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No. 7-
Oennr. Colo., July 2l.fiir tssfght
iiMliorsiay. '
. . - -1- A -
Officer Testified In th3 In
quiry di Annapolis Con
crrning Death of
St. Louis Boy Missing Again
Deposed, Statesman
.beaten 10 DEATH
Says Her Son Was Killed by the
Gang and Bullet Wound
Was Then Inflicted
to Indicate
Annapolis. July 21 Lieutenant Wil
lia ill F. Bevan, officer of the guard on
tin night Lieutenant button nil shot,
resumed his testimony this morning
In tho inquiry into the il:ath of Lieu
tenant Sutton two years ago, which
lia been ordered as a reBUlt of the
eharge that Sutton did not commit
jsuiride but u killed in a tight.
Bevan, whose testimony differed in
several particulars from thut of
Adams and Osterman, told of Beeing
Sutton In his tent door, pointing a
revolver at the feet of Lieutenant
Itoelker. after It had been reported
to him that there was a fight in the
marine camp. Bevan says he .placed
both under arrtst, but that Sutton
made u remark about "going to leave
camp for good" and ran down the
jath. disregarding the order of arrest.
Later, hearing shots. Bevan stated
that he ran toward the parade
ground, where he found Osterman
ami Sergeant Dehor, pitting on Sut
ton and Adams trying to get at Sut
ton to strike .him. Bevan wild he then
took hold of Sutton to prevent him
from using his revolver, when some
one shouted "My God, he has killed
Rolker."' Sutton then extended an
arm toward his head and fired, kill
l.ns himself. Bevan denied hearing
' euiton 'hreaien the life .of anyone in
Sutton's mother asserts the belief
after hearing Bevan's story, that her
a in was beaten to death. In a quarrel
with the officer, and the bullet wound
was afterwards Infllcted.-
Lleutenant Edward P. Roelker, a
much wanted witness, who has left
the service, has not been found. It Is
unlikely that Miss Margaret Stewart,
of Pittsburg, who spent the evening
preceding his death with Sutton, will
testify She is said to be in Canada
and Is unwilling to return to testify.
AcliKii of Ceiuit I)ltl Not Cause I-:
Mt-tetl II lot at Car iiiMiiiy'a
Pittsburg. July 21. The expected
tiouble following the refusal of tht
ourt to Intervene between the strik
ers and Pressed Steel Car company
did not material!! (his morning.
About 200 men were working this
In spite of the agrei ment reached
last night between strikers and th.
standard Steel Car company at Bui
1. r. only a quarter of the force re
tuiiii'd to work this morning, tin
Uert giving as their reason th
presence of constabulary.
In refusing to intervene in th"
fetrike at MeKecs Rock, the tom
ri.on picas court said:
"W" find the court ha no light to
compel the company t re-empioy
tluse nu n or to compel the company
10 operate its plant or pay their mi.n
more money or to install a new wag
nj stem.
"We only have Jurisdiction in re
gard lo irooble growing immediately
ut of imp strike and any request tor
a restraining injunction against v!o
lctne w lilch may lead to loss of life
cr damage to property will b con
sidered. "We sustain the demurrer of tlie
:oinpany In all points except that
which concern the right of a taxpay
er to tile u h a bill."
ubua Ticket Oioppcr HcfuM'd to
Im-t I tall road Magnate Who
Didn't Hate a Mikel
N w t-rk. July 21.- B. V. Yoakum,
president of the Rock Island and one
of the kingb of finance, in a desperate
liuny to reach his' office tills morn
ing folia. I liims'lf in the subway
wiUipput a nickel. Attempts to bor
row pj.- "tantl oft ", the ticket chopper
were unavailing. ,As soon as Yoakum
rea. li- U In office w bought a thous
and tickets and ordered, them distrib
uted among the povk' ts of every suit
of clothes he owns.
f' ' ' sc vw . '. . - 1
I '" - J
ft; A
f XL- - ...
L .; ... ' " 0
St. Louis, July 21. Another chap- whereabouts are concealed by mem-
ter has been added to the remarkable j
o. f p,i0,i
magazine writer ana aaventurer. oy after a dtvorce sensation. The boy
the second disappearance from this vanished, was brought back by offt
clty of his little stepson. Jas. Shepard Jeers., then vanished again. The b"p
Cabann HI. Brandenburg already j 0nd time the family feared a kidnaper
stands accused of kidnaping the child was holding him for ransom. A man
once and taking him to San Francis- Was seen talking with the boy near
co. It was there he w-as arrested on (his home on Cabanne avenue, and
a charge of selling a forged interview j this man was supposed to be a wiem-
with the late Grover Cleveland.
