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No, Never.
Physicians have never been
able to prescribe any other
emulsion of Cod-liver Oil which
would bring as satisfactory re
sults as Scott's Emulsion.
The reasons for this are the
absolute purity of its compo
nents and the superior process
of its manufacture. Nobody has
ever been able' to imitate it.
Imitations are always inferior to
the real thing.
Remember that Scott's Emul
sion is the great food for wasting
in adults and children.
Don't It persuaded to accept a lubslltutel
Scott & Bowno, N. Y. Ali Druggists. 50c. and $1.
Gaggs: Selfruade is a man who thor
oughly bblieve in himself. Waggs:
Then he must be next to an infidel, for
an infidel believes in nothing.
A True llero . ... ...
Is the indvidual who smiles with ap
parent cheerfulness during an attaok of
rheumatism. "If such there be" we never
met him nor her. An agonized grin is the
nearest approach to cheerfulness of aspect
we ever beheld nnder snob circumstances.
But when Hostetter's Stomach Bitters has
repelled as it certainly will the earlier
attacks of this formidable disease, the
quondam sufferer has good reason' not
alone to smile, bat to give vent to hearty
guffaws interspersed with freqnent
chuckles. To the removal of dyspepsia,
malarial and kidney complaints, oonstipa
tion and disorder of the liver, the Bitters
is specially adapted. It renews failing
strength and appetite, and counteracts
the infirmities of age. When debilitating
maladies are succeeded by tardy con
valescence with a danger of relapsed, it
accelerates a gain in vigor and flesh, and
tends to re-establish health on a lasting
basis. Give it a suitable trial.
Why was the bee selected as a model
of industry? asked Xillinghast. Because
business with., him is always humming,
replied Gildersleeve.
While jn Stockton, Gal'., some time ago,
Thos. F. Langan, of Los Banos, that state,
was taken very severely with cramps and
diarrhoea. He chanced to meet Mr. 0. M.
Carter, who waB similarly afflicted. He
says: "I told him of Chamberlain's Colio,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and we
went to the Holden drug store and pro
cured a bottle of it. It gave Mr. Carter
prompt relief and I can vouch for its
having cured me." For sale by A. 0
IreNnd, jr.
Japan the island kingdom,
In her own way
lias got a mighty tael-hold
On Old Cathay.
: Any one who has ever had an attaok of
' inflammatory rheumatism will rejoice
with Mr. J. A. Stnmui, 220 Boyle Heights,
Los Angeles, over his fortunate escape
from a siege of that distressing ailment.
Mr. Stumm is foreman of Merriam's con
fectionery establishment. Some months
ago, on leaving the heated work room to
run across the street on an errand, he was
oanght out in the Tain. The result was
that when ready to go home that night he
was unable to walk, owing to inflamma
tory rheumatism. He . was taken home,
. and on arrival was plaoed in front of a
good fire and thoroughly rubbed with
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. During the
evening and night he was repeatedly
bathed with this liniment, and by morn
ing was relieved of all rheumatio pains.
He now takes especial pleasure in prais
ing Chamberlain's Fain Balm, and always
keeps a bottle of it in the house. For
sale by A. C. Ireland, jr.
I have a trained seal, said the English
man. It can be hitohed to s boat, and
' will drag my ohildren about on my private
lake just as a pony will drag a cart
That's very nice, said the American. I
have one, too. Mine takeB its fur off in
winter and lends it to my wife for a
Rflen Don't
Fnrther waste
money on drugs,
menu, etc. They
you. You have
thAm and know.
precious time and
vacuum treat
will ' never our
Srobably tried;
ature is A s
WAYS willing:
and waiting to
man Buffering
fnim ftitt fnllnwtnir
t: VMM
or Total Impotence, IlrHln KiihPIJo,
Hleeplewneaa, ote. But Mtn ow r"J
ear must bescientiacallyused. It B1EO
TRICITT, and the greatest possible perfection
for its application Is attained in ne well
known Dr. Header! Etectrte Bel. , Thto in
vention has been sold and given oompiete satis
faction for nearly thirty years, and we refer
sufferers to hundreds of cures in every Bute.
Throw drugs to the dogs, and Join our army
of cures
in blessing tne greate-re ouu
given weak men.
