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The Daily Raw Mexican down to hard pan.
MiiNDAY, AC(tUrT 12.
Th W kolrloJe and Haug
Onr Alining Boom Settles to a Steady
Git with Prosperity Prevail
ing Everywhere.
$3,000 a Day in Wages Major Caffrey's
Review A Boom with a
Solid Grip.
We bare ia stock a llue of Toi
let Articles of every description ;
aIao a full line of Imported Ci
gar, imported ami California
Wlue and Drondie.
Everj iMMfy twlmitx we carry the
Largest Stock in tlie territory in
our line, eotineiently we defy
0iiii petition iu quality and in
J jim !
I am
70 4i
H dec
-67 4
Corrected dlly from seli-rcirliterfn
thermometer at Dreamer's drttir store.
OrpicE or OltsKKVKK, t
Santa Kb, n. m., Annum 11. lwtt.
is 3
i Him l-U ; 7s I-
7 .- g ?L i!.
too a.m.! W uO l j'tss i NE 6 icinudy
i if j.. ni . -at 40 73 I ifr I K 6 iiMou.Iy
Maximum Temperature 8J
Mm Hit uin Temperature. ..a.
Tula I I'recipitatlou . . .08
n IUII.EY, Prlv. Signal Corps.
fS 5 i Oil .
52 P oS 1
r-f-n j r-1 g, t s -
' . 03 a j I E
r-v ! f ft O ST i i.Sft
to if h Jfla 5
Fitsurei.1 from any conservative stanil
point, it is estimntcii tlmt the Mini oi'
000 ipr day is now being puM out in
miner's wauea in Santa Fe county's trin
ity of ore producers, the OerriHuS, Dolo
res nnil San Teilro districts. Thin nmi'Ii
i taken out of the ground every day ami
hauled at a profit to the men who furnish
the money. How Inrje h boom in tow n
lots and fjciiprnl business can lie main
tained at this rate of production or how
much of a floating uon-prodiicin' pop
ulation it can sustain are questions for
the wicntitic economist to uVuro out;
hut one thilif; is certain, this .'alary list
does not aniK'iir ill for the future of the
mining industry in this lOiintv. There
isn't nnolher miniiip; community in the
southwest that is doing half this
much, nor is there a town in the west
vi here money is in surli free circulation ;
where more building is (ininu on and
here e.eneral business is better or real
property more rapidly advancing in value
than at San i'edro rilit now, with Cerri
llos holdiii.' a steady second place.
Two weeks adroit looked a little as it
business would be overdone at I'edro,
and a lare lloiitinn population was
on hand to (.peculate .upon the earn
ings of the wane worker, but
ten days hace served to brim:
about a change that is relished by every
business man. Kvery interest in tlie
camp has now settled to a steady fruit ; all
fear of inflation and the inevitable col
lapse that always follows is past, iind
prosperitv is on a solid basis of Hippie
and demand. A visitor in tlie city to-ilay
says: mere is now a lietter cliatu e lor
wnue workers and men in search of
legitimate iitisiness pursuits at i'edro to
day than ever has been; in the line of
hotels and lotlinn houses everything i.-i-rowilpd,
not with tin horns ami' floaters.
but with men who are earnine; something ;
business is excellent ; money in free cir
culation ami the building ol the town is
more steady and substantial than before.
Kvery man one meets has faith in the
future; there are no sore heads, ami the
ciass of people now coming in daily, nianv
of them to remain permanently, indicates
that the future is brighter for" tau i'edro
than tlie past lias ever been."
The White Daks Leader came to hand
yesterday containing a two and a half
column review of Sau I'edro, and iu it
Major Caffi ey is honest enough to print
the names of about 100 people who have
left bite Oaks and become citizens ol
our carbonate camp within the past lew
weeks, i tie loiiowing is an extract from
the Leader s article :
It has been said that San Tedro is the
second Leanville, and while the formation
of the mineial belt may lie very similar
to 1 1 e ( t ginal curliona'e camp, there mav
be Mitlicient ground to wairanta ditlerent
but an individual opinion. Thereappears
to be no limit to this mineral belt, as
scarcely a day passes by that don't bring
to the front some rirh tir.d. Tlie mineral
is found in the contact of lime and por
phyry, and in most cases requires con
siderable development work to open up a
desirable prospect. In some few cases,
however, the mineral body has been
struck at the grass roots. This has oc
curred mostly in what is locally called
"blow-outs," tlie carbonate of lime pre
dominating. The limo rock is heaviiv
impregnated with iron, and in somocaees
capped with iron. These remarks have
leleretice only to what is known as the
"euibonate belt." Hut this district up.
