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No. 17.45 p. m.
Wo 4. o d. m
IVnvcr, Atif. JO. For Albuquerque
Mud vMnlty! (Showers tonight and
no. 7- 10.55 p. in $
No. 6.40 p. m.
ho. 9 11.45 P- "'
Terrib'e Flood in the City of Monterey
Leaves 15,000 Persons Homeless
Electric Lights Out and Unable to
Operate Street Cars-Railroads Out
of Commission From Washouts-Food
Running Short and Famine Feared-
Water Supply Cut Off and the Entire
City Suffering-Narrow Cup Like Vai
ley Caught Force of Flood When Res
ervoir Went Out-Consul General Ap
peals to Washington for Assistance.
Mexico City Aug. 30. A conserva-
tlve estimate of the damage wrough'. i
at Monterey ty the flood pluces the
dead at 1,400 and the property loss j
at $12,000,000. Tin- river has gone
down and all flood danger Is over.
One quarter of the city of Mon
terey is destroyed and 15,000 persona
arc homeless. j
The water mains are usehs and
the city consequently is without
drinking water, neither is there lis it
nor street car service, for the power
plant is seriously' damaged and It
will be impossible to resume train
service for a wei k. The city
threatened with a food famine. The
slaughter hotwes have been do- ,
etroyed. Ten thousand persons are
being fed on bread, coffee and soup
by the municipal authorities and the I
American consul is giving food to ull !
who apply. Thousands of persons
have taken, refuge jri thi cuihedral
and churches. Many adobe utruc
tures. eoaked by rain, are falling, und
there Is some additional loss of life
from this cause. The railroad situa
tion Is deplorable.
On the Branch of the International
line between Monterey and Tampico
there are a score of washouts.
The iron bridge at Man Juan was
destroyed and seventy-live miles
the Matamoroa branch lino was wash
ed out. There are a dozen washouts
between Matamoros und Cuevas, and
the big iron bridge over the Kiconaga
Kio between Saltlllo and .Monterey is
gone. The total loss to the railroads
vill probably exceed $500,000. Tai
greatest loss of life in Monterey is
said to have been caused by the giv
ing away of the reservoir dam. Mon
terey is situated in a cup-like valley
and surrounded un three sides .y
steep mountains.
The waters rushed into the valley
down the bed of the anta Catarinu
river. The stream ordinarily is 150
yards wide, but with the advent of
the flood the banks were fully three
uuarters of a mile apart. It is esti
mated that eighteen inches of rain
fill. The cities of the republic are.
responding to Monterey's call for as
sistance. I' tilted Slates to Help. (
Washington, Aug. 30. Consul gen
eral Hanna at Monterey, Mexico., on ,
behalf of the officers of the American
icclony there, made an appen' to the
American people to assist the d--.su- j
tute sufferers of Monterey. j
"It might be gratefully remem
bered and appreciated," says Hanna
in tlis telegram, "that the city or
Monterey, of 100,000 inhabitant-,'
docs 85 pi r cent of its foreign trade
with the 1'nited States."
Nearly every person In tne el'y
suffered lots and many of the poorer
classes lost everything. )
Further reports indicate that ail
river settlements have been swept
away. The town of Cadcreyra. in th
river bottom, is said to have been
destroyed, and it is feared a In aw
loss of life in the country districts ad
jacent to he Santa Catarinu river has
The fact that the water' mains urj
broken in Monterey has forced the
people to use old, polluted wells fur
drinking purposes. The local Young
Men's Christian association and the
American colony arc aiding in tie
work of rescue. No coninuinu ation
with districts outside of Monterey is
Little King of tne Railroad
World Must Save Vital
Spark With Ex
treme Care.
Financier in No Immediate Dan
ger and Newspaper Men Give
up Trying to Ascertain
More-Specialists Con
suited but That's. Ail.
tween the Santa Catalina river, which
carried the flood, and the steel works,
which are reported greatly damaged,
and he fears that this house was
among the buildings wrecked. His
father and sisters were in a summer
resort, seventy-five miles distant from
the city, but he has cousins and any
number of more distant relations
According to Dr. Osilna, Monterey
is wedged between the mountains und
is on both sides of the Santa Catalina
river. This river is 450 miles long
and drains the water from the west
side of a great range of mountains.
