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Grocery, Bakery and Market.
Auto Delivery Every Hour ! Auto Delivery Every Hour I
Phone No.4 ANDREWS PhoneNo-4
I CommiBisoners of Santa Fe Coun
I ty, Santa Fe, N. M.
j Dear Sir:
j In reply to your Inquiry as to wheth
i pi' or not the board of county commls
; (doners of Santa Fe county should be
j made a party to enjoin the county as
sessor upon the assessment rolls of
' Sunta Fe enmity the raise made by
the state board of equalization for the
year HTI, I w ill say that I believe that
. the state board had the right to make
the raise under the provisions of Sec.
of Chapter SI. of the Laws of Iftl'i.
If the state board did not have the
1 right to make the raise, or if they
The Clarendon Garden,
unr lupiiucn rn oiauuct
nui IMjUKLU IU IW ULrlUftLl loused their power, the county com-
' INJUNCTION SO COMMITTEE OF I missi"ers are not the real party in
imunUIIUri, dU bUmmillU " 1 intel.est to bring suit to determine
; MERCHANTS' ASSOCIATION WILL j whether the state board abused their
DOIUP IPTinU .power or not, if any tax payer is
Dnlnll AiillUn. hurt by the action of the state board
j 'he can bring an Individual suit for
'l kill rmnnC Oriirr ; himself, and In the name of all other
'LAW ArrUKuO KtLltf I taxpayer of the county to ascerttain
WITHOUT COST, SAYS READ! and 0 account of
J the raise any injustice has been done
"" "" i to any tax payer the law provides an
A tax suit growing out of the meet- ; ample remedy for the correction of
ing of the .Merchants' association last j the same; it may be said that the
week, wiil probably be filed late this I poor tax payer nas no remedy for the
aflerno.in or tomorrow, according to j reason that he can not employ an
members of the committee named at attorney. To this I will say that if
that meeting. This action was taken j any injustice is done to any tax payer,
after it became evident that the coun- j ),e ,j0eS not have to bring suit to cor-
5. Nine schools in the county run for
five months, one for six, two for seven,
'nine for eight months, and eight for
'nine months. Only three teachers in
I the county hold third grade certift
jcates, 1!J hold second grade and the
j balance are first grade, five year or
iife certificates.
In U. S. Court. .
1 John S. Tarin was arrested at Lumy
last night by U. S. Deputy Marshal
jBaca and will be arraigned this after
;noon before Judge William H. Pope
;in the Ir. S. district court, on the
charge of robbing the mails. Tarin is
a reform school youth who was par
doned and then got into new mischief.
New Incorporation.
The Southwestern Metal Manufac
turing company of Albuquerque, John
Herkenhorf, agent, filed incorporation
papers with the state ' corporation
commission today. The capital stock
iis $25,000, divided into $100 ..shares.
The company starts business with
$3,000. subscribed, held by the follow
ing who are the incorporators: F. W.
Sutton, ten shares, Spencer, Okla.; W.
E. White, ten shares, Spencer, Okla.;
R. B. Sutton, San Antonio, N. M., five
shares, and Anna D. Sutton, San An
tonio, N M., five shares.
Houston, Tex., Nov. IS. Prepara
tions for a strike at 7 o'clock tonight
were being made today by the more
than 2,500 operating employes of the
Sunset Central lines of the Southern
Pacific railroad. The men at 1 o'clock
this afternoon had received no reply
to their ultimatum of last night de
manding joint adjustment of their
grievances. Even an offer of mediation
from the federal board of mediation
and conciliation might not prevent the
strike, it was said, the union leaders
contending that nothing in the New
lands act would prevent a walkout be
fore mediation is begun.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 13. Speak
er Clark received today and dropped
into tlie bill hopper of the house a pro
test from the National Woman's Chris
tian Temperance union, "against plac
ing in the permanent congressional
record the funeral oration pronounc
ed over the remains of the late Adol
phus Busch, a brewer of St, Louis."
The protest set forth that a reso
lution to that effect was passed at a
convention of the organization at
Asbury Park, N. J., representing 300,
000 women. .
ty commissioners did not favor the
idea of filing a blanket suit as was
done by the .commissioners in Kddy
rect the error or injustice, as by a
simple petition he can bring the mat
ter before the district court.
