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The Daily New Mexican
9-Eiitered as Second Class matter at the
Santa Fe Post Office.
Daily, per week, by carrier $
Daily, par month, by carrier 1 00
Daily, per month, by mail 1 00
Daily, three months, by mail 2 60
Daily, six months, by mail 6 00
Daily, one year, hv mail 10 00
Weekly, pur month 25
Weekly, per quarter 75
Vaticly, per six months 1 00
anekly, per ear 2 00
All oontracts and bills for advertising pay
bln monthly.
j.il communication intended for publica
tion must be accompanied by the writer's
aire and address not for publication but
i9 evidence of good faith, and should be ad
dressed to The Editor. Hbtters pertaining to
fcusiness should be ."tdrcssed
Nkw Mkxioan Printing Co.,
Santa Fe, New Mexico.
The Nkw Mexican is the oldest news
paper in New Mexico. It is sent to every
VoPtOtBce in the Territory and has a large
t.id growing circulation among the intelli
gent and progressive people of the south
west. WEDNESDAY. MAY 22.
The farmers and stockmen of New
Mexico are a joyons lot the3e days.
And still those World's fair awards doe
New Mexico exhibitors are ont of sight!
Tub A., T. & 8. F. officials are display
ing a commendable interest in promoting
the success of the national irrigation con
gress which meets in Albuquerque Sep
tember next.
Tnn report that Miss Frances Willard
will be led to the altar is improbable.
The lady may go to the altar, but will
doubtless insist upon doing whatever
leading is to be done.
Seceetaby of Agbicoltube Mobton
has apparently undertaken to prove to
Mr. Cleveland that Mr. Cleveland made a
mistake in not appointing Morton secre
tary of the treasury.
Gun. Lew Wallace is raising a rum
pus over Indiana's G. A. R. monument
and advances the not altogether original
idea that it should be made to memorial
ize the martyred slain. The figure of
"Indiana" in clinging robes does not
suit the general's notions at all.
About as fishy a yarn as the press re
ports have brought out of Washington
for many a day is that which saysChina
will borrow silver to pay the Japanese
indemnity and agree to pay back the
loan in gold! Oh what a dish of rot these
goldites do serve out to the plain people,
Sknatob John Shebman is expected to
preside over the Ohio Republican state
convention, which meets May 28. Mr,
Sherman presided over the Ohio state
convention that met the year before Fre
mont was nominated for the presidency.
He tins lived forty years within sight of
the White house, and he is still the same
old Sherman, anti-silver to the core and
always playing into the hands of the
goldites and the trusts.
Rumors are again in circulation to the
effect that the Rosebery ministry in
Great Britain is about to collapse. Such
an event seems near at hand whatever
newspaper reports may be to the contrary,
and when it doej come there are circum
stances attending it that will render it of
far more than ordinary moment, for with
the retirement of Rosebery either Cham
berlain or Salisbury would most likely be
called upon to form a new oabinet, and
as both are the friends of silver the great'
est concern attaches to the event. In all
probability the queen's first action after
accepting the resignations of the present
cabinet would be to send for Salisbury, and
if he should accept the premiership, what'a
blow it would give the Rothschilds and
other gold monometallists. Salisbury is
for reopening the India mints to silver at
the earliest possibility.
No one man's utterances on the finan
cial question will have greater weight in
quarters where it will do the most good
than those of Judge Henry C. Caldwell.
Says he: "I have been surprised that the
isBue has been so long delayed. The
fight ought to have been foroed years ago
on the line of absolute and unqualified
free coinage of gold and silver at the
ratio of 16 to 1, without regard to the ao
tion of England or any other foreign
power. If we are to be subservient to
England in our finanoial policy why not
in other matters?" Judge Caldwell, as
senior oirouit judge for the 8th U. S. dis
trict court has a large and admiring
constituency in the central west who will
ponder woll the conclusions his mature
thought have reaohed on this, all im
portant subject.
The New Mexican hopes the report is
true that Mother Katherine Drexel, now
on a visit to Santa Fe, intends introducing
such industrial enterprises as knitting,
pinning and blanket weaving into the
Indian schools under her philanthropic
care. The eduoation of Indian youth it a
self-imposed labor of love with Mother
Katherine, and in no way, in our judg
ment, could she attain such speedy and
' profitable results for the young Indians
than by carrying out this idea. Primarily
they are at home in the wool industry.
