48 162
54 100 .
Total 7.537
3 Th Bowels
Jockey Ki iltevti will be out of the
racing gain' vi sonie time as the re
sult of an 'i'1 "li'oi'ile accident. His
left arm w.i- .ladly rhattered and he
is taking on wciuht rapidly during his
recuperation. Kedfern expects to
ride in Kt'.im e and Kngland next year.
When Clark J r i ffl I li retires to the
solitude of hi- ranch In the 'Montana
hills he shn'-i himself out from the
world, not 11 !ning even a magazine or
a newspapi r t,i reach him (or one en
lire month. The mental strain on a
ball field i- no bluff, evidently, thej
Kray matti of some of the hard;
thinkers si i-'iiiig off like overripe
The open .-eason for challenging
Battling Nelson is still on. and every
seeond-fatet from Ilroadway to Mar
ket street i lusiily coaxing the Dane
to "give '1111 jn.-t one chant" to knock
his block o:f. Hy ami by Nelson win
come out of the actor game and a
w hole room I ill of holsters will f ade
away like a hod carrier's flannels at
their first immersion.
The diamond rings and watches and
chains thnt were not given by admir
ing friends to Ruben Waddell this sea
son are still on display in Philadel
phia show v indows.
Yale poaches are trying to develop
the offensive playing of the eleven.
The showing made against Pennsyl
vania stale disclosed the weakness of
Old Nassau. The team plays a strong
game in every department exceul de
fensive, and every effort will be mifcle
to remedy this defect bef re the team
meets any of the big elevus.
Andrew Rudolph of Detroit, has' of
fered Garry Hermann $2j,ooo for the
Toledo franchise In the American'
base ball association. The price fixed
by Herrmann is $.o,imm.
Brooklyn and St. Louis came out
even on the season, while their play
ers traveled around the circuit en
joying the scenery. The Giants clear
ed $100,0oo. Chicago is said to have
cleared $fo,ooo. n the American Lea
gue Chicago and Philadelphia were
the big money makers, each going In
to $100,0011.
Joe Uowker. the ICnglish holder of
the bantamweight, title, has had to
surrender it to corn beef and cabbage.
He has outgrown the weight limit,
and Owen Moran has fallen heir to
the coveted title. Uowker is now fight
ing In the featherweight division.
Your Uncle Adrian C. Anson would
like to burst into the National lea
gue in a managerial capacity, prefer
ably in the Windy City. Friends of
"Pop" Anson aie behind him In his
effort to succeed Jus. A. Hart and
there is a pretty strong show ot land
ing the old man in the coveted place.
After Hilly Rhoades stowed away
Cy Flynn in 14 rounds, near Kansas
City, last Monday, he wired a chal
lenge to Joe W'aleott and Billy Mell
ody for the welterweight champion
ship. In all probability Rhoades will
have to put away a few more second
raters like Flynn before he can hope
for recognition from Walcott or Meil-
Halfback Punfap of Michigan has
wrenched hi knee so badly In the
game with Nebraska that he will be
out of it for the rest of the year. He
was regarded as the most promising
half baiC on the Ann Arbor team,.
WtspiViin is not cast down by the
defeat administered by Chicago, an
hopes to defeat MinneBtota and imcu
Igan. There is a strong belief in Alad
ison that Chicago may lose to Minne
sota, in which event Stagg's men
would not have a clear title to the
Two Harvard men were hurt in the
game with West Point. O brieu had
his nose i broken and Montgomery's
knee was wrenched. Harvard has let
out an awful holler against the inter
ference of Umpire Stauffer and Ref
eree Langford, and claims that both
teams suffered from this interfer
ence. In the event' that France returns
the Vanderbllt cup, won by Hemery,
over the Long Island course, the races
next year will be held on Long Island
Just the tame and tor the same tro
phy. France has transferred the fa
mous race for the Bennett cup into a
touring contest. The big success of
the Vanderbllt race assures an inter
national meet here next year.
The growth of the automobile busi
ness is shown In the fact that a New
York firm is to build a garage with a
storsgo capacity for fiou cars. The
garage will contain every known con
venience for the care of automobiles.
