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The Daily Hew Mexican
3" Entered as Second Class matter at the
Santa ?e Post Office.
Daily, per week, by carrier $ 25
Daily, per month, by carrier 1 00
Daily, per month, by mail 1 00
Daily, three months, by mail 2 50
Daily, six months, by mail 5 00
Daily, one year, hv ami! 10 00
VV eek ly, psr month 25
fi eekly, per quarter 75
Wfifcicly, per six months 1 00
Weekly, per Vear 2 00
All contracts and bills for advertising pay'
ble monthly.
All communication intended for nublica
lion must be accompanied by thewriter's
amne-and address not for publication but
ss evidence of Rood faith, and should be ad
Hros3eci to The Editor. Letters pertaining to
alumina mi'ium db ''Hiressea
Nkw Mexican Printing Co.,
Santa Fe, New Mexico.
"The Nkw Mkxican is the oldest news
paper in New Mexico. It is sent to every
Poet Office in the Territory and has a large
cut growing circulation among the intern,
gent, and progressive people of the south'
It begins to look as though Japan and
(Jhina would yet est into a light over
their efforts to make peace.
Ix does nppear as if the prises of
wool were being pretty smoothly mauip
ulated by somebody on the Atlantic sea
board. Ex-Uov. Boies, of Iowa, has at last
come out flat footed for free silver coin
age at 1G to 1. Rather late, bnt better late
than never.
Mb. T. B. Mills, late executive com
mitteetnan to the world's fair from New
Mexico, is invited to use the New Mexi
can's columns in explaining the cause of
the delay in distributing those awards.
The report that Nellie Grant Sartoris
is soon to marry an ex-confederate officer
has drifted along for several weeks with
out a protest from the G. A. It. post of
Topeka, Kas.
Ins fact still remains, as certain as
holy writ, that the person who objeots to
contributing toward the support of the
government 2 pitiful per cent on the ex
cess of his annual income above if 1,000
bristles with hoggish tendencies.
It is easy enough now to account for
the aotion of the bond syndicate in rush
ing their gold to the United States treas
ury last week. They had information as
to the probable nature of the deoision in
the inoome tax case, and scented in the
air another government bond issue.
Surely the gold trust is up to Bnuff.
Like a ooy summer girl of the sweet
marriageable age, Senator Cnllom mod
estly hints that he would not refuse if
properly approached. Then he strokes
his statesmanlike chin and hugs closer
than ever to his heaving bosom the inno
cent delusion that he strikingly resem
bles Abraham Lincoln in personal ap
pearance. Senatob Allison is a trimmer. After
equivocal expressions for years upon the
silver question he dodges an invitation
to tell where he stands. Evidently he
hopes to gain by delay, forgetting that
in emergencies "He who hesitates is lost."
Denver Times.
If the Times will name one of the
present Republican presidential possi
bilities, whether Harrison, McKinley,
Reed, Cullom or Allison, who is not
either a shameless trimmer on the cur
rency question or an avowed enemy of
silver, the New Mexican will be deeply
The New York Morning Journal scored
the greatest news "scoop" of the year on
its metropolitan contemporaries in the
inoome tax case. On the 10th of May the
Journal printed a double-leaded dispatch
from Washington in which it was stated:
"The decision on the inoome tax law by
the United States supreme conrt will be
adverse. The law will be declared un
constitutional in its entirety." Evidently
the new western management of the Jour
nal has sources of reliable oflioial in for
mation at the national capital that are
away ahead of its competitors.
