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TiiriisnAY, sirrTKMr.rn 12 1007.
Employes Wlllbe Safe Here
after Unless Actually
to Blame.
Chihuahua, Mexico, Sept. 12. The
Mate supreme court has Issued a cir
cular to the state Ju.iges, calling: at
tention to the circular order of the
federal department. No. 122. of Mar.
6, 1903. In regard to Judicial pro
ceeding relative to railroad wrecks.
This circular ays:
"Kallroad accidents are not as a
general rule. Intentional upon the
part of conductors and engineers,
and even when there la negligence
attached to them. It Is clear that the
crime, If there Is any. Is but slight.
It Is not rational or fair to suppose
aerlous negligence In accidents In
which the engineer himself Is not ex
empt from the danger. The fact that
the Judicial proceedings nearly al
ways result In the exoneration of the
employes gives ground for believing
that their detention and Imprison
ment have been unjustified.
ltcwixHixiblllty to lie Fixed.
Nevertheless, it Is the duty of the
courts to Inquire Into the responsi
bility of those who appear to be Im
mediately concerned In such ac
cidents and sometimes It Is neces
sary to proceed against them; but. In
order to reconcile this, with personal
liberty, no arrests should be made
unless In cases where guilt is plainly
ehown, and In such cases proceedings
must be hurried as much as possible
in order that the injuries inflicted by
the necessary detention In conformity
with the law be ended by a decision
of the case.
No Detention lnloM Guilty.
"For the?e reasons the president
has been pleased to direct that In
railroad accident cases there shall
be no detention or Imprisonment of
employes of the companies unless
guilt Is proven or indicated In such
manner that it is unavoidable. In
uch cases liberty should be allowed
under bond, if the offense Is a bail
able one. as is nearly always the case
with charges of negligence. In
cases of this nature proceedings
must be taken without loss of a mo
ment wtth a view of determining
the innocence or guilt of the em
Omaha, Neb., Sept. 11. No com
plaint of greater scope has ever been
presented to the Interstate Com
merce commission than one Just de
termined upon by the Western Fruit
Jobbers' association, the executive
committee of which has just com
pleted its session in this city. The
basis of the complaint will be that
the rates on fruit In every part of
the United States, from coast to
coast and from Canada to Mexico,
are out of all proportion to what is
paid for the transportation of other
President H. H. Jones presided at
the meeting, and there were repre
sentatives from Kansas City, Okla
homa, Sioux City, Minneapolis, Den
ver and Omaha. Comparisons were
made by the executive committee
which had the matter In charge, of
the rates on fruit, coal, meats, grain
and all sorts of merchandise, with
the result that the fruit men say
that they are discriminated against
on every hand. They have taken up
-c n Instance the Icing oi cars, and
w.'.'.tge that the charges for Icing a
car of meat half way across tne con
tlnent la 15. while for a car of fruit
covering the same distance a charge
of 160 Is made. The freight on a car
of melons from Texas to the trans.
Missouri country is greater than the
original cost of the melons, and the
rate from Nebraska to Chicago on
grapes is 45 cents per hundred
against 20 cents on meat.
The association will at once put a
number of experts to work searching
the points on which to base the for
mal complaint, which they hope to
be able to present within sixty days.
The association will allege that the
great corporations like the beef
trust have been able to force rates
down on other commodities at the
cost of the fruit business.
tX)M FHENt'li Willi HIMKX
Chicago, 111.. Sept. 12. Illinois
Central railroad affairs will be
watched with unusual Interest for
the next month. It is believed the
stockholders' meeting In Chicago,
October 16. will be the occasion of
some momentous action. The brief
visit here by Edward H. Harriman
net much machinery In motion. The
next immediate slep will be the di
rectors' meeting In New York Wed
nesday. President J. T. Harahan,
whose recent encounter with Stuyes
ant Fish Is still fresh In the public
mind, will leave tomorrow to at
tend this meeting. It is understood
that Mr. Harriman will also be pres
ent and there Is little doubt that
Stuyvesant Fish will be among those
Although Harriman stopped in
Chicago but two or three hours, he
touched many buttons and gathered
to him many cog in the great Illi
nois Central machine. Conspicuous
among his callers was Samuel M.
