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FIUBAT, MAT St, 1908.
By the Citizen Publishing Company of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
The Fishing Season Opened May 15
The moat beautiful locatloa on tba moat beautiful river (the Pecoa) In
Mew Mexico. Weather warm, dry and delightful. Can accommodate a
limited number of guests.
OlT-OF-IHKHtS IJPK. Horseback rldln and driving. Fishing, hunt
ing, tennla and camping. A big ranch In fall eperatloa. Addresi Tha Val
ley Kanch, Valley Ranch. New Mealca.
Gvoss Kelly & Co.
Om year by mail In advance
Om month by ninil
Month by carrier within city limits.
, . $5 00
, . .60
,. .60
Entered a seowid -class mat tor at the Poetoffloe of Albuquorqee, N. M.,
snider Act of tXmfrrrMi of March S, 1870.
The only Uluatrated daily ncwiaH-r In New Mexloe and the bc4 ad
vertlfltag medium of Uie Southwest,
The leading Republican ilally and weekly newspaper f the Southwest.
Ttse advocate of Republican principle and the "Square Deal."
Tle finest equipped job leiartment In New Mexico.
The bun reports by Associated ITess and Auxiliary News Service.
Let us be thankful f-r small favors,
The wool market Is looking up,
The billiard and pool tournament at the Commercial club la almost
Texas suffered from a big wind
tumped the state.
the other day, the tlrst since BaJley
How nice It must make Bryan feel,
at Its firsi city election.
Globe, Arizona, went Democratli
a candl-
x-Governor Francis of St. Louis' earnestly adds that he is not
date for vice president. Now, who can we get?
Miss Ethel Roosevelt Is to be a bridesmaid at a fashionable wedding
It is hoped she will not use that as a pretext to get Uie notoriety Alice tried
to acquire.
Old Daddy Piatt and Mae Woods quickly knocked the pins out from
ander that Gunnesa murder farm when It came to catching headlines In
the papers.
Gallup appear to be making a bid for notoriety about equal to Jjaa
Vegas, with an assault case, twenty Indictments, and the theft of a watch
by member of the petit Jury.
Te prevent It going astray, no more freight marked merely with hlero
glyphios will be accepted by the railroads east of the Mississippi river. Noth
ing on record, however, to Indicate that the rebates event went astray.
Has anv'one been trying to steal the credit due the man who brought
Mm Irriiration congress to Albuquerque It has been given out that there Is
to be no politics In the NaUonal Irrigation congress here, this fall.
As the days pass by, it becomes more and more apparent that the Re
publicans will be successful in the coming campaign In this territory. Any
one who Imagines that the Republican party has been crippled by a few
knockers, had better put on a pair of blue goggles and look again.
Doe his wife support hlm?"
'No, but she holds him up every
payday." Houston Post.
New asparagus Is made of bleach
ed gutapercha this year, same as
ever. St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
S:ewed to the gills, wasn't he?"
'What do you think he Is a fish?
Naw, he's got no gills to stop at"
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"What is a parlor socialist?"
"A fellow who thinks he has as
good a right to the girl's affection as
you have." Pittsburg Post.
"Crolng to run again, Senator?"
"Nope. Fact Is. I was hit pretty
hard by the panic, and these vindica
tions come high." Philadelphia Led.
ger. .
But think how much more fright.
ful the hats will look when they're
out of style! New York Evening
"Do you ever buy poetry?"
"Well, I did buy a copy of Tenny
son once," admitted the eilltor.
Philadelphia ledger.
Both the soldiers or the North and South will read of the passing of
General Steven D. Lee, once a lieutenant general of the Confederate army,
with feelings of regret and respect for his memory. A brave officer, a big
nan, a fighter whom his opponents feared, General Lee left a record of which
the Confederacy might well feel proud. Now that all the wounda of war
days have been healed, Lee stands out as one of the finest type of the men
who made that war such a terrible thing, because of their bravery and reckles
daring on the field of batile.
The public. Republican. Democratic and otherwise, will be happy to
know that "music hath a charm to sooth" even a Congressman. A recent
newspaper dispatch reads as follows: "During a fruitless wait for a quorum
In the House, the members 'amused themselves by Indulging In song. The
trains of 'Home, Sweet Home,' 'Way Down Upon the Suwanee River" and
My Old Kentucky Home,' begun by some members on the Democratic side.
were caught up by others on both sides of the chamber and echoed through
the building. The member liberally applauded themselves after each selec
tion while the occupants of the galleries enjoyed the novelty." In the interim
what was being done with legislation?
