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TmnSDAY, AnUL . IOt.
The Albuquerque Citizen
rv Ibi Citizen Publishing Company o! Albuquerque, New Mexico.
THE ori'Ifl Mi NKWMWI'Kll.
Mari-h 29. 1909.
Territory of N'cw Mexico, Office nf the Secretary.
Tublic notice Is hereby piven that In compliance with section 9 of
Council substitute, for House bill No. 213 of the Thirty-eighth IorIs
latlve assembly, approved March 17. 1909, requiring the Secretary of
the Territory to designate an official newspaper of New Mexico, The
Albuquerque; Citizen Is hereby designated as such official newspaper of
New Mexico. (Signed) NATHAN JAFFA.
(Seal) Secretary of New Mexico.
subscription hates.
One year by mail in advance
je month by mail
month by carrier within city Umlu.
Inured m se jond-olaos mutter Hie Pootoffloe of Albuquerque, jr. M..
uder Act of Coarm of March S, J87fl.
The only Illustrated dally newspaper In New Merle and tbo keat ad
vertising medium of the Southwest.
The leading Republican daily anil weekly newspaper of the Boclhwest.
The advocate of Republican principles and tlie "Square Deal."
The llneet equipped Job department In New Mexico.
Joe latent report by Associated rressj and Auxiliary New Service.
Ws favor the Immediate admission of the territories of New Mexico and
aVrtsona m separate states In the Union. Republican National Platform.
A complaint has been made in Parliament that King Edward travels too
much. And yet his majesty long ago forsook his old time pace.
Those Colorado train robbers who relieved a Pullman porter of $14.75
way have been moved as much by revenge as avarice, however.
Mr. Taft's monthly pay check of $5,635.01 would provide a comfortable
living for five families for a year, outside of the White, House, of course.
It's a good thing for Mr. Roosevelt that he was not amenable to the laws
of Georgia while he was president. The calling of a man a liar in that state
Is deemed by the courts there to be a breach of the peace.
A rather discouraging thought comes from London Health. It says:
The Ideal man does not exist: perhaps one who had a fine liver has a bun
Jon and in most of us there Is a screw loose somewhere."
Although Mr. Roosevelt Is now a private citizen and Is a few thousand
miles away from Washington, he is getting as much daily notoriety In the
newspapers as he did while he was the chief executive of the nation.
Reports have It that Mary Garden, the grand opera prima donna, is to
marry a titled gent answering to the name of Prince Mavrocordato. She
can well afford It as long as her voice holds out and she is able to gather
$1,600 a night for her every appearance on the B'ag
All of the United States troops have now been removed from the islnnd
f Cuba. It Is to be hoped that they have said a final farewell to the little
republic. But many are the fears that these hopes will not be realized.
Such fears are not groundless, either."
'Baron Gwydyr, born In 1870, and who, until the time of his recent death,
was the oldest member of England's peerage, was different from most old
fellows. He attributed his longevity to moderation in eating and drinking
and abstinence from tobacco. ""Generally, a centenarian Insists that his long
life resulted from eating and drinking whatever he pleased and from using
tobacco by the carload.
. General Nelson A. Miles is quoted as saying that he could never quite
understand why a man wants to shoot elephants and other animals wilfully
and particularly elephants because they can be made to be so useful.' Now
If General Miles had only put this query before Mr. Roosevelt sailed for Af
rica he would probably have had it answered In a way that would have been
entertaining. If not convincing.
On an actual capitalization of about $70,000,000 the Standard Oil com
pany Is reputed to have made one billion dollars In the last 27 years. And
a reading of John D. Rockefeller's reminlscenses which have been appearing
In the World's Work, would lead one to believe that every cent of this money
had been earned honestly and with nothing but fair and square dealing above
board. Still, there are some persons who will be a bit skeptical.
In addition to much pleasurable homage heroes have to put up with a
lot of things. Indeed, many things besides roses are strewn along their
paths. There's Jack BInns, for Instance, the wireless telegrapher who turn
ed the sinking of a steamship from a terrible disaster into pretty 'much of
picnic. Sortie advertising men tendered him a .luncheon In Chicago not
long ago and they sang to him songs of their own composition, both as to
words and music.
