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Albuquerque Citizen
No. I 7.45 p. m.
No 4 7. 10 p. m.
No. 7 10. 5S p. m.
No. 8 G. 40 p. m.
No. 9 1 1.4; p. m.
Denver. Colo,, jjprtl 3. Tonight parity
cloudy and warmer.' Saturday fair; warmer.
hum 1 - 0 1 a
Cruiser Runs Down Torpedo
Boat Destroyer During Man
euvers In the Channel
Last Night.
Have no Chance to Escape and
Sink With the Vessel. While En
gineers and Stokers Keep
Afloat Until Boats
Kescue Them.
I'm l-moUitl, Hngland. April 3.
Thirty-s.x men, including Lieutenant
Midd.oton, commander of the torpedo
boat !. sttoyer Titer, lost their lives
11 collision oft the Isle of Wlgnt
last night between that vessel and the
Mritis-h cruiser IJorwiok.
The vessels belonged to the Ports
mouth ,1 vision of the British homo
fleet iii.il were engaged in nignt ma
neuvers in the channel while on their
way to Portland. The night was very
dark a.n' the Iterwlok was steaming
slowly. When tlie destroyer attempt
ed to i r. the big cruiser's bow she
v.-as caught amidships and out in half,
u nking almost immediately.
The deck crew w a.s dressed In
heavy oilskins and hoots, and all went
down with the vessel. Of the twenty
two saved the m.ht wore engineers
and stoker, who, having light cloth
ing, were able to keep themselves
afloat. The collision occurred at 8:10
ln.t night, while the ships were ma
neuvering without light.s.
Callous of Spirit t.o I'p In Smoke
Amid Cronus of tlie Spectators.
i. ML, Apr I '! Mire, which
broke ,.ut in the iiiill n Corning ami
coin), ariy's distillery at 1:45 this
morning "as nut under control until
1 1
hi'-k Tho entire I.l.lllt WHS bad-
damaged ami the loss is estimated
mi 7:.n,il(ii) to t l.OilO.ODI). Several
explosions during the progress of the
tire i n l.inero i the lives of the Bre
men. Shortly after four this m-riiing 3.
(fi(i liea l of cattle st impeded at an
ex I
losiuii and ran at large in the
llroad yards.
Fifty thou.-.uil galops of spirits
wi re consume,! as the result of one
oxpo.-ior .
It 1- so il 'Unit mi Attempt Will lie
Made l .-siis,-,iiialo the Toxic,
I i;i ! ;.i s. Texas. April 8. The broad
Int'i-eii-o U made in a printed notice
in a Fort Worth paper that a eon-cpirj-.v
exists to assassinate I'nited
Stut,)s Senator liai'oy. The notice Is
,i,i ea-m s't appeal and earning to the
citizens to avoid a political tragedy
that will startle, the nation and dis
grace Texas.
Tin- notice is th.- s.-qtid of the blt-
rest person il campaign ever known
lr" T jt.is, whidi will neternilne, in the
primary election, May 1 J, if Senator
1'aiiey shall be, n d-log'ito at large to
the 1 nocr.it',' national convention.
The f i ' i r. :s running high in all
parts r, f the .-tat- Hailoy is mak tig
sp . e.i, s daily in ills mil tx half.
., I i! M Would ll.ue ll.in li'pircd
! vanse lie Never Workitl.
''.... tia :. April M-M u , re
.-, i.' t ,1 .;. t . i'- es' l. nt I. .dt and
In rnmi.-.-ooner ,,f labor t,.v Ni.-ho- I
;.is k. n, si i.ili-t, .i.-kit.g that 1 'r nc- ;
,,, ,i, !!-, is in X.-a V ol;. w..o- i
ieu M . A ;o.a Could, be depot '.! j
!-- . ', - !,.. - .1 '111 t , s i r.l hi".
1 1 . . li ke. wol ke ; a d i.v in 1 1 i . '
life ' 1 ,- to It Vr!l r. ad. !
