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MONDAY, MARCH 5, 1906.
Published Dally and Weekly
By The Citizen Publishing Company
Business Manssrer
Co Victoria Cross
You nilfiht draw your boy to your Unco anil tell him
the story of the Victoria Cross, for llic Fi-mi-centcnnial
of the founding of this decoration, which nieniia more
than any other decoration the world hits known, litis just
passed. You mlht tell him that the cross haR no in
trinsic value. It Is worth in money about four cents.
Ilut it represents the highest type of loyalty, the per
sonal bravery that forgets self absolutely and that pays
no heed to-danger in the effort to save. Five hundred
and twenty-eight crosses have been awerded In the past
fifty years. They have not been lightly bestowed. Every
man who wears one was worthy and had been tried as by
fire. It would require volumes to relate the tales of
heroism and daring covered by those 5-N bits of metal.
Why, one man won his cross, during the Indian mu
tiny, by fighting with his bare fists after his sword had
leen broken, and he fought so fiercely and well that ho
delayed the enemy until English reinforcements came up
and saved the day. 'Hobs," Ixird Roberts, the little sol
dier who knew no fear, is entitled to wear two Victoria
crosses. He won his own over and over ngaln when he
was a lieutenant, und his son, who received his death
wound while trying to save the guns at Colenso, was nlso
Riven a cross; and the good Queen Victoria, in her ap
preciation of this heroism that follows blood from father
to eon, ordered that Ixird Roberts should wear his own
cross on his left breast and his son's on his right breast.
Tell your boy about these things. They are not
stories of war alone. They are not arguments for the
shedding of blood, but tales of manhood, the highest
type :the kind that can look death In the eyes and say:
"I'll do my full duty as a man." Tell the lad that there
are crosses to be worn In every day living. In the strug
gles which must be faced by every one, and that nevei
was there need of a higher type of men than now. A
queen may never pin a medal to your lad's breast, but
the world admires strength, courage, loyalty, whether
they are shown on field pt battle or in the humblest walk
of life. It Is always worth while to try Is only to satisfy
the voice Inside. Tell your boy about that, also.
The would-be sensation about the cruel treatment ot
A patient at the New Mexico Insane asylum, has proven
Hself to be false and malicious, as every Intelligent per
son could well believe that it would, and as every one
having any familiarity with the management of the asy
lum at Las Vegas very well knew that it must. This
writer from the very opening of the asylum up to two
years ago, was a frequent visitor to the institution, din
ing there often, Intimately acquainted with the members
of the management, and well posted In the plans, pur
poses and methods adopted and pursued; and no crazy
or disgruntled employe, smarting under discharge, could
make him for a moment believe that cruelty In the in
stitution could be possible, with Dr. W. R. Tipton as
medical director and George W. Ward as steward.
A suggestion for Albuquerque: In Chattanooga,
Tenn., the efforts of members of the American Civic As
sociation have been quite suecesful anil the City Heauti
ful Idea lias taken hold upon the minds of the Junior
leaguers of the Highland Park Methodist church. The
church has a splendid property consisting of about three
lots, a pretty little frame church, and a commodious two
story parsonage. At present the largest part of the prop
erty is In lawn, where a new church will be built as soon
as the conditions Justify it. The parsonage was finished
only about a year ago. und it has not been possible tip to
this time to do much In the way of beautifying the
grounds. A short time ago the Junior Leaguers took up
the subjt'cl and resolved to start a project to beautify
the yard.
Farmington Hustler: Judge Goddard of the Colorado
supreme court, while drunk at a banquet, the other
evening, took the occasion to severely condemn an at
torney who was also preser.t, who had been retained by
the officers of the .Western Federation of Miners. Judge
Goddard expressed his contempt for an attorney who
would accept fees from such a source. There is a lot of
us people with the old-fashioned idea that an attorney
who accepts fees from any client and performs service
in return for it is immeasurably superior from un ethical
standpoint to a judge who accepts a salary from the tax
payers of a state and then renders his decisions accord
ing to the dictates of a few corporations.