Kelton. president of the Chicago and
Alton. Following Mr. Felton's con
ference with Harriman. Traffic Man
ager Stubbs of the Southern Pacific
was ushered Into the private car for
a brief talk, and was followed by
Julius Kruttschnltt of the I'nlon Pa
cific, another Harriman lleuienant.
President Harahan held an earnest
consultation with Harriman. and IH
rector Charles A. Penbody of the Illi
nois Central, who had hastened from
New York to meet Harriman here,
also had a brief talk.
Momiii;i ti:xas oitii:it.
Mexico City, Mexico, Sept. 12.
Passenger officials of the National
lines of Mexico look for a modifica
tion In the order Issued by Dr. Urum
by of Texas In regard to the sale of
round trip tickets from Texas to Mex
ico, on account of the holiday cele
brations in this country, which order
was Issued in connection with the
doctor's quarantine against Mexico,
The matter was taken up by George
V. Hlbbard, general passenger agent
of the national lines, Immediately
after Dr. Urumby Issued his order,
and toy wire and letter Mr. Hibbard
atempted to have the order modi
fied so as to permit the Bale of tick
ets during the September celebra
tions, as these are attended each year
by many Texas people, who combine
an escape from the hot weather of
Texas with an opportunity to see
the Mexican national day celebrated
In style.
After some delay Dr. Urumby In
formed Mr. Hibbard that It seemed
inadvisable to him to modify his
order and permit the sale of tickets
for this celebration, but not content
with this Mr. Hi'bbard has made
another request, ad In addition has
secured the assistance of several
Texas railroads In the matter.
m m m
Guymon, Okla., Sept. 12. The
contract has been let for 100 miles
of grading on the Denver and Gulf,
northwest from Texhoma, In Beaver
county, toward Denver. Colo. The
company, which was chartered last
spring, expects to build from Denver
to Wnyder, Okla., passing through
Beaver county and the Texas Pan
handle country. Notice was filed with
the territorial secretary last week,
Increasing the capital stock to $10..
000,000. All the depot and station
grounds at Texhoma will be con
structed on the Texas line of the
boundary line.
Northwest from Beaver county
line road will strike La Junta, Colo.,
toward Denver. Southeast from Tex
homa, after crossing the Panhandle
country, the road will strike Hobart,
Okla., in Kiowa county, and already
a proposition has been made to the
Hobart Commercial club relative to
a bonus for the road.
El Paso, Sept. 12. Acting Super
intendent E. R. Walter of the Chi
huahua division of the Mexican Cen
tral will arrive this evening from
the south end of the division and
will be met here by Supt. W. T.
Provence, who will accompany Mr.
Walter to Chihuahua and the trans
fer of superintendents will then take
Supt. Provence has been at Big
hprlngs on a SO days' leave of ab
sence and has returned from the
famous west Texas mineral springs
much improved in health. He will
again assume charge of the affairs
of the northern division of the Cen
tral after Thursday and Acting Su
perintendent Walter will return to
the Saltlllo division.
San Bernardino. Cal., Sent. 12,
Whether it was Just because It was
Admission day and the railroad was
merely trying to celebrate, or what,
yesterday proved to be a very un
tuck day for this division of the San
ta Fe, a total of three mishaps tying i
up the lines In addition to some In
cidents of leaser magnitude which
are of everyday ncruranco.
Beside the ditching of the Salt
Lake limited near Cottonwood, the
Santa Fe had two little wrecks of its
own which tied un the line between
this city and Los Angeles by way of
1'asadena, ana the Klslnore branch.
Las Vegas, Sept. 12. General Su
perintendent W. H. Sharp, of the
great western division of the Atchi
son, Topeka and Santa Fe. accompa
nied by Superintendent W. K. Etter,
of San Marclal, arrived on a special
train and will remain here several
days, making an Inspection of the
local Santa Fe yards and terminal.
