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NO. 247.
FOZ. 50. --3-
Washington, I). C, Nov. 2S
tary Daniels today ordered Hear Ad- j
miral Badger, commander iu chief of J
the Atlantic fleet, to send the brittle-1
shins Connecticut, Kansas and Ohio,!
cotton in limited quantities is to be
'adiijlod into .Mexico free of duty mi
Ilso lailroad communication with the
Torrton cotton district be restored
.within a week, according to a state-:
i rnent made today by ths minister of ;
fotuenie, Leopoldo Itebollnr.
he object of this measur? to Iran-1
jqulllze the textile workers, v. ho see!
; detCitinion staring I hem in the face i
'owing to the lh.re.iit cued closing of the
I mills because of the lack of law cot-
j ton. Only such quantities of American
I cotton are as necessary to provide for;
Ulte temporary needs of the industry
e to bf permitted to enter free. j
Yellow Jack Appears.
Washington, I). C, Nov. 28. isur- j
Keen General Blue oi the public health j
' service, look active steps today to. pro-1
teet the American gulf coast against j
'yellow fever reported by unofficial j
, sources at Puerto, Mexico, the north- !
iern terminal of the Tebauntepec rail-
j way. Five cases and one death are re
l ported and many deaths there are bus
! uectd of having been cl to f"ver.
jThe same advices slate the British
Secre-1 consul at Puerto .Mexico has been in
structed to concentrate all British
subjects in that vicinity.
Troops Leave.
Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov. 28. Fort
Douglas was the scene of busy prep-
of the four division, from .Mediterran- !aration ,0(,av for the departure 0f the I
ean ports to the east coast of Mc-x-1 Uv(ntipth LT"nitC(1 stateg infantry to!
ico, as reliefs for the Louisiana, Mich-1 n p TPxag 0rder8 t0 proceed to
lgan and New Hampshire, of the sec- j th(i bor(1(,r wer(1 r(lcelved late jester I
ond division. The fourth division , amJ R Jg expected the lroop8 will I
will sail for Mexico on December l,d rt tomorrow, tlliB belng contin-!
and probably will reach era Cruz . fcm iii on th(j trangI)ortatloM facilities, i
about December 20 or 21. bjdB fo. vvhich were ma,p today.
At the navy department it was said ! (nl(mt numbe.rB 775 enlisted I
today that the Louisiana Miehb-an mcn an(J ;o offl(.er8 0n)y abollt al
and New Hampshire would leave for 1 dozen be ,eft hpre , tllarge ,
home ports lmmeuiaieiy on me an. t
of the vessels from the Mediterranean. 1 1
The battleship New Hampshire is British Cruder Arrives.
due in Vera Cruz today from Tuxpam. Vera Cruz, Mex., Nov. 28. The Brit-1
ish cruiser Suffolk, flagship 01 tne
arrived here :
To Join Villa.
Hermoslllo, Mex., Nov. 27 (via No
gales, Sonora, Nov. 2.) General Car
ranza said late today that his project
ed trip into Chihuahua state would
not be made through the United
States, even If permission were grant
ed by the Washington government
WeBt. Indian squadron
Will Leave Tomorrow,
El Paso, Texas, Nov. 28. Pancbo
Villa declared this morning that his
rebel army with the exception of a
thousand men. who would remain to
He said he expected to make the hard guard Juarez, could leave Saturday
cross country march between Agua morning for the south, to attack the
Prieta and Juarez with a column of federals defeated outside of Juarez
troops and not with a small escort, as this week. He hears from unofficial!
when he made his trip from Coahuila scouts that the federal trains went I
to Sonora. 'dead at, , .;a Ahnmada on the retreat j
When he expected to make the jour- jand that the federals are camping at j
ney the constitutionalist commander I that point, 83 miles south of Juarez'
declined to say, but it was believed j villa says he has plenty of ammuni-1
that no move would be made until the jtjon for a field fight 'or a siege of the ;
expected capture of the Chihuahua 'state capltol
Indianapolis, lud Nov. 28.
