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iph A IS" "If 17
;, r,i eeitull-'i mntle
f Ri nil
Htore and factory,
Northeast corner of Ike I'laia
Telegraphic Tidings
Dminnnd Minn ant Watch tsm P1" Efficiently Done
& Eancy G
W'ASiu.Nv.ito.N, Aug.. 13. President Har
rison returned to I!ur Hiirlior to-day nnil
will leave there to-morrow morning for
Until, .Mo., and Matn-lii'stcr, N. H.
liiiirsday morning he w ill visit Concord
ind lifter a reception lv the governor and
legislature, he will begin his return trip
to Washington.
The h'eldstall'and hand and companies
B, (', J), K, li and I, 2d infantry, com
pletely armed and equipped, and outlined
with camp equipage, etc., Iiuve been
ordered to proceed by rail to Kearney.
Neb., and camp with the Grand Army of
the Republic at its reunion, which opened
at that place yesterday. Upon the com-.
ill lion of this duty the batullion wilt pro
ceeu oy rail to tlie end or tlie railroad
track beyond Alliance, Neb., and march
thence to Camp George Crook, near Fort
Robinson, Neb.
that tho men who have seldom seen serv
ice on tun uoruer siioum nave a etianee
to go to their regiments or tesuu.
i'ho adjutant general has prepared u
list ot these xotjurgers i.jr.'-ec. Proctor,
and u strong ell'ort will be made tocompei
some of the Urania;; room soldiers to Uo
some work.
S'!c!aitioH of I lav, drain and Potatoes nieeivetl by oar load
lor salt' at lowest market prices. The finest Household
Oiocciies, free delivery to i;iy Customers.
3- iA.Hiisr7
13 ;
r:3 :
pq j
cm f
Imported and Domestic.
The KailroHtls.
Tiiinidad, Aug. 13. It is rumored that
the Santa Fe railroad intends putting in a
line up the north fork of the bus Animas
river from this point. This will be done
for the purpose of either getting into the
coal fields or for a direct line through to
the coast.
Tort Worth The directors of Ihe South
ern Kansas A Texas railway met here
Saturday. Vice resident .1. S. .Miillane
resigned and was succeeded by Charles
is. Mrolnii, wtio was also made general
superintendent. J. A. Ostrander was
elected general freight and passenger
agent Wee. II. R. Pevine, resigned. .1.
U. I'auT was elected .secretary and treas
urer. The otiicers will all have their of
fices at ranbandle City. The .Southern
Kansas it Texas is a part of the tiulf,
Colorado it Santa Fe system.
liesult in Louisville.
Lousvtu.i:, Ky., Ann 13. I)r.s. Wilson,
Yoo ami Duncan, of the Hospital of Col
lege and .Medicine, have been experiment
ing wnli the iiroM n-eipiurd elixir whh
riieuinaue paueui, ,u years oni. lie lias
obtained almost complete relief. Ho fecit,
young and reinvigonued. In tho case ol
an asthmatic, paralj tic, who wan not in
formed of the niiturn ol liie treatment,
(he patient has partially recovered iron,
paralysis and lias uo energy and strength.
I lie St. Josejili Kxoiudtlon.
. St- Joskph, Aug. 13. The gates of the
N'atiomil exposition grounds will he closet 1
to tho punlie from this date to the
lortnal opening, September 3. at which
time li is expected that i'rosiduut Harri
son will be present. - Sees. -JJusk and
Noble, Pension Conir. Tanner and Indian
Comr. Morgan will positively attend
The governors of every state iti'the union
have been invited. The list of exhibit
is well Ihled, giving assurance of a most
successful exposition. The buildings arc
nearly completed.
Till: lFH'S SISTKIt.
The Marriage of ller Again Stlrrlug Hie
Uejillis i,l' 1,1,11(11,11.
Mauufatiturere of
Mexican Filigree Jewelry
We guarantee full Katistaelion in this .special branch ol enjuisite Mex
ican art. Ail persona visiting our establishment will be shown tine
specimens of this work.
Fr.'Mtcisc Street
Santa, Fe, S. M
8nallued III i'eetli.
