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I -------
I- t.
Why .
Bemuse The Cltlxen la a
home paper. It Is either
delivered by carrier at
the lioufle or Is carried
home by , the business
man when his day's work
to done and It STAYS
THERE. A morning pa
Ier la usually carried
down town by the head
of the family and hur
riedly read.
The Citlien Is not read
hurriedly, but thorough
ly, so tliat all advertise,
menta receive tlielr share
of attention. It presents
the store news a little
ahead, giving the pros
pective purchaser thne to
plan a shopping tour for
IlK' next morning.
Wise advertisers patron
! The Citizen because
they know their adver
llMnients arc seen and
rejid at tlx- homes In the
evening, and If they are
offering Hoiiiethlug worthy
of attention, their ad lias
accomplished Its mission.
Tlie (1lien lias never
given premiums to sub-et-rllers,
but is subscribed
to and paid fur on It
news merits, showing
that Its subscribers have
money with which to buy
what they want from
legitimate m e r c h a nta.
These are tlie people
'Hie Citla-n Invites to
your More.
The Citizen employs a
man hose busine It Is
to look after your adver
tising wants. He will
write your copy ( if you
wish, i If not, he will se
that your mis are "net
up" to look tlielr best
and lie will attend to
them from day to day.
Are you advertising In
The Citiieii? Your com
petitors are, and are
profiting by It. Do yoa
think conservative bust
iiesn tnen are spending
money where Uiey are
not getting results? Get
in the swiui and watch
your business grow.
Is the Best
i a
medium t
I Albuquerque
Like to Ik- Stankcd.
The Hoswell Record loot out on
H inkle, but is now shelling the woods
for Larrazolo. There is no flies on
the Democracy of the Record. Roos
evelt County Herald.
The I'lisquelchable Ctirren.
J. K. Curren of the Melrose Head
light has announced that he will es
tablish a Ueniocratlo newspaper at
Cliivts. Evidently Mr. Curren wants
t keep up his reputation of being a
great m;in to establish newspapers.
1'ortales Time.
A Little Ancient History.
Don't believe the man who says he
never saw a year like this in this
country until you find out how long
he has lived here. If he has only
been here six or seven years believe
lvnK but if he has been here nine,
don't, for In 1S99 we had Just such a
year. Springer Stockman.
Hurrah For Ireland.
Harry John.-xm, a ranchman and
farmer of Capltan, was In Carrlzozo
a short time Monday. Mr. Johnson
came to that country from England
about four years ago, has Invested
some good English coin there, and, in
spite of his Johnny Bull training,
makes a decent sort of a citizen.
Carrizozo News.
Those Primary Rules.
The rules for the coming Demo
cratic primaries contains the follow
ing clause: "Bach voter must pledge
himself on his honor, to support the
Democratic ticket as nominated."
There are many Democru-g who will
be "long" on honor June and no
Republican will think of r.lxing up in
such a deal. Pecos Valley News. 1
Before You, Alplionsc.
The baseball game at Wlllard last
Sunday was as pleasant an affair as
has happened in the valley In a long
time. The Wlllard boys proved them
selves gentlemen, and all Wlllard took
pleasure in showing their hospitality
to the Estancians. We have heard
nothing but words of praise for our
neighbors all week, and gladly record
hi rewith the thanks of our people to-
w.ir.l our neighbors on the south.
Estanela News.
Life In Dear Itaton.
Members of the Ancient Order of
old Soaks and the Brotherhood of
Kn.ghty Bo's will be shocked to learn
that hereafter on the second appear
ance before Police Judge Bayue ihey
will be nsses.'ed $10 and ten days in
stead of the time honored "live and
live." On the third trip they, will get
"tifteen and fifteen" with a regular
mldition each time thereafter. it Is
probable that most of them will retire
to their country estates to recover
from the effects of the cruel news.
For, be it known that the members
of the city chain gang rise early In
the morning and dine upon a ten cent
breakfast, after which he goeth forth
ami laboreth diligently upon the
boulevards. At luncheon he again eat
i tli for ten cents.
And then doe he go under the
shade of trees and lie in Idleness?
Nay, not he. He repaireth again to
the place for labor and under the
gaze of a cold, vlsnged being with a
Hailing gun, he levelutb. the highway.