pears to have been Kindly deait with bv
nature in the distribution of her mineral
gifts, and apart fiom rich caibonates,
crystallized lead running high in silver,
gold and copper, the i-.ew placers, some
times called i he (ioldeu gold fields are
well known to the mining fraternity of
New .Mexico, but it was lelt to the golden
nine of this decade to open up what some
people are pleased to call tlie erst car
bonate camp of toe southwest.
The Leader can not better represent, or
rather present, the mineral claims of San
I'edro as far as its carbonate boom is con
cerned than by sending home for pub
lic inspection, some samples of ore and
vein rock which can be seen at the oilicp
of the Leader.
The company that now owns all of the
town fckeof San i'edro (which Is located
on the Sun i'edro granti is called the San
I'edro Mining company. Ibis comnanv
now owns and controls 32u acres of pat
ented lunds which have been deeded to
it by the Santa Fe Copper comiianv. also
tilJj acres of placer mining grounds which
is located adjoining the above tract and
between it and (jolden. Tlie ,!.'() acres of
patented lands are being platted and sold
as city properly.
The sale ol lots and survey of the
town site is in charge of Col. F. A. Blake,
the secretary of the company. Lots are
selling ut the low price asked" for them by
the company almost as fast as purveyed.
Ibis company is very strong tinam iallv
as well as in influence, and is resolved to
do all in its power to preparo the site of
San I'edro tor a great city. The members
of the company, in common with nearly
all the people of the great San i'edro,
uoKien, uoiores and t. errillos mining dis
tricts, as well as the peopleof the territory,
have faith that the ore bearing belt tribu
tary to San I'edro, will support a very
Inrge population, and comprehensive prep
arations are being made for Us coming.
AVm. Holander returned last night from
Ccmllos, where he went to look after bis
branch harness shop. He is well satis
fied witli the start his business hai made
The McKenzie Supply company has
bought ti res lots at Cerrilkis and will
Imild a new store bouse. They paid
Jl,-'00 for tlie property. All sorts of
houses, particularly dwellings, are in de
mand at Cenillos.
The Santa Fe Copper company is
steadily carrying out .Manager Kaun
heitn's declared purpose of building upan
industry ol which New Mexico can be
proud. The work on their ore cable has
begun, and other great improvements will
follow ill line.
The executive committee and also the
bourd of directors of the Luckv-Lineoln
consolidated w ill meetat Pedro to-morrow.
It is said they will order the employment
of a large additional number of miners
and put on a long string of teama before
tue weea is out.
This will make an car." grade ami wi
complete a good road to San I'edro by
wayot Dolores, and help Cerrillos not
little. It is a timely move.
Suva the Kustlcr : Ore hasbeen brought
to Mr. Kearsing, our. popular assayer
during the pest week iruni a number of
different strike' in Southern Santa I
county, which is reported very rich am
in extensive bodies. Something that will
w hen developed, cast all present w orkings
in the shade.
.John Patterson savs that everybody in
I'edro regards the second contact strike
of twelve feet of carbonates as the biggest
fund vet made in the Lucky-Lincoln
and that the miners have pinned their
laith on the carbonate belt covering a
much wider territ rv than many have
iieretofore been inclined to acknow ledge,
Judge Thornton and Tostmaster Helig
man returned this morning from a trip of
inspection about the Cerrillos district,
They visited the Chester, and regarded it
as an excellent property. There are now
sixty sacks of high grade and a large
quantity of lower grade ore on the dump
and at thirty feet deep the ore vein is
thirty inches wide. It promises to bo a
great mine.
Cerrillos is shipping eight to ten car
loads of coal per day, and would ship more
but for a scarcity of cars the old com
plaint. Harry Scranton is here to-day
and states time yesterday an order came
to hand for twenty car loads of Santa Fe
county s black diamonds to go to r.l 1 aso.
The coal shipments have commenced
earlier than usual this year and bid fair to
be brisk for tlie next eight months, em
ploying hundreds of men and assuring a
long season of prosperity in and about
Cerril os.
