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Aebtouerque Citizen '
Denver, Col., August 6Fair
tonight and Wednesday.
No. 7 " "
No. a " "
No. 9 " "
No. I Arrives 7.45
No. 4 " " 5.50
Citizen's Editorial on Investi
gations Endorsed by
Impartial Reader
In Letter.
Citizen Thinks That Disgraceful
Attempt to Ruin Republican
Party by Attacking Lead
ers Should be
The editorial In The Citizen last
.evening. In which the harm being
done to New Mexico and to this city
by the publication of unfounded ru
mors of graft and fraud by certain
papers In an effort to disrupt the re
publican party was shown up, un
doubtedly fitted the views of several
Albuquerque people.
The Citizen today received several
communications bearing upon this
matter and the one published here
with shows that the writer undoubt
edly gave the matter serious thought.
The letter may not perhaps be as
complimentary to The Citizen as The
Citizen would like but in the main It
deals with one Important matter to
which all else Is subsidiary the good
of New Mexico.
The Citizen therefor publishes this
letter In full for the consideration of
Its readers and it does so without
comment, bias or prejudice in the
matter one way or the other. The
Citizen believes that continued harm
and no good can come from a con
tinuous attempt to black guard every
public official who dares to express
his views In opposition to the views
of the so-called reformers and The
Citizen said just what It believed,
last evening, when It expressed the
hope that the Investigation now un
der way would be made so thorough
that It would either oonvlct or ac
quit every man against whom news
paper charges have ibeen made and
thus' put an- end to this cry of fraud
and graft.
The letter received by The Citizen
Is as follows:
Commends the Citizen.
To the Editor: As a public spirit
ed citizen I wish to commend your
editorial! In Monday evening's Citizen
In which you condemn the practice
of wholesale attacks on New Mexico's
public men In the newspapers. I re
fer particularly to the Albuquerque
Morning Journal. I have been a
reader of both Albuquerque papers
for four or Ave years, and when the
Journal opened up its crusade for a
change In Bernalillo county's govern
ment I was In hearty accord and
hailed the paper as a sincere advo
cate of civic probity. When It went
into territorial affairs and backed the
Hagerman administration I was still
inclined to think favorably of its pol
icy, believing that Hagerman deserv
ed support.
lluiiMintiiient to Its IYIends.
It has seemed to me, however, that
the moment the Journal found that
Hagerman's faction would have a
hard fight In the legislature to securd
any recognition, that the management
of the paper lost his head like an
excited school boy and that he has
never obtained his equilibrium since.
Throughout the last legislative as
sembly the Journal was a disappoint
ment to its friends and a disgrace to
the territory, and since that time it
has become more and more rabid in
Its utterances until "biased" and "pre.
judieed" are weak words to descrlbo
Its political attitude. It can no more
be fair to any man who is a mem
ber of the opposting faction than it
can keep from belittling Max Frost.
Every reader of the Journal knows
exactly what to expect in every
morning's correspondence from Santa
Fe. If those special dispatches are
telegraphed I imagine the operators
have long ago adopted a code for
"gang" and "plundertmnd."
Huh Not Made Uood.
Like Hearst, the Journal has taken
advantage of the fact that it is easy
to secure the public ear with a cry of
""graft." It is easy to excite sympa
thy from the people if you can make
It appear that you are espousing their
cause against Injustice. I was one
who believed so at the start. Hut In
the light of later developments 1 can
not convince myself that the Journal
has made good. The moment It se
cured sufficient Influence It sent lis
publisher and city editor to Santa Fe
and brought back the secretaryship
of the bureau of immigration. I
didn't like that In the face of what
had been said In the Journal about
this very "territorial graft." It re
minded me too much of the preacher
who closed his prayer one morning
after a partially successful appeal to
his congregation for church funds
with the words. "Thank t;od, the
fund for the payment of the minis
ter's salary is safe, aiu-how."
Nothing liut Humors.
I rather enjoy a newspaper fight
if It Is conducted on a fair basis but
can the Journal call Its methods fair?