This belf also ouresi
Rheumatism, Lame Back,
and Liver Complaints, and
general ill-health.
A pocket edition of Or, gaarlew'SJ cele
brated book
"Three Classes of Men,"
will be sent free, sealed, upon application.
Every man should read it. It is the only rail
and oomnlata s-nlda for Hit-treatment ever
offered. . Free to everybody. Bm few kV
The Sanden Electric (O
Wa oea a iwa flat '
Ala Hew York, Cnteaco Loaatoa, Vtt-A
Unrest ffieetro-Meiloal Oenoarnin the World!
Without her leave he stole a kiBS,
He did. Oh, bliss!
A sharp oommand was promptly his:
Just put that baok, I tell you this.
Where it belongs, spoke haughty miss
He did. Oh, bliss!
Landlady: Johnson says the true art
of memory is the art of attention. Boar
der: What's that to do with me f Land
lady: Why, if you would give some atten
tion to the bills I send you, you might
remember to pay me some time.
She Had Not Closed Her Eyes, but the
Valuables Were Gone.
"Dear me," said Mr. Snapshot, with a
start of surprise which did not at all de
ceive his wife, "is it possible that it is so
latef I must hurry, or I shall bo late for
the club meeting."
"But you went to tho club last even
ing," pouted his wife."
"I ate my dinner yesterday, but that
did not prevent me from being hungry to
day," remarked Mr. Snapshot as he put
on his overshoes. "The fact is that we in
stalled the officers last evening, and now
a a we are to Vote on the admission ot
some new members. I shall be home
: "That's what you always say, but"
"But, Elinor, it was only 11 last night
when I came in."
"So you said, but remember I shall put
my watoh under my pillow tonight and
see the time for myself. I only hope you
will notoome home and find me murdered
by burglars some night."
"But burglars have never"
"That's not saying they never will.
And finding rue awake, as I always am in
your absence, they would be sure to kill
"But there are burglar alarms at all the
doors and windows. Bosides, if I remem
ber rightly, I waked the neighbors for
four blocks around bofore you heard me
the night I had forgotten my key."
"Keep to the subject, if you pleaso, Mr.
Snapshot. As I say, I can never sleep un
til you have come in. However, if I am
attaoked, I can call across to Mr. Homer
for help. I shall have the window in the
side hall put up on purpose. It will be
mortifying to let an old admirer know1
how you neglect me, but It is better to bo
mortified than murdered."
Left alone, Mrs. Snapshot duly retired
to her oouch to medltato upon the short
comings of ber spouse, which she never
would have guessed during their court
ship. She was roused from what seemed a
continuation of her reverie by the presence
of her husband in the room. "So you are
home at last," she remarked. "Well, I'm
glad of it, for here I've been lying awake
and trembling at every sound. What time
is it anyhow? Why, Where's my watch?
I put it under my pillow."
"In Indiana probably by this time, my
dear. It always was fast."
"You have evidently been drinking,
Mr. Snapshot, and I shall take no why,
my watch Is gone!"
"And so la the silver and all the rest ot
our valuables. The burglars"
"Good heavens! Burglars! And here I
have been left alone and unprotected"
. "And unable to sleep"
"But how could they have got in?"
"Through the window which you had
left open in order to oall for Mr. Homer
in case you were attacked," meekly re
plied her husband, "at least that was the
theory of the policeman I met at tho
door." Chicago Tribune. :
She Only Wanted to Know.
It was a little dried up, stoop shoul
dered, thick lipped, White eyed black
woman who went into a big dry goods
emporium the other day and said to the
affable floorwalker as he met her at the
door: 1
"Got any yarn knlttln thread?"
"Yes; step this way, please." .
"Wait a minute, honey," said the old
woman, grabbing the floorwalker by the
coattalla, much to the amusement of all
idle clerks, who began to gather around to
see the fun. "I ain't ax you ylt. Got
any pins, an cotton stripes, an silk dresses,'"
an par'sols, an bleechcd tennestio, an
blue ribbon, an plller cases, an under
shirts, an sewin merohlnes, an bustles, an
crirnpin pins, an table clers, an an"
"Step this way, and I will show you
what we have," interposed the floorwalk
er, thinking she was about to breakdown,
but she had only paused for breath.
