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The Daily New Mexican
C Entered as Second Class matter at the
a e Post Office.
bates or euBscKimoNS.
-Oaily, per week, by carrier $ 25
Daily, per month.by carrier 1 00
Daily, per month, by mail 1 00
Daily, three months, by mail 2 50
Daily, six months, by mail 5 00
Daily, one year, hv nisi! 10 00
Weekly, pir month 25
Weekly, per quarter 75
tVfibify, per six months 1 00
Wackly, per rear 2 00
All contract and bills for advertising pay
able monthly.
a. communication intended forpublicB'
hou must be accompanied by the writer's
aie and address not for publication but
is evidence of good faith, and should be ad
dressed to The Editor. Letters pertaining to
wuanitwf sii'hhu oe t'luresseu
New Mkxioan Printing Co..
Santa Fe, New Mexico.
JW'Tue New Mexican is the oldest news
paper in New Mexico. It is sent to every
Pont Office ia the Territory and has a large
t.iu growing circulation among tue intelli
gent and progressive people of the south
west. MONDAY. MAY 20.
Bountiful rains continue to gladden
the lienrts of New Mexico farmers.
TrtE enterprising people of Albuquer
que are to be congratulated over the very
successful race meet just olosed there.
Albuquerque isn's a metropolis yet, but
it is such energy that makes 'em.
Tue western man is growing in favor
oven with Republicans. Reed is out of
the presidential raoe and Allison nnd Mo
Kin ley stock is rising with old man Cul-
lorn crowding them both. What a pretty
race it would bo with Illinois the battle
ground and Cullom in the field agninst
The summer institutes for Indian
sohool employes, inaugurated last year,
are to be continued this season. Their
material benefits are not to be ques
tioned. The dates for holding these in
stitutes will be as follows: Sioux City,
July I to fi, inclusive; Tacouia, July 21 to
27; El Reno, August 5 to 10.
If anybody thinks Florida county is
not to be on deck at the next assembly,
let them ponder on this from the Doming
Headlight: "Sierra county is the only
one in the territory which is able to pay
dollar for dollar on the bonded indebted
ness which is only a few thousand dollars.
What better argument in favor of small
counties is wanted?" It's true, too.
And now the El Paso press is "scrap
ping" over the dam site afresh, and from
all appearances the people of the town
are just as scrappish. What a pity, and
El Paso hasn't any spot caBh in the on
terprise either. If the dam is bnilt at
all it will be at Rincon, and New Mexi
cans will do it. El Paso can help by
ceasing its selfish prattle right now.
The New Mexican is pettifogging the
proceedings in the Chavez murder trial.
Albuquerque Citizen.
The New Mexican is doing nothing of
the sort. It simply gives the facts as
brought out in the testimony, which is n
method of journalism that the Citizen
can not comprehend. The Citizen to-day
ns ever, stands as an apologist for crime
in New Mexico, hence nobody is sur
prised at the position it takes in dealing
with this scandalous quagmire wherein
some of its lawyer-politician bosses are
so awkwardly floundering.
WEioniNO the subject from the most
impartial standpoint, the New Mexican
violates no confidence in stating it as a
cold fact that "Coin" Harvey came off
first best by far in his debate at Chicago
with Prof. Laurence Laughlin on the free
coinage proposition. The demand for
admission to the debate must have been
a surprise to the goldites who sneer at
the question as "not serious." What a
pity the chairman dismissed the crowd
before a vote could be taken to test the
sentiment of the gathering. It looks like
the gold men were afraid of results,
However, fresh seed has been sown for
the good cause.
The active interest men of science are
of late manifesting in the treatment of
refractory ores and the many practical
experiments they are making to that end
vitally concern the whole mining world.
The results of these timely efforts prom
ise great things in the way of advancing
nnd adding to the profits of the mining
industry; promise to make valuable
thousands of gold and silver prospeots
that are now idle because no one knows
how to extract the precious metals from
their ores at a profit; promise thus to
give constant employment to thousands
of more men and add immensely to the
metallic wealth of the world. Among
the most earnest and untiring of these
scientific experimenters is no less a man
than the jnstly celebrated Thomas A.
Edison. He has been quietly studying
the subject for years and believes that
he has discovered the true way of getting
the gold out of pyrites, anlphurets and
other ref raotory ores, and has bought a
mine in North Carolina) yielding ores of
this class, for the express purpose of
practically testing and proving the value
of hie new method. This lends national
interest to his investment, and his ex
periments will be watohed with drep in
tercet, particularly by the people of the
Roeky mountains. Many of the largest
and (aooording to assays) richest ore
bodies in this great mineral bearing
region are rendered comparatively value
less by the presence of sulphur, antimony,
aine and other refractor materials, and,
if Wizard Edison succeeds in overcom
ing this difficulty by-his new method of
reducing ores and consents to run on a
16 to 1 free silver ooinage platform, he
can count on the suffrages of the west
for any position he may happen to want.
