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TiirusDAV, oenxmrn t, uh7.
By the Citizen Publishing Company of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
sinsoiurnox hatha.
One year by mnll In advance $5.00
One month by nuill 60
One month by carrier within city limits 80
Entered as second-class matter at tlie rostofllco of Albuquerque, N. SI.,
der Act of Congress of March S, 1870.
The only IIInxtrntM dally newspaper In New Mexico and the bost ad
vertlstng medium of the Southwest.
The lending lU-piilillcan dally and weekly newspaper of the Sonthwert.
The advocate of Itcpublican principles and tlie "Square Deal."
The finest equipped Job department In New Mexico.
The latest report by Associated Prow ami Auxiliary News Sen-Ice,
et in line
The Citizen feels that it can not devote Its pp.ire to a better purpose
these days than to advocate the cause of single statehood for this territory.
The people have heard statehood talk for so long that many of them
are slow to grasp the act that the long sought boon Is actually within their
Therefore. The Citizen Is trying to contribute Its share towards awaken
ing them to the fact that only a strong steady pull by all hands Is neces
sary to hoist the statehood banner at the mast head of a new state.
This paper stated yesterday that the formation of non-partisan state
hood leagues In all the counties of the territory was a step In the right
direction, and one that would aid the cause more than anything that could
' be done at present. Bernalillo county will organize such a league in the
j near future, and every man, woman and child should become a member Just
I as soon as possible.
There is no politics In this fight to secure an enabling net. The lead
ers of both the big parlies have agreed that the question of political control
tif the new state can go over until after the enabling act has been secured.
It is the only sensible thing to do. Let us bury party feeling for the time
and work for the one object which takes prominence over every other
Issue before we New Mexicans today. Statehood for this territory will mean
more to the people than the success or defeat of any party for years to
We want hundreds of more Immigrants, more railroads, more develop
ments along all lines and above all we want a voice In the affairs of our
country's administration.
While running the risk of tiring the readers of this paper by a constant
mention of this important matter, The Citizen feels that the subject is so
dear to the hearts of every true citizen that none can fall to be Interested
In the success of the movement.
Moreover The Citizen feels that now or never 4s statehood to be had.
At least if we do not secure statehood now. It may take years before we
will be given as good an opportunity.
This paper will devote as much of Its space as Is possible to telling of
the citizenship and. the resources of New Mexico, In an effort to help the
good .cause along, but what Is needed as much as the co-operation of the
territorial press Is the personal influence of each and every citizen high or
ilow. Nothing better illustrates the power of the American public than the
case at Issue. It Is up to the people for they and they alone, can really
secure statehood for New Mexico.
They could do doubly as much and make themselves doubly felt, if they
were already residents of a new state with the power at the polls they ought
to have.
Therefore the people are most directly concerned in this cause and they
should lead the fight for statehood.
The papers, both democratic and republican, are lining up manfully
'for the cause. The Roswell Kecord, which is generally given to knocking
-most anything promulgated by a republican administration, is even Inclined
to view the matter In a favorable light, although It can not forget that poli
ces have been eliminated. The Record still tells what the democrats In
tend to do with the new state.
, The republican party Isn't concerned greatly over the Record's boasts
and that paper will find that It will carry much more weight In the state
hood fight if It will forget, for a time, the political phase of affairs and
come out openly, honestly and without reserve for statehood as Its other
democratic contemporaries have already done.
! Statehood Is the thing we want not politics. The Las Vegas Optic
while It has been none too strenuous as yet, still shows a most favorable
attitude. The Santa Fe New Mexican is In the van as usual and its editorial
columns are devoted almost exclusively to the matter of statehood. The
morning paper of this city has declared for statehood but it should get into
the ranks with less reserve and. show that it is sincere, even though the
, present republican administration is rather a thorn in its side. In fact, we
must all work for this cause and unite with our governor and our delegate
regardless of every other consideration. The Citizen does not intend to let
the subject grow cold, so long as there Is one bit of sentiment left for state-
This paper will continue to talk statehood and It hopes to announce the
-creation of the new state before another year has come and gone.