Touching the timely topic of canals,
the Kansas City Star indulges in the fol
lowing interesting and instructive para
graph: "The facts about the Nioaragna
canal should be kept in mind. The total '
length of the waterway between the two
oceans is lC'J'J miles. Of this twenty
six and a half miles is to be cut. The
cost is estimated at $65,000,000. This is
about twice the cost of the drainage canal
in which Chicago is interested. The
nearest, oompleted work in the matter of
cost and difficult; to the Nicaragua canal
is the Welland canal in Canada, which is
not considered by any means a remark
able piece of engineering work. If the
Illinois oanal and the Nioaragna canal are
completed a vessel can go from Chioago
to Japan without making a oironit of the
The tax dodgers and the gold trust
have got as "grabbed." If anothing was
lacking to demonstrate this tact it camo
yesterday when the supreme court pro
claimed unconstitutional the inoome tax
act of the last congress. The intent of
the law wai good, for it is a face patent
to every citizen who oares to post him
elf on the subject that under existing
laws the burden of taxation rests upon
the poor people of the land. The man
with a moderate property pays dollars
ia taxes to support good government
while the rich nan, the mail of influence,
who enjoyj a poll, political or otherwise,
pays dimesj and the object of this law
eras the equalisation of the burden. But
the act seems to have beeu loosely drawn,
intentional or otherwise, and when the
supreme court first passed upon its
validity and reaohed the result then an
nounced relieving rental revenues from
its operation, the warmest advocates of
fair play turned from the whole subject
in a spirit of chagrin and disgust. At
the time of the former decision six of the
eight judges held that so much of the act
as imposed a tax on rents of real estate
was unconstitutional. It is a well settled
rule that when any portion of a statute is
unconstitutional, and when that portion
is so interwoven with the other portions
that it can not be believed that the legis
lature would have enacted that portion
individually, the entire act is unconstitu
tional, therefore ltttle surprise was felt
at the decision of the court in declaring
the whole act void and inoperative.
To us it appears that the good intent
of the proposed law has been abused by
tricky politicians at every turn. As is
well known it was incorporated into the
tariff act in the last moments of congress;
was fought to a finish by the gold and all
the other trusts and their representatives
in office, and became law, or what was
thought to be law by the people, without
ever having received the president's sig
nature. Thus it was bastardized from
the beginning. However, notwithstand
ing its ignoniiuious defeat, the principle
is just; it is Democratic, and it will some
day become a law at the hands of the
people's representatives, bo binding and
effeotive as to defy all the power the gold
trust may muster.
Attention, Americans!
Hereby I solemnly pledge my word of
honor, to the other members of the "Anti
Trust League of the United States," not
to vote for any candidate for state legis
lature, nor for any candidate for the
houso of representatives of the United
States, nor for any oandidate for the of
fice of president of the United States, un
lets the political party by whom the can
didate is nominated, insert a plank in its
platform declaring that all tariff taxes
shall be removed immediately from any
of the following articles upon which said
taxes are collected at the time the candi
date assumes the office to which he is
elected. The articles to be specifically
named are the following: Beef, sugar,
coal, oil, leather and tobacco. And to
enact and carry effectively into execu
tion with promptness, such laws as will
terminate the existenoe of any trust or
monopoly in any of the named six art-
It shall be necessary for each candidate
to individually pledge himself in writing
especially and specifically to the faithful
adoption and execution of this particu
lar plank of his party's platform or
pledge to the people of America.
It shall be necessary for the candidate
for state legislature to pledge himself in
writing to exaot from a candidate for the
senate of the United States, a similar
declaration in writing before voting in
the state legislature, of which he is a
member, for any candidate for the offioe
of senator of the United States. Unless
the foregoing conditions be complied
with by a candidate for any one of the
offices uamed, I solemnly promise not to
vote for him.
City or Town
Enclose five 2-cent postage stamps and
certificate of membership will be sent to
you and your name enrolled.
"Anti-Trust League of United States."
716 Postal Building, New York, N. Y.
Architect & Contractor
Close Firinos
Modern Methods,
Skilled Mechanics
Plans and speoifloationa furnished
on application. Correspondence so
licited. Santa Fe. N. Ml.
HA-ra, aura, a:
Ala a complete U of Boy's OUik
Ing. 01othigujrteoMsTMH'
Rot Ice of Male.
Teueitoby op New Mexico,
County of Santa Fe.
In the District Court of the First Judi
cial District in and for the Connty of
Santa Fe.
In chancery.
The Farmers' Loan and Trust Com
pany, Complainant,
The Texas, Santa Fe & Northern
Railroad Company, The Santa Fe
Southern Railway Company, Thom
as B. Catron, John G. Albright, An
sel F. Goodrich, Daniel Cherry and
Hen ry A. True, co-partners as Good
rich, Cherry it Co., Ralph W. Soott
nnd Joseph Whitehead, co-partners
as R. W. Soott & Co., Lionel D. Sax
tun and Edward F. Browne, oo
partuers as Lionel D. Saxton Sc
Co., Lionel A. Sheldon, Adam J.