Samii'i Lewis Shank, resigned as ;
mayor of Indianapolis this after- !
noon. The resignation is the re- V;
He declares he. captured 1122 can
n.,n shells in the recent fighting, be
sides 1300 Titles and 23.U0O rifle cart
ridges. . . ... .. , i
Villa says the rebel loss in drad 1
was not over eighty. j
state capital. Insurgent forces will
continue the investment of Mazatlan,
in Sinaloa, End Guaymas the gulf port
of Sonore, which arg important points
held by the Huerta troops 111 trw rortn- i
west. j
Reports of two fresh victories to the ;
Bouth arrived tonight at Carranza's . M)CTC DIAI 1C
headquarters here from Rosario, Sina-1 JlYO I CKIUwO
loa. It was reported that Col. Rafael , DEATH OF A
tiueiua uejt?aieu & bmuiik uiujiiu ui m,i
erals at Santla on November 26. The
Iofs on both sideH was given as 200 .
killed. The insurgents state that they i chUwo. Nov. 28. Attempts were
have captured two machine guns, one -made ijV t,e police today to solve the
i suit of labor troubles in the city
! and a. threat of impeachment pro- ;
j ci edings by a committee of bus!-
; ness men unless further disor
ders were averted. Harry R. V al-
DCCCDUC DnUV UIC UfflMT DIV city complrMller. succeed-
RtOtniL BHIIIX, HI IIUIII I Lni v cd t0 tl, 1navor s chair.
k. n - .j if 1 Hsnrr k a m
in uuLunnuu
- v
1 mill lo Ceneral John Chase this
morning by Ijcputy Attorney Genercl
Francis K. Mouck. The letter was
' ilrafi'd laiil night and turned over to
' Mr. Hiiui U by (jovirnor Aiiuuons to,
di liver persomilly. This authority,,
collided with verbal instructions con- '
' veyi'd by Mr. Houclc and teh phone ad-j
vicis from (.overnor AuiniunK I'd (li-n-
"I'al Chase to announce that he would
'at once proceed "to enforce the law."'
inun diali ly folliuving the confer
ence with Die deputy aitorney general, 1
I Oi in rnl Chase announced that rnili-j
tary court would convene tomorrow'
; morning. The following officers were j
j appointed as members of the military,
' enniiinY.Kiiin : I
i Colonel ('. n. C.ii'lile, I'ueblo. I
I Colonel Kdwurd N'crdecliberg, Hen-1
i vi r. !
; '( hmel Ci-o. I'. I.ingenl'i Iter, IJen- i
I Major A. I'. Williams, Iienver.
Major A. V. lieeves, D nver.
1 apiain A. I). .Marshall, Denver.
Lii'iitinant N'. A. Snangler. Den
j v r.
; Judge Advucale Major K. J. liougli
Iti.n. of Iienver will conduct the in-
iiiuiry with Major C. f. Townsend of jis' l'i,r,-v ''""led the war into the en-
jc.reeley, Ui,d Captain Kdwaid A. jeiny K territory today when Andrew
'Smith, of Penver, assisting. The com- : Honar Law, leader of the opposition in
mission will sit In full military uni-luie house of commons, Kir Edward
' fcrm and strict martini regulations' . . , , , . , . ,
I .... , , arson, leader ol the Irish Lrilonifits,
! viU be observed. I
I Ail of the large coal companies re-allci 0,nf'r Prominent men arrived to
i port that many men are returning to deliver speeches on home rule In the
I the mines. j Irish capital.