It runs from west to east. It is dry
most of the year, and the present
Hood is the first great damage H has
done since 18S1, when it swept a
large part of the city away, but no one
was drowned at that time. All had
been warned in time to" make their
Dr. Osunu says that only the poorer
J n sidents of the city lived along the
river and in the lowlands, though a
high Mood would carry it to the bet
' ter part 'of the city. There Were
! waves fifty feet high in the Hood of
1&81, which he saw and great dam
age was done to property. The bet
ter buildings are built of stone. Only
the poorer ones are adobe. The
American district is in the northern
part of the city and well out of dan
ger. Monterey has a population of
about 100,000 people.
GoMi nor ami Secretary Here. Yeslcr
day to IXsciiss .Mattel' Willi
Local People.
Turner, .. Y., Aug. 30. The trend
of opinion regarding Harrlman's con
dition lis demonstrated today by a re
laxation of the Intense Interest tills
community lias displayed on that sub
ject. Another Indication was the
thinning ranks of newspapermen who
lushed here Friday when Wall street
first was startled by a report that the
financier was about to undergo a
critical upcratioli. Cine tiling is cer
tain Dr. Friday, the noted special
ist, and perhaps several other spe
cialista held a consultation at Ardei
House. W hat the verdict was can
only be conjectured, butif they came
to consider an immediate operati l.l
they decided against it. Harrimun
seems to be in no immediate Hanger
but his life must be regulated with
extreme care.
Arden Hounc is in a slate of. siege,
so tar us the newspapermen are coo
cerncd. and ull inquiries are met with
a positive refusal to talk from do
mestics and members ol" the faml'y
Mr. Harrlman's health Is not ill
cussed anil ull efforts to secure
statement have thus far proven un
availing. After,,' hi- first talk with
the newspapermen .on his arrivi
here, the little man of railroad fain-'
has sealed himself up In his bono
ami declines to be seen by anyon.
except thorn- in attendance.
However, it is apparent that ki
condition is not immediately alarm
ing, and one by one the corps "'
newspaper reporters have been quiet
ly leaving, with nothing to report ex
cept that "Harrimun won't be seen. '
Kmployes of the estate who came
down to Turner today said that Hur
riman appeared on the porch later in
the morning in an adjustable reclin
ing chair and spent some time In the
sun. He said he had a restful night
and was in good spiiits.
Governor George Curry and Terri
torial Secretary Nathan Jaffa met
with President Spitz and a number
of members of the Commercial club
yesterday afternoon and agreed upon
tentative plans lor the entertainment
of President Taft und party while
here Oct. 16.
It was decided that a committee
lrom the club and Governor Curry
will go to Grand Canyon and accom
pany the presidential parly across the
Arizona border into New Mien.
There will be a reception at the Com
mercial cluli. a banquet at the Alvu
rado and a drive ab 'lit the- city. A
committee was appointed to provide
the funds for the entertainment. The
business men will be asked to decor
ate their places of business with bunt- j
ing and Hags. Some means ot decora- i
tion like that provid- d for President j
Koosevr It wlien he wa hero may be
arranged. On Ihe visit of President
liojsevelt, a magnificent while anh
was erected on Central avenue and
pretty girls thiew Mowers on the
presidential pal ly as tin passed
bineath. There will be music and
funic special wild west ft a lures of j ;
entertainnit nt for tin benefit of the
White House parly. The eeuing of
the president's visit will be the i-v-n-ing
of the Montezuma ball. The pres
idential party will be asked to at
tend. The president's train does not b ave
for L'l Paso until after midnight, so
Cure will be plenty of time f r an
elaboiate program.
The Commercial club will bi
Well known Officer and Medical
I if it Had HoM or Friends
The sad news of the death of Lieut.
