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The Daily New Mexican
"Entnd as Second Class matter at the
Simla i'e Post OiHce.
Daily, per week, by carrier $ 26
Oaily, prr month, 'by carrier I w)
Daily, per month, by mail 1 00
Daily, three months', by mail 2 30
Daily, ail months, by mail 5 00
Daily, one year, l.v iiwi! 10 00
l?o&kly, pr month 25
A'eekly, per quarter "5
VWfy, per six months 1 00
Wnekly, wr Jear 2 00
All contracts and bills for advertising pay
!! monthly.
xiil communication intended forpublica
tioti must be accompanied by the writer's
tiKPe and address not for publication but
na evidence of good faith, and should be ad
dressed to The Kclitor. Letters pertaining to
husiness sboiiM be -Wrssed "
Nmv Mexican Printing Co.,
SSanta Fe, New Mexico.
3PTheNsw MitxicANis the oldest news
paper in New Mexico. It is sent to every
Poet Office in the Territory and has a large
c.id growing circulation among the intelli
gent and progressive people of the south
wst. MONDAY. APRIL 29.
The advertising columnsof a paper are
mi infallible gauge of the enterprise of
the town in which the paper is published.
. The New Mexican is an elegant
paper an honor to Santa Fe, and a factor
in its development more potent for good
than all others combined; yet its advertis
ing patronage is the most beggarly in
the territory. Las Vegas Optic, April
12, 1885.
This Bilver wings are flying on to vic
tory. Kf.bosme, the great artificial elevater
of hired girls, made a notable upward
bound as soon as the Continental com
pany secured control of the oil wells at
Florence, Colo.
The government of Canada is also con
fronted with a treasury deficit of proba
bly $10,000,000. But a Canadian news
paper naively remarks that,'in his speech
for the throne on the re-assembling of
parliament recently, "Lord Aberdeen ex
pressed no uneasiness on the subject.'
Doubtless he has "a mortal cinch" on his
own munificent salary and the people be
"Inquibino correspondent" is hereby
respectfully informed that "Old Bailey" is
t. tie common name of fiewgate prison,
London, one of the oldest and most
sombre looking jails in the world. It was
built about 600 years ngo. It is oalled
"Bailey" because it is a place where crimi
nals are confined who might give bail,
and "Old Bailey"in contradistinction from
the "New Bailey," a modern jail in which
civil offenders who might give bail are
Illinois leads the procession. This is
worth millions of votes to the silver
cause. As long ns Colorado, true and
loyal to the cause though she be, took the
lend in demanding justice for silver the
gold monometallists at the east laughed
at the proposition as one purely in the
interest of the "silver barons," With
Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri,
Kansas, Nebraska and the southern states
now alive to the true merits of the case
this charge can no longer stand.
The official call for the meeting of the
National Irrigation convention appears
elsewhere in to-day's New Mexican.
Every citizen should accord his moral
support toward making this gathering a
great success. It is the first national
convention ever held in New Mexico. It
will serve to bring to the territory a class
of people with whom we must keep in
touch if we hope to prosper, and it will
in many ways serve to give New Mexico
a desirable notoriety that otherwise it
would be hard to secure.
It isn't silver alone that is back of
remarkable uprising among the ma Bees
now witnessed as floating over this coun
try. It is a final settlement the people
are demanding for many wrongs of long
standing, chiefly the outgrowth of Repub
lican legislation, for is it not suoh legisla
tion during the past thirty years that
must be held responsible for the spectaole,
pitiable indeed, that one sees infringing
the rights of citizens on every side?
Under the opeintion of these laws to-day
a hnndfull of men have been able to com
bine, "corner" and now actually control
nil the bread stuffs, sugar, meats and their
products, kerosene, glassware, distilled
nnd malt liquors, ironware, and what not,
consumed by the Amerioau people. Why,
they actually have a combine that regu
lates the price of coffins. This same
legislative methods has debased silver,
dictates the price of lead and copper, and
is now engnged in its final ooup, the or
ganization of a gold trust. Settle the
silver questicn and these wrongs will be
nndone. The people have at last had
their eyes opened to thia fact, hence the
present movement.
