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MO.N'DAY, JANUARY 11, 190.
nxiiM net
Hang 'Em Up Early f
They Reach More People Daily Than You Can See In a Month
WANT1W Clean rags at the Citizen
WAITED Information regarding
farm or business for sale; not par
ticular ajout location; wish to hear
from owner only, who will sell di
rect to buyer; give price, descrip
tion, and etate when possession can
be had. Address L. Darbyshlre,
Box 2030, Rochester, N. T. .
WAHTBi By experienced lady sten
ographer, situation as cither sten
ographer r assistant book-keeper.
Reference furnished. Address, Box
ItS CUstea, N. M.
WANTED success Magasrne require
tha services of man In Albuquer
que to look after expiring subscrlp
Uobs and to secure new business by
means of special methods unusual
ly effective; position permanent;
prefer one with experience, bat
would consider any applicant with
good natural qualifications; salary
11.10 per day, with commission op
tion. Address, with references, ft.
C. Peacock, room IIS, Success
Magazine Bldg., Nejv York.
furnished Rooms
POU RENT Two fine rooms and
two cheap rooms for light house
keeping. Mrs. Rutherford, 517 So.
FOR RENT Two furnluhed rooms
for light housekeeping; close busi
ness center; low rent. Jno. M.
Moere Realty Co., 219 W. Copper.
WANAKD Capable salesman to cover
New Mexico with staple line. High
cemiaisslens, with $100 monthly
advance. Permanent position to
right man. Jess H. Smith Co., De
troit, Mich.
SALESMEN Experienced In any line
to sell general trade In the south
west. An unexcelled specialty prop
osition. Commissions with S35
weekly advance for expenses. The
Continental Jewelry Co., Cleveland,
SALESMAN WANTED for 1909 who
has had experience In any line, to
sell general trade in New Mexico
an unexcelled specialty proposition.
Commissions with 135 weekly ad
rasce for expenses. Our season
opens January 4th. The Continental
Jewelry Co.. Cleveland, unto.
VANTKD 500 experienced salesmen
of good address at once to sell
Mexican lands; big commission;
our best men are making $500 to
$1,089 a month; everybody buys
land. Mexican West Coast Com
pany, Kansas City, Mo
WANTED Honest, energetic sales
men to sell a general line of high
grade food products to hotels, res
taurants, farmers, ranchers and
other large consumers. Experience
unnecessary; we teach you the
business; exclusive territory. Our
goods are guaranteed full weight,
full measure and in every way
meet the reuirements of all pure
food laws. Exceptional opportun
ity; write today for particular
John Sexton & company, Whole
sale Qrovers, Lake & Franklin sts.,
BIO MONET made selling our line
of Gasoline Lighting Systems which
Is the most extensive, mod rn and
up-to-date manufactured under one
roof. Our latest Inverted light Is
a wonler; 800 candle power; gen
erated and lighted from the floor;
can be turned down to a very low
pitch; will stand any draught;
suitable for the store or home; ow
ing to Its patentable features we
we can protect you frcm ccKpett
tlon. A five year guarantee vrrA
each system; a proven success; de
mand enormous; quick seller; big
money maker; exclusive territory.
Knight Light Co., 90-100 Illinois
St., Chicago. 111.
SALESMEN intert-Biea in Post Card
side line, write for our new offer.
Free sample outfit, highest com
missions. We manufacture com
plete line of albums, etands, card,
lews. Continental Art Co., 336 W.
Monroe St., Chicago.
SALESMAN Experienced, to sell our
line cakes and candy specialties to
the retail grocery trade In Albu
querque and adjoining territory.
Lowest prices; hlghert quality; lib
eral commission contract; exclusive
territory. The Roaer-Runkle Com
pany, Kenton, Ohio.
MEN Take orders for the largest
portrait house. Some of our men
are making $300 a month, ho can
you. Address. National Art and
Crayon Co., Dept. 4 4 7. Chicago.
Business Opportunities
WANTED Man with small capital.
Take charge of territory for mer
chandising business; write for par
ticulars. Pope Automatic Mer
chandising Company. Corn Ex
change Bank Building, Chicago.
M'WKY TO LOAN Any amount on
.1:t c'as real estate security A.
llojitta. 215 W. Gold.
A vote uguinst tlus rYi( bunds U a
jie uirulu.'-t Greater Albuquerque.