The place will cost $300,000.
Terry McGovern has decided to go
on the stage again. As a bad actor,
young Terry was entitled to all the
overripe hen fruit available. McGov
ern lost his health and fighting qual
ities on the stage before, but the
costly lesson evidently served no
good purpose. Some kind friend
siiould take Terry to one side and
beat a little common sense into his
M. W. Savage, owner of Dan Patch,
has Just received an offer of $lSo.ooo
for the fleetest of pacers. Mr. Sav
age bought the horse in 1002 for $60,.
The holies of the school believe in
keeping abreast with the spirit of the
times sitid they have organized a wo
man's club for the mutual Improve
ment and entertainment of its mem
bers. The name of the club Is Swasti
ka, and is so called after the Navajo
emblem for "good luck."
The meetings are largely of a so
cial nature and hep; greatly to relieve
the monotony of institute life and
keep the members from taking a cyn
ics! view o life in general.
The club has had several Interest
ing uwtings and last evpn'np they
were entertained by Mrs. N. J. Oliver
a.ij M-s I). G. Dwyre. Atle.- enjoy
ing several games, etc. they were
i -" ro some ;pp' t Ui.-i, rirrisi
Miss Viola Kremer and Miss Agnes
Stlllhorn announces the opening of a
studio in roonw 35-36 Barnett block.
Miss Kremer Is a graduate of the
Michigan Conservatory of Music at
Detroit, Mich., and will teach voice
and piano. Miss Stlllhorn is a recent
arrival from New York and will take
a limited number of pupils in drawing
and water colors. Studio hours from
9:30 to 12. 2 to 4:30. ,
(Vtob.-r 28 "Polly Primrose."
November 1. "Uucle Josh Spruce
by." Novemha,. "Xhe Cbaperohes."
I - . 1 1 iaa.
i ' ! Ti
Is the place to procure the best staple Dry
Goods, Notions and Furnishings, at prices
asked for inferior goods sold elsewhere.
If you art too fat it is bscsuss your food
turns to fat instead of muscle strsrujtn.
If you art too lean ths fat producing foods
that you eat art not properly digtstsd and
Lean, thin, stringy people do not hsrs
nough Pepsin in the stomach, whilt fat
psoplt have too muck Pspsin and at
nough Pancrsatina.
Dyspepsia Cure
sontains all the digestive juices that ars
found in a healthy stomach, and In
txactly those proportions necessary to
nabla ths stomach and digestive organs
to digest and assimilate all foods that may
be saten. Kodol is not only a perfect
digestant, but it is a reconstructive, tis
sue building tonio as well. Kodol cures
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach,
Heartburn, Palpitation of the Heart and
Constipation, You will like it
Ditfests What You Eat
. Rests the stomach, rebuilds the
tissues and gives firm flash.
baUai Wtala kaloa 1
t mm a mab aa iaa
IrtAl, T ap fnt ,),.
rrpa4 at tka laa
araterr at S.OJMWrM
Oa., CaJaafa, US a.
For sale by ail druggists.
Offer to Refund Money If Hyomel Does
Not Cure Catarrh.
To the editor of The Citizen.
J. H. O'Rielly have been asked re
rently if the advertisements printed
In your columns regarding Hyomei
were true, where we offer to refund
the money if this treatment does not
cure catarrh. We wish you would
please print this letter in as conspic
uous a place as possible in your pa
per, saying that we absolutely agree
to refund the money to any purchaser
of a Hyomel outfit if It does not cure
This outfit consists of an Inhaler
of a convenient size to be carried in
the vest pocket so that the user can
breathe Hyomei four or five times
daily. With this is included a medi
cine dropper and a bottle of Hyomel.
The outfit sells for $1.00 and is a
most economical treatment, for the
Inhaler lasts a life time and there is
enough Hyomel for several weeks'
use, while extra bottle can be ob
tained for 60 cents.
We trust this letter will settle any
douhts that may haye arisen as to our
willingness to refund the money for a
Hyomei outfit. In case the purchaser
is not fully imtified.
