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Thursday, may 10. 1906.
Published Dally and Weekly
By The Citizen Publishing Company
Business Manager
Ncw Mexico OwitlooR .
With all otir systems of IrrlpatloU, whether by
r by pump and may they continue to increase in
ber and efficiency by muliiplli alien rather than hy
tlon; and with all possible growth of the Campbell iliy
larming system which The. Citizen expects to see
glorious success In every pnrt of the territory with both
of. these at tho fullest limit of their possibilities, New
.Mexico niURt In the future, ns now and as in the pant, find
her chief industries to lie in the stock business.
Nature has so eminently qualified this territory by
location and climate for slock breeding, whether that
Mock bo cattle, sheep, horses or goats, that breeding of
stock will bo New Mexico's leading industry for all
time. Where else ran sheep men nse more than 100 per
cent yearly? Yet one of the leading sheep men of the
trrltory writes to a friend In this city that tho increase
of his flock, this year, will reach 114 per rent. Every
year better care is being taken in the handling of stock,
and the Improvement in this direction will keep pace with
ttnnroved facilities for cultivation of food.
Markets for feeder", alike in cattle and sheep, are at
our very doors. North, east and south of New Mexico
but especially north and ast tho ability to feed largely
exceeds the ability to produce; and every year the mar
ket in those sections is increasing its demands for New
.Mexico feeding stock. Nor is there any possibility that
these demands will ever become less than they are at
In Colorado with the increase of tho beet Industry
there is a rapidly increasing demand for stock
to fatten upon the beet products. In oth'-r parts
of Colorado, the Canada, field pea has bee,, In
troduced and successfully established. In six h serious
the demand for sheep to fatten upon the pens keeps con
. stantly ahead of possible supply. So close to us as the
San Luis valley, is an illustration. In that vullc y alone,
according to a bulletin issued by tho Agricultural de
partment at Washington, 1,000,000 sheep can yearly be
prepared for market upon the valley's pea crop. Nor can
tho demand for cattle, by any possibility be reduced.
Wyoming, Montana. Kansas, Nebraska, not to go further
from home, produce vast food crops for which they can
not produce animal consumption. They must buy feeders,
and New MeMeo offers the nearest and best field fur pur-
For the pit-sent season, prospects were never better
in this territory. Water is abundant, pasturage is ex
cellent, stock of all kinds came out of the winter in ex
cellent condition, and the percentage of loss has been
scarcely more than nominal while the percent a i;-! of gain
has been almost phenominal.
Add to the, foregoing f.u-is tli.it. the prices for w.uH,
BhccD and catti'n show no indication of decline, and one
cannot but predict lhat tho year lUnfi. barring sun;
era! and imnrol.able calamity, will lirms " 'w
-1 a greater prosperity than ui-a last year witne.-M-r
pessimist will have to have this territory this y
confess himself ashamed to look bounteous! nature
nr. or
in the
All the babies, numbering some half a liu.uli v I, lett
by the stork in the improvised camps in Golden Cite park
and on the Mission hills while San Francisco burned,
have been carefully listed by a coterie of physicians and
Belentists, and the development of the character of each
is to be carefully watched for the effects of prenatal in
fluence. "We have the names and probable addresses of an
the parents," said a prominent physician a few days ago.
"and we expect interesting things when the little fellows
begin to develop Individuality. The shock of the terrible
, earthquake and the fireat fire that followed will surely,
through Its effect upon the mother at the time, have some
peculiar effect upon the child.
"I personally know of a youngster whose mother,
previous to his birth, went through three fires, the hotel
and boarding houses in which she lived burning out.
When that little fellow came Into the world he was a
natural-born incendiary, and his first act as a toddler was
to Bet fire to the house. Repeatedly he dragged out
clothes into the yard and set them on fire, and he con
trived to make bonfires In the attic twice. At the age(of
seven ho Is stilt setting fires a natural-born 'firebug.' "
fSfie City Hall
Tho Citizen certainly feels to congratulate the (Hy
council for its wise action, yesterday afternoon, when it
rescinded Its former plan to have two buildings erected
for city purposes. That the city government should have
Insisted upon its original intention, could not result other
wlso than as a public calamity.
