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VOL. 29.
NO. 20N.
The beit and cheapest article ever introduced to the public for expedi
tiously and brilliantly polishing knives. Knives cleaned on it present the
appearance of new cutlery. No friction, no wear, no injury, no dust,
Catron Block
Santa Fe New Mexico
Designated Depository
R. J. PALE32, -
Wilts, Lips ill mm
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poses a Specialty,
Catron Block - Santa Fe. N. M
Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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September. For terms apply to BRO. BOTULPH, Pres.
S 1858 :
San Francisco Street,
General Merchandise.
Largest and Most Complete Stock of General Merchandise
Carried in the Entire Southwest.
Santa Fe
The Mesilla Valley its Garden Spot !
Santa Fe, N.
of the United States.
Vice Resident
- Cashier
: 1893 :
New Mexico
Choice Irrigated Land (Improved
The World's Fair Buildings to Bo
Turned Over to the National
Graat Parade of National and State
Troops The Program of Exer
cisesThe Ode Religious
C'micaoo, Oot, 21. The quadrioenten
nial anniversary day of America's dis
covery was ushered in with the booming
of oannons, with the raising of flags and
with all the ceremony due the great day.
It is the second of Chicago's pnblio holi
days and the climax of its week's festivi
ties. Never in the history of the Garden
City has so great a throng been within its
boundaries, and never has it sheltered so
vast a host of prominent men, repersent-
ing every state in the Union, the nation
and every civilized oountry on the face of
the globe. The civio parade of yesterday
pales into insignificance beside the great
pageant which is moving through the
great thoroughfares of the World's fair
The one effort of the director-eeneral
and his aides has been direoted to lessen
ing the crowd which will throng into the
manufacturers' building to listen to the
services. If two-thirds of the invitations
are aocepted, there will be over 100,000
there. To avoid this awful crush, all
those not using their invitations will be
given free admission on the opening day
in May.
1 he crowd has, however, been stream
ing to the ground sinoe an early hour
tins morning anu as me train lacunies
are announced to be but 7,500 an hour at
present, it will be seen that the visitors
will not all get there till very late in the
The troops that are taking part in the
parade to-day have been quartered dur
ing the night in the Electricity building
and in the annex to the Transportation
The military procession will form near
the Auditorium on Michigan avenue, and
will proceed as follows:
Joint Committee on Ceremonies of the World's
Columbian Commission snrt the World's
Columbian Kxnniillinn.
The Director-General of the World's Columbian
nxpoimon ana me (resident or the Cen
tennial Commission of 1876, at Phila
delphia, and the Director-General
The President of the World's Columbian Com
mission ana tne rresiaeat of the
World's Columbian KTnnitltlmi
The Vice-President of the World's Columbian
commission ana tne vice-president of
the World's Columbian Exposi
tion. The Secretary of State and Secretary of the
ireu.ury, ui nocremry 01 war ana
tha Attorney-General of the
United States.
The Postmaster General and the Secretary of
the Navy.
The Secretory of the interior and the Secretary
Tbe Supreme Court of tha United States.
Speaker of the House of Representatives and
the Mayor of Chicago.
Ex-President Hayes; Escort John Sherman
and Lyman J. Gage, ex-President of
the World's Columbian Expo
sition. Thomas F. Bayard a id W. T. Baker, ex-Pres-ldent
of the World's Columblea
The Senate of the United States, headed by
the President pro tern.
The House of Representatives.
Thu Army of the Uulted States.
The Navy of the United States.
The Governors and their Staffs of the States
and Territories of the United States.
Ex-Cahlnet Office.
The Orators and Chaplains.
Commissioners of foreign Governments to the
World's Columbian Exposition.
Consuls from Foreign Governments.
The World's Columbian Commissioners, head
ed by the second, third, fourth and
fifth vice-presidents thereof.
The Board of I.ady Managers, headed by the
President thereof.
One woman to represent each one of the
thirteen original States.
