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VOL. 2(5.
NO. 148
utj rtrw,i'ltl""' mutt
it) ftttttlrt
iiiiii as! Walcli RBpahmi Fro
Ht.ur unit 1'tttior.v.
felegraphic Tidings
& Fancy Groceries
Specialty of Hay, Oral.. n4 li(e;SH!;Sl,,d
for sitlc :st lowest limrlci't prices. I li titiest iiiiuhliiuki
Oroici-ieH, l-r-fi delivery to my Custom-is.
r .
Imported and Domestic.
Wunufaeturer of
Mexican Filigree Jewelry
Waimarantre full satisfaction in thisspflci.il branch, ol ewmislta Mex
ican art . All jwrsoiw visiting our establishment will be shown toe
specimens o mia ww
Sun l'Yantlwo Street
Santa Fe, S. M
u. i;
Successors to II. Jl. CARTWRIGHT & CO.
.., ,..,.hH.a the Grown- stork of Reaser Brothers and combined the ttwJu,
uavli .ur ha.d W'j, t-nJ UlT.,ost RUd most complete clock of
Fl Sill
t il Fan hub
lVt vnrry lUe linont lino i
riving, the best Flour, PotBto, Creamery
i or i;uiiieciiuiiif i-wiv
Umt clKHit ISnkory,
ha i.Himnaffe In the
veli;oiu all imw ouea
.... t I ii itml !uMv Hi
.....YJr .... I'l-mlm;- IhHt tito mitl kflsHll'.
, i,,. " .-m ". ' cake...
VV.nfc c m. ' V J- r..t'"- for fl...ir Ke
lliauHiiu ""' "' ' ....,,,, f the .auie and
jrum i v "
Coifitiititially yours,
aner & Haffner,
Queensware and Glassware.
e earn the Latest .nul Best Aj-ortmcnt Of Furniture in
a m n nn P ON LV. AIho t!. lrt,ii hu, f..r c ?h direct
ore a rnivt on easy iiayuieuw. liauauu
from tli fiicloiy.
Waimiix-.ton, Auu. 13. Tho sbito le
partniont in a.ivi.soil tlint (lulpatos to the
ronlViPtice of the United .Stales ami the
republics of Mexico, Central and South
America, Huvti, -an limnin'O and the
empire of llrazil, have been apjjoiiited by
the Argentine Reimblic. Bolivia, Brazil,
t (iiiiatia. I'eru, Chili, Costa
Kirn, Ecuador, l'iayti, Honduras, -Mexico,
Nicaragua, Salvador, San Domingo, I ru
guav and Venezuela liave accepted the
invitation to take part but have not sent
tho names of their delegates as yet. The
conference, meets in Washington liexl
October. Tlie delegates named by 1'retii
dent Harrison were John K. Henderson,
of Missouri ; Cornelius Bliss, of New York ;
Win. I'inknoy Whyte, of Maryland;
Clement Stndebnlier, oi Indiuna; C. Jef
ferson Cooliilge, of Massachusetts; Will
iam Henrv Trescott, oi South Carolina;
Audro.v Carnunie.of 1'eiinsylvaiiia ; John
K. C. Tit kin, of Louisiana; Morris M.
Kstee, of California, and John Hanson,
of (ieoivia. Uf these Mr. Whyte has
declined to berve,' owing to the pressure
of business engagements, and Mr. l'itkin
has beeu atipointed minister to tue Ar
gentine Republic.
The Free Leml jjut!on.
lFNVi:n, Auk. 14. The Evening Times
sava editorially ; "The Kl I'aso oi South
wcsteru Mining atsociation, of Kl i'aso,
Texas, indirectly accused Uen. A. J.