The natural gas belt kne j to lie just
southwest of Cerrillos shoulu bedevelopcd
in all means. Ibis is one ot the must
important steps that could possibly hi!
taken in our interests. A good flow ol
natural gas here would at once decide the
location of the biggest city in New Mex
ico, and would draw manufacturing inter
ests all around us. This matter has been
left too long already. The gas is there,
waiting to be tapped and to richly reward
an ellort in that direction. Kustlcr.
Manager Hulm, of the Cush Entry, and
i . tv .Dame, who lias a con tract lor si lik
ing a Olio loot shaft on the Central for the
new company, Ihe Cerrillos Mining coin
pany (limited), are among to-day's visi
tors iu .Mitita Fe. At present thirty men
are employed on these two properties.
and as souu as hoisting machinery aud
additional pumps can be put- in tins lo
cality will become a bee hive of industry
with upward of 100 men ou the pay roll.
ihe mineral is there; the money has
been secured to extract and treat it, aud
it is ouly a question ol a short time befure
the hum ol the Central s boom will ha at
tracting wide spread attention.
The many rumaikable cures Hood's
Sarsaparillu accomplishes are suitnicut
prooi that it does possess peculiar curative
The Santa Fe Southern surveyors will
remove their camp from the Hondo, five
miles south to-uie,ht.
Cieo. Duiughoii has refitted the spacious
club room adjoining his "headquarters"
aud furnished it in elegant style.
In the district court to-day the case of
N, W. Coler, jr., vs. the Santa Fe couuty
board, wus set for hearing Thursday next.
A vast amount of water fell iu a short
time ou the mountains yesterday after
noon, but it all occurred below the water
w orks reservoir.
J. W.Cooper, the well known Pecos
lumberman, is here to-day on business
before the V. S.. land ollice. He is accom
panied by Dr. Kogers, J. French Cooper,
Geo. Worley, Clayton Koibal and Eucar-
uucion Gonzales.
The jury in the case of Seligman Eros.
vs. J. W. Benton returned a verdict this
morning in favor of Jesse Benton. Tl
ouiy question involved w as as to the truth
ol toe attachmeut uliiduvit, aud the jury
held that there were no grounds for at
tachment. This is a suit ou account iu
vuiviiig about t JJo.
Jud,e Morrison is in receipt of a letter
from Apache county, A. T., inclosing
samples of wild grass growing ou his
ranch. It measures four feet iu height
and is of several varieties, apparently
very nutritious. The letter states that
cattle are rolling fat aud tiie calf crop
has been uuprecedentedly large.
The excursion over the isanta Fe south
ern to Santa Clara pueblo taxed the baby
road for transportation facilities to-day
The first train carried three coaches and
the second had one coatfh aud several
caboose cars brimming full. Not less than
o00 people were in the party, and no
doubt all will have an eutertaiuiug day
of it.
The Brown-Sequard elixir of life seems
to be just the thing if w e can believe tlie
eminent physicians who claim to have
tried it, it is claimed that it will rejuve
nute the oldest living thing, and this being
the case no time should be lost in trying
its effects upon a few moss covered iu
dividuals who inhabit inott of Now Mex
ico's communities.
Pending the legal negotiations looking
toward the opening of Ortiz street soutl
past the capitol to the intersection of
Carletou avenue, Messrs. Keaser and
others have decided to arrange prelimi
naries for the new bridge. Theoiderwas
to-day given for the Hist bridge Umbers
It begins to lock very much as if the en
terprise ol opening that much needed
street and building the bridge would be a
The younger daughterof Mrs. Dreyfuss,
of Deliver, who with her two children
have been summer guests of Mr. am
Mrs. Spitz, is quite low with diphtheria
Dr. Cowdray is an almost constant at
tendance and holds frequent consulta
tions with Drs. Longwill, Harroun and
Symington. Even1 possible care is being
given me nine suiierer. ine cluld is ;
earsof age and has a strong constitti
tion, but her sullenng at present is tor-
KQt:,M,tlNU Till-. TAXES.
The territorial board of equalization hail
a session on Saturday afternoon. Tiie
Maxwell Grant company's property was
reduced from f.'UWi.tiijo, to which it had
been raised by the Colfax county board,
to $900,000, the amount at which the
property had been returned by the com
pany. In Investigating the case tbo ter
ritorial board found that much the best
land ou the grant, that owned by Mr.