A Frenchman named Bourdias has devised a flouting city which will per
mit people who wish to cross the ocean without running the risk of sea
sickness to do so. It is to be about 3.000 feet In length, with an appropriate
breadth, will have avenues planted with trees, gardens, squares, kioHkg for
music, bands, a theatre, circular railway, shops, etc. He does not tell how
he Is going to propel it. but he is sure that it will be. afer and more com
fortable than other shii. At lust accounts he was xtill at large.
Thomas I. Lewi appears to be a worthy successor to John Mitchell as
the head of the I'nited Mine Workers of America. He is vning great tact
and Judgment In handling the miners' side of their differences with the op
erators in the anthracite coal fields where a strike seemed imminent on
April 1. It loks now an though the proposed strike will not occur at all.
and Mr. Lewis will be entitled to much of the credit for averting It If this
desirable condition of affairs maintains, and he hasn't disregarded the Inter
ests of the miners, either.
Oklahoma's militiamen may be One fighters but their difficulty seems to
be that they cannot get near enough to their quarry to show Just how brave
they are. (Ireat must have been tlielr respect over their Inability to get near
enough to one lone Indian. Crazy Snake, for the purpose of demonstrating
Just what they are capable of doing on a battlefield. It really is too bad that
they have abandoned the chase. Their battle with this Indian would have
been a memorable event to have chronicled in the history of a state where
Strange and uniiMial things are always in the doing.
Once more there are rumors in the air to the effect that the Santa Fe
Is to run a daylight train on the Rio Grande division, s.iys the Socirro
Chieftain. Hope deferred in this regard has already made the heart sick
The patrons of the road along this division have very nearly exhausted their
resources In wav of efforts to induce the Santa Fe official to give them at
least one daylight train a day between Kl Paso and Albuquerque. There re
mains one resource, however, that It might be worth while to try. If the
shippers along the division would enter into an ngreenient to give the Santa
Fe Just as little of the haul between here and eastern points as possible, the
officials of the road would probably very soon begin to hit up and take no
tice. Isn't the suggestion worth putting to the test?
A bress dispatch from Guanajuato, Mrxi.o, cm. .ins information which
ohould urouse the prohibitionists to instant action. It says: "Julio Med
donado, owner of 'a big hacienda in this slat'-, claims to own the only herd
of booze fighting goals in the world. Hi' recently acquired a field in which
the owner had grown the marihunana plant, from wlilrh is distilled a bev
erage which is said to brat American 'chained lightning' and turned his
goats In on it ln savs they began frolicking about like members of a
plumbers' tmi -n i t a picnic and that they refuse to lie down even at night.
They have a peculiar Mopy' !"ok in the yes, he deciures, and many of them
walk n their hind feet like Satyrs. They refuse now to eat anything else
and he sa he supposes thej will all die from the tremens His ranch is near
Celaya, this state."
President Said ta be Consid
ering Plan for Better
, Control of All
Washington, April 8.--Prr slilent
Tuft Is considering seriously the ad
visability of transmitting a special
nitssngp to Congress recommending
government supervision und restric
tion of the Issues of railroad securi
ties. It may be that finally he will de
cide to abide by the wish of- the m ni
bers of the two housew of Congres
and not demand any other legislation
than that In connection with the re
vision of tho tariff. In this event, h"
will Include hl.s recommendation In
bta first annual message and will in
sist upon action in the regular session.
Whatever time may lie selected hy
the president Tor taking Congress In
to his confidence, K. II. 'Hnrrlman
and the other railroad magnates m.iy
be assured of this fact Taft pr -
pien to do everything In his power
railroad security issues, believing this
railroad security Issues, believing this
to be another step In the execution
of the spirit of the Roosevelt pol
icies. He has realized that such leg
islation can be secured only after the
most determined fight.
E. H. Harriman, probably speaking
for the majority of tiie railroad fi
nanciers, as for himself. declared
several days ago that the people had
the right to know how the money se
cured by the railroad from the pale
of securities had been expended,
but that they had no right to pass
upon the amount of the securities is
In other words, giving this state
ment the Interpretation placed upon
it in Washington. Harriman wants tJ
be free to place as much stock on the
market as he desires, to Invest it ne
he desires, and then Inform the peo
ple what he has done. In this con
nection, the fact may be cited mat
the Union Pacific railroad, which
Harriman controls, several years ajj
sold wecurities to the amount of $180,
000,000, which wae employed ex
clusively In buying the controlling in
terest In the stock of other lines,
some of which were competing. Thus
was a "community of interest" as
There is an agreement with Mr.