Respectfully yours,
J. H. O'RlfcJLLY ft CO.
BUILDINGS, ETC. Altmquerque, N.
M 1905. Sealed proposals,
endorsed "PROPOSALS FOR R"fc
PAIRS, ETC.," and addressed to the
undersigned at Alhuquerque, N. M.,
will bo received at the Indian school
until 2 o'clock p. m., Saturday, No
vember 4. 1905, for furnishing and de
live; ing the materials and labor for
painting 4.609 yards, varnishing 1,251
yards, and kalsomining 4,366 yards of
surface, 2,158 square feet of black
hoard, one 10-horse power motor, one
20-kilowatt transformer, one 25-horse
power steam boiler, 1,500 feet of Iron
and sewer pipe, 100 barrels cement,
20,000 feet lumber, moving and relo
eatln g three small buildings, etc., etc.,
as per list and specifications obtaina
ble at the school. Bidders must state
specifically in their bids the proposed
price of each article to be offered un
der contract. All articles so offered
will be subject to rigid inspection.
The right is reserved to reject any or
all bids or any part of any bid. If
deemed for the best Interests of the
service. Each bid must be accom
panied by a certified check or draft
upon some United States depository
or solvent national bank, made paya
ble to the order of the Commissioner
of Indian Affairs, for at least 5 per
cent of the amount of the proposal,
n?ld check to be forfeited to the Unit-
jed States In case any bidder receiv
ing an award shall fail to execute
Promptly a satisfactory contract In ac
cordance with this bid; otherwise to
be returned to the bidder. Bias ac
companied by cash In lieu of certified
check or draft will not be considered.
For further information apply to
James K. Allen, superintendent.
The Stoe Behind
The Big Glob Sign
E3 Evening Citizen Wants!
On Cent Per Word
Te htm proper cUtMcatSea ass fer this i
r. k"-" "v.T in Mine carcrn
VVANTKD Boarders. Private family!
606 South Broadway.
WANTED Clean rags.
The Citizen office.
inquire at
WANTULi Three painters, highest
wages. C. A. Hudson-
WANTED First class cook. Wages
J15.dll per week. Oranam Bros.
WANTED flaln sewing; children'
clothing a specialty. No. 519 WeBt
Railroad avenue.
WANTED A second naud safe,
weighing from 500 to 700 pounds.
Inquire at this office. I
WANTED Ladles to bring ihelr hair
work to Mrs. H. E. Rutherford. All
kinds done to order. 113 Iron ave
nue WANTED Gentlemen s second-hand
clothing. No. 515 South First street,
south of viaduct. Send address and
will call. R. J. Sweeney, proprietor.
WANTED To loan Jl.OuO in sums to
suit the borrower, without commis
sion, at 8 per cent interest, on real
estate security. Address, J., Citi
WANTED -Men to learn barber trade.
Moler's System . College, Los An
' geles. '"
WANTED Agents" to sell self-lighting
gas mantels; requires no match
or by-pass; fit any burner, big pro
fit; sells itself; unlimited demand;
send 25c for sample or stamp for
particulars. Matchless Lighter
Company, Goebel Bldg.. Detroit,
WANTED Capable salesman to
cover New Mexico with sample line.
High commission, with $25.00 week
ly advance. Permanent position to
right man. Jess H. Smith Co., De
troit, Mich.
FOR R EN T Room s with board73i5
South Third street.
FOR RENT Nice room, everything
new and pleasant. 415 North Sec
ond street.
FOR RENT Neatly furnished rooms;
gentlemen preferred. No. 519 West
Railroad avenue.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished room
with modern conveniences for gen
tleman. Address A., care Citizen
FOR RENT Three furnished rooms
in a desirable location. 210 South
Walter street. Gentlemen preferred.
FOR RENT Two elegant rooms, suit
able for man and wife. 415 North
Second street. Board if preferred.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms for
housekeeping. Large and airy. Cor
ner of Sixth street - and Railroad
FOR RENT One large furnished
room, suitable for two men. Mrs.
H. E. Rutherford, corner of Broad
way and Iron avenue.
FOR RENT Apartments in Park
View terrace, eight rooms each;
modern equipment throughout. H.
