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Is Gladly Extended by a Santa Fe Citizen
There are many enthusiastic citizens
in Santa Fe prepared to tell their ex
periences for the public good.. Testi
mony from such a source is the best of
evidence and will prove a "helping
hand" to scores of readers. Read the
following statement:
. Nazarlo Alarld, haokman, of Cerrll
los road, says: "I was continually buy
ing medicine for my kidneys, and if a
man spends every now and then 50
cents for a bottle of one guaranteed
preparation and 50 cents at another
time, he makes an inroad into his
finances. None of the medicine I used
had the slightest effect on my kidneys
or backache, at least I was unable to
, notice any. When an attack of back
ache reached the virulent stage, I was
compelled to stop work for an hour
until the spasm disappeared. When
wrestling with an attack, I went to
Ireland's Pharmacy for Doan's Kidney
Pills. There must be more than ordi
nary merit in that preparation, for a
course of the treatment for a short
time positively stopped the very severe
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cts.
Foster Mfflburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y sole
agents for the United States. Remem
ber the name, Doan's, and take no sub- j
Santa Fe Has Fine Summers and
Moderate Winters with Equable
Temperature. -
The Salubrious Atmosphere of the Terri
tory and Reasons Why the Olinmtels
Healthful and the Country Chosen
for Sanitariums.
The many friends of John Blount will
be pleased to learn that he has entirely
recovered from his attack of rheuma-
tlsm. Chamberlain's Pain Balm cured
him after the best doctors in the town
(Monon, Ind.) had failed to give relief.
The prompt relief from pain which this
liniment affords is alone worth many
times its cost. For sale by all drug
gists. '
Colonist Bates to the Northwest.
Effective February 15th iintil April
30th, the Santa Fe will sell reduced rate
Colonist tickets to tho Northwest, to
Holona at Butte 833.00; Spokane, S34.M);
Portland, Seattlo and Tacoma, S37.00.
For particulars call on agents of the
Santa Fe.
H. S. LUTZ, Agent,
' Santa Fe, N. M,
W. J. Black, G. P. A.,
Mrs. A. E. Simpson, 509 Craig St.,
Knoxvllie, Tenn., writes, June loth,
1899: "I have been trying the baths of
Hot Springs, Ark., for sciatic rheuma-
A knowledge or uie contour of New
Mexico in relation to the surrounding
country is necessary to clearly under
stand the cause of its climatic advant
ages, that are not possessed by any
other part of the United States. A
study of the Rocky mountain region re
veals the fact that the great chain
from the far north is broken in Its con
tinuity as it leaves Colorado. Ia New
Mexico there are smaller ranges with
here and there lofty peaks with timb
ered slopes and barren crowns to re
lieve the clouds of moisture. From
them incline fertile valleys and grassy
upland plains to the gulf region until
when the southern border is reached,
there are no mountains between New
Mexico and the southern water. Three
fourths of this territory has an altitude
of 5,000 feet. At tho southern border
fho valleys have dropped to from 3,000
to 4,000 feet, while the Santa Fe i alley,
at the capital city, has an altitude of
6,967 feet at the plaza.
A country of such varied altitudes
must have some variety in climate, hut
the variation is in degrees of tempera
ture mainly, for in general the climate
o New Mexico is dry and salubrious.
The rainfall is principally confined to
showers in the summer, with little rain
or snow in the winter, except in the
northern part of the territory.
Near the extreme southern line, in
the Sacramento mountains, a lofty
peak is the first considerable elevation
met with, as the moisture-laden gulf
clouds drift to the northwest, and this
precipUates rain to greater extent than
any other mountain, the rainfall there
having in iietceptional seasons been es
timated at is inches. But over the ter
ritory the normal precipitation ranges
from 8 to 35 inches, according to eleva
The southern valleys ore, of course.
the warmest portions of Now Mexico in
the summer, but the hottest are plea
The stomach is a larger factor iu "life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness"
than most people are aware. Patriotism
Can withstand hunger but not dyspepsia.
x ne connrmea ays
peptic "is fit foe
treason, stratagems
and spoils." The
man wno goes to the
front for his country
with a weak stomach
will be a weak
soldier, and a fault
A sound stomach
makes for good citi
zenship as well as
for hea-Hh and happi
ness. Diseases of the
stomach and other
organs of diges
tion and nutrition
are promptly and
permanently cured
by the use of Dr.
