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VOL. 26.
SANTA FE, N. M., SAT d DAY. AUGUST 10, 1889.
Telegraphic Tidings
NO. 145.
Ul'lli !'
.rtln-:st corner of th I'Uixh
Mm, and Watch RBparim Prompt1! and Efficiently Done
Sta.nl ft L taftv frrnnftrifis
I'KovrsioNs, i'nojM-i:, itav, n:.r.v.
SlKH-ialtioH oi' J lay, iram nnl Potato's received ly ear load a ml
for Half at lo'wc.-t market prices. 1'lie linost Hoiiscltolit
Groceries, 1'rco delivery to my Customers.
St 19 a a
2 aa
i iminnPsnmADO
Imported and Domestic.
I akhini3to.n, Atij;. 10. Acting fiecro
I tary linti-lieilcr lmtt authorized t lie collec
tors! of customs at Eutrle I'ass mul Curnim
Christ i , Texas, to allow Mexican ores
actually on cars in eoursp of transporta
tion from Mexico prior to the receipt by
lliein of the new regulations, to puns
iinilrr regulations in force prior to that
A special meellnj' of the naval ailvis-
j ory Ijoan.l lias heen onlereil for the -oil
! inst. This is the hoard appointed to sug
; )c$t to Sec. Tracy the outlines of a plan
j for the completion of the navy.
; There lias heen filed with theinterstafe
i commerce commission the formal com
i plaint of the inter state commission ruil-
i way, against llio Chicago oc Alton road,
j Complaint has also been filed by the
i Chicago, Kock Island & J'acific railroad
company auninst the Chicago Alton.
Hie navy department has instructed
the conimnndirij,' ollicer of tltn United
States steamshi) Michigan to bo present
with that vessel at Milwaukee during the
national encampment, !. A. I!., Aunust
27 and HO, and take part in the naval
sham hattle and otherwise promote the
success of the encampment.
Charles Francis Meservo, of Hpriiiu
lield, Mass., has been appointed superin
tendent at the Haskell institute, at Law
rence, Kas. Mr. Meservi is a uoiidiiate
of Columbia university, Maine.
A statement prepared at the poatollice
department shows that the increase in
tne mik at;e of railway mail service, for
the fiscal year lssp," was ii,!Mfi miles.
Nebraska furnished the lar4Csd increase
o'.2 miles; Kansas, with 4S0 miles, and
Kentucky, with HSj nnles.
armed men had been organized to proceed
to Harenna, the present t-ountv seat, and
remove the records and money to immi
nence. He commanded the organization
to disband, nndtbecotmnand was obeyed.
He made them promise to raist no dis
tnrbance until the county seat iiieslion is
settled in the courts. He reports much
excitement over the matter, and the bitter
feolinf? of tho towns for each other is liable
to lead to a conflict any time.
Denver's Mining Exchange.
J)j:nvi:r, Aug. 9.t-lrausuctions on the
mnnnj,' excliange yesterday were brisk
and with slightly higher prices over yester
day's sales. The heaviest selling was in
Legal Tender, which opened fi, mul
reached 0 as the highest point.' " May
Muzeppa for sixtv davs went as high as
fl.2o, and $1.00 wasa'sked, which hroke
tho market, the total sales for the dav
amounted to 30,100 shares, distributed
as follows: lirownlow L'O.i. AIUrhetiv
-0U, Lea.nl Tender I'o.ouO, Matcldess
i, 400, May Mazeppa 'J.JuO. L'rices closed
as follows: Allegheny 40. 11
Ss. Lml Tender 5.'.., May Mazeppa
u.j, rfiHtcmess iKK.
! CD
Mexican Filigree Jewelry
Wo nuarnutee full satisfaction in this special branch of exquisite Mex
ican art. All persons visiting our establishment will be showu line
aperimeiiHnf this work.
i Iteittlcrri Cattle Kates.