Only recently when the resignation
of A. M. Bergere. district clerk at
Santa Ke, was requested by Judge
McKie the Journal spread this news
broadcast In flaring headlines, and
followed It up for several days with
"reports," "rumors." etc., discredit
able to Mr. Hergere. The truth is
that no one outside of the govern
ment agents know why Mr. Hergere's
resignation was a-keii, and the Jour
nal has so acknowledged since. Was
this Inferred calumny fair? Such a
thing might happen to any official
and It af:erward developed that he
was liui'N -nt of anything oilier than
a technical charge. Whether or not
this be true of Mr. Bergere, I hold it
(Continued on Pago Eltit.)
Secretary Taft, Home Loving Wanderer,
Now Revelling in Vacation With Family
C 9
Secretary und Mrs. Taft at Their Summer Honic, Murray Hay. Canada.
Big War Chief Enjoys Recren
atlon In Cool Air of
Murray Bay. Canada. August 6.-
This Is the place where Secretary
Tart Is spending his vacation, and
a Joyous vacation it is, though a
strenuous one. With him are Mra.
Taft, their only daughter, Miss Helen,
Uixbert, the oldest son and child, who
Is a Yale student In winter, and
Charlie, who Is "a mere chllderene."
.Here, also are the secretary's
brothers, Charles P. and Henry Taft,
of Cincinnati, with their wives, and
not far away Is the summer home of
Justice Harlan, of the United Mates
supreme court,
tiuch an outing as this with his
family Is a great treat to a home
loving man like big "Bill" Taft, who
has traveled 100.000 miles since he
entered the caibinet, and who will
start on another trip to the Philip
pines In a few weeks, after his va
cation Is over. It is a rare treat to
see the big secretary bobbing along
toward the golf links to meet one of
his brothers or Judge Harlan in a
friendly match.
The Murray Bay links are laid O'lt
on the side of a thousand hills. There
are 18 holes, and these holes are
reached by veritable mountain climb
ing, jumping ditches, traveling along
dusty and rough roads and by other
difficult routes over a rocky way. It
takes a good three hours to get
around them, and the secretary does
It with a score of 95.
Ideal Summer Home.
The Taft summer home, outside 3i
Murray Bay, greatly resembles a
Filipino bungalow, and is fitted
throughout with Filipino mattings,
scarfs, presentation Hags, etc., and
there Is even a Filipino servant, Man
tico, who Insisted on following the
secretary to the United Stales.
In the town Itself, the little old
French Canadian hill town, ' M'sieu
Taft" Is the one Important figure.
Prominent Americans of all sorts
come and go during the summer, but
he is the one unfailing figure of gen
eral Interest.
Works With Secretary.
Taft works during the summer
from seven in the morning until
eight or half-past dictating to his
secretary his opinions concerning war
department matters which come b
the night mall.
Then he has breakfast. After
breakfast, rain or shine, he takes his
golf clubs and goes to the links to
put in a full morning.
At lunch time he turns up bright
and smiling, eats a bite and goes back
to his secretary and his war depart
ment again for several hours.
Xate in the afternoon he puts
thoughts of work aside and he and
Mrs. Taft go out to the summer
house, nothing more than a covered
enclosure with some rough seats, to
read and talk.
Iate in the dusk of the evening he
and the children play together around
the tennis court or on the lawn. It
is a pleasant sight, for, so far as
games are concerned Taft is like
Peter Pan he has never grown up.
Iallas, Tex.. August 6. A special
election is being held in Texas today
to determine upon six constitutional
amendments proposed by the last leg
islature, which include the granting
of state aid to the widows of confed
erates; the establishment of agricul
ture; increasing the pay of legisla
tors; creating improvement districts
in cities; establishliirf a state prinl
ery. and Improvement districts for
4 f ''-tit
I , -y ix v
. Comer In Conference
Today With Official
of Southern.