j The announcement lhat outside min-' In reply to the deputation which
1 era are to be permitted to go to work welcomed him, Honar Law reiterated
I in the strike zone, was received with- (that the Unionists opposed consistent
lout comment at the local union head-l'y the whole idea of separation of the
I cuarti r here this morning. Union United Kingdom and insisted that
j bailers i.eclare that few if uny strik-jtho government, must seek the sane
! rs have deserted. j I Ion of the people before attempting
j Manila, Nov. 28. Frank W. Car- i to make the change,
ipenter, executive secrelai-y of the1 fn the afternoon before the Union
Philippines was today appointed gov- association, Mr. Law said Premier
iernor of the province or Moro. He I Asiiuith's speech of the preceding day
I Micceeds lirigadier General John Per- af Leeds seemed to him a complete
i thing, and is the first, civilian gov- jaceeplanoe of the orders of John Red
ernor of the province. 'moiid, leader of the Irish nationalists.
Pueblo. Colo., Nov. as. - The federal i'or 1UJI "cam ahead, and if tnat was
crand jury, which is investigating the !" ,!k' difficulties of the Unionist
Colorado coal strike, met at 1 o'clock (Party were gone.
this afternoon and iJso will hold a I Suffragettes failed to reach Mr. Law
night session. The jury is through l!ls driving to the residence of
with witnesses and preparing its re- ;frd Iveagh. but they bombarded him
(port which probably will be made ;,t 9 witn pamphlets.
Several i -MrH- siiettmgton and .Mrs. connery,
jDublin leaders of the suffragettes,
;were arrested and charged with ob
structing the police.
! The Kiiffragisls wanted to protest
iacalnst (he exclusion of women from
1 Ml. T.fiw'H Tnfrfl i lion ftnil tiiu if,fnagl
QUARTER IS OUT ,r receive a deputation of thn women.
iThey also Inti ndert to asl: him to say
1 whether the Unionist pp.rv was for
PORT of mimms.
placed oncer arrest
Imblin, Ireland. Nov. 8. The union-
o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
indictments are expected.
Washington, 1). ('..
interstate commerce
Nov. 2S. The
ccmmls ion's ac- i
or against giving women the vote.
hundred and fifty rifles and much am
The insurgent leader Isaura Ibanes,
reported that his force had routed a
federal force which disembarked at
Ran Bias to march to the relief of the
garrison at Tepic City. The battle oc
curred November 2" at Cueta Tenlc.
The Fall of Victoria.
Mexico City, Mex., Nov. 23. Blood
mvstery surrounding the death of Kd
gar C. Howe, a gambler, whose body
was found yesterday on a farm west
of the city.
Mrs. Howe, who had not been liv
ing with her husband, identified the
bodv late last night. There was a
bullet wound in the head and
i Shank tendered his resignation a ft- j
jer he had conferred with a number of
l union labor oflicials regarding an im-i
i pending strike of teamsters, who told !
i him there was little hope of averting!
the strike. Mayor Shank announced j
Wednesday that he would resign if tuel
threatened strike could not be stop-j
,ped. '
Shank was waited on by a commit
.tee of business men Tuesday night
r.Olf.1 KlilU.ll,, iuullnrl 1 r.rl ,r tr.i lllli 1
PflUDAHlirC UIV IMDrlDT CTDIIrri1"81 ns compared will! returns or tne
iiUinrriniLd nmi iifiruni oiimi.l)
I was a total increase of 1 10 in the num-1
! her of persons killed and of 8,28:! in
llhe number injured in railroad acel-j
I dents of all kinds In the United States. !
j There was an increase of 13 in the ,
! number of train accidents.
.roadway and defective euulpmen can
jsed more than per cent of all do
Iranmnnts reported, 1.".1 per cent be
jing caused by broken rails. The total
I number of casualties In all classes of
Washington, D. C, Nov. 28. Loca
tion of the regional reserve banks to! and was informed that Impeachment i
be established by the new currency ; proceedings against him were being!
