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Denver, Colo., July 31 "Partly
cloudy tonight and Thursday
with occasional showers.
TO SHb, 10
' ' '?
Mrs. Peralta Says Young Man Told Her
That He Would Harm Her Daughter
if !He Had to Tear Down the
Walls of Her Home to
Accomplish Design.
TVhen She Shot Young Jesus Padilla. She Believed
He Was the Person Who Had Threatened Her
and Her Daughter. Because She Found
Him Knocking at Her Windows Prom
inent Citizens Offer Bond.
Mrs. I ami Is Peralta shot and
fatally wouiuhxl Jews Padilla f
Sunday night at lier home III
San Antonio, because ho knock-
oil at the window of her (laugh
tor's bill chamber.
SIhj was arrested and taken
to tho county Jail at Socorro.
Padilla died at 1 o'clock this
morning without making an ex-
Mrs. IVralta Is nearly 70 years
old. Sue said Oio shot In defence
of her daughter's honor and her
Mrs. Padilln further stated
that she did not kill the man f
f she intended to kill but thought
she vim doing so at tlic time she
shot Padilla. t
She nays the man die intend-
ed to kill told lier tlutt ho would
mill her daughter If lie had to
tear down the walls of tho
t Prominent business men of
Socorro county have petitioned IF
f to have MrL IVralta admitted
it' to ball and say they will sign
lier bond for any amount. f
She will probably bo set at
liberty tomorrow If a coroner's
4 Jiry ilocs not vindicate Iter In
the Interim. if
ft Her husband, Louis Peralta,
t was not at homo Sunday night,
t and hIio aoid there was none
but herself to defend tho home, t
Should she come to trial the $
"unwritten law" will probably
be the plea. f
titiliittllUf til
Irrigation Ditch
Kitchen Daughter' Bed Room
Living Room Mother' Bed Room
Open Porch
Public Road at
X window nt which tapping was heard; (M) where Mrs. Peralta stood
wlM'ii she lieurd I ho uol tc. O wherenhc stood wlien she fired the fulal
shot. XV where young Padllla's body was found. 8 front entrance to
house, (j com lot toward which hoy was running when shot. I'rom O, the
sNtt wlicre Mrs. IVrulta stood when she tired tlic shot, to XX, where the
l fell, Is tifteen feet.
Socorro, N. M., July 31. (Sec.
lal.) Jesus Padilla, the young man
who wa shot Sunday night by Mrj.
Louis Paral ta for annoying her
daughter by knocking at the window
of tlic girl's bed chamber at the Per
alta home in San Antonio, died at
1 .o'clock this morning.
Mrs. IVralta is confined In the
county Jail here. She wept when
told that the boy was dead.
"He was with the others in the
yard but the one I intended to kill
was Gonzales, lie told me that he
would ruin my daughter if he had to
tear down the four walls of the
house. I shot in defense of my
daughter and my home. There were
four men in the yard, I think, when
I went out with the gun. They all
ran as I tired and Padilla was shot."
Then Mrs. Peralta began to weep.
Nearly Seventy Years Old.
The case is one of the most un
usual and pitiful In the annals of
this country. Mrs. Peralta Is be
tween sixty and seventy years of age
She does not speak English well
but Bhe talked with a Citizen corres
pondent at the Jail today.
As nearly as could be learned from
her statement, several young men
have been annoying her daughter
a girl about eighteen years of age.
The first that Mrs. Peralta learned
of the affair, was when her daughter
complained to her about the actions
of the young men. Then the young
men began coming to the girl's win
dow at night and trying to apeak
with her. Mrs. Peralta said that she
repeattdly warned them that tbey
would get hurt if tbey continued to
annoy her daugter. It was then, shu
says, that one young man by tte
name of Gonzales, made the terrible
statement given above.
Mrs. Peralta finding that warnings
were Ineffective, prepared to protect
her home and placed a loaded shot
gun within eay reach. The shoot
ing was the result.
Sentiment Favors Mrs. Peralta.
A number of the most prominent
citizens of Socorro county have taken
the matter up in favor of the aged
little woman, who sits and weei In
the county Jail.