Pierce's Golden Med
ical Discovery. - It
builds up the body
with sound flesh and
solid muscle.
dvice which you gave me ia regard to my
treatment," writes Geo. Dorner, Esq., of 1915
Pulaski Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 'I uetd
your 'Golden Medical Discovery' according to
directions. After using four bottles I considered
myself cured, as I have not felt any symptoms
since. Had tried nlmost nil fymfrlif-a f-!,ni t
heard of that were good for dyspepsia, but with
out relief. Finally, I became discouraged, aud
wrote to you for advice, with the above result"
The dealer who offers a substitute for
the Discovery " is only seeking to make
the little more profit realized on the sale
of less meritorious preparations.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sent free on receipt of stamps
to pay expense of mailing only. Send
21 one-cent stamps for the paper covered
book, or 31 stamps for the cloth bound.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo. N.
' (Effective November 16, 1902.)
iso. vro leaves santa ie at 9:40 a. m.
to connect with No. 2 east bound, with
connection from El Paso and Southern
California, returning, arrive at Santa
Fe at 11:C0 a. m.
No. 722 leaves Santa Fe at 3:30 p. m.,
to connect with No. 1, west bound, for
Southern California, returning arrive at
Santa Fe at 6:35 p, m.
No. 724 leaves Santa Fe at 6:20 p. m.,
to connect with No. 7, westbound for
San Francisco and Northern California
returning, arrive at Santa Fe at 8:40
m. '
No. 726 leaves Santa Fe at 9:10 p. m.,
to connect with No. 8, east bound, from
San Francisco and Northern California,
returning, arrive at Santa Fe at 11:20
p. m.
Now runs daily between Chicago, Los
Angeles and San Francisco. This train
leaves Lamy, west bound, at 8:40 a. m.
East bound at 2:02 a. m. No connection
with these trains from Santa Fe, ex
cept that passengers arriving on No. 3,
west bound, can reach Santa Fe at 11:50
a. 111. on No. 2's connection.
All of above trains run through solid
"I am desirous of knowing if the pro
fession can obtain Hedblne in bulk for
prescribing purposes? It has been of
great use to me in treating cases of
dyspepsia brought on by excesses or
overwork. I have never known it to
fail in restoring the organs affected to
their healthful activity." EOc bottle at
Fischer Drug Company.
County of Santa Fe,
No. 4505.
Refugio Rodriguez de Alfaro
Manuel Alfaro.
In the District Court of the First Judi
clal District of New Mexico for the
County of Santa Fe.
The said defendant. Manuel Alfaro,
is hereby notified that a complaint has
been filed against him In the District
Court for the County of Santa Fe, Ter
ritory aforesaid, that being the Court
in which said case is pending, by said
plaintiff, Refugio Rodriguez de Alfaro,
the general object of said action being
to obtain absolute divorce from the said
defendant on the ground abandonment
and failure to support, etc., as will
more fully appear by reference to the
complaint filed in said cause. And that
unless you enter your appearance in
said cause on or before the 20th day of j
April, 1903, Judgment will be rendered
against you in said cause by default
Maxwell Land Grant
These farming lands with perpetual water rights are now tetsg offered
for sale In tracts of lorty acres and upwards.
Price of land with ;rrpetual water right? from 817 to $15 j,t Acre, a
cording to location. Payments may be nude In ton year installments.
Alfalfa, Grains, Fruits of all kinds, and SugaiBcetc grow to perfection
On this Grant, about forty ml es west ot springer, New Mexico, ra th
gold mining districts of Elizabethtowc and Baldy, where important rain
eral discoveries have lately been made. Claims on unlocated ground l.
be made under the Mining Regulations of the Company, which are
favorable to the prospector as the U. S. Government Laws
Near Eaton, New Mexico, on this Grant, are located the COAL MIAf
of the Eaton Coal and Coke Company, whoro employmont tnav be fout d
at good wages for any wishing to work during th; tern ins that faro,
work 01 prospecting can not be successfully done.
For particulars and advertising matter apply to
The Maxwell Land Grant Co
atlsm, but I get more relief from Bal
lard's Snow Liniment than any medi- anter in midsummer than the east. be.
cine or anything I have ever tried. En- cause the air is dry. rapidly absorbs the
closed find postofilce order for $1.00.
Send me a large bottle by Southern Ex
press." Sold by Fischer Drug Co.