When the sun sjnketh he Is pried
loose from his shovel and lest vllllans
break Into the ranks he is guarded to
a place of shelter for the night.
Here a fashionable one-course, ten
cent dinner Is served amid Joyfulness.
and music upon stringed instruments
During the night he lieth upon a
fifteen cent bed and dreams of ten
cent meals and a happy old age spent
upon the streets of Raton. Raton
J. It. rook. rfen Marcial; John C.
Tnylor. Kansas City; J. R. Shaft, De
troit; S. Luna an. I wife, Los Lunas;
J. It. Flnsdule, St. Louis; J. S. Carton,
Galveston; S. M. Sunth, Las Vegas;
Ella Rrunk. South Boston; A. P.
Amaker, Denver; W. A. Eldrldge,
Denver; I. H. Roberson. Pullman Co.;
E. M. Howard, El Paso; M. B. Ben
son, Denver; Chas. C. Hill, Denver;
E. B. Humphrey, Raton; H. B. l-inje,
El Paso; H. Neal. Kansas City; Mrs.
H. Huntsman, Miss J. K. Paynker,
Mrs. Montgomery, Chas. E. Easter
linK, Kansas City; O. C. Watson, San
la tW; Jack Willman aiei wife, Ohio;
Mrs. H. M. Dougherty, Marjorie and
Ruth Dougherty. Socorro; A. B.
Goodman, Louisiana; Chas. J. Lex,
Oakland: J. H. Langdon, Denver;
Mrs. John Wetenhall, Fort Defiance,
Ariz.; Alma. Irene Go-stl, Washington,
D. C.
SI urges.
W. C. Clark. Chicago; I. H. Minify.
Ruswell; D. McG.liivery. Estancla; E.
H. Bushooth, Laguna; Geo. Hoffman,
Belen; Miss Oliva Kenebeck, Belen;
11. A. Tsylor. Okla.; John E. N.-lson.
Clevis; H. Emi7 Dans, ivl-n; J. W.
Sti-wart. Helen; M. Wlshhrein. Berna
lillo; p. R. Roberts, Iaguna. J. R.
Rake, Swanee; H. C. Mcl'onn. II, San
ta Kc; E. Ergston, Lincoln.
C. I. Jones, Las Vegas; Mrs, ,F. W.
London. Clifton; F. M. Ward. Wins
low; C. J. Bether, Winslow; E. Hin
son. Phoenix; G, C. Goff. Oklahoma:
D. Posh, Oklahoma; L. B. Lambson,
Ohio; Rrother James, Brother Am
brose, Santa Fe.
Frank Irvln and mother, Needles;
J. C. Pollard, Clarence, Okla.; Mrs.
A. W, Moore, Prescot", Arizona.
Grand Central.
A. E'chwald, Cuba. N. M.; C. A.
Smith, Las Vegas; 11. A. Pitua. Las
Veen; Wslter Grow, W!nlnw; R. H.
Fields. Ruth Fields, Prescott. Ariz.
Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup Is
the one that children like so well to
take as it tastes nearly as good as
maple suger. It acts gently yet freely
on the bowels and thereby It drives
the cold out of the system. It Is sold
by J. H . O'Rielly Co.
FOR RENT Nice, large furnished
rooms. 809 8. Broadway.
FOR RENT ' room house, SOI
North Second.
FOR SALE Chickens; also portable
coops. 904 Williams street.
FOR . SALE Best transient and
rooming house In the city. Inquire
Bos 44.
FOR SALE BuKgy and harness;
good for groceries and for butcher.
S65 South Hroadway.
FOR SALE: A fine Hardman piano,
good as new, beautiful tone. A
chance to possess an Instrument of
unexcelled make at Just half what
It Is worth. On exhibit at Whit
aon's Music Store. 124 South Sec
ond street. Albuquerque.
FOR SALE Cheap, one Emerson
dusk fan, used one month; also two
'window shades feet wide; two
window shades 2 feet wide, suit
able for 'store. The Parisian, S1Z
West Central.
FOR SALE Modern house. 8 rooms.
bath and electric lights; for sale at
once. Call at 309 S. Broadway for
FOR SALE: Underwood typewriter,
very latest model: sacrifice. Ad
dress P. O. Box 178. . '
FOR SALE: 100 head of horses, 50
mares, 60 geldings, weigh from 760
to 80t pounds. Inquire Nathan
Barth, Albuquerque.
