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XTEimBiDAT. AT1UL I, 1M.-.
Prohibitionists Have Learned
Political Wisdom and Will
Meet Later Than Usual.
Washington. April t. The national
Prohibition convention will bt hell
it Memorial hall, Columbu.s O.. July
i: It Is a late date ami aj chosen
deliberately that the Prohibitionists
miKbt lake advantage of any mistake!!
made, by the other parties at their
Thl 1st strateisy, of course, and
unnther sgn that the rrohibitionlsts
have cut their political eye-teeth.
Anyway, they believe that they have
framed up a program along praetieal
line. and that they are going to cut
m wide swath thl year. There will
lie less preaching than in the past
and more aggressive attacks on the
cohorts of the rum demon. Office
holders who In the past have been Bly
nough to get both the wet and dry
votes will be forced Into the open.
A sample of the new atylo of cam
paigning, was afforded by the action
i the national Prohibition commit
tee in Bonding-a couple of men here
thin w:nter to build a fire under Con
gress. Matthew E. O'Brien, chief fire
builder, through his persistent de
nitind for liquor legislation and that
congressmen go on record, is driving
l presentativc of semi-dry districts
to drink and despair. They would be
much obligii if he would go to Dev
il's island for a change, but he seems
o like Washington, and whenever an
opportunity to make trouble is pre
sented, he Is on the spot, smiling,
icute und persistent.
O'Hrien is Just a sample copy. Kn
couraged by the wide spread of the
whisky drouth, especially in the
south, the Prohibitionists figure on
getting political sense into their nom
inations and methods and on getting
big results.
The call for the national conven
tion contains the declaration that the
"prohibition of tho manufacture, im
portation, transportation and sale
of alcoholic liquors" Is the main ques
tion before the people and that there
is a fair chance of the present cam
aign "sounding the death knell of
this destructive traffic."
There will be at the convention
four delegates-at-large from each
state and one delegate for every 200
votes cast for Dr. Silas C. Swallow,
the Prohibitionist candidate In 1904.
The vote for Swallow was 258,538;
eo there will be about 1500 votes In
the convention.
Her.ently the Prohibition leaders
predicted that 1,000,000 votes would
he cast for their candidates next fall.
Now. they say, tho number may go
to f .000,000, unlss the conventions
of the old parties take action.
Wall Street Outlook Is For
Decided Improvement In
All Lines of Business.
Wants to KstabliMli IYim' Dinner IVn
tiire rti Albuquerque.
The Salvation Army has Issued an
uppeal to the public, asking for as
sistance nt only in providing cloth
triK. fuel and food for destitute fam
ilies, but for tho purpose of establish
ing a free dinner feature In this city.
Durinsr March, according to an offi
cial, the local corps fed forty people,
providing 100 meals, beds for thirty
and garments, including shoes, un
derwear and clothing of all descrip
tions to the number of 130.
The army wants to do more work
In Albuquerque and to this end asks
the public to donate money or sup
plies that can be used in the relief
of the poor. Telephone 1142.
During the week from April 19 the
army all over the United States, will
hold special meetings. The annual
report of the organization in this
country shows the following statistics
Christmas dinners given, 300,000;
Thanksgiving dinners, 9,650; tons of
coal. T.434; pounds of ice 259,039;
iiumber of persons offered relief out
side of industrial iioniew and army
hotel, 79,02.
'Him- IIniidr-d4 rf Albuquerque
I'eiiple Similarly Situated.
.n there be nny Mr. inner pro. if ()f
t. M-. lha'i the evidence of Albuqur-r-oiii
residents After you have read
tli.' f!ivnor, quietly answer the
llr. E. Adair, of 417 South Kdith
I Albuquerque, X. M. says: "When-
vi r f. y symptom In Heated kidney
t;oul or not. 1 was not certain, but
hevcrlli. ie.--.-i from rending about
l'.i:iri" Kj Iney Pill I was given a
.'. -! e to try them. I suffered se
. ! 'rum pi n between .vol Just be
: shoulder blades. While on
.. v .-tirriiiu aronni( 1 did not
- iu'lltesl inC'DlVi'llii-llcc, llUt
oiild s't down the pain v .! I
111 I
Ti.e U"e of .,
I'll'-. brnlK'h'
' :ny Imv .!.!.'
tlii- trie iie.ne
by till .lea
" i ..it-M i i ' i u rn
.'jeiiis f t i!
