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TTimsDAV, Arnir 8, io.
ASKS 31,000
Sues for Big Sum Which He
Claims He Earned by Ar
ranging Deathbed
Chicago. April 8. Who 1st the
highest price lawyer in Chicago?
Scth V. Crews. He charges $1,000
a minute
This fame out when he sued Mrs.
James P.. Smith for $34,000 balance
on hiy bill of J 33,000 for engineering
a deathbed marriage that gave her
Struck down with a fatal Illness on
his wedding day. James It. Smith,
who had lived at the ltriggs hou-ie,
wan taken to St. Luke's hospital Sep
tember 25. I SOS. When his sweet
heart reached his side the attending
physicians held out no hope for nis
ricovery. They gave him forty-eight
hour. more of life.
The fortune of $350,000 hung in
the balance. There were others ready
to snatch it as soon as the breath of
life should push out of the Men old
bachelor. It is assetted he wanted
his -tonographor. whom he was about
to wed. to ha vc it.
A Hfteen-dayolii marriage license
was given to the bride-to-be by her
dying fiance. That was to be her
proof that the fortune was hers.
Doubting its sufficiency, the bride
ent for an attorney, Setn P. Crews.
He came an hour after the dying
man reached the hospital. He was
told to secure this fortune to the wo
man. "I'll give you 10 per cent of it if
you get it for me." Attorney Crews
-says the bride told him us they stood
beside the death bed of the wealthy
mine owner.
In order to mnke sure that no le
gal fluke would later break he
covenant of the couple, the attorney
sent for Dr. H. It. Murdock, 61
Washington boulevard. He pro
nouneej the dying man rone and suf
ficiently nllve to transact business
and sign papers.
Then came the minister. And he
married the mine owner and his
stenographer to clinch the Inherit
ance of $350,000.
Three days later James It." Smith
died. His widow secured the for
tune. She paid the minister for the mar
riage. She settled the hospital bill.
She attended thu funeral. She gave
Mr. Crews $1,000 for securing the
fortune to her, eo says Mr. Crews.
The attorney filed his bill for 10
per cent of the fortune, according to
what he says was the death room
agreement. He suggested $35,000 as
the total and $3,000 as the balance
Mrs. James It. Smith says $35,000
Is too much for 35 minutes' brain
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of catarrh that
cannot be cured by 'Hall's Catarrh
Cure. F. J. CHENEY & CO.,
( Toledo, Ohio.
We, the undersigned have known
F. . Cheney for the last 15 years,
and believe him perfectly honorable
In all business transaction and
financially able to carry out any ob
ligations made by his firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's catarrh cure Is taken In
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Testimonials sent free. Price
75 cents per bottle. Sold by all drug
gists. Take Hall's Family Pills for con
stipation. common ci'ss words.
"I'll be deviled." said the ham.
"I'll be switched." said the train.
"I'll be darned." said the sock.
"I'll be stumped." said the tree.
"I'll be blowed," said the horn.
"I'll be hanged." said the picture.
"I'll be dammed," said the stream.
And Wrapper of the Genuine
Dr. Bell's Plne-Ter-Honey
la prlsted the above desfga mmt the
amber SO. The deelr U vmr tmaa
Mrk, Ml tOt la Mir eeneerj Ssft
The adicla eonliBed la boetie
wUl ear Ooug ha, Ooldi ua all BioavehJel
UoueUe mora quickly w4 eetent nelly
tsea say other remedy.
Pine -Tar-Honey
le eoU br all drartlsU c, etc Mi fLM
per bottle. kUeafeotare emir T
fees CI h. fester
Upon Every Bottle
Discovery of Tungsten Has
Changed Methods With
Great Benefit to
New York, April 8. One October
night In tho year 1781, while Wash
ington's cannon were demanding the
mrretader of Cornwall! at York
ti .wn, n German scientist, working in
his little laboratory by the light from
tallow candles, discovered a new
and m.int unusual metal which he
found Impossible to melt in his crude
charcoal furnace. lie called thtf
new metal Tungsten, from the Swed
ish "tung" (heavy) and "sten"
)stone) because the heavy ores had
come from Sweden. Little did the
old man know, as he worked away
I y candlelight to give his discovery
to the world, that hiB find would one
day, a hundred and twenty-five years
later, completely revolutionize eh- -trie
Twenty-five years ago Thomas
Edison produced the first successful
incandescent electric lamp after oth
er Inventors had worked for nearly
fifty years to perfect the device. Tne
filaments for Edison's first lamps
were made of carbonized strips of
bamboo heated white hot In a vac
uum globe by electricity. After 1894
carbonized cotton cellulose wus used
for the filaments and it seemed us
though the. lamp hud surely reachod
per fiction.
