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.'N f' t r
f .')) l i
; ' ; 1 ' i ' j i i (
v. Í . v J I I V
iiyi V.p lili hi muimittmtr mmmMi ém tVd
Absolutely Pure.
fbls eowd-r 'i.v-r lanes. Amarvo! . iuri:
s!ra.i ifc-'- v."'v!.". tut iili.ra i-i-oiioniKM
than mt ordinary fciiias, an 1 c-ii.n it l.e u'-.1 U
-ni pet Uno :ia t mni"'-e f 10 si
l'rt wa.üiit, ajum or ph-x.ih.ae rovrdTS. 8K
oi,!t in "ail r.oVAl Kaki.vi iriKa t.
MVrait-r..- V.
Itching JDiseases
ECZEMA, or BiUWieura. with i:s nso-i'rirf
itouiDx and lrn-n: luttii- n-U'.-ved by
imrtn tMíii w ta iVth.cka Soap, stud a tni.
x- n í.Mii u iif Ccticuba. the vr-üt buLlifure
luis reiiVt-d dti'lv, wth two or tniee
So.- n( . Liicuíív üísrti.vesr. the e
lioxl Furia-r. t kep inc I.;! cool. tn P r
sinnitinn pure nml uairrttrlii, t bowl-i
m-u, trie Uv-r :.'. kiilue .:''. will twi-ili
frirfl tíi-r na, X'I.T, I! iworin, VriH,M
Llenen. Frnr.ni, frail Mend. lMit1r :ff, "-'
Yry sp-i'ie f I;chm;. Scly. nt ri-- !
M-hmom of tii Kcaii ii't Skui. vi-m ths Le--f.ivtieiiuis
ul al. known r-m'dn- H!.
My jm titulo w uwl it aui'iill I " t!to n
I' f I B obiaiaed fr..m tne ate .f liie CVTI
Ü'SA KKMKDIKS I l::iv, l)f?!l t-tlU'.'tl Wltl.
i . :.! 1 1 my lr f.-r twenty rars, I U t.t n-'
c.'mf.rviiiie uisiit f'r jer, tin burliiE an'-itf-iiiiit
wtsreso lnit:H. Ni-w, 1 R'H ha7
!,-, . I ii tr no tri'iti e ':lv lh iver-cn or'rt
fiitj'hs "'1 my tiin1' reni.'.ni a t"ken oi us
üiiTtn'wry. lirNKY J... SiUiH.
Fcskciim on a Cliilri.
Tour most vilroe Ciiticuka Rkhfoik.
ke coa int hil.t to n.ut'h g-ort that I Ih-.
)u ííVítitr tint ('-r trie iñí f !liie who ar
tronhleJ :üi iiatli-. m. My l.uie pi.-i a
trxtb''i itii Ken d t I trie.l evr..i te?
r and roe ik-Lfi, ui viJ rot 'lo her any xí
tttil 1 ufHl íh ClTicKV llRJt Kijit:a. wlrol
mw(titjr cured Ur. f r wiiU-b l oe ou uaiiy
liiasit a:d mDv ni 'hti of r"t.
- AN i on B03.UIs.lt, CiUoa Ua'-erj'.
Tllroo llij Scalp,
I w.k f.Iinon pirfM!ly l)!d, ct-i.-ed t.'fter
f !, 103 01 Wi 8p. I nsd o;tr CfTtCl'MA
F.ME!IKa Hu.r.ii 3 X W'-kS, tlid tilry Oiinril
mv e tip u'f'úy. aí.'l n.iv m ü -.ir i C'-iniitip
as'toK'K as .tsv-r wh. J- F. Clit:CK.
'! F t.
crfl Him ttlatcbea.
I ,nt t-i ) ii ta. t yn-jr ctrientA F.i-.-IOLTKXTH
m.i' iii-"u!. About Ihrtf lnnntl.s.
tt j my U w covered witti blolehe, ai.d u!
fcr Í.I! thtw tKllUf oi KKSOI.VBNX Í Wk
verlevt'y .u.c.l.
Pt. Cn im r. "Sr.w I
ivy poiouuiuir.
For a'l eases "f uoíoiiidk b ivy i r J wow",
I esi WitrriM't t'ci'ict; m rure crerv t m. 1
bare $id it lor five wcr arid it hhvst f nis. .
J. 11. JiUiiSü. l.'rngjitt.
Roi.r.isros, Mass.
sod sv tv íirre. c'rricüA, soe.s hotr.