Board of Directors of the World's Columbian
Exposition healed by the second vice'
president thereof and the Di
rector of Works.
Board of Management of the Uulted States
Government Exhibits: the depart
ment chiefs.
The Staff OfflceM of tho Director of Works.
The City Council of Chicago.
This procession, escorted by United
States cavalry and light artillery, will pro
ceed south on Michigan avenue to Twenty-ninth
street, where it will receive the
vice president.of the United States, after
which it will proceed south on Michigan
avenue to Thir ty-fifth street to Grand
Boulevard, thence to Washington park,
where it will be formed in parallel lines
on the west side of the parade grounds of
the park.
When forming at the Auditorium, the
mounted troops that are to act as escorts
to governors of states and territories, and
will aooompany them from the Auditorium
to Washington park, will take their posi
tion in rear of the staff of the governor
whom they escort, and when the line of
march is taken up, will proceed in their
proper position.
The national and state troops will have
been formed in the meantime by brigades
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ainmonia; No Alum,
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard
and Unimproved) attraotiTUly
in line of masses on the east side of the
field at Washington park. As the vice
president approaches the ground, the
president's salute will be fired, and on his
taking his position opposite the centre of
the line, the commands will ohange direc
tion by the left flank, forming oolumns
and pass in review in the usual order, ex
cept that the distance in column will be
that in mass. The "present" by the com
mand and the ride around the line will be
dispensed with, owing to the limited
time. The troops havinrr passed in re
view, will then become the escort of honor
for the entire prooession. and it will con
tinuethemaroh via Fifty-seventh street to
the exposition grounds, thence to the
manufacturers' and liberal arts building,
where the troops will take position as
signed them, the officials occupying the
piatiorm prepared for them.
As the vice-president's carriage passes
through the exposition grounds a battery
on the lake front will fire the national
The following program will take place
at the manufacturers' building: At 12:30
o'clock in the afternoon in this building,
the dedicatory exercises will be ooodnoted,
under the direction of the director-general
as master of ceremonies, according to
the following program:
"Columbian March," composed by Prof.
John E. Paine, of Cambridge, Mass.
Prayer, by Bishop Charles H. Fowler,
of California.
Introductory address, by the director
general. Address of welcome and tender of the
freedom of the oity of Chicago, by Hemp
stead Washburne, mayor.
Selected recitation from the dedicatory
odo; written by Miss Harriet Monroe, of
Chicago; musio by G. W. Chadwick, of
Boston; reading by Mrs. Sarah C. Le-
Presentation to the director of works
of the master artists of the exposition,
and award to them of special commemo
rative medals.
Chorus "The Heavens are Telling,"
Address "Work of the Board of Lady
Managers," Mrs. Potter Palmer, presi
dent. Tender of the bnilding on behalf of the
World's Columbian exposition, by the
president thereof, to the president of the
World's Columbian commission.
Presentation of the buildings by the
president of the World's Columbian com
mission, to the vice-president of the
United States, for dedication.
Dedication of the buildings by the
vice president of the United States.
"Halleluiah Chorus," from "The Mes
siah," Handel.
"Star Spangled Banner" and "Hail Col
umbia," with full ohorus and orchestral
Columbian oration, Chaunoey M. De
pew, of New York.
Prayer, by His Eminence Cardinal
James Gibbons, archbishop of Baltimore.
Chorus, "In Praise of God," Beethoven.
Benediotion, by the Rev. H. O. McCook,
of Philadelphia.
National salute.
More free L.and.
Guthbib, Okla., Oct. 21. The Cherokoe
commission has concluded the deal for the
surplus lands of the Kiowa and Comanohe
oonntry after the Indians have been
allowed their allotments, Two million
dollars is guaranteed to the Indians, from,
which they are to receive annually 6 per
oent until the principal is paid. Another
stipulation allows (hem to appeal to con
gress for an additional $600,000, as the
commissioners could offer but $2,000,000.