The filaments of incandescent elec
tive lamps were made of carbon be
cause no other muterial could be
found which would withstand the in
tense hi-at. Every well known metal
was tried but melted before reacn
ing the required temperature. Then
the 'inventors began to experiment
with the more uncommon metals and
again a German scientist took up
the study of tungsten.
At first the great trouble w'as to
seiure pure tungsten. This difficulty
was overcome with the aid of an
electric furnace, but the product, in
the form of n gray, metallic powdeY,
proved so refractory that it could
not be melted Into ingots or drawn
out into wire. An experimental lila
ment was made by mixing the. fine
powder with a paste and squirt
lug the mixture through a die
much the same as a spider spins Its
wib. This thread was Inturn heated
In an electric furnace until the
powder was fused Into the form of a
tine w ire. With the nu ltlng point of
tungsten so much higher than any
other known metal It was possible to
hi lit the filament to greater incan
descence, producing more -and bett r
light with less waste of current in
useless heat.
Then the electrical inventors awoke
to the fact that the very substance
they were seeking, that which Edison
had scoured the world to find, lay
under their hand all the time, and
tungsten, useless and practically un
known for over a century, came into
Itj own and began the wonderful task
of revolutionizing incandescent cle.
tile lighting.
The advent of the new tungst-n
lamp was startling to the users of
electricity for ' lighting purposes, for
they saw at once that the new lamps
would easily give the same light as
the common incandescent lamps rnr
one-third the cost. A home that was
lighted by electricity for 12.35 a
month could be lighted with the new
lamps for 7s cents. Not only that,
but the light from the new tungsten
lamps proved to be pure white, very
nearly akin to actual sunshine, suit,
pleasing and benelicial to the eyes,
and not of yellow cast like tne
common incandescent lamps.
The new tungsten lamp will re
place those now in use without spe
cial fixtures; In fact, any sixteen ean
dlepower incandescent lamp can be
replaced w ith a 32-candb power tung
sten which will" give twice the light
and save twenty per rent of tne cosi.
The new lumps are the sam- us the
old in si'", shape and general ap
pearance, the difference being in the
light-giving filament within tho glass
M urges.
alahan. Central City, Colo.; V.
es. ansa City; K. W. Hopkins.
; W. A. Hi-own, Cerrillos; E.
D. Hat
Hishop. Los Angeles; 11. M.
San Francisco; I.. L.. i.yn.
1 unver
I Altnrado.
I p. I. Hughes and wife, Kansas
,1,., : .1 IjrUin. El Paso; It. E.
Moore. Grand Rapids; W. Poclis. NVw
York; A. W. Hill, Detroit; E. i
Jonex, Philadelphia: Oskar l'.lock.
U..rn:.liIlo: .1. C. Goodwill. MOSIO.I,
E 1 1 Gregg and w ife, St. Eoui
R Haptist, Cincinnati; J.
Rocky Ford; Morell Uiw
Robert Law, Santa Fe;
dard. Santa Fe; F. 11
St. lui-; ' T. Oriff'S.
S. Johnson,
San hi Fe;
('. T. God
Sunderman. San Fran-
O. J. Smith, Chicago.
l L. Williams, Altoona. Pa ; H. 11.
Shepperd. Denver; G M. Shutte',
Iienver; Allan I. MeIAeh. Kansas
W. A. Handall. Hernalill i; M C.
Fuwess. Di liver; Mrs. 1). T. May. T-
peka; Miss Uessie Dunden. Topcka;
T Johnsen. Douglas, Arizona.
j o
Just received our new spring ox
fords for men. They comprise the
latest shapes in patent eolt, tan. ox
blood, vice kid. and Velour calf. Lace
or button styles. all moderately
priced. Ten Bhines free with every
pair 12.50 and over. Try us and be
convinced. Rosenwald'n Shoe Dept.
Congress Will Not Submit to
Trick as It Did During
the Recent Ses
slon. Washington. I). C, April 8. .State
hood for Arizona and New Mexico Is
practically assured at the next ses
sion. The method by which passage
of the statehood bill was prevented
at the last session smacked very
much of a trick, and the same trick
is not likely to work twice. The
statehood bill can be put through the
house in an hour, and as there is no
set day upon which the next session
must adjourn, the bill can be forced
to a vote in the Senate. Once a vote
is allowed separate statehood for the
two territories Is assured.