' -He.; H .JI.1:- f, $1.0).
'"Potter lira:; and Clremical Co.,
'i ' i f " j p-pi..t e b 1 1 i i y.
4 L t rtituiii.ttlsrLi. fever
MitS!S 4.m iui.f. iiv.;r
t- i-.;;.r 1 :-:t.;!-.--i!V
iivot ti kidney
-, t ijiil bla'itiwr, ro'n-
. . ' illii.lion mid
.,''1,.. ',,h . r o- -Hi i- rt
' ,.' i . i""'-v- atlivs, Hiii'.ftlfr's
'V' ".. ' .,,,". v ... :.p .- .. I. 1 . UT
"-. Nairif.l rervit-ilv,
"jasr : te wtiii-!i the ine.ii
' c : 1 brotiieibo-d
..- liav i i.t Mi sir
..l".x:.,.t:'i Mr-O-
' ' ' J t urn. mid willcn
"-í"s,í e
and h o use !) o !U
f s--ec.ii'! t'T a.snr
j V", i(rs.f th
Jír-: a- ' 'ier amt how
eih:tsiui unoouti-
? . :'.."! i' ?
M r-Aa -;--. For ! by li-n rii arrt
Iien'er. " hom !jr for IIi).:rtu;r's A I
B.Hoae for
Tin Crsatent )" 1 ral 'ir nrrek ef ti Affs!
toi:;-id LIVER.
l.ra oí nppiíM íte Lowri roülTP, lJata ia
i&o iiiaaii, wi' I a dull senseuicm in cha
fin..n, Taiii uuilcir ihe joraitiii
fei.fit FuI.awi nftcr catlnff with ft cii
liK'imnuon to exertion of bodr or mind,
Irrítabiaiy of temper, I ow spirits, with
fofliuiff of fan viusr Oí-sírf imÍ orne dutv,
1 punof , jí ' iiiih9. k luttertRij aifLo
í -..t. 1 -'Oí Í ( . ,rcti' CTfm, IjfJttuUChi
tithiui iijifn rr i; ui v coíívred ( rltto
TTTT l'.LI.aiofitpf i1 '-aitei
ti ri -", üi't ti tif id e a
ei"-nif of ImM'incrii1! to nstonnh. the wufíerer.
n v I n"reaw tltts . Tettcnncl cna tine
t v i i h ,e n i fi n i!
tí- j".-. tati tf ('".rin-iT".rmarMMii:re
- - i " - I V :s rrs v - V.
C-!iT J5.: cr V ti:"iit:ka chai ueil to a
Ci.o-r l.i u'it tv a iinuiit aniiiicHtton of
t,- - i . r :i:j;in. a nutuiai coior.acia
initiiM!ieii:r. i. ov rotffitataa or
eisit hi- (..::- on i i-coír.i. of i.
í - - r v Verl .
1 '
i -' - 'io.t, JIemor
i... 'ian ,'. Wounds,
7 ' , - . . .(, Spraina,
i ' . .i"
CU " -i'tte "mu! PtmíT
i .m'f" a?- - i -.-ti ..i v - :i :w. - xvíí in a
t v ! r J - r lü.áic3.ij tnui
Ti M'1 Trr c liin Balk. '
i iii ui.t tioiiBi,
AH the above preoatauons disoiayed
in Kills v." t s r show case and
S: CO-,
Aibuquerque, N. M.
Dr. Mailers Hoot Iiitteri.
t'.Til i ' ei- fe l t a dram ihon
f . . t dual in ery
n 1 h f Rfil) l i il th f.'Ter jkiul
f . . 1 i -s u hud re-rnhir.
,T,...i; p 1 rn t . h-a! t;ie Jinrj'-. i.isii.l c-ri
. ,,.. .-,;,,! u,-9 t:e Mood and vstm ol
e t-n. -ur :y. tn. ,i ? Fiijhcrt kCo.
i i . ií.vW
BXoruiufj 2-cnruaI.
Terms r Subscription.
By mail, in advance, postage prepaid:
w aily, one year $io oo
" six months 5 00
less than 6 mo's, per month 1 x
Weekly, one year 3 00
" six months 1 50
44 three months 1 00
Give postoffice address in full, including
county and State.
Remittances may be made by draft,
xistofTke order, express, or registered let
ter, at our risk.
Address all communications to
The Daily Journal,
Albuquerque, N. M.