Valdez, Hon. Frank Springer and other,
had been assessed by the county board at
frwm 45 to Oj cents per lu-ie, while the
grant company's holdings, much of it iu-
lenor land, had been assessed at more
than treble that amount, hence it was
deemed fair to cut down the grant com
pany's assessment to an nverago of 7o
ents per acre, including the lands under
irrigation canals, which brought the lig-
tires down to ifiJJO.Oi.iO. The board de
clined to reduce the Acoma Cattle com
pany's assessment ami fixed the price of
its cattle at fu per head. J. l'lacido Ko
inero's sheep, some 4,000. had beeu re
turned iu H per head and the assessment
on these w as raised to $2 per head. The
ottisli Mortgage & Loan company was
allowed ifl'UO.bOO itist debts, an "oll'set
which brought their assessment down to
Of the resolutions by the lfepnblican
league, thanking Miss Fountain for her
handsome banner, and which were beau
tifully engrossed by Don Jose Septra,
territorial librarian, tbo Las Cruces Re
publican says ;
lne ot the finest pieces of pen work
ever exhibited in New Mexico came this
week to Miss Maggie Fountain. It is tlie
resolutions passed by the national league
at Albuquerque, on the occasion of tlie
presentation of the beautiful banner w hich
lead the Dona Ana county Republicans to
victory last fall, and was executed by Jose
Segura, territorial librarian. The resolu
tions are handsomely lettered and signed
by President Morrison and Sec. Herger.
A beautiful scroll surrounds them and the
American eagle, with extended wings.
soars over all ; the banner itself is artistic
ally reproduced as a center piece. It is to
be trained and will mako a handsome
ornament that will always bo highly
prized by tho young lady. '.
Another Con-anlly .Ualr lu Lincoln-9a-
tnruluo BacM Shot.
And now a second newspaper is to be
established in the new Leadville. It is
announced that Mr. Cobb, of the Silver
city Enterprise, was so well pleased with
what he saw on a recent u'sit to the
camp, that he and W. A. Leonard will en
gage in the newspaper business there.
Road Commissioner Harkness is work
lnguuaiilan to trade thn no u- roarl i in
ii,D ii ,.i... no ..... "c ."i'
...v "'o.rs inn, bjiu nas aireaoy nearly inirty days witli an
fund sufficient pledged for the puxpcseJuuniber of stop-offs.
Hal-vent Excuraloni.
A gcod many land proprietors and
home hunters are to be met hereabouts
just now, the result of the A., T. & S. F.
tirst "harvest excursion" from the cen
tral west into New Mexico. The train
which brought these visitors out of Kan
sas City on Tuesday last required two
engines to move it, and besides an extra
train had to be run. It looks just a little
as though immigration into New Mexico
would be large this fall. The second
"harvest excursion" over the Santa Fe
leaves tiie Missouri river on the 28th
iust. People who have friends at the
e ist desiring to visit New Mexico should
notify them of these excursions, By this
method of travel f 28 gives the traveler a
round trip ticket to Santa Fe good foi
almost unlimited
In tho night of July 11, as Saturnino
Baca, a prominent citizen of Lincoln
county, and an extensive wool grower.
lay sleeping in camp with his herders,
they were fired upon by unknown parties,
nine shots being fired, two of which took
effect on the body of Mr. Baca, one shat
tering the left elbow joint in such uian
uer ns to permanently disable the arm, if,
indeed, the necessity of amputation can
be avoided, the other causing a flesh
wound only, in the side above the hip.
The herders tied incontinently, and it
required some time for Mr. Baca to find
one of them to saddle his mule for him,
after 'Which lie was obliged to ride
eighteen miles to his home at Lincoln in
this mutilated and excruciatinulv nainful
condition before any medical attention
could be given his wounds.
1 lie citizens of Lincoln at nni'n nronn-
ized a posse and started iu fcoarch of the
would-be assassins. Tlipy succeeded in
tracking and airesting' two persons,
father and son, by the name of Prosuelas.
cattlemen, whom it is thought did tlie
Mr. Baca is a thrifty, but ouiet. law-
abiding and good citizen. Ho served with
much more than average ablilitv duiinu
the war as 1st lieutenant in the L'd New
Mexico infantry, which he entered iu
July, 1801, and afterward as captain in
the 2d (Carson's) New Mexico cavalry
until September, 1800. He is a member
of Caiieton post, (i. A. It., this city.