' , . .. i- I! UIJ t. It 't tlie lllllliOlS
j,t t... -i .1 A 'Mail. ul.i- li Uele ,
, i ! y t- tione.-i l,i!,,r ,,f thous
and- .,f Ant ii, a 'i knani'T,." I
hoi mis ciii: u i:ii : it i :i t.
s I.oui-. Apr' I -t - Word was n- ',
, , iv. I lo re fioiu Vieiin.i. .Mo., today
tii.-t . .1. I'urtis. a timer living near;
ttiin , 'tad been assa-- ii.it-d at hn ;
!vnii., lj.-t light and the home ran-!
sacked. It is b.-li- ve.! . .is t d-
ii. Tin- rol.bcr ("! I'Of.S .lllt-eie ,
and shot him ttio .de .-nidi were ob.
tai' e.l t ,d ,y from Jeiierson City, and
a posse is sear,-li!:g the country in
tin ,, ,-inity of the I'uttia farm.
Night Fixing Up the Re
port to Suit the
Attitude of the Committee Does
Not Suit Some of the Delegates
an Trouble Easily Starts--Some
ol the Things the
Platform Will Demand.
St. Louis April 3 Thomas Watson
was nominated by the Populist con
vention for the presidency tills after
noon. Samuel W. Williams of Vln
cennes, Indiana, was nominated for
tlie vice presidency.
.St. Louis, April 3. The platform to
bo submitted to tlie Populist conven
tion was completed at daybreak after
an all-night session of the committee
on resolutions. Much consideration
was given the money plank and when
finally accepted by the majority of
the committee It was not acceptable
to the minority, and a fight over the
phraseology on the floor of the con
vention Is certain. A debate also
expected on the tariff piank.
A.s prepared by the committee this
plank declar-'d that the issuing of
money is a function of the govern
ment al. me and should n-;t be dele
gated to any corporatb n or industry.
The d mand Is made that money bo
issued direct to the people without
intervention of batiks, and that It be
full legal tender for all debts, both
public and private.
Tin- working of the national bank
law is criticized and the demand made
that the power to Issue money be
taken from the. banks.
The Aldiieh bill is denounced, as Is
also the Fowler hill.
The plank on trusts demands that
the government own and control the
railroads and all public utilities
which in their nature are monopolies.
The ownership of general telegraph
and telephone lines and a parcels post
system is also asked.
Ilie .Measures I'rgctl.
Taxation of monopoly privileges
while they remain in private hands is
another feature of this plank.
Tlie initiative and referendum and
the lower to recall from oflic-e disloy
al or inefficient representativi s are
other plunks. The enactment of leg
islation looking to an improvement
ir. the conditions for wage earners is
urged. other measures demanded
are :
Abolition of child labor and the
suppression of sweatshops.
.Abolition of convict as opposed to
free labor.
Kxclusion of foreign pauper labor.
An eight-hour work day and legis
lation favoring safety appliances for
The enactment of an employers' li
ability act within constitutional
The immediate adoption of precau
tionary measures to prevent a repe
tition of recent mining disasters.
Work on public improvements In
times of depression for unemployed
The passage of a law prohi oiling
the courts from assuming jurisdiction
Involving the constitutionality of any
law enacted by Congress and ap
ptoved by the president.
The maintaining of farmers' organ
izations and an extension of their
I invi'i- and influence.
The first clash, in the convention
, .line on the report of the committee
on permanent organization that Ceo.
A. llonneck, jf ,f New Jersey be made
permanent chairman. W. H. Jones
of X'-ora.-'ka moved as a substitute
that the temporary organization he
permanent. Chalnntui Cox, y ask, i
him to withdraw his motion and upon
his refusal the substitute lost by a
v.,',- of 4si! to :sl, Hoiine, k,-r was
then elected
lloline, kei
, elM 1,1 ; i ! , I ,
Ml I'le ..
i 'ii I ii in v
ad !l. s, , f
i: 'l lie
o.",,U.- lit .1. k' I
c . U ; t ' y tllld-r
i l i I i ,1 . 111. i !:.v Lt I '
be. 'II ' 'Ol' Hi it t I .