FOR RENT 3 rooms at lit West
Gold avenue.
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms,
with bath. 1303 West Tijeras ave
nue. FOR RENT Redmen hall, first and
third Wednesdays, $5. Chas. Kep
peler, hall manager, 317-31$ So.
Second street.
FOR RENT Three nice large sunny
rooms for light housekeeping. Low
rent. Apply at rear 624 Wet Cen
tral ave.
FOR RENT Portion of good ware
house; easy ef access for drays e
llvering or hauling goods. Innulre
this office.
FOR SALE Ranches, all izc. near
city. A. Montoya, 215 W. Gold avc.
FOlt .SALE Modern 6-room brick
house, fine location. A. Montoya,
215 ?. Gold.
FOlt SALE We have 3, 4 and 6
room houses for sale, cash or on
easy terms. Stop paying rent. Por
terfield Co., 216 West Oold avenue.
KOR'saLE ResldenoesTrancnes and
city lots; some good bargains. Rio
Grande Valley Land Ce., Jehn Bor
radaile, agent. Corner Third and
Gold avenue.
FOR SALE How many years have
you paid rent? About time to stop
isn't it? Let us show you a house
for sale same ns rent. Porterfleld
Co., 216 West Oold.
I Oil SALE A good cow and a gentle
burro. Inquire at this office or 1126
North Second street.
FOR SALE Or will exenange for Al
buquerque real estate, eight fine
residence lots at Long Beach, Cal.
Apply at Citizen office. tf
FOR SALE A fine Hardman piano,
good as new, beautiful tone. A
chance te possess an Instrument of
unexcelled make at Just half what
it Is worth. On exhibit at Whit
son's Music store, 124 South Sec
ond street, Albuquerque.
FOR SALE Transient hotel and
. rooming house. Box 44.
FOR SALE Extracted honey, 10
pounds for $1.00; 60-lb. can for
$5.00. Order by postal of W. P.
Allen, P. O. box 20$, Albuquerque,
N. M.
FOR SALE Saddle pony, suitable
fsr lady or boy. Drop card to 31$
Pacific avenue and horse will be
brought for inspection.
WANTED Men, ulckly by big Chi
cago Mall Order House to distrib
ute catalogues, advertise, etc. $35
a week.' $60 expense allowance first
month. No experience reuired.
Manager. Dept. 501, 385 Wabash
ave., Chicago.
WANTED Agents to sell newly pat
ented rapid selHng household spe
cialty (or manufacturers; great de
mand with large profits. Address
Manufacturer, P. O. Box 1708,
Pittsburg, Pa.
WRITE and we will explain how we
pay any man $86 per month and all
traveling expenses to take orders
for portraits. Experience unneces
sary. This offer made by the great
est portrait house In the world.
Write now before It Is too late.
R. D. Martel. Dept. 820, Chicago.
AGENTS Opportunity or lifetime,
no experience necessary, big cash
profits daily and one agent made
$31 in one hour; every one will
buy; we Issue more accident and
sickness policies than any other
similar company In the world; we
give the most popular and cheap
est Insurance written; new plan, $1
a year for $100 policy; no assess
ments or dues; other amounts In
proportion; death benefit, weekly
Indemnity, free medical attendance,
original popular features, either
sex; all claims promptly and lib
erally settled; Insurance assets,
$600,000; reliable representatives
wanted everywhere, exclusive ter
ritory; liberal, permanent Income
Increasing each year, absolutely
sure. Address International Cor
poration. 231 Broadway, department
53, New York.
LOST OR STRAYED A large yellow
Tom Cat. Answers to the name of
Mitze. Reward if returned to 714 E.
Iron ave.
J. M. Sollle of the firm of Sollie &
Le lireton, 117 West Gold avenue,
has obtained an auctioneer's license
for the purpose of serving the public
in that capacity as well as doing an
auction business at their own store
on Thursday of each week, at 2:3U
and 7:30 o'clock. Mr. Sollle has
had broad experience In the auction
business in his younger days. With
his close attention to business and the
polite and easy way In which he can
address the people, will a-sure him
success as in other days. The peo
ple of Albuquerque can make no
mUtake in suing Mr. Sollle their
w ork.
Office Phono 067.
Residence 906 West Tijeras.