Albuquerque will have $30,000 .cash with which to
build a city edifice. That Is a good round sura, and with
it can be constructed a building which will be u credit
not only to this city but to all New Mexico. Besides the
building fund, the city owns valuable, ample and centrally
located lots upon which to place the building. Albuquer
que, therefore, has now the opportunity, which has come
to no other city in this territory, to adorn herself with a
public building which not only Bhall meet the needs of
her municipal life, but shall be proportionate to the de
tuanda upon the Duke City, as the metropolis of the ter
ritory. This can be ddue with one building. It would be
Impossible to do It with two.
..Now let the architects get busy, and let them Rive
us tho most attractive building, wjthin and without, which
their skill and taste can design for the money.
According to advice from New York it can no loiig
r be .said that tho only w heel tho modern young woman
knows anything about Is tho bicycle, 1 it one depart
ment of Teachers' college, i branch of Columbia univer
sity, N. V., the students are actually taught to spin and
weave, just as their great-grandmothers did it, from the
first handling of the flax to the weaving of the cloth.
Their machinery Is not of a perfected modern type,
either, but of the same simple uort that their fort-mothers
used. The work proves very fascinating and sceral of
the young women have announced their Intention of
having some loomu of their own. And while none of
them have said uytblng about weaving their own doilies.
It is 'certain that now wlien the newest and must ex
pensive rage is for hand-woven oluth, and when all the
ladles who can afford it, from tho president's wife !wn.
are ordering hand-woven silks and linens for their sum
mer wardrobes, whether they choose to do it or pot, the
Columbia young women "could if they would."
Citizen acknowledges tho . placing upon its
a first copy of the Hai bnriim. Us goneology is
tablt- of
tiuid to be 'Son of the Desert, offspring of tho Sunshine
and the Silence. ' Like many anollu r offspring it does
not rest inble either progeioiur. The late "Sunshine"
was rather a socio; y ojgan, while in judge from the first
number the Barbarian is not particularly uitlicted with
any Impediment In lis specc'i. Tho niis!,,u of (be Bar
barian is to search for its birthright. C;pl. Mar.-yal of
tho Kngllsh navy, wrote among otheis a novel named
"Japhelh in Search of his Father." Though the young
man bad but one clue, his own uose, he ultimately landed
the old man ail right. The Oitien does not know the
clue to which the Barbarian is trurftiug in .its seiuch for
1t birthright, neither does it know exactly what that
birthright is mpismed to be; but such want of knowledge
dix not abate The Citizen's desire that the Barbarian
may come to its own nor le disappointed when Unit own
Jias been secured.
IiT2i;itiosni ici Voiles'
of Vfca Louver Pecos
, From Th Forth.
000 'XJvXXX00000000XX cxxjo m
They are busy on the Pern. Prom above Hoswcll
south to the Texas line, everything is moving. Tho Fpirit
of piogress Is on. The Hondo proji ct, near Hoswell, Is
nenring completion. This is the first project undertaken
by 1!'.-- Fr.i'.ed States Heclamat'n n Scrvlc in Nv Mex
ico. About lO.noo acres will be irrig ited. It is n model
little system, with settling reservoir, scour ga'es, storage
reservoir, diversion dam and canals.
The Ci-rlsbnd project Is also under way. The sei n -tary
of the Interior has ordered tie- work of repair and
construction to begin. The necessary tools and material
have been ordered and me:i and teams are at work. In
a short time all the available help will b- emp'oyod. Tlie
dam fit Avnlon, Involving an expense of $ 1,",", (!!;, will be
let by contract, all other work will be by loir- account.
The total amount to be spent on this system is JOuCt'OO.
When completed this system will be a mod.-!. A lout ::.
Ot'O acres of land will coine in under the first division
Nearly ail of this is i:i private owner.-;. ip. No one wi 1 I
perr.iitled to have more than ltiu acres, and neist either
live on the ati 1 or in the neighborhood. Tb.s r..- a:is U.ut
la lu.-ge amount of land will have to be fjc, . .-i:. eiaTy by
non-iesfdent owners.
A few early birds have already been on the ground
looking for bargains. And it appears they have founu
what they were in search of.