Sampson, of this city, recently appointed
United States consul to I'aso del Norte,
Mexico, with having made a speech at
the lato meeting of the chamber of com
merce and board of trade, of this city, in
which the question of the importation of
Mexico lead ores was considered, and ol
uttering sentiments w hich lie should not
The facts are CJen. Sampson was not one
of the speakers of tho evening at all, but
was present as he should have been to
hear what was said upon the question,
and we doubt not had ho been in iil i'aso
yesterday lie would have attended that
meeting to hear the other side. When
called upon to speak he refused to do so.
assigning ns the reason his olVcial posi
tion and tho fact that he would bo culled
upon as the United States consul toolti
cially deal with the whole question then
Gen. Sampson Tvill leave hero on the
23d instant to take charge of the consul
ship at I'aso del Norte.
A New Weiern Knllway.
Sait Lake, Aug. 14. The Wyoming
Salt Luke & California railroad is being
rapidly pushed between this city and the
east. Contracts are to he let for grading
to the summit this week. The road has
had a hard row to hoe because of the
Union Pacific's hostility, and every move
mado bv the neiv road is eugerly watched
by the Union I'aciiic soas to checkmate
il if possible. However, the Wyoming.
Salt Lake & Caiilornia people are quietly
Moating their bonds, notwithstanding the
opposition of the Union 1'acilic. The line
will be built and completed to the Nevada
lino by next spring.
The saints see here a fi no opportunity
to colonize voters In Salt Lake, and
Ueorge Cj. Cunnon has ottered the four
principal promoters of the scheme $10,00i)
each if ihey will let the contract to grade
from hero to the summit to a Mormon.
But the managers realize what this would
mean and refuse to be bribed. They will
let the contract to a Gentile, and Gentiles
will be brought in to work on the road.
George Q. Cannon offered to lloat if 1 1",
000 worth of stock if they would elect
him a director, but. they failed to see it.
Will Start a Draert (IhiIi.
Salt Lake, Aug. 14. A Colorado syn
dicate, composed of W. C. Lathrop, V.
H. Bisby, Riddle, Henry Menks, George
Uoodier, Ed Callaway (of Callaway Bros.
Dingwell, of Denver,), Cal. Davidson,
G. Kendrick, Ed II. Cook and Charles
Blair, have secured, under the desert
land net, 10,00U acres of choice land at
Green river station, Utah, on the Denver
& Rio Grande Western railway. The land
lies just across the track from the Palm
er houso, and extends to the Green
river. The gentlemen have been advised
that a good supply of water can be had
bv constructing a ditch from a point
twenty-rive miles np in tho Green river.
This will cost iHU.uu i and wnen complet
ed will give water enough to supply the
whole tract.
They propose to divide the land into I
forty-acre plots, and to sell at a very low I
figure. Must of the party came on to
Salt Lake with a view to investing in
realty here. The party were just a train
ahead of tho ono that was held up re
cently, and had the robbers struck thuu
thoy "would have made a rich haul.
The Forests A lire In Oregon,
Portland, Ore., Aug. 14. A forest fire
is raging in Washington county, only
about fifteen miles from this city, Peo
ple living near Cedar Mills are hastening
into the open plains. The road from this
city to that place is lined with flames and
is no longer passable. Several farm
houses and barns have been burned with
their contents, and the total loss will be
heavy. The air for miles around is full
of smoke and cinders, and burning
brands are falling in showers. A dense
pall of smoke also hangs over Portland.
There has beeu no rain for two months
and the whole country is as dry as tin
der. Small fires are reported in many
directions and much greater damage is
comotive engineers and other irain i.-ien.
Labor organizations m- reqnesten to
give similar information in regard t am
insurance project they either have now or
have had in operation. They are lurtlier
asked it' their order insists upon any rules
of apprenticeship and lor the length of
time a fireman or brukemun must serve
before promotion.
The orgaidations are also asked
whether there is any recognition made of
tho grades of service of engineers and
conductors, and whetner promotion to be
foreman and like positions in shops are
made by promotion or by brinoiu men
from the outside.
New Mexico Nut Included in the l.lst of
Agricultural ExjjB' Itnentnl Siallufx.
The Thompxiin Spring. Mtohbera.