Last week we mentioned the fact that
Demetriu Chavez, the Dona Ana county
treasurer, was short in his acoounts to
the oounty to the amount of $11,000 and
that D. P. Carr, of Pinos Altos, the gen
tleman appointed by Gov. Thornton to
investigate the affairs of the Agricultural
college, had recommended that his name
be removed as one of the regents and
treasurer of the college, and now the peo
ple of Pona Ana county want to know
why it ia that the money he has in hand
ia not turned over to the oounty or why
he is not foroed by action of law to pay
up. Binoon Weekly.
The statement that "Mr. Carr had been
appointed by Gov. Thornton to inveeti
' gate the affairs of the Agricultural col-
Miss Delia Steven?,
of Boston, Mass.,
writes; I have al
ways suffered from hereditary Scrofub,
for which I tried various remedies, and
many reliable physicians,but none relieved
me. After taking six bottles of
I am now well. I am very grate- FwSlVi
ful to you as I fee! that it saved me from
a life of untold agony, and --.J
shall take pleasure in BjllgPgi
speaking only words of "Mi 43
praise for the wonderful medicine, and
In rjirnmmQnilinir i. n nil
... ivvvuuuviiuillg i. IV U. a
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailej free. ' V
SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ga. 1
lege'' is not true. It is, however, a fact
that Mr. Cnrr, of his own volition, paid a
visit to Las Crucea recently and as a re
sult he has preferred charges against one
of the regents, Mr. Chavez, which he laid
before the governor and which are now
under executive investigation.
As before stated in these columns, the
chief difficulty in which this institution
is involved grows out of the petty, fac
tional quarrels in the board of regents.
The Lordsburg Liberal puts it well when
it says: "It might be well for the friends
and foes of the past and the present ad
ministrations of the college to remember
that there are people and pnpers in the
territory that desire to see the college
accomplish all that is possible and refuse
to have anything to do with any politi
cal squabble over the institution. Poli
tics has no business in the conduct of the
OftU'ittl Call for I lie Fourth National
Irrigation Congress.
By the authority of the national execu
tive committee, the Fo urth National Irri
gation Congress is hereby called to meet
in the city of Albuquerque, N. M., for the
four days beginning September 16, 1895.
The present year is proving to be the
most remarkable in the history of Ameri
can irrigation. It has seen a wonderful
awakening of popular interest in the
cause throughout the east, resulting in
the organization of most potential forces
for the purpose of co-operating with the
western people; the enaotment of well
considered irrigation laws in eight states,
ana tne creation of administrative sys
tems in five of them ; the recognition of
the pressing nature of the problem by
the departments of interior and agricul
ture, under whose direction a national
board of irrigation has been formed from
officials in various departments of the
Ihese splendid evidences of the trium
phant progress of the irrigation cause
demand a large representative and effec
tive session of the irrigation congress in
181)5. A further reason for such a gather
ing is the fact that the presidential cam
paign of 1896 will beinagurated previous
to the assembling of another session of
this body, and that it is thus neoessary
to formulate at Albuquerque the de
mands whioh . the friends of irrigation
will desire to make upon the great politi
cal parties of the nation.
In view of the nature of the oppor
tunity, a program of extraordinary va
rietv, interest and importance will be
arranged, and it is anticipated that this
session of the congress will be more
widely useful and iniluential than the pre
vious convention at Salt Lake in 1891, in
at Los Angeles in 1893 and at Denver in
1894. The friends of irrigation through
out the United States for to-day the
movement is national in its scope and in
terests should unite in an effort to ob
tain a worthy result at Albuquerque.
In accordance with a resolution of the
Third National Irrigation Congress at
Denver, Colorado, September 8, 1893 the
Fourth National Irrigation Congress will
be composed as follows:
1. All members of tbe national ex
ecutive committee.