I Chicago, Au;r. 10. It is understood
. thai the ( OliCH'-n Milti-.mtnn C. D.,.,1
I rusd has given notice of its intention to
i reduce rates on cattle 31-.-,' cents per 100
j pounds, from Kansas City to Chicago
. jwhi'ii shipments are made in common
; stock yatils owned by the companv,
j maintaining the regiil.-u rate of 22 cents
;'ou shiimients in patent stock cars cou
: trolled liy ishippers. This rate will be
j considered at the meeting of tho Western
Trallie association next Tuesdav. The
Missouri Pacific has notified Chairman
UKlgcly that n proposes to adopt car
i load rates on live stock from Kansas
City to ht. J-ouis, instead of billing h?
j weight. This will have the effect of cuf
: ting the rate between Kansas Citv and
i Chicago.
He Sat on If is Money.
I'kn-vek, Aug. 10. E:;-Alderman James
H. Hart, ths mantel inanufm-turer, wus
one oi uie passengers on tho Kio tirand:
tram which was held upbv four men near
tho i h ime. llo didn't lose a cent
owing to his presence of mind and cool
nerve. All his valuables, including n
gold watch and nearly .f 1,000 in cash,
were wrapped in it newspaper on the first
alarm and w hen the robbers entered the
car Mr. Hart was sitting on them, lie
declared he hadn't a thing of value and
the road agents hadn't time to search and
passed on.
TmllRn Girl Students.
DiiNVKii. An;. 10. Father Phillips of
the Catholic, diocese l"ft last evening in a
special car ovcr'the Union Pai-iUc road for
St. Johns, Dak., with eighteen young In
dian girls from the House of thetiood
Shepherd, whom ho will pkic; in the gov
ernment school at that point.
They arc an unusually bright lot, and
are making excellent 'progress in their
studies. They lmvo been in charge of the
sisters hero for the past vear, and have so
tar advanced as to bo elimblo to entrance
to the government school.
San I'Vitni'j.ct Street
Santa re, N M
Successors to II. 15. CARTWRIGHT & CO.
tiavl'i? viif-HiiK"i th Grocorr -ltocl- if ".i sser Brother anil enmntnefl thi two n'lu-bi,
wo hve thu ItiiV'i" ami moat complete stock of
Fine Sli
Fii Gr
liav1 In store mul dully Rrrlvlng, the best Flour, Potatoes, Crrniuery
Itutit'i mul rro4iii( o ilntt tH" iitiii-k)ti4 ulVortl. We pay necial uttentlon to
frcnti rrtiilx, Oriiituofl. tr. We- unrry tho Illicit Hue of Confectionery, Nut
aott Toltrt Soajis In the City.
Vi hIho mv connection with our Grocery a first ring Rnkury,
riid liuve tit all time Krotth lii-oatl, Vlt, Cakon, tc. on male.
ThJiitkioj mtr liht tiniH ciiKtomer for their generous iatronHf;e in tho
imst, w t i fltlcU tlt contltitmuce of the itfime ami welcome all new oue
Coiiiineri ially yours, CAHTWRIGHT Jt GKISWOLO,
A Scrap or l'npni' Snv-e Her Ilf.
j It was just an ordinary scrap of wrap
I ping paper, but it saved her life. She was
in the last stages of consumption, told by
union laws mai. sue w as incuraolo and
could live only a short time; she weighed
less than seventy pounds. On a piece of
w rapping paper she read of Dr. King's
Sow Discovery, and got a sample bottle;
it helped her, she bought a largo bottle,
it helped her' more, bought another and
grew better fast, continued its uso and is
now strong, healthy, rosy, plump, weigh
ing 140 pounds, lor fuller particulars
semi stamp ro . jj. role, Druggist, Fort
Smith. Trial bottles of this wonderful
discovery free at C. M. Creamer's drug
store. fa
A Capital Contest.
IIklrna, Mont., Aug. 8. A deadlock
in the Montana convention over the cap
ital question continued this morningwilh
out.change. It is now apparent that the
i opposition to Helena from the west side
j delegation is earnest. Anvthing to heat
; Helena is their general erv. The follow
ing towns were voted oil for the capital
: and defeated : Anaconda, Great Falls.
i l.illmgs, Uoseinan and Missoula. Tho
motion to strike out tho provision re
; luting to the location of the capital was
I finally carried, and this leaves the cap
j ital at Helena.
j Cherokee Will Not Sell.
j TiLEQUAH, I. T., Aug. 10. To the
I Rreat surprise of even- one, complete re-
turns from Monday's election of members
, of the Cherokee legislature show thn
The tiiirvnj for the Oreatcat Scenic Koute
to lie Pushed.
agner & Haffner,
Queensware and Glassware.