This Is the first trip that the general
superintendent has made to Las Ve
gas since he was here at the time he
took control of the newly creuted
grand division. The officials are
traveling In the two private cars.
The Southern Pacific has an
nounced the appointment of John
Griffen as general yardmaster. to he
stationed at Tucson, Ariz. Yardmas
ter Griffen has been located at Los
Angeles for ifc.' past 20 years as
yardmaster for the Southern Pacific,
Acting Yardmaster J. F. Kidder,
who has been In charge o' the Tuc
son yards during the si.mmer, has
been appointed assistant general
yardmasU r.
The roundhouse employes are kept
busy In handling locomotives In and
out of the house. The demand for
power Is almost too great for them
to supply with their present round
house facilities.
W. K. Etter, superintendent of the
Bio Grande division, has returned
from ft visit In El Paso, where he
went to meet W. II. Sharpe, general
superintendent of this grand division.
T. D. Allen, night chief clerk, has
resigned and will be succeeded In a
short time by Mr. Thome, formerly
chief clerk at the south yard offices.
m m
J. E. McMahnn, trainmaster of the
third district of the New Mexico di
vision, Is In the city today from his
headquarters at Las Vegas.
James Mahaffey, a Santa Fe em
ploye. Is In Socorro, where he was
onlied by the Illness of a relative.
George Murrty. a machinist of
Aurora, 111., arrived yesterday to se
cure a position 1" the shops here.
George Maslln, of Newton, Kan.,
Is visiting the family of his brother,
a Santa Fe employe.
The new tie pickling plant will be
a wonder of neatness and excellence
when It Is completed.
Charles Martin, of Topeka. Kan.,
Is In the city to accept a position on
the Santa Fe.
Hardly Sufficient to Supply
Demand-Cattle Slightly
Kansas City Stock Yards, Sept. 12.
Cattle receipts last week were 81,-
000 head, including 11,000 calves,
and the market was slightly lower on
killing steers, she slulf about steady,
calves 25 to 60 cilia lower, stocksrs
and feeders 15 to 25 cents lower. The
supply today ia MB, 00') head, largest
run this fall, markot hadlns down
wards on all kinds, ulthougn there s
no 'break of consequence. A good
demand from ouUiJo butchers has
been a big help to the trade lately.
and also promises well for favoring
lighter receipts after the 1st of Octo
ber as the bulk of tha Kansas and
Oklahoma business Is inning earlier
this season than usual. Panhandle
offerings have been numerous !n the
last week and today, embracing cows
at 12.80 to 13.25, heifers S3 to S3. 75
calves $4 to $6, stock steers 13.60 to
S4.25, killing steers at 4 to 4.50
Not many Colorado cattle have moV'
ed yet, medium grade eastern Colo
rado feeders lately at 4.50, stockers
$3.75 to $4. mountain cows at $3.25
to $3.75. Country buyers shipped
out 860 car loads of stock and feed
ing cattle last week, at prices from
$3.60 to $4.50 mainly, a few heavy
feeders up to $5.40.
Nut Eiunurh Sheen.
Sheep and lamb receipts last week
footed up 29, 000 head, which was
hardly up to requirements, and prices
advanced 15 to 25 cents during the
week, particularly on lamibs, Utahs
selling up to $7.50 Thursday and Fri
day. The run today is 16.000 head,
market a shade lower, la nibs at $7
to $7.40, yearlings $5.70 to $6, ewes
up to $5.35, feeding lambs $6.90 to
$7.10, feeding yearlings $5.60 to
$5.80. Quality has averaged good
lately, and feeder buyers are plenti
ful to take the ends of strings uorted
by the packers.
The following Is a poem written
by Deacon Worth of the Baptist
hurch. and dedicated to Rev. Shaw,
he new Baptist minister, and read
t the reception given Monday even-
ng to Rev. ghaw and family by Mrs.
To our city. New Mexico's pride.
w nose progress knows never a puuse.
The City of Promise, the City of
We welcome our good friends "the
May your coming bring courage and
strengt h
As we struggle for civic uplift.
That right may be strong in Its
tight with the wrong.