And They all Hurt Lax Oners.
Over half of the editorials iu the last
issue of the Rio Grande Republican are
devoted to Agricultural college affairs.
Subjects for editorial matter must be
scarce in the office of the Republican nnd
the brain fag attendant on writing such
a variety of articles on one subject mnst
be intense. Silver City Eagle.
l.rt'g Have Light.
The New Meiioan wants to know some
thing of the whereabouts of the world's
fair prizes awarded to New Mexico. The
Advertiser would like to know the where
abouts of its miuernl exhibit. It is ru
mored that the beet of it was sold iu
Midway for an average price of 25 cents
for a small sample, and that someone
from New Mexico received all the qnar
ters. The New Mexican should nego
tiate for a few feet of backbone and in
vestigate the affair. Socorro Advertiser.
A Timely folder.
The Santa Fe company has issued a
very neat folder announcing the re open
ing of the Montezuma hotel, at Las Vegas
hot Bprings, June 2!t. This will be a boon
for Las Vegas, as well as all northern
New Mexico; many thousands will visit
from the east during the hot summer
months, who can only speak praises of
our excellent climate and health restoring
waters. Springer Stockman.
I n ion County up to Mini 11'.
The present board of county commis
sioners are making a desperate effort to
curtail and keep the expenses of the
county within its receipts but both the
Demooratio and Republican wolves are
after them red hot and hungry and are
anxious to loot the county treasury by
discounted scrip. A pall on the county
treasurer is now the great object Bought
after by the speculators. But the com
missioners are dead onto the game and
propose to keep them off the different
funds so long as there is a legal chance
for resistance. Clayton Enterprise.
The Artesian Inquiry.
An interesting bnt fragmentary report
on artesian wells in the west, from F. H.
Newell, of the geological survey, is pub
lished this morning. Like some other
people he labors under the impression
that Denver is Colorado. He has not a
word to say about the seven deep artes
ian wells in and around Pueblo, and has
not yet heard of the fine new one at La
Junta and the arrangements for drilling
wells at Rocky Ford and Lamar. Nor is
he aware of the many big ppouters of
pure cold water in the San Luis valley.
However, it is water that the Arkansas
and San Luis valleys want, rather than
wind, and they have it. Pueblo Chief
Read down
2 4
10:20 D S:20a
Head up
3 1
8:00 pl2 :55 a
0:35 pll :55p
3!35 n 8:15 n
Lv... Snnto Fe...Ar
Ar Lamy.....v
I.v Lamy .... Ar
Ar.Xas Vegas... Lv
ll:10p9:10 a1
11:25 p ia
6:35 a 4:45 p
8:05 a 6:10 p
10:50 n 8:55 p
11:00 a 9:15 p
2:45 p 1:40 a
....Trinidad ...
11:59 a 3:35 p
10:15 a 1:35 p
Ar.. La Junta.. .1
7 so aio:io a
6:50a 6:50 n
4:45 a 4:45a
2 :55 a 2 :55 a
6:30 a
8:25 p
11:50 pi 1:50 p
1:35 a 2:05 a
8:58p 9:43p
8:30 p
8:25 p 9:05 p
5:55 p 6:00 p
1:50 p 2:00 p
l:30p l:30p
5:30 a
3:55 a
12:55 a
Lv..I.a Junta., .
Ar. .. Pueblo.... I
Colo. Springs
... Divide
b:u a
Ar.. Cripple Ck..Lv
5:50 p
1 :45 a
(rrand Junction
1 :20 p;
2 ::10 p
5:15 p 4:45 a
6:00 p 3:15 a
11 :16p 9:07 a
ft -an a
Salt Luke City...
Ar....i)gden ....Lv
Ar.... Denver
.. ..Dodge Ulty...
. Rurton
Ar...St Louis. .Lv
li':50'p 9:45 B
Newton .
ToDeka. .
li :uu aiz :io p
i-in a a -in n
6:10 a 5:00 p
Ar. Kansas Clty.Lv
Lv. Kansas City.Ar
6:30a 5:30 p
9-IHn 1 -AH A
.. .f ort Madison
Streator.. .
Jollet. ...
3:58 p 3:03 a
6:52 p 6:00a
:au p i ::ir a
10:00 p 9:00 a
Ar.. . Chicago. ..Lv
Dearborn at. stat u
Read down
1 3
Read np
4 2
10:30 al 2 :55 a
9:40 a12:05a
9:05 all:15p
6:30 a 8:45 p
6:10 a 8:25p
6:00 p
5:41 p
5:10 p
2:45 p
12:50 p
10:10 a
1:15 p
11:40 a
6:10 a 8:15 p
10:20 p 5:40 p
ll:10p 6:30p
12:05 a 7:00 p
Lv... Santa Fe...Ari
Ar Lamy.... I.v
Lv Lamy ...Ar
12 :su a v : w pi
2:10 a 8:48 p
2:50a 9:20 p
nernalillo. .