They are deft fingered and qniok to learn.
They moat have blankets and stookings
and sueh articles, and many a bright In
dian boy and girl wonld bless the day
after leaving the teacher's care that in
spired Sister Katherine to equip them
With soon knowledge as wonld enable
them to earn good wages anywhere. Let
the experiment of the manufacture of
woolens be given a praotioal test in the
Indian schools.
Secretary Carlisle's Covington speech
against silver has stirred up a hornet's
nest just over the river in Ohio. Allen
W., the worthy son of a noble sire, "the
noblest Roman of 'em all," gives Mr.
Carlisle a soorching in the name of Ohio
Democraoy, and every word burns a feath
er out of his crest of fame. It is doubt
ful if anything meaner could be said of
Carlisle than that he is now traveling
through Kentucky and Tennessee "mak
ing the same speech that John Sherman
made and has made for ten years."
Mr. Carlisle said that when Allen G.
Thurman was in the U. S. senate he voted
for the act of 1873, which demonetized
silver. He forgot to add that Thurman
and other Democratic senators were mis
lead as to the oontents of the act from the
wording of its title; that it was stealthily
manipulated through congress by John
Sherman, Secretary of the Trensury Bout
well and Deputy Comptroller of Currency
John J. Knox, and that after this fact be
came known Thurman and others de
nounced the trick. Thurman has always
been a silver man, and Mr. Carlisle should
have known it. In the first congress
after Hayes was eleoted president there
was a silver debate in which Thurman
and Conkling were leading on their re
spective sides. It was a great debate and
led congress to pass the Bland Allison
silver ooinage aot over President Hayes'
So It Would.
The situation is favorable for the ex
tension of the Denver & Rio Grande rail
road from Santa Fe to this city, via (Jer
rillos and San Pedro. The extension
would be the best paying piece of rail
road in New Mexico. Albuquerque Citi
zen. They are Wolnic Klglit Along.
The people of Santa Fe are doing all
they can under existing conditions to ad
vance the work of restoring the capitol.
It will be some time before there will be
any money available for the vigorous
prosecution of the work, meanwhile all
will be done with oonviot labor that can
be accomplished. Silver City Eagle.
New Mexico all Right.
Advices from the north indicate great
damage to fruit crops by cold weather.
It is estimated that the loss on grapes in
the state of New York is fully $2,000,000,
and other fruit in proportion. New Mex
ico will enjoy a full crop, and will realize
good prices. Fruit growers of the east
should acoept the conditions as they
actually exist, and oome to New Mexico
for sure crops. Sooorro Advertiser.
Has Lota of Company.
As a silver man Senator Elkins won't
do. His talk about a larger use of silver
is nonsense. There is no compromise
between gold monometallism and bimet
allism. A man must be either one thing
or the other. Either the mints must be
open to the unrestricted ooinage of silver
and gold or the world must acoept a gold
standard, with all its manifold evils. Sen
ator Elkins should get off the fence.
Denver Republican.
Bub why do you single out Stephen as
a stradlerf All the prominent Repub
licans east of the Mississippi river, with
only two or three honorable exceptions,
occupy exactly the same position Elkins
occupies, and are trying to play fast and
loose with the Bilver issue. If he won't
do, please name one that will. Albu
querque Demoorat.
Daily, English Weekly and Spanish
Weekly editions, will be found on
sale at the following news depots,
where subscription may also be
A. C. Teichman, Oerrillos.
S. E. Newcomer, Albuquerque.
B. T. Link, Silver City.
J. B. Hod gen, Deming.
O. O. Miller, Hillsborough.
B. Dailey, East Las Vegas.
L. K. Allen, Las Vegas.
San Felipe, Albuquerque
Jacob Weltmer, City.
Fletcher 6 Arnold. Bland, N. M.
AIM a complete Um of BowVi Oattv
Architect & Contractor
Close Figurine,
Modern Methods,
Skilled Mechanics
Plans and spooifluations fornished
on application. Correspondence so
licited. '
Santa F e. N. M.
Sotlr.e of Hale.
TituitiTOBY oir New Mexico, )
County of Santa Fe. J
In the District Court of the First Judi
cial District in and for the County of
Sauta Fe.
In chancery.