Tuknton, Mo., Aug. 10. Yesterday
afternoon John A. Crawford, traveling
salesman for Bloomer, WelKtCo.,Quincy,
111., met with a peculiar accident, which
may result fatally. Crawford was en
: route to Trenton on a freight train, and
I while in the act of taking a drink of water
he swallowed two false teeth and plate of
the upper jaw. He was brought here and
four physicians have been attending him
to-dny. A long probe was inserted but
failed to locate the plate. Crawford's
throat and chest are terribly inflamed,
and he is in a very serious condition ami
may not recover." If the plate has en
tered the stomach his life may be saved.
His people in Quinev have been tele
graphed for. He is nn old and well
kuown traveling man.
Successors to H. D. CAKTWRIUHT A CO.
lUvtnK ti'iK'l'RHf'l t!ie (irncirv utiit'k nf RcRRer Urnthero riiiI comliued tlie two atockn,
we hiive tlie linsJht kuJ uioBt comifte rtocli of
iij S.(.i
in -lT
0 Q
i Fii GnRriBs
Machine Shops,
Trinidad Aug. 13. The proposition of
tne creator loumiry and nmcuino shops
was accejitcd by the chamber of com
merce last night and a contract signed.
The SanU Fe railroad agreed to give a
ninety-nine years' lease on the land re
quired, and $1,000 was secured by sev
eral of the moneyed men of our city.
The pai ties at the head of this institution
propose to move their machinery from
their present location at Streator, Illinois,
immediately and will erect a ifo.OJO build
ing as soon as possible. This firm will
employ from 123 to 2"0 men, and will
manufacture all sorts of castings, such as
business fronts, etc.
Vt liHT
iinit tlally arriving, the hfflt Flour, I'otatnefl, Crrmnery
ttni tt-r mm rroiiuci. iiiai inr nirtih,. .u. ,j .... n. ...
(reh mms, lii aint's. ilo, Ui CMrrj' the lliiest Hue of Ct.iil'ectlmun-y, litil
.mil Tull-t Soups hi lh 'ity. ,.,.,,
Vt ills" have I- t i.iiiiwiiiui wl'li nup Orocery it first tlM Ituhery,
nuil have at all times Vretli I'.n-ail, l'ies. :kes, etc., on le.
I h iiil.liiu- ion- ,.1,1 time customers for llielr (teiierolis phi rotiace In the
1-hkI, e solicit the coot III oaiire of I lie name and welcome all uew ones
Ct.iniiierciuliy yours, CAKTWKIGUT & G1USWOLD.
Warner 3& Haffner,
Queensware and Glassware.
curry the Largest and Heat Assortment of Furniture in
tho Territory.
rt Dully wii8 Absent.
Prims, Miss., Aug. 13. Judge Tcrrill
opened a special term of the circuit court
yesterday. Sullivan, Referee i'itxpntrick.
Hud Kenand, Capt. Tom Jennison,
Charles Rich, Supt. Riley, of tho Queen
A Crescent road, and .Smith and Gibbons,
the last two Rich's employees, were
present in couit ready for trial. Supt.
Richard Carroll, of theQueenA Crescent,
and Put Outl'y wero absent. The grand
jury were charged by Judge Terrill on the
law of prize fighting, and assault and bat
tery. The grand jurors then retired for
consultation. It is hardly probable that
they will be ready to submit their report
till to-morrow.
OWE PRICE AND ONE ONLY. Also the lowest, an we buy Top exlillrect
S oul Iho rnciory. iiootls sold uu easy iyinout. Call and be com ineed.
i see.
IH CUICTK1L1 ANI ilUttMttltM lr
San Francisco Street.
'I be Largest and most Complete Stock ol Genenil Merchuulse
curried in the entire Southwest.
Cattle Inoculated.
Mexico, Mo., Auk. 13. Dr. Paul Paquin,
state veterinary surgeon, has successfully
inoculated cattle against Texas fever. Suc
cess was not attained until after several
failures, but of eight cattle recently in
oculated and sent into the fever district,
only one, and that suffering with another
disease, died. Kight cattle not inoculated
were sent with the same herd and they
all died of the fever. The former failures
were due, Dr. Paquin says, to the inferior
virus and unskilled methods employed.