I e Tn,.. r:i t ie 1'H r: y
rti it i
,, j bli
att o
I tie
I i t ,.'
to l-.ad
H .1:. .,!
I 1 i!e,
I'le. -id. II
St I ke ,,
I - I I t f l
It.: MU" t
Tie- ,1
of the C
I VI 1
an 1 in
ail l
tro ,
.;e, ,ll
I : . t t .
L of t.e
e I 111 111
be ,! , .
for a t
, .,ly n-
-p.' : r,
an I
'led ti
.1 1 1 '
if a 1 lalitoi, to ,-et tl
ills lllS
, ti. iii . ; t
ad It
1' tile
,ii i-'-
i.t- I.
IllUglcd the MeM.I't.
The report of the committee o;t
resolutions was at'ack. ,1 by T P. Tib
bies of Nehrusk i. who .-id tiat th.
important part of tlie mm, y pU.iK
d ipt, d 1, the commit ia.s. night
h id been omitted. l'avker (xplalned
that at a subsequent meeting if rue
commit:, c the p.unk tia 1 he, n 1:1.1-
To The Voters of Albuquerque:
l ou wi ii i a bus.iiesM niliiiltilsi ration of city n flairs'
IN joii nt Modioli iiiiiiiii isil liiippovonieiils nt n minimum owl?
lo you xwtut 1ty officials who nerd no tiiiiuieiiliitliMi ami for ulinni
ou will nut have to nMilogixc?
I you want an honest, rapahle, fliwii mid buinos-liUe illy govern
ment when the jtn'Bt Irrigation t'ensnfw iiveiH-M here anil the city Ik
til Iim I with thousands of (tuckIm?
Io you want the ctv affairs condui'tisl by a ss-t of im-n w1m will not
have to lie wnH'licO?
lo you want city ofllclnls who are plslgil to a high standard of mor
ality and against vlci?
1 H you want city officials who have Hien their Htiienshlp hy limit
rPHhleiMW Ihtc nul hy clean liislncs careers?
Jo you want tlty offli-ials who aiv not seeklnx oflico but w1o con
sntl to enter tlio racei licnium the Interests or Albuquerque detiMinilivl
that business men pi tn the harness?
Itsi Jim want city officials who accept tN iiosithiitN nt a petnonal and
hnancinl loss. iHxuust they want to help make Cecal or Allmiiuerque?
IKi you want to clct the cleanest and strongest set of mcu lo ofi
ever pluil on any nmnlclial tltkct?
To the TU'puhllciui meeting, which will Is 'gin promptly at :;i at the
I. Iks' I boater. h.l sM-akCTs will tell wliat the Itepnbllran partf Muruls
for hi niuiilclNii goveriinient and tell yon why you si ton Id vote tlie llepuh
llcan ticket nnd help make tireater Alhuqiienpie. There will ho an excel
lent program of music for tlu Nccinl Ix'iiclit of the ladle.
General Strike Declared but
It Is Not Very Successful and
Many Shops Are Yet Open.
Home, April 3. A general strike
has been prnel.timii "V protest
against the fatalities In connection
with disorders in the streets here yes
terday, when troops fired on and
killed three rioters and wounded fif
teen others, four mortally.
The strike was not-very successful
on the start and most of the shops
are open. The government has taken
energetic action to restore order and
the whole garrison in the city is held
in readiness.
Several demonstrations were brok
en up by charges of troops with fixed
bayonets. Seventy anarchists were
surrounded by troops and arrested.
Hy noon the movement became
more general. The drivers of mall
wagons used to collect mail from the
street doors refused to continue and
were replaced by soldiers. The wag
ons are being escorted by cavalry.
nie of the men injured yesterday
died today.