A. Urine Henderson. M. 1)., I'. S. A..
w ho died at the St. Joseph's 'hospital
ill Denver, Colo., last Saturday even
ing, was received with much regret
by his many friends in this eity
where he made his home for five years
prior to November last. Dr. Hender
son came to this city In 1!(04 from
Detroit, Mich., his home, suffering
with a complication of ailments
brought about by tuberculosis. He
i ngug- d offices in
five years enjoyed
niie as a specialist
and throat disi uses.
this cil and for
a liberal putron
lll eye. nose, ear
His health grad
ually failed him and lust November
he moved to Denver, hoping that the
change of air would benefit his con
dition. Despite all the medical aid
that could be given, he continued to
fail, which terminated in his (bath
lust S.i I u ri lay (.veiling. Dr. Henderson
as known as on- of Ihe best special
Is of the kind among the medical
profession and bis loss will be felt
m st keenly in that circle as well as
anions others who kin.w him. Dr.
Henderson leaves a wife and one
daughter. Miss Margaret. to mourn
i VJL . Ji
s - '
',' ' .. ,:' , . ' ' ,
$" "
Captain and Five ol Crew
Investigate nd are
Quickly Overcome.
Government Buildings Shook
So That Clerks Fled to
Streets But None
Were Hurt.
Officer In San Francisco Tel Is! First Occured Shortly After Eight '
Hair Raising Story of Queer
Experience ol Govern
ment Boat Caught and
Damaged In Typhoon.
San Francisco, Aug. 30. Mysteri
ous gases released from the hold of
the United States colder Nan Shan
when the steel bulkheads were Btove
Ir. by a typhoon were responsible for
the deaths of five mem born of the
crew, according to the story of ths
third assistant engineer, Elmer
Hutchins, who arrived here yesterday
on the cruiser Buffalo.
The vessel was en route from Cu
vlte to Hong Kong at the time of the
accident. Water .poured intq the paint
locker und the fume begun to rise
Ir. great volume. Captain Carver and
live men of the Filipino crew went
l(. Investigate. All were overcome
but Carver, who revived. When the
men were dragged buck from the
hold It was found that by some in
explicable freak the bodies had been
stripped naked by the fumes.
O'clock This Morning-Canal
Commission Immediately
Started Investigation
Along Big Ditch.
E. H. Harrimun , as hJP lo
the steamer that brought nun iioni r.uio..i
nkcd when, tie sailed up New Yrk Jtarbor in
'Panama, Aug. SO. A strong earth
quake was experienced here shortly
after 8 o'clock this morning. People
were greatly alarmed but no one was
Injured. No damage Is reported.
There Is nothing to Indicate that the
'a n a ma canal was. damaged by the
ciuake. Special inquiries are being
made in this direction and a report
from the canal commission is ex
The administration buildings both
of the government and the canat
commission here and at Anucon were
so severely shaken that the clerks left
their desks and hurried Into the
Btreels. They soon returned when
they saw no damage was done. The
quake was felt at Aguadulce in Code
province, and at Pancora, Province
of Panama, points more than 100
miles apart. t
OF A Ji)b SEPF. 4
I list lict Attorney at lloswell Went
Sin xt 111 I'd but iun i:xilodel
Masler Mechanic I "I J nil Talks
Pioneer Hallway lays tiohi"
Hack to Old Home.
w It '.i
Hoswell. X. M-. Aug. 20. ( Special .
District Attorney J. M. Hi rvey nan ,
very close call from death Sunday (
the sudden and unexpected uif-
charge of a hammerless sningui.
uhleh he had been carrying In his
hrtircv. Mrs. Hervey, who was
him at the time, espied u bird
i.i-miuht the horse to a short
Just as Hervey started to transfer hi
gun from one side of the carriage l
the other. The result "was a prema
ture discharge, from no apparent
cause whatever, that tore a large hole
through the cover of the huiiuy and
n. nfened Mr. Hervey. Had the gu.i
been one inch closer to his head he
would have been a dead man. The
bird, the cause of the trouble. flev
carelessly away.