4:00 a....
6:55 a....
7:17 a....
7:50 a....
10:27 a....
12:40 p....
4:00 p....
11 :50 a....
1:35 p....
LiV.AiDuquerq e.ar
.San Antonio..
.San Marelal..
Ar Rincon Lv
Ar. .Silver City. .Lv
. Las Unices. .
...Rl Paso. ...
2:50 a 9:20 p
3:30a 9:40p
Lv. Albuq uerq'e. Arl
10:05 a 3:35 a!
Uallup. ...
Holbrook. .
112:35 a 2:20p
1:2") i) 6:50 a
east pnitfu a
7:50 p 9:30 a
5:40 p 7:20a
2:25 p 4:30 a
2:55 p 8:10 a
OMU U 10:4:i
8:40 p 1:35 p
Ar. . . Presoott.. .Lv
....The Needles..,
. .San Bernardino,
7:50a 8:50p
12:30p 4:30 u
12:10 a 2:20p
6:30 p 9:35 a
9:20 pl2:45 p
Ar.Lofl Ainreles.Lv
5:00 p 7:00a
10:00 a
5:00 p
Ar..San Diego,. Lv
e:uu p. ...
10:46 a....
ArSan Francli'oLv
The California Limited leaving Santa
Fe at 6:4.0 p. m. is a solid vestibule train
Chioago to Los Angeles and Ban Diego
without change, free chair oars Chioago
to Albuquerque, same equipment east
ward. Only 8S honrs between Santa Fe
and Los Angeles.
The California and Mexico Express
leaving Santa Fe at 10:20 p. m. carries
Pullman Palace andToariet Sleeping cars
Chioago to San Franoisco, without ohange.
The Columbian Limited leaving Santa
Fe at 8:20 is a solid vestibule train to Chi
cago, only 48 hours between Santa Fe
and Chicago, '&2 honrs between Santa
Fe and Kansas City. This train makes
close connection at La Junta, for Denver
and Colorado points. Parlor and chair
nars La Junta to Denver. Time 19 hours
between Santa Fe and Denver. All trains
carry dining oars between Chioago and
Kansas City. Between Kansas City and
the Paciflo coast, meals are served at the
famous Harvey eating honse.
. Close connections are made in Union
depots at all terminals north, east, south
and west. For particulars as to rates,
routes and through tickets to all points
via the Santa Fe Route cull on or address:
H. 8. LTJTZ. Agent
a. T. NICHOLSON, O. P. &.T. A.
City ticket office, First National bank
j .
Notice or (Sale.
Tkbwtoby of New Mexico, ) 63
County of Santa Fe. )
In the District Court of the First Judi
cial District in and for the Connty of
Santa Fe.
In chancery.
The laiuiers Loan and Trust Com
pany, Complainant,
The Texas, Santa Fe &. Northern
Railroad Company, The Santa Fe
Southern Railway Company, Thom
as B. Catron, John Q. Albright, An
sel F. Goodrich, Daniel Cherry and
Henry A. True, oo-partners as Good
rich, Cherry & Co., Ralph W. Scott
and Joseph Whitehead, co-partners
as R. W. Scott fc Co., Lionel D. Sax
ton and Edward F. Browne, oo
partners as Lionel D. Saxton &
Co., Lionel A. Sheldon, Adam J.
Hager, Robert Harvey, Administra
tor of the Estate of P. L. Van der
Veer, deceased, Henry O. Bachelder
and Edward L. Bachelder, surviv
ing partners of the firm of Bachel
der Brothers, Bachelder Brothers,
B. M. Read, George H. Marshall, C.
L. Wheeler, John Burns, A. J. Liv
ingston, D. Livingston, Isnao N.
Stone, Ambrosia Ortiz; Cesaria R.