The most important feature of the in
cident related above is tlie fact that the
attempted indiscriminate killing was not
prompted by personal anger, enmity or
mali.-e, but was tiie outgrowth of clash
ing interests between two classes of stock
men. This contention in past years, in Colo
rado and in ol her seciions of this coun
try, has resulted in the sacrilice of many
human lives and the the wanton de
struction of vast property interests.
Une man Willi a majestic sweep of his
hand will designate on the public do
main, his range, the elastic boundary
hues of which are recorded only in his
mind, and aro distended to suit the
grazer s needs as the season advances
with an elaticity that would shame the
rubber land grunt lines in their palmiest
oays. lie says to tlie other class : "Thin
fur shalt thou come, and no further.'
The penalty for the violation of this edict
is death,
This question merits the thoughtful
consideration ot our rulers and law mat
Absolutely Pure.
XlE02Li.j 13, Jr.
Oldest Practical Druggist in Santa Fe
This powder never yariBn. A mnrvol
ot purity, strength ami wtiok'someness.
More fcunrniiii-iil rtinu I Iu ordinary
kinds, nmi enn not tie fioM in conipeti
tim with the multitude of liiw lest,
hurt vrvlidir, alum or pluxiphiilp pow
ders. Sold oiilv In eaus. koval llakius
l'owtter Co., im; w'nll mri'i't, N. Y.
This is what you ought to have, in fact,
you must have it, to fully enjoy life.
Thousands are searching tor il daily, and
mourning because they 1ind it not. Thous
ands upon thousands of dollars are spent
annually tiy our people in tho hope that
they may attain this boon. And vet it
may be had by all. AVe guarantee' that
Electric Bitters, if used according to di
rections and tlie use persisted in, will
bring you good digestion and oust the
uenion uysoopsta and install instead eu
pepsy. We recommend FU'ectric Bitters
tor dyspepsia and nil diseases of liver,
stomach and kidneys. Sold at 50c. and
if 1.00 per bottle bv C". M. Creamer drug
gist. Hyr-up of fc'lga.
Produced from tlie laxative and nutri
tious juice of California figs, combined
with the medicinal virtues of plants
known to bo most beneficial to the
human system, acts gently, on tho kid
neys, liver and bowels, effectually cleans
ing the system, dispelling colds and
headaches, and curing habitual constipa
tion. Sir Knights, Attention!
The regular monthly lupeting of New
Mexico division No. 1C. K. IC. P. will ho
held Tiiesuay evening August 13, 1SS9, at
8 :3J p, m. at Castle hall. By ordor of
C. F. Kahi.kv, S. K. Com.
For lysiteiialn
And Livor Complaint. Von bare n nrinted
guaranty ou every bottle of Shiloh's Yital-
lzer. it never tails to cure. (;. M.
Fresh hams, choice breakfast bacon!
Prescriptions a Specialty,
Prices Moderate
And Absolutu Purity of Drug's Guaranteed.
First Class
Santa Fe,
Mew tVlcxico.
The Leading Hotel in New Mexico.
Hotel Coach and Carriages in Waiting at All Trains.
$2.50 to $3.00 per day.
G. W. MEYLEST, Propi
The Windsor
First Class Accommodations,
Cood Sample and Bath Rooms,
ana me nticst oi sausage,
the cheapest, at Dobbin's.
cheaper than
Hon. Pedro Fanchez is down from Taos
Mr. William Pinkerton, oi Wagon
Mound, is in tho city.
Gov. Prince and family and a party of
friends from the eaat are at Sauta Clara
Hoc Frazier, a running mate of the late
Josh Billings, and a pioneer prospector,
is up from Cerrillos.
H. C. Corbin, of Iowa, who is interested
in bringing settlers upon Maxwell grant
lands, spent yesterday in tho city.
Mr. aud Mrs. R. M. Force have re
turned from Ojo Calict.te. Mis. Joseph
accompanied them, bringiug w ith her a
sick child which Dr. Symington has been
called to treat. Mrs. Joseph has rooms
at Col. Fisher's residence.
Mrs. M. J. Burwell, of Washington,
Iowa, is a pleasant visitor at the residence
of Mr. W. U. Simmons. She is the wife
of one of tho ablest and most versatile
newspaper men in the west, the editor of
the Washington County Press, whom a
great many people would like to see out
in these parts.
t the Palace: E. S. Wadless, St.
Joseph; Ed Htiminel, Las Vegas; R. C.
