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(Homestead Entry No. 7190).
Notice of Publication.
Department of the Interior.
Land Office at Santa Fe, N. M.
August 29, 190".
Notice is hereby given that Higirno
Lucero, of Gallsteo, N. M., has filed
notice of his intention to make final
five year proof In support of his claim,
viz: Homestead entry No. 7190, made
August 21, l'J02, for the NW 1-4 NW
1-4, section 9, lot 4, section 4, lot 5,
section 5, township 13 N, range 9 E,
and that said proof will be made be
fore register and receiver at Santa Fe,
New Mexico on October 10, 1907.
He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence
upon, and cultivation of, the land, viz:
Augustin Ramirez, of Gallsteo, N. M.
Juan Villanueba, of Gallsteo, N. M.
Tomas Villanueba, of Gallsteo, N.
M. Francisco Gonzales, of Gallsteo,
N. M.
DeWltt's Carbolized Witch Hazel
Salve Is good for little burns and big
burns, small scratches or bruises and
big ones. Sold by Ireland's Pharmacy,
Herewith are some bargains offered
by the New Mexican Printing Com
pany: Code of Civil Procedure of the
Terltory of New Mexico, 1897, sheep
bound, $1; paper bound, 75c; Mis
souri Pleading forms, $5; Missouri
Code Pleadings, $6; the two for $10;
Adapted to New Mexico Code, Laws
of New Mexico, 1899, 1901, end 1903,
English and Spanish pamphlet, $2.23;
full leather, $3; Sheriff's Flexible
Cover Pocket Docket, single, $1.25;
two or more books, $1 each; New Mex
ico Supreme Courts Reports, Nos. 3
to 10, inclusive $3.30 each; Compila
tion Corporation Laws 75c; Compila
tion Mining Laws, 50c; honey's Di
gest of New Me::ico Reports, full
sheep, $0.50; full list school blanks.
vsi iiiiii i bbiij
Do Not Endanger Life When a Santa
Fe Citizen Shows You the Cure.
Why will people continue to Buffer Judge A. L. Morrison Visits Historic
the agonies of kidney complaint, bae
ache, urinary disorders, lameness,
headaches, langour, why allow them
selves to become chronic invalids,
when a certain cure is offered tftem?
Doan's Kidney Pills is the remeJy
to use, because it gives to the kidneys
the help they need to perform their
If you have any, even one, of the
symptoms of kidney diseases, cure
yourself now, before diabetes, dropsy
or Bright's disease sets in. Read
this Santa Fe testimony:
Arizona BarracksBanishment of
Army Canteens a Curse.
Judge A. L. Morrison, who returned
Sunday from Prescott, Arizona, where
he went to accompany his daughter,
Miss Mary, home.she being quite sick,
visited the historic Whlpplo array bar
racks situated near that city. Judge
Morrison who is a keen observer of
all things, talked interestingly of his
visit to the army post to a New Mex
ican representative. He said:
I sour!, has bought the C. E. Lukens!
1 place o 240 acres.
A recent Inspection of the artesian
wells by Harry Mull of the Eddy Coun
ty district, and W. A. Wilson of the
Chaves County district, reveals the
fact that there arc 575 artesian wells
in use In the Pecos valley of New
Mexico. The wells all show a steady
and undiminished (low of water.
A. C. Kelnath, cashier of the First
National bank, has purchased a block
of land on IUch;ird.-ion avenue and will
erert a business block,
"During my stay in Prescott, I vis-
Mrs. Bernarda Rivers de Escudero,;ited Whipple Barracks, and was great-
living at 10G Griffin St., says: "As a ly interested in the splendid perrna
good general tonic and in all cases of;nent improvements that are now be-
trouble arising from the kidneys and
in the back, I know of no remedy
more worthy of confidence than
Doan's Kidney Pills. For about a year
I was bothered with a weakness and
a dull aching across my loins and
kidneys. I tired easily from any ex
ertion and the pains were very dis
tressing. Using nearly two boxes of
Doan's Kidney nils which I procured
at the Ireland Pharmacy, the pains
were relieved, my back was strength
ened and my health better In every
way. I am indeed grateful to Doan's
Kidney Pill3 for the great benefit I
have received from them."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
A well decorated window makes a
good showing to people taking in the
sights, but advertising your vares in
the New Mexican makes a better
sho ring and atracts more attention.
. x i I, 1
II fj, , , ' ;
New Mexico Military Institute.