Ccneial Advancement Tor Clergy In
I'liiletl Slates Planned l or After
U line, April 3. In recognition of
the fact thut tlie growth of the Cath
olic church is more- rapid In the
I'nited States than in any other coun
try, the pope Is to close the Master
period with geneial promotions of
American church authorities.
Most of the archbishops an l bish
ops will be named assistants to the
pontifical throne. This gives th. m
pr ,-edeiice over all other nations .nil
norms that when they attend vatbati
timet, ,ns they will stand closer ;,, ;r,r
pupal throne than others.
All through the ranks ,,f th, , l. i-...v
I l oinotions will he made .M anx a
tin, I. .-t priest will become a motisig-
llo, .
, a York, April ; liin,,! K. ie
l.n , v ,.f lirooklyn. cashi' i ,.f the !a x
iii in of H. nt y K. Ce and oii.pany
"I tins city, was arrest, d -it M-.uti-I
ii id. il, today. He , , v. irh
n: i -a i i .i oi lat i, n of t ie- fail- ,.f t li.
li i . an I f .ig't.g .nid ful-. h en i. . tw
it , !...''.. lo the am , II li t ,,t ';. '"in
i iiiiviii: o thi: w w.
1 bo,. April tt - -Th" Unti; in car
: t In- ',-,v y.,rk t , P it i- lac de
parted at 1 ii ; : ii this nioinnc w'thotit
!--li igo.ng any repairs.
San Jose. Cahf.. Apt;l It Too lt.il
. tti ear left Isrudl.-y this morning and
i- ixpt cte-l to r-ich this i- ty about
I p. m.
: rial y modified.
Til.bb s l-lljlkt, d t 1 ! Itl.s A.,, done
V.lthollt the kllowbde'e of tile com
niitti , on resolutions iit.,1 t'ft r run-.-..!
t ,1 e w raiig.i.'ig he made a motion
to incorporate the missing portion in
th, pla I f i in. The motion was tabled
by a vote of 4 6 2 to U')7.
Hy iitiotti, . vote tne motion was
tak n f. 0111 the table and submitted
to tli" committee, which wj-i orderei
to report at the afternoon session
The c,,n 1 nlhui then took a reiesd.
Supposed That Same Reasons
Exist as Prompted Ills Re
call From New Mexico.
Washington, 1). C, April 3. The
.li pnrrmi iil ol Ju .in lias deposed
Ormsby Mcllarg as special counsel
to prosecute those alleged to have
robbed the Kicking Kickapoo of Ok
lahoma, and Mexico out of their binds.
Judge Shoppard of McAloxjnder, k.
will be appointed to prosecute the
Tlie reasons for McMarg's dismis
sal have- not been given out but it
i.i believed that they are the same
that caused him to be recalled from
New Mexico, where he caused many
indictments to be brought against
guiltless persons, who could not be
convicted because the violations w ere
the merest technicalities. Mcllarg
was recalled from Oklahoma on
short notice.
Cill Service Commission Will I In force
the New Itiile.
' Washington, April .1. In a letter to
i the president the members of tlie civil
service commission announce their
intention of strictly enforcing the rule
which prohibits Improper political
activities on the part of those in the
classified government service. The
letter is signed by John C. ISlaok.
1 Henry V. Creene and John A. Mcli
; honey, the civil er ice commisslon
i i is, and I'o-tmasier Oeneral Meyer.
Attention Is called to the fact that
wiiile the president's order prohiail
ing political activity on the part of
persons in tin- ola.-sifi.-d service dates
.from lloi. It bas on'y been since June
I of la-t .,u that the , om m ission a. is
. eied to invt Miirat,
a report.
1 1;
Mau Who saw I anion, 'iuhler Kill-!""'
I'd Will Tei.iv at las Crii.-cs.
I Ml Pa.-,.. April 3 - Carl Adamson,
ho only living i y, wines- p. n,,.