Dummick. El Paso: Walter J. Davis,
Santa Fe; W. W. Deduian, H. Forrester,
T. Mitilin, El Paso; C. E. Bartholo
mew, Tombstone; W. 15. Childers, Albu
querque; H. L. Benson, Ban Antonio;
Edwin B. Franks, Raton; Colin Tino
mons, Phoenix ; W. E. Dame, J. Lucas,
At the Exchange: R. Titsworth, San
Carlos; E. Breeman, Frank Emerson,
San Pedro; Mrs. J. V. May, T. M.
Blackmore, Cerrillos; O. E. Wheatou,
Grundy Center, Iowa; J. L. Edwards,
Ennis, Texas; J. P. Abreu, Springer; W.
M. Pinkerton, Wagon Mound ; T. II. Ep
person, l itzgeraiu, xi. loipey, i.. n.
Shack, Canoncito; W. S. Pearce and wife,
Waukegan, Iih
Kl.lloh'x Catarrh Ki-medy,
A positive cure for catarrh, Diphtheria at.d
Canker Month, C, M, Creamer.
U. P. Court Hochk, Etc., I
Santa Fe, Aug. 7, 18S9.)
Sealed proposals will be received until
11 a. in., August 31, 1889, for supplying
window shades, awnings, water coolers,
etc., required for this building. Particu
lars on application.
J. P. Mi-iIroutv, Custodian.
Saw .Mill for Sale.
For $1,000. In perfect on ler. Capacity
to produce a million and a half of lumber
in a season. Will be delivered complete
to purchaser on A., T. A S. F. cars. In
quire at tho New Mkvican ollice.
Are Vow Minle
Miserable by Indigestion, Constipation,
in.zniess, i.ossoi .tppetite, bellow SkmV
Shiloh's Vitalizer is a positive) cure. C.
M. Creamer.
Sain i.r liomiD.
Los LfNAS, N. M., Cotintv of Valencia,
July lb. 1889. 1 will receive bids until
August L, 1889, for the sale of the whole
or any part of :jj,U00 of Valencia county
current expense bonds, redeemable at the
pleasure oi said county in ten vears, and
absolutely due and payablo thirty years
after tiie date hereof, with interest there
on at the rate of 0 per cent per annum.
The right to decliue any or all oilers is
reserved. By order of 'board of couuty
C.vm,os Baca, Probate Clerk.
l r,sli Mountain Trout re
ceived diiily AT lilLLY'S
Milk 10 eta. a quart at the Colorado
The Her. ui, II. Thuyer,
Of Bourbon, Ind., savs: "Both myself
and my wife owe our lives to Shiloh's
Consumption (Jure.
Boulder, Colo., butter, tub butter, dairy
butter, cooking butter, from 20 to 30 cts.
per pound, at Dobbin's.
A MitttaL lnj.itti,r
Free with each bottle of Shiloh's
Catarrh Remedy. Price &0 cents. C. M.
All who want choice selected dairy but
ter should send to Poison Bros., of Gar
lield, Kas. They w ill send CO. D. t the
lowest market price. Give them a. trial.
Shiloli'A Cure
Will immediately relieve Croup, Whoop
ing Cough and Bronchitis. O. M.
A quiet rosort tor gentlemen.
Finest brands of liquors and cigars
always on hand.
Southwest corner Plaza.
Hlllli.ll'ft t:lllrh
And Consumption Cure is solefby us on a
guarantee. It cures consumption. CM.
Peaslie's porter and Zang's Ienver
lieer, 5 cts. a glass, at the Colorado
A lasting and fragrant perfume. IMce
ami oO cents. C M. Creamer.
Socorro, N. SH
H. R. BROWN, Prop.
Standard Type Writer
I F.liliS rot: IIATCH1NO.
Silver Wyandottcs,
Usht Branmas,
Ilrounil II,.lie. ster Shell, lcnt Ni rnp,
Drlnkii.K Fountains hii.I 1 mj.t-i lal hKI
Food. A.ltlrOH
ARTHUi? BOYLE, Hw.m Fe, N. VI.
Fr Sale bj
2. STAAB & BE0. Santa Fe, N.M
oofs & Shoes
Orders by mail promptly attended to i
Home Grown Fruits anil Fruit Trees,
free from Disease and Insect Pests.
akiiii i: IKll I K.