de Ortiz, Juau B. Luoero, Dolores
O. de Lucero, James B. Orman and
William Crook, co-partners as Or
man fc Crook, Charles H. Gilder
sleeve, The Second National Bank
of New Mexico nt Santa Fe, and
George C. Preston,
Wherens, in and by the decree of the
snid District Court in the above entitled
oanse, rendered on the 8th day of April,
A. D. 18!)S, and duly entered therein, the
sum of $1,160,238.83 was found and ad
judged to be due and payable to the said
complainant, for principal and interest
of the first mortgage bonds issued by the
said The Texas, Santa Fe and Northern
Rnilroad oompony, under the provisions
of a certain deed of trust for the security
of the snid bonds, uinde and delivered by
the said Railroad Company to the com
plainant, and bearing date the I7th day
June, A. D. 1882, and recorded in the of
fice of the probate clerk and ex-ofhcio re
corder of the snid County of Snnta Fe, on
the 18th dny of July, A. D. 1882, in Book
C of Mortgage Deeds, at pages 66 to 70,
inclusive, whereby the said Kailrond
Company conveyed to the said complain
nnt, as trustee, nit and singular the prop
erty, franchises, rights and subject-matter,
particularly described in the said
deed of trust and in the said decree, in
cluding all the right, title and interest
which the said Railroad Company, The
Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad
Company, then hod, or might at any
time thereafter acquire, in or to all and
singular the railroad of the said The
Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad
Company, and also all the other railroads
belonging to, or thereafter to be ac
quired by, the snid Railroad Company,
together with all the lands, tracks, lines,
rails, bridges, ways, buildings, piers,
wharves, structures, erections, fences,
walls, fixtures, franchises, privileges, and
rights or me said Railroad Company and
also all locomotives, engines, tenders,
cars, carriages, tools, machinery, manu
factured and unmanufactured materials,
coal, wood and supplies, of every kind,
belonging or appertaining to the said
Railroad Company; also all the tools, in
comes, issues and profits, arising out of
tho snid property, and all right to receive
and recover the same; also all estnte,
right, titln and 'Interest of the said, The
Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad
Company in and to any and all real es
tnte belonging to the said company; also
all leasehold lands, with buildings there
on erected; also all piers, bulkheads and
water fronts; also all estate, right, title
and interest of the said Railroad Com
pany in any other corporation; it being
inteuded thereby to convey to the com
plainant, under nnd by virtue of the afore
said description, all and every right, title
and iuterest of the said Railroad Com
pany in or to the premises above men
tioned or described, whether as lessees, or
as holders of the stook or bonds of any
other corporation, association or organ
ization, or however suoh interest of the
said Railroad Company may be regarded
in law, or in equity, as subsisting or in
hering in the aforesaid premises, or any
part thereof; it being the true intent and
meaning of the said deed of trust that the
said Rnilroad Company should, and did,
convey to the said oomplainant nil and
nil manner of franchises, of every kind
nnd description, however derived, and
wherever situnte, all and all manner of
real estate, or interest therein, wherever
scch real estate may be situate, and all
and all manner of personal property, of
whatever nntnre or description the same
might be at the date of the said deed of
trust, owned or possessed by the said Rail
road Company, or which might at any time
thereafter during the continuation of the
said trust, bo acquired by the said Rail
road Company, and also all choses in ac
tion, of every kind and description, in
cluding bills receivable, book aooounts,
trnrtic balances, all books of record and
accounts of every kind and description,
all papers, maps, inventions, and docu
ments in any ffise referring or relating to
the property or franchises thereby con
veyed; and also all franchises and proper
ty, and all personal rights or interests in
any franchises or property, of every kind
or description, real, personal or mixed,
and wherever the same may be situate,
that might at any time after the date of
the said indenture be acquired by, or for,
the said Railroad Company; all of whioh
it was thereby covenanted should inure,
by way of accretion, to the benefit and ad
vantage of the said complainant, as trus
tee, and by way of further and better se
curity: And, whereas, in and by the said decree,
all and singular the said property, fran
chises, rights, and subject matter, were
directed to be sold for the satisfaction of
the snid indebtedness, with interest there
on from the 8th day of April, A. D. 1895,
at the rate of six per cent per annum, as
well as of the costs, allowances and ex
penses of the said suit, as mentioned in
the said decree, which bonded indebted
ness, with interest thereon as aforesaid,
up to the 3d day of June, A. D. 1895, will
amount to the sum of $1,170,871.85.
And, whereas, although upwards of
twenty days have elapsed since the rendi
tion and entry of said decree, no payment
whatever has been made of the said prin
cipal indebtedness, or the interest there
on, or any other sums required by the
said dcoroe to be paid, or any part of
either thereof, and they all remain, due and
- And, whereas, in and by the said deoree,
it is, among other things, ordered, ad
judged and decreed that all the snid
premises and property, real, personal and
mixed, rights and franchises, described in
the said decree as aforesaid, wherever
situate, including all and singular the es
tate, right, title, interest, possession,
liens, claim?, nnd demands, in law or In
eqnitv, of, or claimed' by the defendant,
The Santa Fe Mouthetn Railway Com
pany, of, in, or to the) above desoribed
property, subject-matter and premises,
or any part thereof, shU by the under
signed Special Master, thereunto appoint
ed in and by the said decree, be sold as
an entirety, and without an appraisement
or right of redemption, at publio auction,
to the highest bidder th.refor, in manner
and form as hereinafter specified, and
upon the terms prescribed In and by the
said deoree: v .