(ki.l.oi, of pat Cam it. is here tod iv
j II b.s way to Mas I 'line- to Ii,. pres-
t.t at the k-raioi jury hearing of th"
famous murder ca.-e. Adamson can,,.
to I.I i'ii.s,, from his home in l;.i,- in a vacant room in the old Cault
u,, win-re In- has been -nice ih.'hoii-e in Vst Madison street, Or.
pi ,-lin. in. 1 1 y trial. Adamson was tin- I I;. irii,.,n was r.-ad out of tlie hub,,
man who hud .irianged to take the p.,, t,. The assistant ch.ef of police,
i-he, p from Mra.el and over w hi. h Mr. hu, tier, who has he.-n watching
I the fatal quarrel started.
l'a-o Itohl.s Hot Springs,
I Ca if.. April 3 Tlie physicians
! in att' ndance on it. ar Admiral
! Mvans today is,-ued a oulh-tiii
stating tint the admiral fc-is
, greatly improv.-d. He sl.-pt w.-il
last night and the pain is fast
dis.-i, pouring
Stealing During the Fast Ttn
Years Amounts to a Million
Dollars Each Year.
Chicago, Aupril 3. Steals from
the ity to ire istrmishlng tot-il of
J i.."ii0.oi)i, extending over the last
ten years, through tlie administra
tions of former Mayors Mdwnrd P.
Dunne and Carter Harrison, were un
earthed from the books of tho Water
department, according to a statemont
given out by Superintendent McCort
of thi- water department.
From a false registration of water
meters, aloiiu the loss to the city has
reached a total of ,, 000,000, and
losses from false frontage rates and
front direct thefts of material bring
the grand total up to ".ha large sum
In addition to these l evel itious,
Superintendent M'-Cort declared that
he bad tow in his possession charges
which would warrant the dismissal ol
eight meter setters for tampering
with wtiter meters In all. fifteen
meter setters arc involved, and 11 Is.
expected thai the ultimate investiga
tion will result in their dismissal. Tho
civil service commission will sit next
Monday for the purpose of taking up
the ( x imination.
In detail tV thefts found In tho
department are: Pulse registration of
meter i howiim.s. J'Ou.nno per year;
f.iNe report of frontage rates, $300, -"no
per year, and direct theft of ma
terials $ir,0,noo per year. The discov
ery was also mad,.' that a largo brew
ery has been getting water for the
lat seven years for less than it
hould have paid, and the company
will he presented with a hill for 7.
inio buck water taxes.
Ol -ail., r and Leader of the I iiein
ploied in Chicago li-ls His
follow el's.
I Chi ti.-o. Apr I 3 Or I Sell I. Ueit-
j man. org itiU. r and leader of the n-
parade of the unemployed,
through th' -trc-n of Chicago, who!
'has turn,,! his attention from the
x poet ! t ion ,,f hoboes to securing a
place f.,r Miiuna Coldtnin to speak,
is- in trouhlo Willi his obi ft lends of
l ie I,,.!,,, brotherhood.
AL a meeting of bona fide repre
sentatives of the gre.n hobo army hel l
tn,. , -incuts ,,f Or. Ipctmati and
j r anarchist sympathizers, was
: i.ot f.e.l ofilcially that resolutions had
1 h, , ti adopted nt the meeting, wlrich
Ia.is intended by fifty hoboes.
! IIKAVV TOI.M til-' I.lli:.
Winnipeg, Mauitona, April 3. .Sta-
tt-ti-s publi-h, , h, te today show
.thai in tlie last year fifty men have
. n kill.-d by dynamite ex)iloslons
Crand Trunk-l'aeiftc work In
, tli- lnO-mile section , -ant of tilts city.
tin som,- sections men were kllb-d at
(tii, rat,- of on,- to a mile. The men
wie bulled wluiaj tii-.y dn.d.
He Is Wreaking Vengeance
for Passage of Antl-rallroad
Measures In State of
As Result of His Increase In Rates
on Lumber Shipments, the In
dustry Hns Fallen Off In Many
Places and 60.000 Men
A'e Made Idle.