Harriman that the Sherman antitrust
law should be amended, but Just In
what fashion remains to bo deter
See I. II. Oox, the plumber, for gar
den hose. .All grades and prices, from
$5 to $8. Garden hose repairing. "OH
West Central. Phone 1020.
All Chronle Diseases Cured.
We treat all forms or disease
Rheumatism, Dropsy, Bad Bleod.
Nervousness, Ulcers, Deafness
Paralysis, Stomach and Bladder
Troubles, Strictures, stt. Wt
rmarantse the ear of Catarrh.
We fire free Instructions on us
f the waters. Baths are auto
matic. Ceme or write.
Sulphur Hot Spring! - New Mexico
A Widow and Her Insurance
Money Are Soon' Parted
unless her husband's policy Is
taken in the
Equitable IJfe Assurance
Society of the V. S.
and he chooses for her that op
tion of the NEW YORK STATE
guarantees that an annual In
come shall be paid to her the
amount to be paid being reg
ulated by the amount of In
surance carried by the hus
band, and the age of the ben
eficiary. Ths income the
Equitable MUST pay to the
wife or her heirs for a period
of twenty years at least, and
for as long thereafter as the
wife may live, whether forty,
fifty, sixty years, or more.
This feature of the NEW
POLICY Is one well worth
looking carefully Into by men
who wish to make absolute
provision for their lves.
For particulars write or call on
GEO. S. RAMSAY, Gen. Agt.
Suite 10 Harnett Building Phone 282
tCMaUj. 00 YEARS'
, v i hade niAnng
flO Design
An?onMT)f1lnif a ktt h and dowrl niton ma
quickly wrtniii mi r oiini"n frt whether ma
i iMilhn m pri.hM.lj piilentMi. Coiuniunlrn.
i:tttrtctircoiiLiii-nti.il. HANObODK on InteuLi
i ."ft lino. (l'let tptM'T for PtM'tinnir paten .
I'.ifcnt tjLketi inrituk-ri ftluim A Cu. i-ucttiv
ptrtal notUtt Without CliATKA, Ullti
Scientific Jlmtrican
I rpit rlr.
'1 rtuft, f t a
A lmnrliometf llhmtmtM weekly.
fnuUuii atiT it-nude t m i mil.
ff.r: fAurimmtlia.il. Bold Lt nil new Mler
MUNni & Co.a8iB"-- Hew Yorp
Urauvh omor Cii V tit.. Wutii'mluu. U. C.
f. .... -
Godfrey Chesteron was 9 years of
uge when his parents sent him V
the city to become useful, wise an I
great. Ilefore faring forth he was
bill by his father to observe the gol
den rule whate'i r betide. In a l.w,
gentle tone of voice Godfrey said he
In the city Godfrey was eagerly
snapped up by Mr. Silas Fleecem and
prevailed upon to accept a highly
ti munerative and responsible position
in his (minting house. Mr. Fleecem
whs a crusty man of means, hut he
had remarked Godfrey's delicate
brow of alabaster whiteness, and re
solved to make him his partner.
On a pleasant morning Godfrey's
to warn you 'twere better far If you
Would ex pen, 1 yjur hoarded savings
for government bonds than for these
shares in the ."kinnemgood pluecr
mine. These shares 1 grieve to Mute,
are of no worth, sir."
"Do I believe my ears?" said the
rustic squire, with rather startled
amazement. "Or has the long her
alded millennium arrived In the per
son of you, my pale youth?"
"Indeed, sir," said Godfrey, his
young face bright with the love of
truth, "If you do but pay a sixpence
for the Skinnemgood shales you arc
going to be bumped, so help me!"
"Honest lad!" quoth the country
man, a tear glistening In hln eye.
"Hut, nlns! It must be. A visit to the
employer said: "I have a matter of
bueinvss to attend to at the tavern,
tc-wit: playing at skittles. Do you
remain here and deliver this parcel
of valueless shares to a dull-witted
clcdhoper who will arrive to pur
chase them. He diligent, dense and
discreet, and do not take any bad
money." Then he went on his way,
secure in the knowledge that the
lad's open countenance was worth its
weight in gold.
