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Government Is Making Test
of Federal Control
In Earnest.
Mexico. City, Mex., Aug., 17. The
Mexican plan of government owner
ship f railroads promise to attract
much attention and investigation on
Che part of theorists In the United
States who believe a similar policy
is practical on the part of the Feder
al Government of that country. Of
the trial of the new plan In Mexico
H is too early to arrive at ny defin
ite conclusion as to its success.
The original government merger
was composed of the National, the
International and the Interoceanic
lutlroads. The Mexican Central, the
Intent acquisition, becomes a part of
the general consolidation, which hns
taken the title of the National Rail
ways of Mexico.
The; new company Is composed of
minority shareholders In the Nation
al line of Mexico and the Mexican
Central, with the Mexican govern
ment lidding a controlling interest.
The capital, $230,000,000 gold, may
Im reduced at any time, but no re
adjustment .! be affected of a na
ture to Impair the government's
holding cf a majority of the stock,
vithout the consent of the president
of the rvpuniic given, with congress
ional authoriyntton. The liabilities of
tin new company will Include bond
issues to thn amount of $417,000,000
gold, the fc-evt-rnment guaranteeing
principal and interest.
l'&'Mvo or Active?
The question now is whether the
government's Interest Is to be pass
ive or active. Minister of Finance
Jose Ives Limantous states that the
government will leave the operation
of the roads to the directorate and
the executive officers, but extensions,
improvements and additional equip
ment will require government ap
proval. It is believed that the government
will build such extensions as may be
Justified. The lines projected by the
Mexican Central before it was sold
to the government are going forward
with no Indication of interruption. In
addition, the government has adopt
ed plans for broad-gauging the In
teroceanic between Mexico City and
Vera Crux, but doubt is expressed as
to whether the government will be
able to fulfill lt far-reaching plans
with the degree of dispatch that
would have been shown had the
roads remained In the hands of prlv
'ItU inUresU. , ,
Minister Llmantour Is emphatic in
his statement that politics will not
be permitted to enter Into the policy
or management of the merger sys
tem. His hand directed the deal
from start to finish. The utmost faith
is had In " Minister Llmantour's
statement, and no complications
from that source are expected dur-l-nir
the administration of President
Diaz, but here arises the old ques
tion: "After Diaz, what?'
To Prevent Great Fortunes
Mr. IJmantour has repeatedly
stated that the prime object In ac
quiring a controlling Interest In the
several railroads was that the gov
ernment might be In position to pre
vent great aggregations of capital
from dominating the country In any
one particular line of business, and In
looking after the service afforded
shippers It will keep a watchful eye
on the so-called trusts in their atti
tude toward Independent interests.
With the control of the principal
lines of transportation the govern
ment has no fear of the domina
tion of any Individual trust In Mex
ico. The merger system of railroads Is
not to be operated with the view of
making large profits, although an ef
fort will be made to protect the hold
ings of the minority shareholders In
the consolidated property. The wel
fare of the general public is to be
considered above all things else.
Important Reforms
Important reforms are to be Inau
gurated in the routing and handling
of shipments. By building a few
connecting links, reduction In mile
use can be obtained between many
points, and time saved. It is also ex
pected under the new merger policy,
much relief will be obtained in the
matter of car service, and If there
has been any secret rebating It will
now cease.
There l very little opposition on
the part of the business men to gov
ernment ownership of railroads;
interests believe they will all
be treated alike; that the . service
will be improved and better satisfac
tion given than when the roads were
operated as separate independent
properties. This has been the case
with the National lines since they
were taken over by the government.
JSftme doubt has been expressed as
to the effect of government owner
ship upon the building of independ
ent lines, and thst the pronpects for
future railroad construction In Mex
ico were never brighter, but it is con
sidered unlikely that the government
will grant concessions for new lines
...... .. W .U- I
IMHI n'i'ji in I'm I inn II u n'ii uic it:i-
ritory already occupied by the merg
er system. i
e e e
Omaha. Neb.. Aug., 17. The steel
corporations are charging the Harrl-
mnn system more ror us steel reus
than the head of that system, E. H.