Causiis llelll.
London, Aug. 13. A dispatch from
Constantinople seud-ollicially states that
the sultan has notified Greece he will re
gard any attempt by that country to land
troops or incite rebellion us causus belli.
One of the porte's telegrams states that the
government will support the aggressive
prime minister. The grand vizier of
Turkey charges Greece with fomenting
riots in Mouestir and Retbymo.
An Ad. for Felix and Emmn.
New Yortit, Aug. 12. It is reported in
theatrical circles to-day that Emma Ab
bott has just paid Felix, the Paris milli
ner, ff,u00 foi one dress. This is the larg
est amount, it is .-aid, that has ever been
paid by an American singer for a single
costume. Sarah Bernhardt, who paid
$ 1,2IJ0 for tho toilet in which she appeared
in the last act of "Dame mix Camelias,"
had the distinction of wearing the costli
est dress until Emma Abbott deprived
her of it.
The "Cobargers" Must Work or Resign
from the Army.
Washington, Aug. 13. Gen. Kolton,
the new adjutant general, is not quite
warm in the saddle ye', but if reports
about the war department are correct he
is preparing an unpleasant surprise for
the favorites w ho for so many years have
had "soft billets," in army parlance.
These pets of the gilded circles of the
capital" are called "Coburgers." It is a
title well understood in military circles on
both sides of the water.
Gen. Kolton earned his spurs on tho
frontier and has done his share of urduous
service. Sec. Proctor is a sturdy Yankee,
who was in the army when the service
meant something, and who has little
sympathy for the favoritism which bus
permitted so many olllcers to shirk their
duty. So the word in army circles is that
the "Coburgers" must go.
Jt will be a hard thing for some of
them. One social pet, it is said, has not
been with his regiment for nineteen years.
Sec. Proctor is said to he quite in accord
with the adjutant general, that the men
on tho frontier should be given an oppor
tunity to see what civilization la, and
London, Aug. 13. It has corne to the
knowledge of the .Marriage Law Reform
association that within the last fortv
eight hours tenlv-four couples have
either returned from the continent, nftoi-
contracting tho deceased wife's sister mar
riage, or have made arrangements to go
abroad for that purpose. Fifteen of these
couple are members of the-church m
England, three belong to the Presbyterian.
ttiree to the esleyan, one to the Con
gregationalists, one to the Jeish undone
to the Society of Friends. With a single
exception all have the approval of theii
minister, and in some instances the elerg
have emphasized their upprovai in "it
marked degree. U hen the bill author
izing marriage with a deceased wife's
sister is introduced again in the house ol
lords, these facts will be presented bv the
prince of Wales, who has long and earn
estly advocated the passage of the measure.
references for Governor.
1)E8 Moises, Iowa, Aug. 13. Returns
received from the county conventions give
instructed and ttuinutructPil preferences
for governor as follows : HulU lsl. Wheel
er 370, Hutchinson 183, Crapo Is;, Larra
bee 14. not announced 111. The conven
tion meets here Wednesday, August 14,
Was Taken for Tascott.
r.Mi-oitiA, lias., .vug. io Tho young
man arrested at Laredo, Texas, supposed
to uo lascott is uelieved liere to he one ol
the sons of James Dolohiu, of Concord,
ivas., ana not tlie long sought Tascott
Now York's Kjpimliiott.
ew Iouk, Aug. 13. Mayor Grant
has appointed the four committees to do
the preliminary work lor the international
exposition of lts!.r'.
Mrs. Hank Fisher, of Albuquerque, is
in the city on a visit.
Don Gabriel Lucero is here from Taos
valley on legal business.
Mrs. J. II. Teats and daughter came in
from Las Vegas last nibt.
Major Miguel Salazar, attorney for the
-it 1 1 district, is over from Las Vegas.
Don Juan Hotiquet, tho sage of Pojoaque
valley, is in tho city on court business.
Hon. W. U. Chillers and N. C. Collier,
esq., of Albuquerque are visiting the cap-,
ital city.
Chris. Meyer, formerly of the firm of
Fraz A Meyer, is once more among Santa
Fe friends.