Moreover The Citisen sincerely believes that it will have that pleasure.
ffie Price
The world. In all Its cycles, has never paid such a price for civilization
as we pay. Never before has It paid so much In money; never has it paid
so much in brains; never has it paid so much in human ilves for w hat it got.
The lore of the Chaldeans we can only conjecture; but the Chaldeans
had no automobiles to run over them. The citizens of Tyre dyed stuffs a
purple that we cannot duplicate; but the Tyrluns never went mad In a
ceaseless struggle to keep ahead. The golden ago of Greece produced its
perfect marbles; but Greece had no trusts like ours to prey upon the poor.
Olden painters knew the secrets of marvelous colors; Stradivari and Amatl
made violins which are priceless today because we cannot make any more
like them: but Raphael and Amatl knew no silk mills where white-faced
-children toiled, nor breakers where grimy little boys spent long black hours.
The Egyptians understood feats of engineering which are beyond the cur
ricula of our great technical schools, else they could never have raised the
Pyramids or the obelisk of Cleopatra; but the Egyptians had no railroads
to exact an almost Inconceivable toll of human life.
The Interstate commerce commission has made public figures terribly
suggestive of how much its costs to operate and patronize American rail
roads. During the year of 1906 it Cu.-t casualties to 108,324 persons, of whom
10,618 were killed. Grade crossings their only excuse for existence being
that they are le.-s expensive In money cost 929 lives, and 1S92 Injuries.
Out of every 124 trainmen (and there are 285.586 In all), one was killed,
and out of every eight one was injured. Only 329 passengers were killed
outright, and but 10,764 Injured.
And this year showed a "gratifying Improvement!" Truly, modern
civilization Is a wonderful thing. Perhaps that is the reason Is costs so
And the railroads should not be blumed entirely. We are Just as much
to blame.
Santa Fe New Mexican: The formation of the first county statehood
league in the territory In this city yesterday is a great Hep forward in the
right direction, and the New Mexican hopes that the people of every other
county in the territory will follow suit. Organization is alwayx effective
and especially In a good cause and the more thorough and the better handled
the more effective it Is. Statehood leagues in every county in the territory
by proper work and effort can arouse the people and the voters generally to
united action and efficient work for statehood. They can and should In
terest the individual voter in the important question, distribute literature
Betting forth the great benefits to be derived from statehood, have petitions
sent to congress praying for statehood, framed and circulated, signed and
forwarded to Delegate W. H. Andrews for tiling with tlie proper commit
tees In the house and senate and in other ways do eflleient and timely work.
It Meems that the statehood Iron is red hot and in the right condition for
striking It and for welding from it the sovereign state of New Mexico within
the next twelve months. County statehood leagues can properly be used
as some of the hammers in striking this Iron and bringing it to the shape
of statehood. Now Ls the time and New Mexico Is the place.
Chicago has a new sect which believes that by moral living and by re
fraining from using liquor, tobacco and meats, the children of their unlont
will live forever. The Tucson Citizen, however, thinks that at the present
high cost of living, this will only be a hardship on the children.
Dishonesty does no pay. A Pent'! (ti'.-f was shot nine !m t.v
Pitchers fall of rlrh creamy milk dozens of fro-hiy laid eggs beef
killed on the range. Fish and game and pure mountain air. A genuine
old, ranch house rwstling In the prettiest valley In New Mexico. The Pecol
river filled with mountain trout right at the door. Saddle horses, guns,
fishing tackle, traps and dogs at your service. There is not a more Ideal
place to rest, recuperate and fee the real life of the west anywhere in the
The round up is now on and the hordes from the range will be broken
in a few weeks. Every minute teems with a new and wholesome Interest
for you If you have never lived on a ranch.
Dally stage to the rnllwny station.
If yon have come west to sprnd the winter, don't stay In town. .Inquire
this office or address The Valley Ranch, Pecos, New Mexico.