Cleared of the forgery charge in a
New York court, Brandenburg had to
stay In a cell here until bail was pro
cured for him on the kidnaping J
charge, i
Jas. Bhepard Cabanne. father of the
child, has left S'. Louis also
Santa I'e Ha ting Trouble With Water
I let w i-en Holbrook Miul t.ullup
Train No. 2 of this morning lut
annulled and trains Nos. g and 4,
tlue hero this- evening, are reported
t i- o'clock tomorrow morning, a
a reult of trouble with water en
countered at Chambers, a siding be
tween Gallup and Holbrook. The ex
tent of the washout wus not report
ed to the local Santa Fe of fl p's, but
o.ing tp) the- annullmeiit of No. -.
It is believed to have been an entire
.tidgo or a l'ng strip of track. A
train equipped to rebuild both brlilg'-a
and tracks was sent out from Win
sl.uv last night to make the repair.
S i."t bound trainc an- running about
iti tim.:. Train No, S left Here uii
fine. and. if ncccNsaiy, will be h' 14
at (iallup pending the opening of tra
fc. A heavy rain is reported to have
ttillp-ii at Gallup lasi evening.
Soldiers a !H etas KnguKed Today
in Battle North of the i'.
Las Vpgus. N. M.. July 21. This
uif.ee today has been within (! arinj
of tht tip'reest kind of a mimic battie
carried on noi tli of Hie it y li tl e
National guaril. There wer volle.
and volleys and Intermittent pepper
lugs. S. vp i ill tiippiit-aiipl rouippls ipf
i- mnaiiiii ion were tireii.
'the next bIK fp-ature Jf tile e'l
iiinipment will Oe tile military oa li
nhicU will be tendered ilovernor t'ur
i;. and t-tali' Saturday night at he
I Juneau opera house. on Friday
evt mug at the Mime place the soM'ef
boys will li the guests of the l.i.
egas Optic at a ilaiice.
I'ulurad-i Springs. July SI. The
a?he- of Mrs. Maigirei How. II Jp-'-l
ron Davis lluy. o. daughter of ill-
ConfedeAicy, W-"i plai ed at re.-"t in
Evergreen cemetery here today aftp-i
A Kimnlpp ai.pt.-iee Til, aulit'l Will be
taken to Ku hinpind for finai intr-)
lent lit the lavis family
rs of the aristocratic Cabanne fam-
Uy. the oldest west or the Mississippi
I Brandenburg married Mrs. I'abanne
ber of the Black Hand.
Xow the child's mother and Bran
denburg are believed to hold the se
cret of the boy's present whereabouts,
The child will return and testify for
Brandenburg, it is believed, when the
trial of the author for the first kid-
Hlsjnaplng is held. In September.
Slimmer School Will Last I 'our Week
and Start). Out Willi Promt-
of imhI HcNuttM.
- Socorro, N. M.. July 21.
corrn county teachers'
w'hich bpgan Momtay ami
f.pur weeks, is proving to be
enthusiastic and helpful
The So
institu'e, will la.st
the most
school held in this county an. I gives
big pro mire- of a t-uccessful session.
The enrollment N almost double that
of rust year.
Supt riiitenilent Torres cpinsult-d
the wishes f the teachers and In ai
. cnlanee with ' their unanimous de
sire, seli-cted Supt. W. D. Sterlini.
of the Albuquerque public schools, as
conductor. Kupt. -Sterling conducted
the institute here last year. Uuri'is
the la.-t two weekm he win be assisfd
by Sirs. Northrup, of Iis Vegas.
Supt. Torres plans to make this it
banner year in Socorro county nchoolg
and the teachers are responding uni
vnsally to his efforts.
D.-nv.r. July 21. The officers of
the Western F-tleraton of Miners
will probably be Instructed this after
noon to call a meeting of a Joint com
mittee of all m.ne workers t' dratt
a (institution under which all und--gronnd
workers may be united. A
resolution which proviilen against any
affiliation with the American Fed
riition of Ibor W bitterly opposed.
Dtuuoii ration Was Ma tie Against
Government Wltcil TroofHt Wer
hiil AgaiitM Morocco.
Madrid. July 21. Much excitement
prevails here on account of the op
position of the people to a Spanish
Morocco mar. Thre have been sev
eral demonstrations in front of the
ministry of war and much rioting.
The departure of the first troops to
reirf ne the garrison of Malilla was
the t-i trial for a great protest.
Th Moorish tribesmen attacked a
Spanish outpost this morning
' were repulsed with gatling gun.