2. All members of state and territo
rial irrigating committee.
8. Five delegates at-large, to be ap
pointed by their respective governors,
for each of the following states and ter
ritories: Arizona, California, Colorado,
Idaho, Kansas, Montana,Nebraska, North
Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregoo, South Da
kota, Texas, Utah, Washington and
1. Three delegates at large for each
state and territory not heretofore enumer
ated, to be appointed by the governor
of said states and territories, or in the
case of the District of Columbia, by the
5. One delegate each from recnlarlv
organized irrigation, agricultural and
horticultural societies, and societies of
engineers, irrigation companies, agricul
tural colleges and commercial bodies.
6. Duly accredited representatives of
any foreign nation or colony, each mem
ber of the United States senate and house
of representatives, and each governor of
a state or territory will be admitted as
honorary members.
The use of proxies and the manner of
oasting the vote of delegations will be
regulatod in accordance with a resolution
adopted at Denver and printed on page
98 of the official report of that meeting.
ay order of the national exeeutive com
Signed FrzD L. Alles, Chairman.
Wu. E. Shytbi, Secretary.
Also a oomplete Uufli Glean
ing. aioaingmaSmnmammit.
Is not complete
without an ideal
Combines every element of
beauty and purity. It is beauti
fying, soothing, healing, health
ful, and harmless, and when
rightly used is invisible. A most
delicate and desirable protection
to the face in this climate.
Insist upon having the genuine. I
of .
I FFERS unequaled advantages to the farmer, fruit grower, live
keeper, and to the home
The soil of the Pecos Valley is of high average fertility, and under irrigation produces bountiful crops of
most of the grasses, graius, vegetables, berries and fruits of the temperate and some of those of the semi
tropical zone. In such fruit as the peach", pear, plum, grape, pruua, apricot, nectarine, cherry, quince, etc.,
the Valley will dispute for the pre-eminence with California; while oompetent authority pronounces its
upper portions in particular the finest apple oountry iu the world.
Enormous yields of such forage crops as alfalfa, sorghum aud Egyptian oorn make the feeding of cattle
and sheep and the raising and fattening of hogs a very profitable occupation.
The cultivation of oanaigre a tanning material of great value is beooming an important industry in
the Pecos Valley, a home market having been afforded for all that can be raised, at a price yielding a
handsome profit.
Tha climate of the Pecos Valley has no superior ia the United States, being pre-eminently healthful and
health restoring.
Lands with perpetual water-rights are for sale at low prioes and on easy terms. The water supply of
the Pecos Valley has no equal in all the arid region for constancy and reliability; and ti.is with the superb
climate, productive soil and tbe facilities afforded by the railway which extends through the Valley's en
tire length, will cause these lands to enjoy a oonstaut, and at times rapid, increase in value.
The rocent completion of the Peoos Valley Railway to Bos well will cause the more rapid settlement
and development of the upper portions of the Valley, including the rich Feliz section. The company has
recently purchased many of the older improved farms about Roswell, and has now for sale lands to meet
the wants of all raw lands, partially improved lands, as well as farms with houses, orchards nnd fields of
alfalfa and other crops. Iu the vioinity of lloswell Beveral pieoes of land have been divided into five und
ten acres tracts, suitable for orchards and truck farms in connection with suburban homes. Certain of
these traots are being planted to orohards, and will be cultivated and cared for by the company for three
years at the end of which period they will be handed over to the purchasers. Write for pamphlet fully
describing the terms and conditions on which these several classes of traots are sold.
The stookmen of the southwest will
please take notioe that, in order to meet
the requirements of law, the New Mexican
keeps constantly in stock three forms of
blank bills of sale as follows: Bills of
sale, range delivery; bills of sale, animals
bearing vendor's reoorded brand; bills of
sale, animals not bearing vendor's brand.