Max Montoya, A. II. Hilton, of the
at Rear of House
Front of House
Hilton Mercantile company, and Cap
tain M. Cooney, one of the oldest
citizens in the county, have announc
ed that they will sign a bond for
the woman's release pending a trial.
A number of others are also willing
to sign the bond.
If bond Is allowed under the law.
Mrs. Peralta wil probably be released
on bail tomorrow morning. In the
meantime, however, an inquest wili
probably be held at San Antonio and
the verdict of the coroner's Jury will
(Continued "on Puge l our)
Amos Rumbaugh Died Today
as Result of Attempt
on His Own
Inquest Over Young Roman's
Body Causes His Suicide and
Discloses Fact That He
Has Wire In Pittsburg.
I . fl-mH
Colorado Springs, Colo., July 31.
Amos It. Hunvbuugh, who shot him
self here late yesterday rather than
testify at the Inquest over the body
of Miss Laura Matthews, his friend,
died early this morning at S. Fran
cis hospital.
Rumbaugh's suiz'ds was discover
ed by officers who went o his room
yesterday afre'iuju t urrtaiii why
he had not appeared in answer to a
subpoena ordj-i:i him la nlve testl-
mony at the inquest over Miss Met-'
thews. When tha officers tried to
enter his room, the door was found
to be locked, and when one of th4m
peered through the transom, Kuni
buugh's body was seen lying on tle
bed with a bullet hoi in his head.
lA-ft Two IiCtters.
Late rumors are to the effect that
Rumibaugh Is responsible for the
death of the young woman; that he
accompanied her on the horseback
ride which terminated In her death,
and that when a lonely spot was
reached he shot her. His attempt on
his own life together with his evasion
of the authorities when sought as a
witness at the inquest, linked with
his infatuation for the girl, lend col
or to this suspicion.
Two brief notes are all that ex
plain the act of the young man. One
note addressed "to whom it may con
cern," read as follows: ,
"Ship my body to Mrs. J. H. Rum
beugh, , Mount Pleasunt, Pa., West"
nroreland county. Notify the Travel
ers' Insurance company of Hartford,
Conn., and the Fraternal Order of
Eagles, of Seottsdale, Pa. (Signed.)
The second note was addressed to
his mother, Mrs. J. H. Rumbaugh, at
the above address. Rumbaugh wrote:
Dear mother
"There Is nothing for me to say
why I did this awful deed, so lay
my body away to rest. I have about
1350 on my person. You and Charlie
settle things up. Your son,
She Feared ltumbaugh.
Today it was learned through a
guest of the Arcadia hotel, where the
young woman was registered, that
Miss Matthew's feared young Rum
baugh. She is said to havt told ac
quaintances that she was afraid to
go back late at night to the hotel for
fear her admirer would blow her
brains out as she passed North Park.
Miss Tillie Green, who came here
with Miss Matthews and who has
acted in the capacity of nurse. Is un
der police surveillance pending the
findings of the Inquest held over the
remains of the young woman. It U
still believed by the authorities that
she knows far more about the cir
cumstances surrounding the traglo
death or her charge than she has yet
admitted. Miss Green Bays that she
knows nothing of Coey's relations
with Miss Matthews, 'but intimated
all was not right. With regard to
Rumbaugh s suicide Miss Green had
the following to say:
"In Love With Her."
"Rumbaugh was desperately in
love with Laura. He had previously
tola me mat ne was angaged to mar
ry her, that they would go east on
their honeymoon. He did not know
Coey but seemed to take a boyish de
light In describing how he would go
to Chicago and parade his bride in
front of the millionaire manufactur
er. When I told Rumbaugh that
Laura had committed suicide hs
seemed like one possessed. He swore
that he would go to Chicago and kill
Coey, and his entire motive from
that time until his suicide seemed
to be that of revenge on Coey. He
killed himself through love of the
Telegram to Coey.
The telegram sent by Rumbaugh
to Coey Mouduy morning, taken In
the light of his suicide, has more
meaning than before, it was as fol
lows: "Laura committed suicide on ac
count of you. Letters left behind.