Agent for the Nl&on Koz!e& Machine Co
Is iriiuml to take orders I'.tr Min-uyliitJ
OrchurilH uitlt Nixon's Utile tliunt Mik
chine ami Climax Spray Nozzle aul In
sect t'nison.
Correspondence Solicited
- m 1'. (i. Inn Ho. sunta IV, N. VI.
r.o. ltox os.
Tbttnltt reliable merchant ot Santa
Ye, has added largely to
his Mock of
The New Palace
Kcxt Headquarters Saloon.
Hlyli-li Hair Cn
bhun.i'oo HOC
Clean, easy Mhave ir.c;
3oc; bea Foaiu luc;
Fred. W. Wientge,
and Engraver.
Factory at Kesldeure, Prospect Hilt
WANTI-.l)..47itoiea month cau be mi.de
workiuK for us. Agents preferred who
un furnish u Uurxe mid L-ivo their wholn ti.n,,
:) the bus! liens. Spare momenta may be profita
bly employed uho. A few vat-nudes ill towns
ami elik-s. H. K. Jobnson & Co., lOo!) Main st,.
irliniond, Va. i. ii. Please Btnre sirn snrl
oudness experience. Never mind about seud
niB stump for reply. H. F. J. & Co.
WANTIil). salesmen We wish a few men
to sell onr iroods bv samnle to thf u-hol.
sale anil retuil trade; on mlury; largest niauu
larturers iu our lino; inclose 2 cent stamp;
wuires. S-il tier duv: permanent position: mnnnv
advanced for watres, advertising, etc. Centcu
IIHl .11 1 f I O., IIIICIIIIIHII, voiio.
T V Madame
(iKi-lits wanted to sell the
Williamson Corset. Larirest
sail! of auy piiteut corset in the market. Good
territory. Apply Agents' Manager, 18 S. 6tli
itreet, teniutbouis, Mo.
WANTED. 1,000 pounds old type metal at
this ollice.
And those In need or any srtlele
in his line would do well
to call on him.
y? 'ji BJiifnUiiiiuou
Jr the
Liquor Habit, Positively Cure'
!l 'can ba given In a cup of coffee or tea, or In
icla ol food, without the knowledge of tlie per.
- taking It; It Is absolutely harmless and will
ifTi) ct a permanent aud speedy cure, whethe
lie patloutlsa moderate drlnkeroran alooholii
a a omnlcte cure in every Instance. 48 page hoot
Ff .EE Address In confidence, . ,,
W.LDEN SPECIFIC CO.. 185 Race St Clf ilnniK.
WANTED 10,000 old magazines o be bound
at the New Mexican's book bindery.
,'Ok isAl K Old papers In quantities to suit.
' Apply at the Saw HaxiUAa ollice, Upper
'rtlsco street.
ZZrzffiSSwBto. W JwPi'o lM',"uv"
WvJ? rfci!.. .ZfJOfffl IhHnnMlflcpuriKlW.COUtOr
W0?!ss32ffiur.NrBATiV wkakniss, lit .
rnff cou. V2Sti nuout , mild, gtiothltigcurmiti i
ir.lrit.-s.K itrdlriHiUy through ll wefc pann.reor
lug inula
- CrMtoit Imuroviffnenti over Tl ottwr helu. Wunt ami prr.
inureuUy cured In three D.ooUj Hetkd psmpliIeK 'PJ1
Miss A. ftlugier,
North of Palace ave. GrtrTlii hlonke
llay, Oats, Corn and Jtimi,
liaia WaffoiiN.Iiiitrfri?
ami lIuric.".H.
All Goods IK1.1 KliKI) I' KKi: In any
part of the viiy.
Sandoval Street, Santa Fe, N. M.
'11 1 V"'jp) TfJT
iwvona -i r.
it Himl Vt
Life Renewed
vanio CHAIN BELT will)
Electric Suspensory, guar
nntAHil tha moHt untrefuL
.irahlA nntl DHrfHCt Ofaaiu
i rt noltery in uie worm,rwr
i" tlveh Cures, without menirlM,
i TMillity, Vsui mths bmi. wn
. I(ho.iiDntlmLI)7l'i;iiIa. W.-ykBiw
Oraans.nto iir-iiaii mruuiuuj
I'emi.lilBl, No. a. CnllorwrlMlorll. nourseii,
Uinviinpi luTinTiiriiUilfl 7IU Riumunsnto SB.

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