Harrtmnn thinks he can afford to pay
and therefore Mr. Harrlman is pre
paring to open up the big iron fields
In the iron Mountain district In Wy
oming, ship the ore to Laramie, and
begin the milling of rails, castings,
This will be done as soon ns the
North Platte-Hrldgeport line of the
Union Pacific, which Is now building
can he extended to Iron Mountain.
The Union Pacific has shops for the
milling of rails at Laramie but rails
have not been milled there for twen
ty years because there was not suffl
ient Iron ore available to keep them
in operation.
The opening up of the big Wyom
ing ore fields will enable the com
pany to make rails there for the Har
rlman system for very much less than
it now has to pay for them. When
Mr. Harrlman was in Omaha Sunday,
he said he had long been contemplat
ing opening up the Laramie rail mills
and it was given out that they would
be opened as soon as the new line Is
Mr. Harrlman has for years, com
plained of the cost of rails bought
from steel corporations and the de
velopment of the Wyoming Iron
fields, and the opening of the rail
shops at Lnramle will be the solution
of the problem of reducing the cost
of rails for his system.
Ill llKll' ACTS OX IMK'Kirr
St. Louis, Mo., Auguet 17. The
Southwestern Excursion Rureau held
a special meeting yesterday at Chair
man Hannegan's office in the Mis
souri Trust building, and acted upon
a number of important matters.
The attendance was large, all the
Southwestern lines being represent
The meeting adopted the report of
the committee having charge of the
matter providing uniform baggage
regulations. The chairman was au
thorized to appoint a committee to
confer with the Western lines in re
gard to a revision of homewekers
rates, made necessary by the new 2-
cent laws. It wns ordered that all
pnrtv fares (rates for parties of ten
or more) be abolished, effective Oc
tober 1, next. The certificate plan
of excursion rates was ordered
abolished, effective January 1, 1908.
it was also decided to place nj ,
Joint rate sheets of the Southwestern
territory under the Jurisdiction of
Chairman Hannegan. Instead of the
Individual roads' compilers, as at
Rates of fare and one-third for the
round trip were granted for the
Farmers' Congress at Oklahoma City,
Okla.; the Trans-Misslssippl Congress
at Muskogee; the live stock conven
tion at Kansas City and the Deep
Waterways convention at Memphis,
Goldfleld, Nev., Aug., 17. Assist
ant Truffle Manager Chamber of
the Santa Fe In an interview yester
day said:
We are figuring on traffic proposi
tions to connect San Francisco, Oak
land and other shipping points In this
part of California, directly by rail
with Rhyolite. Uoldfield, Green
water and other Nevada sections.
We are preparing rates In conjunc
tion with the Tonopah Tidewater,
with which we connect at Ludlow.
This arrangement will open up a
large section of Nevada's jich mining
country at San Francisco, giving this
city more chance than ever to get
some of this business. Of course, San
Francisco merchants reach that
country to some extent by the South
ern Pacific, but now there are two
new lines In there. The rates are fav
orable to California over all other
points, and will go Into effect with
in sixty days.
This means that the Santa Fe now
poerates over its own track to Lud
low. From that point, Borax Smith
has built the Tonopah and Tidewa
ter to Rhyolite. Beyong Rhyolite, Is
the Tonopah and QoldrielU road, on
which we now hold an option. That
gives up a line to Tonopah Junction
from where It Is a stone's throw to
Bodle, on the California line. Bodie
being practically due east from San
Francisco, It is a small matter to
build a line to the California me-
tropulic and thus the Santa Fe's
long-dreamed-of own line to the
Pacific coast Is accomplished."