Hager, Robert Harvey, Administra
tor of the Estate of P. L. Van der
Veer, deceased, Henry O. Bachelder
and Edward L. Bachelder, surviv
ing partners of the firm of Bachel
der Brothers, Bachelder Brothers,
B. M. Read, George H. Marshall, C.
L. Wheeler, John Burns, A. J. Liv
ingston, D. Livingston, lsaao N.
Stone, Ambrosio Ortiz, Cesaria R.
de Ortiz, Juan B. Luoero, Dolores
0. de Lucero, James B. Orman and
William Crook, co-partners as Or
man & Crook, Charles H. Gilder
sleeve, The Seoond National Bank
of New Mexico at Santa Fe, and
George C. Preston,
Whereas, in and by the decreo of the
said Dlstriot Court in the above entitled
oanse, rendered on the 8th day of April,
A. D. 18!15, and duly entered therein, the
sum of $1,160,238.83 was found and ad
judged to be due and payable to the said
complainant, for principal and interest
of the Hrst mortgage bonds issued by the
said The Texas, Santa Fe and Northern
Railroad company, under the provisions
of a certain deed of trust for the security
of the said bonds, made aud delivered by
the said Railroad Company to the com
plninant, and bearing date the I7th dny
June, A. D. 1882, and recorded in the of
fice of the probate clerk and cx-offioio re
corder of the said County of Santa Fe, on
the 18th dav of July, A. D. 1882, in Book
C of Mortgage Deeds, at pages 66 to 79,
inclusive, whereby the said Railroad
Company conveyed to the said complain
ant, as trustee, nil and singular tne prop
erty, franchises, rights and subject-matter,
particularly described in the said
deed of trust and in the said decree, in
oluding nil the right, title and interest
which the said Railroad Company, The
Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad
Company, then had, or might at any
time thereafter acquire, in or to all and
singular the railroad of the said The
Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad
Company, and also all the other railroads
belonging to, or thereafter to be ac
quired by, the said Railroad Company
together with all the lands, tracks, lines,
rails, bridges, ways, buildings, piers,
wharves, structures, erections, fences,
walls, fixtures, franchises, privileges, and
rights or too said Railroad Company and
also all locomotives, engines, tenders,
cars, carriages, tools, machinery, manu
factured and unmanufactured materials,
coal, wood aud supplies, of every kind,
belonging or appertaining to the said
Railroad Company ; also all the tools, in
comes, issues aud profits, arising out of
the said property, and all right to receive
and recover the same; also nil estate,
right, title and interest of the said, The
Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad
Company in and to any and all real es
tate belonging to the said company; also
all leasehold lands, with buildings there'
on erected; also all piers, bulkheads and
waterfronts; nlso all estate, right, title
and interest of the snid Railroad Com
pany in any other corporation; it being
intended thereby to convey to the com
plainaut, under Bnd by virtue of the afore
said description, all and every right, title
and interest of the said Railroad Com
pany in or to the premises above men
tinned or described, whether as lessees, or
as holders of the stock or bonds of any
other corporation, association or organ
ization, or however suoh interest of the
said Railroad Company may bn regarded
in law, or in equity, as subsisting or in
hering in the aforesaid premises, or any
part thoroof ; it bping the true intent and
meaning of the said deed of trust that the
said Railroad Company Bhould, and did
convey to the said complainant all and
all manner of franchises, of every kind
and description, however derived, and
wherever situate, all and all manner of
real estate, or interest therein, wherever
such real estate may be situate, and all
and all manner of personal property, of
whatever nature or description the same
mitrht be at the date of the said deed ot
trust, owned or possessed by the said Rail
road Company, or whioh might at any time
thereafter during the continuation of the
said trust, be acquired by tne said Rail
road Company, and also all choses in ao
tion, of every kind and description, in
eluding bills receivable, book accounts.
traffic balances, all boons ot record and
accounts of every kind and description
all papers, maps, inventions, and docu
ments in nny wise referring or relating to
the property or franchises thereby con
veyed; and also all franchises and proper
ty, and all personal rights or interests in
nny franchises or property, of every kind
or description, real, personal or mixed
and wherever the same may be situate.
that might at any time after the date of.
the said indenture be acquired by, or for.
the said Railroad Company; all of whioh
it was thereby covenanted Bhould inure.
by way of aooretion, to the benefit and ad
vantage of the said oomplainant, As trus
tee, aud by way of further aud better se
And, whereas, in and by the said decree,
all and singular the said property, Iran
ohises, rights, and subject matter, were
directed to be sold for the satisfaction of
the said indebtedness, with interest there
on from the 8th day of April, A. D. 1895,
at the rate of six per oent per annum
well as of the oosts, allowances and ex
penses of the said suit, as mentioned in
the said decree, which bonded indebted
ness, with interest thereon as aforesaid,
np to the Sd day of June, A. D. 1895, will
amount to the sum of f 1,17U,874.S5.