Dknvkii, Aug. lli. A telegram dated
Moab, Utah, was received here tu-day
from officers in pursuit of the Thompson
springs train robbers. Moab is on the
Grand river near the Coloiado Hue. and it
is supposed that the lohL-ers are headed
lor the San Jir.n country. This lends coloi
to the belief that the gang who committed
the robbery are the same men who made
a descent upon tho Tell uride bank in broad
daylight some six w eeks since and curried
oil' what money they could lay their hand.
upon. Tho descriptions of the two gangs
also tally in many important particulars,
and it is altogether probable that they are
the same.
A numberof theRio Grande company's
special agents were sent down into the
li.iiin country this morning in the hope of
heading oil' the Hoeing robbers if possible.
With these men ahead of them and Mar
shal Frank's bloodhounds behind them
there is little hope for their escape if they
are in that sectiot. of the country.
The liraro Gone Dry nml the runs City
Wrestling wiilt Hunt LlneM.
El Paso.ms were muchly worked up
yesterday morning w lieu informed that
water had been shut oil from all places in
tho city except hotels and saloons. It
was generally known that there was hut
little water in the Rio Grande. Still the
public gave but little thought to the sub
ject, being confident that their friend the
Rio Grande would supply all the water
needed. But their confidence was mis
placed. The great international Btream
that has been made famous in song and
poetry is a stream no longer. The bed
of the river is there ; but that is all. The
wuter has been taken out by those above
us. Yesterday morning a Times reporter
met Mr. Watts, superintendent of the
waterworks, and askei him -what he
intended to do. Mr. Watts said.
"This is a hard question. We are dig
ging for water in the bed oi the river and
have gone dow n fifteen feet without any
encouraging results. 1 thought the seep
ago would be suilicient to supply us for
several weeks; but 1 do not find it so. In
tho morning I suppose wo will find it
necessary to shut oil' all water, except the
supply to the lire plugs. I do this for the
protection of our property owners, for
should we get left without water, all fire
insurance policies would be canceled.
But it is my opinion that w e w ill not have
to resort to such extreme measures, as 1
believe that wo will Ibid plenty of water
a little further down."
This illustrates the great necess'ty ot
having a reservoir for the storage of the
Hood waters of tho Rio Grande. The gar
dens and orchards in and around El I'aso
are parched and dried up. In the valley
below El Paso the people nro actually
sutlering for water fi domestic purposes
At Ysleta, those w ho are not so fortunate
as to have weels and w ho car not borrow
from their neighbors, are drinking the
vile stulf left in pools in the bed of the
river. Those residing immediately !n the
town of Ysleta, who hare no wells, are
supplied from a public, pump, sunk hj
County Commissioner Max Schutz.
Over in Juarez the people are drinkinu
the brackish water from the wells and
pumps sunk to a d, stance ol eight feet
El Paso Times, Kith.
Dr. George Vasey, chief botanist rep
resenting the department of agriculture,
arrived in Santa Ee a few days ago on i.
mission which has long interested a great
many of the New Mexican's readers.
As heretofore stated, ids mission was foi
the purpose of locating tho government
agricultural experimental station iVr
which it was long ago announced con
gress had provided, granting an appro
priation of $15,000 to each of the states
and territories. It seems now, however,
that a great blunder has been mad?, and
that, as usual, the territories will be Icfi
in the lurch. The following is sent out
from Washington in the press dispatches:
"Eirst Comptroller Matthews lias deci
ded that the' appropriation of Si;(!:j,0uo
made for agricultural experiments sta
tions can be used for the benefit only of
ihe stations for which tho estimates were
made, namely, $15,0J0 each for stations
in each of twenty-nine states and the ti r
ritory of Dakota, at agricultural depig
ment, and that no part of the appropi;a
i ion can be Used in tho establishment of
such stations in anyof the territories with
the exception of Dakota, that being the
only one included in the estimates upon
which the appropriation was based."