The Farmers' Loan and Trust Com-")
pauy, Complainant,
The Texas, Santa Fe fc Northern
Railroad Company, The Santa Fe
Southern Railway Company, Thom
as B. Catron, John Q. Albright, An
sel F. Goodrich, Daniel Cherry and
Henry A. True, oo-partners as Good
rich, Cherry & Co., Ralph W. Scott
and Joseph Whitehead, co-partners
as R. W. Soott &Co., Lionel D. Sax
ton and Edward F. Browne, co
partners as Lionel D. Saxton Jfc
Co., Lionel A. Sheldon, Adam J.
' Hager, Robert Harvy, Administra
tor of the Estate of V. L. Van der
Veer, deceased, Henry O. Baohelder
and Edward L. Baohelder, surviv
ing partners of the firm of Bachel
der Brothers' Baohelder Brothers,
B. M. Read, George II. Marshnll, C.
L. Wheeler, John Burns, A. J. Liv
ingston, D. Livingston, lsaao N.
Stone, Ambrosio Ortiz, Cesaria R.
de Ortiz, Juan B. Lncero, Dolores
O. de Lncero, James B. Orman and
William Crook, co-partners as Or
man fc Crook, Chnrles H. Gilder
sleeve, The Second National Bank
of New Mexico nt Sauta Fe, and
George C. Preston,
Whereas, in and by the decree of the
said District Court in the above entitled
oause, rendered on the 8th day of April,
A. D. 181)5, and duly eutered therein, the
sum of $1,160,238.83 was found and ad
judged to be due and payable to the said
complainant, for prinoipal and interest
of the first mortgage bonds issued by the
said The Texas, Santa Fe and Northern
Railroad company, nnder the provisions
of a certain deed of trust for the security
of the said bonds, made and delivered by
the said Railroad Company to the com
plainant, and bearing date the 17th day
June, A. D. 1882, and recorded in the of
fioe of the probate clerk and ex-oflicio re
corder of the said County of Santa Fe, ou
the 18th day of July, A. D. 1882, in Book
C of Mortgage Deeds, at pages 66 to. 79,
inclusive, whereby the said Railroad
Company conveyed to the said complain
ant, as trustee, all and siugular the prop
erty, franchises, rights and subject-matter,
particularly described in the said
deed of trust and in the said deoree, in
cluding all the right, title and interest
which the said Railroad Company, The
Toxas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad
Company, then had, or might nt any
time thereafter acquire, in or to all and
singular the railroad of the said The
Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad
Company, and also all the other railroads
belonging to, or thereafter to be ac
quired by, the said Railroad Company,
together with all the lands, tracks, lines,
rails, bridges, ways, buildings, piers,
wharves, structures, erections, fenoes,
walls, fixtures, franchises, privileges, and
rights or mio said Railroad Company and
also all locomotives, engines, tenders,
cars, carriages, tools, machinery, manu
factured and unmanufactured materials,
coal, wood and supplies, of every kind,
belonging or appertaining to the euid
Railroad Company; also all the tools, in
comes, issues and profits, arising out of
the said property, and all right to receive
and recover the Bame;also all estate,
right, title and interest of the said, The
Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad
Company in and to any and all real es
tate belonging to the said company; also
all leasehold lands, with buildings there
on erected; also all piers, bulkheads and
waterfronts; also all estate, right, title
and interest of the said Railroad Com
pany in any other corporation; it being
intended thereby to oonvey to the com
plainant, under and by virtue of theafore
said description, all and every right, title
and interest of the said Railroad Com
pany in or to the premises above men
tioned or dosoribed, whether bb lessees, or
as holders of the stock or bonds of any
other corporation, association or organ
ization, or however Buoh interest of the
said Railroad Company may bn regarded
in low, or in equity, as subsisting or in
hering in the aforesaid premises, or any
part thereof; it being the true intent and
meaning of the said deed of trust that the
said Railroad Company Bhould, and did,
convey to the said complainant all and
all manner of franchises, of every kind
and description, however derived, and
wherever situate, all and all manner of
real estate, or interest therein, wherever
such real estate may be situate, and all
and all manner of personal property, of
whatever nature or description the same
might be at the date of the said deed of
trust,owned or possessed by the said Rail
road Company, or which might nt any time
thereafter during the continuation of the
said trust, be aoquired by the said Rail
road Company, and also all choses in ao
tion, of every kind and description, in
cluding bills receivable, book accounts,
tramo balances, all books of rnoord and
accounts of every kind and description,
all papers, maps, inventions, and docu
ments in nny wise referring or relating to
the property or franchises thereby con
veyed; and also all franchises and proper
ty, and all personal rights or interests in
any franchises or property, of every kind
or description, real, personal or mixed,
and wherever the same may be situate,
that might at any time after the date of
the said indenture be aoquired by, or for,
the said Railroad-Company; all of which
it was thereby covenanted should inure,
by way of accretion, to the benefit and ad
vantage of the said complainant, as trus
tee, and by way of further and better se
curity :
And, wherens, in and by the said deoree,
all and singular the Baid property, fran
chises, rights, and subject-matter, were
directed to be sold for the satisfaction of
the said indebtedness, with interest there
on from the 8th day of April, A. D. 1895,
at the rate of six per cent per annum, as
well as of the costs, allowances and ex
penses of the said suit, as mentioned in
the said decree, which bonded indebted
ness, with interest thereon as aforesaid,
up to the 8d day of June, A. D. 1895, will
amount to the sum of $ 1,170,871.35.