H. Tilton, room 19. Grant block.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished flats
and rooms for housekeeping. Also 3
room flat with piano. Apply Mrs.
E. K. Norrls, east end of viaduct,
cor. Iron ave. and John st.
FOR RENT Two large store rooms,
warehouse and twelve living rooms,
suitable for hotel purposes, with
large yard In rear and all neces
sary outhouses. Everything new and
modern. Mrs. Brault, corner of
f Broadway and Marquette avenue
FOR RENT Two sunny, beautifully
furnished rooms, with eastern and
southern exposure, in private home.
Bath. No. 315 West Lead avenue.
FOR SALE A deer and a doe. In
quire at this office.
FOR ALK A young horse, good
driver; cheap. Call at I.os Angeles
roomig hoiue. South Third street.
FOR SALE Thirty 50-ft. lots, ue-w
addition; south of Mountain Road;
ear saw mills, nice and level; very
cheap; easy terms. N. Peach & Co.,
208 '-i West Gold avenue.
U. S. Land Office, Santa Fe, N. M.,
Oct. 26. 1906.
Notice is herehy given that the fol
lowing township plat will be on file
in this office December 1, 19i'5, viz.:
Township 8 north, range 2 east.
On and after above date we will be
ready to receive applications for en
tries in said townships.
FRED MriJ.ER, Register.
for Eah Insertions
Ammn mast be la the office before J rfoct
siicoiiaa raai ts fives ia aas stesgbt te etuM.
Mohey Co Loan
on Furniture, Pianos, Organs, Horses,
Wagons and other Chattels; also on
CEIPTS, as low as $10.00 and as high
as $200.00. Loans are quickly made
and strictly private. Time: One
month to one year given. Goods re
main In your possession. Our rates
are reasonable. Call and aee us be
fore borrowlag.
Steamship tickets to and from all
parts of the world.
Rooms S and 4, Orant Bldg.
315 West Railroad Ave.
Open Evenings. '
My merchant tailoring shop Is up
stairs over No. 209 West Railroad ave
nue, where I solicit the patronage of
; the public. All work guaranteed first
1 class, as I have had fifteen years' ex
perience in the business. Suits made
to order. Clothes cleaned, pressed and
repaired. The specific I use will not
i injure the cloth. Ladles' garment
1 also cleaned and walking skirts made
to order. Give me a trial.
Do You Want Strength?
If you want to increase your strength
you must add to and not take from the
physical. In other words, the fooa
that you eat must be digested, asslm
Hated and appropriated by the nerves
blood and tissues before being ex
polled from the Intestines. Kodol Dy
spepsia Cure adds to the physical. It
gives strength to and builds up
strength In the human system. It is
pleasant to the taste and palatable
and the only food combination of dl
gestants that will digest the food and
enable the system to appropriate all of
its health and strength-giving quali
ties. Sold by all druggists.
See the window display of the Rio
Grande Woolen Mills at the Globe
store, then ask for those $3.50 walk
ing skirts.
Wards of Pneumonia.
All coughs, colds and pulmonary com
plaints that are curable are quickly
cured by One Minute Cough Cure.
Clears the phlegm, draws out inflam
mation, and hpals and soothes the af
fected parts, strengthens the lungs,
wards off pneumonia. Harmless and
pleasant to take. Sold by all drug
gists. Thos. F. Keleher
Leather, Harness, Saddles, Lap
Robes, Horse Blankets, Etc. Pal
metto Roof Paint; lasts five years and
stops leaks. Cash paid for Hides and
City Market
John W. Abbott, Prop.
Only thm Bmtt
Butter Meats, and Eggs
109 North Second St.
Movin Dray in' Shippin'
You have us once, you'll
call again. Prices right;
there ain't no gougln.
I) the Albuquerque Transfer Men
Horses and Mules bought and ex
changed. Ti T pmvrvTrra txt mum
I . I . , till 1 A X
I Second street, between Railroad and
Copper avenues.
Office and Factory
Albuqtisrqus, N. M.
Pfcenes, Auto. 1st; Ctolo., Black

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