Immigration hns continued heavy to the valley. The
majority of settlers have located In the artesian district
or taken claims in Roosevelt county along the Pecos Val
ley line?. The Campbell system of dry farming has been
found successful there, and next year a host of new set
tlers will try their hand at this method.
Carlsbad, N. M. . A. M. Hove.
Money Madmess of
Mora&lhi Millaomiaiiires ,
From Chattanooga Times.
000000CCXXXCCKXC000000CX m
The sudden acquisition of unaccustomed wealth is re
sponsible for. many strange freaks on the part of tho new
ly enriched. Thus, a Durham collier, after Inheriting the
sum of 20,000 pounds from nn uncle who had emigrated to
Australia, purchased a male and female elephant from a
traveling menagerie, had a large and gaudy carriage built
to which lie harnessed them, and then drove about with
his wife and children till stopped by the police. He spent
his money in six months, chiefly at race meetings and Is
now once more a humblV collier, glad of the comparative
ly scanty wages that he receives each week from the
clerk in the pay shed.
The case of a once popular French novelist is still
remembered in Pari K.in literary circles. Heaping a har
vest from two or three capital books that took nil Paris
hy storm, the author purchased a palace In Italy, a villa
on the Rivera, a castle In Scotla.id -and a town hom e en
the Champs Elysees. It seemed his ambition to pos-ess
as many residences as a prince of tho blood. Although all
h"so properties were heavily mortgaged the smash . unit'
within a year, and the'iiovelist, loaded with debt -j that he
wu'.il.l never be able to repay, calmly disappeared, and
was anerwnrd recognized as an Arab ttader a. id bird ot
iiiLiiiy caravans plying b iween Harrar and .lib.ii.l.
1 ne novelist, who had adopted a suitable Aral) nr.me,
stood high In the favor of the Emperor Meuelik. Con
sumption cut short a Career that for variety and advon
tine far exceeded any romance that the noveli.-t himself
had ever penned, .ays Tit-Jtits.
Another short-lived capitalist was an Aimiican who,
inheriting a large fortune on the death of bin father, a
San Francisco magnate, purchased a fine st- am yacht
provisioned it with the costliest eatables and wines that
money could buy, and, inviting a bevy of burlesque act
resses and other gay fr.euds to accompany him, set out
for a cruise in the Pacific. Ship, owner, guests and crew
were destined never to reach port again.
ine essei, it was surmised, nad been turned into a
lloating Monte Carlo. Twice the yacht was lighted steel
ing an erratic course that must have taken It far away
from the track of the regular Pacific services. On each
occasion the captain and officers of the passing vessel
came near enough to distinguish something of the life
that was being led on board. A single seaman stood on
the bridge, while the decks were given over to the witless
antics of a throng of men and women, who held out
champagne bottles to the astonished observers and shouted
impudent messages. This was the last 1 hat was ever
seen of the young American and his friend".
Another "freak capitalist" was a Spanish lady o
Badajoz, who, winning -10. 000 in the Mi.-nila lottery, col
lected the money and set out secretly for Paris, leaving
her huhband and children in complete darkness as to her
Eight months lui. r sh" returned to her home penni
less, but accompanied ,y thirty huge trunks, the contents
of which accounted for the vanished thousands.
Cm arriving in Paris she had apparently set, about
spending her money with a will. Clothes of every de
scription and artificial aids to beauty had eaten up the
whole of her fortune. Dresses, costly underwear, corsets,
oots, gloves and hats, all maiked with the names of the
most fashionable makers, represented three-fourths of her
purchases. In the remaining trunks were cosmetics, false
hair, figure improves, face creams, chin straps, cures for
obesity in short, every kind of article advertised by
"beauty specialists" and the quacks who abound in ull big
cities. Beyond being tho best dressed woman in Hadajoz
for several seasons, she had reaped little benefit from her
good fortune.
More extravagant still was the Russian gentleman
who gambled away an inheritance of 6,000,000 roubles
( $:i,000,(s0o) within a year, and was only saved from com
plete disaster by the odd chance that he had papered his
bedroom wall with hundreds of notes. Ho ended by Biv
ing Russian lessons for a small fee in P:ris.