A young man. the other day. furew himself into the
Chicago river. When he was pulled out, he gave as an
exceuse that he was driven to suicide because: "I could
not see iuy way through life." Yet this man had $20 In
his pocket, was strong and healthy, and had no one de
pendent upon him. It is not given to mortals to see the
nd from the beginning. Not one of us has a perfect mop
of the expedition, In which he is engaging. The only
thing the wise man knows is this the forces that are
for him are greater than those that be against him; and
he goes on bravely, by faith instead of sight. Faith does
not see the way, but it holds the way. unseeing and
1 H V
Thomas W. 1-awKon predicts that within a year John
I). Rockefeller and H. II, Rogers and other high finan
ciers, if living, will be wearing slripes In state's prison.
This is not more startling than the assertions lawson
made concerning the inside management of the life in
surance companies, which assertions have been con
firmed by Investigation. Lawson claims the report of the
Armstrong Insurance committee whitewashed the real
criminals and that the evils of "the system" were not
exposed. "Tho committee was steered away from the
Idg thieves,'' says Lawson. "Where the McCalls and the
McCurdy's got tens of thousands, the men' higher up'
got millions."
Sororio Chieftain: It is soon to be known whether
it is possible to secure an artesian flow of water near
Socorro or not. Max Kirchmau and his Socorro asso
ciates in tho fxeeution of. the Bohemian colonization pro
ject have been out oil the mesa between the smelter anil
Socorro mountain, and selected a spot where boring for
artesian water will shortly l-gin. As it has already
heen established that an abundance of water can be had
in the valley by pumping from the river's underflow
an artesian well up on the mesa is all that Is now lack
ing to establish Socorro on a more Mihstantial and en
during basis of prosperity than was hers even In her
palmiest days. The future looks liright for Socorro.
Km Grande lit-puhlieaii: Yesterday was Hie first ol
March and a general cleaning up took place; i he streets
were laid bare and the uneven sidewalks divested of
their dirt. Thanks, Mother Nature; you are accomplish
ing just what the Cruces people should be doing. We
have siarted on an era of improvement; work is be start
ed on the Seidell diversion dam very shortly; why not
set together and try to Improve the looks of the town
Tho principal streets are a disgrace; they ought to b
Kraded bo that waste waters could be handled. The side
walks In front of some of the leading business bouses
are so uneven that It is a haul Job fur a person to keep
from breaking his neck at night. Win not jJull together
and do something?
The regular annual convention of the Cattle und
Horse Protective Association of Central New Mexico
will be held at San Marcial on Thursday, March 22nd
The purpose is to bring buyers and sellers together lor
the interchange of ideas and for the purchase, or sale ot
stock to the greatest advantage. A large attendance
iroiu iNi'W .Mexico, Kansas, t'uiorailo and lexas is an
McKmley County Republican: The Gallup cily elec
tion is drawing near, ami the political bees are buzlug
. There is considerable talk of a non-partisan ticket.
rather, a bi-partisan ticket, us many ot the property
holders favor a city board composed of ciial numbers
vt members U longing to the two panics.
A lcmatllatble Sale
of Reserve Timber
Press Bulletin No. 111. Forest Service.
From several aspects a striking Interest attaches to
the recent sale by the government ot about 50,0iii,oni)
feet of timber on the Montana division of the Yellow
stone horest Reserve to a contracting company which
will convert most of the timber into railroad ties.
Tills Is one of the largest sales ever made of gov-
jernment timber; the price is advantageous; and n large
percentage of the cut will be of a Frneies which a few
years ago was without market value, namely, lodgepole
plne. Further, it may be said with assurance that had
not the preservative treatment of ties been shown to be
both practical and economical, such a sale could not now
have been made for 60 per cent of the cut, or approxi
mately l.ooo.noo ties, Is to be treated with preservatives
by a process which experiment and trial have placed on
a sound business basis.
The purchasers of the timber have contracted to sup
ply the Chicago, Burlington & Qulncy and Northern Pa
cific railway companies with ties for a period covering
three years. The timber for which they applied to the
government consists of lodgepole pine, red fir, and
spruce. A large proportion of the stand Is lodgepole pine,
which grows very densely. Consequently after all the
specified timber has been i amoved, a plentiful stand of
young trees will be left, which In a few years will again
form a forest of merchantable dimensions.