Montgomery, Ala., August 6. The
outlook for a peaceable settlement
ot tne controversy between the South
ern Hallway and the state anDeared
good this morning. Vice President
Kussell of the Moitjlle and Ohio, rep
resenting President Finley, of the
Southern, was in conference with
Governor Comer, and it is thought
amicaroie arrangements will be reach
ed. Two plans. It Is said, were suggest
ed, one by which the railroad will
be allowed to withdraw Its suit, taken
to the federal court, and the other
that a test jase le made and both
parties aoiue oy the decision.
Itailroad an Outlaw.
The railroad officials are very de
slrous of avoiding any trouble with
the state and the executive officials of
Alabajna say that they will meet any
overtures of the road at least half
way, hence there is reason to believe
that the present negotiations will be
successful and that a situation which
has been to say the least critical 'n
many points, will be amicably set
tled. The revocation of the railroad's
charter, it is generally believed, will
be withdrawn. This revolution pla.:ej
the railroad in the position of an
outlaw and gave the state an oppor
tunity to cause wholesale arrests of
its employes for conducting trains
ana ousiness inside the state without
proper authority.
Suspended From Exchange.
He Brooded Over His
New York. August 6. William, 6.
Alley, a member of the New York
stock exchange, committed suicide by
shooting last night. He has been a
member of the exchange since IS 73,
but has been under suspension from
the exchange for almost a year, and
since then had confined his operations
to the curb market.
He left no word explaining his act
but his friends believe he was de
spondent over financial troubles. He
was D5 years of age.
Alley was expelled for alleged un
fail dealings with other members of
the board, though he has always con
tended his innocence. Since his ex
pulsion, he has made some notable
curbstone deals and has been often a
factor in the markets, but he has
been depressed over his affairs, and,
while amounted a wealthy man, not
Involved to any etent, It is believed
financial troubles worried him to the
pint of suicide.
I toot's Oldest Hon to Wed.
New York, August 6. Announce
ment Is made of the engagement of
Kliiiu Hoot. Jr., oldest son ;if Hlihu
Hoot, secretary of state, a.id MUs
Alice Livingston Stryker. the e'dekt
daughter of President Woolsey Stry
ker, of Hamilton college It is only
a few days since the engagement il
the daughter of Secretary Hoot to I'.
S. (Irant. son of General Frederlnk
Dent Grant, was made public.
French Cruiser Galilee Aided
by Gunboats Puts
Arabs to Route
Bombardment Will Be Continued
at Points Along Coast-Big Re
Inforcements Join Moorish
Troops but White Sol
diers are Enroute.
Tangier, August . The French
cruiser Galilee was bombarding the
Moorish quarter of Casa Blanca and
the neighborhood of that city when
the last steamer, which arrived here
today, left that port.
The Kabyles attacked Casa Blanca
and the Moorish authorities applied
to the commander of the Galilee for
assistance. He thereupon landed six
ty men and the Spanish cruiser land
ed forty. This landing party was
fired upon by the Ksbyles and seven
frenchmen, Including one, officer
were wounded.
The combined French and Spanish
force thereupon cleared the city of
the hostile tribesmen; guards were
placed about the foreign consulates
and then the Galilee opened fire with
her big guns upon the rebels.
Tlireo Warship Pnrtlclnnto.
London. August 6. A special from
Tangier today, describing the bom
bardment of Casa Illanca.. say the
French cruiser Iu Chayla and the
Spanish gunboat Don Alvare de Ba-
zan participated with the Galilee In
the bombardment of the villages
surrounding Casa Blanca, which wef
destroyed by the are of the warships.
During the bombardment large re
inforcements of tribesmen came up
and many of them, were killed or
wounded. 1
SUencod Itatterv.
The Casa Blanca battery Joined In
firing upon thf, foreign warships,
whereupon the guns of the French
and Spanish' cruisers were turned
upon the battery, which soon caused
the Moorish commander to send a
messenger to the French admiral re
auestlnc his pardon.
This was refused and the admiral
sent a Deremntorv order to the Moor
ish commander to surrender himself
to the French consul.
ISO Moon Killed.