The exploits of tho lato marquis of Anglescy'nre par
alleled and exceeded by those of the son of a wealthy
Hungarian sugar refiner. The young man not only bad
a replica of the Roman coliseum erected on one- of bis
esta-tes, but world himself descend Into the arena, In
imitation of ti.p emperors of old. Dressed as a gladiator
and armed only witli the short Roman thrusting r.word
he would engage liens, tigers and bears in single combat
c ften paying us much as 1.000 iunds for the specimen
that furnished him and his friends with a half-hour's en
The Huug.ii'ia:) authorities put a stop to these savage
exhibitions, and while the remainder of bis wealth lasted
he bad lit content himself vith an ordinary ciieu:. He
died dramatically, when on the verge of b( ing dei lared
.1 bankrupt, taking poison at the close of a farewell
lea,-t, to which be bad Invited bis neighbors and tenants
x x-x-x-x- x -x-x x-x X
A "seance'' will
Elks this evening.
ceived cards
Stated c.r.
chapter N.
t nls v ning
of :;-.e H. P.
Demiug Graphic: last year wo made a written nn
tract with the secretary of the Albuquerque fair tor ad
vertising the same fer a certain price. Wo did at lea-;t
twice as much udvertisii.g as wo agreed to do, and when
we recently wrote a courteous letter to the. new oli'u ials
respecting the amount ho long overdue, we ieceiv. il no
reply lo tiur letter. We make no churpe for this iiotm
slate street Jeweler has on display a ritplendtnt
composed of l,2on diamonds. The representation
one In full bloom, one about to opey and
stems of these are bound to gothcr ly
is of Callu lilie.
two In bud. Tl
of diamonds, crowd
!es with n thousand
affects the eyes Ilk
-X X X-X
be held by the
All these w ho re-
are expctf(i to attend.!
i o lit ion ;f Rio Grande
4, Royal Arch Masons,
at, S o'clrck. Py order
J. C. Fergt r, se-cretary.
Anona cout:c:l No, 1, Daughters of
Pocahontas, will hod a meeting to
night at Il .1 M-u's hail at S o'clock'
slmr; A dan will take pl3Co aft r
the meeting.
The ii v . ii'ive commit'ee of the
Tentorial Fair association will hold
a rr.eitfne this evening at 7:30 o'clo-it,
at the office of P. F. McCann.i, In tho
Grant, buildint. All memlers r.re re
nustd to attend.
Tho regular business ni-'t;ng of;
the I adles' Aid society of tiio Con
cTe.alioml church was held In the
churth parlots this af'ernotn at 3
o'clock, wi'h a good attendance and
business of Itnprrtance was trans
, 0
The Elks nel 1 a regular mf'ting
last night, and transacted routine
lotlgo math rs. Thero were no initia
tions, but. at. the next regular meet
ing, a "bunch of long horns" will be
put throng!), and a lig tim will be
tie rebult.
The reetilar monthly meotine of
the Ladies' Aid sncifty of the Prep
bytcrlan church was li'ld 'bis alter-
noon at the homo f M;s. Fi", m i
South Fourth stre t, wi:h a. large
number of members in attendance.
After the discussion of business,
dainty refreshments were. served.
Last evening at. the Menaul reboot
tho Junior class tendered a reception
to the fenlor class of the school.
which proved a highly entertaining
affair to those participating. This
afternoon at 2 o'clock the frrmil
commencement, exercises were t.eld
at the echoed.
Tc.nUht in Elks' theater, beginning
at 8 o'clock, the pupils of Mrs. Rosa
Fntrelle-Gideon, under her direction,
will render n recital. Mrs. Futrelle-
Oideon. will be assisted by Mrs. Mar
tha Prown-Gibbs, soprano. Mrs. S B.
Miller, contralto, and Leonard Miller,
The junior recertlon 1, the seniors
of the univrsity took place fast, ev
ening, anil proved a highly entertain
ing affair. Poring the earlier part
rf the evening a mo nllght tallv-ho
ride was indulged In, winding up at
the university where refreshments
W'tre served. Tonight tho Alumni
banquet will take place at the uni
versity. Carriaii's will leave Mat
son's store at (1. '. : 30 and 7 o'clrck
P. m.
The closing exercises of tile Hnr-
wood Industrial school for r.al.lve
girls and young ladies, will talu
place tonicht fr,-;m S to 9 o'clock, in
the school building on Fourteenth
street. Six young ladies will com
pete for the W. C. T. IT. silver medal,
in an oratorical contest, on temper
ance subjects, and musical selections
will be rendered during tho evening.