We carry the Largest and Ilcst Assort men , of Furniture in
the Territory.
OWE PRICE AND ONE ONLY. Also the lowest, we huy fur cah direct
from llio fiictory . tiooilx oltl on 'usy payinentx. Vail and lie convinced.
itiriiKiTKi im. jirar.n;i it
.In! 6
San Francisco Street,
ttn- I i i;i M ami most Complete Mineh of (Jeneral Merctianlso
curried tit I lie entire Soiit!uvit,
success of a large majority of Downing's
j party candidates, who are supporters of
j Chief Mayes and his policy against tho
sale of the strip to the government.
Vinei Mayes nas not returned a replv
to the commission's offers, as he prom
ised. He was expected here to-day. Tho
commission can do nothing until his an
swer is received.
Irrigating Committee.
150SRMAN, Mont., Aug. 9. Senators
Stewart and lieagan, of tho United States
senate committee on irrigation, and Major
Powell, of tho United States geological
survey, arrived yesterday, and at once
began work by tho examination of the
number of irrigating ditches that supply
water to farmers in this neighborhood.
The flourishing condition of the crops
attested the great value of irrigation to
this community.
Same Old Cry.
Lonsvii.LE, Aug. 8. Returns from the
state election show that the Democrats
have increased their plarality of l,8t)U
over the election of two vears ago, and
that Monday's majority w'ill reach 35,000.
the last legislature stood 102 Democrats
and thirty-two opposition. Tho election
of Monday will consist of 114 Ieuiocrats
and twenty-four Republicans.
1i:nykr, Aug. 10. The exploration of
the Grand canon of the Colorado, which
ended a few weeks ago in tho death of its
projector, Frank M. Brown, will not be
abandoned. Harry McDonald, who was
one of the party and who was Brown's
companion in the recent trip, has been in
the city for several days in consultation
with Engineer Stanton and tho others in
terested. Mr. McDonald has been an
Indian scout, trapner and miner alone thp I
Grand canon for many years. Ho is
noted for his fearless daring. For this
reason lie was chosen by Mr. Brown to
take charge of the expedition.
.u a meeting tieut yesterdav evening it
was unanimously determined to continue
the survey. In a dav or two Mr. McDon
ald wili start for Chicago to superintend
tne building of other boats. They will be
twenty-lour teet in length and will be sur
rounded with air-tight compaituienst.
These will make it an absolute impossibil
ity for tho boats to sink. There will be
twelve men in the new party, including
Engineer Stanton and Mr. McDonald.
The expedition will start in at Lee's ferrv,
which is some miles below the spot where
Mr. Brown lost his life. Each member
of the party will be required to wear a life
preserver, and the utmost precaution will
he taken to protect life and limb. How
ever, the dangerous part of the journey is
yet to come, and in the 2tiU odd miles of
canon exploration the rapids are known
to have a terrific fall in many instances.
It is expected that the trip from Lee's
ferry to the gulf will consume about threo
months time, and with tho care that will
be taken it is expected to bring tho en
tiro party through tho gulf without fur
ther loss of life.
Public Sentiment Growing In Favor of
ltd General I e.
Washington, Aug. 10. Cyrus A. Mo
sler, of Washington territory, has been
appointed special agent of the general
land oflice in fraudulent entry cases.
The state department is in receipt of a
report by Consul Frank H. Mason, of
Marseilles, in which ho says one of the
clearly defined tendencies of public opin
ion in Europe, notably in France, Ger
many and England, is to be seen in the
steadily growing sentiment in favor of re
storingthe bi-metalic standard of currency
It is to be seen in the strong and numer
ous petitions read before the German
reichstag, in recent resolutionsof Chaplin
in the British house of common?, as well as
jn the frank declaration of Lord Salisbury
in favor of earnest participation by ireat
Britain in the forthcoming conferm,, at
Paris and in the outspoken attitude oi such
serious and influential French journals as
Leiuoniteur, Des Interests, Nationals and
Moniteur Des Syndicats Agricoles may be
recognized outward manifestations of
these new facts and purposes.
