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(Homestead Entry No. 7288.)
Notice For Publication.
Department of the Interior,
Land Office at Santa Fe, N. M..
October 21, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that Francis
co Sandoval, of Pecos, N. M., has filed
notice of his intention to make final
five year proof in support of his claim
viz: Homestead entry No. 7288, made
October 21, 1902, for the NW 1-4, Sec
tion 33, Township 17N., Range 12B.,
and that said proof will be made be
fore Register and Receiver at Santa
Fe, N. M., on November 29, 1907.
He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence up
on, and cultivation of, the land, vlx:
DIonlcIo Sandoval, Felix Sandoval,
Bonifacio Sandoval and Antonio Ur
ban, all of Pecos, N. M.
The Postmaster of Oosconado, Mo.,
Daniel A. Bugh, says: "I cannot say
loo much for your Kidney and Bladder
Pills I feel like a new man." DeWItt's
Kidney and Bladder Pills are sold by
The Ireland Pharmacy.
(A Trip to the Cliff Dwellings Described by Mra. Lucia M. Harvey.)
Omar Kayham's conception of
Herewith are Rome bargains offered
by the New Mexican Printing Com
pany: Code of Civil Procedure of the
Teritory of New Mexico, 1S97, sheep
bound, $1; paper bound, 75c; Mis
souri Pleading forms, $5; Missouri
Code Pleadings, $G; the two for 10;
Adapted to New Mexico Code, Laws
of New Mexico, 1893, 1901, rnd 1903,
English and Spanish pamphlet, $2.25;
full leather, $3; Sheriff's Flexible
Cover Pocket Docket, sing1, $1.25;
two or move books, $1 each; New Mtx
lco Supreme Courts Reports, Nos. 3
to 10, Inclusive $3.30 each; Compila
tion Ccrporation Laws 75c; Compila
tion Mining Laws, EOc; .rlonoy's Di
gest of New Me.ico Reports, full
sheep, $0.50; full list scl oU blanks.
Kidney Trouble May Bo Sapping Your
Life Away Santa Fe People Have
Learned thla Fact.
When a healthy man or woman be-,
gins to run down without apparent j
cause, become weaK, iangma, aepres
sed, suffers backache, headache, diz
zy spells and urinary disorders, look
to the kidneys for the cause of It all. model outing party was expressed
Keep the kidneys well and they will thus: "A Loaf of Bread, A. Jug of
keep you well. Doan'u Kidney Pills VIne and Thou." But Brother Kay
cure sick kidneys and keep thei" irt'l. ham probably never had an opportun-
Hero Is Santa Fe testimony to prove lty of going to the Pajarito Cliff
it j Dwellings with a company of six "Just
Jose Ortiz y Baca, living on Alto right people," as did the writer recent
street, Santa Fe, New Mexico, says: ly.
"From a short use of Doan'a Kidney ( An extended vocabulary in ten lan
Pills I derived benefit which gives me guages would be inadequate to picture
Just cause to vouch for the efficiency the joy of It. It was something to
of this madiclne. At Intervals for which words do not readily adjust
three years I was more or less troubl- themselves.
ed with pain In my back and seeing, Over hills of myrrh and valleys of
Doan's Kidney Pills highly recommen J rosemary wo wont, leading the eye up
ded for this complaint I procured a to the splendid heights of snow-
box at Ireland's Pharmacy and after crowned peaks in the blue distance,
taking them as directed I was relieved sweeping the horizon In a long line
in a short time and in every sense of of majesty.
the word the result was satisfactory. An equipment of steamer rugs, In-1
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 dlan blankets, field glasses, cameras,
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co,, Buffalo, ' guns and the all-important lunch box
" II T01SI 1 1 111
New York, sole agents for the Ualteu
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
The New Mexican rrlntlng Com
pany Is prepared to furnish cards de
vislte for ladies and for gentlemen on
short notice In first class style at reas
onable prices, either engraved or
Printing Company.