Now that the Commercial club has taken up the matter of securing some
ort of a detention place for our bad boys, we may expect results. The Com
tnorclal club has a reputation for getting down to business while public meet.
Inga seldom do. The latter, are good enough to arouse public sentiment end
to start the agitation of a subject but they seldom result In anything more.
Pew Leo Die fully realize the problem which the bad boy has raised in this
-city. There are three youngsters now In a cell in the county jail, the oldest
of whom Is only eleven years. Those children are certainly not old enough
to fully realize the end to which their present life will lead them. They are
bright, clever boys, but their energies are all in the wrong direction. It
would be a crime against humanity to make criminals of them before they
reach manhood, all for want of a decent place to keep them and a competent
person to correct thorn. The police have been brought face to face with the
problem of protecting public property first and the bad boy afterwards. The
police are employed to protect life and property not to conduct a school for
the morals of boys. The question of raring for the bad boys of this city can
not be solved too soon. In passing The Citizen respectfully suggests that no
better man could be found to take charge of a house of correction than Dr.
C. E. Lukens, superintendent f the Children's Home Society for the rescue
of homeless children. Dr. Luken's name is brought before the publio by this
paper without his knowledge and only as a suggestion. There are, no doubt,
many competent people in the city for such a work, but by hi experience
and training, Dr. Lukens would make an admirable man for such a place if
lie would consent to act. As a city Juvenile Judge, he would use good Judg
went in dealing with bad boys and his knowledge of the youngsters would
tand him in hand. Hut the first thing now Is to get a detention home where
the pol-ee own send boy prisoners. No common Jail Is a lit place for children
3 ft ere Are Ho tJriJTes
"Well, what's on the bill of iare to.
day 7" Inquired the genial drummer. (
"Reg pardon, sah An guess aeys
fly-specks. Ah'U git yo' anudder,
sah." Judge.
"Did vou ask that man why he
paid rent Instead of owning his own
home?" asked one real estate agent.
"Yes." answered the other. "He
said he didn't. He kept moving."
Washington Star.
Well." said Finnegan, "there's
only wan time whin life ain't worth
'An' whin Is that?" asked Flan-
"Whin ye think It ain't." Catholic
Standard and Times.
'The doctor told her she drank too
much coffee."
"What did she do?"
"He said she could drink half a
much as she was drinking, une
obeyed him, but she made It twice as
strong." Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Missed An Opportunity.
From the Los Angeles Times.
Newport missed an elegant oppor
tunity to give another monkey dinner
while Prince de Pagan was in this
country to act as the guest of honor.
"Oh, I couldn't love him."
"Why not?"
"He wears a wig."
"The very idea!"
Then the dear crenture removed
two rats, some puffs. coronet braid
a pompadour, a switch and sat down
to peruse a novel. Louisville Jour
Rorus (struggling author) That
Inst hook of mine agreeably surprised
you, did It? I am glad to hear that.
Nnggus (literary editor) Yes; I
expected to devote an entire evening
to reading it. It put me to sleep In
five minutes, old fellow. Chicago
"Can you be trusted with a se
cret?" he asked.
(The woman drew herself up
proudly.) "You have known me for
ten years, haven't you 7" she replied.
"Do you know how old I am?"
Philadelphia Ledger.
"I notice she bowed to you. Is she
an old acquaintance?"
"Y-yes; we're slightly acquainted.
In fact, she's a sort of distant rela
tion. She was the first wife of my
second wife's husband." Chicago
By F. C. k.
"I may have missed a whole flock
of the big cathedral and 1 spent pre
cious little time looking at ruins, and
I wasn't In but ono art gallery," the
returned European traveler was tell
ing his friends at the club, "and yet
my three months' tour of the conti
nent wasn't In vain by a Jong shot. I
was fully paid for the Vxpense Just
by one afternoon that ''
"That you spent in that dear Paree,
hey?" Interrupted the man across the
room, puffing away ut the trolley pole
in his mouth.
"Naw, naw," resumed the returned
tourist; "what 1 was going to say was
that 1 got my money's worth one aft
ernoon on thctioul returning.
"Now, any of you who have ever
been abroad have encountered the
'And did you see thai?' bore, haven't
you? That Is, the man on the boat
who keeps springing places on you
that you dldn t take in and w ho goes
so out of his way to make you under
stand w hat a iizziu J ju mini have
made of your trip. He's the same
man you know, who can tell you the
height of most of the cathedral spires
and the coat of the princlpil pieces
of sculpture iu the art galleries.