Taeoma, Wash.. April 3. The lum
ber Interests of the Pacific coast real
ize now that James J. Hill Is wreak
ing: upon them vengeance for the nu
merous anti-railroad measures which
they forced through the last two leg
Islatures. The1 lumbermen organized
and sent to the legislature every lum
berman they could elect. They creat
ed a railroad commission, passed rec
iprocal demurrage, car stake and oth
er hills.
During this time the lumbermen
were trying to force Hill to greatly
extend the territory covered by the
40-cent rate on fir lumber. Hill re
fused. His operating expenses In
creased. Suddenly last fall ho an
nounced that beginning Nov. 1, lum
ber rates would be Increased 2,") per
cent on fir and nearly as much on
cedar, lumber and shingles, and dur
ing the December hearing before the
Interstate Commerce commission at
Washington Hill shook his list In the
fjcii of the Washington lumbermen
and'deelared he would drive many of
them Into bankruptcy. This will hap
pen In the event that Hill's rates are
A majority of the 4 00 lumber mills
dependent upon rail shipments will
then have to rebuild and remodel for
cutting or.-!y hnvy titnbors, leaving
common lumber shipments to the
southern states. On November 1st the
lumbermen secured an injunction In
the federal court against the enforce
ment of the new rates and gave a
2f0,000 bond to the railroads for the
payment of the difference if Hill's
rates are upheld. This bond has been
exhausted. The lumbermen refuse to
Increase the bond and lumber ship
ments have practically ceased.
To cap the climax, loggers have
absolutely failed to get any rate con
cessions or the establishment of the
Joint rates which they expected. In
stead, the railroads tell tho loggers
and the state railroad commissioners
that log hauling Is an undesirable
business and the roads wish to dis
cour.iKe H because of tho strain on
equipment nnd the increased liability
of wrecks.
Sixty thousand loss men are work
ing in the timber Industry than a year
ago. JU11 is having his Inning, hut
incldontly he has stopped his foi i.ier
fieiiuent visits to I'uget sound. Mif
teen years ago he do-sci-east'd the lum
ber rates and was then regarded as
the suvior of the timber industry.
cai'l lour Million a Year Is Not
Siillleicnt for His llvpenscs.
I'.eiiin, April 3. An authentic re-,
port is In circulation that a bill will
be introduced Into the Prussian diet
raising the civil list of the emperor.
This list now amounts to $.'!,t)3n,000
a year, which sum is paid the emper
or as king of I'russia and not as
Cerman emperor, a post t Ion which
carries no salary. The explanation
offered for raising the li.-t is the In
cieased cost of living which bears
p ai t icn I.i ly lo avy on the royal house
bei-in-e a larue number ,,f children
a r.,1 .a i, i p.-r.-oiis are d i-eii1iit upon
tie ;..'--c of the monarch.
l-ir , 1 l eader Will l (.0 lo I'aii'iiiin
as spei'ial Coiiuni-si, iner un
Xosiiini (r III lleallii.
W i-iimgloii, April : -Job,, Mitch
ell, former president of tin I'n.ted
Mine .Workers of Ainem-a. call, I on
I'resid, nt Moo-. -veil today and on
!aing ihe White House said 1h.1t
the president had offered him the po
sition of special coinm ' --1 ,ner to
study .-lad report on labor ootid Hons
In the I'.inani.i canal z me. lie said
he waj unable to accept a.- it Is nec
osaiy for him to ncu r his le altfc
heroic can .ik-
a oik ,,f any
h i. isi r Tin: . K.
Maris, April li. I 'r. - t.l.m M.il.l, 1 .'
-It to Minf.cror N. -h ia.- has prae
tic, illy been on1 ill,. 1 !'o. th, middle
f July. I.e. r th- in. std 'nf will go
to Stockholm, 1 !it-i-t .111 1 end C-pcii-)i,i',
Cd'stly Experiments of Agri
culturalists and New In
dustry for the
on a large scale
Many Sections of the Country
Tried Without Success Before De
partment Found the Right
Spot-Seeds From Arizona
Now Being DIstrltuted.