The land is to remain as it is until April,
1891, muoh of it being leased to cattle
men. The Wichita mountains are not in
cluded in the treaty. The treaty is sub
ject to the consent and signature of a
majority of the Indians and then to rati
fication by congress. The total area of
the reservation is 2,968,893 acres. From
this must be deducted the Wiohita moun
tains, 800,000 acres, and the Fort Sill
military reserve of about 12,000 acres and
allotments to 3,000 Indians of 160 acres
each. This leaves a public domain of
2,276,893 acres subject to settlement, fur
nishing homes for 11,230 families.
New Yobs, Oct. 21. The stockholders of
the Colorado Coal Jslron and the Colorado
Fuel company, at their meeting, ratified
the consolidation of the concerns. The
new company will be known an the Colo
rado Fnel & Coal company: The capital
stook is $9,250,000, of which $5,250,000
will be distributed to the stockholders of
the Colorado Fuel company. The Colo
rado Fuel & Iron company is also to re
ceive 60 per cent in stock of new develop
ment oompany whioh has been formed, to
take over the agricultural and town lot
property of the Colorado Ceal & Iron
Synod After lllm.
Dkmveb, Oct. 21. The Rev. Walter S.
Randolph, pastor of the Westminister
Presbyterian church, is at present being
arraigned before the Presbyterian synod
for oertain heretical dootrines promul
gated from the pnlpit. The youthful
pastor is charged with the utterance that
he did not believe In eternal damnation,
platted, for sale on lng time with
Itlnine on Deck.
New York, Oct. 21. Mr. Blaine was
among tho callers at the national Repub
lican headquarters yesterday. Ho re
mained about on hour canvassing the sit
uation with Chairman Carter and others
and made several important suggestions.
Growing; Worse,
Wasiiincito.v, Oct. 21. There has been
a chunge for the worse in the condition
of Mrs. Harrison and last night she was
weaker than she has been at any time
since her illness began. She is greatly
exhausted and can not turn her head upon
the pillow.
It Wan a '-1,011811-"
Chioacio, Oct. 21. The banquet given
by the Fellowship club, of this city, last
night, wns one of the most notable
events of its kind in the history of the
country. Covers were laid for lGOguests,
including Vice-PreBident Morton, ex
President Hayes, Cardinal Gibbons, the
members of President Harrison's cabi
net, representatives of foreign nntions,
publishers of widely known newspapers
BJid many men distinguished in profes
sional and other walks of life.
Tailed to Reach New Mexico.
Washington, Oct. 21. The most im
portant astronomical phenomenon of the
year was the partial solar eclipse yester
day. The eclipse was visible throughout
the whole of North America, except the
extreme west of Alaska, and that portion
west of a line drawn from the northwest
oornor of California to the north shore of
the Bay of Tehuantepeo, in southern Mex
ioo. As seen from Washington the eclipse
began llli, 12s, a. m. and ended at oh,
57m, 42s, p. m. mean time.
CoNCono, N. H., Oct. 21. The famous
White Mountain Commercial Travelers'
association holds its annual convention
at the New Eagle hot-ol here to-day.
Raleiuh, N. C. The corner stone of the
confederate monument will be laid here
to-day with impressive ceremonies.
New York. New York will to-night
hear the first concert under the direction
of the famous composer, Anton Dvorak.
A new choral work of his own will have
its first rendition.
New York. The German veterans of
the Republican party hold a mass meet
ing in Uormania hall to-night. All the
German Republicans who fought in New
York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New
England regiments have been invited to
The Cicat Columbian Jubilee on To
day the Country Over.