You've met uo with him. haven't
Three or four of the crowd clenched
their fists and nodded recollection of
the "points of interest" bore.
"I guess you never fail to meet at
leant five or s;x of them on your way
home," went on the returned traveler.
"They certainly were thick on our
"Well, the bunch of them kept
pretty busy with me, asking ine about
the mausoleums and things 1 hadn't
Been. It got to a point where 1 had
to take decisive action or else give
the deep sea fishes a chance to work
me up into a dessert course,
"One afternoon 1 retired to a quiet
corner and ransacked my Baodecker
and pocket atlases until 1 found tho
name of a nice little unheard-of town
that was in the book only because
there would have been a big blank
space on the map at that point. The
town 1 picked must have had Just
about 2ttt men, women children Ik
arms and traveling men. I've forgot
ten the name of it now, but it was
some place in Uermany, and no one
but the man, who got up thu guiuo
book knew It was there. After
found out about it I began to dream
up a good line of dope about that
town. 1 faked up a bunch of generals
from the decisive battles of the old
world who did things there and
lot more haahuushy stuff about the
freak art galleries, thu uuaiu.' birth
places of diseased and deceased he
roes, the queer stunts the natives do
there and a lot of that sort of talk
Then 1 went out to lie in wait for the
bores. 1 hadn't waited long when one
of them started up on his familiar
'and did you see this' symphony.
"Then I turned loose my line of
dope about that town of 26 souls
When they said they'd never even
heard of it I handed them tsonic prel
ty straight talk about the people who
go to Europe and visit all the coin
monphiee points that everybody sees
but don't make any effort to ascer
tain what places are really worth
while to people of erudition and dls
cernmenl I made It as plain as
could thut my own tastes were loo
esoteric to bi satisfied w ith the ufuu
noiiils of Interest that every old
Cook's tourist gets to see. I painted
a great picture of the things to b
seen in that town of mine. All the
boreit put it down in their notebooks
and said they would at least wee. tha
they didn't .lilss it the next time they
mine over, and also tiiat they would
put their friends wise.
"Alter that things were
Life ifl made up of little things.
Even the great events are brought about by series of little affairs and th
g-tavext decisions are the result of unconsidered habits of thought und '.urn
ef temperament.
We live our lives, not by days, but by moments mi l the Joys of the world
lie not at the mountain summit toward which we journey as the end of our
tine of the greatest of English statesmen asked in h-s old age what had
been the greatest Joy of his triumphant life, answered: "Following the
The high ambi.ions, even when fully realized, are not the source of the
truest happiness. That is f "ind in the little domestic jovv friendship and
the humble blessings that ire common to us all.
Nature moves through tile endless cycle "f the seasons by a ceaseless
erles of tritles. What could be less inipor.uot , iian the budding of a single
fcra-f? Yet. multiplied and continue.:, it becomes the mo.-t momentous pro
Cess In the world.
Grant Allen, In one of his charming eBsavs. tells us th.it for a long time
Ciere has been a content between tho squirrels and the nuts, which has re
sulted iu important coi eon. nces to both. To resist the squ'nrels the nuts
have been for centuries thickening their shells, and to meet th changing
oondi'.ions the squirrels liie been strengthen ,g and sharpening their teeth,
with the result that the if'-helled nuts that once tued to grow In the hablt.it
of Ola squirrel have a'l been eaten, and the squ rrels with dull teeth, not be
ing able to live where wd. nuts still grow, have all starved to death.
SimpTe forces such as tills are at work in en iless variety all through
nature and human life.
Things ordinarih of great i onscquenco may become trifles. It Is told
nf one of Nanoleon's marshals at Marengo that as he was giving instructions
to some generals, and pointing out to them the places hei troops were to
l. hurriedh massed, a bullet ru; .ff his extended finger. The great marshal
grave one glance at the bleeding stump, and then, with "As I won saying gen
tlemen." extended atm'her tine r and continued his Instructions.
One of the most uillicult things In l.fe is to view things in roopcr per
spective. "I" that are really of no consequence w are apt to lizard as of
treat Importance. h le little habits, Impulse and Ideals that, If follow ed.
y ould had onward and upward, are ap: to be neglectea.
Taking It Easy.
From the Kansas City Star.
When Judge Oray of Delaware said
he would not run for president he did
nt mean thnt he would not continue
to Jog along In an easy lope. He
merely meant that he did not propose
to get all out of breath In a race that
seems to have the appearance of
having been fixed.
Same Mistake Is Made by Mull
Albuquerque IVople.