Therefore, t, the nndersigned, Antonio
Joseph, the said Special Master, noting
under and in pursuanoe of he said de
cree, do hereby give uotico th on Mon
day, the third day of June, A D. 1895, at
12 o'clock, noon, of the said lay, at the
front door of the county oojrt house, in
the oity and county of Sank -Fe, in the
territory of New Mexico, I stall offer for
sale, and then and there eel, as an en
tirety, to the highest bidder therefor, all
and singular the said propery, premises,
rights, franchises and suljeot-matter,
upon the following terms ani conditions:
1. The purohaser, when he property
is struck down to him, shall at once pay
to the Baid Special Maste', on account
of his purohase.the sum of $25,000 in
United States currency, or in such certi
fied draft, certificate or cheek as may be
satisfactory to the said Special Master,
or anv receiver's certificates then out
standing in this cause, at toeir face value,
with accrued interest, or any reoeipts of
the complainant or its solicitors, for or
on account of costs, allowinces, disburse
ments or expenses, taxed or allowed by
the said court, or partly in cash.and part
lv in anv substitute therefor aforesaid.
2. Should the purchaser fail to make
suoh payment at once, the said property
premises, rights, franchises, and subject-
matter aforesaid shall be resold, the court
reserving the rleht to consider suoh re
sale as made on account of said proposed
purchaser, or as an original sale, bnt
whioh sale, nnder suoh ciroumstances,
shall be made at once, and without fur
thor advertisement.
8. The deposit rooeived from the suc
cessful bidder shall be on account of the
purchase price, and such further portion
of the purchase priou shall be paid in
cash, as the oonrt may from time to time
direct, the court reserving the right to re
sell the premises and property in the
said decree directed to be sold, upon the
failure of the purohasr-r or purchasers,
his, its, or their successors, legal repre
sentatives or assigns, to comply within
twenty days with any irder of the court
in that regard. J
4. The remainder! of the purohase
price may be paid either in money, or in
bonds or overdue conpons secured by the
said deed of trust, or the receiver's certi
ficates aforesaid, or by either one or
more of such meats of payment; each
said bond and overdue coupon to be re
ceived for such 6in as the holder thereof
would be entitled to reoeive under the
distribution ordered in and by the said
deoree, and eacn of the said receiver's
certificates to ie received at its face
value, with acored interest.
5. Within thifty days from the confir
mation of the sad sale or sales, or such
further time aaihe court may allow, on
aDDlication of, the purchaser, for good
cause shown, tie purohaser or purchasers
of the said property shall complete pay
ment of the enire amount bid to the said
Special Mastel; and, on such payment,
the said purchiser jor purchasers shall be
entitled to reoiive B deed of conveyance
of the said properly, premises and fran
chises, from tlje snid Special Master, and
from the othei paities to this .cause, as
provided in arid bj the said deoree, and
to receive possession of the property so
purchased front ttu parties holding
possession of the same.
Dated, at 8an a Fe,;biB 8th dny of May,
A. D. 1895.
Antonio JosEpn.
Special Master
Turner, M-'Cluu: Holston,
John H. Ksahiie,,
Cuables W. Waiebman,
Solicitors for Complainant
Aviso ib Yentn.
Territorio de Suevo Mexico, )
1 Contndo de Santa Fe. )
En la cortf de dirtrito del primer dis
trito jndioial en j por el oondado de
Santa Fe. Ei cantilleria.
The Farmers'toat and Trust Com
pany, Demaninnte,
The Texas, Stlta Fe and Northern
Railroad Corfpany, The Santa Fe
Southern Raitay Company, Thomas
B.Catron, Jo
G. Albright, Ansel F
Goodrich, V
Jiel Cherry y Henry A.
True, asociad
como Goodrich, Cher
ry Co., RalpRV.Soott y Joseph White
head, ssocind
como II. W. Scott &
Saxton y Edward F.
Co., Lionel
Browne, asoc
Saxton & Co.,
J. Hager, Roll
doe como Lionel D.
ionel A. Sheldon, Adam
rt Harvey, administra
dor del estad
te P. L. Vander Veer,
finado, Henryt
.). Bachelder y Edward
L. Bachelder,
poios sobrevivientes de
la firm a de Bxhelder Brothers, Bnch-
elder Brother
B. M. Read, George H.
Marshall, C,
Wheeler, John Burns,
A. J. Livingss
n, D. Livingston, Isaao
N. Stone, Am,
rosio Ortiz, Cesaria R.
de Ortiz, Jun.
B. Luoero, Dolores O.
de Luoero, J
e B. Orman y William
aeoohdos como Orman fe
Charts H. Gildersleeve, The
Second Natii ml Bank of New Mexioo
at Santa Fe ; George 0. PreBton, De
mnndados. Por cuantil en y por decreto de dioha
oorte de diststo en la oansa arriba titnla
da, rendido eidia 8 de Abril, A. D. 1895, y
debidamente legistrado, la suina de $1,160,-
238.83, se halb y se adjudioo quo Be debia
y era pagadefa al dicho demandnnte por
el principal j redito de los primeros bo
nos de hlnotica emitidos por la dioha
Texas, Santa; Fe and Northern Railroad
Company, bajo los provistos de nna
oierta esoritura de fideioomiso para la se
guridad de dichos bonos, ejeoutnda y en
tregada pari la dicha Compania Ferro
carrilera a la demandante, la cual llevaba
fecha del dia 17 de Junio, A. D. 1882, y re
gistradn en In ofioina del escribano de
pruebas y ex-oflioio registrador del dicho
oondado de Santa Fe el dia 18 de Julio A.