Blanks entitled, "Authority to gather,
drive and handle animals not bearing
owner's recorded brand" and "Author
ity to gather, drive and handle animals
bearing owner's recorded brand" are also
always kept on hand at this office. In
order to avoid mistakes or delays persons
ordering blanks should carefully desig
nate which form or forms they want.
Thelan requiring the use of these blanks
or kindred instruments in writing is very
stringent. Persons failing to comply
with its requirements in this respect are
subject to a fine of not less than $50 nor
more than $200 for each offense.
The Greatest Railroad
on Earth
Santa Fe Route!
Teachers and others troiiiir te National
JK.Oui'iUion Atmociatlon inetMiiiK
at ltii ver. In J uly, should remember
that the Manta Ke offers as low rates
us anybody else, with better service.
Speciul inducements to small or large
Through Pullman Sleepers and free
Chair Cars Chicago, St. Louis nnd
Kansas City to Denver. One hundred
miles superb view of Rocky Mouii'
tains between Pueblo and Denver.
Priviltuje of attending Summer
School, Colorado Springs, on return
ljow-rate-excursions into the moun
tains after meeting is over.
For descriptive phamphlets, address
Agt. A. T. A S. F. R. R.
Santa Fe, N. M.
Most Picturesque
Line to Colorado.
Items of Interest By the Wabash
Bulletin No. i.
-The real and personal
property in this
oountry is assessed at
The Wabash Line is the shortest be
tween Kansas City and St. Louis. Ele
gant trains. Finest dining cars service.
The fishermen along our coasts and in
our waters, catch $45,000,000 worth of
fish every year.
The Wabash will ticket you to Chioago,
Toledo, Detroit or any eastern point, nnd
yon will be perfeotly satisfied.
The farmers and stock raisers of this
oountry have live stock valued at $2,208,
767,673. The Wabash runs through Sleepers
from Chioago to New York and Boston.
The total valuation of all the farm pro
ducts of every description was by the
last census $2,460,107,454.
The Wabash runs through Sleepers be
tween fet. Louis and Buffalo, New York
and Boston.
Our savings banks have $1,789,006,705
deposited with them as the snrplus earn
ings of the people. ,
Any ticket Agent will recommend the
Wabash as a strictly first-class line. They
have tried it.
Look out for Bulletin No. 5.
CM. Bahpbom,
Commercial Agent,
Denver, Colored.
who care to pay a little more than the cos.
of ordinary trade cigarettes will find tht
Made from the highest cost Cold Leaf
growu in Virginia, and are
. .
- seeker erenerallv.
Tbe Pecos Irrigation and Improvement Company,
Eddy, N. M., or Colorado Springs, Colo.
(Established ltMLJ
Sole owners an maaufltoturers for
All klndi of JOB WORK doM
Write for Estimates on Work.
Tbe Best Equipped Office in SontbvesL
25c. a Number.
For Sals Evef)wheri.
To roes The Ferum Is te keop In touch
with the test thought el the .
A catalogue of tho writers who hT contributed articles to THE FOKC1W la
the pant would embrace practically every manof eminence In America, and moil
nf IIkiks lii Europe. A ll.t of subject, treated would cover In the wlde.t degree all
topic, of contemporaneous Interest. THK FORUM I. therefore of lne.tlmable valu.
to any ono who desires te keep eloaely In touch with the beat of current thought.
Union Square, New York,
stock raiser, dairyman, bee
Hew Xexloe af the VB.T
flat 1 ororara blank booki
with neatness and; despatch.
The Forum will take up for discussion, during
189S, an unusually wide range of timely and
Important topics by the most eminent writers
in the fields of Politics, Finance, Sociology,
Literature, Religion, Art, and Science.
To without tne Forum Is to mist
tho boot help to oloor thinking.
Farm Lands.
Choice Mountain and Valley Lands near the Foot Us
For the Irrigation of tbe Prairies and Talleys between Raton ant
Springer One Hundred miles ef large Irrigating Canals have
been built These lauds with perpetual water rights are sold cheap and
on the eaey term ef tea annual pajTaonta, with 7 per eent interest.