:culie Hoard
.Milling Timlulit t'
Of the
be made ti
j i aoi ii ii 11 .ii i .
dent's seen t.uy
(I tails and all effort
. keep in communica
Carpeiiter. tin- pn-si-so
as to keep witli ri
his os. both of ulioni were at his
bedside hen death came. The I"
ti rmeut will be made in Denver un
der tbe auspices of Arapahoe Lodge
No. 1 ;;n. of hieh lie was a member.
Dr. Henderson was also a member ot
(llief cXcClltiW
will lie (lotle ii
Albuquerque Man Was There
Has Many 1 tela lives
Mrickcii District.
eoiiimltli'e 'H
'II I. Ull. I, Judge
Arnot. K. II
aii.l Sei.i.to:-
The horror of the flood at Monterey
was heard here by Dr. Osuna. on.- of
Albuquerque's prominent physicians,
with a gnat deal of anxiety. Dr.
Osuna came to Albuquerque from
Monterey, and relatives and property
there and the safety of them has
caused him no little anxiety. His
father had a large stone house be-
the Wishes ef tin
that will '.i ' dol e
elaborate si ale.
Follow ins
finanei : H
Ira A. Abbott. c.-iTs-
Coilier. Frank McKn
And : pv .'.
C.ovi l r.or Curry a"d Secretary Jaf
fa can) t the city yesterday for t li
M" cial j'i,ipo.e of assi.-tirm in yetting
the arr.i n-' n-.eiil - for the president's
receidi 'ii startid (loveriior Curry
has promised tlic Commercial club all
the aid possible from himself and
staff. Tin- governor will tie one of
the committee to go to the canyon
to ine i the president.
C, ami
l.".lge. A
served tliii e
islands as a
1 Stales iiriny
Ish-Amei ii
uate of the
i inc. haviiiK
F. ami A. M., Xo.
years In the I'hii
lieufi nant in the
during lie Span-
war. He was a grail
Detroit School (if Me(
gradnat.'il from that lll-
'stiut'oii with liigh honors.
tdlTlM. Ki:lV
to i: i v h.i 1 1:
'laP-tn.ila, Aug. 30. There Is
iderable uiie.isinos here and
ill Salvador over reports that
leii"r.il X'-laya. the pr s'dent of
NiearagU'i, is titling up a filitius
leiing expedition at New Orleans,
the object of which Is to attack
Guatemala and Salvador.
A inci ting of till- i-xel Utile
of the New Mexico Alliomob.l
ciation han been called for tit:
ing ut H o'clock in the ol'fne
K. Ii. Sellers on 'i si Cold ;
a. which time the new rubs,
tions and bv-bnis of the ic
will be drafled and copi.s in.
al. owners and diin is of
O-roiighoul the tirriiory. Tli
i iatioll now iiuiubers "H r T.'i
bers. and with Hie pru-etit
- asso
i evell-
of D.
i enue,
iled to
lleWl.V elected ollil.ls a most .-ll.'Cis--
fiil ear is looked foiward to. Those
w.i.i will aid in the drafting of tin-by-laws
are D. K. ii. Sellers, .resident
,,' the association: Dr. I ii. lii .
iieasurer; D.nid X. Combs. .se,i---
taiy. and H U Hi k. form, r secn-
lary. Tin- rule" and regulations
which now Kovern ihe Colorado High
way a.-soeialioii will be used as a
model which u ill be drafp d b
Judge Charles U Flytin, the first
muster mechanic the Santa Fe had in
Albuquerque end the man who set up
the first six locomotives owned by the
old Atlantic & Pacific railroad, left
Albuquerque this morning f ir his old
nome at Columbus, Ohio, with a view
to remaining there.
For the past number of years Judge
Flynn has conducted a small clothing
store at Wlnslow. Ariz., and as police
judge meted out Justice to wrong
doers of that place. He sold his st"re
recentlv and last vear lie refused lo
run for Justice of the peace any more
so finding himself entirely out of em
ployment, he decided to go hack to
the Huckeye state.
Judge Flynn was one of the best
known men of northern Arizona.