And error's confusion be swift.
Nangnu vl to
m a sua Sku a 'av
is to love children, and no home
can be completely happy with
out them, yet the ordeal through
which the expectant mother
must pass usually is so full of suffering;,
lan per and fear that she looks forward
the critical hour with apprehension
and dread. Mother's Friend, by its pene
trating and soothing1 properties, allays nausea, nervousness, and
all unpleasant feelings, and so prepares the system for the
ordeal that she passes through
the event safely and with but
little suffering, as numbers have
testified and said, "it is worth
its weight in gold." $1.00 per
bottle of druggists. Dook containing
valuable information mailed free.
TKF C3sf!'riD RlCt'UTCR CO.. Attenta, Ca.
Gigantic Carnival of Sports
Base Ball
Hone Races
Cocking Mains
Trap Shooting
Bronco Busting' . ,.v
Jubilee Singers
Balloon Ascension "g
Miners' Drilling Contest
Indian Sports and Exhibits
Agricultural and Mineral Exhibits
Fare, J J -5 round trip from all points south of
Las Vegas, via the Santa Fe.
Aniceta Abeyta, Pres.
Conrado A. Baca, Sec
Relay skate race at rink tonight.
Admission, Including skates. 25c.
lailies free.
Rev. Samuel Blair. D. D., of El
Paso, Tex., will preach at St. John'
Methodist Episcopal church In Santa
Fe next Sunday.
Dr. T. P. Martin, of Taos, after at
tending to professional and personal
business In Santa Ke yesterday, left
this morning for his home.
Mrs. Julia lllevans, of Victor, t'oli..
a.Mira In Hutlta I'd lasit .VtM!MUr Hnd
will spend the autumn with hei
a complaint and after the hearing
the position was reversed, Joves going
to jail to await action of the grand
jury while she was released from
Testimony was taken yesterday in
the office of Judge N. It. Laughlln
at Santa Fe before Referee H. S.
Clancy, In the partition suit involving
the title of the Rancho del Rio Gran
de land grant in Taos county. Amado
Chaves and A. B. MoMlllen of Albu
querque, and A. B. Renehan of San
ta Fe, were present and represented
the claimants.
Hilton M. Letts, of Cimarron,
member of the territorial board of
equalization, who has been in Santa
Fe attending the sessions of that
body, was summoned home last night
by a telephone message on import
ant business. Mr. Letts Is manager
of the Charles Springer Cattle com
pany which ranges its cattle on the
daughter, Mrs. J. W. Pureell, at !he Maxwell land grant
Presbyterian manse. The eDtember term of the Orant
Mr. and Mrs. George K. Brewer of county district court is in session at
Albuquerque, were In Santa Fe yes-1 Silver City with Judge Parker pre
terday. Mr. Brewer is an insurance siding. The grand jury panel was
We welcome you earh to our church,
Not one wandering outside the fold.
Blest the tie that here binds kindred
heart, hands and minds,
In a love that never glows old. .
With gladness we offer to you
The right hand of brotherly love,
And pray that our Master may ulel
you. our Pastor,
In leading our foot-steps above.
We welcome you Into our homes.
As v.e gladly would welcome Him
Who. no wealth po.ivt'.ng, . brought
beautiful blessing
To hearts overburdened with care.
As He came to the Bethany home,
Come thou to encourage and cheer.
Hushing discord and strife with the
message of life
And the love that casteth out fear.
We welcome you into our hearts.
Our brother helovert of the Lord.
May we loyally stand at our Master's
Together declaring his word. '
Mav His blessed approval be ours.
Each dav rilled with loving endeavor,
And at set of the nun, may we hear
His "Well Done"
And enter his glory forever.
adjuster and was there on business
'M. II. Wood, of Kansas City, was
In Santa Fe yesterday and may locate
there. Mr. Wood and his father, J.
A. Wood, are interested In mining
properties in south Santa Fe county.
Hon. H. B. Holt, of Las Cruces,
has returned home from Sacramento,
Cal., where he represented New Mex
ico as a delegate at the sessions of
the fifteenth national Irrigation con
gress. .