A County Seat War.
Topeka, Aug. 10. Adjt. Gen. Roberts,
who went to Garfield county, Ky., Mon
day to investigate a threatened county
seat war there between the two towns of
Ravenna and Eminence, returned to-day
He reports that when he arrived at Emi
nence he found that a company of 100
Catholics and Temperance.
Cixveiakd, O., Aug. 10 Among the
resolutions adopted by the Catholic total
abstinence convention were tho follow
ing: Resolved, That wo realize that the fu
ture of this union and of temperance
among our Catholic peoplo depends in a
great measure on tho training of children
in Catholic schools and upon the forma
tion of cadets and of societies of voung
Resolved, That in seeking to preserve
and rescue fallen human nature from sin,
e reiy cnieiiy on tne grace ot the sacra
ments and prayer. We are in sympathy
with every wiso and lawful movement to
suppress drunkenness, and we therefore
approve of every just exercise of civil
authority w hich aims at the destruction of
Satan's well devised structure, tho saloon,
with its nefarious methods of creating
drunkards and perpetuating tho vicious
and proflgato power of drink, and in cor
rupting politics, defeating the ends of the
law and disturbing the order of society.
Resolved, That we condemn tho prac
tice of using liquor in the so-called Catho
lic clubs, at picnics, excursions and the
like, held or controlled by Catholics, as
scandalous and conducive to intemperance
and other deplorable disorders.
Delegates to the annual convention of
the American Catholic abstenance union
finished their business yesterday. The
following ollicers wero elected.
Fresident, Rev. J. W. Cleary, of Ki
nosha, Wis. ; 1st vice president, Rev.
Morgan M. Shedy, of Pittsburg, I'a. The
next convention will be held at Pittsburg.
Ucef and the Figaros.
The statistics of cattle in the United
States recently compiled by tho agricul
tural department furnish some interesting
figures on the growth of this important
industry. It requires but a glance at the
enormous increase to account for the very
low prices of cattle at the present time
compared with values in 1S81. Sinco
that year there has been a steady increase
each year and the numherof cattle, ex
clusive of milch cows, in the United States
in 1889 is 75 per cent larger than in 1881.
Li 1885 cattle values reached the maxi
mum, 2'J,8o(i,o7.'i head of cattle being then
valued at !fOI4,382,ni8, while in 1889 the
value of 35,32,417 cattle was only $597,
230,812. Since 18S0 tho increase has been greater
than in previous years and the increase
much inoro rapid than tho growth in pop
elation. In 1800 the cattle exclusivo of milch
cows were equal in number to 54 percent
of the population, in 1870 to 39 per cent,
in 1880 to.42 per cent, and in 1889 to 53
per cent of the population. In the face
of these figures there is little probability
of tho United States ever losing its pres
tige as a cattle producing country, or, as
some foolish papers would make believo,
its ever becoming an importing country
for cattle.
Mrs. Geo. C. Preston is visiting friends
at Fort W'ingate.
Mr. Dcrwent. II. Smith has returned
from a trip to Rio Arriba county.
Mrs. H. L. Davis and child, of Raton,
are visiting judge Walker s iamily.
Mrs. E. A. Fiske departs in three w eeks
for a fall visit to her parents in St. Louis.
Judge Win. A. Vincent and Mr. Lou
don, of Las Veaas. are visitors hern to
Miss Anna Walker has returned from
an extended vLit among Colfax count v
iion. . i. xnornton lias been on a
visit to the Chatna countrv and returned
Hon. Miguel Salazar, district attornev
for San Miguel county, is in the city from
Las Vegas.
Rev. Henry Forrester, of the Episcoual
church, now stationed at Las Cruces, is
here on a visit.
Messrs. V. S. Shelby and Simon Nub
baum are at Santa Rosaliu spring, Mex
ico, for rest and recreation.
Hon. and Mrs. W. V. Griffin w ill re
turn to Santa Fe from Glenwood springs,
Colo., during the coming week.