Switchman Chas. Ullery stared
death In the face for two minutes
Thursday evening in the local yards,
but fortunately escaped with a very
small bump on his head. Ullery was
trying to connect a brake on a box
car on track No. 5, when an engine
backed a Btrlng of cars In on that
track from, track No. 6. The Jar
came suddenly and Cilery's head was
caught between the brake beam and
the car, and the switchman was drag
ged two car lengths before his head
came loose. Though the distance was
short, Mr. Ullery says that his heels
were already beginning to get warm
and he thought that It was all over
with him.
This fall will see the local passen
ger yards a mass of upturned brick
and the scene of much building ac
tivlty. The platform serving at pres
ent is going to be taken up and re
laid, and extended the distance of two
tracks toward the east. Plans now
In the engineering department show
the new terminals to have four main
line tracks and four switch tracks,
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all for passenger service only. Over
the mall line tracks will be built cor
rupted Iron sheds, supported by Iron
posts, similar to the sheds In Kan
sas City. The brick for the new ex
tension to the plntform Is being un
loaded at the crossing Just north of
Central avenue.
Ran Franci"co, Calif., Aug., 17.
The Santa. Fe and Southern Pacific
companies have Instructed It. H.
Counties, the ngent of the transcon
tinental freight bureau to publish a
free allowance of 20 pounds for
dunnage in blocking with enstbound
shipments of Kastern fruit from
California points.
Heretofore this has not been al
lowed and if lumber for dunnage or
blocking wns used, ns Is absolutely
necessary. It was chnrged for at the
fiime rate as the citrus fruit.
Mrs. Carey N. TUley, a stenographer
In the Santa Fe offices at San Mar
clal, Is suing her husband, Charles
C. Riley, for a divorce. In her com
plaint, filed In the district court by
Attorney Klfego Baca, Mrs. Klley al
leges that she married the defend
ant In Tucson and six days after the
marriage he deserted her. The plain
tiff prays the court to restore her
maiden name of Carey Nell FauBer.
J. F. Whlteford, general round
house Inspector, was In Las Vegas
yesterday supervising the revision of
some of the bonus schedules. He
was on his way from Albuquerque to
Assistant Round House Foreman J.
A. Talley. of Las Vegas, will leave
on his vacation trip In a few days.
He will take In the Jamestown ex
position and also visit with relatives
In Washington, D. C.
General Manager J. E. Hurley has
Issued a circular to the effect that,
beginning Septemlber 1, the Santa Fe
will decline to accept in interchange
from connecting lines freight cars not
equipped with air brakes.
Seven Santa Fe switchmen failed to
show up for work this morning and
cars are being spotted slowly In the
local yards today.
Emll Tschan has returned to his
position In the Las Vegas shops after
being off for some time on account
of injuries.
Engineer Allison of the third dis
trict, made a trip to Raton on Mo. 2
Engineer George Norman's daugh
ter, Agnes, Is confined to her home in
Raton with tonsllltls.
e m a
The 1857 Is a new engine on this
division and will be used in service
on the second district.
e e
Mrs. Henry Jefferson, wife of Engi
neer Jefferson, left Las Vegas toduy
for a trip to Kansas City.
Tom Foster and Arthur Keene
have been employed at the Las Vegas
shops as machinist helpers.
Engineer Rue, of Las Vegas, dead
headed to Albuquerque yesterday
morning to return on the 1214.
Switchman F. H. Frlnk. of the Las
Vegas yard, resigned yesterday and
will leave for the east in a few days.
Conductor A. P. Gatchell of this
division, has been In continuous ser
vice for the Santa Fe for thirty-one
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Business College, Guthrie, Okla.;
MemDhls Commercial College, 48 N.
Second St., Memphis, Tenn., and Ath
ens Business College, Atnens, ua.
They are by far the most success
ful chain of business colleges to be
found In America. They are all con
ducted on the same plan and under
expert specialists trained under the
author of tne famous tiyrne Mm-
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o '
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Immigration Official Con
fesses That Yellow Man
Was Too Smart.