"What mek you won't lemmeax you
what I wants?" she went on. "Got any
cooking stoves, an laoe curtains, an lamp
chlmblies, an carpets, an chnny oups, an
halrth brooms, an pitcher frames, an
wrltin paper, an bal'nials, an kid gloves,
an head hankchers, an"
"Step this way."
' "Walt jess a minute, chile, toll deole
'oman git th'ough, can't you? I d'want
to look at nothin 'tal today. What I az
you is you got 'em?"
"Well, now dat's what I wanter git at.
Whynoher say so at fust? Den I wouldn't
be here pesterin you so long. You see, its
dlsser way. .Do olo man come home tother
night an fotch me a spekle pullet, an
when spring 'gins to open dat pullet jess
nktchelly gwine start to lay, ain't she?
Well, dat's huocomo I come here axln you
what you got, so's I'll know what to spect
fur dem alga when I fetch 'em to town,
dat's all."
A well known judge, when a Q. C, be
ing unable to support his argument in a
certain cuse by any legal preoedent, in
vented one on the spot. His opponent was
equal to the occasion and invented an
other, which put the Q. C. wholly in the
"Where's your authority for that?" in
quired thoQ. C. "It's In no lawbook with
which I'm acquainted."
"You'll find it," said the other prompt
ly, "on the same page of the book you
have just quoted," Tit-Bits,
Where Hli Bravery Forsook Him.
He had tramped the wilds of Africa and seen
the wild giraffe
And had gazed on lions fierce with greatest
He had listened with tranquillity to the striped
.. . ; hyuna's laugh
And faced tigers with a courage that was
He had scrapped with big prizefighters in the
zenith of their fane
And had fought a dozen duels with the great
est of temerity;
He had entered burning buildings and saved
women from the flame
And had swum Niagara's rapids with oeler
' ' -';"-;
He'd played quarter back at football and had
come out safe and sound
And had waded through gunpowder with a
candle that was lighted; -He
had rescued prisoned miners in the cay
eras underground,
And in scenes of slaughter he was much de
- lighted. .
When no-one knew just how the cloth that's
bullet proof would work
He had worn it while the maker experiment
ed; ...-f.;
There was scarcely a known danger his cour
ageous heart wonld shirk, v
And the more the risk, the more he was eon
.. l: tented.
But one bargain day while sauntering past a
; mammotn ary gooas store,
When the weather was a-iwel taring and
lad his friends dared him to try to pass the
- women round the door.
He refused, for all his oourage went a-gllav
mertag. -New York Ba.
He Was Very Tired of Standing by Jonea
and Changed His Remark.
There is one member of congress whos
wife owns an intelligent parrot, which she
brought from Mexico, and whose talking
talents she haB developed with great as
siduity and no little success. Of course
Jones that's not bis name, and the nom
de guerre stands merely for convenience
sake as the name of the congressman re
ferred to Jones was a candidate for re
election in November, and, foreseeing his
triumphant vindication at the polls, affec
tionate Mrs. Jones specially trained her
parrot to shout "Hurrah!" till the Win
dows rattled whenever Jones' name was
mentioned in his presence. On the even
ing of the election she arranged to have
the bird hung in the reception room,
where her husband was going to receive
his friends and also the returns. With
fond expectancy she looked for the news
to come that her husband had been elect
ed by a stunning majority and the parrot
shouting in the wild frenzy of his bound
less glee, "Hurrah for Jones I"
Alas, that the best laid plans of men
and mice gang aft agleel When the fnto
ful moment came, a distressed messenger,
with flushed face, and disheveled hair,
burst into the sitting room with the an
nouncement, "You're beaten, Jones!"
It wire the parrot's oue, and he hadn't
forgotten his careful training.
"Hurrah for Jones!' ' shouted the green
Imp on bis perch, and everybody in the
room stood aghast at the audacity of the
Mrs. Jones was the first to show a sign
of animation, and it manifested itself in
a volcanlo eruption of temper directed
against that cute and innocent Mexican
parrot, which offeotually put a quietus on
his exhilaration. The poor bird cowered
in a oornor. In half an hour the tide had
" You're elected, Jones!" shouted the lust
"Shout, Polly, shout!" cried Mrs. Jones
in a transport of delight.