bill became a matter of pressing im-, prepared and would be filed today if;
portance when the Democratic con-j the impending teamsters strike could j
ference resumed work today. The in-; not be averted. i
the Uistence of Senator Hoke Smith anclj Mayor Shanks attitude (luring tne (ration or me strike sunrniiieu lasi j ti;m tJ.,(n acrlrleritHi inf;iu,ing acd
iskull was fractured in three places. ; Senator Bacon, oi ueoiKia ai "'' i rncm sueei. ra. u,,.-. "' j"""'-' ....... . dents to employes while at work, to
"', 11 w iiiihii '..a.., r.f.uoenperu ire I ncr on or O t Cai'S. alio
Iienver, Colo., Nov. 2. Governor
V.. M. Amnions early today had e
ceived no reply from either the Colo- j accidente, incident, to railroading dur-
rado coal ooi ralors or their striking ing tne itiarter was i,.,.,:, snieu aiei
employes to the proposition for arbi
tration of the strike submitted last
:!)) I injured. Of these totals, 2.285
! were killed and 15,8H$ injured in other
Mrs. Howe said she had not seen her j territory tributary to Atlanta
and family ties did not avail to halt husband since last. Sunday, but" there j not do business with a regional bank . lie-men to ride on the cars manned by j would put into effect a reign of enfor-
the vengeance of the constitutional ;had been no quarrel,
ists when federal office holders fell in Whether murder or suicide,
ced law and order in the strike zone, t
to trespassers. The total numtier or
cetliHifms and derailments reported
When the governor first sent the state ; fop )uj r,,r,.r wa8 0f which 148
derailments affect-
at .Ww Orleans, niav force the confer-1 strikebreakers, .causeil the resignation
the ence to at least informally outline dis-'of superintendent of police Martin J.
to their hands at the capture of the 'death of Howe brought Into public trlcts and locations lor tne nanus. ; I lylan.J, ana i-resmein. .... -;uoops 10 tne coai neius, ne j co,s(,lm an(, 2o2
city of Victoria, capital of the state .iew the lights and shadows of the, While the administration will propose i of the board or punnc saiety. ; permit tne operators to import striKe-
of Tamaulipas. State, as well as fed- .BportV career. Howe was pronc- ;eight regional banks, the conference, At th Jlrp, poller, roll call after breakers, fearing that such action
cral officials were executed without 'lent at spinning a wheel or dealing, i may finally increase them to ten. The;tl,e poi(,H chiefs resignation, Mayor , would inflame hostilities and make
quarter. Ip was one of the best known and bill that passed tne nouse piuwuuu ..shank made a speech in wnicn ne sain sememem oi me """
Among those killed was a young , most prosperous gamblers in the city, j twelve,
civilian, cousin of Knrique Caballero I With the closing of the race tracks! Republican senators, probably will
who is the leader of the rebels at Vic- ihere more than a decade ago, Howe's 'not take up the currency bill as a
toria, and one of the chief lieutenants j fortune changed. He had lost his j party measure. Leaders said today
of Venustiano Carranza. The young imoney and his friends knew it, but that they had no plans for a Uepubli
civilian was condemned to die because ;with the old pride of the once success- -can conference and declared their ef
fce had helped the federal troops de-; ful gambler, he never would admit , forts to amend the bill would betaken
fend the city. i It. jup on the floor without regard to any
Thn vminir mnn mnthpr wlm In an I William MoCan. caretaker of the lacreement the Democrats may reach
aunt of the rebel officer, went on hecjold Hawthorne race track, testified at jto unanimously support the Owen bill, j
knees and begged that the life of her the inquest that the revolver found j Work dragged somewhat in the eon-1
son be saved. Caballero's reply was; near the body belonged to him, but j ference today and the leaders said ifj
to have his cousin brought from the j said Howe had access to it. The cor-: the bill was not completed by tomor-j
prison and stood in front of a firing ; oner then ordered a continuance oi row, the senators prooaoiy woum , San Franciwo, Calif., Nov. 2. The
squad of revolutionists, who shot him the proceedings. I work Sunday. A guarantee of a-P0B-j ,ookH of the Western Fuel company,
down before bis mother's eyes. . i j Us proposed by benaior n imams wan , wpre ,a)(, b(,forG the federal grand
Details of the capture,, of Victoria, rn C?A?Q TRIAf
which occurred a week ago, reached : UIniUJ I
Mexieo City today. General Antonio; FOR MURDER
Rabago, the federal commander of- TfmTAV
he did not wish the patrolmen to ride : TlliB policy now has been changed.