Rev. Henry Forrester is still "with i e.
He takes kindly to Sunta Fe's pleasai.t
A. W. Cleland and Win. Mcintosh, ad
ministrators of the McGregor estate, ure
at tlie Palace.
Dr. Ii. Dudley Williams and wife, of,
Oxford, Ala., are sight seers visiting the
historic city to-day.
W. G. Nasjley, the rustling soap man
from Denver, is in town again. He finds
business good here.
Mrs. Ed. Stimniell, wife of Conductor
Ed. Stimniell, with her three children,
left for Santa Fe this uiomiug, their fu
ture home. Uptic.
Mr. James Ktimsey returned from Kan
sas City last night after a long absence.
It seems natural to see him about the
Palace hotel once more.
Col. Jose M. Chavez, oneof the pioneer
Indian lighters in theChamaregion, came
in last night in company with Henry
Grant, the El Rito merchant.
Major W, H. H. Llewellyn, live stock
agent for the Santa Fe, came in from the
east at noon en route to Las Cruces. He
has been on a trip to Denver and Salt
Hon. Pedro Y. Jaramillo, one of the
leaJing citizens of New Mexico, and a
delegate to the constitutional convention
from Rio Arriba county, is in the city
rom El Rito.
At the Exchange: John Speer, Wat
rous; II. Scrantoa and child, Cerrillos;
II. Grant, J. M. Chavez, Albuquerque;
B. Dudley Williams, M. D., and wife,
Oxford, Ala.
The Rev. Bro. Amian, professor of the
natural sciences at St. Michael's college,
Santa Fe, and New Mexico's territorial
geologist, is in tho city to-day. We had
the pleasure of greeting him in the Bullion
olllce yesterdy. El Paso Bullion.
At the I'alace: W. A. Woodworth,
Chicago ; A. W. Cleland, jr., Albuquerque ;
W. G. Nagely, Denver; II. N. Smith, jr.,
Kansas City; M. Salazar, Las Vegas; J.
L. Robbins, Chicago; Mrs. J. H. Teats,
Miss Fr.nuie Teats, Las Vegas; Milton
Daily, James S. Dunlap, Indianapolis,
Intl.; William Mcintosh, Chilili ; W. C.
Goodno, Miss Ada Goodno, Mrs. II. M.
Barbour, Alice Barbour, A. Kincaia, M.
Pellin, Kalamazoo; Mrs. J. Ti. Roche,
El Paso; U. Os Collier, Albuquerque;
Julius Bylis, Titusville, Pa. ; II. G. Am
brose, Las Vegas ; W. 11. II. Llewellyn,
Las Cruces.
W.II. Neweomb, of Silver Citv, has
jtlst closed a contract to furnish the Ri
Grande Smelting company, of Socorro,
iu,uuu tons ot iron ore.
Las Vegas is endeavoring to work up a
mining boom ol her own, and claims coa
to have beeli found near at bund, whiit
"tip the canon" some mineral has been
W. T. Waring, manager of the new
Flagler Smelting works to be built at
i'cining, is on the irround and prenariiii:
to begin work. It is said $10U,U0U is in
ian, to back this scheme.
Henry Giest left last evening for New
York city to visit his old home for twi
veeks. Ho has made arrangements with
Mr. Olinger. tho Santa Fe undertaker, to
fill his place here in case of tleath of any
one in the city. Optic.
Under the new law costs can not be
raxed against tlie prosecutor in criminal
ases w here tho defendant is disch
i'his is sad, heart breaking news for the
justices of the jieace and the constables ol
tlie territory .Taosoinan.
The taxes of Tis county for ISSOare
P13 0.i0.o4. On this amount the D. A K.
t. Ry. pays about $4,000; private land
claims pay about $3,000; the balance, di
vided up among the 2,000 registered voters
'f the county, gives uu average of about
r3 per capita.
About liftv miles of the grade of the
new Deming railroad to .Mexico has
!ieen tompleted, and it is expected that
the Mexican line will he reached about
September 1. The new road will hardly
'je ready for operation to the mines iii
die Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico
until next year. As soon as this road is
opened tho supply of ore from .Mexico
iull be verv large.
ree Jewelers
Carry the largest and rich
est assortment of good to l,e
found at any point In the
soatliwest. Native t)j.l.