; no ..the: .
ItleS was Vi TV
box nf Pnan's
relief and t hn t
high apprerla-
Price r.o,
'.. . Muft'aio. .
I 'nite I Sl it.--,
i Hi! - I o.i n' -
New York, April 1. Kvents of tho
past week have been of a more en
couraging character, especllaly those
relating to federal and state legisla
tion. Perhaps the most far reaching
if these events was the decision of
tho supremo court of the United
States in the celebrated Minnesota
and South Carolina, railroad rate
eases. This decision asserts that the
fixing of rates by legislation so low
as to be practically confiscatory is In
direct violation of the constitution,
since the latter prohibits any legisla
tion which takes property without
Just compensation. Hereafter, there
will be no successful attempts by state
legislation to nullify the guarantees
of the fourteenth amendment and
federal courts will be enabled to en
force their decrees In spite of the op
position of state officers. As already
said, this Is a decision of the highest
Importance. It once more affirms the
fact that the constitution of the Unit
ed States is the supreme law of the
land; It guarantees protection to
property, and will put an effectual
stoppage upon the confiscatory at
tacks on property which have become
so popular in state legislatures for
political or socialistic purposes.
Another favorable Incident was the
temperate character of the president's
message. Howsoever the various rec
ommendation in that message may be
considered, there will be one opinion
as to the wisdom of a calm and dis
passionate presentation of admlnlstrn'
five views upon public questions. In
this respect the president's last mes
sage should be an example to other
Individuals who are taking leading
parts In the present political cam
paign. The time for excessive denun
ciation and exhortation has passed.
The country has had more than
enough of that sort of political agi
tation; It now needs quiet and rest in
order that business may recover from
the panic and that, the reforms which
have been so earnestly pressed may
be calmly considered, and If necessary
put Into effect after well considered
and deliberate debate. The president
Is to be strongly commended for his
Judicial attitude toward both capital
and labor. He insists that both shall
have their rights; that both have
their responsibilities; that both shall
bo equal before the law, and that
neither shall claim nor secure special
exemption and privilege. He also no
tifies labor that It cannot expect to
have boycotts or blacklists legalized.
Altogether tho president's message
has done much toward soothing irri
tated nerves and softening the asper
ities of the political campaign. Inci
dentally, he has materially Improved
the chances of Republican success at
the polls next November. j
Quito recently the Sherman Anti
Trust law has been a subject of ac
tive discussion. Its original crudity
in prohibiting all contracts in re
straint of trade has long been self
evident. Roth capital and labor are
Interested in having the act so am
ended as to permit the ordinary com
binations of tho day, which are In
separable from modern business
methods. The Hepburn act Is an ab
surd complex and effusive attempt to
amend the Sherman law. Everything
It attempts could be accomplished
by suitable Introduction of the word
unreasonable. So long as contracts
are reasonable in their restraints and
not against the Interest of all con
cerned, they should be permitted; and
in case of disputes tho courts may
easily be called upon to decide be
tween reasonable and unreasonable
contracts. There still remains the
common law, the application of which
when invoked should be sufficient to
protect both capital and labor from
Improper encroachment or Interfer
ence. The Hepburn bill should be
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Continental Oil Company
killed, because It is unnecessary and
Is clumsily conceived. Fortunately,
there Is little prospect of anything
being done In Congress on this sub
ject during the present session.
The labor situation Is still unset
tled; many hands are out of employ
ment and the outlook in this respect
is anything but satisfactory. With the
approach of spring, rt is possible that
some sort .of compromise may De et
fected as work could often be more
easily started if moderato concessions
were obtained in wages. The wages
problem Is still the most difficult
question In many lines of Industry. It
Is one perhap that is best left to set
tle Itself free as possible of political
and government Interference. Hoth
capital and labor best understand
their Individual interest, and should
be quite able to reach an adjustment
of thslr differences without outside
interference. Any other method of
settlement is a reflection upon the
intelligence of one party or the oth
er; besides we are getting father too
much paternalism in government
The stock market has now had a
very substantial rise, and the Induce
ments to take profits by those who
bought at punic prices have been Ir
resistible. It is quite evident that the
advance cannot be carried much fur
ther unless a fresh buvlng element
Is discovered. The leading operators
have all tho stocks they want; and.