'And, whereas, although upwards of
twenty days have elapsed since the rendv
tion and entry of said decree, no payment
whatever has been made of the said prin
cipal indebtedness, or the interest there
on, or any other sums required by the
said deoree to be paid, or any part of
either thereof, and tbey all remain due and
And, whereas, in and by the said deoree,
it is, among other things, ordered, ad
judged and decreed that all the said
premises and property, real, personal and
mixed, rights and franchises, described in
the said decree as aforesaid, wherever
situate, including all and singular the es
tate, right, title, interest, possession,
liens, claims, and demands, in law or in
equity, of, or claimed by the defendant,
The Santa Fe Southern Railway Com
pany, of, in, or to the above described
property, subject-matter and premises,
or any part thereof, shall by the under
signed Special Master, thereunto appoint
ed in and by the said deoree, be sold as
an entirety, and without an appraisement
or right of redemption, at public auction,
to the highest bidder therefor, in manner
and form as hereinafter specified, and
upon the terms prescribed in and by the
said deoree:
' Therefore, I, the undersigned, Antonio
Joseph, the said Special Master, acting
under and in pursuance of the said de
cree, do hereby give notice that on Mon
day, the third day of June, A. D. 1895, at
12 o'clock, noon, of the said day, at the
front door of the county court house, in
the city and county of Santa Fe, in the
territory of New Mexico, I Bhall offer for
sale, and then and there sell, as an en
tirety, to the highest bidder therefor, all
and singular the said property, premises,
rights, franchises and subjeot-matter,
upon the following terms and conditions:
1. The purohaser, when the property
is struok down to him, shall at once pay
to the said Speoial Master, on account
of his purohase, the sum of $25,000 in
United States currency, or in such certi
fied draft, certificate or check as may be
satisfactory to the said Speoial Master,
or any receiver's certificates then out
standing in this cause, at their faoe value,
with accrued interest, or any receipts of
the complainant or its solicitors, for or
on account of costs, allowances, disburse
ments or expenses, taxed or allowed by
the said court, or partly in cash and part
ly in any substitute therefor aforesaid.
2. Should the purchaser fail to make
such payment at once, the said property,
premises, rights, franchises, and subject
matter aforesaid Bhall be resold, the court
reserving the right to consider suoh re
sale as made on account of said proposed
purohaser, or as an original sale, but
which sale, under Buoh oiroumstanoes,
shall be made at once, and without fur
ther advertisement.
8. The deposit received from the suc
cessful bidder shall be on acoonnt of the
purohaBe price, and suoh further portion
of the purohase prioo shall be paid in
cash, as the court may from time to time
direct, the court reserving the right to re
sell the premises and property in the
said deoree directed to be sold, upon the
failure of the purchaser or purchasers,
his, its, or their successors, legal repre
sentatives or assigns, to comply within
twenty days with any order of the court
in that regard.
4. The remainder of the purohase
prioe may be paid either in money, or in
bonds or overdue coupons seoured by the
said deed of trust, or the receiver's certi
ficates aforesaid, or by either one or
more of such means of payment; each
said bond and overdue coupon to be re
ceived for such sum as the holder thereof
would be entitled to receive under the
distribution ordered in and by the said
deoree, and eaoh of the said receiver's
certificates to be received at its faoe
value, with accrued interest.