Send 1300 at once for expenses."
It shows that Rumbaugh knew
Coey well enough to apeak to him of
"Laura and to threaten him. But
now the officers 'want to know If U
was a threat or simply a bluff.
Had Wife hi Pittsburg.
Pittsburg, Pa., July 31. The sui
cide of Amos R. Rumbaugh at Colo
rado Springs yesterday hits cleared up
the mystery of his disappearance
from his home at Mount Pleasant,
Pa., two weeks ago. Rumibaugh was
married and one of the most promi
nent citizens of Mount Pleasant. He
left home without informing his wife
r relatives where he was going or
Yesterday his wife, despairing of
his return, prepared to leave for the
home of her father, A. C. Huff, at
Loudenvllle, Ohio.
Humbaugh was a private in the
Tenth Pennsylvania volunteers and
served In the Philippines during the
Spanish war.
His relatives say they never heard
of Laura Matthews or C. li. Coey.
Telegram I'rom Coey.
The coroner's Inquest, which took
(Continued ou luge live)
cm railwaP.'Vy"
cent a mile rato mull Uie ? nited
now rate be In Cffwt ff.
Will be Governorxind WW Not
be Dictated to by Disturbing
Factions After Office.
Oystr Bay. July 31. Governor
Curry, wo arrived In the United
States a few days ago from his po.u
as governor of the Island of Samar,
to assume the duties of governor of
New Mexico. orinuultoH with uA-t
I dent Roosevelt for two hours today.
uu.biiiui- vurry aaiu ne was not fa
miliar enough with the problems he
would have to face In his new posi
tion to discuss them.
Federal Judge B. S. Rodey, of Tor
to Rko. formerly a delegate in con
gress from New Mexico, arrived at
Oyster Bay with Governor Curry.
'Judge Rodey called on Secretary
Loeb during the conference at Saga
more Hill.
He remarked that In his opinion
the situation In New Mexico was the
worst, from a standpoint of discord
Intrigue and crookedness, that could
be found in any of the dependencies
or territories of the United States,
and that the president could not have
found a better mart that Curry to
straighten out the tangle. Chief
Justice Kent, of Arizona, arrived at
Oyster Hay for a conference with
the president Just as Governor Curry
was leaving. The governor said he
would go direct to New Mexico from
Oyster Hay.
Has No 1'avorite.
Oyster Hay, July Ji. on leaving
Sagamore Hill, Governor Curry said
he had gone over tha New Mexican
situation in a general wal with the
president. He will spend one dav in
Washington and then will proceed to
Santa Fe.
"You know.' 'he remarked. "I
nave always been a democrat, but I
am a Roosevelt man now, and next
to that a Taft man. The president1
wants me to take hold of the admin
istration In New Mexico with but one
object In view clean government.
"There will be some changes In
the officials of the territory but these
canot be announced. The appoint
ments I shall make will be solely
with a view of getting good offi
cials. Wherever I can get suoh offi
cials from the republican party, I
shall take them, but shall not be
confined to tnat party In making ap
pointments. I'rvfl Iom Alliances,
"Political and factional wrangles In
the territory have grown to be very
acute, and the president has honored
me with the appointment as govern
or, a place I was not all anxious to
take, evidently because I have been
out of the territory for the past eight
years and am entirely free from a"
such alliances."
On learning of Judge Rodey's
presence at Oyster Bay, President
Roosevelt summoned him to uncheon
and he accompanied Chief Justice
Ke.it, of Arizona, to Sagamore Hill.
Jackson. Miss. Julq 31. A pri
mary to elect a United States senator,
stale and county officials will tie held
tomorrow. Interest centers in the
senatorial race between John Sharp
Williams and Governor Vardemun.
The campaign has been strenuous
and both sides claim a victory.
St. IOiits Wool Market.