D. 1882, en el libra C de Dopumentos d i
Hipotepa, eu las pnginas 66 hasta 79 in
clusive, por la cual la dioha Compania
Ferrocarrilera traspaeo al dicho deman
dante, como Hdeicomisario, toda y sin
gular la propiedad, franquicias, derechos
y materia, particularmente desorita en
dioha esoritura de fideioomiso y en dioho
deoreto, inolayendo todoel dereoho, titulo
e in teres que la dicha Compania Ferro
aarrilera, The Texas, Santa Fe and North
ern Railroad Company, tenia entoooes,
o pneda haber adquirido de entonces en
adelante, en y a todo, y singular, el ferro
carril de la dioha The Texas, San
ta Fe and Northern Railroad Com
pany y tambien todos loi otros
ferrooarriles perteneoientes o de aer
en adelante adquiridos por dicha Com
pania Ferrocarrilera, luntamente con to-
dos los terrenos, vias, lineas, rieles, puen-
tea, trnyeotos, edincios, muelles, desem
baroaderos, estructnras, erecoiones, cer
cas, paredes, aparatos, franquicias, privi
legios y dereohos de la dioha Compania
Ferrooarrilera, y tambien todaa las looo
motoras, maquinas, tenders, oarros, oar
rusjes, herramieota, maquinaria, material
fabrioado y no fabrloado, carbon, lena y
enseres de toda class, perteneoientes a la
dioha Compania Ferrocarrilera) tambien
todos los portargos, rents, productos y
gananoiales sacados de dioha propiedad y
todo derecho de reoibir y recobrar lo
miemo tambien todo el estado, dereoho,
titulo e in teres de la dioha The Texas,
Santa Fe and Northern Railroad Company,
en y a toda la propiedad rata pertene
oiente a dicha oonipania; tambien todos
los terreno nlquiladoa oon edifloios eri
gidos sobre ellos; tambien todos los es
tribos, frontones y frentea de agna; tam
bien todo el estado, dereoho, titulo in
teres de dioha oompaoia en oualquiera
otra oorporaoion) por alio intentandose
de traspasar al demandante, bajo y por
virtnd de la sntedieha desoripolon, todos
y cada nn dereoho, titulo uteres dela
dioha Compania Ferrooariilera en o a las
premises arriba ineneinnadaa o deseritas,
ya sea cmo inquilina o tenedora de las
accioues o bonos de oualquiera otra oor
poraoion, nsooiaoion u orgonizacion, o
tanto intercs de la dioha Compania Fer
rooarrilera oomo se conaidere, en ley o en
equidad, como Bubsistente o inherente a
diohas premisas o cualquiera parte de
ellas, siendo el verdadero intento y sig
nificado de dioha esoritura de fideioomiso
de que la dicha Compania Ferrooarrilera
le traspasaria al dicho demandante todas,
y toda clase de franquioias, de toda olase
y descripcion, como quiera que se deri
ven, y en dondequiera que esten situadas,
todas, y toda clase de propiedad raiz o
interes en ella, en dondequiera que tal
propiedad raiz este situada, .y todos, y
toda olase de bienes muebles, de oual
quiera naturaleza 0 description que fuera
en la fecha de la dioha escritura de fidei
oomiso, aduenada o poseida por la dioha
Compania Ferrooarrilera, o que pndiereen
oualquiera tiempo de alii en adelante du
rante la oontinuaoion de dioho fideioomi
so, ser adquirido por la dicha Compania
Ferrooarrilera, y tambien toda propiedad
en litigio de oualquiera olase y desorip
olon incluyendo ouentas sceptables,
ouentas do libro, balances de trafioo, to
dos libros de registro y cuentan de toda
olase y desoripoion, todos los papeles,
mapas, invenoiones y documentos que de
oualquiera manera se refleren o relaoio
nan a la propiedad o franquioias tras
pasadas; tambien todas las franquicias y
propiedad, y todos los derechos persona
tes o interes en cualquiera franqnicia o
propiedad, de cnalquiera olase o desorip
oion, raiz, mueble o mixta, y en donde
quiera que la misma este situada, que
pudiera en cualquier tiempo despues de
la fecha de dicha esoritura ser adquiridn
por o para la dioha Compania Ferrooarri
lera; todo lo onat se estipulo por ella de
seryir, por via de aoreoenoia, para bene
ficio y proveoho del dioho demandante,
oomo fideioomisario, y por via de mas y
me jor segnridad;
Y, por cuanto, en y por el tal deoreto,
todos y singular la dioha propiedad,
frnnquiaiaB, dereohos y materia, se or
denaron de vender para satisfaoer dioha
deuda oon redito sobre la misma desde el
dia 8 de Abril, A. D., 1895, a razon del 6
por ciento anual, aai oomo de los oostos,
sennlamientos y gastos de dioho pleito,
segun menoionado en dioho decreto, la
cual deuda amortizada, oon redito sobre
la misma oomo antes dioho, hasta el dia
3 de Junio, A. D., 1895, amontara a la
snma de $1,170,871.35.