Douglas, Aria., August 17.
"Which I wish to remark
And my language Is plain
That for ways that are dark,
And for tricks that are vain,
The heathen Chinee Is peculiar,
Which the same I would rise to
These immortal lines of Bret Harte
must have been uppermost in the
mind of Immigration Inspector Chas.
T. Connell this morning when he un
burdened himself of an Incident with
which he was recently associated, the
central figure of which was a heathen
Chinee of Just such a sort as Harte
knew when he was depicting In hl
Inimitable way the Chinese of the
western mining camps. Which the
same Connell explains as follows:
Ah Fung Is the name of a China
man who has lived in the vicinity of
Benson. Naco and Lewis Springs for
a number of years. Fung was living
In this country under the protection
of a United States certificate and
would never have come under the ob
servation of the Immigration authori
ties had he not made a number of
trips to Cananea something the Im
migration laws forbid of a Chinaman
after he has once Becured a certi
ficate entitling him to live In this
country. Once he leaves the United
States he forfeits the right of its pro
tection and the certificate granted him
becomes Invalid. It came to the no
tice of the Immigration officers that
Ah Fung had ibeen to Cananea, and
then they ascertained that he wa3
doing some crooked certificate work
In sneaking over the International
line Chinese from Mexico. Hence
they resolved to get Mr. Ah Fung.
Found Ills Man.
Charles T. Connell, to whom was
entrusted the Job of roping Mr. Fung,
did not know him personally and in
order to successfully operate against
him he needed a description of the
Chinaman. This he got one one of
his .periodical trips to Cananea. Ah
Fung was described to him. He was
sallow, as If he had been "hitting the
pipe," wore a mustache and had oth
er strong lines .which were given the
Inspector In detail. The description
secured, Connell got busy on the
case. It chanced that while going
west on the train one day recently
Connell ran Into a strange Chinese,
Strange faces In that race to Connell
are a rarity and It took but a second
glance to convince him that the Chi
nese was his man. He first decided
upon a "bluff."1
'Hello, old timer, ' he said. "Have
not seen you since I was in Clifton.
Where are you going? '
"No, answered the Chink, "me n
n Clifton. Me live with cousin at
Lewis Springs."
Well, It was at Cananea I saw
you?" suggested the Inspector.
No, no, he answered emphatical
ly; "me no sabe Cananea."
Chink Arrested.
Connell asked for his certificate and
had a look at It. Then he put It In
his pocket. Connell accompanied the
Chink up the line and turned him
over to the first Inspector he met. In
structions were given to have him
photographed, to keep his certificate,
giving him a receipt for It, but he
was not kept under guard and before
any of them knew anything about it
he had slipped out and had his mus
tache shaved off. To this time no di
rect evidence had been obtained
against him and it was Connell's Idea
to go to Cananea and get the necet
sary evidence with which to make
a case against him stick. The Chink
pleaded that If he was to have any
trouble he would want to see his
brother, and that he might Journey to
Benson for that purpose the Inspec
tor let him go. for the Chink had not
as yet been legally detained. He left
presumably for Benson.
Connell went to Cananea rortnwltn
to get his evidence, without missing a
train. The first person he saw was a
Chinese from whom he gets Informa
tion. He knew what Connell wanted,
for the Inspector had frequently in
quired of the Lewis Springs Chink
lM-portcd IIUiiHcir.
"Him hen Mlssa Connell; him here
"You're cazy." said the Inspector;
"I lust left 1 im at Benson."
"No, me o clazy," persisted the
Chink; "him here now. Me show
you. Come.'
And Contiell went.
His Chinese Informant was right.
Brought face to face with Ah Fung
he saw that he had been outwitted.
Ah Fung smiled and spoke.
"Me velly smart. You no catchee
me. Me don't wantee go back to
China. Me sabe Cananea."