Flower festivals are held in Califor
nia during April and May. Take the
Santa Fe through tourist cars. Colonist
rates .April 1 to June 15, 1903. H. S.
Lutz," Agent, Santa Fe, N. M.
Mrs. Joe McGrath, 327 E. 1st St., Hut
cninson, Kan., writes: "I have given
Ballard's Horehound Syrup to my chil
dren for coughs and colds for the past climate the record of the metallic ther-
four years, and find It the best medi- mometer does not indicate the real tem
dampness of the skin and has a cooling
effect. The weather is never oppressive,
the nights are always cool enough to
sleep under cover and generally under
a blanket.
Santa Fe, being up out of the great
valley of the territory, is especially
blessed as to summer temperature. The
highest record by the thermometer in
this city in twenty-six years was 96 de-
grees in 1878, an extreme rarely ap
proached. In the last ten years 91 was
the highest absolute temperature.
should be borne in mind that in a dry
cine I ever used." Unlike many cough
syrups, It contains no opium, but will
soothe and heal any disease of the
throat or lungs quicker than any other
remedy. 25c, XiOc, and $1.00 at Fischer
Drug Company. -
The Santa Fe will have Colonist tic
kets to California on sale April 1 to
Juno 15 inclusive, at rate of $25. It will
pay you to wait for our rates. Services
unsurpassed. H. S. Lutz, Agent, Santa
Fe, N. M. :
perature felt by a human body, which
Is cooled by the drying effect of .the air.
It has been demonstrated that a tem
perature of 90 at Santa Fe is not more
oppressive and heating than 72 at St,
Louis, or at any place with a humid oil
The Knowing table was made up
from reports of the climate and crop
service of the weather bureau, and
gives a general idea of the relative in
tensity of heat as indicated by the me.
talltc thermometer:
-The 1900 census shows a decrease of
-.10 per cent in the general death rate.
ine aecnne in consumption Is more
marked than any other disease. Many
causes are attributed, but it is safe to
say that Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds is re
sponsible for this decline, to a large ex
tent. Many a life has been saved by
its use. There is nothing anywhere
just as good for Lung and Throat
troubles. It's positively guaranteed
by Fischer Drug Co., Druggists. Price
50o and $1.00. Trial bottle free.
Stop overs will be allowed in Califor-
nit on Colonist tickets via Santa Fe,
N April 1 to June 15, 1903. ,. H, S. Lutz,
Agent, Santa . Fe, N. M.
Man Tem
perature. I
I a. m. 8 p. m.
fe i o
8 a S a s
585 SSS
m ( IB KK
Boston.!. 60 ISO 62 68 13
Buffalo 89 54 63 66 11
Chicago 57 53 6:1 56 12
Cinoiiinatl.... 60 66 69 60 10
Denver 51 48 67 64 67
DesMdiues 53 51 63 67 77
Detroit 58 63 61 56 78
Galveston 78 74 bl 74 7S
Kansas City 58 65 67 ,01 Ti
Memphis 66 61 77 G6 CO
New Orleans 74 71 79 72 7B
New York 61 68 65 80 80
Philadelphia 64 69 63 61 72
St. Louis 6f 68 W 03 77
San Francisco 56 54 01 Ml 84
Santa Fe 52 47 66 Si 66
Washington 64 60 68 03 18
. TASTE. .
Mrs. C. Peterson,: 625 Lake St., To-
peka, Kan., speaking of Ballard's Hore
hound Syrup, says: "It has never failed iua"ter skyward, above the hot. mala
to .give entire satisfaction, and of all ruu moisture-soaked eartni ln a purer
aimospnere, wnicn all would seek.
Were Santa Fe located in sight of St,
Louis or Chicago, with its present ele
vation, residents of such place would
behold a city more than a mile and a
cough remedies, it is my favorite ,and I
must -confess to my many frierids that
. it will do, and has done, ; what is
claimed for" it to speedily cure a cough
or a cold; and it is so sweet and pleas
ing in taste." 25c, 50c, and $1.00 "bottle
at Fischer Drug Company.
The Santa Fe will run personally con
ducted Excursions to California' tri
weekly during Colonist period, April 1
to June 15, 1903. H. S. Lutz, Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
'Twould spoil This Story to Tell It in
the Headlines.