Dr. and Mrs. Sloan and Miss Jennie
iveuer, oi i.as egas, are expected to re
turn from the Jemez region to-night.
A large delegation of eastern sight seers
now hero will be on hand to take in the
Santa Clara Indian feast on Monday.
Mrs. Bernardo Romero has been in the
city from Wagon Mound for a few days
on a visit to her mother. Mrs. Pablo D.'.l-
gado, She leaves to-morrow for home.
Mrs. Ililario Romero and her two nrottu
. t .... X- - i . 1
uuuKiiters, ui i.us vegas, nave oeen in
tho city for thn past week and will re
main for some days the guests of Mrs.
la bio Lielgado, her mother.
Mrs. Louis Ilfeld, who has been visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Staab,
in this city during the past two months,
expects to leave for her homo in Albu
querquo during the coming week.
W. . I. Jackson, president of tho W. J.
Jackson Publishing company, of Pueblo,
is in me city alter a tourthrongh southern
New Mexico, lie has been looking
through this country with a view of gath
ering material for the Rocky Mountain
Review, also published in that ritv.
Tho third public reception at the gov
ernor's house will take place next Wed
nesday evening from 8 to 11, when all
citizens and sojourners are cordiallv in
vited to attend without further invitation.
This will afford an opportunity to all w ho
are attending court at this term to bo
present at ono of these general receptions.
Benjamin McLean, of the widely known
Kansas t ity tirm of lienjamin McLean A
Co., represented here by Mr. I A.
Hughes, died suddenly yesterday of apo
plexy. Mr. Hughes is in'receipt of a tele
gram announcing the sad event. The
deceased was one of the foremost men in
western commercial circles, lie leaves
au estate valued at about $3,000,000.
Letter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled for in
the postollice at Santa Fe, New Mexico, for
the week ending August 10, 1S89. If not
called for within two weeks will be sent to
the dead letter otlico at Washington:
Aland, OctabUua
Anj.'liua, ileveuario
AU-noio, Kssebio
Iintllev. F o
Cliavuz, Refugla
Donley, Frank
DealUu, John
Krutein, A (,'
Fletcher, E F W
Hrazee, l.ee J (2)
oessk'r, Rtid
(iricRo, U S
aicia, Josefn
ooiunles. uu
HiTiern, Maria
Harding, Katie
Dim rem, Miguel
Ilmiti'ld, C'arloon
Klriscll, U 11
l.uil. c T
Miller, pessle
In calling please
give tne date.
ree Jewelers
Carry the lar;et ami rich
est assortment of good to lie
fonm! at any point in Hie
southwest. Xallve Opals,
Navajo Cut-nets ami Tor
quolse In greut variety. We
employ only native work
men, and Invito strangers in-
Opp. Gov. I'l l lice's
' our tli,liijii. 1) ,i
nn.nils, AnierlCHii M Kleins,
Sllieruttri-, ( led,-Hi.d ( !(
cul m,(N ulo A sjtecia! y
Tlio only place n Santa r'a
vhcre a fine vta'ch rej, 'jsi
repaired properly.
New 31exico
Are You Looking
For a place yon can call home? You aro tired, perhaps, of "quarter-
section farmniL', ' even though broad acres of the fairest portions of
Uncle Sams' domain yet tempi you to change your base of operations
further west. Ten, twenty, thirty or forty aires of Rio Grande valley
land will furnish you an ample and taricd arena for the display of mus
cular ability, while conmiHii sense, taste and a modest capital w ill in
three or four .vears produce results eminent ly satisfactory to a man who.
fo a laudable desire for a reasonable pecuniary leturn for his labor, car
ries with it a purpose that tho balance of his days shall, with his family,
he spent amid pleasant and healthful surroundings. With these re
marks, point wn to
The MesillaVallev!