FOR SALE Underwood typewriter.
150. at Millet Studio, 21S West Cen
tral wvenue.
FOR SALE: At a bargain, a brand-
new Stevens shotgun, never been
fired. A high grade and thorough
ly modern gun. Inquire at The
Citizen office.
: r-
In 5 and 10 acre tracts,' within tw
miles of the city limits; at J20 to $76
per acre. Also a ranch of 1500 acres,
all valley land, at $30 per acre.
On Fourth street, 'at $50 per acre.
Other small tracts 'at proportional
prices. Money to loan on approved
security. Address
Felle J. Gurule,
Room 19, Armljo Block, 304 West
Central Avenue, Albuquerque. N. M.
Notice of Restoration of Public
Lands to Settlement and Entry De
partment of the Interior, General
Land Office, Washington, D. C, May
6, 19U8. Notice is hereby given that
the public lands in the following de
scribed areas which were excluded
from the Manzano National Forest,
New Mexico, by the proclamation of
the President of the United States,
dated April IS, 1908, If not otherwise
withdrawn, reserved or appropriated,
will by authority of the Secretary of
the Interior be restored to the public
domain on August 1, 1908, and be
come subject to settlement on and
after that date, but not to entry, filing
or selection until on and after August
31, 1908, under the usual restrictions.
at the United States land office at
Santa Fe, New Mexico: That part of
the Town of Casa Colorada grant In
eluded within the former Manzano
National Forest; In Township one (1),
Range three (3), that part of Sections
twenty-five (26) and thirty-six (3
not In Sevllleta grant; all Township
one (1), Range four (4) not in said
grant; all Township two (2), Range
four (4) not In private grants; all
Township one (1), Range five (a); in
Township two (2). Range five (6).
Sections one (1), two (2), the east
half, south half of northwest quarter,
and southwest quarter of Section
three (3), the soutu half of north
half, and the sourh half of Section
four (4). that part of Sections five
iZ), seven (7) and eight (8), not In
grant. Sections nine (9) to thirty-six
(36), both Inclusive; in Township
three (I), Range five (5), the south
half of Section thirty-five (15), the
east half and the southwest quarter
of Section thlrty-alx (I); all Town
ships one (1) and two (2), Range six
(6); In Township three (1), Range
ilx (), the south half of Section
eleven (11), Sections twelve (12),
thirteen (13) and fourteen (14), the
loutheast quarter of Section fifteen
(15), the south half of Section
fifteen (16), the south half of Section
twenty-one (21), Sections twenty-two
(22) to twenty-eight (28), both In
clusive, the east half and the south
west quarter of Section twenty-nine
(29), Sections thirty-one (31) to thirty-six
(36), both inclusive; all North
and East. New Mexico Principal Me
ridian. Warning is hereby expressly
given that no person will be per
mitted to gain or exercise any right
whatever under any settlement
or occupation begun prior to August
1, 1908, and all such settlement or
occupation is hereby forbidden. Fred
Dennett, Commissioner of the General
Land Oihce. Approved May . 1908.
Frank Pierce. First Assistant Secre
tary of the Interior.
liacklens Arnica Salve Win
Tom Moore, of Rural Route 1
Cochran, Oa.. writes: "I had a bs
ore come on the Instep of my foo
snd could find nothing that woulr
heal It until I applied Bucken'a Ar
nlca Salve, Less than half of a tl
cent box won the way for me by af
fecting a perfect cure." Sold unde
guarantee at all dealers.
Subscribe for The ClOass
WANTED Porter at the Southern
WANTED To exchange horns In Cal
ifornia for Albuquerque property.
For particulars call 411 8. Walter.
WANTED A good bread and cake
baker. L. E. Folds, First National
Bank building.
WANTED Grain mcks, brass, lead.
copH'r, sine, peMter, aluminum, tin
foil ami rublM-r K. W. I Ye, 602-604
South first St. l'lM)iie IS.
WANTED Ladles to call and see our
new styles In millinery at reduced
prices. Miss C. P. Crane, (II North
Second street. Ladles' tailoring and
dressmaking. Phone 944. Appren
tices wanted.
WANTED Ladles to make aprons;
IS. (SO dozen. No cost to get work.