Honrs: 10 A. M. to 12 A. M.; 2 to 4
P. M.; 7 to 8 P. M.; Sundays
:S0 to 10:3 A. M.
10-18 Grand Building.
Third and Ocntral.
Practice limited, Harnlaa, Diseases
of Women, Diseases of the Rectum,
Genlto-Urlnary diseases.
Albuquerque, X. M.
Physician and Snrgeoa.
KrMdence, 610 So. Walter St, Phone
1030. Office, 9 Bamett Bldg.
Ptione, 617.
HoiueopaUila Physlalans and Burgeon
Over Tana's Drag Store
Of floe 628; ResideDoe 1051.
Practice Limited to Tuberculosis.
Honrs 10 to IS and X to 4.
Telephone 886.
Rooms 8. 0 and 10, State National
Bank Block.
Veterinary Surgeon
(Graduate of Toronto, Cannula.)
Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist.
Phone 781; night phone 1168. Of
flee: Frank's blacksmith shop.
Dental Surgery.
Rooms 8) and S, Harnett BnlMtag
Over O'ltieOy's Drug Stem
Appointments mad by BaaJK.
Phone 744.
Room 13,
N. T. AnnJJo Building.
Office hours, a. m. to 11:86 p.
1:86 to i p. sa.
Appointments made by
84 ; West Central Avenue, Ptiris 5.
Attorney at Law
O'Vn Firs JTattonal Bank BaOding
Aiboorqne, New Mcstso.
& S. BOBflOSr
Attorney at Law.
OCnee, Cromwell Block.
Altaqaerqae. . M.
Attorney at '..
Penjsona, Land Patents COprwrtgbftv
Wrests, Letter PatesV , Trace
Marks, Claims.
84 F Street, N. W WarfWiglon, D, C
THOS. K. D. MADDiaoa
Atorney at Law.
OMos 11T West Gold Are.
tail Sooth Walter Street, Pbosw a&B
Insurance, Real Estate, Notary
13 and 14, Ootaw Block
Ji. M. Phone 186
Fire lasmaaoa
Mntnal Baudlnc AasocaaUar
SIT West Central Arenae.
Send for Our Select List of
whereby you can Insert dis-
play ads in all papers for
The Dake Advertising Agency,
437 8. Main St. 12 Greary St,
Los Angeles, Cal. fan Francisco.
Toronto, Can., Doc. 11. Ordinarily
there in nothing unusual about an
Indian brave marrying, but when a
rednkin who is an International ce1
lebrlty because of his marvelous abil
ity as a runner, wins his brido in a
speed contewt and arrange. to wed
her In public, the unusual creeps to
the surface.
Tom Longboat, conqueror of Do
rando Pietrl In the latent Marathon,
and the greatest Indian runner since
the days of Deorfoot, became a bene
dict In January.
Longboat la an Onondaga from the
Itranrford reservation. In western On
tario. Ills bride Ih Anni-tte Lncole,
a Mohawk, from the Deseronto res
ervation, bOO miles to the east.
In the past the tribes were deadly
enemies, but now the chiefs sit to
gether In peace council.. These
ccunclls are marked by extensive
games, the dearest to the heart of the
Indian being those of speed and en
After Tom Longboat'. return from
the Olympian games he vuj ejected
a chief of the Una ml a gas and visited
the Mohawk reservation a delegate.
His fame has traveled before him.
and when pretty Annette Maoele,
daughter of Chief Hlg Thunder suw
him, she promptly fell In love with
Longboat known among the tribes
men a "Ki? Canoe," was smitten by
the dark eyes of the Mohawk beauty
and was not slow to prosji hl juit.
Eut Annette was coy. She decided to
be wooed In the traditional style, and
owning a Bwlft pony challenged the
Marathon runner to a race.
Longboat accepted, agreeing to
catch his Inamorata within an hour
after phe rode off the reservation. The
event was tl-e feature f the gallier-
That hour' run will not go down
in athletic history as a record, but
it l salj that the conqueror of Do-
-it's the smokeless device that does it As easy to
operate and clean as a lamp. Brass font holds
4 quarts gfves intense heat lor 9 hours. Finished
in nickel and japan every heater warranted.
Equipped with
lafest improved central draft burner. "iLde of brass
throughout, nickel plated. Just the li'jlil to read
by bright and steady. Every lamp warranted.