Congress is very eager to comply
with President Taft's suggestion that
the tariff bill be passed and adjourn
ment taken at the earliest day con
sistent with careful legislation. A
very earnest effort will be made to
complete the work by June 1, and
no one is now heard predicting that
final passage of the bill will be de
layed more than a fortnight beyond
that date. It is only a few weeks
ago that senators and representatives
were talking of October 1 as an early
date for adjournment.
.There is going to be no little pres
sure for consideration of other legis
lative matters. despite President
Taft's advice to the contrary, but If
Speaker Cannon sticks to his resolve
not to uppoint the house committees
this pressure will be futile. It Is pos
sible an exception may be made In
the case of the bill providing for the
taking of the next census, which was
vetoed by President Roosevelt be
lause it did not provide that appoint
ments should be made upon certifica
tion of tho civil service commission.
Mr. Crumpacker of Indiana has re
introduced the bill in form which
meets this objection, and it is desira
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Vienna, W. Va. " I feel that I owe
the last ten years of my life to Lydia
K. nukham a V 'ge
table Co in pound.
Kleven years Ago I
was a walking
shadow. I had been
mider the doctor'a
ca rebut Kt no re lief.
My husband ix-r.
siiHileil , me to try
Lydia I', llnkham's
Vegetable Com
pound and it worked
like a charm. It re
lieved all my pains
iinl misery, i advise all suffering
womeu to take Lydia K. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound." Mks. Kmmx
Wueaton, Vienna, W Va.
Lydia E. Hnkham's Vegetable Com
pound, made from native roots and
Serbs, contains no narcotics or harm
ful drugs, and to-day holds the record
for the largest nuuilier of actual cures
of female diseases of any similar medi
cine in the country, and thousands of
voluntary testimonials are on Hie In
the linkham laboratory at Lvnn,
Mass., from women who have been
cured from almost every form of
female complaints, inflammation, ul
ceration, displacements. fibroid tumors,
irregularities, jieriodie. pains, backache,
Indigestion and tiervous prostration.
Every such suffering woman owes it to
herself to give Lydia K. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound a trial.
If you would like special advice
about your write u confiden
tial, letter to Mrs. lMiikham, at
Lynn, Mass. Her advice in free,
and always helpful.
z 2
During the month of April we will offer any portion of
our 100 choice lots in the Perea Addition at from $75
to $250 per lot, on SPECIAL TERMS. $10 down,- bal
ance $10 a month .
ble the measure should be passed at
the earliest possible day In order that
preliminary work for the census tak
ing may begin.
Another matter which will be
pushed Is the resolution providing for
submitting to the states the consti
tutional amendment necessary to
changing the date of inauguration.
The argument of those urging thfl
measure Is that action should be
taken while memory of tho terrible
weather of last 4th of March Is still
fresh In mind, but as the matter Is
not oie upon which immediate ac
tion Is vital. Speaker Cannon Is not
likely to pave the way for Its con-,
siderntlon by appointing the Judiciary
When the 61st Congress convenes
next December it Is going to be for
one of the most Important sessions
ever held. President Taft's program
for interstate commerce and anti
trust legislation Is going to battle for
paramountry with the Aldrich com
mission's plan for currency reform,
and ship subsidies wUl hang on the
flanks of both.
It remains to be sen, of course,
what sort of reception Congress will
accord the Taft Interstate commerce
and anti-trust recommendations. A
good many of the most Influential
Republican leader In Congress do
not believe there should for the pres
ent be any further legislation of this
character, and the president will
have to he very convincing n his ar
guments if their minds are changed.
The currency bill could not be so
handled In the Senate ns to afford a
very effective obstacle to anti-trust
le;,ltion. but Senator Aldrich is too
deeply interested In the pussage of
the currency bill to allow It to be ex
tensively used for this purpose, lie
wants It enacted. Into law ns the
crowning achievement of his long
career In Congress, and he Isn't go
ing t' consent-that it be permanently
converted Into a buffer.
Advocates of ship subsidies are
confident they will win their fight
during the life of the present Con
gress. It is true they were confident
they would win in the 60th Congress
and didn't, but their defeat was by
the narrow est of margins. They claim
to be sulllclently stronger In the pres
ent house to put through the meas
ure, but that is something which
can only be demonstrated by a test.