' To use an eighteenth century phrase,
this is an "o'er true tale." Having
happened in a small Virginia town In
the winter of 1902, it is a story very
much of the. present. Up to a short
time ago, Mrs. John E. Harmon, of
Melfa Station, Va., had no personal
. knowledge of the rare curative proper
ties of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
"Last January," she says, "my baby
took a dreadful cold, and at one time
I feared she would have pneumonia, but
:one of my neighbors told me how this
remedy had cured her little boy and I
began giving it to my baby at once
and it Boon cured her. I heartily thank
the manufacturers of " Chamberlain's
Should they behold the city where she
is they would find a still cooler and
purer atmosphere, where there is little
moisture, a porous soil to drain away
the rain that conies, and a precipitous
descent for escape of the snow-fed
streams and gorges ln sight of the city.
The records show that no other city
fn the same latitude possesses so cool a
summer temperature as Santa Fe,
where the average la 67 degrees and the
change between night and day temper
ature too slight to be detrimental to
health. Thanks to elevation, to wooded
mountains far southward, and shelter
from the hot winds of Arizona that are
warded off by the rising series of moun
tain ranges between Santa Fe and the
sandy, lower levels of desert, this city
Is the coolest south of the upper laics
region. It is far cooler than Denver, has
thermometer readings about as low as
San Diego, and is free from the humid
heat of the coast.
One who has not seen the lay of the
land might think that an elevated place
having so delightful a summer climate
would have a severe winter. Tet this it
not true. The winter temperature is not
so low as in the lower Ohi Valley, and
is free from moisture, there being less
of cloudy weather ln winter than ln
summer. To the north, the great moun
tains of Colorado receive the greatest
snowfall, and break the force, of north-
Cough Remedy for placing so great a
cure within my reach. ' I cannot recom- ern winds; other mountains closer stand
mend it too highly or say too much in guard to shelter- the Santa Fe valley,
its favor. I hope all who read this win which lies at- their reet. to the east a
try it and be convinced as I was." -for range keeps out the cold norther as
sale by all druggists. they rash southward to Texas. West.
ward also, nature has interposed bar-
Scratch tablets for sale at this riers to shield New Mexico from fates.
Winding Rio Grande, Santa Fe receives
but the feather edee of the blow.
Sunny, bright days mark the winter
season, which, until Christmas at least,
is quite as delightful as the glorious
summer, though crisp and cool. Even
tho spring months in Santa Fe cannot
be equaled for mildness in any eastern
state. While hundreds of tourists visit
the city in summer and make a more or
less protracted stay, the number who
come to remain permanently for tne cu
rative effect upon tuberculous diseases
is all the while increasing. The propor
tion of the latter will be undoubtedly
enlarged In consequence of the Indorse
ment given New Mexico's climate by
the United States marine hospital serv
ice, which has in 1899 established two
permanent sanitariums In the territory,
and will maintain them as homes for
soldiers and sailors afflicted or threat
ened with tubercular troubles. Many
years of life at New Mexico army posts
and a careful examination by experts
led the authorities to take this action
in the interest of military invalids, and
It is also intended to remove to New
Mexico consumptive inmates of soldiers'
homes in California and eastern states.
Favorable conditions exist all over
New Mexico for restoration to health or
for Improving the condition of such suf
ferers; a dry, aseptic air, light atmos
pheric pressure, well drained soil, a
minimum of cold and heat, the absence
of great changes In temperature and a
maximum of sunshine.
As to the latter point, the latest fig
ures available from the government rec
ords are those of 1897, the year book of
1898 having not yet been published. The
summer of 1897, as It happened, was un.
usually cloudy and rainy at Santa Fe,
yet the superiority of this city ln the
matter of days that were sunny
throughout, can be seen by a few com
parisons with places in various parts of
the country.
from Chicago to California and carry Name and address of plaintiff's attor
through Pullman and tourists sleepers
Through sleeping car reservation ar
ranged for on application.
City Ticket Office:
t" , .
ney, A. A. Sedillo, Socorro, N. M.
In witness whereof, I have
hereunto set my hand and seal of said
Court at Santa Fe, New
(Seal) Mexico, this 2Sth day of Feb
ruary, 1903.
New York
Kansas City.. ..
St, Louis
Memphis . ......