Major W. H. H. Llewellyn. U. S.
attorney of New Mexico, who spent
the past three weeks in Santa Fe
on business before the U. S. district
court, went to his home in Las Cru
ces last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Eldodt ai
Chamlta, are registered In Santa Fe.
Mr. Eldodt is a well known mer
chant at the San Juan pueblo and
he and Mrs. Eldodt visit the Capital
City frequently.
Mr. and Mrs. Lowson D. Lowe will
leave Santa Fe today for Aurora, 111.,
where they will visit the latter's par
ents. They will also spend a few
days in Chicago. Mr. Lowe is chief
clerk of the law revision commis
sion. Jose A. I.ucero, who Is in business
In Knpnnola, and who was for many
years a resident of the Capital City,
was In Santa Fe yesterday on busi
ness and to visit relatives. He re
turned to his norther t horns this
Superintendent Marlon Llttrell of
he territorial penitentiary returned
to Santa Fe yesterday irom itaton,
where he has been for the past few
days. He went there in company
with Governor Curry and remained to
attend to private business.
Colonel Jose D. Sena, clerk of the
territorial supreme court. and an
aide de camp on the staff of Gover-
lor Curry, returned to Santa re last
night from northeastern New ilex
ico, .having been a m?ml,.'r of the
executive purty on the junket there
A. J. Brlndle and K. O. S'ia-?r ff
Colorado Springs, are in San'a Fe for
the purpose of examining Into tern
torial conditions and Into land mat
ters. They are desirous of securi i
suitable tracts for irrigation ana
colonization purposes with a view to
investing capital for tne erection or
a beet sugar factory
A tale of the taiblo .being turned
is that connected with the trial at
Histiee. Ariz.. of Mrs. L. Molina
charged with shooting with Intent to
kill E. Joves, a native, whom sne
plugged through the shoulder with
a bullet after he had made insulting
advances toward her. as she alleged
for instead of the man being released
as he expected and the woman bound
over to the grand jury, she swore to
completed Tuesday and has been
busy ever since. There will be at
least one murder trial this term, that
of Miles Adams, charged with the
murder of a native wood hauler near
Santa Rita last fall.
On his return home from a dance
at Yuma, Arizona, Sunday night, E.
O. Conterno saw a man in an ad-
Joining room searching O. A. Bul-
lard's clothing. He frightened the
would-be burglar away and then
went for an officer. The burglar
was later captured and a valuable
watch taken from a hotel found on
his person.
Ashley T. Reed, the mall carrier.
who Is also quartermaster of Com
pany F. First infantry. New Mexico
ational guard, returned to Santa Fe
ast night from Camp Perrv. Ohio.
where he participated In the national
hooting tournament as a member of
the New Mexico rlile team. He also
isitea nis motner and grand par-
ets at Wyoming, 111., and spent a
few days sight seeing In Chicago.
Captain E. A. Farrow, of Manila.
P. I., was an arrival last nluht in
Santa Fe. He w-it there for a brief
visit to Governo! Curry while en
route to the Philippines after ppend-
ng nis leave or absence in tha United
states at his old home. Captain Far
row is an officer in the constabulary
n me fnuipptnes and became ac
quainted with Governor Curry whita
tne latter was executive of the pro
vince of Samar.
No ppetlt, lost oi strength, nervou
m hsadacha. constipation, bad breath.
general debility, sour rising, and catarrh
f the stomach ara all due to Indigestion.
Kodol relieve Indigestion. Thl new dicov
ry represent the natural juice of diges
tion as they exist In a healthy stomach,
with tha rreatest knovn tonlO
and reconstructive properties. Kodol (or
dyspepsia doe not only rellava Indigestion
and dyspepsia, but thl Umou remedy
help all stomach trouoio vy cicn.u,
puriiylng, aweetenlng and trengthenltif
the mucou membrane lining tle tomach.
Mr. S. S. Bill of RYnwood. W. V.. Mr
' I wu troubled with 6uf tomcb for rntf '.