Ion wagons driven by non-union teams-
j ters, if a strike occurred. This Btate-
I ment, It is said, resulted in the begin-
jning of preparations to file impeach-
j ment proceedings against the mayor.
i i .
Strikebreakers will be permitted to
enter the coal fields in ' accordance
with the state law, which provides
; that they shall not be imported with
i out having told that they are hired to
Itake the places of strikers,
i "I have sent word to Adjutant Gen
' eral Chase to enforce all the laws,
'whether they are right or wrong, and
to maintain order in the strike zone
by every means in his power" the gov
ernor said this morning:
"I have done everything within In
damage caused by the accidents was
$:i,2::l,2S!. a material Increase of the
returns for the corresponding quarter
of l!i12.
referred to the Democrats of the bank-; . RV n corn,,l;anc(. w Jth manda-1 sl'le regarding the
' , l, t?, ... frm ..f trniir. " ,!.. ,1 .... C2.
' Grand Junction, Colo., Nov. 28. The ;
Si.'sa County National bank, the old- i
i.'Bt financial Institution in the conn-j
ty and capitalized at $100.0"it was ,
Ick'sed today by order of the comp- j
'irnller of the. currency. Impairment!
my power to bring about a settlement : ,jf e(,curitl(?8 am refusal or outside :
and I have heard nothing from either,., , thf. ,.aUKP, officers i
scheme of arbltta-
tory subpoenaes.
The United States
Victoria, on evacuating the city, pro
ceeded with his troops to the south
west in the expectation of making a
connection with the federal column
ing committee. Some form of guar
antee is expected to result. The num
ber of memners oi me .eue.a, b,.,.n trying since early summer lo get
serve board was left to be taken up; . . ,
i later. . 1 The rnu .-rtrnnrfltlrm. IbrouL'll
Blieitjyvuio, ina., .uv. mi) j senator mourns ui wwi " iKecretary, David Norcross, refused toiol"er ciiaine m dkiukuivui m-, Deposits
niremen from whom it it is proposed jcnced he would propose an amend-; h BVand 1nrv subnoena to present i slm" l "nly too glad to take advan-, ... fm..
innounced that tlie bank would be
tion proposed by Secretary Wllsoi and r,,l!re!tni,,ed in a few days and depos-
myseir, but l shall wait no longer. j()rH pajd jn fulI
From now on I shall do my duty and j N, tjona Hank .;.a,jm.r Walter W.
enforce the laws. Of course. If the ic, ... . , , ,,,liK was 0ac,.,i in
Kg ! parties accept arbitration, or If any I , -
amounted approximately
It was said the closing of
New York, N. Y., Nov. 28. A writ
of habeas corpus in behalf of General
.Tnt, 71,1'JV'J f. ,.,.,. ,.ruMnn. r.f VI.
Defective '"'"'- ""
..ui ,.huu, nan isMiieu uy reuerai .luage
I Holt this afternoon. It, is returnable
I at 2 p. m Monday, next, when argu
intents will be heard. Zelaya was ar
rested here Wednesday midnight at
, the request of the Nicaragua govern
iniint on a charge of murdering two
! NicaraL-iians. Zelaya, in an affidavit
filed today, denied the charge and
said he had been unlawfully deprived
o' his liberty. He has been In thu
The writ for habeas corpus will take
i precedence, over his examination be-
fore United States Commissioner
'Sttields next Monday.
j The state department Is waiting for
additional Information from the Nica-
ragman government concerning th
j charges against the former president.