Y por cuanto, no obstante que ha pasa
do el lapBO de veinte dias desde la ren
dioion y protooolo de dioho decreto, nin
gun pago se ha hecho del dioho principal
y deuda, o del redito sobre la misma, ni
de cualquiera otra snma requerida por el
dioho decreto de que se pague, ni de cual
quiera parte de ellas, y todas quedan de
bidas y pagaderas;
Y por cuanto, en y por dioho deoreto,
entre otras cosas se ordena, adjudioa y
deoreta que todas las diohas premisas y
propiedad, rniz, muebles y mixta, dere
ohos y franquicias, descrjtas en el dioho
deoreto antes djoho, dondequiera que
esten situadas, incluyendo todo y singu
lar el estado, dereoho, titulo, interes, po
sesion, dereohos de retenoion, reolamos y
demandns, en ley o equidad, de,y reolama
dos por el demandado, The Santa Fe South
ern Railway Company, de, en, o a la ar
riba desorita propiedad, materias y pre
misas, o cualquiera parte c"e ellas, seran,
por el abajo firmndo maestre espeoial,
para ello nombrado en y por el dioho de
oreto, vendidas en conjunto y sin avaluo
o dereoho de redenoion, apublioasnbaata,
al mayor postor, en la manera y forma
como aqni mas adelante eepeoifioado, y
segun los terminos presoritos en, y por
el dicho deoreto.
Por tanto yo, el abajo firmado, Anto
nio Joseph, el dioho maestre espeoial,
obrando segun y de oontormidad oon dioho
decreto, por estas doy aviso que elLunes,
Teroer dia de Junio, A. D., 1895, a las 12,
medio dia, de dioho dia, en la puer
ta de entrada de la casa de cor
tes del condado, en la oiudad y
oondado de Santa Fe, en el Terri
torio de Nuevo Mexioo, ofreoere de venta,
y entonces y alii vendere, en conjunto,
al postor mas alto, toda y singular la di
cha propiedad, premisas, dereohos, fran
quioias y materias sobre los terminos y
oontiiciones siguientes:
1. El oomprador ouando la propiedad
se le remate, pagarn inmediatamente al
maestre espeoial, por ouenta de su 00m
pra, la snma de $25,000 en moneda de los
Estados TJnidos, o en tal libranza oertifi
oada, oertifioado o libramiento oomo sea
satisfaotorio al dicho maestre especial, o
oualquiera oertificados de interventor,
pendientes en esta causa, a valor de su
faz, con redito acnmulado, o cualquiera
reoibo del demandante o bus abogados,
por o en cuenta de oostas, sennlamiento,
desembolBos, o gnstos, tasados o concedi
dos por dioha oorte, o parte en dinero y
parte en cualquiera Bustituto por el antes
2. Si el oomprador falta a haoer tal
pngo inmediato, la dioha propiedad, pre
misas, dereobos, franquicias, y materias,
antes dioho, se venderan de cuevo, reser
vandose la corte el derecho de oonsiderar
tal venta nneva como que se hizo a ouen
ta de dioho propuesto oomprador, o como
venta original, pero tal venta, bajo tales
eirounatanoias, se hara inmediatamente,
y sin mas aviso.
8. El deposito recibido del ofertante
sera por cuenta del preoio de oompra. v
tal parte del preoio de oompra se pagara
en efeotivo segun la oorte lo dirija de
tiempo en tiempo, reservandoBe la corte
el derecho de vender de nuevo las premi
sas y propiedad que el decreto ordena de
venderse, a falta de que el comprador o
compradores, su, o bus snoesores, repre-
sentantes legates y asignados, en oumplir
dentro de veinte dias oon cualquiera or
den de la corte en ese respecto.
4. Lo restante del preoio de oompra
se pagara ya sea en diuero o en bonos o
oupones de adeudo pasado asegurados
por la dicha escritura de fideioomiso, o
loscertifioados de interventor antes dioho,
o por cualquiera uno o mas de tales me
dioB de pagar; cada untal bonoyouponde
adeudo pasado se reoibira por tal snma co
mo el tenedor del mismo estaria intitulado
a reoibir bajo la distribuaion ordenada en
y por tal decreto , y oada uno de los oer
tificados de dioho interventor de reoibirse
al valor de su faz, oon el correspondiente
5. Dentro de treinta dias de la oonfir-
mnoion de dioha venta o ventas, o tal
tiempo mas oomo la oorte permits, por
aplioaoioo del oomprador, por buena
causa demostrada, el oomprador o com
pradores de dicha propiedad, oompletaran
el pago de la entera oantldad ofreoida al
dioho maestre especial; y sobre tal pago,
el dioho oomprador o compradores esta-
ran intitulados a reoibir escritura de tras-
paso de dioha propiedad, premisas
franquioias, del dioho maestre espeoial, y
de las otraa partes en esta causa, segun
provlsto en y por el dioho deoreto, y a
reoibir poseeien de la propiedad asi 00m-
prada, de las partes que tienen poseslon
de la misma. -
- Feohado en Santa Fe, este dia 8 de
Mayo, A. D- 1895.