T j city subscribers. Daily, delivered, 25
cents per week.
ALBs.-QUERQUE the queen city of the
valley, commences this New Year with
greater promise for its future growth" than
at any other period of her existence. We
have no '"boom" now. we have had none
during the year that closed on last mid
night, nor do we want one during this or
any future year. What we want is that
iS3s shall give as good results in perma
nent, substantial growth as that of the past
year.- Hundreds of thousands of dollars
have be been invested in improvemen ts
of a permanent nature, and plans have
been formed that will during the year fai
outstrip the one that has gone. The
Grant block one of the finest buildings
ii the territory; the San Felipe hotel, the
finest hostelry between Denver and San
Francisco, and the Indian schcol, ai.1
built during 1834, will stand for years to
come as monuments of the public spirit
and enterprise of Albuquerqua s best citi
zens. We have great hopes and excellent
assurances that withn a few months the
Atlantic & Pacific railroad folks will com
mence the building of their road east
ward from this city.
The woolen factory, the machinery tor
which is all purchased, will be erected
and put into active operation.
The breweryi the largest in the terri
tory, will soon be under full headway,
backed as it is by some of our most re
sponsible citizens. The soap foctory yet
in its infancy is to bo greatly enlarged
and valuable machinery added to it, when
it will be enabled to supply this territory
Arizona and old Mexico, in part. The
Electric light works are to double theii
capacity early in the summer which wiil
require the expenditure of many thou
sands of dollars. The wide awake foun
dry management find their present ca
pacity for work entirely inadequate to tht
demands made upon them, and they to
will add new machinery and enlarge their
building to meet " the trade which ii
crowding them day in and day out, ail
the year. The Home building associa
tion and the Albuquerque Improvement
company will commence the erection oi
many buildings- as oca as th athi
Negotiations are now pending for the
sale of the smelter .plant located here,
which has been idle for the past year for
want of capital, to men of ample means
who 'will put it in full blast,
giving employment to many men
and -what is" better, work a
considerable amount of the ore produced
in our own territory and Arizona, which
now passes our doors daily on its way to
Colcf ado and the east for reduction.
We have given but a brief and hurried
outline of a few of the enterprises on foot
for this year, and we feel that we may
safely assure all our home readers that
one year hence they will be proud of the
achievements of our young, vigorous city,
the giant of the new west and the pride oi
the Rio Grande valley.
We will issue no Journal to-morrow.
To-day being a national holiday, printers
like other mortals, human or inhuman,
care to enjoy themselves, as becomes the
craft. We will meet you again on, the
third instant brighter and more newsy
than ever.
The finest Christmas edition of any
newspaper which has come to this office
is the Times-Mercury published at San
Jose, California, it is replete with fine
illustrations of the Pacific slope, and de
scription of the golden state Mechani
cally it is a credit to the profession. -
It is now claimed that complete docu
mentary evidence has been obtained to
show that St. John sold out to the
national democratic committee pending
the recent canvass, and that it will soon
be given to the public. We don't be
lieve a word of it. St. John may be
a demagogue, but he is no fool.
The Scientific American of December,
27th, illustrates and describes very fully
Captain Eads inter-oceannic ship canal.
The illustrations show vessels in transit
the docks, turntables, etc. This single
number is almost worth a years subr
scription to that most excellent and en
tertaining paper.
The Illinois legislature stands a tie
upon joint ballot. The senate has a re
publican majority of one, and the house a
majority of equal proportions. The sena
torial fight, which is to open on the 20th
instant, will doubtless be as lively as that
of eight years ago, when General Logan
was defeated by the gentleman astride
the fencc David Davis.
Taxation is as low or lower in New
Mexico to-day than in any other state or
territory, but if the Santa Fe ring is per
mitted to finish the costly buildings con
templated, that we have no use for, our
taxes will be doubled. The Journal is'
fighting for low taxation and for the in
terests cf the whole territory, and proposes
to keep it up until the ringsters ara de
feated and right prevails.
The Journal publishes a dispatch to
the effect that General W. W. H. Davis
has been waited on by a delegation from
Santa Fe and asked permission to use his
name for governor of New Mexico. Gen
eral Davis was appointed district attorney
for this territory in 1856, and subse
quently was made secretary and remained
in that office until 1862, when he was su
perceded and returned to Pennsylvania,
joined the union army and served through
the war.