The bird looked at her sideways with a
look of disgust.
"Oh, d n Jones!" he muttered, turn
ing his back to her. Washington Post.
A Mean Man,
"Come here. I'll show you the way you
want to blow."
"You're a naughty girl for blowing the
horn as you did while baby is asleep."
Now York World.
Information Wanted.
"Mr. Timinlns, I see you have handed
in a joke about a man's nfbther-in-lnw
ontohing him kissing his typewriter," said
the editor.
" Yes, sir, " said Timmins. "Anything
wrong with itf "
"Oh, no. It's all right for that sort of
thing, but I just wanted to know wheth
er it was a typewriter joke or a mother-in-law
joke." Indianapolis Journal.
He Knew It.
She was provoked with him very muoh
provoked but she was his wife, and he
was determined to be gentle with her.
"Why," she exclaimed angrily, "I could
hove married a dozen men better than
you are."
"I know it, 'my dear," he assented
sweetly, "but If you had you'd have been
in the penitentiary for bigamy." Detroit
Free Press.
A Complete Victim.
"You say you are starving. Didn't you
make any corn?"
"Yes, but the weevils ate it up."
"And cotton?"
"Boll worms got it."
"Then why don't you hunt possums?"
"Somebody plzened my dorgs!" At
lanta Constitution.
But They Will Do It.
" Yju ought to know better than to put
small coins into your mouth," said the old
gentleman to the boy who had Just blacked
hli boots.
Whereupon three richly appareled ladle
who were hurrying past to catoh a street
car paused a moment and looked Indig
nantly at the speaker. Chicago Tribune
Whooping Conch.
There is no danger from this disease
when Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
freely given. It liquefies the tough ma ens
and aids its expectoration. It also lessens
the severity and frequency of paroxysms
of coughing and insures a speedy recov
ery. There is not the least danger in giv
ing the remedy to ohildren or babits, as
it contains no injurious substanoe. For
sale by A. 0. Ireland, Jr.
ill J '
Hears angry footsteps.
"There's the horn. Now keep quiet."
Call It a Craze.
The New York Tribune says : "The habit of
taking ' headache powders ' is increasing to an
alarmtn&r extent among a ereat number of m.
I men throughout the country. These powders as
I their name indicates, are claimed by the manu
facturers to dc a positive ana speeay cure tor any
form of headache. In many cases their chief
Ingredient is morphine, opium, cocaine or some
other equally injurious drujj having a tendency
to deaden pain. The habit of taking them is
easily formed, but almost impossible to shake
off. Women usually begin taking them to re
lieve a raging headache and soon resort to the
powder to alleviate any little pain or ache they
may be subjected to. and finally like the mor-
fihine or opium fiend, get into the habit of taking
hem regularly, imagining that they are in pain
if they happen to miss th, regular dose."
In nine cases out of ten, the troublt is
in the stomach and liver. Take a simple
laxative and liver tonic and remove the
offending matter which deranges the
stomach and causes the headache. Dr.
Tierce's Pleasant Pellets are composed
entirely of the purest, concentrated,
vegetable extracts. One Pellet is a
dose; sugar-coated, easily swallowed;
once used, always tn favor. They posi
tively cure sick headache and remove
the disposition to it.
Mr. E. Vauoason, of Otter Lake. Lapeer a.
mien., writes: "i net
infrequently have an at
tack of the headache.
It usually comes on ia
the forenoon. At my
dinner I eat my regular
meal, and take one or
two of Doctor Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets irarae
diately after, and in the
course of an hour ray
headache is cured and
no bad effects. I feet
better every way for
having taken them
not worse, as is usual
after taking other kinds
of pills. ' Pleasant Pel
lets ' are worth mors
than their weicht in
' ' cold, if for nnthinir tin
8. Vauqason. Esfl. than to cure headache."
Mrs. Rittenho'use: Didn't you hear me
ring? New Girl: Not till the second
time, ma'm.
Waiter, said the guest, I wish you'd
ask the proprietors to tnrn on a little
more light. It's so dark in here I can't
tell whether I'm eatiug planked shad or a
paper of pins.
(Western Division.)