The government will receive a stunipage price ot
$2.50 per thousand feet for the red fir and $2.00 per
thousand feet for the spruce and pine.
The story of the entrance of lodgepole pine into the
timlier market Is an Interesting chapter In the history
of the use of forest products. Five years ago this tree
was classed among the nearly worthless, inferior timbers
growing In the northwestern states. It had never come
Into extensive us-?. Its liability to attack by fungus and
lightlies-, nd the large percentage of sapwood in its
struct!!.' were disadvantages which seemed to handicap
It permanently. Yet tho possibility and the need of find
ing substitutes for scarcer woods had already led to the
closer study of a number of unexploltej species, and de
vices were being sought by which artificial treatment
might be made to take the place of natural adaptability
to a specific service.
Among these devices were improvements in season
ing methods and the use of preservatives, it was found
that preservative treatment; which greatly prolonged the
life of certain timbers, depends largely for Us success
upon the penetrability of the wood, which permits the
preservative to enter the wood substance easily. The
loblolly pine was seen to be exceedingly well adapted
for preservative treatment, and also lodgepole pine, In
which softness is combined with a high degree of per
meability. In 1002 the seasoning and preserving ot
lodgepole pine was thoroughly taken up by the Forest
Service, in co-operation with the Chicago, Burlington &
Quincy railroad ami with the present purchasers of re
serve timber in Montana. The results established Its
sei vicenbility and thus opened a new field for the sup
ply of ties, upon which the railroads are drawing so
SEbqws Prosperity
Steel Business.
Demand for tubes Immense,.
All locomotivo works enlarging.
Structural and rail mills have biggest run In history.
Orders for ."(jO.noo tons building shapes In last tU
Pig iron supply inadequate for steel demands.
Steel rail contracts at rate of f0,000 tons a week.
Sheet and tin mills eating up billet supply to the
Biggest export demand for steel products in years.
Southern orders for finished steel double four years
Mild weather allowed oie shipping, at. Lake Superior
ail win or Huge stti ply ready for shipment.
Biggest contract ever made Steel trust leases "Me
sabft ore lands from Great Northern railroad for $ 1 . 2 n i , -nun
l' .
Today at the Big Canal.
Number on pay roll 23,000. .
Shiploads Jamaica negroes arrive.
Wages thrice that in Jnnica.
Only d'gging ;it is in u'd French work.
Laborers' homes fend hospitals well on tue way.
Probably half the machinery ordered has arrived.
Health Officer Gargas says yellow- fever mosquito is
Double tracking Panama railroad to carry dirt away.
Jamaica negrocx hate whites and jostle them on
Everybody says dirt will fly when Washington stops
Panamatis becoming if'insive in their sovereignity
over cam I zone.
Railroad Business
To build 8,ouo miles In lstmi.
Will cost $30''.ooo,000.
locomotives ordered, G.200.
Passenger cats ordered, 3,200.
.Freight cars ordered, 340,(11111.
Rails ordered, 2.uiHl,mu.
New passenger cars nearly all of collapsible steel.
Several roads now putting, in telephone systems.
Northwest railroad builders need 15.000 more track
labcers. 1
Canadian Southern rushing line to Hudson Bay.
Planned to spend $loo,000,Oon on northwest Pacific
terminals in next three years.
Oirac DuiRe Wlho Is
In these riays when the bad In the world finds so
much publicity that the people almost forget that good
exists and thai the sun shims, it is refreshing to reuu
about Duke Carl Theodore of Bavaria. He isn't much to
look at. No medals cover his breast. He has not led a"
army on to victory. And as for scandal, with which
every court in Kurope reeks, Duke Carl Theodore is a
lie has be i famous for many years, and has just
performed his five Ihousandeth successful operation. In
Munich he has expended $1,2:j0,00O In building und main
taining hospitals. He asks no fee from patients of any
class and the poor are his special cure. His wife, who
was the Princess Maria of Portugal, aids him in his work.