Galveston's Famous Sea Wall Not Ade
quate as Barrier and Streets of the
Texas City Were Again Flooded, while
a Sixty-Mile-an-Hour Wind Wrecked
Wires and Buildings, Throwing Fish
ing Sloop Against Bridge to the
Waves Twenty Feet High Came
and Flooded ihs Streets to a Depth of Four Feet While It
is Feared That Many Have Perished in Low Lands Along
the Coast Where Water Had Clean bweepStorm Ex
tended Several Hundred Miles In Either Direction From
Galveston, Texas, July 21, A hur
ricane attaining a velocity of sixt
nillcB tin hour, cut fJalviFton off from
ail communication for several hours
today. All wires were down for some
time and the railroad bridge was
washed away, cutting off all commun
The water washed over the sea wall I
and flooded some of the streets to
a depth of four feet. The storm.
which was general along the gulf!
coast, passed to the south at 2 o'clock
when communication wa resumed. !
lany Are In Danker. .!
Houston, July 21. Froita the nature
of gulf hurricanes it is certain that
if the water at Galveston has risen
abo the sea wall thca? Is also, high
water along the gulf rot for a hun
dred miles In either direction.
The gulf coast is very low with
habitations almost at the water's
edge. Hurricanes blow tremendous
tides against the shore, overflowing
for many miles what is ordinarily dry
land. From this fact It is believed
that fishing villages and small com
munities and summer resorts along
the coast are In grave danger.
Advices received here from Galves
ton say thnt a fishing sloop was hurl
ed by the wind through the center
of the bridge that unites Galveston
wlfh the mainland, thus destroying all
I load Hoard's Kngineer Uelurus l Yom
Invc i;railon of Two ProMHed
Santa Fe, July 2 1. --Engineer John;
Merriwether of the good roads coin-j
mission, returned tod; from S v
City, havin : completed his survey ''
Silver Clty-Mogoilon road and Is now
preparing his plats and profiles. The
road is a scant 7 miles long, much
surprise of the engineer, it was also
found that the proposed Bear nioun-j
lain ,.,,.. r.nK- P 1 1 ftff fl Ik, 1 P 1 I HHP 1
thousand feet of the distance. Instead
pf seven miles as hail b en iiulli'ipat
cd. The old ipiutp- wll! therefore lie e
HtM IMi S Kl: :5l.OW mi.
Santii l-e, N. M.. Ju!y 2 1. ---Tlirie
Hffe blowers operated in Chatiia, l:i
A'-rlbti county, last night. liM-akin
into tli
mile of Hover ami Coble ani
tlien Mi,Llno tilt r e- a IIP' heuded to
w .rd Santa Fe. A r. ward of $ I'd
is ofiVr-ii for th' pi' capture and tli
ti p-itor nl mounted poll, e
mol.i'l-.p d in the pii.-..iit.
hlie hc'-n
AWAIlblil) .11 IMi.MI.NT
Santa Fe. July 21 Judge John P..
McFie today gave Judgment for the
Bank of Commerce versus C. L.
Mead ti Co. of Albuquerque for
SI, 459 60. Hp- alspi gave default Judg
ment in four divorce cases, three o'
th. m from Itm Arriba county ami on
Coin San Juun county.
During t:iis hoi eatli-r you
slioul I lin Junt as l.ttle work an'i
fretting tii posg-il.le if you want
to keep t-ool and healthful. One
of the bp-i-t ways to prevent wor-
ry la to i- t soiii.-oii-- else do the
worrying for you. A little want
ail in Th" ('uiz.n will do your
work and do your worrying It
will sell what ou have to sell
and bn" hat you want to buy.
Telephone li. Bead the clas-
slfied jge every day and see
what Undoes for other
Over the Wall at Galveston
wires ami cutting off communication
vt it li the city.
waves are breaking over the si-a
wall and several bathing pavilllons
have been destroyed. The waves ore
twenty feet high and the velocity of
tlif wind is 65 miles an hour.
Sends SMi'iul Train.
SluiiHger Van Vleck, of the South-
ern Pacific, has sent a special train
to collect the frightened inhabitants
of villages along the coast and bring
them to Houston.
Subin.i Pass is under water and the
Southern raciflc. tracks are , itiun-
dated. No well founded report tit
loss of life has been received here.
Mountain High Waves.
Mobile, July 21. Vessels arr'vtrr
here report a storm on the gulf "with
the seas mountain high off Mobile
bar. Vessels are unable to mnke the
I ah -a I Office Hears News.