Even Connell could not resist the
humor of the situation and he laugh
ed too. The Chink had caught a
stage at Falrrfbanks and beat the In
spector to Cananea.
"Cost me fifty dollar," said Ah
Fung, "but you no catchee me. M-?
stay Cananea now."
The Inspector naturally felt an un
usual sensation that of being out
witted by a Chinese .but It was more
of a Joke than a material matter, for
the Chink had voluntarily deported
himself and deportation was all the
Inspectors wanted.
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Charles Rosenthal, of Las Vegas,
left today for a visit In the east.
Harry ('ours has returned to Las
Vegas from a visit In Santa Fe.
Sheriff Cleofes Romero, of Ln.
Vegas. Is In Mora county on business.
N. E. Stevens has returned to the
city from an outing pent on the Up
per Rio Pecos.
Miss Frances Caldwell, of Trinidad.
Colo., Is In Las Vegas, the guest of
31 iss r lorence ilosklns.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Peach returned
to Las Vegas today from a visit In
tort Madison, Iowa.
Felix Martinez arrived vesterdav
from Las Vegas for a short stay In
this city. He Is en route to El Paso.
Miss Ida Bennett, who has been the
guest of Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Sher
idan, left last night for Ash Fork,
A regular meeting of the Ladle
of the Grand Army of the Republic
Is called for tonight at Odd Fellows'
Rev. J. P. Moog, of the Cathollo
church at Sablnal, N. M., spent yes
terday In the city and returned home
last night.
.Mrs. Sarah Strass and Miss Rose
Mary Cosgrove, of Hannibal, Mo., are
the guests of Mrs. Frank Strass In
Las Vegas.
Frank P. Chaves, attorney at law
at Tlerra Amarllla, Is In Santa Fe on
legal bkslness. He has many friends
In the city.
John D. Clark, the new assistant
professor In chemistry at the Univer
sity of New Mexico, arrived In the
city yesterday.
Mrs. W. W. Treverton and Miss
Anna and Matt Treverton, of Las
Vegas, left today for a visit In Colo
rado Springs, Colo.
Coal Oil Inspector James S. Dun
can left Santa Fe last evening for
his home in Las Vegas after a few
days spent In the capital.
Judge Henry L. Waldo, solicitor of
the Santa Fe, who has been In San
ta Fe on business, has returned to
his home In Las Vegas.
Mrs. J. S. Candelarla and daughter.
Miss Alice, returned to Las Vegas
last evening from OJo Callente af
ter an absence of two weeks.
J. P. MeNulty, manager of the
American Turquoise company's mines
which are located near Cerrlllos, was
In Santa Fe yesterday on business.
Services at St. John's Episcopal
church tomorrow a'. 11 a. m. The
lesson for the day will be read by
Percy Ross. Sunday school at 9:15
a. m.
A. M. Bergere, of Santa Fe, has
Joined his family at Ocean Park, Cali
fornia, and will remain there several
weeks recuperating from his recent
E. L. Carpenter, superintendent of
the Dawson Coal company, and T. H.
O'Brien, ,pf Denver, also co.inected
with the' company. Is a visitor in the
Otiorg? B. Coleman, traveling audi
tor of the Wells-Fargo Express com
pany, with headquarters In Pueblo,
was in Las Vegas yesterday on ofll
clal business.
Judge A. B. Fall, the new attorney
general of the territory, was called
to El Paso last night on private busi
ness and will be absent from the capi
tal for several days.
Prof. E. A. Drake, editor of the So
corro Chieftain, spent several hour.
in the city last evening while re
turning to his home at Socorro from
a business trip to Santa Fe.
Mrs. F. Islas, of Las Cruces, ac
companied by her three young chil
dren, arrived In Santa Fe yesterday
on a visit to her son. Lawson D.
Lowe, on Lincoln avenue.
W. A. Hawkins of Three Rivers.
Otero county, general solicitor for the
El Paso & Southwestern system In
New Mexico and Arizona, was among
yesterday's arrivals In Santa Fe.