Antonio Joseph,
Maestre Espeoial
Tobner MoClube Rolston,
Joan H. Knabbil,
Chibi.es Watebm a,
Abogados por el Demandante.
Re-OpBlna; of MonteaauM Hotel, I.as
Vesjaa Hot Mpriaca.
This famous mountain resort will be
re-opened Juue 20, 1895. The Mountain
House, near by and. under the same man
agement, will be opened June 1. For
nassenaet and hotel rate and general in
formation call on agents Santa Fe route,
xl. o. Ltm,
Agent, Banta Fe, N. M.
Otq. T. Niobolsoii, G. P. A.
Fam Lands!
old GDsies.
Choice Mountain and Valley Lands near the Foot 1,11)
For the Irrigation rf ttw VralrlM and VtAfu batween Raton and
Springer Ob Hunr aailaaaf larga Irrigating Canals have
been built Theae Unda with perretual wta righta ar aold cheap and
on the easy tern f Urn annual pajrmeata, wHb 7 par cent Interest
In addition to th above there aM 1,400,000 aerea of land for aale, oon.
latino; mainly of Agricultural, Coal and Timber Lands. ?h
climate ie unsurpassed, aad alfftlta, ftiaM fruit of all kinds grow to
perfection and in abundaaea.
Thoae yiahing; to viow tho land oan Mm HsMial rata on the rail
roads, and will Soto NktM aJa om tho oaamo, the ahould buy 160
acres or l
The famous Cold Mining Camps near Elizabethtown and Baldy
are thrown open to prospectors on more favorable terms than locations
on Government land. Mining regulations sent on application.
Daily, four-horse, covered coaches leave Springer at 7 a. m., except
Sundays, for Cimarron, Baldy and Elizabethtown, and leave these points
every morning, Sundays excepted, for Springer.
The A., T. & S. F. and T7. P. D. A G. railroads cross this property.
WARRANTY DEEDS GIVEN. For full particulars apply to
Raton, New Mexico.
AH kinds of Bough and Finished Lumber; Texas Flooring at
tho Lowest Market Prloe; Windows and Doors. Also carry on a
general Transfer Business and deal in Hay and Grain.
The S
trU0Ofl89 0(1
Fine line of equipment, dining and chair cars on all trains
between Kansas City and Chicago. Ask agents below
for time cards.
Div. Frt Agt, El Paso, Tex.
entlst. Rooms in Kahn Block, over
Spits' Jewelry Store. Offloe honrs, 9 to
12 a. m.; ii to ft p. m.
Attorney at Law, Santa Fe, New Mexioo.
Rt law, Santa Fe, N. M. Will
practice in all the courts.
Offloe in Griffin block. Oplleotions and
searohing titles a specialty.
Lawyer, Banta Fe, New Mexioo.. Offloe,
Catron block. ; .
Attorney at Law. WiU praotice in the
aeveral oonrts of the territory. Prompt
attention given to all business Intrusted
to his oare. Offloe inOatrnn blook.
A. A. Fbieuan, ' ElfiqoBaoa
Late Asso. JuBtice N. M. Sop. Oonrt.
Attorneys at Law, Sooorro, N. M. WH
practice in the courts of Sooorro. Lin
coln, Chaves and Eddy oon d ties. Alsq in
the Supreme and- 0. 8. Land eonrts at
Santa Fe. "
horfc Line
To all Points
East. North.
South and '
Agent, Santo Fe, N. M.
Attorney and eonnselor at law, P. 0. Box
"F," Santa Fe, N. M., praotieea in su
preme and all distriot oonrts of New Mex
Attorney and Counselor at Law, Silver
City, New Mexioo. Prompt attention
given to all business intrusted to his oare.
ft tloe in ail tne oonrts in tne territory
Attorney at Law. Practices in all terri
torial courts, uommissioner oonrt oi
claims. Collections and title searohing.
Offloe with E.A.Fiske,Spiegelberg block
Santa Fe.
, Is not complete
without an ideal
Combines every element of
beauty and purity. It is beauti
fying, soothing, healing, health
ful, and harmless, and when
rightly used is invisible. A most
dr'icate and desirable protection
to the face in this climate.
Issiit npea having th ftnalnt.
M it it rot tAinvniTwHtit.
U powssa.

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