The local Santa Fe offices were no
tified this afternoon that communica
tion had been cut off with Galveston
as the result of a hurricane which de
stroyed the wires connecting that city
with the mainland. The report stated
that waves had washed over the sea
wall. Inundating part of the city but
no information of the loss of life or
property damage was received.
i:cciillvcs Won't Meet on Hie lliidge
Itul W 111 Visit KtM-ti ( her
Washington. July
21.--Instead of
shaking . hatiils ac
'oss u paiiileil
; ttl ,., a, ,,, Pa
y,.,.vilWnt Taft and Prtsidcl 1)
Mexico and lllaz setting foot ui Ain
erican soil. It will be necp-ssnry for
I iJias to obtain permission from the
Mexican Congress to leave Mexico.
The meeting will take place on Taft's
; , ',"ln trip after Sep,
i ( l.)rilBHl.sT OAI SKI
I Milwaukee, July 21. -A cUipjiI
j l iiist toduy in nortlurn lV'iscoiis.n
' ( iiflangerp-d several . villagp'S and did
S'iIMi.OUO damage. The dam at While
Ifiver was washed out. impuriling
wIipisp- inhabitants we.'u
. warncel to leave. i tie siute ns.
' lia tcii. ry at haytlt 1.1 was wrecked an 1
millions of fish were tarried Into th
hike Trains were cut off from As.i
. ti ml und Bayfield. I.-avy rains en
dangp red the villag'- of Helgbrrn.
KMslcrn lltuiilltx Abandon i:pre-ts
Trains for Cars of line silks.
New York. July 2!. Abandoning
their attempts oil express trains as
too dangerous, eastern train wreckers
are turning tin ir attention to fast
freights as offering less risk and
equally rich booty. The arrest of five
men at Hjckensack has revealed a
plot to wreck a fast freight on the
West Shore road. Obstrip tions were
plated on the track but were discov
ered before the train arrived Goods
valued at many thousand dollars have
been stolen from freight tars in the
past few months, evidently by an or
ganized gang which makes a specialty
of silk and valuable fabrics.
i -;
' -'" " I
n . '" KB
BOuryeolH May Take Place I -eft Va
cit by 3 emei hch n anil Old
MemlM-rs Will lie KflneJ.
runs, juiy ji, i ne lormeuon ot government has retailed -her minister
a new ministry to take the place of to Bolivia on account or the dispute
the Clememceau cabinet, which retlr-J over the decision of President A
ed last night after an attack on Del-' corta In the JJolivlan-'Peruvlan boun
casse by Clemenceau during a discus- ! ary dispute. The Bolivian minls
slon of naval scandals, was taken up ter to Argentine has been given hte
this morning. It is now assured that passports and . diplomatic relation,
three members of the old cabinet will between the two countries are msr
be retained. It Is believed the pre-1 ered.
mlershlp will be ofTered to Bourgeois,! This action followod"the failure ot
former minister of foreign affairs, al- efforts to meet the aggressive atti
though a combination with Polncare tudo of Argentine on one hand an
as premier and Delcasse as minister the popular agitation of Bolivia on
of marine is mentioned. . the other. The order of President
Thedefeat of the Clemenceau min- Montee to suspend the centenary
istry followed slighting allusions by retes at La Pa In view of the boutn
Ihe premier to the French humllla- dary decision, which Is regarded a
Hons in the Morocco controversy. a national calamity, was the mala
Premier Clemenceau, who always cause of offenso to Argentine,
has been un sdversary of M. Delcasse;. -
smarting under the criticisms and
doubtless over-eanndence of a major
ity, taunted the exminlster of foreign
affairs, who was thrown overboard by
the Rouvler ministry at the dictation
of Germany during the crisis In 1S05
with having lead France to humllla- '
tlou at Alger iras. The specter of AdM, Arrrhted Today and Placed In
that chapter of France's foreign his- Jail, But May lie Ulvon Another
,tory In which Pelcsssn was sacrificed Owner,
was a fatal error, instantly there was ' ' '
n uproar of dissent from both sides i ' ' , ,f " '
of the el. .mfa. nelL-a fv. hV- M Th th V
the taunt In Clemenccau's face with
bitter words, declaring. amlrT cheers,
that France had gone to Algeclras in
the Interest of peace.
The chamber was In an uproar when
'the premier took Ms seat. Amid the
, wildest excitement the vote was taken
and when It was announced that the
government had been beaten 212 to
17. Clemenceau stalged out of the
'chamber, followed by the other min-
.isters In token that he Intended to
IvuVMllve or ilie Territory Chief A.
trailloii Today at Moinitalnalr.
.Mouiitainair. N. M., July 21. Gov-
....... ...e n, ,,.e
end tl..' governor wax the renter of
Hi traction. He arrived this morn1, lg
and this afternoon made an address.