(This information Is expected to re
; veal whether the alleged crime is po
litical and if so not subject to tha
1 extradition laws.
! Argue Case at Washington.
I Washington, D. C, Nov. 28. Coun
: se for Jose Santos Z"Iaya today con
i tinned efforts to induce the state de
'partrnent to cancel the warrant under
: which the former dictator of Nicar
agua is held In New York without
awaiting arrival of the papers on
v hicTi extradition is sought.
Solicitor Folk has been urged to
take such action on representations
that the crime charged against Zelaya
was political. Mr. Folk told counsel
that if that fact were established tha
warrant would be withdrawn. Mean
while he will hear arguments by Chas.
Douglass, counsel for the Nicaraguan
government, on the other side of the
the bank was not due to local condl-
' lions, but to the nature
commanded by General Rubio Navar-ito obtain the jury which will decide ment tp make the new currency pay- E, jtH bookg all(, Nrcros was ar-;tage of it.
rete, who was trying to go to the as- the fate of Dr. William B. Lra'g, or able in "gold, silver or lawtui monej. (e() charged with contempt. He! Frank J. Hay, International vice.,. bl u th nalre of Irrigation
sistance of the garrison of Victoria. : Indianapolis, cahrged with the murder j jwa8 ffjm(, glli!ly bv ,ifitice Hooling : president of the United Mine W orkers Securities held by the constitution.
The rebels, however, sent out a - of Dr. Helen E. Knabe there two years 'q pECIPROCITY IN j l:j lhe United States district court and j of America took pessimistic views of j T, 0 ,ianJs wag or(4anized twenty-five
flying squadron to meet General Nalago, responded to summons when the; VISIT OF PREMIER on appeal to the U. S. circuit court, the outlook of an early settlement of;y(,arft aRH an(, bag ben a national
varette's troops and checked their circuit court was convened here to-i Wnlh,ntnn vv. 28. Premier Rob-; the lower tribunal was sustained and : 'h" strike. Questioned as to the ; jjank ten vearH, Orson Adams is pres-
progreDB. 'ine rate of ootn uenerai j aay. ;ert L Rordem of Canada stopped ln;any further subpoenaes of the grand, mine muu i"
Navarette's command and that of Little time was wasted in Prellmi'-;Vashingtco today on his way to Ot- j jury were made mandatory. ! 'or arbitration submitted by Secre T)( K,rgt Natlonal Kanl 0f Clifton,
rtrrer.-il R,it.nen is still unknown here. naries. The usual motion to quash' . ' ,,, c.ri0 - where he n ,.om..r,v clatmert thnf the kov-! tary of Labor Wilson, he stated that ... , tvhich cleared through the
The constitutionalist troops entered j the indictment was overruieu aim ti.a- has bepn ppnj1I1K a IUOulU'. acat!un. , enii... nt attorney wanted the hooks to
Victoria during the afternoon of Nov. j mination of prospective Jurors tb-en secretary i'.ryan will entertain Mm at j use in the prosecution of the com-
19, immediately after the federal ; was begun, it was apparent irom 'diunfcr tonight and Secretary Franklin i pany's officers, who are under Indict
conference committee would de-
County bank was closed t
cn'e on its acceptance or reaction. , ( f,rarlly tnlt a aB aunounc- I
!!f reiterated the determination of the
troops had evacuated the city which ; questions asked by attorneys for the Lan .1U o( I)erKOnai friend, gave a i ment for alleged coal weigliing fraud, j organization leaders to unionize the ; No pfher
they had defended stoutly for three i prosecution that the trial was expect- Illnchecn. Mr. Bordetn is accompan- j j Colorado coal fields and said : "W e j shjBi(lB
days. The rebels, it is said, at once ed to last a long time. iej t,y Mrs. Bordem and expects to
started pillaging, setting fire to nous- Dr. Craig arrived from Indianapolis ;re81lme his Journey to Canada at mid-;
es, and murdering citizens. Private early accompanleu oy nis 11 year oiu,nigj, while here the premier stop-;
residences as well as stores and gov-, daughter, Marion. They proceeded to pe(1 at tne British embassy.
are prepared to continue the fight, no :
etcor. shortly without reorganization
institutions were affected.
next Monday.
or liM- lr,nc it takl'K."