since Niey were the chief buyers ut
the lower stock level, It Is reasonable
to infer that they are now diminish
ing their holdings. Under the influ
ence of easy money and the tendency
to recover from panic conditions, the
market may possibly bp carried to a
higher level, but It is quite certain
that the greater the advance the more
free will profit-taking become. The
general situation shows Indication of
improvement. One encouraging feat
ure was the reopening of a big finan
cial Institution which was obliged to
suspend during the panic. Trade In
the west Is picking up slightly; rail
road earnings are not showing 'such
extreme losses as was the case in Jan
uary and February, and the curtail
ment enforced In many industries is
preventing any great surplus of mer
chandise. Money market conditions
are satisfactory and the surplus re
serve last week stood at $37,(100.000.
The government Is now withdrawing
Its deposit from the banks quite free
ly, but this should not cause any dis
turbance. The easier tendency In
money lg worldwide; which Is fortu
nate, as otherwise we might have to
face large gold exports during the
coming spring. April settlements will
be looked forward to with some con
cern, but less so this year than prevl
ously. A good many maturities, how
ever, will have to be taken care 'of at
that time; yet under Improved mon
etary conditions all business concerns
showing a clean bill of health will
have little difficulty in securing need
ed accommodations. The conservative
action of the banks during the last
three months has had much to do with
strengthening the situation, and it is
gratifying to note that business fail
ures, heavy as they have been, are
le.ss than at one time feared. The
readjustment process is la.-omplete,
consequently some Industries are
much more depressed than others.
Nevertheless, it is reasonable to hope
that the extreme depression following
tho panic will disappear sooner than
expected. We are promised an early
spring and as there has been an
abundance of moisture during th
past month, conditions are favorable
for a good planting season. Our agri
cultural classes felt the panic but
slightly, und in all probability they
will have another profitable season
because of the relative scarcity of ag
ricultural products. Of the things
which grow from Mother Earth, there
Is scarcely an important surplus to
be found anywhere.
Operations In the stock market
should be conducted with much con
servatism. The conditions to which
we have referred, It is true, are gen
erally favorable, but they have fre
quently been fully discounted. We
advise caution on the buying side,
after the recent considerable advance,
and the taking of some profits grad
ually hereafter. Any unfavorable de
velopments would probably be fol
lowed by free realizations and snarp
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'7. 4 S sT?
PIUIiST li lil K 111 I liK.
-x York, April 1 The Itev.
..th. : W. I. I 1 1 1 1 v .f the (Mthol:e
'i, r'Miiiiin willi A Imiral Dewey
M ;m!. ,v:is elected txulu-d ruler
S 'M York .lodge of Elks after
warmly cmU-sU'd election. Father
. y formerly lived in Detroit.
: V ""vuniirti-
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Department of the interior. Land Of
fice at Santa Fe. N. M., Feb. 26,
Notice Is hereby given that Blai
Gomez of Grant, N. M.. hag filed no
tice of his Intention to make final
five-year proof in support of hla
claim, viz.: Homestead Entry No.
7007, made April 29, 1902, for the lots
2. 3. and 4. tiW. NE. Section 6,
Township 11 N., Range 8 W and that
said proof will be made before Oeo.
H. Pradt, U. 8. Court Commissioner
at I-agutia, N. M., on April 13, 190$.
He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence
upon, and cultivation of, the land,
vu.: I-uearlo Candelarla, of Grant,
N. M.: Oeorge U. Pradt, of Iaguna,
N. M.; Marcellno Abren, of San Ma
teo, N. M.: Juan de Jesus Veiasquez,
of Grant. N. M.
J. D. Eakln, President
O. Gloml, Vice Prealdent
Chaa. Melini, BecreUry
O. Bachechl, Treasurer.
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'flTtiir.'a U'Dirnnd a n .1 n h o i nnfiAnal
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X. T. Armlji buildiiiK, where a list
nf the property can be seen on or be
fore April 3. Hids being- subject to
the approval of creditors.
Trustee In iiankruptcy for J. F. Pal
mer. Dated Albunueniue, N. M.. March 20,

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