I section , ot t:napter H4, or I lie
The commissioners were probably j Laws of 1913, among other things pro
influenced in this decision by a letter j v-jles as follows:
from District Attorney Alex Read to j "And any taxpayer complaining of
the chairman, Jose Ortiz y Pino, who any injustice may submit his com
had requested legal advice on the sub- j plaint to the district attorney, and if
ject. Mr. Read upholds the state board, the district attorney is satisfied that
of equalization, but states that a 'correction or change should be mads
method of relief is afforded the tax
payer who is honestly injured by the
In discussing the taxation matter
today, a point was brought out, by a
man familiar with the situation, which
is also prominently mentioned in Mr.
Read's letter. That is, that to the tax
so as to avoid injustice to the tax
payer, it shall be his duty to submit
the mat'.er to the district court and
ask for an order that such correction
be made, without cost to the taxpayer
injuriously affected.''
I can see no legal reason for the
board of county commissioners of
qRR ghbishop pit aval will
dediga te er lame da 's church
His Grace, the Most Rev. J. B. Plta
val, archbishop of Santa Fe leaves
this afternoon for Bernalillo where he
will clebrate a requiem high mass for
the late Dean Splinters tomorrow.
This service is known as "the month's
mind" and will be attended by priests
from neighboring towns and missions.
On Sunday the archbishop syiH be
the central figure at an imposing cere
mony: the dedication of the new'" Cath
olic church at Alameda, 7 or 8 miles
from Albuquerque. This mission of
Alameda has long been supplied by
the Jesuit fathers and it was due to
the indefatigable zeal of Father F.
Troy, S. ,T., that the fine church now
ready for dedication was erected. The
church is to be dedicated in honor ot
the Blessed Virgin.
Several priests from Albuquerque
will be present at the ceremonies and
one of the prominent visitors from
outside the state will be the Very Rev.
J. J. Brown, S. J., president of the
Sacred Heart college In Denver, and
superior of the Jesuit missions in New
Mexico and Colorado. Father Brown
is the new superior of the province.
His Grace the archbishop, will ' re
turn to Santa Fe Monday afternoon to
attend to correspondence which has
accumulated during his visit to Bos-
! ton where he attended the great, mis
j sionary congress at which sixty or
! more bishops and several archbishops
(the cardinal of Boston and the papal
i delegate, were present.
payer who has made an honest return : Santa Fe county to in any manner
of his property, a means of relief is j whatsoever he a party to any proceed
offered, if he is unjustly affected by a I nK to enjoin the county assessor from
blanket raise, such as was complained j entering the raise made by the state
of at the meeting last week. This re-; hoard of equalization on the assess
lief is also without cost to him, if he j nient rolls of Santa Fe county for the
Is unjustly injured, but it is not a; year 1913, and my advice would be to
safe remedy for a man who has not I let some one else enjoin the county
made an honest return, for it is cer- j assessor if they desire, and that the
tain to develop a perjury charge, j county commissioners of Santa Fe
either growing out of his original j county be not a party in the action
sworn statement, or his petition to the taken against the county assessor.
Tax Suits Filed.
Suits were filed in the district court
today against the First National and
the State National banks to compel
payment of taxes levied against these
institutions for the year 1912, says the
Albuquerque Herald. The banks claim
that their taxes are excessive and for
this reason have resisted payment.
Some months ago suits were filed
against the banks for the taxes for
the first half of 1912, and these actions
were today dismissed on motion of
the district attorney.
On Asylum Board.
Bernhardt Appel, of Las Vegas, Was
today appointed a member of the board
of trustees of the New Mexico Asylum
for the Insane, vice Dan Stern, resigned.
court for relief. If his original return
was just and fair, a raise Is unfair:
and he is entitled to relief, but if he .
turned in his property for less than its j
taxable value, (when the law requires j
a sworn statement), and then applies j
Yours very truly,
" District Attorney.
Eddy County Schools.
A. E. Bailey, county superintendent
for relief, he is liable for punishment ; 0f Eddy county, has filed with the
for perjury. See Sec. ip, Chap. 84, 'state educational department,, the re
Laws of 1913. Iport on Eddy county schools. This
Mr. Head's letter to the chairman of shows 81 teachers employed, including
the county commissioners is as fol
Santa Fe, N. M., Nov. 12, 1913.