If you want the full piquant flavor of tlK
cliolcwt oysters, fresh from the cool
depths of the ocean, try tlie delicious
llicy are token from tlie sheila, u ashed quickly and
put in to a caoe of pure white enamel, scaled and
packed in id'. Tliey are not opened tlU they roach
the ilcnlcr. They come out fresh, firm, unbroken and
full of the delicious salt-water tang. Hie secret of
their supcrkHrity lies In the use of tlie patent Scalshlp
Carrier. ?
r s r r tt tt
. Deeds Piled for Record.
Oct. 16. A. L. Martin to S. S.
Gilbert, lots 6 and 6. block It.
Atlantic and Pacific addition.
University Heights Improve-
ment company to Mrs. H. V.
Harris, lots 11 and 12, block
15, University Heights addition.
Katherine II. Easterday and
husband to Frank McKee trus-
tee, lot 4, block 22, Huning
Highland addition.
Oct. 17. Manuel Sanchez y
Anaya to Rufina Sedlllo ile San-
Chez, a tract of land' In Atrlsco,
precinct No. 28. $100.
food at the
, Ralston breakfast
Richelieu Grocery.
New City Directories are to be had
at The Citizen office $1 each.
The "Fighting the Flames" show
has' gone to Kl Puso for a week's en
gugement. .-
'Has anyone noticed bow scarce
empty houses are getting in Albu
Who is going to lead the move
ment to start a football team for
There will be a regular meeting of
Adah Chapter No. 5, O. E. S.. this
evening at 7:30. Hy order of Worthy
Matron. Laura Fluke, secretary.
New mince meat, Just received, at
the Richelieu rocery.
J. H. Creektnur, recently of Pres
cott, Ariz., has been appointed gen
eral agent for the Wells-Fargo com
pany at Gallup, tS. M.
The tearing up of the old crossings
at Central avenue and the replacing
of them with new ones has followed
the beginning of laying an addition
al platform in front of the passen
ger station.
George Walker, 13 years old, son
of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Walker, of
202 North High street, broke his col
lar bone yesterduy afternoon while
playing with some schoolmate. He
anu another boy were wrestling when
the accident occurred.
Reserved seaXs for the Brotherhood
lecture course which opens next
Thursday nbjht In Elks' theatre with
the -appearance of Robert J. Bur
dette, may be exchanged for season
tickets at Matson's book store Friday
morning at o'clock.
Large Queei diver iu bulk at the
Richelieu Grocery.
A regular communication of Tem
ple lodge No. 6, A. F. and A. M.,
will be held at the Masonic Temple
this evening at 8 o'clock. Work in
the A. degree. Visiting Masons
aif coruiuny invited to attend. ily
order of the W. M. Frank II. Moore,
acting secretary. .
More than a hundred ueoole at
tended the banquet of the Ancient
Order of United Workmen at the
t-iks opera house last evening. The
toasts were witty and the soup delici
ous and a niowt enjoyable time was
had. The visiting delegates, fortv in
number, are leaving for their various
nomes today.
B. Ruppe, the druggist, received
notice yesterday of his appointment
by the territorial board of health as
territorial health officer. The ap
pointment ls considered a very wise
one. -mere is no physician or phar
macist in the territory that knows
me conditions identified with the po
silloii better than Mr. Ruppe.
Kream Klips something new at
tne jucnelleu Urocery.
A large crowd assembled at the
corner of Central avenue and Second
street last evening to listen to Geo.
H. Goebel in an address on Social
Ism. Mr. Goebel talks straight from
the shoulder and according to his
own statements, says things that
made people sit up and take notice.
He says that Socialism, supported by
the elements of evolution, will sweep
the country within the next ten years
irom .Maine to i-aliiornia.
New dried prunes at the Richelieu
Manager Cordler, of the Crystal
vaudeville tneatre, received a tele
gram yesterday that made him smile.
Mr. (Virdler had some trouble with
a man he had singing illustrated
songs and as a result of this trouble
there was a vacancy In his troupe.
He wired his troubles to the head
quarters office in Colorado and In re
sponse he received a telegram telling
that Prof. W. G. Rogers would fill
the place and that Mr. Rogers was
on his way to the Duke City. Mr,
Rogers is a baritone singer who has
traveled with some of the leading
opera companies of the country. His
coming here will be glad tidings to
When It comes to making a noise
like industry, the whir of those Albu-querque-Torrance
buzz wagons have
the festive busy bee beaten to a
stand still.
