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St, Louis Rocky i,
Pacific Railway Compan
! W. fl Ant, TS T A
i! if $m
0 A., -
i iul ITp)
re are of the sen
ding Salome variety
?. 4.".
3 ',
4 15
4 43
5 -,1
sMii!)'l'H-T M. "HI:.
Slazc ,,')r Va: Hn
Stai ' i" v -1 I'
na.i iy-!. K ii-- 5: "'J
t!. .V S I i 1" l.-
lorth at 4 a pi.
. K. .--M.-r ..
. r. no-nso
. .,( I niaiTon
. . JtjirlRn .
l"te I'ark, X. M.
"A few lC(ii!i' stem to nave the
i i . 1 1 . i- poioii" pa;. s M.'iiiiiL'i r Stanton,
"jot the K'ks' Theatre, "that dances
i to lie given by Mile, tie SwirsKy at.
; the Kll-.s' Tlii-a:
: sa tioiiaily itliov!
-I ami are i;ot cNactly the thing for a
.. i m'tv.-a audience. This is of course
'.absurd. Mile, de Swirsky gave iter
' Russian dancci last summer before
: the hi st of New York society anrt
tcok that society by storm as she did
the court circles of the old world."
Here are some of the comments In
tin; great newspapers of the country
which show what a great artist the
beautiful iiussian countess really is:
New York Sun:
t-VMociallv in the beautiful pan
it,., cniiiis of the Ktystan i'inui ui6ui uic Mmm
which Mile, de Swirsky ; an ovation by persons.
on I John Jacob Astor, Mrs. Hernial
Oi irichs, Mrs. Penis Hrugiere, Princ.
Mi::si liizn Khan, of Persia, Princ
Tr.'i'.ibetskoy and many others of il
coiuige colony."
The New York World. iFollowii:
a private performance at Mrs. J. i
lli.nuins' Villa in Newport.)
"When the company before wlih
she appeared had indorsed by rap'
mis applause the verdict of An::
Toscanini 'that the Countess had
most beautiful musical body in
world.' she made her aeknowleu
ments by performing on the pia
pleted the Russian dance, wo.i
stood up and applauded and oth .:
threw their bouquets at her.
"At the close of each number r
gi 1
including ' u
a 1'. . S. W. Ky. train both North and'South.;
"v M. im'L'ts trains at Prrst in X.lM.
t.. ' r- ;!:. i;) t'it .vri, Nr. at ui, daily except
v i t:0 rouaJ trip: Ofiy pound r:i-rz:i.re curried free,
-t h:i ;s. V, f f r : i ' soat a -it 11:11 p. in. arrives frotnlthe
V. P. & U. M
From Santa Feto El Paso, Bisbee
Douglas, and all Points in New
Mexico, Arizona, Mexico and to the
Pacific Coast, via NEW MEXICO
CENTRAL to Torrance, Thence
El Paso & Southwestern System
The Best Route - East or West
For Rites and full mf (-rnation address
G.F.&P. A.
El Paso Texas.
HEH32852S23 CTrit'-xrr.TTT.rnRiry'i. wmwmfm
; 4 oo
. 3 r.n i
! 3 So j
- : :-. i.. !
A 05
j I IS '
luTr t"."-"". I i
9 49 ... -j.: '
c : i
S 55 ' .i
a os .... ": ....
x 2(7:'. ... . ... '
7 45 .'
a in i it ;: 1 i
; 6 27 j tomine of
! r, 1 7 ; ! j
c r.i I Fields.' ill
' pm'pm ' I .
j . : ,
F M. WILLIAMS, ' " . "W
a P. ABent, L f" .
f executed some remarkably
1 sive dancing."
il H
m I exulting in the dance, in
Of Buoyant and Graceful Youth, She Moves as a Spirit of Spring a Will
Ee Seen as a Dancer and Pianiste at the E:ks' Next Wednesday Mgnt.
expres-1 Kaekmamnort s tuitions pre:
I only a virtuoso can do, to the
Philip Hale in the Boston Herald:
"There was the pleasing specta
cle of buoyant and graceful youth.
the joy of i joy
amazement and delight of In
audience. Mrs. James 0.
gave society this opportunity
ue as
to entitled
living, revealing with the freedom of
innocence, or with the conndence of
critical self-knowledge, an unusually
beautiful body."