Materials sent prepaid. Enclose
stamped addressed envelope. Home
Apron A Dress Co., Los Angeles,
bodied, unmarried men, between
ages of 18 and 35; citizens of Unit
ed States, of good character and
temperate habits, who can speak,
read and writs English. For In
formation apply to Recruiting Office,-,
203 E. Central Ave., Albu
querque, New Mexico.
WANTED Capable salesman to cov
er New Mexico with staple line.
High commissions, with 1100
monthly advance. Permanent posi
tion to right man. Jess H. Smith
Co.. Detroit, Mich.
WANTED Live, energetic men for
exclusive territory agency of "In
dex" Kerosene Burner converts
coal oil Into gas gives one hun
dred candlepower burns on man
tle Instantaneous seller. Write at
once. Coast Lighting Company,
92n Tesler Way, Seattle.
SA LFSM TNFirst class all round
hustler to cover unoccupied terri
tory selling staple line to retail
trade. Technical knowledge un
necessary. Permanent to right
man. $30.00 weely. Expenses ad
vanced. Frank R. Jennings, Sales
Manager, Chicago.
ONE exclusive agent for every town
to take orders for made-to-measure
suits for men and women; $100
monthly or more easily earned;
sample outfit, 250 styles newest
woolens, in handsome carrying case,
free of cost. Opportunity to estab
lish prosperous and growing busi
ness without Investment. Full In
structions with every outfit. Apply
today. The Eagle Tailoring Co.,
Dept. 37, 212-218 Franklin St., Chl
ca go.
work for small salaryT You can
earn Hi to $150 per day: others
are doing It; -you can do likewise.
If you desire to Increase your sal
ary and elevate yourself, write for
our free book. "How to Become a
Professional Auctioneer.'' Address
Chicago School of Auctioneering,
cyce Bldg., Chicago.
WANTED Traveling men and soilc'
tors calling on druggists, confection
ers, etc.. covering Albuquerque and
surrounding territory and states, to
carry our celebrated line of choco
lates on good commission basis.
Bowes Allegrettl, 35 River St.. Chi
cago. i
WANTED Salesman, experienced lri
any line, to sell general trade In
New Mexico. Liberal commissions
with $36 weekly advance. One
salesman earned SI. 261. 52. his first
two months with us. The Contin
ental Jewelry Co.,. Cleveland, ; Ohio.
WANTED A real (fenotne Salesman,
a man who has ability and who will
work for us as hard and eonscien
tously as he would for himself, to
represent us exclusively in Arizona
and New Mexico. We have a large,
well known and In every way first
class line af Calendars, Advertis
ing Specialties and Druggists La
bels and Boxes, and our line la so
attractive and varied that each and
every business In every town In the
country, without regard to slie, ran
be successfully solicited. Our goods
are very attractive, but no more so
than our reasonable prices, aad ws
know from the experience of others
who have been and are- now In oar
employ that any bright hustling
man who has good average ability
no is wiung " wora can maaei
with us from $50 to $160 per week. I
Must be ready to commence work
at once. Commissions liberal. Onrl
company was organised In 1881. We!
are capitalized for $200,000. Ws
state this simply to show that we
are responsible and mean business.
If you do. It 111 pay you to write
Silea Manager, Merchants 'Publish,
lng Co., Kalamazoo, Mich. Enclose
this advertisement with your appli
cation. Think It Saved IBs Life.
Lester M. Nelson, of Naples, Main
says In a recent letter: "I have us
Dr. King's New Discovery many year
for coughs and colds, aad I think t
savd my I fe. I have found It a re
liable remedy for throat and lunj
complaints, and would no more ",v
without a bottle than I would b
wlthout food." For nearly fori
years New Discovery has stood at th'
head of throat and lung remedies. A
a preventive of pneumonia and beale
of weak lungs it has no equal. Sol'
under guarantee at all dealers. 60
and $1.00. Trial bottle fres.
On Furniture, Pianos, Organs Horses,
Wagons and other Chattels also en
CEIPTS, a low as $10 and as high as
$200. Loans are quickly made and
strictly private. Time: One month
to one year given. Goods remain In
your possession. Our rates are reas
onable. Call and see us before th
Steamship tickets te and from all
parts of the world.
Rooms 8 and 4, Grant Bldg.