And, whereas, although npwards of
twenty days have elBpsed since the rendi
tion and entry of said decree, no payment
whatever has been made of the said prin
oipal indebtedness, or the interest there
on, or any other sums required by the
said decree to be paid, or any part of
either thereof, and they all remain due and
And, whereas, in and by the said deoree
it is, among ocher things, ordered, au
judged and decreed that all the said
premises and property, real, personal and
mixed, rights and franchises, described in
the said decree as aforesaid, wherever
situate, including nil and singular the es
tate, right, title, interest, possession.
liens, olaime, and demands, iu law or iu
equity, of, or claimed by the defendant,
The Santa Ire Southern Railway Com,
pany, of, in, or to the above described
property, subject-matter and premises,
or any part thereof, shall by the under
signed Bpeoial Master, thereunto appoint
ed in and by tne snid decree, be sold
an entirety, and without an appraisemen
or right of redemption, at public anction,
to the highest bidder therefor, in manner
and form as hereinafter specified, and
npon the terms prescribed in and by the
said deoree:
Therefore, t, the undersigned, Antonio
Joseph, the said Special Master, acting
nuder and in pursuance of the said de
cree, do hereby give notice that on Mon
day, the third day ol June, a. v. iavo, at
12 o'olook, noon, of the said day, at the
front door of the county oourt nonse, in
the city and county of Santa Fe, in the
territory of New Mexico, I shall offer for
sale, and then and there sen, as an en
tirety, to the highest bidder therefor, all
and singular the said property, premises,
ngnts, franonises ano suujeui-uiBner,
pon the following terms ana conditions:
1. The Durchaser, when the property
is struck down to him, shall at onoe pay
to the said Bpeoial Master, on aooount
of his purchase, the sum of $26,000 in
United States currency, or in such certi
fied draft, oertifioate or cheek as may be
satisfactory to the said Special Master,
or any receiver's certificates then out
standing iu this oause, at their face value,
with accrued interest, or any reoeipts of
the oomplainant or its solicitors, for or
on account of costs, allowances, disburse
ments or exnenses, taxed or allowed by
the said court, or partly iu cash and part
ly in any substitute thereior atoresaia.
2. Should the puronaBer tail to maae
suoh payment at onoe, the said property,
premises, rights, tranonises, ana suojeoi
matter aforesaid shall be resold, the court
reservinir the rieht to consider suoh re
sale as made on acconnt of said proposed
purchaser, or as an original sale, but
which sale, under suoh oircumstances,
Bhall be made at once, and without fur
ther advertisement.
8. The deposit received from the suc
cessful bidder shall be on account of the
purchase price, and such further portion
of the purchase price shall be paid in
cash, as the oourt may from time to time
direot, the oourt reserving the ngnt to re
sell the premises and property in the
said deoree directed to be sold, upon the
failure of the purohaser or purchasers,
his, its, or their successors, legal repre
sentatives or assigns, to comply within
twenty days with any order of the court
in that regard.
4. The remainder ot tne purchase
price may be paid either in money, or in
bonds or overdue coupons secured bv the
said doed of trust, or the receiver's certi
ficates aforesaid, or by either one or
more of such means of payment; each
said bond and overdue coupon to be re
ceived for suoh sum as the holder thereof
would be entitled to reoeive under the
distribution ordered in aud by the said
deoree, and each of the said receiver's
certificates to be received at its face
value, with accrued interest.
5. Within thirty days from tne connr-
mation of the said sale or sales, or such
further time as the conrt may allow, on
application of the purchaser, for good
cause shown, the purchaser or purchasers
of the said property shall complete pay
ment of the entire amount bid to the said
Speoial Master; and, on such payment,
the said purchaser or purchasers Bhall be
entitled to receive a deed of conveyance
of the said property, premises and fran
chises, from the said Special Master, and
from the other parties to this cause, as
provided in and by the said deoree, and
to reoeive possession of the property so
purchased from tne parties noiaing
possession of the same.