Hon. Jose Ortiz y Pino,
Carlsbad and Artesia. The number
of schools with one teacher is 2f;
number with two teachers, 3; number
with three teachers, 2; number of
Chairman of the Board of County ; schools with Jour or more teachers,
Herring to Roswell.
Adjutant General Harry T. Herring
left this afternoon for Roswell, where
he will spend the next few days get
ting his affairs in shape, preparatory
to actively taking up the work with
the national guard. He expects to re
turn some time next week. Captain
James Baca has been assisting the
new adjutant general with the details
of the office, Captain Baca, having un
til recently been detailed as clerk in
the adjutant general's office. .'
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LOST One Crenry Motorcycle
chain near plaza. Reward, Jesse L.
..Born To Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Schnepple, of Espanola, on Thursday,
November 13, 1913, a son. Mr.
Schnepple formerly resided in Santa
Fe and was a live wire of the com
mercial club.
The finest line of Electrical Glass
ware ever displayed in this city.
Gnagey & Ervien.
1 Buffalo Dance The Buffalo dance
; at Tesuque yesterday drew many
: Santa Feuns who motored out to the
famous pueblo to see the Indians in
I their glory. The dance did not begin
i until 1 p. m. It was pronounced a
' great success by Indian dance con
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Climate Booklets The booklets on
Santa Fe's climate, which have been
prepared under the auspices of the
chamber of commerce, will be distrib
uted at the special meeting tomorrow
night. The booklets now are in press
but a sufficient number of copies will
likely be ready eo that the members of
the chamber may get a glimpse of tjie
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Dance at De Vargas Manager Hall,
of the De Vargas hotel announces to
day that the first of a series of ten
formal dances will be given at the
hotel Saturday, November 22. The
dance will be an invitation affair in
the sense that only those who receive
Invitations may purchase tickets
which will be $1 each, midnight sup
per or light refreshments a la carte
extra. The dancing will begin at 9:30
and the. music will be furnished by the
Elks excellent orchestra, S. C. Mc
Crimmon, manager. "We shall pro
vide a dance floor as fine "as any in
the state, with lots of room to whirl
and twirl," said Mr. Hall. "We wish
to make these danceB a source of en
oyjnient for the winter season, follow
ing the custom of the great hotels of
the famouB tourist cities. I am select
ing an Invitation committee which will
be announced tomorrow."
Dona Ana Going Dry Such was the
news brought to Santa Fe today by
residents of that county. In an elec
tion In a district including seven
towns in the southern part 'of the
state, the sale of "wet" goods was of
ed out by big majorities, The towns
included in the district are San Mi
guel, La Mesa, La Union, Chamberino
on the west side of the Rio Grande
and Mesqulte, Berlno and Anthony on
the east side of the river. The vote
for no saloons was almost unanimous
in some localities, La Union doing dry
by 71 to 7, Berino dry by 37 to 1 and
Chnrmerino by 57 to 4.
Tennis Game Owing to the balmy
weather, the game of tennis is being !
resumed. Several players were seen j
this afternoon on the court of the U.
S Indian Industrial school. Tennis in
the middle of November may , sound
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Embroidery Needles.
like California hut it speaks eloquent
ly of Santa Fe's climate. The cham
ber Of Commerce will hnvo it hlnnltlet.
out tomorrow on the subject of cli
Chamber of Commerce There will
bo a special meeting of the Santa Fe.
Chamber of Commerce at 8 o'clock
tomorrow, Friday, night at the new
quarters in the Old Barracks on Lower
Palace Avenue.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 13. Dudley
Field Malone was conrnied by the sen
ate today as collector of customs at
New York. There were reports of an
impending fight against him by the
Tammany organization, but no protest
was lodged.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 13. The
six administration Democrats of the
senate banking committee met today
to continue work on the currency bill
they will report to the senate; while
Senator Hitchcock, the so-called In
surgent Democrat, met with the five
Republicans and worked on a dissent
ing report.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 13. The Amer
ican Federation of Labor was in ses
sion less than an hour today. No com
mittee was ready to report and the
convention adjourned until tomorrow,
the understanding being that the com
mittees would spend the remainder of
the day in work.
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