(J. W, Iieinhart, John J. MoOook, Joseph
C. Wilson, Receivers.)
In Effect Sunday, November 1, 1891.
Leave Chicago at 10:00 p. m.; 10:00 p
m. Arrive at Chicago at 10:00 p.m.; 9:00
a. m.
Leave Kansas City, Mo., at 1:60 p. m,
2:00 p. m. Arrive at Kansas City, Mo.,
at 6:10 p. m.; 5:00 p. m.
Leave Denver at 11:50 p. m. Arrive at
Denver at 5:15 a. m.; 4:45 a. m.
Leave La Junta at 7:20 a.m.; 10:10. Ar
rive at La Junta at 10:50 a. m.; 8:55 p. m
U. Ar,
12 Alp.
. ..Coolidge
.Navajo Springs..
....Hoi brook
....Ash Fork
..Peach Sprinei..
...Needles, Cal...
Daar Brett
12: tOp.
12 :03p.
7 Slip,
2 :20p.
Ar . . B aratow. . . Lv
Ar....Mojave. ..Lvl
Arrive Los Angeles 9:36 a. m.; 6:30 p.
m. Leave Los Angeles at 7:00 a. m.; 6:00
p. m. ,
Arrive San Diego 12:45 p. m.j 9:20 p
m. Leave San Diego at 2:16 p. m.
p Arrive at San Francisco at 9:16 a. m.
Leave San Francisco at 9:00 a. m.
Every day but Sunday.
ALBUQUERQUE A., T. 4 S. F. Railwuy
for ali points east and south.
ASH FORK Santa Fe, Presoott Phoe
nix railway for points in oentral and
southern Arizona.
BLAKE Nevada Southern Railway for
Purdy and eocueotion with stage lines
for mining districts north.
BARSTOW Southern California Railway
for Los Angeles, San Diego and other
California points,
MOJAVE Southern Pacific Company for
San Franoisoo, Haeramento and other
northern California points.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars
No change is made by sleeping oar pas
sengers between San Franoisoo, Los
Angeles orSan Diego and Chicago.
The Atlantic & Paoiflo Railroad, the
great middle route across the America?
eontinent. in jonneotion with the rail
ways of the "Santa Fe route." Liberal
management; superior raoiiiues; pio
turesque scenery; exoeUsnt aooommoda
The Grand Canon of the Colorado
the most sublime ot nature's work on
earth, indescribable, ean easily be readied
via Flagstaff, Williams or Peaoh Springs
on this road. To the natural bridge of
Arizona and Montezuma s well you oan
lour oey most directly by this line. Ob
serve the anoient Indian oivilization of
Laguna or Aooma, "the City of the Sky."
Visit the petrlned rorest near uarriao.
See and marvel at the freak of Canon
Diablo. Take a hunting trip in the mag
nifloent pine forests of the Ban Franoisoo
mountains. Find interest in the rains of
the pre-historio
Cave and Cliff Dwellers,
View the longest oautilever bridge Id
Amerioa aoross the Colorado river.
Jho. J. Bybmb,
Gen. Pass. Agt., Loa Angeles, Cal. .
0. H. Spbbbs,
Ass't (Jen. Pass. Agt, San Franoisoo, Cal.
H. S. Via Sltok,
Gen. Agt, Albuquerque, N. M.
of . . .
I FFER8 nnequaled advantages to the farmer, fruit grower, live
keeper, and to the home
Tlio soil of the Peoos Valley is of high average fertility, and under irrigation prodnces bountiful crops of
most of the grasses, grains, vegetables, berries and fruits of the temperate and some of those of the semi
tropical zone. In such fruit as the peach, pear, plum, grape, prune, apricot, nectarine, cherry, quince, etc,
the Valley will dispnte for the pre-eminenoe with California; while competent authority pronounces its
upper portions in particular the finest apple oountry in the world.
Enormous yields of such forage crops as alfalfa, eorghnm aud Egyptian corn make the feeding of cattle
aud sheep and the raising and fattening of hogs a very profitable occupation.
The cultivation of oanaigre a tanning material of great value is becoming an important industry in
the Peoos Valley, a home market having been afforded for all that oan be raised, at a price yielding a
handsome profit.
TIki climate of the Peoos Valley has no superior in the United States, being pre-eminently healthful and
honllh restoring.