Pittsburg Gazette:
"Garbed though she was, in the
iil'-iy coverings of Spring and never
for a moment was there the least in
delicacy, despite her scanty raiment
and the twinkling of her toes."
New York American.
'When Countess de Swir3ky corn-
visitor. There were 400 imitations
and all the principal cottagers attend
ed." The New York American:
"The Countess de Swirsi.
came here (Newport) to pic
famous Russian dunces, li;
Newport society by storm."
The New York Times:
"Mile, de Swirsky found an audi
ence ready to receive her really ar
tistic and graceful performance."
, who
nt her
Prom the New Mexican oi this data!
use the
Shortest Line to Denver,
Colo. Springs and Pueblo
Fred Alarid, who was sick in Den
ver, now is on the high road to re
covery. "Sheriff Joseph Perea, a first class
officer and an honest, collector came
up last night from Bernalillo.
Earl A. Snyder, a rising and popu
lar young attorney at Albuquerque,
is in the city attending to business jygt gpoi,ed
uetore me supreme cum i.
I Seattle Man Writes Mayor Seligman
Asking if He and Newspapers
Can Help Him.
Carrying the 0. S. mail and puu
senger between Vaughn, N. M., and
Rosneil, N. M., connecting with ih
El Paso & Southwestern and Rock Is
land Railroads ind the Atchison,
Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Leave Vaugan at 3:30 a. m., arriv
ta Roswell at 3:30 p. m.
Lieave Roswell at 12:30 a. m, arrive
ta Vaughan at 6 p. m.
Baggage allowance of 50 is. to
each regular ticket, excess bag?age at
the rat e of $5.0u per hundred lhi.
Special automobiles furnished t ac
commodate any nurnter of passenger
to make special connections with nj
train at Vaughn, also to connect 'with
New Mexico Central Railroad at Tor
ranee for Santa Fe, N. M., by com
municating with Manager of the Ros
well Auto Co., at Roswell, N. M., at
least 21 hours In advance. Rate foj
special $40.00 to accommodate four of
fewer passengers to either point
J. W. STOCKARD, manager
Mayor Seligman receives some
funny letters but that from a Seattle,
Wash., man who asked him to find
a wife, is about the most amusing.
Summed up, the Seattle man -wants
! a wife "from the country" and not
by the large cities; he
wants a wife caring more for a com-
.Tudge W. H. Whiteman, who made . ol.tabe home than for UXury. ' The
a very good judge of this district, wrjter is 35 years of age and ia far
and is well liked and respected here, : trom being an invalia. 1 le still nas
is in the capital from his home at : faj!n j tne primitive si.uple woman.
Albuquerque, attending the supreme j 1ore i3 ilis eUer:
court. I "Your Honor:
His Honor A. L. Kendall, justice j "You will kindly excuse me if I
of the peace at Cerrillos, but who is . bother you with this letter. To be
not one of the Democratic High j short, 1 want your help for getting a
Court of Appeals of New Mexico, is . wife from the country, not yet spoil-
in the city from the Little Pittsburg. I ed by the habits of large cities; a
The New Mexican s news boys are """fi " 11
"up to snuff." They made a big sale.""'""
of papers last bight, making the
streets ring with their newsy calls.
Information is at hand to the effect
I believe there are still existing
such women.
"I am 35 yt...-; oi age, healthy and
that the post of Hce at Silver City was , steady in my customs, h, favor of
destroyed by fire night before
No particulars as yet.
A. B. "Woodman, Denver; George E.
Fischer, St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. B.
AY. Tuter, Durango; Mr. and Mrs.
William McClure, Taos; M. E. Hie
key, Albuquerque; E. E. Meier, City;
,T. J. Burke, Lamar. Colo.; D. C. Mc
Elhinuey, Denver; A. B. McMillen, At
buquerquo; Ada M. Chamberlain, Al
buquerque: C. J. Dawe, Denver; R.
O. Bean, Oklahoma City.
my future wife I would also change
my place. I would be obliged to
many thanks for you if I would get
your aid in this matter, perhaps with
the assistance of your local newspa
per. Once more begging for pardon in
having troubled you
I am very respectful! , etc.