Santa Fe
El Faso
pera- No. of Days,
a h
9 " .3 s O
a u . -B . 0 fl
s 2 f a - S O u
k I Sg 8 t .5 a
94 2 53 40.77 133 70 162 121
95 0 .... 37.72 65 14S 155 156
91 5 69 44.27 130 108 127 135
96 7 60 42.04 105 124 136 133
9.1 -20 50 25.85 137 114 114 125
102 -4 57 30.21 144111 110 100
101 -2 64 40.17 151 90 124 115
08 -10 58 43.89 162 99 104 121
100 10 .... 46.03 160 108 97 106
96 -14 68 15.37 98 180 87 89
85 -1 70 20.40 176 149 40 120
102 11 .... 12.41 195 128 42 51
Notice for Publication.
(Small Holding- Claim No. 2178.)
Department of the Interior.
Land Office at Santo Fe. N. M., Feb. 18, 1903.
Isoticejis hereby given that the followirg
immed claimant has filed notice of bis inten
tion to make iliinl proof in support of Iii
elaim under sections 10 and 17 of tho act of
March 3, ISM (20 Stats.. 854). as amended by
the act of Wlipnnrv 21. 181 Wtnfa 17(tt
that said proof will be mado before Kep'ister
1903, 13.: Sw M n w H and lot 4, soe 3 ; se 4 ne
liS"'!..1,? 1 800 4' H 16 n, r9 e, N. M. P. M.
(Milo Hill).
no names the following? witnesses to prove
his actual continuous adverse possession of
snid tract for twenty years next preceding
the survey of the township, viz :
Jose liomero, of Agua Fria, N, M. : Slxto
Garcin, of Santa Fe, N. M. : Felipe Pino, of
agiiai'ria. W. M.; Kobort I). Willison, of San
ta Fe. N. M.
Any person who desires to protest against
the allowance of said proof, or who knows of
any substantial reascn under the laws and
regulations of the Interior Department why
such proof should not he allowed will be
given an opportunity atthe above-mentioned
time and place to cross-examine the witnesses
of said claimant, and to offer evidence in
rebuttal of that submitted by claimant.
Mancbl K. Oieko, Register.
But that has nothing to do with the fact
that there is not a better Salve on earth
than Bucklen's Arnica Salve. It's a re
liable Cure for Burns, Bruises, Cuts,
Corns, Sores and Salt Rheum. Tried
and tested and proved infallible for
Piles. Only 25c. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money refunded by Fischer
Drug Company,
The latest races of types for letter
heads, circular envelopes and the like
at t'ic Trw Mexican printing office. Get
your work done at that office and have
It done well, quickly and at lowest io"
sible prices.
Disturbances of strikers are not near
ly as grave as an individual disorder of
the system. Overwork, loss of sleep,
nervous tension will" be followed by
utter collapse, unless a reliable remedy
is immediately employed. There's
nothing so efficient to cure disorders
of the Liver or Kidneys as Electric
Bitters. It's a wonderful tonic, and
effective nervine and the greatest all
around medicine for run down systems.
It dispels Nervousness, Rheumatism,
and Neuralgia and expels Malaria
germs. Only 50c, and satisfaction guar
anteed by Fischer Drug Co.
In the District Court of the First
Judicial District of the Territory of
New Mexico, sitting In and for the
County of Santa Fe.
The First National Bank of Las Ve
gas, New Mexico, Plaintiff,
George W. North and Ida B. M,
North, Defendants.
Comes now Charles A. Spiess, attor
ney for the plaintiff in the above enti
tled cause, and shows to the court that
N. S. Rose, heretofore appointed spec
ial master in the above entitled cause,
is unable to serve as such special mas
ter for the reason that the said N. S
Rose is about to depart from the terrl
tory of New Mexico, and will not be
within said territory at the time pro
vided by law for the sale ordered to be
made in said cause, and now moves the
court that W. H. Kennedy be appoint
ed special master In the above entitled
cause in the place and stead of the said
N. S. Rose.
And the court having heard said mo
tion, and it appearing to the court that
the said N. S. Rose is as aforesaid in
capacitated from acting as such special
master, it is ordered by the court that
W. H. Kennedy be and he Is hereby
named and appointed special master ln
the above entitled cause, in the place
and stead of the said N. S. Rose, to
make and conduct the sale heretofore
ordered to be made In said cause, and
with all the powers heretofore granted
to the said N. S. Rose by the decree In
the said cause.
Done in chambers at Santa Fe, N. M..
this 28th day of February, A. D. 1903.
Associate Justice, etc.