According to another special from
Tangier about 1B8 Moors are said to
have been killed In the towns, bat
tery and villages around Casa Blanca
during the bombardment by the for
eign warships. Casa Blanca wag re
duced to ruins by the warships
Germans Demand Protection.
Berlin, August . A dispatch from
Tangier today says that the German
charge d'affaires at Tangier has call
ed the attention of the French charge
d'affaires to the dangerous position of
foreigners at Mazagan on the west
coast of Morocco and that the French
official has directed the French
cruiser to proceed to Ma .agan. Many
Germans live there outside the city
On War Footing.
Madrid. Spain, August . The
garrison at Algeciras has been order
ed to be placed on a war footing with
a view to sending troops from there
to Morocco.
New Serum Discovered Cures
Hitherto; Fatal
Cleveland, O., August 6. Accord
ing to private advice received last
flight Isom New York, the wealth of
John D. Rockefeller has made possi
ble the cure for meningitis. U.'.
Simon Felsner, the dispatches say,
has discovered a serum which will
cure the heretofore fatal disease.
Experiments made at Casilla, O.,
it Is declared, have demonstrated the
efficacy of this serum. Dr. Felsner
Is head of the Rockefeller Institute
for Medical Research in New York.
Wants to Help Children.
Through the orders of the oil kinj
himself. Dr. Felzner a considerable
time since began the work of discov
ering a serum which would be effec
tive in cases of meningitis. Rocke
feller's love for children, who have
always been the principal sufferers
from the disease, prompted his de
sire to find a euro.
When told by Dr. Felzner that the
ne-w serum had provej effective 'n
several cases, the head of the oil trust
beamed with delight and tears were
near his eyeg as he said:
"Well, we've helped the children,
you and I, haven't we, Doc?"
joiin six x i : l .i.i a n:n
to six t i;i :d pkt i i .
Montgomery. Ala, August 6 Tim
legislature today elected Joseph r
Johnstone, the nominee of the recent
primary atid caucus, to succeed Uw
late United States Senator I'ettut.
Typical Scene in Moorish
Town Under Siege of French
Crowd of wlilte-robcd Mohammedan
on which gunbout lire 1ms been
Freight Car Jumps Onto Main
Line In Front of
Pittaburg, Pa., August 6. Ths
Titusvllle express, southbound, on the
Pennsylvania railroad, was wrecked
near Kelly station, 10 miles from Kit
tanning. Pa today, and at least six
persona were killed, and about
eighteen injured.
Among the Identified dead are:
U B. IRWIN, engineer of the pas
senger train:
C. CIUtltrrTJSJRB, ntuaville.
M. RAFFJSY, Klttanning.
The train waa running at high
speed and the accident occurred on
a sharp curve. In some manner a
car that former part of a north
bound freight train had broken away,
landing some distance from the
northbound track and projecting over
the southbound traok. The express
as it rounded the curve was side
swiped by this car, whtch derailed
the passenger engine and wrecked
four cars.
Are you going to Santa Fe Thurs
day for tlie Inauguration of (eorg;
Curry as governor of New Mexhxt?
A cliunge In tlio program linn been
made und the inauguration will not
take ila-e until 'I p. in. Thursday.
The Albuquerque, delegation will
not leavo on Wednesday night ax
planned hut will go to Santa Fe In
private curs attached, to iaieiigcr
train No. 10, leaving at 7. a. hi.
Thursday. It you Intend going send
your inline and addi-cm to The 1tl
sen ofllce ho that accomiiMMliitioiM
can bo reserved for you or call up
telephone MMltF.H IS.
The Santa le has made a rate of
one fare for the round trip. You can
return tlio sumo day, reaching the
city on No. 1 at 7:15 p. in., or on No.
7 ut 1(1:53 p. in.
Special accoinniotlutionM for the
ladles will be provided.