Varajo tiarnets and Tur
quoise In great vnrlety. tve
employ only native work
men, aud lurlte stranger in-
Opp. Gov. Prince's
it? A
3 .
to our workshops. Ills
inomls, American Watohes,
Silverware, (lork-and O t
ral OooiN utto a speeiaiit.
Ti e only place In Santa Ke
wlit re a line wtucb ana t
repaired properly.
New Mexier
Are You Looking
Scurrilous Letters hy .Mall.
New York, Aug. 12. G. J. Orion, a
custom house clerk, has been arrested for
sending scurrilous letters to Harrison,
Cleveland, Windom, ArcbbislopCorrigan
'md other prominent people. Tne scur
rilous letters were written on the outside
of thtf envelopes. Inside was a circular
denouncing William Vogel, a tinware
nanufactiirer. Orion says Vogel wronged
linn grievously and he took this method
of bringing his wrongs to puhlic notice.
He declines to state the nature of his
Nice l'eople to Have Around.
r CoNNKi.i.svii.i.K, Pa., Aug. 12. The
Hungarians made another raitl Saturday
at the Moyer coke plant and drove the
men irom work. Sqmro Duncan and Ot
iicers Franks and Shiinn attempted to ar
rest fifteen of the rioters, when thev were
set upon by the mob. Duncan was terri
bly beaten and lelt for dead. Shunn and
Franks escaped. The shcritl has organized
a posse to arrest the rioters.
Sueitt-llox Treatment.
Chicago, Aug. 12. MacUraUi and
Mantell, two young men supposed to be
'.lie murderers of Officer Frye, walked
into the Dearborn street station Saturday
ufternoon and gave themselves up. They
protested that they knew nothing what
ever of tlie murder" They w ill undoubted
ly receive a course of "sweat-box." treat
ment. Charges against Itoulunger.
Taris, Aug. 12. Tho trial of Gen.
Iloulanger was continued .Saturday. The
procurer general charged Boulanger w ith
ttying to corrupt M. Gearoru, chief of the
public safety department, and Gens.
Thompson and Tricoche, and with re
ceiving a commission on tho mirchasfl of
coffee for tho navv.
. 1
Crooks. i
Piiii.ADEi.ritiA, Aug. 13. Dr. W. II. I
P-radley, late manager of tho Weekly
i'ress, was held to $10,000 bond for fur
ther hearing on the charge of embezzlement.
Mew York The grand . iurv has pre
sented to the court of general sessions two
indictments oirainst hhen S. Allen, ex
president of 42d street & Grand street
terry railroad company, charging him
with forgery.
For a place you can call home? You are tired, perhaps, of "qnarter
Boction farming," even though broad acres of the fairest portions of
Uncle Sams' domain yet tempt you to hange your base ot operations
further west. Ten, tweniy, thirty or forty acres of Rio Grande valley
land will furnish you an ample and Titried arena for the display of mus
cular ability, while common sense, taste and a modest capital will in
three or four years produce results eminently satisfactory to a man who.
1 1 t . I . ,i. . ....
10 a lauiiaoie oesire uir a reusonaiiie pecuniary return lor Ins lalior, car
ries with it a purpose that the balance of his days shall, with his family,
be spent amid pleasant and healthful 6urroimtling8. With those re
marks, point we to
The MesillaVallevf
He mtutt be blind indeed who tan not see that it is a most favored sec
tion. Seekers after health, profit and pleasure, ifter a thorough search
from the lakes to the Pacific coast, are finding their EI Dorado in New
Mexico; and to these new comers, as well as to everylwdy else, the
extends a cordial greeting, and invites a careful and thorough inspection
Some 2,000 acres of which are subdivided and platted into ten and twen
ty acre blocks (from winch incomes can be produced equally as great, if
not greater, than the average farms of eighty and ItiO acres in the west
ern anil northwestern states), and ail within a radius of ono and one
half miles of the railroad depots at
Some of these blot Its are cultivated, or have liearing orchards and vine
yards others not. Some have tasteful and modern cottages upon them ;
in others Nature has undisputed dominion. It's merely a question ol
choice and money although the latter does not cut such a figure aa
ono might suppose in these days of booms ; and our "long ietm pay
ment and low interest" plan often adds a little spice to a transaction to
one who has an eye to the future. Warranty deeds given. Write or
call for plats and circulars. Command us for carriages or other cour
tesies within our power to giva.