If they get It through the House they
will have no difficulty In the Senate,
the Senate having been a ship sub
sidy body ever since the late Senator
Hanna backed the original measure.
llolli Are CiixKl IVhiiIh Player and
May t' IMtfiHl Agnlimt Kuril
tuber in (James.
London. April S. - It Is quite with
in, the probabilities that a world's
championship may be fouht out be
tween a Could and an Astor.
l i..,,t..ni,ni .r.lm Jacob Astor. of
His Majesty's First Life C.tiurds,
younner son of William Waldorf As
tor, has shown such form In hiplay-
inff durinif the Kaequefg military
ehmriiiiotishlns at Prince's club, that
there are many who consider him an
able opponent for Jay Gould to meet.
Mr. !ou!d holds the world's cham-
nionshlii in slntflis. and undoubtedly
at present Is superior to Ueutena
Astor. but the bitter Is coining on so
fuut thnl net veiir it is believed he
will be well abb- to give Mr. Could
the battle, of his life.
Lieutenant Astor and Ird Sooiers,
a fellow guardsman, were the holJ
ers of the military doubles champiou-
ship, but
they were heaten in tne
round by Colonel C. M.
King and
the Itoyal
iMunooion II. H. llolid of
Artilleiv. This year, how
ever. Li utenn nt
Astor is playlnn
finer and stronger
than ever.
Tin: hi m'ck cam i-:.
Workmen doinu some repairing on
a Seventeenth street building ester
.iay had a ladder leaning against tlu
kitociwie Two traveling1 Hen stop-
ion at the Shirley hotel came along.
mid one of tin in started to walk un
,1.1 the Lid.it r.
"I iitn't ilo lli.it.'" said the other.
"It's bad luck."
"Forget It'" said the other. And
it, en he walked under the ladder,
smiling- Th y continued on to the
,..i.. I ,.n,l a.it .l.iwn In the lobby to
smoUe A few minutes later a bell
bov brought the man who had walk
ed under the ladder a telegram. He
read it.
"Will," he said. "I'll be hanged if
I'll ever walk under another ladder
s, i;ain.
"What's the matter?" asked hi
"It's from my wife." he replied
"Read It."
Weather Conditions During
Season the Big Fair Runs
Are. Usually
Seattle, April 8. If It were not for
the warm waters that flow this way
with the Japan current, Seattlo would
grow as cold in winter as Minnesota,
and If It were not bo far north it
would be as warm In summer us a
whole pit of other places. As It Is,
if the thermometer so far forgets
Itself as to hit twenty above ero
in winter, or 86 in summer, the local
newspapers print a column about
It and the Associated Press sends out
a story on a cold day, or a hot dHy
In tho northwest, whichever the sea
son may be.
Climate, as a matter of fact, is to
be one of the greatest attractions
that will attach to the Alaska-Yukon-Paclfio
Exposition which opens on
June 1. Seattle's summers are like
the "Indian summers" of the east:
brilliantly clear, always comfortable
and with days that run well Into
nights, for the city Is so far north
that it comes strongly under the Arc
tic Influence, and at 9 o'clock In
midsummer, there Is still the banner
of the day Jn the sky.
With the climatic advantages of
Puget Sound during the summer
months,, It possesses In addition morn
attractive features for side trips and
outings, than Is offered by any other
country In the world. Tho waters
of Puget Sound, tho Straits of Juan
de Fuca, Hood's cannl and the thou
sand and one delightful buys und In
lets comprise the finest yachting op
portunities' in existence. Steamer
service is udeouate and every point
may bn easily leached and this with
small expense.
The entire mountain country is
rich in lakes and streams, and there
Is none of these in which trout and
salmon are not plentiful and easily
taken. The fishing season Is open
during the exposition season, and at
this time of the ypar, offers the very
finest sport to be hud. Within the
city confines of Seattle there are two
large fresh water lakes, and excel
lent sport with rod and fly is to be
bad in the waters surrounding the
exposition grounds.
Mountain climbing is at every hand
and the peaks of the ragged Olym
pics and Cascades offer facilities for
this venturesome sport not excelled
by t'ie SImh Alps, or ranges of Asia.
Suitmii r resorts are to be found at
every point of vantage, and all of
these are noted for some special feat
ure of desirable advantage.
The voyage through the San Juan
Islands .surpasses for grandeur and
scenic effect the far famed inland
sea of Japan; the foreign trip to the
city of Victoria can be made In one
nny and is not to be overlooked. The
far north Is at the very doors of Se
attle, and Alaska, the "land of the
cxc )owcs; ccgxsc&
Vvg syscm cJJccXuoWx ;
abvQ cQsaYo
To 0c's bcwc5GAo
cjfccl8.awasbu o
Fig Syrup Co.