Dated, at Santa Fe,this 8th dnyof May,
D. 1895.
. Antonio Joseph,
Speoial Master.
Turner, McClube & Rolston,
John H. Knaebkl,
Cuabi.es W. Waterman,
Solicitors for Complainant.
Aviso tie Venta.
Tkbbitobio de Nuevo Mexico,
Condndo de Santa Fe,
En la corte de diatrito del primer
trito judicial, en y por el oondado
Santa Fe. En canoilleria.
The Farmers' Loan and Trust Com
pany, Demandante,
The Texas, Santa Fe and Northern
Railroad Company, The Santa Fe
Southern Railway Company, Thomas
B.Catron, John U. Albright, Ansel J.
Qoodrich, Daniel Cherry y Henry A.
True, nsooindos como Goodrich, Cher
ry.Sc Co., Ral ph W.Soott y Joseph White
head, asooiados como R. W. Scott &
Co., Lionel D. Saxton y Edward F.
Browne, asociados como Lionel D.
Saxton &Co., Lionel A. Sheldon, Adam
J. Hager, Robert Harvey, administra
dor del estado de P. L. Vander Veer,
finado, Henry O. Bachelder y Edward
L. Bachelder, socios sobrevivientes de
la firma de Bachelder Brothers, Bach
elder Brothers, B. M. Head, George H.
Marshall, C. L. Wheeler, John Burns,
A. J. Livingston, D.Livingston, Isaac
N. Stone, Ambrosio Ortiz, Cesaria R.
de Ortiz, Jnnn B. Luoero, Dolores O.
de Lncero, James B. Orman y William
Crook, asociados como Orman &
Crook, Charles H. Gildersleeve, The
Second National Bank of New Mexico
at Santa Fe y George C. Preston, De-
Por cuanto, en y por decreto de dicha
corte de distrito en la causa arriba ti tula-
da, rendido el dia 8 de Abril, A. D. 1895, y
debulamente registrado, lasuma de $1,160,.
238.83, se hallo y Be adjudiooque se debia
y era pagadera al dioho demandante por
el prinoipal y redito de los primeros bo-
nos de hipoteca emitidos por la dicha
Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad
Company, bajo los provistos de una
oierta esoritnra de fideicomiBO para la.se
guridad de dichos bonus, ejecutadn y en-
tregada por la dicha (Jompania ierro
oarrilera a la demandante, la oual llevaba
fecha del dia 17 de Junio, A. D. 1882, y re
gistrada en la oficina del escribano de
pruebas y ex-orhoio registrador del dioho
oondado de Santa Fe el dia 18 de Julio A.
D. 1882, en el libro O de Douumentos di
Hipoteoa, en las pnginas 66 hasta 79 in
clusive, por la oual la dicha Compania
Ferrooarritera traspaso al dicho deman
dante, como Udeicomisario, toda y sin
gular la propiedad, franquioias, derechos
y materia, partioularmente desonta en
dicha esoritnra de fideioomiso y en dioho
decreto, inoluyendo todoel dereoho, titulo
e interes que la dicha Compania terro-
oarriiera, The Texas, tsaota ne and Worth
ern Railroad Company, tenia entoqoes,
o pueda naber adqnlrldo de entoncee en
adelante, en y a, todo, y singular, el ferro
carril de la dioha The Texas, Ban
ta Fe and - Northern ' Railroad Com
pany y ' tambien todoe loa otros
ferrocarriles perteneoientea o de ser
en adelante adquirido por dioha Com
pania Ferrooarritera, jnntamente con to
dos los terrenos, vias, linens, rieles, puen-
tes, trayectos, edinoios, muelles, desem
barcaderos, estruoturas, ereooiones, oer-
oas, paredea, aparatos, franquioias, privi
leges y derechos de la dioha Compania
Ferrooarritera, y tambien todas las looo
motoras, maquinas, tenders, oarros, car
ruajes, herramienta, maquinaria, material
fabrioado y no fabrioadn, carbon, lena y
enseres de toda olase, perteneoientes a la
dioha Compania Ferrooarritera; tambien
todoa los portazgos, rentas, produotos y
gananoiales saoados de dicha propiedad y
todo dereoho de recibir y reoobrar to
mismo; tambien todo el estado, dereoho,
titnlo e interes de la dioha The Texns,
Santa Fe and Northern Railroad Company,
en y a toda la propiedad raiz pertene
oientn a dioha compania; tambien todos
los terrenoi alquiladoi con edinoios eri
gidos sobre ellos; tambien todoa loi es
tribos, frontonea y frentes de agna; tam
bien todo el estado, dereoho, titulo e in
teres de dioha compania en cualqniera