Lnuds with perpetual water-rights are for sale at low prioes and on easy terms. The water supply of
the Pecos Valley has no equal in all the arid region for oonstanoy and reliability; and tuis with the superb
climate, productive soil and the facilities afforded by the railway whioh extends through the Valley's en
tire length, will cause these lands to enjoy a constant, and at times rapid, increase in value.
The. recent completion of the Pecos Valley Railway to Roswell will cause the more rapid settlement
and development of the upper portions of the Valley, inoluding the rich Feliz section. The company has
recently purchased many of the older improved farms about Roswell, and has now for sale lands to meet
the wants of all raw lauds, partially improved lands, as well as farms with houses, orchards and fields of
alfalfa and other crops, Iu the vioiuity of Roswell several pieces of land have been divided into five ami
ten acres tracts, suitable for orchards and track farms in conneetion with suburban homes. Certain of
these tracts are being planted to orchards, and will be cultivated and cared for by the company for threo
years at tho end of which period they will be handed over to the purchasers. Write for pamphlet fully
describiui; tho terms and conditions on whioh these several classes of tracts are sold.
Easily, Qulokly, Permanently Reitored.
Weakness, Nerreoanesa,
Debility, and all the train
i or evils irom eany errors or
later excesses, the results of
'overwork, sickness, worry,
etc. i uu sirengtn, aevei-
opment ana tone given 10
nevery organ and portion
of the body. Simple, nat-
ural methods. Immedr
' arn imorovement seen,
Failure impossible. 8,000 references. Book,
explanation and proofs mailed (sealed) free.
Items of Interest By the Wabnsh
91 an.
Bulletin No. 4. The real and personal
property in this oountry is assessed at
The WabaBh Line is the shortest be
tween Kansas City and St. Lonis. Ele'
gant trains. Finest dining cars service.
The fishermen along our coasts and in
onr waters, catch $15,OCO,000 worth of
fish every year. ,
The Wabash will ticket you to Chicago,
Toledo, Detroit or any eastern point, and
you will be perfectly satisfied.
The farmers and stock raisers of this
country have live stook valued at $2,208,
767,578. The Wabash ruus through Sleepers
from Chicago to New York and Boston.
The total valuation of all the farm pro
ducts of every description was by the
last census $2,160,107,151.
The Wabash runs through Sleepers be
tweeu bt. Louis and Buffalo, New York
and Boston.
Our savings banks have $1,739,006,705
deposited with them as the surplus earn
ings of the people.
Any ticket Agent will reoommend the
Wabash as a strictly nrst-class line. They
have tried it.
Look out for Bulletin No. 5.
C. M. Hampson,
Commercial Agent,
Denver, Colorado.
Being satisfied that if you have once
used a nat-opening dook, you win ai
ways use them, and in order to get
you to try one tne ew mexican
Printing Co. of Santa Pe, will sell you
bound in full leather, with patent
name and the number, or letter, of the
book on the back in gut letters, at the
following low prices:
5 tjr. i
r. (400 pace) Cash Book - 5.80
ism i tfturssi . . o,uu
(SOO " ) Ledger - 7. SO
They are made with pages 10Uxl6
inches, of a good ledger paper with
round cornered covers. The books
are made in our bindery and we guar
antee every one or tnem.
Colorado Tourist Bates.
On June 1, 1895, the Santa Fe route will
place on sale reduoed rate tickets to all
points in Colorado, to Denver and re
turn, $28.60; to Colorado Springs, $23.85;
to Pueblo, $21.06. These tickets will be
on sale daily up to and including October
31, 1895, and are good to return any day
between June 1 and November 15, 1895.
H. S. Luiz, Agent.
C. T. Nicholson, O. P. A.
who care to pay a little more than the cos:
Of ordinary trade cigarettes will find the
Made from the highest cost Gold Leaf
grown in Virginia, and are .
- seeker generally.
The Pecos Irrigation and Improvement Company,
Eddv. N. M.. or Colorado Serines. Colo.
Henry Hinges.
Make Direct Connections With
X3. &c u. a-, maiiirs
s Ways.
:0yerland Stage and
Best ortirvicc quick Time.
PfJust the Route for iisliinff and prospecting parties.
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