St. Louis. July 31. Wool steady;
effect a accent por mile railroad fare. The Soutl,-
..'J? 1 federal court, expeott to operate under the old -
flffR SZX
Financier Takes Balance of
Recently Authorized Rail
road Securities,
ABOUT $15,000,000
N r York, July 31. The A. T. &
S. F. Railroad company has sold to
J. P. Morgan & Co., that portion of
the twenty-six million dollars con
vertible live per cent bonds recently
Issued, which were not taken by the
roud's stockholders. It is estimated
that the stockholders have subscrib
ed at par for slightly more thaa
eleven million dollars of the issue.
Morgan Made Rest Hid.
These bonds were issued for the
purpose of refunding, and also for
future improvements which will be
made along the entire system. It
was agreed in authorizing the Issue,
viiat ,uo lUVKilUIUCI B11UU1U UO glV
en the first opportunity to buy the
bonds, and a period set for that pur
pose. This period expired a fow
days slncn and financiers outside of
the road's stockholder list have been
investigating the issue with a view to
Morgan's bid was the best an
nounced, but the figures are not giv
en though it is admitted that he paid
slightly more than par for the Issue.
The bonds are now being signed and
will be turned over at once in order
that the money may be forthcoming
ON SEPT. 28-30
Socorro. N. M., July 31. (Sieelal)
The Socorro county fulr on Sep
tember 28, 29 and 30, promises to
be one of the big events of the year
In New Mexico. The committee on
arrangements is preparing a program
which will be unequalled and this
fair will be over before the beginning
of the territorial fair.
In addition to a program of sports,
music and other fentures of extraor
dinary interest, a base ball contest
Is being arranged In which it Is
hoped that the Albuquerque Browns,
the territorial champions, will parti
cipate. An excursion from Albuquer
oue will be arranged for September
29, Sunday, and as Socorro always
furnishes one of the biggest delega
tions at Albuquerque's fair, It is ex
pected that there will be a big
crowd from the metropolis on that
lierlln, July 31. It was definitely
settled today that the wedding of
Miss Katherlne UJdy, of Chicago,
sister of Spencer Eddy, first secretary
of the American embassy here, and
Albert J. Heverldge, United States
senator from Indiana, Is to take place
on August 7th at the residence of
Ambassador and Mrs. Tower.
Ileveridge will be obliged to sign
a pile ot documents three inches
deep before the necessary marriage
permit can be Issued. The wedding
will be private.
Three Others are injured.
One Fatally, at Met
calfe. Ariz.
LI Paso, Texas, July 31. A cable
drawing an ore car on an Incline
leading up to the Shanlon mine at
Metcalfe, Ariz., broke yesterday af
ternoon while five men were being
hauled up in the car. Two Jumped
and two were killed, while the other
is so badly Injured that he will die.
When the car hit the ore bin at
the bottom of the incline, Jesus Lo
pez was hurled four hundred feet
through the air, his body going over
his own house.
Giavonnl Nasletto was badly man
gled and Instantly killed, and Jose
Canute will die from his Injuries.
Foreman Tom Hldebottom, who
was at the bottom of the Incline, had
his left leg broken.
Wife Finds Body.
The rs'uia was Inspected as usual
ht-fore the car started on Its up trip
yesterday and pronounced In good
condition, hence the cause of the ac
cident is not known. It Is probable
that there was a broken thread In
the wire which did not appear on the
surface and the heavy pull as the
car reached the top of the Incline
caused the accident.
The ore car rushed downward with
frightful velocity. Lopez was thrown
out near the bottom and his body
rushed through the aid with the velo
city of a cannon ball, his own wife
noticing It pass over her home. She
found the body lying on the opposite
side of the street five minutes later.
District Attorney Takes Per
sonal Charge of Black
mall Affair.
New York, July 31. District At
torney Jerome has taken personal
charge of the Investigation into the
plots of the Armenian blackmailers,
which led to the assassination of II.
S. TavshanJIan.
A trunk is reported to have been
been found In Lowell, Mass., where
Itedres Hampartzoomlan, slayer ot
TavshanJIan, lived, which Is said to
contain letters revealing the plots of
the blackmailers.
Blackmailing letters demanding
sums ranging from $10,000 to $25.
OiMt were found In the trunk.