General Aent,
Over J (I Xtlonl Itrtnk.
Local Agents.
Opposite Kailrnad Oepot.
Sunshades In St. Petersburg "at S O'clock
in the Morning."
St. Peterkbuko, Aug. 13. Never with
in the memory of the oldest inhabitant
has such intolerable heat prevailed in
outhern Russia, Deaths from sun
itroke occur daily. For the last ten davs
the thermometer has never registered
less than 143 degrees at noon. One day
it was 13J in the shade. Out of reach of
artificial irrigation all vegetables are
parched and withered. The long scorch
ing days, unbroken by even a passing
thunder storm, succeed each other with
perfect regularity. Even alter sundown
there is no breeze, and the nights ore so
sultry that Bleep is impossible. A sun
shade is necessary at 6 o'clock in the
morning. On one day alone twenty-one
lisps of bites from rabid tlogs were re
ported at the station and thirty-eight
cases of hydrophobia wero treated by
Pasteur's system of inoculation.
A Great Kuilroad.
Not long ago Mr. George II. Daniels,
the general passenger agent of the New
York Central & Hudson River railroad,
in extending an invitadon to foreigners to
visit this country, directed their attention
to the fact that the United States of
America is tho greatest country on earth,
peopled w ith 00,000,000 of the most civil
ized and enterprising people ontbeglobe:
that the New Yoik Central railroad is
tho greatest railroad on eartli the only
four-track road in the world; that it is
started from the largest city on the con
tinent, passed through the richest and
most prosperous region, touching the
largest cities in the interior ; is the great
trunk line and direct route to that great
cataract, Niagara. Falls, and that in all
respects its reveals more of the resources
and riches of America in less timo, with
more safety, and under more luxurious
conditions than any other routo. There
is much in the above not only for foreign
ers, who want to see this country under
favorable conditions, but for our ovn
restless and moving people. The New
York Central & Hudson River railroad
is the outgrow th of a luxurious and pros
perous civilization and one of its greatest
engineering triumphs. As is well-known
it is the only line from the west to New
York that lands its passengers in that
city without ferrying them across the
North River. Its spacious and magnifi
cent station in the heart of the city has
been for years not only the pride of New
York, but a lasting monument to the
foresigbted liberality ond enterprise of
that great organizer and founder of the
.New York Central & Hudson River rail
road system, Commodore Vanderbilt.
The limited trains of this line are the fin
est in the world, and its general accom
modations for the traveling public areonly
known and appreciated by that large
portion of it who have been over the line
and enjoyed them. Detroit Free Press.
Santa Pe, New Mexico.
Wm. W. CRIFFIN, - President
PEDRO PEREA. Vice President
R. J. PAL EN, - - Cashier
econc! National Bank
Uoes a general banking buelues and solicits patrons of the pobtle.
L. SPIEGELBERft. Pms. . W. G. SIMMONS. Cashier
Fulton :-: Market
West Side of Plaza.
Poultry, Oysters, Fish, Game, Butter, Eggs and all kinds of Froitt
aud Vegetables.
A leu all kluds of l-roduce nought and sold on Commission.
and rlausage always 00 haud.
Kansas Cltr
We Sell for Cash and Buy for Cash
Undertaking Establishment!
Das opened Ms rooms nn Ilrldjre Street, nas a Ml stoek and wilt fnrnlsfc an. -thing
required at reasonable rates. gtfOi tiers attended to Day or Mgltt.-l '
Long Established
Feed, Sale, Exchange Stable
Males made for Carriage and Ritlrns; nnrses, Ltv Stark 'and Vehicle
Doard and Care r..r Horses at KeasuaaUiJ Kales. Sole Agent for Co
luiultu, Okit. Wa-S7 to. KAMA. ITS, M. M.

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