"The West Point of the Southwest."
Army Officer Detailed by War Depart
ment.. Army Inspectors RANK SCHOOL
Thorough Academic course, preparing
young men for college or for business life.
Great amount of open air work. Healthiest
location of any Military School in the Union.
Located in the beautiful Pecos Valley the
garden spot of the West at an elevation
of 3,700 feet above sea level, sunshine every
day, but little rain or snow during session.
Eleven officers and instructors, all gradu
ates from standard eastern colleges. Ten
buildings, thoroughly furnished, heated,
lighted and modern in all respects.
REGENTS E. A. Cahoon, President; W.
G. Hamilton, Vice President; J. Phelps
White, Treasurer; W. M. Atkinson, Secre
tary, and W. A. Finlay.
For particulars and illustrated catalogue
TJ-"Mi I"-1
These Celebrated Hot Springs are the world. The efficiency of these wat
located in the midst of the Ancient jers has been' thoroughly tested by
Cliff Dwellings, twenty-five miles west the miraculous cures attested to in the
of Taos, and fifty miles north of Santa
Fe, and about twelve miles from Bar
anca Station, on the Denver & Rio
Grande Railroad, from which point a
dally line of stages runt to the springs.
The temperature of these waters Is
from 90 to 122 degrees. The gases are
carbonic. Altitude 6,000 feet. Climate
very dry .and delightful the year
round. There Is now a commodious
hotel for the convenience of Invalids,
and tourists. People suffering with
consumption, cancer, and other con
tagious diseases, are not accepted.
These waters contain 1,686.24 grains
of alkaline salts to the gallon, being
following diseases: Paralysis, Rheu
matl8m, Neuralgia, Malaria, Bright's
Disease of the Kidneys, Syphilitic and
Mercurial Affections, Scrofula, Catarrh,
La Grippe, all Female Complaints, etc.
etc. Board, lodging and bathing $2.50
per day; $15 per week; $50 per
month. Stage meets Denver trains
and waits for Santa Fe train upon re
quest. This resort Is attractive at all
seasons and Is open all winter. Pas
sengers for OJo Callente can leave
Santa Fe at 9 a. m., and reach OJo
Callente at 4 p. m., the same day.
Fare for round trip from Santa Fe to
Ojo Caliente, $7.40. For further par
ing constructed there. Situated as
this post Is In the foot hills of the
Rockies, supplied with abundance of
can enjoy the purest air and the most
perfect manner, Whipple will soon bo
an Ideal post, wherein the soldiers
can enjoy the purest air and the mosts
healthful surroundings in the Union.
Wtien the buildings, now rapidly ap
proaching completion are ready for oc
cupation, a full battalion of troops
will find ample accommodations there.
The Old Mansion, as it is called,
which was erected by General Crook,
at an expense of $80,000, is still In ex
istence; every foot of lumber in the
building was transported hundreds of
miles to the post, there being no saw
mills in that neighborhood.
"As the banishment of canteens
from all military posts and its effects
on the morals of our soldiers is being
How to Cure a Cold.
The question of how to cure a cold
without unnecessary loss of time is
one in which we are all more or less
interested, for the quicker a cold Is
gotten rid of the less the danger of
pneumonia and other serious diseases.
Mr. B. W. U Hall, of Waverly, Va.,
has used Chamberlain's Cough Reme
dy for years and says: "I firmly be
lieve Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to
be absolutely the best preparation on
the market for colds. I have recom
mended It to my friends and they all
agree with me." For sale by all druggists.
Completion of Carlsbad Irrigation Pro
ject Cause For Renewed Activity
in That Section.
Correspondence of the New
Carlsbad, N. M., Oct., 1 The great
Carlsbad irrigation project is com-
widely discussed, I made inquiry on pleted and the work of putting in the
that very important subject. One of 'main and lateral ditches has begun,
the oldest and most respected chap-' Settlers are pouring Into the valley,
lains in the army, who takes the deep- At Malaga, many new store buildings
est interest in the spiritual and tem-, are going up and farms opened. Land
poral welfare of the men assured me . sells for $25 an acre and only settlers
that the removal of said canteens are buying, as under the rule, specula-
from the posts, was attended by the tors are barred.
most deplorable consequences. It is I The fall term of court closes
all very well to say that soldiers .Friday of this week,
should not drink spiritous liquors; as) I. S. Osborne, a capitalist and prop'
a man who never drank one glass of.erty holder, has gone to Kansas City
any kind of such liquors, I say so too; for a short visit in tho interests of
but I recognize the fact that there the valley.