General Davis therefore has considera
ble acquaintance with this country as it
was twenty-two years ago. He is described
as a man of considerable ability, and
has the elements for making a good
governor. However, the conditions have
very much changed since he left this
ccruntry, and if he should come here and
adopt a policy based on the old condition
he would be compelled to revise it soon"
or his administration would be a failure.
We agree with the general sentiment in
favor of an appointment from the terri
tory, but understand the peculiarities, of
the situation. New countries seem to
suffer from local conflicts and personal
animosities, and if the governor is taken
from any locality he will be pulled
and hauled and bamboozled what
ever course he maf pursue. If he
has partialities toward any locality he will
likely act favorably to it, and whether he
does or not he will be changed with it, and
hence his usefulness will be impaired.
We are not the advocates or opponents
of any man. It is not our business. We
will not take a.hand in the scramble for
place under a democratic administration,
but will direct our effoits to advancing
the interests of the territory to the best of
our ability, and believing that this object
can be best accomplished through the
agency of the great principles that have
dominated in the government for the past
twenty-four years, we will advocate the
claims and cause of the republican party.
Santa Fe Review.
We are glad to see our neighbor at
Santa Fe joining in the general we
might say almost universal sentiment,
that our next governor "shall be a resident
of the territory over whose welfare he is
to preside. We are sorry also to see in
the same article that the Review begs
the question, by its inference that local
discentions stand in the way of the ac
complishment of that sentiment. Let
us for but a moment inquire where the
local discentions exist ? There are none
here none at Las Vegas nor.e at So
corro, or any place in the territory that we
are aware of unless it be at the capital. Of
that the Review is better able to judge
than ourself, and it is to the unfriendly
feeling at that point that the paper quite
probably refers.
We deny the statement that conflicts
and personal animosities run higher in
the new communities than in tha older
settled regions of the east, or
that a governor appointed from any
point In the territory will be "pulled
and hauled" or "bamboozled" any
more than . will any republican
who may be appointed from the states.
In proof of this statement let us call at
tention to the gentleman who is now our
governor. Who has been "pulled and
haulti,n or 4-Vom"tooii ti"' virnr than W?
Whether he deserved it or not is not the
question. If not, all the worse. Would
he have been handled worse had he been
appointed as a resident of the territory in
stead of from the states? The Review
will not admit that possible. If issues
are to arise a stranger or new man among
us will of necessity have to take sides, and
will by virtue of his lack of familiarity be
far more likely to make mistakes than
one who has lived among us and is inti
rrmtely acquainted with the surroundings.
Like the Review, we have nothing to offer
or advice to give as to who the man shall
be. We favor letting the democrats fight
it out among themselves, and while we
will not cast a stone in their way, we will
enjoy their quarrels with feelings akin to
those manifested by them when we were
having our little diversions. We hope
the Review will join the press of the ter
ritory in urging the appointment of one of
our own citizens to the office of governor,
let the man be who hemay or regardless
of the particular place which he calls
home. .
Governor Sheldon states that it only
cost New Mexico twenty cents per day to
have her prisoners boarded and clothed
at Leavenworth. If tha costly pen. at
Santa Fe is completed it will cost us as
much as it does Arizona, viz. $1.40 per
day each. Will the people of New Mex
ico submit to this outrage ?
Thi Journal wishes you all a happy
New Year, a year of health, and a super-
aounaance ot rtrospcruv.
1 I -ii . " !
uMAt V
I L s, i eáJ
mii iiii:Tig"''1Egl-i-:ri''iiiiiMr
"Van I Hi. Lfmon. Oraut. te., flavo PTnbM-
Creui,Puddlnr,fe.,aa delicately d tout-
..ally u Ibe fruit tram which they mi.
Price Caking Powder Co..
Chicago, III. St. Louis, mo
Km or
Cr. Fr!:a's Crsan Cskb Fcwisr
r. Price's Lupnlin Yeast Gems,
iet Ii-y Bo Ttoit.
roa f. a ivra S"x- o-xtocssss.
C ... !
G7 i r '
. Wholesale and Cetail Dealers ia
And Bar Fixtures a Specialty.
. (New Mexico Book and News Company)
Wholesale ond re'all dealers In FIANOS, GROANS and SEWING MACHINES, Wall Papflj
Vif.1nw PhjilHi. Mnnhliiiffs and Krames. A snecialtv of Rtaud&rd. tnlncelhuieojs. scientific and
ttühmii Win. tu'tirml imiiie. hlanlr hnokü. letra
ment aiid supplies, pictures, aftists' supplies, slei-oscoiiio views. lnliaa curiosities, the
colebrtrt Kimball lirean. ALBUQUERQUE. N. M.