otra oorporaoion; pot ello intentandose
de traspasar al demandante, bajo y por
virtud de la antedioha deeoripcion, todoe
y oada on dereoho, titnlo interes de la
dioha Compania Ferrooantlera en o a las
premisas arriba menoionadas o descritaa,
j a ees cumo inqnilina o tenedora de las
aooiones o bonos de cualqniera otra oor
poraoion, osooiaoion u organization, o
tanto interes de la dicha Compania Fer
rocarrilera como se oonBidere, en ley o en
equidad, como subsistente o inherente a
diohas premisas o oualquiera parte de
ellas, Bieudo el verdadero intento y sig
nificado de dicha esoritnra de fideioomiso
de que la dioho Compania Ferrooarrilera
le traspasaria al dioho demandante todas,
y toda olase de franquioias, de toda close
y descripoion, oomo quiero que se deri
ven, y en dondequiera que eaten eitnadas,
todas, y toda olase de propiedad raiz o
interes en ella, en dondequiera que tal
propiedad raiz este situado, y todos, y
todo cluse de bienes muebles, de onol
quiera naturaleza o desoripcion que fuera
en la feoho de la dioha escritnra de fidei
oomiso, aduenada o poseida por la dicha
Compania Ferrooarrilera, o que pudiereen
oaalquiera tiempo de alii en adelante du
rante la continuaoion de dioho fideioomi
so, ser adquirido por la dioha Compania
Ferrooarrilera, y tambien toda propiedad
en litigio do oualquiera clase y descrip
oion incluyendo cuentas aceptables,
cuentas de libro, balances de trafioo, to
dos libros de registro y cuentas de toda
close y descripoion, todos los popeles,
mapos, invenoiones y documentos que de
oualquiera manera se refleren o relaoio
nan a la propiedad o franquioias tras
pasadaB; tambien todas las franquioias y
propiedad, y todos los dereohoB persona
leB o interes en oualquiera franquioia o
propiedad, de oualquiera olase o descrip
oion, raiz, mueble o mixta, y en donde
quiera que la mismo este situado, que
pudiera eu onalquier tiempo despues de
la fecha de dicha esoritnra ser adquirida
por o para la dioha Compania Ferrooarri
lera; todo lo onal se estipnlo por ella de
servir, por Via de aorecencia, para bene
fioio y proveoho del dioho demandante,
oomo fideioomisario, y por via de mas y
mejor seguridad;
Y, por cuanto, en y por el tal decreto,
todoa y singular la dioha propiedad,
franquioias, derechos y materia, se or
denaron de vender para satisfacer dioha
deuda oon redito sobre la misma desde el
dia 8 de Abril, A. D., 1895, a razon del 6
pur ciento annal, asi como de los costos,
senalamientos y gaBtos de dioho pleito,
Begun inenoionado en dioho deoreto, la
oual deuda amortizada, oon redito sobre
la misma como antes dioho, hasta el dia
3 de Junio, A. D., 1895, amontara a la
suma de $1,170,871.35. .
Y por ouanto, no obstante que ha pasa-
do el lapso de veinte dias desde la ren
dioion y protooolo de dioho decreto, nin-
gun pago Be ha heoho del dicho prinoipal
y deuda, o del redito sobre la misma, ni
de cualqniera otra suma requerida por el
dicho deoreto de qne se pague, ni de oual
quiera parte de ellas, y todas quedan de
bidas y paga'deras;
Y por cuanto, en y por dioho deoreto,
entre otras oosas se ordena, adjudioa y
decreta que todas las dichas premisas y
propiedad, raiz, muebles y mixta, dere
ohos y franquioias, descritas en el dioho
deoreto antes dioho, dondequiera qne
esten sitnadas, inoluyendq todo y singu
lar el estado, dereoho, titulo, interes, po-
sesion, derecboB de retenoion, reolamos y
demaudns, en ley o equidad, de,y reolama
doe por el demandado, The Santa Fe South
ern Railway Company, de, en, o a la ar
riba descrita propiedad, materias y pre
misas, o oualquiera parte de ellas, seran,
por el abajo nrmado maestre espeoial,
para ello nombrado en y por el dicho de
oreto, vendidas en conjnnto y sin avalno
o dereoho de redenoion, a pnblioa snbasta,
al mayor pdstor, en la manera y forma
como aqni mas adelante ospeoinoado, y
sugun los terminos presoritos en, y por
el dioho decreto.