The Albuquerque delegation will be
a large one judging from the list of
iiaiiici already Mill to this ofllce. if
you doMlrc accommodations you
Hhould notify us early tomorrow
Tangier. August 6. A column of
troops from Alcazar Is marching la
the direction of Kahs, to co-operate
with the forces of Cald liagdani, who '
Is seeking to capture Halsuli, the1
cuiptor of General Kir Harry Maclean.
Santiago de Chile, August 6.
Kartliquake shocks were felt yester
day at Valparaiso. I
Trieste, Austria-Hungary. Augu .t
6 The instrument In the marine ob
servatory recorded heavy earlli
shocks this morning about 2,5ui
miles distant.
In a narrow titrcet In Casa Blanca,
Brutal Assaults on Women
and Children Continue
Hourly In New York.
fs'ew York, August 6. An attempt
to assault a lone woman early today
on a west side street adds another
case to the long list of attacks on
women and children in the streets ot
New York. The attack would have
been successful had it not been for
the desperate struggle of Adelaide
Wilder, a trained nurse, who fought
her assailant with a hat pin and final
ly routed him.
Her screams brought the police
who pursued the man to Central park
where he was brought to bay with a
fusillade 'if shots from the revolvers
of the two officers. The man said his
name was Pletro 'Daurie, an Italian
Ilrutal A-mouIu
Daurle declared his innocence al
though Miss Wilder Identified him.
Mls9 Wilder was walking noine when
near Manhattan avenue and 106th
street, the Iti'la-i accosted her, and
when she r pulsed hitr., he knocked
her down et.il cucmlng her lhr.Mtv
dragged her to the stoop of an apart
ment hojse. Miss Wilder managed
to withdraw her hat pin from her
hat. and jabbing her assailant, rous
ed him fo loo (Mi nls hold. When ho
screamed, he tied.
Three At tempts on Children.
Thomas Anderson, a laborer, aged
twenty years, -was arrested in Brook
lyn last night, charged with an tit
tempt to assault five-year-old Julia
Klelscher. The girl. It is said, was
enticed by Anderson into a barn in
the rear of h'y; home, tihe told her
parents, and they notified the police,
who arrested Anderson.
May Mace, a girl of sixteen, gays
that while she was standing in the
doorway of herhome In Seventh ave
nue last night, Uulseippe Tristre, an
Italian, approached her and asked
her to go with him. Sin refused.
Shortly after he returned and, it is
alleged, threw his arms around her.
Her screams attracted attention and
soon a crowd of five hundred were
chasing the Italian. He was over
taken and beaten unmercifully before
nan a aozen ixiitcemen rescued him.
Israel Israleson met little Freda
i .... i , . . . . . . , . . . .
i rmn.us, ttneu veii years, in unn i
ITun.l.A.l A...1 CI., ..... ... . ..I
..uiiuicu aim r ,1 niai flireel, isl
night, and according to her story of
fered her a nickel to go with him.
Her playmates told her parents and a
crowd soon gathered about the man.
The crowd became threatening by the
time an otflcer appeared and arrest
ed Israelson.
The child on the orders of a magis
trate, was examined by a physician,
who reported that It was seriously In
jured. Fontza was held in ti.OOO
bail on a charge ot criminal assault.
I.lillo Girls Attacked.
Angelliie Condartl, a six-year-old
child, was found terribly bruised In
a thicket near the village of Linol
eumvllle, Staten Island. She had
been attacked by an unknown man.
.iolv AmJiratn n,i Tilltin
was arrested (n Hrooklyn on a charge I
of attempted assault on two llltlo.
girls. Daniel Lalo and Frank P.
Hody were arraigned on similar1
cliai gf.
Strike for Shorter Work Pay.
Scranton. Pa., August 6. Repre
sentatives of the silk mills In Lacka
wanna and Luzerne counties have re
fused a shorter work dav to the silg
workers. More than liv lhiui.ini
are now on a strike.
Big Delegation From Albu
querque Will Leave Here
Thursday Morning
at 7 O'clock.
AT 2 P.M.
Prominent Men With Families
Will Attend From All Over New
Mexico-Four Bands. Flags.