II your dealer doesn't carry t!ie lVrltxtitn 0J
Healer and Rayo Lamp, wri'.e our nearest agency
1 a lor a esc
or descriptive circular.
"Clothes on the line by nine,"
when you've got a YOST GEAR
wear yourself out by the century
old method? It doesn't pay! It's
a waste of your time and strength
If you've 20 lbs. water pressure
or more In your home, don't deV
lay a day longer have us send
you a "YOST" on trial. One hun
dred to one you'll like it.
Let the Motor Sweat.
rando had to cover 10 miles across
rough country bcforo he overtook the
pony and Its burden.
Muscular Pains Cured.
"During the summer of 1903 I wai
truobled with muscular pains In ths
Instep of my foot," says Mr. S. Ped
lar, of Toronto, Ont. "At times it was
so painful I could hardly walk. Cham
berlain's Pain Balm was recommend
d to ma. so I tried It and was com
pletely cured by one small bottle. 1
have since recommended it to several
of my friends, all of whom speak
highly of It." For sale by all druggists-
An Important feature of the Nat
ional Stock Show at Denver Is the
business end. This Is what makes It
so popular to the stockmen and far
mers of tho east, as well as the west.
Denver seems to be a natural point
where the producers of pure-blooded
stock from tho east and the producer
of range stock In tho west, can get
togi-ther. From the weat comes tho
range man und farmer with his well
bred range cattle, ripe for the feed
lot. From the east will come hun
dreds of stock feeders looking for Just
this kind of cattle. The western man
will sell his feeder cattle to the men
cf the east and in return will buy the
pure bred irtock brought here by the
man from the oast to take buck to
the range and fi'rther Improve hl
f'ocks and herds. It Is thU feature
of the Denver show that la making It
of such great value to the live utock
Industry of the west. During tho
show week there will be public Bales
oi pure-bred cattle, slieop and hogs
and sales of the best type of breeding
horses. On the, other hand, It Is ex
pected that there will be over 5,000
fancy feeder cattle on exhibition and
.ale atid there will be plenty of buy
ers for ull.
To Heat
Don't sit in tlie cold a touch
oi a match a steady flow of
genial warmth and in the cor
ner that's hard to heat youll
have real solid comfort with a
Oil Heater
(Equipped with Smokelru Devict)
Just what you need to IicId out in
a cold snap or between seasons.
No smoke no smell no bother
Judge Would
Prevent Mar.
People Unless
rlage of Old
Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 11. Poor
Cupid! Lo, these many years he
has had to fight against a minimum
age limit handicap. Often and often
he has shot his Dnrbed arrows Into
some youthful pair, only to see them
balked by a cruel issuer of licenses,
who told Harry and llettie to run
along back home and wait till they
were a year or two older.
Hut now comes O. T. Williams,
Judge of the circuit court of Milwau
kee, Wis., and wants to put on the
brakes at the other end of the mat
Jlmonlal line. Ho want9 a law fixing
a maximum age limit.
When Kara Jones, 77, and Violet
Smith, aged 46, or 35, or 23, as the
case may be, comes to probate court
to get the necessary papers, the un
feeling clerk will remark pleasantly
"Ah, Mr. Janes, I .trust you have
the written consent of son, or
daughter, or legal guardian?"
A case came before the judge only
h few days ago In which a man of
81 was suing his wife of 67 for dl-
orce. He had married her two
months after his first wife's death,
and testified that constantly after the
vtddinf,- ho had tried by every means
the could think of to get possession
ot his bank book and other property.
"There aro many such cases,'' says
Judge Williams. "Old people with
property nre constantly the victims of
designing persons of the opposite sex,
who marry them simply to get their
money away from them. There
nould be a law requiring the consent
of the adult children of couples over
a certain age, and In case there are
no children I would favor the power
of consent being placed with some
judge of a court of record prefera
bly either a probate or circuit court
"A good reason for such a law Is
that adult children are responsible
for the care and maintenance of
aged parents. This being so, the chil
dren should have a voice in the mat
ter affecting the financial welfare of
the parents.
"There Is Just one objection
that children of wealthy parents
might raise objections under the law
u hen there was no valid reason for
objecting. This could be met by a
provision in the law giving the proper
judge the right to officially approve
of the marriage when It could be
shewn by the contracting parties, that
there was no reasonable opposition to
the marriage."