Sure enough, a rural gentleman
from the country ambled in to pur
chase the shares. But behold! God
frey bethought himself of the golden
rule, and he grew very grave for
one of his years.
"Oh, sir," he said, "it behooves mc
city without 'being trimmed w o lid
deprive me of all pleasure. Put your
self In my place and consider." So
saying he directed a wistful glance
at the coveted parcel.
Then did Godfrey own that the
fulfillment of the golden rule would
be to do even as the etranger desired
him. Taking from him the price in
crisp JlOO bills Godfrey suffered him
to place the snide securities In his
portmanteau and go on his way re
joicing. Returning to his establishment.
Mr. Fleecem noted with profound
glee that Godfrey was Indeed a boy
to be trusted, and as a mark of hi
satisfaction gave him a piece of
string, or cord, to play with.
Become Recruits for the Pulpit
lmfulsitive Party Do you know what becomes of very wicked little
Johnnie, (who hns been to a revival meeting) Sure. Dey reforms "em
an' makes preai hers of "em w hen they grow up.
Our sldrt and collar work Is per
the proper thing. We lead othcrt
Most disfiguring skin eruptions,
scrofula, pirn ph, rashes, etc., are
due to Impure blood. Burdock Blood
Bitters is a cleansing blood tonic.
Makes you dear-eyed, clear-brained,
For the beet work on shirt waist
patronlie Hubbs Laundry Co.
I'p Before the Bar.
N. H. Brown, an attorney, of Pitts
field, Vt., writes: "We have used Dr.
King's New Life Pills for years and
find them such a good family medi
cine we wouldn't be without them."
For chills, constipation, biliousness or
sick headache they work wonders, 25c
at all dealers.
Printers and others interested 1
the printing traaea will be Interested
to learn that they can secure the In
land Printer of O. J. Kraemer, at Tb
Citizen office.
Wo have the only up-to-date mill between
Pueblo and Los Angeles. If you need
Doors, Casings, Sash, Mouldings, or
Special Work of Any Kind
Write or call on us.
Albuquerque, V. AT.
.. . : -..' g.. w-ji... tev..j;
The Futrelle Best Costs You Less
and is a better mattress. Get the Javanese Veg
etable Down Mattrees, it is sanitary, costs you
less, and there is no better made.
Best of cotton tilled Quilts in extra large sizes at
$2.00 and up. Come in and see our line. We
have everything in bedding.
J West End Viaduct. X
At the Close of Business January 4 1909
Lans and Dlscounti j 910 071.7k
Bond and Other Securities ". , lO OOO et
Real Estate i2iooo.t
Furniture and Fixtures (. soo.lt
Cash and Due from othr Banka Igti90.l
Capital Paid Up $ no.OOO.t
Surplus and Profits I0.016.I
Deposits Subject to Check 6g,9
T'm Certificates of Deposit.... m - - . ..... 414,011.17
1 1,111,111 It
Territory ef New Mexico, .
County of Bernalillo. ss.
I, W. S. Strickler, Vloe President and Cashier of the aboTe
named hank, do solemnly swear that the above statement tru
to the best of my knowleds and belief,
Vice President and Cashier. .
Subscribed and sworn to before me this fth day of Januar
A. D. 10.
-v JIot- Publle.
Correct Attest:
M. RIDLEY, President H. B. RAY, SecreUry-Treaaurer
Albuquerque Foundry 8c
Muchiue Wofks
General Foundry and Machine Shop Albuquerque, N. M
Wool, Hide and Pelt Dealers
Albuquerque and Las Vegas
Citizen, Want Ads for Results
don't believs every thing you
Thornton, the Cleaner
Is not dead; Is not out of Busi
ness, and CAN'T GO OUT.
Be convinced that he's mors
alive than ever.
Steam Cleaning Plant 717 South
Walter street. Telephone 410.
Subscribe for tb CItTxsn ad Get
ths NXW8.
and Builder
Jobbing Promptly Attended ta
Phones- Shop 1066; Residence 652
Shtp Corntr Fotirtb St. tad Copper An.

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