KODOL is offered on a guaranteed
plin for the relief of heartburn, flatu
lence, sour stomach, belching of gas,
nausea and all stomach troubles. It
digests what you eat. It will make you
healthy. Sold by The Ireland Pharmacy.
es mado our start from tne hotel
Claire rather a "Kansas or Bust" ex
pod 1 tion.
The point of view Is always the
pivot of recollection; and the joy of
the morning bubbled over in song and
story and laughter as we swung up
the mountain trail.
Up, up, until one felt like ft fly on
printed. Call on the New Mexican La bald man's head, looking down on
I! jl5
V it " I 11
j, -t. u if
1 L
'1 J-ii
"t vJl
New Mexico Military Inttitute.
"The West Point of the Southwest,"
Army Officer Detailed by War Depart'
ment.. Army Inspectors RANK SCHOOL
Thorough Academic course, preparing
young men for college or fev business life.
Great amount of open air work. Healthiest
location of any Military School in the Union.
Located in the beautiful Pecos Valley the
garden spot of the West at an elevation
of 3,700 feet above sea level, sunshine every
day, but little rain or snow during session.
Eleven fficera and instructors, all gradu
ates from standard eastern colleges. Ten
buildings, thoroughly furnished, heated,
lighted and modern In all respects.
REGENTS E. A. Cahoon, President; W.
G. Hamilton, Vice President; J. Phelpi
White, Treasurer; ,W. M. Atkinson, Secre
tary, and W. A. Finlay.
For particulars and illustrated catalogue
These Celebrated Hot Springs are
.located In the midst of the Ancient
Cliff Dwellings, twenty-five miles west
of Taot, and fifty miles north of Santa
Fo, and about twelve miles from Bar
anci 8tatlon, on the Denver & Rio
Grande Railroad, from which point a
dally line of stages rune to the springs.
The temperature of these waters Is
from 90 to 122 degrees. The gases are
carbonic. Altitude 6,000 feet. Climate
very dry .and delightful the year
round. There Is now a commodious
hotel for the convenience of invalids,
and tourists. People suffering with
consumption, cancer, and other con
tagious diseases, are not accepted.
These waters contain 1,686.24 grains
of alkaline salts to the gallon, being
the richest alkaline Hot Springs In
the world. The efficiency of these wat
ers has been thoroughly tested by
the miraculous cures attested to In the
following diseases: Paralysis, Rheu
matism, Neuralgia, Malaria, Brlght's
Disease of the Kidneys, Syphilitic and
Mercurial Affections, Scrofula, Catarrh,
La Grippe, all Female Complaints, etc.
etc. Board, lodging, and bathing $2.50
per day; $15 per week; $50 per
month. Stage meets Denver trains
and waits for Santa Fe train upon re
quest. This resort Is attractive at all
seasons and Is open all winter. Pas
sengers for OJo Callente can leave
Santa Fe at 9 a. m., and reach OJo
Callente at 4 p. m., the urn day.
Fare for round trip from 8anta Fe to
OJo Callente, $7.40. For firrther par
ticulars, address.
OJo Callente. Taos County, N .M
OTTO RETSCH, Proprietor.
Fine Wines, Liquors and cigars.
257 tan Fran Cisco Street
Mil ami WG8D flares am Curios
Blankets, Baskets, Rag, Wax, Feather and Linen Drawn Work,
Opals, Turquols, Garnets and Other Gems. - .
OUR MOTTO: To Have the Best of Everything In Our Line.
Kodaks and Photo Supplies.
We make a specialty of DEVELOPING, PRINT
TNG and ENLARGING. Mall Order Given Piomp
Attention. Send for Catalogue.
fc-;. : r ; 510 8. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif.
the littler hllla that might, like their
scriptual sisters, "skip for joy."
We crossod the Rio Grande at Buck
man and the famous stream gave us
a big surprise at this point, having
heretofore seon it but a foot deep In
its most impressive pools. Here, It
rushed by In noisy fashion as if It
had a tremendous amount of business
to attend to.
The weird canon El Diablo came in
to view just as the setting sun sent
its rays aslant the northern cliffs,
making a moment of opportunity for
our camera lady.