Atlantic and Pacific
ThrougaJlne between the Pae'flc Coast and the
East, lu comiuc-Uoti with tu
Southern Pacific,
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe,
St. Louis & San Francisco
Railroads, thereby fnrminu the best and short
estiin ret.weeii trie East, aud West, with
u'l rvKMiern improvements and con- ,
veuieues for safety and comfort.
Pii'Imaa Pahce Sleeping Cars
Are run through between St. Louis, Kansas
CUT aud iati i'ranciseo.
Trains on the Atlantic & Pacific Rail
road will hereafter be run on Mountain or
Standard Time.
s a, m.
s a a. m.
T2. ii. 111.'
9 iK a. in.
10 -jn a. in.
t M p. m.
3 1 p. m.
tí 01 p. m.:
8 ) 111.
10 00 p. 111.
2 05 p. in.
5 O) a. m .
4 i'5 a. m,
7 51 p. ui,
6 au . 111.
9 10 a. in.
1 EO a. lu.
'w)li(ige. .
Williams. .
Ah Furs.
Ve"-u .Springs.
Lv, X!i Needlei. Ar.
11 ao p. m.
6 00 p. m.
6 30 p. m.
3 ii p. ru
4 22 p. ui
1 24 a. in.
13 01 p. UI.
15 p. ra.
7 00 a. 111.
5 20 a. m.
2 00 a. in.
12 50 a. ra.
11 50 p. m.
0 00 p. ia.
10 15 p. m.
3 3J a. ni.
1260 p. ui.
Ar. San rV-.ii.-veii.Lv
Los AHKriea.
Through tirkts to ail the principal cities east
and west on sale at the foi!owiur stations: Al
uuciuer'iuo. K. m., iifitbrooli, W'insiow, Fiag
sl;Vli. PeaHi Sprl'ias, Kinsman, Prescott, Arlzo
ua, ami tu Keedies. California.
Stage Connections.
Via I.agnna to the Indian village of A coma,
16 miio.
Via Wing-ate lo Ft. Wingate, 3 miles; Zunl,
48 miles.
Via ManneHto to Ft. DfGance (Navajo
agency), 2i nvles; Cauoa de thelie, 65 nulos;
Kearim Ciin.-n. t)o milei.
Via Itolbroolt, In-weekly stages to St.
Johnft, 83 rolles; l t. Apache, 90 miitss ; Spring
erville. 9S mile.": show I.w. 50 miles; 'I ayiur
vtiie. 35 mi es; iioqui Indian vülage .lio regular
statr) so utiles.
Via Winslow to T.rteham Citv and Sunset.
Via A alt lark, daily stages to i're-colt and
Whipple Barracks. ft4 miles; daily atage from
Prescoit u Phoeuix.aud trt-weekly stages to
Ft. VeHe
V'ia Pencil Spriwirs toth eirsmd Can
on of the rn.raii, Hm-lil.
Via KinKiimn. daily stages to Stockton
Hill, 10 nules ; Miueral Park, is miles ; Uerhat.
ii Kiiles.
Via lown ro Signal, 40 miles. -
"VSia ,'ceiii, .iHjjtir to Ynma. Colorad
rtvi-r aeency. Ft. Mohave, í.íuliave í ity, Hardy
vilie, Arizona, and t, Morado canon, Nevada.
To insure prompt- shipment, freight should be
delivered at depot hy or beii-re 4 o'cloes p. ni.,
Albuquerque time.
ien1 Passenger Agent.
F.;W. SJUTH, Geni bunt.
Atrent. Albuauemmt, N. M.
Krof. Sí. North f w.. -R A'., A'bnqnnn.
r,!3XíD0 f,lQai Llarkeí.
ANO?3 K0ri30. Proprietor.
Wholesale and retail il.-.Vr lu Beef, Pork.
Mutton, VeuiKOü, Hausi ge, Etc. Call and get my
pnces before buying, as I will sell lower than
jtnylwlv. íií.T.n A vwiliii. west, of Central Bank
Floor and Feed always on band. Fresh
g.-ouüd Graham and Cora Meal to order.
Dealer in
-. AND
Ftnest and larget sMck tn the Territory.
Painting lu all Its branches. Orders promptly
irteuded to. ,
Shop tt Sí f .Irenw, nat straer
Transfer Stables
SECOND STRKET, North oí R. K. Ava.