IIocli tier Citrus.
I dreamed 1 vas an angel,
Mit heavly realms I dwelt;
(At least ven she looked In mine eyes
Dot vas der vay I felt.)
But now I'se back mit earth some
I got aw vat you call dem tings
Der lemon yes der whole dom
Now someone else he f-prout der
Protecting; tlio Precious.
It suddenly occurred to an Albu
querque man the other day that his
valuable drlvng horse was in danger
of being stolen, and he forthwith
telephoned an order that a padlock
be sent up to his house. Later in the
c'ay he received a telegram calling
him away from town. On his return
heme a week later, late at night, he
noticed the stable door standing wide
open and the misgivings of a horse
thief returned with sudden force. He
sprinted for the barn lot, only to
find Dobbin contentedly munching al
falfa. The next morning he asked his
wife about the padlock.
"Why, dear, I never though of put
ting It on the barn. I thought you
meant It for the coal bin."
The Knlck-Kiuicks Went to Pltocnlx.
"Oh, dear, you ought to see what
a lovely lot of knick-knacks I bought
at an auction today, and so cheap,
only $20 for all of them." She was
one of Albuquerque's fair young
brides who was planning a dear, cozy
little home Just for hubby and her
self. "Um-hum," grunted the Indulgent
hubby, reaching instinctively for his
check book and fountain pen, and
making a mental note about cutting
out cigars for two more months,
"What did you do with them?"
"Oh. I had them all delivered at
the house we rented. The people
who are moving out tald we could
store anything we liked."
Two days later the phone In a lo
cal transfer office buzzed Insistently.
"Did you haul some goods away
from 'steen hundred 'steenth street?"
came a feminine voice,
"Yep boxed 'em all up and sent
'em off."
"Where did you deliver them
"Shipped 'em to Phoenix, Ariz."
"Phoenix, Arizona why gracious
I'll have my husband come right
down and see you."
And now hubby Is wondering
whether to pay $19 freight to get
those dear knick-knacks back, or
pursuade lovey dovey to struggle
a'ong until the next auction sale.
Kidney Discuses Canse Half the Com
moit Aches and Ills of Albu
querque People.
As one weak link weakens a chain,
so weak kidneys weaken the whole
body and hasten the final breaking
Overwork, strains, colds and other
causes Injure the kidneys, and when
their activity ls lessened the whole
body suffers from the excess of uric
poison circulated In the blood.
Aches and pains and languor and
urinary ills come, and there is an
ever increasing tendency towards dia
betes and fatal Brlght's disease. There
ls no real help for the sufferer except
kidney help.
Doan's Kidney Pills act directly on
the kidneys and cure every kidney
ill. Albuquerque cures are the proof.
Mrs. Ida Johnson, living at 414 N.
Fourth street, Albuquerque, N. M.,
says: "Doan's Kidney Pills quickly
and effectively relieved me of pain
in the bark, which had troubled me
at intervals for some time. Any prep
aration which acts as fully up to the
claims made for It as Doan's Kidney
Pills, deserves unqualified praise and
as a genuine kidney medicine can
have the confidence of every o.ie."
For sale by all dealers. Price 60o.
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. 2S
The Missionary society of the
Presbyterian church will meet at
the home of Mrs. J. O. Wagner, 623
West Fruit avenue on Friday after
noon at 2:30 o'clock.
Furniture, Crockery,
Glassware, Rugs,
wr- mm m mm m tIT sT nmm ilsTTiir fTir rT fl i ,w n
r tv- ye. gyre; ta rrr.y4sVfV Mrs?
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Coles Hot Blast
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We aim to have the choicest styles and the best display.. This
makes our Children's Clothing Department the favored place when
mothers are making selection for their little men. Our stock ls at
present teeming with the brightest and best things from the
World's Best Maker of Ederheimer Stein & Go.
1 1 K
Make Yourselves at Home at
The Square Music Dealers
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Gold Avenue

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