Key. A. M. Harkncfcs will give
illustrated lecture this evening.
Friday evening the chautaunut
horns will present the operel-u
"Ijilla." Saturday will be forest.-
day, with a lecture In the afternoon
Kecknag.:!. of the VniUrt
by A. II.
States forestry service, and a lectur-
if. the evening by Hon.
A. Man i.
e... ....... ........ .... ve....i.. uj
Tlial Wuh See -ii ret I by i'rautl.
' and I decided to stay here and face
Washington. July 21. It was an- (t j was trying to get a Job today to
noiinced today that the department of g(.e ,f T ppun't square up for thosa
the Interior had classified as coal land cheeks."
and restored to the publlo domain Adains showed that he had beea
certain unappropriated public lands .offering from a dose, of conscience
In the Kvanston district of Wyoming, and t.rIf,d ag he lBiue,e. ,He )s youth
fixing the price for disposal In some fu! (n appearance and presents the ap
i ases as high as liiOO an acre. pearance of a' bright bov who has
The tract includes lands Involved knocked around the world Just a lrin
in what is known as the Horse Thief mora ,hgn WBH goo(1 f,)r one or
canyon cases. Investigation mouths years.
ago showed that mucn valuable t-oul
land In that district had been secured
by alleged fraudulent operations and
the land was reconveyrd to the gov-
eminent with 140.000 for the coal ex-
tracted. The price fixed on these
lands containing ceial at prices based
on their Intrinsic value.
ONt i: W AS KNoi t.lf.
I'lilladelphla, July XL ievcii-y-a.r-
old Bennle Cohen walked Into Roose-
velt hospital today with a cut on hi-
hi a.l. With tet.i.i rolling down his
cheeks Bennie told the dot tor he an 1
his little fpist.-r were u'aying nuaba il
and wife.
"I came home late." he said, "an 1
sister took a uoker and brat me o r
the head with It"
i i.
Aerie J if he could be married aga:
Hemile replied "Not vet. Not evvi
soon. '
Diplomatic Relations Between
the Two Governments
Were Severed
Arjgresslve Attitude of Argentine
and Popular Clamor
of Bolivia Held Re-
sponsible for
La Pas. Julv it The A reran 1 1 no
morning" fter,"nor Rdj' Adam. ti,
20 .yenr Id boy. accused of forging
the name of Fidel Romero, a butcher
on Ooli avenue, to two checks for
ten dollars each, when he was arrest-
this afternoon by Policeman Tony
Oulvera and given the range of the
new city holdover.
The policeman received word that
Roy Adams had been een near Mfth
treet and Gold avenue this afternoon
nd went In pursuit of the boy on a.
bicycle. When Adams saw the po
liceman he turned and ran down an
alley. The policeman pursued him on
a bicycle and he was soon overtaken.
When locked in the holdover, he
The checks Adams Issued wera
ashed by the Montezuma saloon ami
by E. Gradl, also a saloon keeper.
Adams admitted to an officer and to a
reporter today that he forged tha
"I was drunk when I did It and out
of money; I had a erasy spell and
j.... .. ... .i.nl, ,.,. i ,
my friends and It was a mean trick
to do to them. After I sobered tap
I had part of the money left and was
going to return it. Then I thought
there was no use in giving back part
of the money so I kenL.it all. If I cast
fix It up so I can get out of here, I'll
go to work and pay It all back a
ulc 1 cn- ItB t,m1
i Adams admits that he has another
name which Is his correct one. He
gave It to the police but asked that
It be not published.- He said he llvetl
In Chicago and came to Albuquerque
during the races last year.
. "When I realized what I had done.
'some of the boys advised me to get
out of town. I sold I wouldn't leave
for something seemed to tell me that
I was going to get arrested anyhow
He ggjj h, nB(1 h(rn working at
the T!ornero ranch for five months and
only r8(T1p (o town , frW ,eay., rko. Ue
drank a few m0re beers than were,
for n1rrii r,n out of ,nl,ney. owed
fop ,,,g room rerit am, then WTntt th
( T1 Kaloon men whr cashe.l the
checks have been Informed or the
Doy.a arrr,,t and this aftemoem are
considering whether or not they want
to proseeote htm or give him another
' , . -
toij;n e.ooos in wACiOX.
Chlcag'i. July XI. Attempts to col
lect the wheel tax resulted today In
the recovery cf SS.00O worth of stolen
soo-ts. A driver on a wnon was
stepped by a policeman who asked tt
'see his license. The driver fled, after
frin gat the policeman, and the st'ilert
I g ili were fpjur.d in his wagon.
I. ,

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