These Celebrated Hot Springs are lo
cated ln the midst of the Ancient Cliff
Dwellers, twenty-five miles west of
Taos, and fifty miles north of Santa Fe,
an ibout twelve miles from Barranca
Station, on the Denver & Rio Grande
Railway, from which point a dally line
of stages rua to the Springs. The tem
perature of these waters Is from 0 to
122 degrees. The gases are carbonic. Al
titude, ,00 feet. Climate very dry and
delightful the year round. There ia now
a commodious hotel for the convenience
of Invalids and tourists. These waters
contain 1,686.24 grains of alkaline salts
to the gallon, being the richest alkaline
Hot Springs ln the world. The efficacy
of these waters has bees, thoroughly
tested by the miraculous cures attest
to in the following diseases: Paralyal: ,
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Consumption,
Malaria, Blight's Disease of the Kid-,
neys, Syphilitic and Mercurial Affec
tions, Scrofula, Catarrh, La Grippe, all
Female Complaints, etc., etc. Board,
Lodging and Bathlntr. (2.60 per day; $14
per week; $50 per month. Stage mbtU
Denver trains and waits for Santa F
train upon request. This resort Is at
tractive at all seasoas, and Is open all
winter. Passengers for OJo Callente can
leave Santa Fe at 1: 08 a. m. and reaea
Ojo Callente at S p. m. the same day.
Fare for the round trip from Santa Fa
to OJo Callente, V. For further partic
ular, address
Ojo Callente. Taos County, N.
Expansion in
the Northwest.
The dovolopment of tho Oriental trafllc to and from Soattle, Tacpina
and Portland is one of the wonders of the Twentieth Contury.
The opportunities are great, and they are now.
Only 5P25, Denver to Seattle, Tacoma, or Portland during March and
April, 1903,
Wei office, 1839 inn SI.
G. W. VALLERY, General Agent,
Notice for Publication.
(Homestead Entry No. 4942.)
Land Office at Snnta Fe, N. M. March 7, 1903
Notice is hereby given that the following
numea setuer nas xueu nonce 01 111a intention
to make final nroof in sunDort of his claim.
and that said proof will be made before the
Register and Receiver at Santa Fe. N. M.. on
April 10. 1903, viz: Catarino Lobnto, for the
nwft, or section o, townsuip 14 nortn. range
10 east. He names the following witnesses
to prove nig continuous residence upon ana
cultivation of said land, viz: Cosmo Salaz,
Mafias Baca, Eusebio Gonzales of Santa Fe,
N. M Jose Tudesque of Lamy, IN, M.
MiNUKL R. Oteuo, Register.
Note The minus sign (-) used before
figures above indicates below zero.
This table shows that in the year 1897
only El Paso had more sunshine than
Santa Fe, but that Texas city has much
hotter summers and almost as great
an extreme of cold, with an excessive
amount of wind In the winter.
The government records do not show
that any place in the United States ex-
cells Santa Fe In sunshine, year ln and
year out, the average number of hours
of sunshine- dally in a period of five
years being seven hours and forty-five
minutes, which la just about right for
variety, comfort and health. ;
A favorable point in comparison with
the east Is that the most sunshine here
is in the fall and winter, November
more in evidence in the summer months,
when it is sometimes neither -wanted
nor needed.
For a long time the two year old child
of Mr. P. L. MoPherson, 59 N. Tenth St.
Harrisburg, Pa., would sleep but two or
three hours in the early part of the
night, which made it very hard for her
parents. Her mother concluded that
the child had stomach trouble, and gave
her half of one of Chamberlain's Stom
ach and Liver Tablets, which quieted
her stomach and she slept the whole
night through. Two boxes , of these
Tablets have effected a permanent cure
and she Is now well and "strong.- For
sale by all druggists.
Don't Forget That
El Paso-ortheastern System
The Kansas City Line
The Chicago Line
The Denver Line
The St. Louis Line
The Memohis Line
Fast Time and Excellent Connections
or all points North, Notthwest, North- branches as follows:
D. & R. G. SYSTEM,
Santa Fe Branch.
Time Table Mo. 71.
I Effective Monday, March 3, 1903.)