You cannot estimate what such a man means to
world. There Is no standard bv which to measure.
could pursue pleasure. He can live in an atmosphere
of luxury, speed 111 flying automobiles, ride iu special
trains, travel in floating palaces; But, because of the
wonderful Impulse for good that abides In his breast, be
cause of the divine desire to be of use to his kind, be
has worked, and made his efforts count.
Think of restoring to f,,ooo human beings the flow
ers, the blue sky, the faces of loved ones, pictures, scen
ery, ambition, courage, hope, life itself. That is the
story of Duke Carl Theodore of Bavaria. Twenty-five
years of patient, skillful labor, all for others. It is
record fil lor the i,:u'.. . ,f ,)... i'.r..ui Hook of IJI'e. It Is
enough to make one forget tnat wrong exHl U the
Lumbago, Sciatica
Price (
25OG.1.00,5 H
All Druists
Boston Mass. USA AnyT
Yiniiti mi t
prim g
(Continued from page 1.)
Dr. Cutter, tho Santa Fe'a chief sur
geon here.
Interview With Passenger,
W. M. Loybl cf Lexington, Ncb
wtio wns a passenger on No. 1. said to
a reporter from The Eevening Citizen
"It was aboui 1:30 this mornlne
We were clipping along at a fair rate
or sped, not extraordinarily fast,
however. There were two chair cars
on the train, and I was In the front
one, or the car nearest tho inramn.
tive. 1 was awakened from my sleep
very suddenly by be.-ng rotiehy tolt-
cd about In my seat. The train, a sec
ond afterwards, stopped with a thud,
giving evrybody a severe shaking up.
n only took: a second for me to con-
elude we had been wrecked. The
front end of the car f was on hau
reacned an angle which proved this
very conclusively. I got out of the
car with little difficulty. The engine
was still on the track. Bv a aueer
freak of luck it did not leave the
rails. Tho tender did, however, and
uiy a wreck nesuie the track. The
express car lay in the ditch, in a po
sition which indicated that It might
topple over at any minute. The smo
ker was also in the ditch, laying flat
on its side. The front end of Uie first
chair car left the rails and rest
ed in the ditch, but the remainder of
the train kept to the rails. The only
persons Injured were those In the
smoker and the express messenger.
The messenger w as hurled against the
side of his car as It toppled into the
ditch und was seriously hurt. In the
smoker were several natives. Tbev,
too, were hurled about as the car fell
inio the ditch. All were painfully
hurt, especial'- two, v.ho it Is tuought
are tatally hurt. The cause of the
wreck Is attributed to the tender ol
the engine suddenly becoming de
railed, spreading the rails sufficiently
to allow the cars behind to leave the
track. I tell y ;. u , it. was the closest
call from a serious loss of life that I
ever experienced for a wreck of Us
Young Men's Suits, Boys' Suits and
Children's Suits in the latest styles
A Rifle Given Away With Every Boy's Scit
When train No. 1 arrived In the lo
cal yards this afternoon It was backed
into the "bull pen at the Santa Fe
shops. While so doing the head chair
car was pushed off the track and for
several ftet ran Into the cinders. The
natives injured were brought to this
city in a caS:ose and transferred into
ambulances from Strong's undertak
ing parlors.
Canon City, Colo., March 5. Work
was begun today on tho highest rail
road bridge in the world. It is to be
built acr-ss tho top of the famous
Royal (huge, near this city. It will
he 2,8uo ftet aliove the hanging bridge
of the Denver & Rio Grande railroad
and will be so high in the air that the
Wring of the Arkansas river below
will not be heard and the powerful
stream will look like a mere thread
of silvtr. The structure will be erect
ed In connection with the plans of a
syndicate of Sau J:se, Cal., which is
about to establish an intorurban sys
tem of electric- railroads in Fremont
county from hers to Florence and tnr
top of Royal Gorge. It Is expected
that the line to ihe top of Royal Gorge
will be completed and In opera' ion
some time this summer.
x-x-x-x-x x -x-x-x-x-x
1 , 4
x-x-x-x-x x-x-x-x-x-l
The regular review of Alamo hive
L. O. T. .M., will be held tomorrow
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in Odd Fel
lows.' hail.