The dignified commander of the ex
pedition Introduced ua with punctili
ous politeness to each famous moun
tain peak as it came into view. For
the life of me I cannot remember but
one, Old Baldy. When I make m
bow to 'them again, I'll have to say,
"Pardon me, dear - mountains, your
faces look familiar but I cannot recall
your names."
It was quite dark when we reached
the lumber camp where we spent the
night. The odor of pines, the bright
lights twinkling from the many tents
and the cheerful prospect of a hot
camp supper filled the mortal part of
ug with material content.
Mrs. It. G. McDougal, the hospitable
hostess of the camp, gave us-a warm
welcome, as well as clean comfort-j
able beds and had arranged for
delicious supper for ua at the cook
A lumber camp dance was on the
program in the evening and we had
the joy of learning how to dance
SDanish nuadrille. There was some
uncertainty as to whether we were
qualified In certain details of cos
tume for the function, but our hosts
were too polite to embarrass us In the
matter. So on went the dance ana
joy was unconflned until long after
wa had retired to our tents. Noth
ing but a Wagner opera could com
pete in volume of sound with that
which poured out Into the pine laden
air of that lumber camp.
The next morning Mrs. McDougal,
In her cozy camp home, told us ot
her successful gardening operations,
and related, In delightful fashion,
some of her previous experiences with
tenderfeet guests, and camping par
ties with Idiosyncrasies culinary and
i'he camp is in the heart of the cliff
dwelling country. Little did the cave
dweller of long ago dream that his
caved out mansion would descend to
the bed room of a modern lumber
camp man. Most or. tnese are scarce
ly big enough to swing a cat in; not
that there was, perhaps, tne remoiesi
hece&sity of swinging a cat, but the
figure of speoch Is useful.
We reached the communal dwellings
on the mesa at exactly the right time
for securing snap shots of them.
Twelve hundred rooms we found here
with bits of broken pottery scattered
everywhere. The ruins of an under
ground estufa, the sacred rite room
of the cliff dwellers, was most interesting.
The pictured rocks were discovered
in many places, and it was at the foot
of the one on which was carved the
revered plumed serpent that we were
posed for a pre-historlc group.
The paint or chalking on me ser
pent, necessary for clear outlines in
photography, had been obliterated by
rain and weather, so we went into
executive session to discuss ways and
means for getting a good picture.
No chalk, no paint, no powder? Yes,
eureka, a box of talcum powder and
cold cream were forthcoming. Such
a grooming as that revered snake was
given. I'm sure his celebrated ances
tors, of Garden of Eden fame, would
have turned green with envy. You
could s'o him a mile distant, and he
was already to have his plcturo "took."
We all tried to look pre-historlc too,
but nobody succeeded but the doctor.
These cave dwellings have a won
derful fascination. Specters of the
past soem to lurk In the shadows of
the crumbliug old walls. A phantom
world of a long lost past with its
mute evidences of the strugcles of a
dawn in civilization to preserve their
traditions of a home, of worship, of
ecu protection, greeted our under
One travels back over the centurlos
into long forgotten ages, feeling that
tnese peoplo of lone aeo lived and
loved and fought and died, even as wo
or today.
We trailed around the rocks and
ledges until lunch time. A camp fire
wns built and what manner of feast
was spread on the grassy plot under
tne cottonwood trees, near the clear
waters of a mountain stream, will nev
er be known to any but one fortunate
enough to dine with our lady of the
commissary. With masculine lack of
forethought the coffee kettle had been
left behind at camp. Our resourceful
commissary lady rose to the situation
by ordering the bacon broiled on
sticks over the camp Are, while she
proceeded to make most delectable
coffeo in the frying pan, fried coffoe,
as our mighty hunter remarked, was
a most unusual feature of a camp
The return trip had its full meas
ure of enchantment, for the exquisite
changes of light and color were ever
before us until the shadows settled
over all.
It was on the homeward trip that
our mighty hunter did himself proud
in the way of shooting stunts. He
resisted the ferocious attacks of
wild rabbit, capturing It after several
shots. A sociable coyote trotted along
with us a mile or so and we had op
portunity of making little nature
studies of cottontails and coveys of
quail while the hunter was off hunting
them. Meek eyed cows looked up sur
prised at us as we startled them out
of their calm meditation by our hilar!
ty and song.