Herewith are some Bargains offered
by the New Mexican Printing com
pany: Code of Civil Procedure of the
Territory of New Mexico, 1S97, sheep
bound, $1; paper bound, 75c. Missouri
Pleading forms, $5; Missouri Code
Pleadings, $6; the two for $10.
Adapted to New Kexlco Code, Laws of
New Mexico, 1899, 1901 and 1903,
English and Spanish pamphlets, 2Ec;
full leather ?3. Sheriff's Flexible
Cover Pocket Docket, single, $1.25
two or more books, $1 each. Nnw
Mexico uSpreme Court Reports, No.
3 and 10 Inclusive $3.30 each. Comjil-
atlon Corporation Laws, 75c. Compll- bound.
The foUowing ar the time tables
of the local railroads:
A. T. & S. F. Ry.
8.10 a. m. connect with No. 3 west
bound, No. 10 eastbound.
Returning arrive at Santa Fe 12:10
p. m.
4:00 p. m. connect with No. 1 west
M. O'Xeill, Cerrillos; Holin Hitter,
Bluckrock; Thomas Lang, Estancia;
15. S. Phillips, Bucknian; J. W. Collier,
On the packnge when you buy Fo
ley's Honey and Tar for coughs and
colds. None genuine without aie Bee
Hive. Remember the name. Foley's
Honey and Tar and reject any substi
tute. Sold ar Capital Pharmacy.
Francis E. Wood, Albuquerque; Reg
inald G. Cobbett, Tesuque; Henry H.
v,,Jn- M,. W tr' Minerman Den-1 rived yesterday from a trip to the
ver; E. W. Dobson, Albuquerque; W.
Intensely Cold Weather Prevails Over
Western and Northwestern
New Mexico.
Albuquerque, N. M., Jan. t;.- Ac
cording to overland travelers who ar-
atlon Mining Iats, 50c. Money
Digest of New Mexico Reports, full
ekeep. $6.50; full list school blank.
Connection made with Automobile
line at Vaughn for Roswell, dally.
Automobile leaves Vaughn for Ro
well tX 8:30 a. m, and arrives at Ros
well at 3:30 p. m. Automobile leave
Roswell for Vaughan at 12:30 a. m.
and arrives at Vaughn at 6 p. m. The
Care oetween Santa Fe and Torrance
la $5.80 and between Torrance and
Roswell $10. Reserve seats on auto-
Returning arrive at banta Fe, 6:30
p. m.
7:20 p. m. connect with No. 7 and
9 westbound; No. 4 and 8 eastbound.
Returning arrive at Santa Fe 11:10
p. m
by wire. J. W. Stonkard.
D. & R. G. Ry.
Leave 10:15 a. m. for north.
Arrive 3:35 p. m. from north.
New Mexico Central Ry.
Leave 7:30 a. m. connects with No.
34 eaBt and 33 south and west
Arrive 8 p. m. with connection from
No, 33 east; No. 34 south and west.
H. Bahret, Kansas City; II. D. Sny
der, Pueblo: Nathan Hale, Boston; J.
V. Cutler, Milwaukee; Mr. and Mrs.
T. H. Hall, Pontiac, Mich.; E. Brown,
Maxwell; George S. Klock, Albuquer
que; M. R. Summers. Albuquerque;
C. '. Spader, Isleta.
Frank B. Grant, Clovis; E. S. Mon
toya. Pojoaque: Quincy Adams,
Kowe; Max Walker, Las Vegas; Mr.
and Mrs. B. Martinez, Pagosa Springs.
San Juan country, the Rio Puerco
river, forty-five miles west of Albu
querque, is frozen solid and wagons
and horses are crossing over the
stream on the ice for the first lime
in many years. Intensely cold weath
er prevails over western New Mexi
co, and it is said that sheep and cat
tle as well as human beings are suf
fering considerably. Sheep are be
ing driven to shelter as quickly as
possible and the cattle are also being
protected wher accomodations are
minal Docket Was Crowded
Chief Justice Pope on Enforce
ment of Law on Liquor.