Judgi Williams Is 65, married, and
has been 12 years on the circuit
tench. He has a reputation as a
"settler" of divorce cases which are
brought before him. He gets the
couple Into his private ofllce, and
sends them forth smiling, to notify
tliel.- lawyers that "It's been fixed
Buhies men desiring the services
of a Mtenot;rapher or bookkeeper cart
get first class help by applying to tho
Tyler Commercial College Employ
ment Bureau, Tyler, Texas. This
school maintains one of the most com
plete employment bureaus to bo found
anywhere; it is prepared to furnish
graduates fresh from the school who
are thoroughly trained In the most
modern buinesfl methods, or furnish
experienced help In almost any line
of business that could be named. It
maintains thLs employment bureau so
that It may place its graduates as soon
as their course Is finished, and should
they not be placed In positions paying
sufficient salary to justify their re
maining there, then it may secure for
them better paying positions after they
huve had somo experience.
Th servh en of the Employment bu
reau are free to both student and em
ployer. IIOTKLj AlUtlVALS.
Chas. Klcrman, Santa. Fe; E. J.
Bledlnstaff. Stanley, N. M.; A. F. Kal-zen.-itiin
und wife, Socorro.
M. V. Dillurd, Springfield, Mo.; C.
E. Smith, I -os Angeles; H. W. Telfer,
Kansas City; II. S. Itobbinw, St. Loui;
F. S. Itowner, Los Angeles; Mrs. Ralph
L. Read, Deg Moines; Mrs. C. J. Kuetx
Oes Moines; F. A. Magulre, Katwai
City; U. H. l'alnt'T, Kansas City; T. II,
Mora, St. Louis; A. G. Buck, New
Vork City.
L. Mazon, Sail luifael; J. it. lrae.
New York; Adolph Huffman, El luio;
Gregory Booke, Emporia, Kurt.; Geo.
E. Fischer, Milwaukee; E. G. Carpen
ter, El 1'a.Ho; Jno. Dougherty. 1ouk-
las. Ariz.; B. Strlckfaden, 1m Vegas;
Jerry I'unl.-, Santo. Fe; C. W. Mo.s.
El 1'uso.
For Tlmt Dull FM-ling After F-atlrjg.
I have used Chamberlain's Stomach
and Llvt r Tablets for some time, and
can testify that they have done me
more good thun any tablets I have
evtr used. My trouble was a heavy
dull feeling aftor eating. David
Freeman, Kempt, Nova Scot a. These
'ablets strengthen the stomach anJ
Improve tho digestion. They also reg
ulate the llvtr and bowels. Th'y are
far superior to pllU but cost no mire.
Get a freo sample at any drug More
and see what a splendid medicine
it la.
1 o
A vote atiulnst tlio w cr bonds Is a
Beranwe The Citizen is a
home paper. It Is either
delivered by rnrrler t
the house or Is carried
homo by the business
man when Ids day's work
Is done' and It STAYS
THKRE. A ni or ii lug pa
per la usually carried
down town by the head
of the family and hur
riedly read.
The Citlxen Is not read
hurriedly, lint thorough
ly so that all advertise
ments receive their share
of attention. It presents
tiie store news a little
ahead, giving the pros
i pectlve purchaser time
to plan a shopping tour
for the next morning.
VLse advertisers patron
ize The Citlxen because -they
know their adver
tisements are seen and'
read at the homes In the
evening, and if they are
offering something wor
thy of attention, their
ad lias accomplished Its
mission. ,illJ
The Citizen has never
given premiums to snb
scrlbers but Is subscribed
to and paid for on its
news merit, showing
that Its subscribers have
money with which to bay
what they want from
legitimate mercliants.
.These are the people
The Citizen Invites to
your store.
The Citizen employs a
man whose business It la
to look after your adver.
tbilng .wants. .He will
write your copy If you
wish. If not, he will sea
that your ads are "set
up" to look their best
and he will attend to
them from day to day.
Are ou advertising In
The CitUen? Your com
petitors are, and are
profiting by It. Do you
think coiwrvative nasi
new men are spending
money where they arc
nut getting rcwults? Get
lu the swim and watch
your business grow.
Is the Best
joto .aKuliibt t;ruiter AH)unucrine.

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