$03 H West Railroad Ave.
Open Evenings.
WANTED Agents, either sex, earn
$60 to $100 per week selling ex
quisitely embroidered pongee silk
waist patterns, dress patterns,
drawn work waists. National Im
porting Co., Desk D, 699 Broadway,
New York.
AGENTS wanted for the most rapid
selling household necessity
earth. : Every woman buys one on
sight Send 19 cents for sample
and full Information to Sales Man
ager, 182 Brlnckerhoof Ave, Utlca,
New York.
HONEST AGENTS 10 days' credit.
New circular ready. 8oaps selling
better than ever. Write. Parker
' Chemical Co., Chicago.
$1.25 PER WORD Inserts classified
ads. In $6 leading papers In U. 8.
Bend for list. The Dake Advertis
ing Agency. 427 South Main street,
Los Angeles.
MARRY your choice. Particular peo.
pis, everywhere. Introduced with
out publicity; no fakes; details fres.
Address. A. C, box 13S8, Los An
geles, Cal.
factories, railroad shops, etc. Re
moves grease dirt quickly; Immense
sales; amazing profits. Parker
Chemical Co., Chicago.
MARRY your choice. Particular peo
ple, everywhere. Introduced without
publicity; no fakes; details free. Ad
dress, A. C, box 1938. Los Angeles,
and buggy furnished our men for
traveling, and $86 per month and
expenses, to take orders for the
greatest portrait house In the world.
You will receive, postpaid, a beau
tiful 18x20 reproduction of oil
painting In answer to this ad. Write
for particulars. R. D. Martel, Dept.
927, Chicago.
HERE'S a chance for you to make
money. Our representatives make
$10 a day; so can you. Immediate
seller and exclusive territory
Agents csn carry as side line. C. F.
Pennewell, Mgr., 162 Mutual Life
Bldg.. Seattle, Washington.
Territory of New Mexico 4 Per Cent
Sealed proposals will be received by
the undersigned Treasurer of the Tcr.
rltory of New Mexico, a: Santa Fe,
New Mexico, until July 25th, 1908, at
10 o'clock a. m., for the following de
scribed bonds of the Territory . of
New Mexico. Delivery to be mads at
New York, Chicago, St. Louis or Den
ver. .
$50,000 capltol Improvement bonds
of the Territory of New Mexico, $25,.
000 of which are to be dated June 1st,
1907, and $25,000 to be dated Decem
ber 1st, 1907, due In thirty years from
their date and optional on and after
twenty years from date of Issue; pay
able In New York bearing Interest at
the rate of four per cent per annum,
payable semi-annually In New York.
No bids for less than par end accrued
Interest from date of last matured
coupon will be entertained; the right
being reserved to reject any or all
bids. The Acts of the Territorial Leg
islative assembly authorising the
above described Issue of bonds were
approved by Act of Congress entitled
"An Act to validate certain acts of
the Thirty-seventh Legislative Assem
bly of the Territory of New Mexico,"
approved April 1st, 1908.
1 Treasurer of New Mexico.
Resolved that all orders for
supplies of 'any and all kinds
and for alt purposes ba made out
4 on the regular requisition blank
of the Irrigation Congress pro-
vlded for that purpose, and said
requisition . must be signed by
4 chairman of the auditing com-
mlttee, or In his absence by tie O
4 acting chairman; that all bills
Incurred must be properly
Touchered before payment and
audited at any meeting o.' the
4 auditing committee, by the
4 chairman of said committee, or
In his absence by the acting
4 ctalrman.
Kodol completely dtgwts all classes
of fond. It will get rlgh at the trouble
and do the very work Itself for the
stomach. It Is pleasait to take. Sold
9. Hi vie. 7niritiiTr
The Complete
House Furnishers
20B W. Gold Av:
Have the finest thin In the oven
line fur a pas or pasoline stove.
Call and let us show them to you.
PRICE $2.25
FOR RENT 23 room room
ing house, new and modern;
will be ready about Sept. 1, 08.
FOR RENT a store rooms,
size 2x50 ft.; good location.
FOR SALF Rooming house,
28 rooms, doing good business;
centrally loomed; reasons for
11)11 SALF Modern 8 room
residence, brick, good location,
on terms or cash; $4,000.
Get a Travelers' Accident and
Health Policy. Money to Loan.