Finest Rifrs and "Saddi Howmi li the city
English, French aud. American Fancy Wors
tcds.CHsMmerea, Tweeds and Cheiiow of the
latest desi.ns.
oni.nAVRNfm - - at.booükhquk.n.m.
Mon & Hamlin,
1$ n-r,
Fisher, ;
Con over.
í;ev f:r.:ESEWii:efMOH!HES.
Will dr. a'l tinds of St.imilng and PalntHig.
Eeosinuii't! md MeiaUio Paiailns done In the
laieat ami !9"t siylcs. . .
MRii. JUL. 15. ABBOTT,
WHh Strict tsr. Marrlner & Co., two doors
east of poatofl c.
J. B. Tarboi;,
bliuikm. sT.H.tionsrv. ODtip-&k aud drafting Instru
--Notice of Sale üníer Trn&t Deed.
Whereas, Frank T. Castillo, of the conntv of
Bernalilie, nd territory of New Mexico, ov his
certain trust deed, dated December luth. 1881.
and recorded In the recorder's office of s id
county of Bernalilie, on pase 521, book X of the
record of oeeds in said ofllee, did by Hie said
deed convey to the trustee therein, the follow
ing described real estate, situated, lying and be
i"g lu the county of Bernalillo, and territory of
New Mexico, to wit : Frontina, and from east
to west on Tileras canon ro.id, one hundred
and twentv-ftve (120) feet, commencing at a
slake on the north line of the said XI eras
canon road, twenty (20) feet west from he
southwest corner of the property, late of Jason
N. Coniev. nw of Kate arden, thence north
and hundred aid forty-two (142) feet to a stake ;
thfiice west one nunareu ana iweuiy-nve uo)
feei to a stake ; theoce south one hundred and
forty to (142) fet to a stake on lhe said north
line of said Tijeras canon road, and ihence run
ning aloug this said north line of aald Tije
ras canon road, one hundred and twenty-five
(i25) feet east to the point or place of r-exinntiig
it being the same prop rty to the Crsi party
deeded by Ambrosio Garcia, bv deeddated,
1st day of December, 1S82, and 27ih day of .Tune.
18-3 : and a tract, piece or parcel, or lot of land
situated, lying and being in Bernalillo county,
aforesaid, aud bounded as follows. to-it : On
the south Wy the tr,ountan road, known as the
carnal road.on the east by lands of the party of
the first part; on the north by lands of James D.
Jones, to Mm deeded by the sa d first party; on
the west by lands of Juan Duran it being HO
feet in length and 110 leet ta hreadth iro-t.
north to south, it being four lots 100 feet deep
and -7H vide, and four other lots, eae-i 27.
wide and 110 feet deep, situated Just north of
the above drscrihed lots, and described as fol
lows: 'ommencing at a point 27H feetirom
the northeast corner of the piece of land llox
110 feet, above described, and running north
lio feet to a stake on the hounl- ry line of the
lauds of Joseph Pohmer. and thence 110 f pet
west t a stake, and thrnce 110 feet to astake
south ; and tnense east lio f -t at the startiní
point; bounded on the south by the lands of
.lamest), .iones :: on the east by lauds of said
flist party; on the north by lands of said Jo
seph Pohmer. and on the w stbv land- of .)ua3
!uran, it being four lots 27H feet wide by 110
reel ueep. Ana, wnereas, saia conveyance in
trust was made to secur- the paym-ut of a cer
tain promissoiy note lor the sum 01 eiRin Hun
dred dollars, with interest from date uut i
paid at the rate of one and one-half percent
in) ier month, aud bearing even date with
said deed of trust, the said note being n ad
payable ' o the order of Grant M. McDonald
Co., and iened by the said Frank T. Costillo,
nayable six months af-er date ; and, whereas,
the said note and interest thereon is now due
and unpaid, and the contingency having arisen
that bv tne terms of said deed of trust au'hor
lzeometo act as trustte thereunder Now.
therefore, at the request of the legal holder of
said note. I will on Saturday, the 3d day of
January A D. 1815. at the front door of the
central Dans, in me town 01 Aiouquerque.
couuty of Bernalillo anderritory of New Jiex-
. .. ... ,i. ,1 A,nl..Al. .. n ,! Ihnl ui.
tun, Mfc fciic ut'ur H 11 V "VI.IV A . 1U . vl iuw
sell all of the above described real wtate at
pubi c auction at the highest and best price
the same win bring torcasn,
W. K. P. WILSON, Tniofee.
Homestead No. 2272.