PCIGiants $11,000.
UL nr -i
Dallas, Texas, April 8. "He's
worth all we paid for him, said
Manager McCraw of the Oiants, as he
watched "Iliibe" Marquardt bend the
ball over the plate In a game here.
"I expect Maniuardt to prove one
midnight sun" may be seen under Its
very best conditions. One week Is re
quired to make the return voyage by
way of the Inside passage, and the
voyager is carried through narrow
passages und intricate windings, un
der the. very shadows of towering
snow capped peaks, und close to the
faces of mammoth glaziers, whose
disintegrating Ice supplies the north
ern seas with floating Icebergs.
There are no sunstrokes in Puget
Sound during the summer months.
White clothing of thin muterial can
be worn, but It is neither required,
or even comfortable, except In the
middle of the day. For a mid-summer
outing where pleasure, comfort, scen
ery, sport und in fact everything nec
essary are nought, Seattle has more
to offer than can be found In any
other place.
HA '. L K I) I N K.
an Onb r of the :
Chancery Division of the High Courts
of Justice, dated the lSth day of,
February, 1909 and made by Mr, i
Justice Joyce in the Matter of the ,
Kstate of KLIZAISKTH ANN Noli- j
OATK. deceased, between FltEDKIt- I
DER, Deftnilants. ( 1908. N. No.
(a) ALL persons claiming to be
heir at law of James Henry
Norguto Hazledine at the time
of his death or (if such heir
be dead) claiming lo be en
titled by devise descent or
otherwise to the real estate of
the said James Henry Norgate
Ha.Iedine which descended to
such heir, and
(b) . ALL persons claiming to have
been entitled lit the death of
the said James Henry Norgate
Hasledlne under the statutes
for the Distribution of inte
states ICrtate to his personal
Estate or claiming to be legal
personal n presentatives of any
persons so entitled as last
are by their Solicitors oi or before
the ;6th day of May, 19'i!i. to come
in and enter their claims at the
Chamber of Mr. Justice Joyce and
Mr. Justice Eve at the Iloyal Courts
of Justice. Strand. London, England,
in a bonk kept for that purpose in
Hooin K93 or In default thereof tli.v
will be peremptorily excluded fnon
the le iiclit of the wild Order.
WEDNESDAY the 9ih day of .Line
1909 at 11:0 of the clock noon. In
IUiom No. H9i at the said Chamber
is appointed for healing and adjudi
cating upon the suid claims.
Jlated this 17th day or March.
j ,0
Abvhurch Lane, London Eng
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmwmmmmmm V.eiBieM
"a j-
i : vQ i
Office: 204 Gold Ave.
Telephone 899
Automobile No. 9
ah if.
mji ne ixsi
of the sensations of 'the league this
year." continued the little bora. "He
Is exceptionally strong In the early
and bite seasons, while the majority
of pitchers are more reliable when
the sun Is pouring down regularly."
Maniuardt was purchased from In
dianapolis, champions of the Ameri
can Association last' fall. He did not
get a chance to show hta value to
Xew York, owing to the heat of the
pennant race. Rut the big southpaw
has shown McGraw so much sine
the team came south that the $11.
000 he cost, is looked upon as money
well spent.
Agents for William George Veale,
Bristol, England, Solicitor for
the above named Plaintiff.
NOTE The said James Henry
Norgate Hazledine resided at Bristol,
England, down to the year 1881 whea
being about 20 years of age, he went
to reside In the United States of
America and In the year 1X98 was
residing at Denver, Colorado, where
be is believed to have tarried on th
business of an Auctioneer. He Is be
lieved also to have resided at Port
land. Oregon and at Albuquerque,
New Mexico. He Is believed to have
died In the year 1900 at Kansas City
In the State of Kansas and to havs
been hurled at Falrmount cemetery,
Denver aforesaid on the 9th day of
May, 1900.
The said James Henry Norgate
Hazledine is believed to have been
married in the V'nited States of
HKit mvx, of m ust:.
"The seventeen mothers In the vil
lage Mothers' club agreed to decide
by ballot which had the handsomest
"Well, who won If.'"
"Why, each kid got one vote."
Fagged Out
Worrying over an Old Style Set
of ai-couut books
Install a Modern
of keeping your accounts with
sheets Ruled mill lTtnted to
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I l i

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