Kodol cuii m ana we aie sow aln it in mim
tot be by,"
back. I purchased a bottle or Cham- J Wirrt KIDNEY adiL00EIIPILLI-lt ai Ml
berlaln's Puln Balm, and two uppli- rBr.d b L O. DWITT OO.. Chicago
cations affected a uure." ror sale I
by All Uruggista. J. II. O KIiXLY & CO.
Have YOU
w Jo See
Been In
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most convenient and best-constructed cabinet made. There is nothing to
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the usual time, and with half the usual work.
In order that every woman in Albuquerque may know of the good qual
ities of the "Hoosier" we are making a special display at the store this week.
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W. V. FUTRELLE, Albuauerque, N. U.
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Catalogue and Prices
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most fastidious bar eompUlo
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South 8iconatnd Lean q
l.iLIIU IliH'k.
Thin Is mi ailment for which
Cli;imli-rliiln'H Pain Halm has nrov
i-n i-fpi'clally valuable. In Hlmint
every Instance It altiir.la prompt and
I'i'i niancnt relief. Mr. Luke La
iraiiK f Orange, Mlrh.. says of it:
After UMintc a plaater and other rem-
e.lies fur three week for a uaJ I'iine
Watrous. X. M.. Sent. 12. 8iw-
rliil) one of the most notable real
estate deals in the history of Mora
county took place recently In the
transfer of property contljfous to this
place. Jlesnrn. Hand, Jones and
Kogler of Las Vegas, representing a
yndicate in which St. Louis capital
ists are prominent holders, have pur
chased the Immense ranch of Govern
or Hartley, which Includes much of
the town property. the Phoenix
rai ch. and also the farming and
grazing lands of the Los Alamos
much. The same gentlemen are on a
deal for the purchase of the Duell
ranch comprising several hundred
thousand acres. The property
nought Includes some of the most
valuable agricultural lands In the ter-
i.tf.ry. The total Acreage will equal
many hundred thousand acres.
It Is the plan of the new company
to divide a portion of the land for
sale In small tracts, to encourage the
planting of sugar beets and other
feasible crops for Irrigated lands.
The company expects to promote
';. trous as the natural trading point
of the farmers settling near and will
plat a part of the land lying near the
town renter into town lots.
The crops around Watrous at this
time are in a most gratifying and at
tractive condition. Alfalfa, oats and
vvhtat will yield nmre largely than
fur many years past.
A Humane Appeal.
A humane citizen of Klehmond
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Main St.. says: "I appeal to all per
sons with weak lungs to take Dr.
King's New Discovery, the only rem
edy that helped me and fully comes
up to the proprietors recomtnenda
Iton." It saves more lives than all
other throat and lung remedies put
together. Used as a cough and cold
cure the world over. Cures asthma
bronchitis, croun. whooping cough,
quinsy, hoarseness and phthisic,
stops hemorrhages of the lungs and
builds them up. Ouaranteed at all
dealers. 60c. ad 11.00. Trial bottle
821 North First Street.
Pbone No. 489
Southwestern Brewery
A Ice Company.
Albuquerque Lumber Co.
Lumber, Glass, Cement and Rex Flintkots Roofing
First and Marqcsette Albttqoerqoe, New Mexico
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Foundry east side of railroad track. Albuquerque, N.
Native anil Chicago Lumber. SlH'rwln-Williiim Iuint None Hot
ter. KiilliUng I'uiH-r, Plaster, Mine, tVmont, tilusx. Sash, IKnirs, l'Ae.,
i:ic.. i:u .uiiuiti -ttaL'ta
423 South First
Card algna, Ttoomi ror Ttent."
"Board." etc.. for aale tbe office of
The Evening Citizen.
A. C. IilLICKE and JOHN 8. MITCHELL Invite their friends to make
New Mexico headquarters at A
The Hollcnbeck Hotel
Los Angeles, California
Tour friendship and patronage le appreciated. Courtesy and
attention to gues ts la a pleasure to us. Hollenbeclc Hotel and Cafe
better than ever. Location convenient and desirable.
Depot and beach line cars stop at the Hollenbeck door. " '

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