Land Opficb at Santa Fe. N. M. t
November 13. 1881. f
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named settler, Jese Sal azar, has filed notice of
his Intention to make final proof in support cf
his claim, and that said proM will be made be
fore the Probate Judge of Valencia county, at
Los Lunas, N M on December 31, 1RS4, for the
NJ'l. hi Sec. 1, T. 12, N. K. 7 W.
- h names he followlus wiinessei to prove
his con tin uous residence upon and cultivation
of said land. viz. : Tomas Hurrieta. Santiago
Mai tin, T oribio Montano, Antonia Montauo, all
01 tan siaieo r. o. Jh. ni
MAX FHOST. Veglster
Homestead o. Z27Í.1
Land Cfj-ick at Santa Fb, N. M. !
. Nov. 2U, 1S84. )
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named seitler has fiUd notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of bis claim and
that said proof w.U ba made before the pro
baiejudiie of Berurliilo county, atAluquer
que, IV. M., on January 7, 1SS5. viz t Juauita
C andel iría de Annij.i, of Bernalillo county,
for the N. W. Vi, Sec 34, T. 10 N., It. 4 E.
He names the following witnesses to prove
h!s continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, said land, viz: Vicente Armijo, Jesus Can
del -ria, Jose Ygnacio Garcia. Juan Gonzales.
All of AlDuquerque P. 0., . M
MAX FRoST. Register.
(Homestead No. Í275.J
, Land Offcb at Santa Fk, N. M. 1
, - . Nov. 20, 1884. f
Notice is hereby given that the f-illowing-named
settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final proof In support of his claim, and
th'-is-ald proof will be made before the probate
Judge of Bernalillo county, at Albuquerque, N.
M on January 7, 1S85. viz : Jsus Candelaria,
of BeroaUi 10 county, for the W. S. E. it, K.
K . 8. W. Vi, Bee. 28, T. 10 N., R. 4
He nanvs the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, aud cultivation
of, said laud, viz : Vincente Armijo, Jose Ra
fael CanaetaritK Jose Ygnacio Garcia, Netrlo
All of Albuquerque, N, M.. p. o. - ' - -
. IvfAX FEOSr. Reslster.
Í Homestead No. 2S7. . t
laxo Office at Santa Kb, N. U. í
Nov. 20, 184. f
Notice Is hereby given that the following,
named set ler has flied notice ef his intention
to make Anal proof iu ivippwt of his claim, and
tnat said proof will be mad before the probate
Judge of Bernalillo county, it Albuquerque, w,
M., on January T. 1885. viz: Jose tvafaei Can
delario, of Bernalillo county, for the N, E. J.
Sec. 84. T. leN., R.4E.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence, upou.and cultivation
of, said land, niz: Vicente Arnjjo, Jesus Can
delario. Jose Ygnacio Garcia. Jean Gonzales,
All oí Albuquerque P. O.. N. .
MAX FROST. Register.-
son a uüü:ei,
Apparatus Materials and Accf ssorlts for Mnn
ulatduring, DUipeusing and BottUn. with full
uisi ructions, : ,
Catalogues sentón application. I
First Avenue, 26 and 27th Streets. lew York,
Tha Btjyeb3 Guide u issued March
and Sept., each year; 224 pages, Sjxlli
inches, with over 3,300 illustratons
a whole picture gallery. Gives whtlesale
prices direct to coruiumert on all goeda fot
personal or f", family ti.
Tells hov to f y" orden tmd
gives exact t í cost of err-
erythingyou , J 1 . use, driu, .'
eat, wear, or Vv J hav ii ." -with.
These tevoluabifi?
hooks contain information pleanod iron
the markets of the world. W e will mail
a copy í'ree to any address upon receipt '
of the postage S conta. Lt us hear
from you. Respectfully, í
Jfc Wal Atmiihv CUugo, lil.