There will be a regular meeting of
the Mineral lodge No. 4. Knights of
Pythias, this evening at S o'clock. In
their lodge rooms.
The Fraternal Brotherhood will
hold t In i j- regular meeting this even
ing in the lodge ro;nu in Klks' hall,
lor work in ihe "old gold" degree.
The Heme Mission society of the
Highland Methodist church, will meet
March t; at :j o'clock p. in., with Mrs.
Hart, ;::. corner of Slate ami Keh her
There will be a meeting oT the Good
Government league this evening at
7:30 o'clock in Bed Men's hall, lltl
West Gold avenue, for the puriiose
of electing officers and effecting a
general reorganization of the league.
The mom lily meeting of the Iow a
club was held this afternoon at the
home of Mrs. C. H. Appleton, nt
which i line a large number of the
members were present and a royal
time indulged in by all those in "attendant-".
Kev. Barron announced cMerday
that there would be no services at the
Congregational church during this
week or next Sunday, and po.-sihly
the week follow lug. owin to the ar
rival of the new pews and church or
gan, which will be placed in (he
church in the meantime. The new
organ is th,. regulation church iM.
organ, and will fill the space behind
the pulpit completely. The ne pews
are of light oak. During he unten-t-ntnt.l..
I'Kn.iji ..f tti i.iii-..i,
'"iii v. - .I. it mem
ber ,f the cotgregation wiil nieet
with Ihe Highland Baptists.
ohe Policy of ttlhii
lA , ill ( 'VWVl y
iilf " r4 1
jgJg clean up stock
once yearly and open
season withjiew goods.
Not only means the
best shoes but it stands
equally for honest ad
vertising. x-5 :,:-x-x-x -x-x-x-x-x
3900 pairs men's fine shoes
10GO pairs women's fine shoes
10CO pairs misses' and children's fine
X-X-X-X-X- X -x-x-x-x-x
Our window display will
give you an inkling of the
shapes that stylish dressers
will wear, hut come in and
carefully inspect the shoes
themselves. We feel confi
dent that if you are a man
who wants the best money
can buy we will have your
121 Railroad Ave.
O. F. O.
Bottled in Bond.
Bole A genta.
Albuquerque, N. M.
Automatic Phone, 199.
0OtOtO0OK000 cooooooooo
Special Sale Every Saturday. Auto Phone 601. 121 N. Third Street
Crown Studio
213'.i West Railroad Ave.
Auto Phone, 320.
Albuquerque Novelty Works
F. S. HOPPING. Proprietor
321 South Second Street
Just received, large shipment of
Cleveland. Rambler, Columbia, and
Tribune Bicycles. Repairing of all
kinds. Before buying give us a call.
SIMON BALLING, Proprietor.
(Successor to Balling Bros.)
We desire patronage and we guar
anttta first class baking.
' 207 S. First Street. Albuquerque.
Wootton & Myer,
Real Estate
Ranches and Farms
Correspondence Solicited.
TA S. Third St.,
0. W. Strong's Sons
Superintendents Falrvlew
Santa Barbara Cemeteries.
201 211 N. Second St.. Both Phones.
Subscribe for The Citizen and g't
the news.
When you want something la the
House Furnishing Line
Go To
Chas. L. Keppeler
323 South Second St.
Highest price paid for. househoM
goods. New and second hand goods
bought and sold. Phones; Store
Red 282; House Black 2G3.
Autouatle phone 451.
Room 10. N. T. Armljo Building
Furniture Crated For Shipment and
Sold on Com-r'tsion.
118 West Gold Ave.
Carries the United States mall;
only line with a change of stock en
route; good rigs, horses and drivers;
rig leaves Albuquerque every Monday
Wednesday and Friday at 6 a. m. For
particulars, address W. L. Trimble ft
Co., ageats, Albuquerque, N. M., or J.
B. BLOCK. Proprietor. Perea. N. M.
A Citizen want ad will get the bust
cess. Try one.

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