Miss Maria Harrold, of Amerlcus,
Georgia, who has 'been In Santa Fe
visiting her niece, Mrs. W. R. Dye,
has been called home by the death
of Jier 'brother-in-law, S. P. Boone,
who expired suddenly at Amerlcus.
Colonel Secundlno Romero, clerk of
the fourth Judicial district court of
Las Vegas, and family have gone to
their ranch at Cuervo In the eastern
part of San Miguel county, for a
James L. Sellgman, wife and chil
dren, accompanied by Mrs. Sellgman's
young nephew, Van Ness Garreston,
of Denver, returned to Las Vegas last
night after a two weeks' outing at
the ailmore cottage In the mountain
fastnesses of the Upper Pecos.
S. Q. Brosins, -of Washington, D. C,
la In Santa Fe registered at the Pal
ace hotel. Mr. Brosins Is a civil en
gineer connected with the quarter
master gcinerals otnee ana came
here to look after the National ceme
tery with reference to certain con
templated improvements.
Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Skinner, A. B.
Craycraft, Wilson Price and E. O.
Speaks returned to Santa Fe last
evening after two days spent explor
ing the cliff dwelling region of Paja-
rlto Parks. They visited Tsankiwi,
Otiwi, Spruce and Black canons.
Frank D. McBrlde. formerly of Es-
nanola. arrived In Santa Fe last even
ing, and this morning entered upon
the discharge of his duties as local
agent of the Globe Express company.
He Is a younger brother of r red rt.
MeBrlde. agent of the uenver ana
Rio Grande railroad at Santa Fe.
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Schllti, Wm. l,emp and 8t Lou I a A. B. C. Breweries; Yallowatona,
Green River, V. H. McBrayer'a Cedar Brook, LOule Hunter, T.J. Man.
arch, and other etandard i rands of whlsklea too numeroue ta mentis.
But sell tha at rat slit article as received by ui from tne beat laertea,
DlBt'.lierlea and Brewerie In ta United Stat a. Call tad inaaet av
Btock and Prlc"3, or write tor Illustrated Catalogue ana Iris hXo.
Issued to dealer only.
Wall Paper!
lt me paper and paint your
house. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Prompt attention to mail orders.
J. D. EMMONS, Successor to Stacy & Co.
South Baconend Lead
621 North First Street.
Southwestern Brewery
Albuquerque Lumber Co.
Lumber, Glass, Cement
First and Marquette
Albuquerque Foundry and Machine Works
It. . MALL. Proprietor
Iron and Bnss Casting; Ore. CoaJ and Lumber Care; Bhaft
Incs, Pulleys, Grade Bare, Babbit MetaJ; Columna asd Iroa
Fronts for Buildings,
Kattalra am Mining mnd mill Maehlnary a Bpaalatty
Foundry east aide of railroad track. Albuquerque. N. M.
SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT Covers more, looks best, weare
the longest, most economical; full measure.
BUILDING PAPER Always In Btock. Plaster. Lime, Cement.
Paint. Glass, Sash, Doors, Etc.
A. C. BU.M'KE and JOHN 8. MITCHELL Invite their friends to nrnka
-New siexlco neodquartera at . '
The Hollenbeck Hotel
Los Angeles, California
Tour friendship and patronage la appreciated. Courtesy and
attention to guests la a pleasure ta us. Hollenbeck Hotel and Cafe
better than ever. Location convenient and desirable.
L. a-.. Depot and beach line cars atop at the Hollenbeck door.
A large assortment of In
grains and Brussels Rugs
and Carpets and a full
line of Linoleum-Every-thing
to furnish the house
J. Korber & Co. 1JewSvKcoe
Cnai. ifellnl, ferUf
O. BtchecaL Treuirci
Phone No. 483
ft Ioa Company.
and Rex Fttote Rooting
Albtfqoerqtse, New Mexico

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