Thd Great Turkish Rhenaiatio Cure
A rare and poit!v enre iter Hhptv
mairftLQ m nay oí Hi variou fornu
Acute, Iniirtmmflror or CbrtMiíd
$?W0 mill be frivea tor way ca-eor
K:cumatsiu ihi treatment wlii n-H
cureor btijx A cure guaranteed c?
money refuoded - This i rearan n
1 one of the greatwi d icovtrtes in
Lhe annuia of roetilcmc. On -a ti-o
wU! g,ve relief, and a fírwdüss will
clve decided thef. will reherve
tevcr and pain lpttiejoicra It iü eubdue thsswEHiiis
of da johita in two u three titj acd movvnent
become cu-y in three or four days. A complete euro la
three to five days. Tills Do hmttbog. Xí w not acure
Jtr ail iseííw, Tt i preiirrtii oedft.il y for the am
ot Hi;u3ifltisjAj Wiiy euS-r iooswy kxm yrx-.r cv.e unA
tend ivr rnuo. Srr;d tsrnp Sitfiiceian Caii a or r ti-dr-iea,
ís, ETT. 'iaüi", 6Cm acti tía 'lumXonñ
. Lm.m ii
m -at
WO Fii ill I
Flour, Grain, Hay, Fruits and Producá
0;f v -V , r ? .-t I é ,. . - - '
' A T Tlf-TT7JtTTTr!1 Y ft
'Sole "Agent íor Val Blatz's
' Premium Esport ' '
V?, s-j B s .j g p & cas y-sa ja. r-nra
$ f ?? v ; ' 7 ?s - -, f' í i-.- ' .-,
fi í á U i .isa U' -J áf " v-i Ü' -A L.í - m isus -a t . g
So'Jth S!3 Múúi hnmz. ' ' Álbuquerquo'
U am H san mks ss
líraigbt KeBíncly WMsky a
ía irá Uu -r tJ si v t fcMij í,..wi s:
Íf?f "ST?!': "3 ITíSr'TT r-r--..,,.
y ' luiü-s.É- ....... -i, . I
!. ,''-fU ti.j..', i-lljitiü, J., J"t X
ÉUgnu ?.m tapa strw mxm ya f1"" 1 1í"" JJr"v lrm'
i bm . " ' vfr - mthug M.iiwfl wutttm 'xs&t mzt A
'(Successor to AiiLright S Walcuu )
All couds ,v.arranted, prices satíaracto;- and prompt atteutiou given.
ALcrQurnoci; - ;"- T . r. ' v
X-XXjX.i333TTIEo3r &z CO. ,
, miolo?l8 ami Eetail Pea'eiu in
Dryf4 ' spijn!f"'i
sUUI U L á 6 i
Orders by Mail and Express Solicited. Prices given on Applcation.
irst . Class Fliaimscy- Ccncct 1.
W. K. P.WILSON, FrssSdt-nt.
- :. i w VA
ra jt 55
i i s , f - -!
mí íiii'ü ia Si -aü m -w . a
Pulls1'?, (sT&tQ .ri, tsXllt ' luk'iU i ; r. . I
Frofiis fsr EalMIags. .
tafilepaii-ina; of JiiniitK and ftilll Machinery a Specialty
Native Lumber, Sasii, Doors & Blinds,
i- -Coal, Plaster, Cement, Lime, Glass,
'Oils, Paintr end B-iHhr; Pap or.
:crf.l stnclj of iiuiiiini -'.o' .iwfiva o: liai.c.v
Curnfir iwt ri i i-'1 . !f , - - - - ..'.
J. B. BLOCii, irroprietor.
The Windsor Hotel is a First Class House
- ra ft
'tis vr j u
& ii i ill V. eí
VilVII W ii- W
iVa wi lea 1 Lj
f -T-i-?.x fom f
3 t-mm
Je 4 ,xa Lasa Si ií
- tam tw 8 um tt
-..i N
( I í
8 !' ' I
' rs rtsr;?f
c iiinv
f. K ft-'' i
J. B. iil S'ji'J S. K-t i-i ..- -i-j i- k
W -.-iJu, - W i.:.J
r- .-.
I ' ' " "
L . . ...'-s.-
nüUüifm' mzxmsm-nawHBSBP&szr raff xwsr X" -a -i r u.
The l'erlc T rsti : ; . a. ,i-e.
EieLmlaaoltai'i I ' w-h '.1 I n's í . im,
mil..:: iti-.iicrü'1'i limit? it - ....
Ciilisraph,! iio U riEí-Tiir.a s,tíiiio';-ii-.n-.?i-s .-5uiit..'S c;.-. ..... "4,
Parker, Jíltter i Cj,,. ' ' ,
t. .3 I. 1 H
m y
í-U-ii LN T-'J .
. i .... . .?
-af h ... j ,.

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