"Hee whiz!" said fleorge for the
twentieth time, "It makes me mad
very time I think of the tin I lost
today. I actually feel as If I d like to
have somebody kick me."
"Hy the way. Oeorge." snid the
lenr girl dreamily, "don't you think
you'd better spenK to ratner mis
evening?" Philadelphia Press.
The MngniuteN hi Jail.
From the Chicago Evening Post.
"So you iieonle nut a couple of
magnates In Jail on heavy fines, did
you?" asks the Investigating reformer
"Yes." replied the native. "We
fined them the limit; they wouldn't
pay. and we put them In eells."
"That's a good example."
"Is It? Within two days they or
ganized the prisoners, guards and
Jailers In the International Fenalty
Company, Issued $600,000,000 In
bonds, paid the fines of all the pris
oners, left ua with n mnr.gage on the
jail and the courthouse, and stuck
the surplus money In their pockets."
Wool Hide and Pelt
Albuquerque and Las
Gi?oss Kelly & Co
o u
The Sheath Oowii hlfli Startled
Paris and Huh Iteoohed Anierun.
It's a common error
To plaster the aching back,
To rub with liniments rheumatic
When the trouble conies from th
kidneys. '
Doan's Kidney Pills cute all kidney
And are endorsed by Aibuquerqu
Ed. A. Uellly, living at 513 W. Frul
avenue, Albuquerque, N. M., says
"For pain In the back or any trou
bles which arise from Irregularity
the kidneys there Is, In my opinion, no
medicine equal to Doan's Kidney
Pills. The value of this remedy was
first proven to me about a year ago
when they so quickly relieved me of
an attack of pain acro.ss my loins.
Since then I have scarcely been with
out them and they have never failed
to give the desired results. My ad
vice to all complaining of backache
or fault with the kidneys Is to take
Doan s Kidney Pills. They are what
they are recommended to be and a
trial is all that is needed to prove
For sH'.e by all dealers. Price 60
cents. Fnster-MUburn Co.. Buffalo.
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. Sa
- JH
J. D. Eakln, President
O. Oloml, Vice President.
Cha. Mellnl, Secretary
O. Bachechl, Treasurer.
Consolidated Liquor Company
Saeeeesora to
Wines. Liquors and Cigars
W k0p 0wrytblna la Hook to outfit tho
most tottldloa bar oomplolo
Have been appointed exclusive agents In the Southwest for Joe. 8.
Sehlltz. Wm. Ijeinp and St. Louis A. B. C. Breweries: Xellestone,
Green River. W. U. Mc Brayer's Ocdar Brook, Louis Hunter. T. J
Monarch, and other brands of whiskies too numerous to mention.
But sell the straight article a received from, the best Wlnenea
Distilleries and Breweries In the United States. Call and Inspect
our Stock and prices, or write for Illustrated Catalogue and Price
List. Issued to dealers only.
null rtiiirii '.itLmu niiu uiuvni njjLv inviuiiLj
Extends to Depositors Every Proper Accommodation
and Solicits New Accounts
When your food seems to nauseate
take Kodo). Take Kodol now and
til you know you are right again
There ten't any doubt about what M
will do and you will find tha truth of
this statement verified after you nave
used Kodol for a few weeka. It la sold
here by J. H. O'Rielly Co.
The diiectoire
sensation w hlch
gown, Paris- latest
has already reached
America is a most startling crea
tion. It needs "trouseiettes," gener-
lly of blue satin, and also form-fit
ting. These are daintily cuspiayeu
through a slit on each side of tne
gown. Most specimens of the dlrec-
toire or sheath gown so far snown in
England and America are of a "Lon
don smoke" color.
Whooping Cough.
"In February our daughter had the
whooDlng cough. Mr. Lane, of Hart-
land, recommended Chamberlain'
Cough Remedy and said It gave hie
customers the best of satisfaction. We
found it as he said, and can recotn
mend It to anyone having children
troubled with whooping cough," aay
Mrs. A. Goss, of Durand, Mich. For
sale by all druggists.
i i n
Subscribe for the Cltiien and ra
the newa
CAPITAL. S150.000
W. S. STRICKLER, Vice President and Cashier
W. J. .JOHNSON, Assistant Cashier
William Mcintosh, J. C. Baldridge,
A. M. Blackwell. O. K. Cromwell.
Convenience - Comfort - Security
The telephone makes the
duties lighter, the eares less
and the worries fewer.
The telephone preserves
your health, prolongs your life
and protects your borne.
"Renders &e Banking'
Service That Counts
for Business
State National BanK

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