Th (school will close one of its most
prosperous yenrs tonight, as many as
sixty-flvn pupils having been ia at
tendance at. tho school this year, far
above any previous number.
At a meeting of the Catholi? I,a
dies' Aid society, held In St. Mary's
nan lueiday af'ernoon, the follow
injc olliccrs were elected for the en
suing year: President, Mrs. D. A
Macpherson; first vice president. Mrs
Felix Pa c-a; .second vice 'president
Mrs. L. A. Teasler; secretary, Mrs
M. P. Kelly; treasurer. Mrs, Pren
nan; auditor, Mrs. I). 1 1. Pont right.
Committees Entertainment, Mirs. Fe
lix Pnca, chairman; courtesy, Mrs, ,
a. j essier, cnairman; sick and p .r,
Mrs. JoM'h Richards; finance. ;.:
J. P. Hernilon; social, Mrs. Gvvyn:
Choice Underwear..
YTJ NDER WEAR is a hobby of ours and very
close to our hearts That is why you will
find here every good sort of Lisle, Wool, Cotton
and Linen, so that every Man may find the ma
terial he needs. Then you will find here a variety
of all the sizes, so that
Eveiy Man May be Fitted.
Again, at most every price you will find our Under
wear better than you usually find at the same price. We
want you to see our excellent Balbriggan Underwear at
50c. per garment. Choice thin Underwear in other good
fabrics, 75c. to $4.50 per garment.
Fine Clothing and
Fine Clothing and
The city of AloiKliierrjue iutrtuls
erecting (in its property at the corner
of . Second street and Tijeras avenue
a two-story building for city purposes
including oty hall, office' rooms, j.iil,
fire department, etc.
.The building is to be one hundred
feet by one hundred feet facing Sec
ond strut t aiKj Tijeras avenue and to
be built of cement blocks or pressed
brick trimmed with cement blocks. It
itt to ba an elevated ornamental roof
w-rth clock tower In front and hose
tow er In rear. Fire depart mi nt of
said building Is to be in rear, en
trance on Tijeras avenue and is to be
thirty feet in width by total dep-th
of budding one hundred feet, both up
stairs and down. Uasement to bo un
der as much of building as may be
Pudding to be heated by steam.
Plumbing and heating to be iucluded
in figures of cotit of building.
Skeich plans embodying the above
with t'Hi:ii:ttuKtf c tit aro invited, to
be in the hands of the lieirman of the
building tommittee not later than
noon, .Ian,. pinti, provided the same
shall te done free of expense to the
city, lie city council reserving tho
right eitl cr to purchase complete de
tail plans ,f the successful designer,
or to place the successful designer in
full eli.ute of (lui construction of said
builibng, or to reject all plans sub
uiitied. as it may see fit.
A general idea as- lo what will be
required in the way of rooms, vaults,
steel ci ll-, tor jail, etc., may be had by
cnihiig on the undersigned.
i entail of !!il:!diilg Committee.
May hi,
bow knot. The whole surface is one
ed together so lh:r the surface day.
lights, wb.ee emu id i a! ed re lb c! ion
elect lie it y.
I lie lilies are iwe-.h JJuD iipfi. They are twenty-two
iui.bes high a.' d thirteen inches hitiii.s.j Tin- IliOO stones
were all imported from Ilurope. The stones vury from
those of three carats to some of one-half curat, but the
larger stones predominate. Three rubies of three carats
each are set in the heart of lit- full blown lily, in color
the stones are exceedingly title None are of less quality
than white, and many of them are blue The stones are
t hnicaily described as "jaeger,.." They ail come from
the mines of Kiinberly, South Africa, (if course, the
$ Jin lieu worth of diamonds, of which it is composed, will
uot I. nig r main In the pi t sens design That would be too
expensive. Instead the individual stones wi 1 be set in
rings and ornaments, and will, before the year is out, be
blazing on the breasts of fair womeii In many different
houses and cities. 'hit ago Inter .Ocean.
I o.