Por tanto yo, el abajo firmado, Anto
nio Joseph, el dioho maestre espeoial,
obrando segon y de conformidad con dicho
deoreto, por estas doy aviso qne el Lnnes,
Teroer dia de Junio, A. D., 1895, a las 1.1,
medio dia, de dioho dia, en la puer
ta de entrada de la casa de oor
tes del oondado, en la cindad y
condado de Santa Fe, en el Terri
tory de Nuevo Mexioo, ofrecere de venta,
y entonoeg y alii vendere, en oonanto,
al postor mas alto, toda y singular la di
oha propiedad, premisas, derechos, fran
quioias y materias sobre los terminos y
condioiones signientes:
1. El comprador cuando la propiedad
se le remate, pagara inmediatamente al
maestre especial, por cuenta de su oom-
pra, la suma de $25,000 en moneda de los
Estados Unidos, o en tal libranza oertifi-
oada, oertificado o libromiento oomo sea
satisfaotorio al dioho maestre espeoial, o
oualquiera certificados do interventor,
pendieutes en esta oausa, a valor de su
taz, con redito acnmuiado, o cualqniera
reoibo del demandante o sub abogados,
por o en ouenta de oostas, senalamiento,
desetnbolsos, o gnetos, tasados o concedi
dos por dioha oorte, o parte en dinero y
parte en cualqniera sustituto por el antes
2. Si el comprador falta a haoer tal
pago inmediato, la dicha propiedad, pre
misas, dereobos, franquioias, y materias.
antes dioho, Be venderan de nuevo, reser-
vandose la oorte el dereoho de oonsiderar
tal venta nueva oomo que se hizo a ouen
ta de dicho propuesto oomprador,o oomo
venta original, pero tnl venta, bajo tales
oirounBtauaias, se hara inmediatamente,
y sin mas aviso.
3. El deposito reoibido del ofertante
sera por cuenta del preoio de oompra, y
tal parte del precio de oompra Be pagara
en efeotivo eegun la oorte lo dirija de
tiempo en tiempo, reBervandoae la corte
el dereoho de vender de nuevo lae premi
sas y propiedad que el deoreto ordena. de
venderse, a falta de que el comprador o
oompradores, su, o sns sucesorea, repre
sents ntes legnles y nsignados, en oumplir
dentro de veinte dias oon oualquiera or
den de la oorte en ese respeoto.
4. Lo restnnte del preoio de oompra
Be pngara ya sea en dinero o en bonoa o
enpones de adeudo pnsado asegurados
por la dioha esoritnra de fideioomiso, o
los certificados de interventor antes dioho,
o por oualquiera nno e mas de tales me
dio de pagar; cada un tal borfoy capon de
adeudo pasado se recibira por tal suma oo
mo el teuedor del mismo estaria intitnlado
a recibir bajo la dietribuoion ordenada en
y por tal deoreto , y oada nno de los cer
tificados de dicho interventor de reoibirse
al valor de so faz, oon el oorrespondlente
5. Dentro de treinta dias de la oonfir-
maoion de dioha venta o ventas, o tal
tiempo mas oomo la oorte permita, por
aplioaoion del comprador, por bnena
causa demostrada, el comprador o oom
pradores de dioha propiedad, oompletaran
el pago de la enters oantidad otreoida al
dicho maestre especial; y sobre tal pago,
el dioho oomprador o oompradores esta-
ran tntitulados a reoibir esoritnra de tras
paso de dioha propiedad, premisas
franquioias, del dicho maeatre espeoial, y
de las otras partea en esta oansa, aegnn
provisto en y por el dioho decreto. y a
reoibir poaeaion de la propiedad asi com-
prada, de laa partea qne tienen poaeaion
de la misma.