No. 426. Milbs No. 425
9:00 a m..I,T.... Santa Pe..Ar.. 6:00 pm
10:50am.. Lv....Espanola..Ar., 34.. 2:45 pm
lK0pm..Lv....Kmbudo...Ar.. 63... 1:25 pm
a:as p m..L,v,ire riearai.Ar.. nu...iuu p m
6:35pm..Lv....Antonito..Ar..l25... 8:10pm
80 pm..Lv.... Alamosa.. .Ar .153... 6:40 p m
8:0Sm..Lv Pueblo. ..Ar.. 287... 1:37 am
7:15 a m.. Ar.... Denver. ...LT..404... 9:35 p m
Trains run dally except Sundav.
Connections with the main line and
Denver & Rio Grande, Rio Grande Western, Rio
Grande & Santa Fe and Rio Grande
Southern Railroads.
Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Cripple Creek, Leadville,
Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Grand Junction, Salt
Lake City, Ogden. Butte, Helena, San Francisco,
Los Angeles, Portland. Tacoma, and Seattle. Also
Reaches all the Principal Towns and Alining Camps
in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.
To all Mountain Resorts
1 The Only Line Passing Through Salt Lake City Enroute to the Pacific Coast
east, East and Southeast,
Standard and Tourist Sleepers, Free
Chair Cars and Coaches on All Trains
Dining Car Service Unexcelled.
Call on agents for particulars, or ad
G. P. A., E. P. R. I. Route,
El Paso, Texas.
The Santa Fe runs tourist cars daily
from Chicago and Kansas City tp Los
Angeles, and San Francisco. Colonist
tickets to California points will be hon
ored on such cars April 1 to June 15,
1903. H. S. Lutz,. Agent, Santa Fe, N.
I and when a wind finds its way up the
Those who climb mountains frequently
find the dizzy depths too much for
them and lose their nerve. Such is al
so the experience of those who neglect
their stomachs or bowels. Self preser
vation demands Dr. King's New Life
Pills. They are gentle, but thorough.
Only 26c, at Fischer Drug Comuany. '
Nothing has ever equalled it.
Nothing can ever surpass it.
Dr. King's
fJoiv Discovery
A Perfect For All Throat and
; Cure: Lung Troubles.
Money back If it fails. - Trial Bottles fro.
At Antonlto for Durance, Sllveiton
and all points ln the San Juan country.
At Alamosa (with standard eauga) for
La Veta, Pueblo, Colorado Springs and
Denver, also with narrow gauge for
Monte Vista, Del Norte and Denver
Creede and all points In the San Luis
At Sallda with main line (standard
gauge) for all points east and .weat In
cluding Leadville and narrow gauge
points between Salida and Grand Junc
tion. At Florence and Canon City for the
gold camps of Cripple Creek and Victor.
At Pueblo, Colorado-Springs and Den
ver v ith all Missouri river Hues for all
points east.
For further Information address the
Through passengers from Santa Fe In
standard gauge sleepers fioip ilamosa
can have bertha reserved on application.
A. S, BAiWKf, Acting General Agent.
can:a Fe, N. M.
9 K Uoopku.0. P i
Deovoi, Colo
Ulnliiu trtHa all through trains
A. EDSON, Manager, A S. HUGHES, Gen'I Traffic Manager
Denver, Colo. Denver, Colo,
S. K. HOOPER. Gen'I Pass'r and Ticket Agent, Denver, Colo.
The Mining and Metallurgical Authority
oltlM World . . . . . Ig.ooaYeai-
Tboronirhly Covering the fllnlng lndu
frj ui too nm
$3.00 Year
Clow Working Arrangement
$6.00 a Year
Both Weekly, Published Under a
. Scad Orden to Nmt Ottfca
3 ;
Santa Fe Filigree
Jewelry Mfg. Co.
SOLD anil
N. MONDR AGON. Alar, t
S. B. Corner Plaza, San Francisco St t
Tie Jew piexico H iosiiMe.
Ix man laitrnetora all graduate of-standard Eastern Collegea.
Hew Buildings, all furnishings and equipment modern and eompUtoi
itkm-hMt4, f M-Mf hted; baths, water-works, all oTnlinej.
Tattion, bosartl, and laundry, t'i irssljsa.
SsssIab Is three tanas, thirteen wosks SMfc. Boiwall Is a noted ksalts
rmnrt, l,TM tet sAore tea level i well-wtrsd ssesllsut people.
MGBNTS Nathan Jaffa, W. M. Bssd, B. 8. Hamilton, J. a Las
ad I. A. Oakoosv. i"or particulars addret
Col. J. V. Willson,
All Our Job Work is
Guaranteed the Best
New Mexican Printing Company

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