In addition to the above there are 1,400,000 acres of land for tale, con
sisting mainly of Agricultural, Coal and Timber Lands, The
climate is unsurpassed, and alfalfa, grain aatd fruit of all kinds grow te
perfection and in abundance.
Those wishing to view the lands) eaa seewre fveeial rates on the rail
roads, and will have a rebate alee est the saaas, sf they should buy 160
aorea or mere.
The famous Cold Mining Camps near Elizabethtown and Baldy
are thrown open to prospectors on more favorable terms than locations
on Government land. Mining regulations sent on application.
Daily, four-horse, covered coaches leave Springer at 7 a. m., except
Sundays, for Cimarron, Baldy and Elizabethtown, and leave these point!
every morning, Sundays excepted, for Springer.
The A., T. 8c S. F. and TJ. P. D. & Q. railroads cross thia property.
WARRANTY DEEDS GIVEN. For full particulars apply to
Raton, New Mexico.
Fine line of equipment, dining and chair cars on all trains
between Kansas City and Chicago, ask agents below
for time cards. .
Div. Frt Agt., El Paso, Tex.
All kinds of Rough and Finished Lumber; Texaa flooring at
the Lowest Market Prioe; Windows and Soots. Also oarryoaa
general Transfer Business and deal in Hay and Grain.
entist. Rooms in Eahn Block, over
Spitz' Jewelry Store. Office hours, 9 to
13 a. m.; 3 to 6 p. m.
Attorney at Lav, Santa Fe, New Meiioo.
Attorneys at law, Santa Fe, N. M. Will
practice in all the courts.
Office in Griffin blook. Collections and
searohing titles a speoialty.
Lawyer, Santa Fe. New Mexioo. Offloe,
Catron block.
Attorney at Law. Will praotioe in the
several courts of the territory. Prompt
attention given to all business lntrnsted
to his earo. Offloe in Catron blook.
Attorney and Counselor at Law, Silver
City, New Mexieo. Prompt attention
given to all business intrusted to his eare.
Praotioe In all the eoarts In the territory
To all Points
East, North
South and
Agent, Santa Fe, N. M.
, E. A. FISKE,
Attorney and eonnselor at law, P.' O. Box
"F," Santa Fe, N. M., practises In su
preme and all distriet courts of New Mex
A. A. Fbbxmim, ElhooBaca
Late Asso. Jnstioe N. M. Sap. Conrt.
Attorneys at Law, Socorro, N. M. Will
praotioe in the court's of SooOrro. Lin
coln, Chaves and Eddy coanties. Also in
the Supreme and U. S. Land courts at
Santa Fe.
Attorney at Law. Praotioe. in all terri
torial courts. Commissioner eourt of
claims. Collections and title searohing.
Office with E. A. Flake, Spiegelberg blook,
Santa Fe. '
Territory of Kew Mexioo, County of
Santa Fe. In the Distriot Conrt, 1st Ju
dicial Distriot.
Lillie Buokels, complainant, vs. Charles
Edward Bnokels, respondent. Chanoery
No. . Divorce.
The said defendant, Charles Edward
Buokels, is hereby notified that a suit in
chanoery hss been eommenoed against
mm in tne district court lor the oounty
of Santa Fe, Territory of New Mexioo, bv
said complainant, Lillie Buokels, asking
tor a aiMoiunon or ine Donas of mstri
mony existing between said parties, and
that unless he enter his sppearacoe in
said suit on or before the first retnrn day,
occurring not less than twenty days after
service hereof, if defendant served is a
resident of said judicial district, or on
the first return day ooourring not loss
than thirty days after service hereof, if
the defendsnt served is not a resident of
said distriot, ths first Mondsy of each
month being return day, a deores prooon
fesso therein will be rendered against him.
isiAt.1 Gio. L. Wtllto, Olsrk.
.. B. Renehao, Solicitor for Comp'snt'
Santa Fe, N. M., April 18, 18M.

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