6. Within thirty days from the confir
mation of the eaid sale or sales, or suoh
further time as the court may allow, ou
application of the purohaser, for good
cause shown, the purchaser or purchasers
of the said property shall complete pay
ment of the entire amount bid to the said
Special Master; and, on such payment,
the said purchaser or purchasers shall be
entitled to receive a deed of conveyance
of the said property, premises and fran
chises, from the Baid Speoial Master, and
from the other parties to this oause, as
provided in and by the Eaid deoree, and
to receive possession of the property so
purchased from the parties noiaing
possession of the same.
. Dated, at Santa Fe,this 8th day of May,
A. D. 18H5.
Antonio Joseph.
Speoial Master.
John H. Knakhicl,
Cuabl.es W. Watkbman,
Solicitors for Complainant.
AviMO de Venta.
Tebbitobio de Nuevo Mexico,
Condndo de Santa Fe,
En la corte de distrito del primer dis
trito judicial, en y por el condndo de
Santa Fe. En cancilleria.
The Farmers' Loan and Trust Com
pany, Demandante,
The Texas, Santa Fe and Northern
Railroad Company, The Santa Fe
Southern Railway Company, Thomas
B.Catron, John G. Albright, Ansel F.
Goodrioh, Daniel Cherry y Henry A.
True, neooiados como Goodrich, Cher
ry Co., Hal phW.Scott y Joseph White
he nd, asooiados como R. W. Soott &
Co., Lionel D. Saxton y Edward F.
Browne, asociados como Lionel D.'
Saxton &Co., Lionel A.Sheldon, Adam
J. Hager, Robert Harvey, admiuistra
dor del estado de P. L. Vander Veer,
finado, Henry O. Baohelder y Edward
L. Baohelder, sooiossobrevivientes de
la firm a de Baohelder Brothers, Baoh
elder Brothers, B. M. Read, George H.
Marshall, C. L. Wheeler, John Burns,
A. J. Livingston, D.Livingston, lsaao
N. Stone, Ambrosio Ortiz, Cesaria R.
de Ortiz, Juan B. Lncero, Dolores O.
de Lncero, James B. Orman v William
Crook, asociados como Orman &
Crook, Charles II. Gildersleeve, The
Second National Bank of New Mexico
at Santa Fe y George C. Preston, De
mandados. .
Por cuanto, en y por decreto de dicha
corte de distrito en la causa arriba titula
da, rendido el dia 8 de Abril, A. D. 1895, y
debidamenteregistrado, la sumade $1,160,
238.83, se hallo y Be adjudiooque Be debia
y era pagadera al dioho demandante por
el prinoipal y redito do los primeros bo
nos de hipoteca emitidos por la dioha
Texas, Santa Fe and Northern Railroad
Company, bajo los proviatos de una
cierta esoritura de fldeioomfso para la se
guridad de diohos bonos, ejeoutada y en
tregada por la dicha Compania Ferro
carrilera a la demandante, la oual llevaba
fecha del dia 17 de Junio, A. D. 1883, y re
gistrada en la oficina del esoribano de
pruebas y ex-omoio registrador del dicho
condado de Santa Fe el dia 18 de Julio A.