Dr. Vasey is at present in tho Mesil a
valley, where ho went to look over the
field there with the view of selectingasite
for tho New Mexico station, under the
impression that tho flu.UUU from the
national treasury was available for this
and ull other territories.
There are now forty-six agricultural
experiment stations in the United States,
emploving over ii7o trained men iu the
prosecution of experimental inquiry. The
government appropriates ubout ii(iU0,U.jU
a year for the carrying on of this work,
ido.OOO being paid to each state. It is
really a most unfortunate circumstance
Hint "the territories are to bo left out just
at tliis vital period in the agricultural his
tory of the west.
.. A Scrap of Paper Haven Her Life.
It was just an ordinary scrap of wrap
ping paper, but it saved her life. She was
in the lust stages of consumption, told by
physicians that she was incurable and
could live only a short time; she weighed
less than seventy pounds. On a piece of
w rapping paper she read of Dr. King's
New Discovery, and got a sample bottle;
it helped her, she bought a large bottle,
it helied her more, bought another anil
grew better fast, continued Its use and is
now strong, healthy, rosy, plump, weigh
ing 140 pounds, tor fuller particulars
send stamp to W. H. Colo, Druggist, Fort
Smith. Trial bottles of this wonderful
discovery free at C. M. Creamer's drug
31 K A !f At
U I!ai 15.
Kta e: i ii ;i ill
ree i eweiers
Carry the largest and rlch
Oflt usftortiuent of jroous to he
found at any jioint In the
nouthwest. Native Opals,
VaTRju Garnota nml Tur
quoirix in itrtml variety. Wu
employ only Datlvo work
men, aud inrite gtruncerfl hi
Opp. Gov. Prince's
Mg s" urn:
to our workAbopa f'ia-
monrir!, American WitCher?,
Sflrfm-rf, Clock nml O li
cut ironU bUo a eprojfttt.v
Tl.eonlf place in Snnta
i lit re a tiue WHloh 6uj t
repaired proper! f.
New Mex1i-
Are You Looking
For a place you can cull home? You lire tired, perhaps, of "quarter
section farming," even though broa, i acres of the fairest portions of
Uncle Sams' domain yettmpt ,on to change your base of 0 "orations
further west. Ten .twenty, thirtt or forty acres of I!:o Grande, valley
land will furnish y.iu an ample and ariod arena for the d:sp!ty of mus
cular ability, w bile comuiMii sense, taste nnd a modest capital will in
three or four years produce results eminently satisfactory to a man who.
to a laudable desire for a reasonable pP' uniary return for his latxir, car
ries with it a purpose that the balance of bis days shall, with family,
be spent amid pleasant an'l healthful HUrround jigs. With thew re
marks, point we to
He must be blind indeed who can not see that it is a most favored suc
tion. Reekers after health, profit and pleasure, after a thorough search
from the lakes to the Pacific coast are finding their El Dorado in New
Mexico; and to these new comers, as well as to everybody else, the
i WMi m
Bayaril-Cljim-r .Nuptial.
Washington, Aug. 14. The rumor to
the cll'ect tl at the long-talked-of marriage
between ex-Secretary of State Bayard and
Miss Clvmer would take place at the home
o( the bride-elect iu this city on Monday,
the 12th, is entirelv without foundation,
as the wedding will not bo solemnized
until autumn. The ceremony will most
probably bo a verv quiet home alfair, as
the family of the bride is seriously op
posed to all publicity in the matter and
has made strenuous efforts to keep all
mention of the engagement out oi print.
Rev, Dr. Leona-d will olliciate, and his
return to Washington from his vacation
is not expected before tho middle of Sep
tember. Itavogeg of Texaa Fever.
Clahendon, Tex., Aug. 14. A large
number of fine cattle have died here or
the open rango from splenic or Texas
fever, cause l.v a herd of Southern yiar-
lings being turned loose on the range.
Some of the finest milch cows and thor
oughbred bulls have died and many others
are expected to die, as the weather is hot
and dry.