There Is not an old time railroad man
on the Santa Fe coast lines who dins
not know him. The oldest residents
f Albuquerque Will icillelllller
urlle Flynn us master mechanic at
local shops. He came here w hen
tin- railroad was built. Mrs. rlyiin
was the first American bride to come
t i Albuquerque. When the A. V P.
built shops at Coolldge, X. M., about
100 miles west of here, Master Mech
anic Flynn had his office there That
wa over twenty years ago. Vi ry few
people. In Albuquerque knew there
ever was such a place as Coolldge. it
i mil one day and was never re
built. A few old shacks in-ar the
continental divide are all that is left
to mark the place. After fifteen years
of railroading, Judge Flynn opened
his little store at Wlnslow. While
here lie and Mrs. Flynn were gin sis
of her two sisters. Mrs. J. 1.. Hell and
Mrs. S. K. White.
1 ru .M. Iliniil sui-h tiiHini's for Ad
mission Wvrr Never Brighter.
Jin M. nnml, nn Kttorm y of Wash
Ipgton. D. C, who made AlbuqtierqU'
Ms home many years tigo, arrived In
the city Saturday evening for a visit
to old friends. Mr. lioiid says regard.
Ins statehood for New Mexico and
Arizona that the chances for their
iidmlitance was never brighter than
new In all the many yearn the tight
bus been carried on, and he has at
ti tided nl most every session of Con
cress. He says that the ndininlsiri-
tion feels burdened to currv out thai
part of Its platform which provide
for the admission of both territories
und he believes that President Taft
will do all he can to make the prom
isi good. '
Queenstown, Aug. iio. The steamer
Manretania. the record holder for tin
1 tiuns-Atani.ie passage, arrived her
today from New York over a fchoi
course and made the passage in four
I davs. fourteen hours and tw einy-seven
'minutes. Thin beats her previous r
ord by two hours and fiflv-lhree nilu
tiles. Four tenders took oil ihe p is
seimers und mail und a special staff
of customs officer were waiting
Insoect the baiinae. Special train
viri quickly on the way to hoiido
where liny are scheduled to arriv
al t:"i n in. The Journey from New
I York will thus be completed in flv
iwvri one hour and thirty-live mm
i uti s. Newport and Fishguard w
lavishlv beflaggi-d Willi the Slars am
Mripes and I'nioil Jacks for Ihe
i i to - inhabitant turned mil to eh
the incoming steadier and a gener.il
. io liday w as proclaimed.
Y-sislaiit lo Si ii'clMiy of Commerce
ami ljihor "lie-Inn" unci Will
Practice Ijiw for a
lieverly. Ma,., Aug. 30. President
Taft has accepted the resignation of
crmshy Mcllarg, ussfsiant secretary
ef cuninierce. and labor. Secretary
Xagel, head of t:ie department, had
&n extended conference with Presi
dent Taft Sunday and discussed tho
question of a successor to Mr. M?-Harg.
Secretary Xagel received a letter
from the assistant secretary saying
that he must adhere to his ilrst in
tention of remaining in the depart
ment only for u period of six month.
This term of duty will expire .Sep
tember 4 and by that time Secretary
Xagel hopes to be ready to announce
the choice ot a new assistant.
Mr. Mcllarg announced some time
ago that he soon would leave the
government service to engage In pri
vate business. Jn his letter to Secre
tary Nagcl, he SHys-, however, that if
a nucci Ksor cannot be found by Sep
timhcr 4 he will continue in office
u tit 11 October 1.
There was no one in lieverly will
ing to say that .Sir. Mcllarg's resig
nation wa in any wise the resuit of
the Interview published in Washing
ton lat week in whl h he i credited
with saying some sharp tilings about
former President linos velt and nU
policy of fieeit conservation.
Mr. XleH.irx was quoted as sayln;
the policy was too dreum-llke to ever
be of particular value. Mr. Mcllarg
Is ,-aid to have grow n quite bluer
oxer the trie manner in which sum.
of tile government officials in Wash
ington generally known a the "lloos
evelt clement." have In en criticising
members of the Taft adminlntiUilon.