Feohado en Banta Fe, eate dia 8 de
Mayo, A. D 1895.
Antonio Joseph,
- Maeatre Espeoial
Tdbnib MoCtiUM Rolston,
John H. Knaibel,
Chablis Waterman,
Abogados por el Demandante. .
Re-Openla of Monteaaa Hotel, I.aa
Vegas Hot Mprlna
Thia famous mountain resort will be
re-opened June 20, 1895. The Mountain
House, near by and nnder the same man
agement, will be opened Juno 1. For
Dasaenaer and hotel ratea and general in
formation call on agents Banta Fe ronte,
il. D. iiCTE,
Agent, Sauta Fe, N. M.
Geo. T. Nicholson, G. P. A.
Farm Lands!
oId WJines!
Choice Mountain and Vale; Lands hear the Foot 'Us
Tor the Irrigation of tkvo Prairlea asd YaUeya between Raton and
Springer One Hun4o4 anileo of Urgo Irrigating Canals have
been built Theoe load with perpetual weAot rifhte are told cheap and
on the oaay terns of tea usual pay too. to, wHfa 7 por oont intereat
In addition to the aeere there ae 1,400,000 aeree of land for sale, con
elating mainly of Agricultural, Coal and Timber Lands. The
olimate Is unsurpaseed, and alfalfa, fraia aad fruit of all kinds grow to
perfection and in abundaaoe.
Those wisbwr to tisw tee laaas
roads, and wiU have a rotate also
sores or I
The famous Cold Mining Camps "ear Elizabethtown and Baldy
are thrown open to prospectors on more favorable terms than locations
on Government land. Mining regulations sent on application.
Daily, four-horse, covered coaches leave Springer at 7 a. m., except
Sundays, for Cimarron, Baldy and Elizabethtown, and leave these points
every morning, Sundays excepted, for Springer.
The A., T. & S. F. and XX. P. D. & G. railroads cross this property.
WARRANTY DEEDS GIVEN. For full particulars apply to
Raton. New Mexico.
All kinds of Rough aad Finished Lumber; Texas Flooring at
the Lowest Market Price; Windows and Boors. Also carry on a
general Transfer Business aad deal in Hay and Oram.
Fine line of equipment, dining and chair cars on all trains
between Kansas City and Chicago. Ask agents below
for time cards.
Div. Frt Agt., El Paso, Tex.
entist. Rooms in Eahn Blook, over
Spits' Jewelry Store.
13 a. m. 3 to 6 p. m.
Office honrs, 9 to
Attorney at Law, Santa Fe, Mew Mexioo.
Attorneys at law, Santa Fe, N. M.
praotice in all the courts. ;
Offloe in Griffin blook. Collections and
searohing titles a speoialty.
Lawyer, Santa Fe, New Mexioo. Offloe,
Oatron block'. '
Attorney at Law. Will praotioe in the
several courts of the territory. Prompt
attention given to all business intrusted
to his oan. Offloe in Catron blook. .
A. A. Fbumim, ElvsooBaoa
Late Aaso. Justioe N. M. Sup. Conrt.
Attorneys at Law, Sooorro, N. M. Wll
praotioe in the oourts of Sooorro. Lin
coln, Chaves and Eddy eonntiea. Also in
the Supreme and D. S. Land courts at
Santa Fa.
oan booms apeoiai ratea on we rail
oa tae saaao, If the;
taef should buy 160
hort Line
To all Points
East, North.
South and
Agent, Santa Fe, N. M.
Attorney and eonnselor at law, P. O. Box
"F," Santa Fe, N. M., praotieea in su
preme and all district oourta of flew Hex
, t. F. CONWAY,
Attorney and Counselor at Law, Silver
City, New Mexioo. Prompt attention
given to all business intrusted to bis care.
f r tioe in all the oourts in tne territory
Attorney at Law. Practices in all terri
torial oourts. Commissioner conrt of
claims. Qolleotions and title searohing.
Office with E.A.Fiske,Spiegelberg blook
Santa Fe. '
Is not complete v ; ;
without an ideal
Combines every element of
beauty and purity. It is beauti
fying, soothing, healing, health
ful, and harmless, and when
rightly used is invisible. A most
de'icateand desirable protection
to the face in this climate,
Insist spaa having tna gtnnlns.
fyfl IT II rot lAlt IVEt-YWHCtl,

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