D. 1882, en el libro O de Douunientos di
Hipoteca, en las paginas 66 hasta 79 in
clusive, por la coal la dioha Compania
Ferruearritera traspaso al dioho deman
dante, como fldeicomisario, toda y sin
gular la propiedad, franquioias, derechos
y materia, partioularmente descrita en
dicha esoritura de fldeioomiso y en dioho
decreto, inolayendo todoel dereoho, titulo
e interes que la dicha Compania Ferro
oarrilera, The Texas, Santa Fe and North
ern Railroad Company, tenia entonoes,
o pueda haber adquirido de entonoes en
adelante, en y a todo, y singular, el ferro
carril de la dioha The Texas, San
ta Fe and Northern Railroad Com
pany y tambien todos los otros
ferrooarriles perteneoientes o de ser
en adelante adqniridos por dioha Com
pania Ferrooarrilera, juntamente oon to
dos los terrenos, vias, lineas, rieles, puen
tes, trnyectos, edifloios, muelles, desem
barcaderos, estrnoturas, ereooiones, oer
cas, paredes, aparatos, franquioias, privi
leges y derechos de la dioha Compania
Ferrooarrilera, y tambien todas las loco
motoras, maquinas, tenders, carros, ear
ruajes, herramienta, maquinaria, material
fabricado y no fabrioado, carbon, lena y
enseres de toda clase, perteneoientes a la
dicha Compania Ferrooarrilera; tambien
todos los portasgos, rentas, prodnetos y
gananoiales eaoados de dioha propiedad y
todo derecho de recibir y reoobrar lo
mismo; tambien todo el estado, dereoho,
titulo e interes de la dicha The Texas,
Santa Fe and Northern Railroad Company,
en y a toda la propiedad rail pertene
oieute a dioha oonipenia; tambien todos
los terreno alqnilados eon edifloios eri
gidos sobre ellos; tambien todos los es
tribos, frontones y frentes de agua; tam
bien todo el estado, dereoho, titulo e in
teres de dioha compania en enalquiera
otra oorporaoion; por ello intentandose
de traspasar . al demandante, bajo y por
virtud de la antedieb desoripoion, todos
y eada nn dereoho, titnlo interes de la
dioha Compania Ferroeariilera sn o a las
premises arriba meneionadas o descritaa,
ya sea cemo inqnilina o tenedora de las
aooioues o bonos de cualqniera otra cor
poracion, aeociaoion u organization, o
tauto interes de la dioha Compania Fer
rooarrilera como se considere, en ley o en
equidad, oomo subsistente o inherente a
diohns premises o cualqniera parte de
ellas, siendo el verdadero inteuto y sig
nifioado de dioha esoritura de fldeioomiso
de que la dicha Compania Ferrooarrilera
le traspasaria al dicho demandante todas,
y toda clase de franquioias, de toda olase
y desoripoion, oomo quiera que se deri
ven, y en dondequiera que esten sitnadas,
todas, y toda olase de propiedad raiz o
interes en ella, eu dondequiera que tal
propiedad 'raiz este situada, y todos, y
toda clase de bienes muebles, de cual
qniera naturaleza o desoripoion que fuera
en la feoha de la dioha escritura de fldei
oomiso, aduenada o poseida por la dicha
Compania Ferrooarrilera, o que pudiereen
cualqniera tiempo de alii en adelante du
rante la continuaoion de dicho fldeioomi
so, ser adquirido por la dioha Compania
Ferrooarrilera, y tambien toda propiedad
en litigio de oualquiera olase y desorip
oion inoluyendo cuentas aoeptables,
cuentaa de libro, balances de trafioo, to
dos libros de registro y cuentas de toda
olase y desoripoion, todos los papeles,
mapas, invenoiones y dooumentos que de
oualquiera manera se refieren o relaoio
nan a la propiedad o franquioias tras
pasadas; tambien todas las franquioias y
propiedad, y todos los derechos persona
tes o interes en cualqniera franquioia o
propiedad, de oualquiera olase o desorip
oion, raiz, mueble o mixta, y en donde
quiera que la misma este situada, que
pudiera en cualquier tiempo despues de
la feoha de dicha escritura ser adquirida
por o para la dioha Compania Ferrooarri
lera; todo lo oual se estipulo por ella de
servir, por via de aoreoenoia, para bene
ftoio y provecho del dioho demandante,
oomo fideioomisario, y por via de mas y
mejor seguridad;
Y, por cuanto, en y por el tal deoreto,
todoB y singular la dioha propiedad,
franquioias, derechos y materia, se or
denaron de vender para satiBfaoer dioha
deuda oon redito sobre la misma desde el
dia 8 de Abril, A. D., 1895, a razon del 6
por oiento auual, asi oomo de los costos,
senalamientos y gastos de dioho pleito,
aegun mencionado en dicho decreto, la
oual deuda auiortizada, oon redito sobre
la misma oomo antes dioho, hasta el dia
3 de Junio, A. D., 1895, amontara a la
suma de $1,170,871.35.