'I I.
roa.l hlM
cuttY ,,i
F.I Pa-.,
they ,, ;,
ly roii
wav h
dei- !,. ,!
In ;i i
st. ri, .
down ...
OILS ., ,
tie ;
I.e.'. ;
Th. :
Sill s ,
the new ,.
;icriisloiut'd sight of a rail
n stampeded 2. MM) head of
Columbus. N. M., says the
Herald. In their wild fear
ohshed the cona I n:d -cat-r
the plains; they weie tlnal
d up anil ure now n t heir
ill rnm" from Metlco and
ess of i lussifical ion in or-
rmiii'' the amount of duty,
puffing train caused con-
aniong the uncivilized cr :
he wall- of the p, n went
once before the incyi:-t.,lee
i I Ihe herd, but for' i.na! o'.y
- injured during the s.ain
I the cattle were it cov. re l.
".cation of the herd win lo
a Dig I V the eWet'is: house
i.tf for The Citizen ond get
o-oo-oo o O o o
Th Policy of 4Ms Store
is to ' clean up stock
once yearly and open
season with new goods.
Mr "' A '
fix Cwi1 i7-. k v 1
t?i T r,, t , &
H?-. " vVsi -vi ,
Not only means the
best shoes hut it stands
equally for honest ad
vertising. x-a ,J-x-x r -x-x-x-x-x
3000 pairs men's fine shoes
1000 pairs women's fine shoes
1080 pairs misses' and children's fine
Our window display will
give you an inkling of the
shapes that stylish dressers
will wear, but come in and
careiully inspect the shoes
themselves. We feel confi
dent that if you are a man
who wants the best money
can buy we will have your
121 Railroad Ave.
Secondhand Typewriter Bargains
One new No. 6 Smith Premier,
wide carriage; 2 Smith Premiers,
No. 2; 3 Smith Premiers, No. 1;
3 No. 2 Remingtons; 1 No. 6 Rem
ington; 1 No. 7 Remington, with
tabulator; 1 No. 5 Densmore, (al
most new); 2 Sholes; 1 Jewett; 1
Lambert; 1 Manhatton; 1 Chicago;
1 Fox, (almost new); 2 Cali
graphc; 1 Densmore, No. 4, (al
most new.
The above machines must be
sold at once, to make room for my
new stock of Underwood type
writers. We gtiaranteo these ma'
chines to be just as represented,
and they can I bought, at real
401 West Railroad Avenue.
"Summer dayssome are not" t
No hot kitchens when you cook with gas.
Clean and save money,
Ranges sold at cost, connected free.
funics the United Status mall;
only line with a change of stock en
route; Kood rljis, horses and drivers;
rl leaves AJI.uiiuerquo every Mouday,
Wednesday and Friday, at 5 a. m. Tor
inrticulars, address W, L. Trimble &
U).. aK nts, Albuquerque, N. M., or J.
It. l!UOK, l'ropru tor. IVrca, N. M.
Friday May IJth, at 7:30 P. M.
Joiig Boys und Mopie Syrup
Electric Building, 4lh and Gold
Sole agents for Castno Canned Gwul
Jas. lbe!:ln & Co.' Cotlees. lU)
boden'g (Jrsnlte Flour.
The Albuquerque Gas, Electric Llfcht and Power Co
c c c-c c-ooo-cclc -o-oocooooo
ME LIN I & EAKIN, Wholesale liquor and Oar Dealers
Exclusli 9 Anentg for Yellowstone and O. F. C. WTilskieg. Moet ft
Cbandon White i-eal Champagne, lit. I.cjIii A. D. C- Bohemian Cid
Jjs. Schlitz Milwaukee bottled Beers, and owner and distributor
of the AUvarado Whiskey. Write for our Illustrated Catalogue n4
I'ricj IJr. Automatic Telephone, JUG. Salesroom, 111 Souta Flrt
Street. Albuquerque, New Mexic.
i3tapl and ivaucy
i :
Hlllboro croauiery Butter Hest on
Order Bollclted. Free Delivery.
214 South Beeona Btreet
j Highland Jersey Dairy.
tvio. i,i. one, .liu. b9. 1'eu S U'way.
with Monger & Avery, Hu.-k n

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