seems to be a demand in human na-J Lobe Cojair, the grading contractor
ture for some kind of a stimulant on the reservoir, is looking up a con
and the question before the people is tract at Amarillo, Texas. Mr. Cojair
the adoption of a system with the has twenty-five mule teams and is
minimum of evil results. We have, well equipped for large contracts
the experience of both systems before
V I ' ' 1 1 1 111 11 'I Ifc
rA rnta
wf A pLaeVcgaa ,
Tarn YKcTnedy
Ikk ei
II I (
if tooweir3j
' oAlauaoKOfdo"
" "W
us now, and ought to be able to adopt
Henry K. Jones, of Tampa, Florida,
'I can thank God for my
such a one. as can be regulated prop-. writes:
erly. While the canteens were toler- present health, due to Foley's Kidney
at ed in .the posts, efforts were made to Cure. I tried doctors and all kinds
procure the least harmful kind of liq- ot kidney cures, but nothing done me
uors, and these were sold under the ' much good till I took Foley's Kidney
supervision of an officer wuo was, es-' Cure. Four bottles cured me, and I
pecially selected for that purpose and have no more pain in my back and
whose duty was to see that no one shoulders. I am 62 years old, and suf
was permitted to drink to excess. But fered long, but thanks to Foley's Kid
certain well-meaning persons affected ney Cure I am well and can walk and
to be scandalized at the idea of the enJv myself. It is a pleasure to rec
government, as they said, being en-!ommencl it to those needing a kidney
gaged in the liquor business; then , medicine." For sale by Ireland Phar-
pressure was brought to bear on Con- macy
gress, a law was passed prohibiting
the richest alkaline Hot Springs in ticulars, address.
OJo Callente. Taos County, IV .M
OTTO RETSCH , Proprietor
PABST'S BLUE EIBBON The Beer of Quality.
Fine Wines, Liquors and cigars.
the sale of spiritous and malt liquors
in military posts.
"Any one with the slightest knowl
edge of human nature could have fore
seen the results that inevitably fol
lowed. Simultaneous with the closing
of the canteens in the posts, saloons
of the vilest character conducted by
human ghouls, whose business is to
pander to the lowest appetites of hu
manity, were opened just beyond the
legal limits and there the most abom
inable soul-destroying liquors were
sold without let or hindrance to all
comers ; drunkenness, debauchery,
military punishments, and desertions
set in to such an extent as to appall
the military authorities, who are at
the end of their wits, and unable to
control the miserable situation. The
Reverend Chaplain already referred
to informed me that the old soldiers
on whose example so much depended
to maintain the morale of the army,
have ceased to re-enlist, their reasons
being that they cannot obtain a mod
erate supply of stimulants, which they
claim they need, and their self-respect
forbids them to resort to the hell
holes that have taken the place of the
old, time canteens. And so it stands
at present it depends on Congress to
say whether the present demoralizing
system shall continue, or whether the
canteens in the military posts will be
again permitted."
The very finest in the land have
Just been received at the Bon Ton
Restaurant. These are the very first
of the season and can be found only
at this place where they are up-to-date
In everything. A trial will convince
Afflicted With Sore Eyes for 33 Years
I have been afflicted with sore eyes
for thirty-three years. Thirteen years
ago I became totally blind and was
blind for six years. My eyes were bad
ly inflamed. One of my neighbors
insisted upon my trying Chamber
lain's Salve and gave me half a box
of it. To my surprise it healed my
eyes and my sight came back to me.
P. C. Earle, Cynthiana, Ky. Chamber
lain's Salve Is for sale by all druggists.
Mining Claims Owned By Them at
Goldfield, Nevada, Turn Out to Be
(Special Correspondence to the New
Artesia, N. M., Oct. 1. The Explo
ration Company, a mining company of
this place of which harry Burt is man
ager, has recently received an offer
for their claims near Goldfield, Neva
da. Their stock was originally put
on the market for twelve cents a
share, and the offer would give the
company 700 per cent profit. Messrs.
Harry Mull, H. A. Lay, Harry Hamil-
They Make You Feel Good,
The pleasant purgative effect ex
perienced by all who use Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets, and
the healthy condition of the body and
mind which they create makes one
feel joyful. Price 25c cents. Samples
free at all drug stores.