New Yobr, Oct. 21. To-day the Amer
ican republic puts on its holiday garb
and proclaims to the world in a jubilee
of oratory, song and pyrotechnics that it
is Just 400 years to-day since the Santa
Maria and ber two companion ships
plowed their prows into the shallow
waters oft the American coast. The
celebration has its olimnx in Chicago,
whcr the World's fair buildings are
being dedicated, but every city, every
town, every hamlet in the United States
is joining in the jubilee. The school
celebration throughout the country is
uniform and from the rising of the sun
on the eastern coast to the moment it
drops in heavenly grandeur behind the
golden gates of the Pacific, no moment
will be without its echo of the patriotic
voices of America's children, no moment
without a salute to the Americnn flag.
At 9 o'clock to-dny the schools assemble.
At 9:30 a detail of veterans reached the
school building in Maine as in California,
in Dakota as in Louisiana. A color guard
of pupils will meet the old soldiers at
the entrance and eaoort them into the
building. At a given signal the pupils
will gather in the large hall or in the
yard where the exercises are to take
place, and the master of ceremonies will
begin the reading of the president's
proclamation declaring the day a na
tional holiday. As the reader finishes he
announces: "In accordance with this
recommendation by the president of
the United States, and as a sign of our
devotion to our country, lot the flag of
the nation be unfurled above the school."
As the flag reaches the top of the staff
the veterans will lead the assemblage in
"Three cheers for Old Glory." Then at
a signal from the principal the pupils
face the flag and give it the military
salute, saying, "I pledge allegiance to my
flag and the republic for which it stands;
one nation indivisible, with liberty and
justice for all." Then in unison they will
sing, "America," a prayer and an ac
knowledgement of God follows, and the
song of Columbus day will have its firt
rendition in public Then follows the
Columbian address, and after this the ode
by Edna Dean Proctor.
But to-day's celebrations can but be
briefly referred to and a complete record
of them would take up a volume, not to
say a newspapor. Albany's civio and
military organizations are on parade.
Indianapolis has a tremendous parade
under the marshalship of Gen. Carnahan,
the great Knight of Pythias, and Gen,
Fred Knefler, and in the evening it will
enjoy a festival at Tomlinson's hall.
Pittsburg has Gen. J. F. Denniston and
Adit. Gen. McCandless in charge of its
parade, Chattanooga will celebrate with
a grand parade of all the school children.
They will march four abreast down Mar
ket street, and will salute while passing
along this thoroughfare a large United
States flag, that will be hung across.
The exercises proper will take place at
the court house, and in the main will be
those of the official program, In Texas
the day is proclaimed one of thanksgiv
ing by the governor and the celebrations
low Interest. WARRANT DEEDS GIVEN. Write for Illustrated folder riving fall particulars.
are largely confined to the schools of the
state. Baltimorehas a tremendous torch
light parade of Catholic societies of
Maryland in which there are to be thirty
three bands and twenty-one floats.
Twenty-five thousand will be in the pa
rade. The Italiun societies of Washing
ton will also be in line. Thirty-five
thousand are to be in line in the civic and
military parade in Bolton. Wilmington,
Del., will huve two parades, one in whioh
only whites will participate and another
by the colored societies. Nine thousand
children will be in line in Scrnntun at
the unveiling of its monument and ex
Gov. Beaver will probably speak. Wilkes
barre celebrates with parade in the morn
ing and festival in the evening.
Milwaukee's Catholic societies will
parade and a secular celebra
tion will be held in the exposition hall.
The military will also be in line. Brooklyn
hns devoted $20,1X10 to its celebration.
Two great, parades take place, one civic
and military and one by the children of
the Catholic schools. In the evening the
Columbian club give a reception at the
Academy of Musio to Bishop McDonell.
Cleveland has a parade, a ureat meeting
in Music hall and nn interesting flag rais
ing. Toledo has a great parudo and a
mass meeting in which the children of the
public schools will take a prominent part.
Philadelphia's school children parade,
each carrying a flag after which come
exercises in Metropolitan rink. Louis
ville's Catholio societies will parade. And
so on ad infinitum. Night celebrations
with historical addresses are arranged for
in nearly every city in the country. In
New York alone there is apathy, but the
metropolis did its share earlier in the
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