Washington, April 3. The bureau
of plant Industry, one of the sub
divisions in the department of agri
culture, has triumphed In the matter
of introducing Kgyptlan cotton into
the United States, after years of ex
periments, which until recently all
turned out failures. As a result of
this .announcement, made today, ef
forts will be made to conduct the cul
tivation of this product on a large
Many million dollars worth of
Kgyptlan cotton Is Imported Into the
United States annually and at great
cost, on account of the freight and
the duty. This makes It too expen
sive for general use and for years the
department of agriculture has been
experimenting In different sections of
the United States In an effort to find
conditions In this country under
which this product could be success
fully cultivated.
In New Mexico ami ArUiuia.
The attention of the department
bus recently been directed to New
Mexico and Arizona and it Is an
nounced that experiments In the ter
ritories have Riven promising resutls; 1
and H Is believed that Egyptian cot
ton can be successfully and profit
ably grown In thoso territories.
Tho experlmouts oI 'Dr. Carson of
the department of agriculture In the
Colorado river basin within the past
few years have been particularly suc
cessful, and as much us 900 pounds of
lint was secured by him from one
acre of land last year.
Seeds from the successful growths
In Arizona are now being distributed
by the department and It Is expected
that this industry will become a flour
b,hing one within a few years.
Illinois Attorney (.ciicral Demands an
Accotiiitinir l-ltmi Illinois
Central, t
" 1 s.
Springfield, 111., April 3. "Mvery
statement made to the state of Illi
nois by ofiicials of the Illinois Central
Itailroad company was falsely and
fraudulently made with tho Intention
of defrauding the slate." This accu
sation Is made In an amended bill for
an accounting prepared by the attor-.
my general's department In a suit be
ing prosecuted against tho railroad
company by Governor Deiicen.
The umended bill will be filed In
tlie circuit court of Ma Salle county
probably this week. It has been pre
pared by W. H. Ilois, former assistant
attorney general and now chairman of
the railroad and warehouse commis
sion, who has been employed as spe-cl-1
0nu11.il I In this case.
In accusing the railroad company
nt fraud in submitting Its semi-annual
statement to tlie executive department
for the purpose of paying Into tho
state treasury 7 per cent of its gross
tarnlngs. it is charged in the amend
ed bill that the company has wholly
omitted m. 11 y Items and receipts, and
It is contended that those included In
Hie statement submitted are much
less than tiny should be. It U
claimed that a1 the time of each semi
annual payment there was due tho
state 1 far lit. at, r sum than was ac
count, d r-r. making a total of ap
proximate, y I 1 "..inol.ijilll now due on
back p lym, nts.
, a Voik. April ;(.- Mud. 11. . is
tot 1 li, -niiiiiig that iff oris if,- I., ;ng
mule to check a fam.lv br.-a. h -.0-a.-ioned
by Mmu. Anni Cult's re
ported determination to .u.ept the
hand of the lh-ince J,.p,. ,1,. Sag. 111.
Mr. and Mrs, MIaIu Could visited
.Mun. Coul.i at lb. h,, 1 St. Itegi.s.
ivhcle .,i- .still :n b, 1, .s.ll'fei in4
from lirom iiiti-. 1 nlie- 1 datives, in
cliiiitng Helen M c nil I and Ceorge
J. ClI I, evinced their con.-erti bv
llpe It, d t. ;. ptloQe I 10 I 11 i t i , s , .vllich
w or, pi om pi y an a. red.
Mis. Tyler Mots,, tit w hose aKirt
in, id- t ie tonic- and Mine Could
m, i In Xca York. cau-e th,- issu
'in, ,.f ., f 'final st a t, Iln-li t denying
an in, i vow attributed to her. To
this state, n.. m Mine. C 'aid gave her

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