The first of the season just received
at the only uu-to-date short ordet
house, The Bon Ton, where they are
being served to your taste. Call and
be convinced. They handle A. Booth's.
New York oysters, which come in
sealed cans.
No home is so pleasant, regardless
of the comforts that money will buy,
as when the entire family is in perfect
health. A bottle of Orino Laxative
Fruit Syrup costs 50 cents. It will
cure every member of the family of
constipation, sick headache or stom
a,ch trouble. For sale by Ireland's
Pharmacy. p?
The New Mexican Printing Com
pany is prepared to do the best of
brief work in short order and at very
reasonable rates. Lawyers, who de.
side to have their briefs printed rap
idly and correctly and to present them
to the Supreme Court now in session
here on time, should call on the Nev
Mexican Printine; Company.
The natural point on the New A., T. & S. F. Cut-olT for the distribu
tion of freight, having the advantage of the easy grades and short route
to the East and West, and direct communication will all points in the Ter
ritory. Wholesale houses are coming to Willard as soon as the Cut-off Is opeu.
Surrounded by a fine fanning country. The purest water In New Mexico.
The geographical center of Torrance County and of New Mexico. The
water point on the great A., T. & S. F. short line through New Mexico.
Willard is a growing town. Willard will make a City. Study the Map.
For information, cal on or address
I Santa Fe Livery Stable
I am Sole Agent in this city for
Celebrated Set Price Suits of
$10.00 $15.00 $20.00 25.00
tit and wear guaranteed. Sole agent for ."Crossetta" Men's
Shoes, "Best on Earth." Tlease call and convince yourself. No
trouble to show goods.
A Card.
This is to certify that a.i druggists
are authorized to refund your money
if Foley's Honey and Tar fails to cure
your cough or cold. It stops the
cough, heals the lungs and prevents
serious results from a cold. Cures la
grippe cough and prevents pneumonia
and consumption. ' Contains no opi
ates. The genuine is in a yellow pack
age. Refuse substitutes. For sale at
Ireland's Pharmacy.
DeWitt's Kidney and Bladder P-s
relieve backache, weak kidneys, and
inflammation of the bladder. Sold by
Ireland's Pharmacy.
The Weekly New Mexican Re view
is published by the New Mexican
Printing Company every Thursday. It
contains the most reliable and latest
territorial mining, educational, stock
raising, railroad social and political
news of the week from all noints of
ton and Harry Burt are the principal the Territory. It is an excellent paper
stocitnoiaers. to send to friends in the east. Price
Martin Yatea, Jr., of Fulton, Mis- five cents per copy.
257 San Fran Cisco Street
liai ami Rlexicen Vieres am Curios
Blankets, Baskets, Rag, Wax, Feather and Linen Drawn Work,
Opals, Turquois, Garnets and Other Gems.
OUR MOTTO: To Have the Best of Everything In Our Line.
Kodaks and Photo Supplies.
We make a specialty of DEVELOPING, PRINT
ING and ENLARGING. Mail Orders Given Piomp
Attention. Send for Catalogue.
510 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif.
During the summer time, when the
heat seems to take all the "tuck" out
of you, then is when a nice, cool drink
of Dr. Lauritzen's Health Table Malt
will revive your drooping spirits, tone
up your system and make you feel
like a new person.
H. 3. KAUNE & CO.
In most cases consumption results
from a neglected or improperly treat
ed cold. Foley's Honey and Tar cures
the most obstinate coughs and pre
vents serious results. It costs you no
more than the unknown preparations
and you should insist upon having the
genuine in the yellow package. For
sale by Ireland's Pharmacy.
Have your stationery printed by the
New Mexican Printing Company.
We are pleased to announce that Fo
ley's Honey and Tar for coughs, colds
and lung troubles is not affected by
the National Pure Food and Drug Law
as it contains no opiates or other
harmful drugs, and we recommend
It as a safe remedy for children and
adults. For sale by Ireland's Pnarm-acy.
u iDwreHca in luoaia mow
boat the wonderful
MARVEL Whirling Siway
Xbt MW Vsclaal ftyrlacc
Hew MotteoDTeo.
lent, it cleuuet
AtK roar drnsrfrUt for it
If at cannot kuhdit the
MARVEL. ccopt no
other, but uma tmp for.
lllmtrabxl ho -waled. I
full iiartlMilnl And direction! I
Tnluihle to hwl :. MAKVtXCO.
ttt btf Sid ttreat, NKW TttUL

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