Consequently he is reported to liavn
expressed tiis own vbws rather forci
bly and tit.- con;rovesy started by
Chief Foresti r Fin hot wilh Senviaiy
Hallinger is declared here to be grow
ing to such proportions Hint th--president
will hale to take a ban. I,
and put Co- nove.-iiin.-i-.: houee in or-'
flu- requirements of the h
i.al n
lloll'nt t
1 oints
I. It I HIM. I P
York, Aug. UM. Tin slo.-u
rmk ii Mile from tin- l.'nion
niov, melit today, w hied pi
had been marked up to
from Saturday's closing 1
The renewed upward mov- tie lit
l.ot keri pace Willi tip Cllioll l'.i
however, but wa.- orderly and d
There was some abatement in 111
demand for stock late today. i'nioil
racilic, afler reaching Jnt-'j. fell
lack and affected the while market.
Trailing became wry duii but there
V as H i sign of w eakness.
til e
v. 1.
ill I
j wii.i. hi: co.vtim i:i simys
i Hoswell. X. M ., Aug. 30. Mayor
I Hiciiaribion stati d today that in lie
'future, a in the past, arrangements
1 have been made whereby the band
i concerts will be continued Sunday
'afternoons at the court house plana
from 4:30 till .". 30, and that religious
i mi clings w ill have to be arranged
j for other hours than those decided
!up(n, as no one sect has a right to
take away from the rest of the city
li ny public pleasure that the city caa
I afford to give to all. and a there Is
I plenty of time the rest of the d iv
tor any such meetings to take place.
Rheims. Aug, an. "Aviation
came to lis ofliri.il close tol.,y with
a gala breakfa.-t ill honor of the avi
ators. Tin re w. re So 'I gn-sts I In
cuse enthusiasm over tie- w .elerl'.i!
Specif of t,le Week Wa- 111 i !:!., i
Hb-riot attended with an arm in a
d nt
sting, tile result of IS a
t( rday, and lie und Ciii . s
kan; Fai man, the Kr.gl
Latham and Paul!. .nil.
f!y( rs, received ovation-,
b'uge arising again and
c In i r them.
stranded ill it Meadow.
Izig. lieriiiany. Auu. :S".-
V mer-
I. Illl'i
ciioici: hi:ii; ssriii:i.
in the
aw an, X.
f mill for
f ir Harry
Y., Aug. SO.
i regular net u
K Thaw, the
authorities of this institution
have appointed him tile asylum
Xi ppcliu u ii shi p.
11:J4 o'clock last
in the return vo
lufg-u, met with
today and I.inded
Two foi Aard pro
and a fragment ol
i ii tile envelope,
t i i seaM-. 'Vint ail
w hi. h i-t.ll ted al
night l'min H.r. In
age lo Finilii
an aeeidi m e;ir!.
her- ,:t .7 o'el-'.k.
1. II. IS Wofc 111 'K' II
oil. ol' till 111 piere
pi mi n i ing t .Ii
'hip. bow i-v. r. k- pi
ha Past
up by throwing ov
favorable landing place was
The ship cauie down gently
tests in a nnadoi-.. It will
least two daj to comfilete
until i
a -e I.
ml now
lake ci
the r. -
I .est
Uillciocn ill iiiciica Tal.c
in .shoiiiiiig al Camp Perry
Toila) tor lilsliiiian's
Camp I
iiu range
i rry, i duo, Auw. :!u,--marksmanship
irul t
al tin
d lue alt
annual ti
Itille Usso
and sixly-llir
lmnt ilislanee
I in- S-'l-:i,--l
the Clip pl-eSi
Of tile If sl
New Y Ik
si Veil !ot
II t Kll
of f.l
Silot it
r.i iiu,
s. nti ,1
Hide Ti
in lsTt
at '.I i o i
' tile- r lb
it of the
i i e hundred
most ikil'.f-il!
in America t-mk
lo compete for
iy l ', pi il I a Leech
llll. A bicM isiled
The i entest Is
and l.nii jur.b
with :i - y
The lelll
,1 L. Tq.haiii
iiif,n"ry. tliw
103 out of a
,nd ;i!i- ani-
rup w;t won ly Lieut.
of the Thirtei nib V. S.
aftetnooii. who score J
possible lMj.

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