The loss falls, heaviest on the farmer or
small stockman who has but a few head.
The large ranch owners do not suffer
so badly, as they have their best stock in
separate pastures
Several southern herds have passed
through the ranges below here, leaving
the germs of devastation in their tracks.
Silver City wants a kindergarten.
Tho Las Vegas Optic clamors for a
cemetery in its town.
It is reported the Uio Grande is almost
dry south of Socorro.
Albuquerque and Socorro have selected
lands for the location of the university
and the school of mines respectively.
It is said Col. J. Frank Chavez will
shortly pay his respects to the so-called
editor of u certain morning sheet pub
lished in Albuquerque.
It is rumored that Ex-Receiver Brown,
of the Las Cnu es laud ollice is figi.rl g
on a big contract on tho new railroad lrjiu
Demiug into old Mexico.
Johnny Gillett informs the Silvor City
Enterprise that he has a corn crop of
about twenty-live acres, which he is satis
fied will yield from it) to 70 bushels per
acre. This crop has been raised w ithout
irrigation, and is now being plowed for the
fourth time.
Geo. Tice, the old reliable, came in
from Tom Catron's coal bank yesterday.
George drives the only team in Uio Ar
riba county that old bruin can't
inaninulute. although both horses show-
plainly the imprints of bear claws and
teeth. Chamt Northwest.
The New Mexico Territorial Farmers al
liance was instituted at Santa Fe on Mon
day, July 23. There were representatives
present from Lincoln, San Juan and Col
tax counties. This organization at present
embraces a membership of about 1,500 in
this territory. The next meeting oi the
territorial alliance will be at Albuquerque
on the second Monday in November.
On the occasion of the marriage of Sir
Thornton Williams and Lady Lula Con
nors on August 7, at the Hotel de White
hill, handsome invitations were issued to
the bar and press. The ceremony was
performed in Judge Lucas mostcharmnig
manner, the sheriff giving aw ay the bride
with the grace of a knight, but hanging
on to the bridegroom to the fullest extent
of the law. The bride wore a dress de la
irons tent with a long flowing gravel
train, and the groom a smile, short waisted
Prince Albert and pants cut a la narrow
,,,, at tlm linpn. The bride hasalrealv
left on a wedding tour. The groom t till
lingers in the jail. Silver City beutn.e
ert9nds a cordial greeting, and invites a careful and thorough inspection
Some 2,0t)0 acres of which are subdivided and platted into ten and twen
ty aero blocks ft'rom which incomes can be produced equally as greut, ii
not greater, than the average farms of eighty and l'JO acres in the west
ern and northwestern states), and ail w itlun a radius of ono and oae
baif miles of the railroad depots at
Some of iheso blocks are cultivated, or have bearing orchards and vine
yards ; others not. Some have tasteful and modern cottages upon them ;
iu others Nature has undisputed dominion. It's merely a question of
choice and money although tho latter does not cut such a figure as
one might suppose in these days of booms ; and our "long tei in pay
ment and low intei-ent" plan often adds a little spice to a transaction to
one w ho has an eye to tho future. Warranty deeds given. Write or
call for plats and circulars. Command ub for cBTTea or uiW win
tesies within our power to giva.
j. k. Livingston! vaTpatteii & metcaifi
Local Agenrs,
Oppnltt KaHrnml Itopnt.
Cenoral A Rent,
Over !!l National Hank.
Santa Fe, New Ieioo.
infmtTKiiM ii jubiUM ,K
San Francisco Street,
I ,se i.rtl Bcst and most Complete Stock ol General Merolianlse
curried Ut Use entire South-west.
The isnrllngton fltrike Not In Vain If It
Lead to Intelligent Inquiries.
Deelilon by the Lovnl. Land OIBce on
5I1h8 Cooper'a I're-erautlun,
Washington, Aug. 14. The inter state
commerce commission has sent circulars
to various general managers of railroads
and organizations of railroad employees
asking them to co-operate with the com
mission in securing information bearing
upon the relations between the railway
corporations and their employes. Tlie
railroads are requested to state if an in
surance fund or guarantee fund of any sort
is provided for employees on which they
have a right to draw in caseof sickness or
accident, or from which payment may be
mado to their families in case of death.