Y por cuanto, no obstante que ha pasa
do el lapso de veinte dias desde la ren
dicion y protoaolo de dioho deoreto, nin
gun pago se ha heoho del dicho principal
y deuda, o del redito sobre la misma, ni
de cualqniera otra suma requerida por el
dicho decreto de que se pague, ni de enal
quiera parte de ellas, y todaa quedan de
bidas y pagaderas;
Y por ouanto, en y por dioho deoreto,
entre otras oosas se ordena, adjudica y
deoreta que todas las dichas premisas y
propiedad, raiz, muebles y mixta, dere
chos y franquioias, descritaa en el dicho
decreto antes dioho, dondequiera que
eaten BitnadaB, inoluyendo todo y singu
lar el estado, derecho, titnlo, interes, po
sesion, dereohos de retenoion, reolamos y
demandas, en ley o equidad, de,y reolama
dos poreldemandado, The Santa Fe South
ern Railway Company, de, en, o a la ar
riba desorita propiedad, materias y pre
misas, o cualqniera parte de ellas, seraq,
por el aba jo firmado maestre especial,
para ello nombrado en y por el dioho de
oreto, vendidas en ooniunto y sin avaluo
o dereoho de redenoion, apublioasubaata,
al mayor postor, en la manera y forma
como aqui mas adelante espeoifioado, y
Begun los terminos presoritos en, y por
ei mono deoreto.
Por tanto yo, el abajo firmado, Anto
nio Joseph, el dioho maestre especial,
obrando segon y de conf ormidad oon dioho
deoreto, por estas doy avisoque elLunes,
Teroer dia de Junto, A. P., 1895, a las 1:2,
medio dia, de dioho dia, en la puer-
ta do entrada de la easa de oor
tes del condado, en la ciudad y
condado de Santa Fe, en el Terri
tory de Nuevo Mexioo, ofreoere de venta,
y entonoes y alii vendere, en con junto,
al postor mas alto, toda y singular la di
oha propiedad, premisas, dereohos, fran
quioias y materias sobre los terminos y
condioiones siguientes:
1. El comprador cunndo la propiedad
se le remate, pagara inmediatamente al
maestre especial, por ouenta de su com
pra, la suma de $26,000 en moneda de los
Estados Unidos, o eu tal libranza certifl
oada, oertificado o libramiento oomo sea
satisfactorio al dicho maestre espeoial, o
oualquiera certificados de interventor,
pendieutes en esta causa, a valor de sn
faz, con redito acumulado, o enalquiera
reoibo del demandante o sua abogados,
por o en cuenta de coBtas, senalamiento,
desembolBos, o gastos, tasados o oonoedi
dos por dioha oorte, o parte on dinero y
parte en oualquiera sustituto por el antes
2. Si el comprador falta a haoer tal
pngo inmediato, la dioha propiedad, pre
misas, dereohos, franquioias, y materias,
antes dicho, se venderun de nuevo, reeer
vandose la oorte el dereoho de oonBidqrsr
tal venta nueva oomo que se hizo a ouen
ta de dicho propuesto comprador,o oomo
venta original, pero tal venta, bajo tales
cirounstancias, se hara inmediatamente,
y sin mas aviso.
8. El deposito reoibido del ofertante
sera por ouenta del preoio de oompra, y
tal parte del preoio de compra se pagara
en efeativo segan la oorte lo dirija de
tiempo en tiempo, reservandose la corte
el derecho de vender de nuevo las premi
sas y propiedad que el deoreto ordena de
venderse, a falta de que el comprador o
oompradores, su, o eus sucesoree, repre
sentantes legales y asignados, en cumplir
deutro de veinte dias oon cualqniera or
den de la corte en ese respeoto.
4. Lo restante del preoio de compra
se pagara ya sea en dinero o en bonos o
cupones de adeudo pasado aseguradoB
for la dioha esoritura de fideioomiso, o
os uertifioados de interventor antes dioho,
o por oualquiera uno o mas de tales me
dio! de pagar; oada untal bonoyouponde
adeudo pnsado se reoibira por tal suma oo
mo el tenedor del mismo estaria intitnlado
a recibir bajo la distribnoion ordenada en
y por tal decreto , y oada uno de los cer
tificados de dioho interventor de reoibirse
al valor de su faz, con el oorrespondiente
6. Dentro de treinta dias de la oonflr
maeion de dioha venta o ventas, o tal
tiempo mas oomo la oorte permita, por
aplicaoion del oomprador, por bnena
causa demostrada, el oomprador o oom
pradores de dioha propiedad, oompletaran
el pago de la entera oantidad ofreoida al
dioho maestre espeoial; y sobre tal pago,
el dioho oomprador o oompradores esta
ran intitulados a recibir esoritura de tras
paso de dioha propiedad, premises y
franquioias, del dioho maestrs espeoial, y
de las otras partes en esta oansa, segun
provisto en y por el dioho deoreto, y a
reoibir posesion de la propiedad asi oom
prada, de las partes qne tienen posesion
de la misma.