M. L. SCinUTT.
210 South Second Street.
Fifteen acre of very good land
nndcr Irrigation, four miles aortJu
of town, well fenced with barbed
wire and cedar posts; 1750.00
cash, i
j ;..',' I . : 1 . j i . I
Fifty acres flrot rlnss Irrigated
land, three inlle from the city,
under high state of cultivation,
fenced ivlth htirlied wire and large
cedar posts; price per acre, $75.00.
A bout 100 acres, of rlrt class
irrlgntml land, located four miles
north of town, 50 acres under
cultivation (Inst year was planted
In wheat), uell fenced with four
ulrea and cedar posts, main ditch
runs ' through . laud, title perfect.
Price for the whole tract, for a
short time only S6500.00. This
Is a snap for somebody. ,
RepJ Estate and Loans. Natary
Public, lift W. Gold Ave.
A little forethought may save you
no end of trouble. Anyone who makes
It a rule to keep Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea remedy
Vl . rwf Vniwa ll trt ha a , n ...
sate by 'all druggists. L Ul
mo CURE the LUNC3
Sr. King's
Nov; Discovery
Wo A I. on.
- ) i i a trial Bonis free
Physician and Surgeon.
Highland offlee 610 South Wait
Street. Phone 1020.
Homeopathic Physldsns and Bj
geons. Over Venn's Drug fjtora,
Office III- Residence 1011.
Vn . I
Rooms S and S, BarneU Bulldlaa
Ohm r'T1 lll...-
Appointments made by
m . .
Office boun, 8 a. m. to 13:80 .
1.30 to 6 p. m.
Apolntmcnta mule t .n
306 West Central Avenue. Phoa
R. W. D. Bryan
Attorney at law
Office, First National Hank Building,
Albuquerque, N. M.
Attorney at Law
Office, Cromwell Block,
Albuquerque, N. M.
Attorney at Law
Pensions, l4nd - Patents, Copyrights;
Caveats, Letter Patents, Trade
Marks, Claims.
32 F Street, N. M., Waslungton, D. C
Attorney at Law
Of Ace 117 West Gold A venae
Architect . ,
1221 South Walter.
Phone IN
Insurance, Real Estate, Notary '
Public -;
Rooms 13 and 14, Cromwell fllnssj.
Albuquerque, N. M. Phone 1M
A. E. WALK Kit
Fire Insurance)
Secretary Mutual Building
SIT West Central Arena.
' Veterinary.
Surgery and leutlstry a Specialty '
403 South Edith Phone 405.
No Need of Suffering From RJieum
tlsm. It Is a mistake to allow rheumatism
to become chronic, as the pain
always be relieved, and in hmm
4 curs effected by applying Ciambar-
mins raim Balm. The relief fror
pain which It affords Is alone worts
many times Its cost. It makes alse
and r.ut possible. Even In cases at
long standing this liniment hon&4
be used on account of the relief wblea
it arrords. Do not be discouraged
until you hve riven it a trial, nmmm
sufferers have been surprised and de
ngniea witn its paln-relleving qaaiV
tles. 25 and SO cent slses tar Mia ha
all druggists. i ,
Malr Drestttr and Chiropodist.
Urs. Bambini at
poslte the Alvarado and next door to
Sturge' cafe. Is prepared to sirs
thorough sen In initmui a C.
dressing, treat corns, bunions and ia-
sruKing nans. she gives massags
treatment and manicuring. Mrs.
llamblnl's omn nr-r,. -.!,. . -7
plbxlon cream builds up the skin j4
ImBravAa ih, ..n ..... i . .. i j .
guaranteed not tn ha inin.imi. av.
also prepares a hair tonic that cures
snd prevents dandruff and hair fil
ing out; restores life to dead hair:
removes moles, warts and suparfleius
hair. Massage treatment by vibrator
machines. For any blemish of the
face call and consult w-i Bum bio'
Cleans any and everything and doss)
It right. The best In the southwest.
All he asks Is a trial. Clothes cleaned.
epalred and pressed. Just call mm
(SO Works. 121 N. Third atract
Meet fc-very Friday Evening V
At I Fh.rn
J F. f
E. W. Moors, C. C W
D. K. Phlllpps. Clerk. V
41 West ltmA Aa a.
a COMB. m

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