Bunting and Flowers.
The Program.
Owing to the fact that the new
governor, Oeorge Curry, will not
take the oath of office until 2 o'clock
Thursday afternoon, as a result ot
a change In arrangements, the Al
buquerque delegation will not leave
here until Thursday morning.
The delegation from this city will
go to Santa Fe on passenger train
number 10, leaving here at 7 a. nt.
Thursday morning. August 8.
The local committee has arrang
ed to have special can attached to
this train and the trip will therefor
be just as planned with the excep
tion that the long night trip wilt b
Every comfort and every accom
modation possible to provide will ba
arranged for by the local commit
tee. A Urge number of people have
asked for accommodations so many
in fact, that the committee at nrst
feared it could not secure the cars
necessary. Iate this afternoon, the
Santa Fe officials announced that the
cars could be secured and they will
be attached to passenger train num
ber 10. , ,
Those desiring to return to Albu
querque Thursday- evening can do so
on ' iscr.gei train i.umbeA j.one.
which reaches here at 7:4S p. m.."
or passenger train number T, whlct
arrives In this city at 10:55 p. m.
Those who desire to remain in San
ta Fe for the reception and ball will
be able to leave Santa Fe for Albu
querque at 8 o'clock the following
morning, arriving home about noon.
If desired, those who stay for the
ball can wait until the next evening
to return at their leisure. The
change In the hour for administering
the oath of ofllce, simplifies matter
greatly since It permits of a day
light trip to Santa Fe In the cool of
the morning and a return during the
evening, reaching this city, If desired
before dark.
The list of those who will Join the
Albuquerque delegation is growing
rwpldly. If you desire to go, you,
should phone your name and address
to the office of The Citizen early to
morrow morning. 'PHOMJ No. 15
Accommodations will be arranged
for all those who desire to go up t
the last minute possible.
The Santa Fe has made a rate of
one half fare for the round trip,
which amounts to something less
than four dollars.
At Kanta Fe the hotels and restau
rants say they will serve all the
tables possible and will make every
effort to accommodate all the peo
ple who visit the city.
The trip as now arranged is par
ticularly convenient for the ladles
who desire to go. since they will be
enabled to go and return practically
In one day and will have a section
of the train for their accommodation.
The inauguration of the new gov
ernor as stated before will be the
most brilliant affair of the kind ever
witnessed in New Mexico.
Chief Justice William J. Mills will
administer the oath of office. All of
the supreme court justices will be
present with the exception of Justice
William H. Pope, who is absent In
Atlanta, (ieorgia, and will be unable
to reach Santa Fe in time to attend.
Besides territorial officials, staff
and national gunrj officers, iber
will be practically all of the leading
men in New Mexico public life and
many of them will be accompanied by
their friends.
There will be the famous Mexican
band from Chihuahua, the American
Lumber Company band of this city,
the Plaza band of Santa Fe and sev
eral other musical organizations.
Those who remain for the big ball
In the evening, will witness the social
event of the season at the Capital
It Is raid there will be some rare
creations In grown and the ball room
will be profusely decorated with
flags. Mowers and buntings. The lob
by and stairways of the hotel will
also be handsomely decorated and
upon the landing on the second floor
the new governor will hold his first
public reception and will meet all
who call to pay their respects.
It is estimated that several thous
and people will fill the Capital City
upon this occasion and Santa Fe will
be taxed to Us utmost to accommo
date all w ho come.
if you Intend to go remember
that the Albuquerque delegation will
leave on passenger train No. 10 at 7
o'clock Thursday morning and If you
desire accommodations with this
delegation in private cars, send your
name and address to The Citizen of
fice or call up telephone No. la early
tomorrow morning.
sr. jok irn:it i.in roit
iwi:i AT A(.K of et.
St. Joseph. Mo., August t. Solo
riou Frank, business manager of tlio
St. Joe Daily Volk-llait. and for
many years business manager of the
St. Jie Uazette, died suddenly last
night, aged sixty-nine. He was a na
tive of Cermany.

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