Feohado en Santa Fe, ' este dia 8 de
Mayo, A. D' 1898.
Antonio Josifb.
Maestre Espeoial.
John H. Knarbil,
. Chablis Watebman,
Abogados pur el Demandante.
Re-Openlna of Monteawsaa Hotel, Laa
Vega Hot MprlBsra.
This famous monntain resort will be
re-opened June 20, 1895. The Mountain
House, near by and nnder the same man
agement, will be opened Jane 1. For
passenger and hotel rates and general In
formation call on agents Santa Fe route.
H.8. Lim,
Agent, Santa Fe, M. M.
Geo. T. Nicholson, G. P. A.
Farm Lands!
Choice Mountain and Valley
For tbe Irrigation of tfca Prairies and TaUeya between Raton and
Springer One Xud4m4 mileaof lrf Irrigating Canals
been built Taeae laada with porpesjual waist rights are sold cheap and
on the easy tsnu at tea annual pajrmtnta, with 7 par oent interest
In addition to tha abare there as 1,400,000 aorea of land for sale, oon
sistiag mainly of Agricultural, Coal and Timber Lands. The
climate is unsurpassed; and alfalfa, grain esta fruit af all kinds grow to
perfection and in abundance.
Those wishing to riew the laade en sisnie apeoial ratea on the rail
roads, and wiU have a rebate alee ea the aeene, tf the should buy 160
acres or more.
The famous Cold Mining Camps near Elizabethtown and Baldy
are thrown open to prospentoTs on more favorable terms than lecationa
on Government land. Mining regulations aent on application.
Daily, four-horse, covered coachea leave Springer at 7 a. m., except
Sundays, for Cimarron, Baldy and Elizabethtown, and leave these points
every morning, Sundays excepted, for Springer.
The A., T. & S. F. and TJ. P. D. & G. railroads cross this property.
WARRANTY DEEDS GIVEN. For full particulars apply to
Raton, New Mexico.
All kinds of Bough and Finished Lumber; Texas Flooring at
the Lowest Market Frioe; Windows and Boon. Also carry on a
general Transfer Business and deal in Say and Grain.
The Short Line
Fine line of equipment, dining and chair cars on all trains
mtween Kansas City and Chicago, ask agents below
for time cards.
Div. Frt Agt., El Paso, Tex.
entist. Booms in Kahn Blook, over
Spits' Jewelry Store. Office Honrs, 9 to
12 a. m.; 2 to 6 p. m.
Attorney at Law, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Attorneys at law, Santa Fe, N. M. Will
praotioe in all the oonrts.
Office in Griffin blook. Collections and
searohing titles a speoialty. .
Lawyer, Santa Fe, New Mexioo. Office,
Catron block. "
Attorney at Law. Will praotioe in the
sereral oonrts of the territory. Prompt
attention given to all business intrusted
to his oase. Office in Catron blook.
A. A. Fbkemam, Elvboo Baca
Late Asso. J net ice N. M. Sop. Court.
Attorneys at Law, Sooorro, N. M1; Wil
practice in the oonrts of Sooorro, Lin
coln, Chaves and Eddy oonnties. Alsoin
the sapreme and U.S. Land oonrts st
Santa Fe.
Lands near the Fool K .Ils
To all Points
East, North.
South and
H. S. IitTTZ,
Agent, Santa Fe, N. M.
Attorney and oonnselor at law, P. O. Box
"F," Santa Fe, N. M., praotises in su
preme and all distriot oonrts of New Mex
ioo. .
T. F. CONWAY, ; f
Attorney and Counselor at Law, Silver
City, New Mexioo. Prompt attention
given to all business intrusted to his oare.
Pr . tioe in all the oonrts in the territory
Attorney at Law. Praotioes in all terri
torial oonrts. Commissioner oonrt of
claims. - Collections and title searching.
Santa Fe. : .
Is not complete
without an ideal
Combines every element of
beauty and purity. It is beauti
fying, soothing, healing, health
ful, and harmless, and when
riehtlv used is invisible. A most
dc'icate and desirable protection fu
to the lace in this climate.
Inilit poa having the genuine.
nam iau evutwheiie.

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