Where such fund exists full informal ion is
asked, its mode of operations, the r gth
of time it has been m existence, a. i the
feeling in respect to it on the part of the
The' railroads are also asked if they pro
vide eating or lodging houses or reading
rooms for train men when away from
home, and also if any provision is made
for technical education in shops.
Each railroad is further requested to
state whether or not there is any recog
nized system of promotions in its service
whereby it may be expected that the men
will be "induced to labor for marked efli-
.Irw'f n1f- if tVinra am ortir emii1 h1ab
" PtffcVV iW Kjrn i force t l"a"8 the competency of lo-
The local U. S. land olfice to-day ren
dered another decision in the last of the
Cooper contest cases. This was the
case of the United States against Katie
Cooper, daughter of J. W. Cooper, whose
case was decided yesterday. Miss Cooper
made a pre-emption filing in he own
name for 1 GO acres of land near her
father's place on the upper Pecos. The
land is covered with valuable pine timber,
but Is also rich farming land. About two
years ago Timber Agent Virden investi
gated Miss Cooper's claim and renortedto
the genera) land ottice that the law was
being violated by tho Coopers in taking
timber from the land and that the filing
had been made forthepurposeof securing
the valuable timber and should be can
celed. The commissioner of tho general
land office held the entry for cancellation
and ordered a hearing to determine the
character of the claim and the land. The
hearing was held at the local land ottiL'e
last summer, but their being no receiver
here the decision has been delaved.
The decision just rendered sustains the
nre-enintion filing of Aliss Cooper, and
recommends tho dismissal of the con
test, holding that the improvements
nlnced unon the land by the claimant are
shown to bo for more valuable than the
timber cut and removed therefrom; that
tho timber cut and removed has been
taken from land which was being pre
pared for cultivation, ami, therefore was
not unlawfully cut and removed.
Wm. W. GRIFFIN, - President
PEDRO PEREA, Vice President
R. J. PALEN, - " Cashier
The Second National Bank
Ue a general hankliiR liimOifcs and eollelt patronage of tho public.
Fulton s-: Market!
West Side of Plaza.
Tke Ckil BeoMB for the peat n
eess of Hood's atrsaparllta is found in th
article lucll. It Is merit that wins, and th
fact that nood's Sarsaparlllii actually ac
complishes what ts claimed for it, is what
has irlven to tills mediclue a popularity and
tale creatcrthan that of any other iarsapa
an ulnis rllla or blood purt
Merit WinS fier before tuepubuc
Hood's SanaparlUa cures Scrofula, Salt
Rheum and all Humors, Dyspepsia, Sick
Headache, Biliousness, overcome. That
Tlnwl Feeling, creates an Appetite, strength
inn the Serves, builds up the Whole System.
liood'e HnmaparlllB Is sold by all drufr
rlits. f,slxforW. rreparedby&LH9
4 OOm AjMUec-rW- towall, UaM.
Poultry, Oysters, Hst, Game, Butter, Eggs and all kinds of Trait.
and Vegetables.
Aioo all kicl of l'rodaee bought ami nol.l on CmnralMloB. . Cltr
and ttaiiNage alwaye on hand.
We Sell for Cash and Buy for Cash
Undertaking Establishment!
Ha opened hU rotrnin on Urirtpte Street. Hna a full otoek and wl fornUh My:
tnlnif required at teaaouable rate. ey-uuir .iiu. .
Long Established
Feed, Sale, E
xchange Stable
Sate made for Carriage nnd nilnc tlnrw, tire 8telc and VebiolM
Hoard and Care f..r Horse at UeawMutlaU UattM. Snl Arent for Co
liuanu, Otaiw, UutfJ Va. aVAJIXA VSt M VU

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