The killing of TavshanJIan is rec
ognized by the police and detectives
as only the beginning of the Ar
menian plots, as It is positively known
that nine other victims have been
marked by the society for death
These merchants are all guarded and
It is believed that tha would-be mur-dert'.-s
will be caught before they
suci eed In causing other death.
Grand Jury. However. Is Still
Probing Case Against
Magill and
Evidence Introduced to Show That
Dead Woman Bought Poison
ous Drugs at Various Times
and Was of Morbid
Clinton, III., July 31. It looks
brlghtar for Fred and Fay Magill. SO '
witnesses were examined today by
the special grand Jury, which open
ed Its session In the Oewltt county
court house this morning, but com
paratively little progress was mad.
Not a single witness offered evldenca
which could be submitted In court .
as legal proof that a crime had been
Moreover neither of U3 MagtlU,
man nor wife, was brottghc Into tho
case seriously, state's Aujrn Mil
ler today explained the situation by
saying that he called the unimport
ant witnesses today, and would begin
on the more convincing evidence to
morrow. Just what evidence tha prosecution
possesses, no one seeims to know.
Meanwhile, the five lawyers for the
defense were sitting In their offices
chuckling. They declare that tha
evidence will be so weak that not
even a true bill will be voted.
The special Jury is made .tp ot
men ot good standing, hard headed
fellows. They will require fau-ly
good proof before Indicting either ot
the accused.
All the druggists of Clinton have
been summoned. Several testified to
day and informed the grand Jury
that Mrs.' Pet Magill, like most ot
the other Clinton housewives, bad .
bought various drugs at their store,' .
' Wife Bought Drug.-1 - 4 . '
'Wonven buy poisonous 'drugs t4
clean clothes, to kill rats and vermin
and for other reasons," one pharm- .
cist told the Jury. '
"1 do not know that Mrs. Magill
bought drugs of this kind any .often-
er than her neighbors."
The defense was favored somewhat
by Judge Cochrane's instructions to
the grand Jury this morning. The
Judge emphasized two points.
"llefore you vote a true bill," ha
said, "you first must find that tha
evidence shows that a crime has been
committed and that the accused
proibaibly committed the crime.
Above all, you must determine that
a crime has been committed."
This has been the stumbling block
In the Magill case, say observers,
from the first, to show that murder
really was committed. Judge Coch
rane's emphatic hint, therefore, wu
heard with pleasure by the lawyers
for the defense.
There Is talk of the grand Jury
summoning Marguerite, daughter of
Magill, and calling fot the Pet Ma
gill "suicide letters." The deifense
will refuse to produce Marguerite and
the letters.
Chloroform Caused Death.
The report of the medical experts
who made an anlysls of the contents
of the Btornach of Mrs. Pet Magill
were received here today and Stales
Attorney Miller announced that the
report Is to the effect that Mrs.
Magill died of chloroform poisoning.
A trace of arsenic was also founu.
The belief Is growing here that Mrs.
Magill did commit suicide.
tfeorg-elown, Ky July 31. Special
Judge Itobblns Vacated the bench to
day In the Caleb Powers murder
trial, following the filing of an affi
davit alleging prejudice. The action
of Judge lUibbins was unexpected by
tlie prosecution and surprise to the
Tho Judge took up each allegation
of Powers and denied specifically
that they were true and then said it
was too late to mar his record as a
Judge by sitting In a case when ac
cused of unfairness.
The governor was notified and an
effort will be made to ugree on an
other Judge.
Boston, Mass., July 31. Ten thou
sand men marched through Boston's
streets this morning in u civic and
trades procession, which was part of
the "New England day" celebration
of "old Home Week."
The parade, of which Lieut. Gen.
Nelson A. Miles. I'. S. A., retired, was
marshal, was an elaborate one.
Tonight Boston and Cambridge
will Join in exercises on the occasion
of the dedication of the new three
million dollar West Boston bridge,
which Joins the two cities.
Chicago, 111 ..July 31. A rate war
among the railroads between Chicago
and New Y'ork Is threatened owing
to a reduction of one dollar In party
rates made by the Michigan Central
and Gui.d Tiunk rjads.

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