That reminds me. The doctor's
songs. His voice la his wealth. There
would have been another chapter add
ed to the great book on sound had
John Tyndall ever heard him. The
camera lady remarked that it was
wonder he had never had It treated
or operated upon. The dry eugges
tion from the commander of the expe
dition was that dry farming might be
the thing, to all of which the doctor
maintained a polite but scathing silence.
We reached home when the lights
of the grend old city of Santa Fe
twinkled a welcome to us, wishing
we were just starting instead of Just
ending our journey, and singing:
"We are here because we are here,"
to the tune of Auld Lang Syne," as
a fitting finale to a trip of unalloyed
v A oXasVoaas
aH V" i Iom
te j (if Uiotw gy
fc j&l Paso
Colda and Croup tn Children.
"My little girl is subject to colds,"
says Mrs. Wm. IT. Serig, No. 41, Fifth
St., Wheollng, W. Va. "Last winter she
had a severe spell and a terrible cough
but I cured her with Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy without the aid of a
doctor, and my little boy has been
prevented many times from having the
croup by the timely use of this syrup."
This remedy for sale by all drug
Hot Tamales, Chile Verde, Chile
Colorado, Pozole with Cuerltos, Me-
nudo and Chicken Temole are among
the Mexican and Spanish dishes which
are being served nightly at the up-to
date short order house, The Boti Top
Take some good reliable and safe di-
gestant like KODOL for Dyspepsia.
KODOL is the best remedy known to
day for heart burn, belching and all
troubles arising from a disordered
digestion. It is pleasant to take and
affords relief promptly. Sold by The
freland Pharmacy.
The first of the season just received
at the only up-to-date short ordei
house, The Bon Ton, where they are
being served to your taste. Call and
be convinced. They handle A. Booth's
New York oysters, which come tu
sealed cans.
The natural point on the New A., T. & S. F. Cut-off for the diatrjtiu.
tion of freight, having the advantage of the easy grades and short rmite
to the East and West, and direct communication will all points in the Ter
ritory. Wholesale houses are coming to Wlllard as roou as the Cut-off Is open
Surrounded by a fine farming country. The purest water tu New Mexico.
The geographical center of Torrance County and of New 'Mexico. The
water point on the great A., T. & S. F. short line through New Mcia
Wlllard is a growing town. Wlllard will make a City. Study Ma'
For information, caf on or address
I Santa Fe Livery Stable
I am Sole Agent in th s city for
Celebrated Set Price Suits of
$(0.00 $15.00 $20.00 25.00
Fit and wear guaranteed. Sole ageut for "Croesetts" Men's
Shoes, "Best on. Earth." Please call and convince yourself. No
trouble to show goods.
"EImHo" BookMM
the original and only per
fed sectional bookcase
made. The doors are non
binding, dust-proof, oper
ate on roller bearings, and
positively cannot get out
of order. Bases furnished
with or without drawers,
r Call and see them, or
send for catalog No. 105
By the New Mexican
Printing Company, Local
agents. Santa FE, N. M.
1 -I
Great suffering is the lot of all women, who neglect the health of their wo
manly organs. No reason to do so, any more than to neglect a sore throat,
colic, or my other disease, that the right kind of medicine will cure. Take
for all your womanly ills. It can never do harm, and is certain to do good.
Mrs. Sallie H. Blair, of Johntou City. Term., vrites: "I had suffered from womanly troubles for six
teen months, and had four doctors, but they could not help me, until I began to take Wine of CarduJ.
now I thin i am about veil" At an reliable druggists, in $1.00 bottles. Try 11
Wrttt today for a frn copy ot valuable 64-ptta Muitrrtcd Book for Womn. H yon wed Medical
Advlc. describe your lymptotni, itatlng age. nd reply will be cent In plain tealed envelope.
AMK-LiMl Advlnory Dent.lllJheChattanooraMiidlclne-C).bChattanooy3iTfnn.

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