ne must be blind indeed who can not seo that it is a most favored sec
tion. Seekers after health, profit and pleasure, after n thorough search
from the lakes to the Pacific must are finding their F.I Dorado in New
Mexico; and to these new comers, as well as to everybody else, the
extends a cordial greeting, and invites a careful and thorough inspection
Home 2,000 acres of w hich aro subdivided and platted into ten and twen
ty aero blocks (from which incomes can bo produced equally as great, if
not greater, than the average farms of eighty and MO ai res in the west
ern and northwestern statos;,and
half miles of the railroad depots at
all within a radius of one and ono-
Moorebend, Fauulc
Martludale, I, M
Mlulto, Apartlu
McKonoiiKb, W T
Miller, i. M
Murtiuez, Atanaeio
Mauzauares, Jesus
Nevitt, John
Ortiz, Sautas
Oriiif J M yOareia
Ortega, Thomas
Osemer, Nathan
l'iersol, Mrs !' A
1'ndiila, Kfline
Hivera, bionieio
Rihera, Ouadtihipa
Kodrlqucz. HeiiHo
Komero, Lorenzo
Htowe, (Jhas W
Sena, Ferieeio
Wooeter, S M
say advertised
Some of these blocks are cultivated, or have bearing orchards and vine
yards ; others not. Some have tasteful and modern cottages ujion them ;
in others Nature has undisputed dominion. It's merely a question of
choice and nfrjney although the latter does not cut uuch a figure as
one might suppose in these days of booms ; and our "long term pay
ment and low interest" plan often adds a little spice to a transaction to
one who has an eye to the futare. Warranty deeds given. Write or'
call for plats and circulars. Command ns for carriages or other ennr
tosies within our power to piv?.
Ceneral Agont,
Over 2d National Hank.
Local Agents,
Opislle Kallroad Depot.
Billy's Plaza Restaurant
Sunday, August II, 6 p. m.
Calf s Head.
Dotted Salmou, Anchovy Sauce.
Kansas City Href, Champignon Sauce.
Spring chicken with bresing, Currant Jelly.
Spring Lainb, Mint Sauce.
Mutton, Caper Sauce.
Macaroni la Itallenuc. Tomuto-Lamb Fie.
Potato. Chicken.
Fresh Pom. Cucumber. ' Sliced Tomatoes.
Mushed Potatoes. Young Cnrrols and Cream.
Spring Beets.
English l'lum, fauce Brandy.
Confectionery. Peaches and Cream. Nuts.
Mlnco Pie. Rhubarb Pie.
French A. I). Coffee. Cheese. Ureen Tea.
Above Dinner, SO cts.; with Wine, ets.
WILL C. HCKl'O.N, Caterer.
Santa Fe, New Meadoo.
Wm. W. GRIFFIN, - President
PEDRO PEREA, Vice President
R. J. PALEN, - - Cashier
icona National bank
CAPITAL HP AID TJ3? - - $150,000
Uoea general banklDR bn.lresa and solicits patronage of the public
W. G. SIMMONS. Cashier
The Chief Beoswa tot the freot (ac
cess ot Hood's &irsaiarllla li found hi thl
article Itself. It It merit that wins, and U
fact tint Hood's Barsaparllli actually ac
complishes what Is claimed for it, Is what
has given to this medicine a popularity and
sale greater than that of any oilier sarsapa-
Mprit Wins rlUa or bl00d pnrl'
I VI CI 1 1 VVIIla fler before tho public,
food's Sr.rsaparilia cures Scrofula, Salt
Rheum and aU Humors, Dyspepsia, Sick
Headache, Biliousness, overcomes That
Tired Feeling, creates ao Appetite, strength
ens the Serves, builds up the Whole System.
liood's Hannpnrilla is sold by all drug
ttsts. Jl;liforH. Prepared by C. I. Boos)
Co., Arctbticaxtea. Lowell, Mtis.
uLTOjsr Market
Vcst Side of Plaza.
Poultry, Oysters, Fish, Game, Butter, Eggs and all kinds of Fraitt
and Vegetables.
Also all kliHlsofrrodueebouitht and sold on Commission.
and Sausage always on band.
Kansas VI ty
We Sell for Cash and Buy for Cash
Undertaking Establishment!
H."hi.Vrtilfi!. r.ooni" "". J,rI,1Be SI"'- f"H stock and will furnish
-v ,0.Im,B raies. csy-uiuers attended to Us; or Night
Long Established
Feed, Sale, Exchange Stable
Mo Mdnd'c-??':'" ml ."i"" Wn? L' Stock and Tehlelea.

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