.coswfii, x. m., Jan. ti With only
Uht persons in the room, Judge W.
I 'ope last Saturday adjourned the:
resent term of district court until
Wednesday morning, March 1, after
me longest continuous session and af
er one of the most remarkable ses
sions in many respects, in the history
of the district. The session was char
acterized by the length o: the time
'taken up by the criminal docket and
by the large number of convictions
I resulting therefrom. The work on the
j civil docket was lightly touched upon,
:and will have to come up next March,
after the meeting of supreme court,
1 oi-er which Judge Pope will preside.
.between thirty and forty non-jury
civil cases had to go over, and Judge
Pope expects to sit in chambers in j
1 ebruary and March to hear them.
Among the cases that were not reach
ed at the recent term was the famous
injunction suit relative to the commis
sion form of government. In Judge
Pope's opinion there is no special
hurry about this case, and it is taking
its regular turn. It now comes up
on demurrer, which can be heard be
fore Judge Pope at any time. He
could even hear it at Santa Fe at some
time while not actually engaged on
the supreme court bench. j
Judge Pope left Monday for Santa
Fe, to preside over supreme court,
stopping at Clovis between trains to
draw the jury for the Curry county
special term which opens February 6.
Just before adjournment Saturday
evening the jury returned a verdict
in the famous case of Ezell against
Dorr & Dorr, brought here on change
of venue from Eddy county. The ver
dict was that the plaintiff be given
93,000. the amount paid for the stal
lion over which the suit was brought
and that no other damages be allow
ed plaintiff, as asked, and that no
counter claim be allowed defendants
for work done in collecting horses of
plaintiff. This case was a remarkable
one m length of time required, con
sidering that it was a civil suit. The
court worked six full days on it and
in between came one Sunday and a
holiday making it lap over eight days
in which the jury was tied up. On
account of their great patience in try
ing this tedious case during the holi
days, Judge Pope gave the jurymen a
New Years dinner at. the Grand Cen
tral hotel on Sunday.
Warning to Boot Leggers.
Following are the exact words of
Judge William H. Pope, in court
Saturday evening before sentencing
three men for "boot-legging," pre
facing the following remarks with
the statement that he felt that he
should at that time state plainly his
position on law enforcement in this
class of cases, since these were the
first to come up since prohibition
went into effect in Roswell.
"The position of the court is this
that this, ordinance has been adopt
ed as the law of this city by a major
ity vote of the people of this commun
ity in favor of a city council, which
was pledged to the passage of such
an ordinance. Now, the people hav
ing elected such a council, and this
council having passed such an ordi
nance, the Court is of opinion that
that ordinance, irrespective of the
personal views of the judge of this
Court or anyone else as to the ordi
nance, its desirability or undesirabil
ity, is for enforcement by this Court
just as any other law upon our stat
ute books is. And this Court is pledg
ed to administer the law of larceny
or the law against murder, it is like
wise pledged to administer this ordi
nance against the sale or giving of in
toxicants within the city limits of the
city of Roswell. And the attitude of
the Court towards this will be the
same as its attitude in dealing with
any other violations of law. Parties
who are proved guilty will be so de
clared. Parties who are not shown
to he guilty by evidence beyond a
reasonable doubt will be acquitted.
There is only this difference to be
stated in administering an ordinance
of this character and in administer
ing the general statutes against
crimes, and that is this that any
ordinance of this character which is
enforced in a loose or lenient manner
is not enforced at all. It would be
idle for this Court to sit here to hear
appeals in cases of this character,
and upon a finding of guilty simply
to impose a fine. Of course the prac
tical result of that would be to re
store a license system, which the peo
ple of this community have stated
cannot exist. The Court will, there
fore, in these cases unless there are
exceptional circumstances, Impose in
each instance, a jail sentence where
the cases reach this Court upon ap
peal and there is a conviction.