I No advices had been received at the , CONVICTED BECAUSE
ifovernor's office at 2:30 this after-
New York Nov. 28. A list of cam-
IIK 15. .1.9.1 KIIIUilESJ. j --- -, . . - ... ... ,, v. .. ..
ernment officers were sacked and a : the court house at once, where the ac- j To an inquiry as to the possibility : paign contributions to tne t'rogressive . rCon from operators or miners inoi-, t uicdo,
number of Spanish residents were kill-1 cused man's five lawyers were await--of nPgotiatlons between Washington ; and Republican parties in l'dl, 1912. cati: g what action they intended to Adurht Danish this afternoon was
ed, Including, It is said, the Spanish ! ing them. The two listened attentive-1 and ot,Bwa reardini; changes in the and 1313 was delivered to district at- take on the arbitration proposal sub . found guilty of sending an objection
consul. !ly to the examination of veniremen. Canadian tariff or the renewal of ef- torney Whitman today from the office med by Secretary Wilson and Gov- able book by express In violation oi
A further movement of rebel troops !lhe prosecutor asked the veniremen fort8 to get reciprocity between theiof the secretary of state at Albany. emor Ammons. the interstate commerce law.
from the district of Victoria toward ' if they would be willing to convict on t-nittd States and Canada. Mr. Bor- j These documents were demanded by. May Employ Srikebreaker's. , The verdict was read to Judge Car
rr ; i r.MriH in mca-o0 1 i A.oi0i iIiIm Vnn of the ' ..ia h huri r,n o,,r.h nnmnoo in Mr. Whitman for use in his investiga- Trinidad. Colo.. Nov. 28. Written ; prnter, as Judge Mack, the trial
ceived through railroad agents. The, talesmen aknowledged acquaintance . mind on his present visit to Washing-1 tion of charges that campaign contrl
Sab-m, Oregon, Nov. 2. A perma
nent injunction restraining the county
icurt front declaring this city "dry"
in accordance with the result of the
'lection November 4 last, was granted
trday by the circuit court. The
county court will appeal.
,,j i The circuit court ruling holds that
I the election was not a general tac
tion, as provided by the local option
act It was a special election called
for the purpose of submitting refe
rendum measures to the voters and
Salem and other cities filed local on
tion petitions.
telegraph wires were cut today at
Gonzales, about 60 miles northwest of
Tampico. Train service between Tam
pico and Victoria has been suspended
Mexico City, Nov. 28. American
with "any woman doctors of Indana-jton. jbutions were extorted from state con-
polls". Neither did any of them know jr. Bordem visited President Wil- j tractors. Revelations hitherto obtain
Harry C. Webster, the private detec- son at 11 o'clock In company with Sec- ed in the course of this investigation
tlve who is su posed to be the princl-j retary Bryan, who called for the have concerned only contributions to
pal witness for the prosecution. (premier at the British embassy. the Democratic campaign fund.
instructions from Governor K. M. Am- j judge, was obliged to go to New York
mens permitting men to seek employ- j Bl noon today. Sentence will be
oent in the coal fields of southern j fixed by Judge Mack after his return
Colorado providing they are advised j here Monday. Five years Imprison
that the strike conditions exists as : ment is the maximum penalty for the
required by the Bta'.utes, were pre-! offense.
Pueblo, Colo., Nov. 29. Burglars
who broke Into the store of Graybeal
and Cline here early this morning re
moved from the safe valuable papers,
but secured no cash.
The safe waB not blown because
this notice was printed on the door,
"Please don't blow this safe. It 1
.uilocked." A , , - . , j i.aJJl

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