"Parties who have violated this or
dinance or who may in the future vio
late it and who in the hope of len
iency or with the view of delay and
not through consciousness of inno
cence may appeal their cases to this
Court may now stand informed that
upon a finding of guilty they will be
sent to jail; Of course if anyone is
unjustly accused and convicted be
fore the city magistrate of a viola
tion of this ordinance, it is his right
and privilege to appeal, and it will
be the high duty of this Court upon
such an appeal to consider the case
and release the party if such parties
are not shown beyond a reasonable
doubt to be guilty. But any who may
be convicted before the city magis
trate and appeal to this court purely
with the view of delay or with the
expectation that violations of this or
dinance will be placed upon a license
basis by the imposition simply of a
fine Is here and now put upon notice
that ho will be grievously disappointed."
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Cutler Says the Dear People Sim
ply Grew Tired of Promises
Without Reforms.
Take Advantage of a Santa Fe Citi
zen's Experience Before it's
Too Late.
When the back begins to ache,
Don't wait until backache becomes
Till serious kidney troubles do-velope;
( Till urinary troubles destroy night's
j rest.
Profit by a Santa Fe citizen's ex-
sician from Milwaukee registered at
the Montezuma hotel and who spent. Lino Komero, Palace Ave., Santa Fe,
today in Santa Fe sightseeing. IN. M., says: "I know that Doan'3
J Kidney Pills live up to the claims
made for them. If I were not confident
cause of alarm." he continued. "We;01 lacl- 1 coulQ Dever nave Deeu
holio.ve that rnnsrrfKsman TtRi-srer ,s! induced to give this remedy my en-
a very good man and we believe thrt
days. Milwaukee awaited
I That Milwaukee, now famed for its
Ifiloriinn nf a. SoH:i listirr ticket is not
the apostle of Herr Bebel. the arch
agitator of Germany but is simply try
ing to get. reforms that were long
clamored for but unheeded by either
of the old parties, was the statement
Ul 11. .1. V. V.lllll-l, CI. 1I .illl II t III 1II1J j
"In Milwaukee there is pseudo-so-
dorsement. There was a dull ache in
men are indtspensible these ! e small or my oacK mat oomereu
Milwaukee nwniterl nntientlv I me and at times I was obliged to lay
for men who would do what, was ask-'jC from work fr tw0 or three days
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ing tired of waiting, they turn theitire relief, and the few slight attacks
reins of government over to the! of backache I have had since then
pseudo-Socialistic, party. It is hoped , Have quickly yielded to tnis remeay.
tin t, the change will prove beneficial." i Mr. Romero gave the above testl-
Dr. Cutler was much interested in
Santa Fe and said that he was amazed
to see how the old city is striving to
keep rhreast of the times. "The pleas
ure 0" finding a daily newspaper
with Associated Press service ought to
make any traveler feel at home," he
inonial in January, 1907, and when
interviewed on June 2G, 1909, he said:
'I can speak as highly of Doan's Kid
ney Pills as when I publicly endorsed
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use it."
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Removed by Vinol A Genuine Case
Reported From Newark, O.
Newark O. "About two years ago
my wife was in very poor health. For
three months she suffered from a bad
cough which had settled on her lungs
she was run down, reduced In flesh
and had all the symptoms of con- j
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Hundreds of the Animals Were Kill
ed During the Open Season
in Texas.
Houston, Texas, Jan. 6. The open
season for deer hunting in Texas,
which closed December 31st, brought
many hunting parties from the north
and east, and hundreds of deer were
killed. This much sought game was
very plentiful on t,he large ranches
south and west of this city. In addi
tion to those killed for food and for
the sport, a number of fine specimens
were secured for various museums,
college and university collections of
the country. One of the finest of this
kind was what Is known to hunters
as a "twelve point buck" killed by an
returned if it does not
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If you want anything on eartn
a New Mexican Want Ad.
the deer family, a milk white animal,
was killed on the Taft ranch in Dim
mit county, ninety miles south of this
city. This deer had been sought by
hunters for the past eight years.
For Backache, Rheumatism, Kidney and Bladder Disorders. Do not risk
having Bright's Disease and Diabetes. Commence today anrj be well
Three different and distinct types of SlofcAvSrinclu "Elas
tic" Book-Cases made in dull cr polish finish quartered
oak or real mahogany. You can select a pattern adapted to
the character of room you have chosen for a library. We car
ry the goods in stock, with plain, leaded or plate glass doors.
New Mexican Printing Co., Solo
Agents, Santa Fe, N. M.

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